Sunday, December 31, 2017

Tonight we are just chilling at home with mashed potatoes, pork, and kraut - and ok, maybe a glass of wine.  We finally did the Christmas ornaments for the baby too!  It is that time, once again, to summarize the year in a blog post.  How else to start it off other than to say this year - everything - changed.

Some high points for 2017:
- Avery.  Every. Thing. About. Her.  Even the pregnancy was a high point.  It was a pretty easy pregnancy (I know this) and a crazy experience from taking the pregnancy test, going for ultrasounds, feeling the first movements, and even her birth.  The showers that were held for us were amazing and beautiful, and I've never felt so loved.  Even the photos from our maternity shoot were a highlight as I've never felt as pretty either.
- Getting to be away from my day job (as a result of the previous bullet) for 7 weeks was also a high point.  I felt refreshed on what I was working on in a way a week vacation never could make me feel.  I get how much people just want to stay at home with their kids, but alas that is most definitely not in the cards.
- Selling the old house, buying the new one, and moving out of Johnstown.  I type that with mixed emotion because I'm also sad to be away from the people and places I frequented in Johnstown.  But it _IS_ a good thing.
- Then there were all of the things achieved here at the house (beyond unpacking). There is a roof over the deck, concrete under the deck, a fence for the girls, beautiful retaining walls, and grass and flowers/trees to make this coming spring an adventure!
- How easily Safyre and Danika adjusted to their new home.
-  I still managed to get one cruise in before I was past Royal Caribbean's threshold for sailing.  Lor-Lor and I had a blast in the caribbean!
- Finding a new church.  It's smaller than I thought I wanted but the love is real.
- Getting to work from home.  It really is a nice set up.
-  I had several visits from my Sister and one from my Niecey-poo.

Looking at my desires for 2017 from last year's post I can repeat "yay" that the house sold.  I tried to talk to neighbors, two houses are at least friendly but three sets ignored my attempts.  I can at least say I tried.  I did get out to one concert (Die Antwoord) but I didn't do Kennywood and whatnot due to the pregnancy.  I was also looking forward to not needing to kennel the girls for the holidays and instead getting to be with them.

The tough parts of 2017:
- There was a lot of loss this year within my family and for friends.  We lost my Aunt Dee on Mom's side, my Uncle Mike and Aunt Dot on my Dad's side.  My beloved friend Christine (Slippy) is also gone.  A close friend's sister lost her battle with cancer.  Coworkers lost teenage children and spouses.  Other folks I know who lost siblings to suicide.  It makes me sad to know these families are missing loved ones through the holidays.  Other friends have worried for a parent's health at some point this year - and some continue to do so right now.  If I hadn't had the pregnancy and Avery, I can't even imagine how negatively I'd be looking at 2017.
- As I said, I miss everyone back in Jtown.  I even miss having humans to talk to in person periodically during my work day.  I need to find new friends that are near by and I don't know really how/where to do that.
- I won't lie, having a baby is a major adjustment.  I can't go and do things when I desire and I'm definitely tired.  Starting to get sick (which happens when a kid and boyfriend are bringing cooties in - even though I managed to avoid this type of crap for years) takes a whole new tone.  The house is a bigger mess.  There are drawbacks, but they're outweighed.
- The holidays have always made me a little sad.  It's the let down after all of the anticipation and preparation I guess that usually gets me.  This year I was a little extra sad for the absence of my parents, because they couldn't be here for Avery's first Christmas.

My desires for 2018:
- To make some new/local friends.  It can feel pretty lonely from time to time and it's frustrating to have no where to go or nothing to do other than medical appointments and/or going shopping (not a healthy friend), especially when my Favorite Egg has his activities and still gets out often while we sit at home.
- To live in the moment, even the poo filled ones, with Avery and enjoy every phase.  This year flew.  I feel like a time warp happened and I know it is only going to get worse.  I pray that I can find a way to make it all slow down - more deep breaths and a conscious effort to just dig in to what is around me.  I've always feared change but there are so many changes that I cannot avoid and when I adjust to one stage and learn to enjoy it I'll fret for and mourn those stages leaving.
- To make a few more upgrades around the house (cabinets in the laundry room, a different sink and some tile on the one wall in the 1/2 bath), maybe some electrical alterations or glass block in the garage to let some light in.
- Now that the baby is "out of the way" I guess I can rehash last year's desire to get my weight back in check.  That may be a challenge with a little one.
- To learn how to cruise with a wee one in tow!  There is one cruise booked and I'm praying it is still more relaxation than hassle with this big change.
- To take Avery to visit my sister and her husband.  I'd like for her to get to meet her cousins too, but I guess there's no telling where Niecey-Poo might be.
- Now that Avery is here I also have a big one that borders on resolution - I'd really like to cut back on the choice words that come out of my mouth, so I'm not getting a call someday from a school repeating one of those words as having come out of my wee one's mouth.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

I do hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.  We had a bout of sick run through, so Avery and I sat out some of the festivities.  I've managed to keep myself only to a sore throat and a dry cough, otherwise I feel fine.  The cepacol cough drops they gave me at the hospital when Avery was born have been a life saver.  Those things taste gross, but they certainly do what they're intended to.  Maybe I need to fire up another humidifier as it's down to 34% in the computer room.

It was still good to have a couple of days away from the work computers.   Further fortune shines as this is, as a result, a short week - and another long weekend is coming.

Today the dogs have the Groom and Zoom van coming for them.  Go figure it's under 10 degrees out there for said occasion.  We'll see how it goes.  It is going to cost roughly the same as the trip to the groomer did, but they come to me - so that seems like a win.

I also scheduled with a contractor to get cabinets put into the laundry room (next week)!  So yesterday we ran to Home Depot and snagged the cabinets and hanging rod.  I also bought a tree topper that I was eyeing, and four more wreaths for my windows at 50% off.  Now I need to find somewhere to store them.  Surprisingly all of this (and Avery and my Favorite Egg) all fit into the Sorento!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Let's talk about nostalgia.  Christmas has that way about it, doesn't it?  I got to chatting with my 5th grade teacher on FB today and I "wanted more" so, I hunted down and sent messages to two high school teachers on there too - ones with whom I really enjoyed their classes.

I made some cookies last night, but I'm a giant slacker as they were from a pre-packaged mix I bought from kids selling in the neighborhood.  I also intend to make a batch of no bakes, but again those don't really count.  I should be making home made chocolate chip and some pizzelles (there's the nostalgia), but it just won't happen this year.  These cookies, regardless, will cover me for something to take to two of the get togethers coming up for Christmas.  I need to make something else for the bigger meal/get together - but I might pull an old trick back out of my hat and simultaneously get my cranberry fix with some cranberry fluff.

The holidays also have a way of being depressing.  I know after all of the rushing about is done I will "come down" from it all and fight off being bummed out.  Here's where I put the PSA saying "dear friends, if you're hurting and feeling sad through the holidays, please don't allow it to get out of check.  Ask for help or talk to someone.  If you know me, you know you can call me any time."

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

I am pretty sure the dogs and the kid are working together against me to prevent me from sleeping.  Maybe that is my overly tired mind talking.  I believe I mentioned my desire for a nap on Sunday, or to at least return to bed in the morning that never happened.  Well Monday evening I closed my eyes while he held kiddo and she immediately started screaming.  I held her and she wiped out, but of course, you can't sleep while holding a wee one, so he took her back.

Now if I could have stayed downstairs maybe I wouldn't have noticed she was screaming again fairly soon.  But since the TV set up through the receiver is being cranky and I couldn't get the DirecTV to display I went upstairs - that was my sleep-fatal mistake.  I couldn't listen to her cry, I definitely couldn't fall asleep while it was happening - so I took her again and we rocked in the chair.  She fell asleep and there we sat for the next hour plus.

By the time I fed and changed her, and got my shower it was 11pm once again.  Since we're sleeping through the night that isn't so bad, right?  Well this is where the dogs joined in.  First there was the need to go outside around 4 something.  Then one of them needed yelled at for drinking from the toilet around 5:30am.  From there kiddo started her little noises and kicking around (as she does most days) so I didn't get back to sleep.  You'd think getting up in the middle of the night would have helped my back out too, but it didn't so I also feel a bit out of whack.

I'm truly to the point of whiny and cranky due to my desire for more sleep.  I tried to get it out of my system with a nastygram to Zulily.  Once again, they emailed on something I ordered saying "sorry, it isn't getting here as fast as we expected... and we'll cancel the order if we can't get it in 30 days".  My gripe:  You already charged me.  Your site said it would be here for Christmas.  It is for new Christmas stockings - for my child's first Christmas mind you.  I ordered more direct from that supplier that matches (tree skirt).  Don't cancel the order - fulfill it.  I had to pay for shipping, so I then shopped around more on your site and bought other stuff I prb otherwise would have talked myself out of.  If they don't send those items this will likely be my last (attempted) purchase from them.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Another weekend is gone and I didn't catch any extra sleep *sigh*  I have been able to sleep longer overnight, but that too has repercussions as I'm wiping out hard and not moving.  Then I wake up stiff with a very sore lower back.

I'm still trying to find those last few gifts and to get things (shipped gifts and cards) in the mail.  I don't feel too bad yet as I've only gotten three cards, and one of those was from a business.

Christmas photos were achieved this weekend though... and I gotta say I like them.  I look good.  It seems crazy to me, but I've never felt that way about photos of myself.  How did it take getting to this age before I could feel that way -- or do I just look that darn good now :)

Monday, December 04, 2017

This weekend was focused on Christmas, or at least the things I actually got achieved were.  Saturday afternoon we went to At Home so I could buy my tree.  I've been waiting for them to go on sale, but I simply couldn't wait any longer.  My coupon for joining their mailing list expired too - boo!  Regardless, we left there w/ the tree I liked the most and some new ornaments.  (Side note:  My mother would be in shock to see my tree.  White lights.  Not blinking.  One set of colors on the ornaments.)

While up there we also swung into Home Goods, Kirklands, and stopped to eat at the Industry Public House.  I had the most delightful fish and chips and a lovely black forest cake stout!

Sunday the wee one went down in the middle of crankiness for an extra long nap, which gave us long enough to get the tree up and the two wreaths out front on the windows.  Man, going from the old house to this one my wreaths look so insignificant - but how do you go about getting more of something you bought years ago?  You don't.  So the front of the house looks a little bare.  Ok, it looks really bare compared to much of the neighborhood.

I did not however get anything wrapped.  I still need to find a few more gifts too.  But the big thing is getting some wrapped and mailed out.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Ahhh Thanksgiving.  A little extra time off, good food, visiting, and the rush to figure out the rest of the Christmas gifts I need to purchase.  Avery met a few more of My Favorite Egg's family Thursday and today.  The weather was quite decent for the time of year.  Thank goodness as today's get together was in Bedford.

As many times as I've driven past Ed's Steak House, this was my first meal there and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised.  My steak was delightful.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Since today was the last day any sane human being goes out in public to shop before Christmas and we wanted a Boscov's fix, we loaded up and headed north to the closest mall that has a Boscov's.  We found a few gifts, not too much and I at least got an idea for my Favorite Egg.  Avery loved the lights up high in the mall and we were sure to call out to Santa before we left.

I snagged a flyer out of curiosity.  $35 for 1 5x7, 1 3x5, and 2 wallets with Santa?  Sheesh, what a racket!  But you know it is a must, so I guess that will happen at some point, forcing me back into a mall after Thanksgiving.  We will need to book with the picture people again, who also happen to be in a mall, so I guess it's inevitable.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

I know my dogs well.  I have systems and habits in place to avoid things I don't want them doing.  Really it's my own fault when I don't follow these procedures and they do what they do.  As I do each morning now, I ran to take Avery to daycare - it can be less than 10 minutes unless I stand there hugging on her or talking to one of the workers.  I returned to find things pulled from the small trash cans and throughout the living room and computer room.  *gah Danika!*

The extra grossness is that she adores tissues - pulling them out and shredding them.  It's cold season in my house, so a few cans are full of My Favorite Egg's, as my mother used to call them, snot rags.

Why was she given free reign on this occasion?  Because after I put them back in the bedroom from their trip outside she woke My Favorite Egg and he brought them back down/out and left the bedroom door hanging open.  I was too lazy to add "wrangle dogs back up the stairs and into the room" onto my pre-departure to do list while tending to kiddo.

Often people close to me will challenge this one saying, but if you're only gone for a little while you can't let them have free reign?  No, no I obviously can NOT.  She's enough of a jerk about this that just being outside mowing the lawn Danika will pull things out of the trash cans.  Thank you for the reminder that what I do I do for a reason and not just because I'm uptight and mean.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Food auctions - I fell in love with them in Jingletown, well at least the auctions that also had food.  There was one here today not too far away so we headed there after a lazy Sunday morning.  Nothing like 3 mangos, 2 caramel apples w nuts, two 1lb+ packs of flavor injected chicken legs, and two packs of 1lbish pork chops for $11.  We didn't get to stay long as it was chilly in there and we had the baby or surely our haul would have been larger.

Even though we weren't gone long we came back to a poopy mess, thanks Obama Dani.  So she needed cleaned up.  I scooped the yard too so My Favorite Egg could mow (one last time).

It was a productive long weekend, but I'm so not ready for it to end.

Friday, November 10, 2017

My day "off".  Let's see here.  I did get to lounge a little while longer in bed, but since I was up for an hour at 3am and 7am to feed the _sick_ baby and pump, lounging wasn't as awesome as sleeping would have been.  I wanted to hit the closest Ollie's which is about 20 miles away, so we packed up and headed out.  I didn't find anything amazing, but it was right next to a Giant Eagle, so I also stopped and did some grocery shopping.

I've gotten two loads of laundry washed (but not away) and the dogs brushed (that means the critters in our neighborhood have something to line their winter nests with).  The upstairs tile (bathrooms and laundry) rooms have been swept and are waiting for me to wash them.  The fur in the house on the first floor is waiting to be vacuumed and I wanted to scoop poop so I have a shot at mowing one more time.  But here it is almost 3pm, so I need to start figuring out dinner.  *sigh*  When do I get to cuddle and console the totes adorbs even though she's sick baby?

Thursday, November 09, 2017

I've always posted the first day I needed to scrape my windshield.  I guess I can once again smile and be super grateful to have a usable garage.  For sure today though if my car were outside I would have needed to scrape.  Can you believe it took until well into November?  We only got what looked like a minor attempt at sleet the same day it snowed a little in Jtown.  The leaves are still clinging to the trees here too - which was not the case as we had gone up the mountain last weekend.

I know the cold must come, but I am going to celebrate every ray of sunshine I get.  Speaking of which, it's warmed back up again today, or at least into the 50's which is still pretty decent when the sun is shining enough to need sunglasses.

I ran out today to renew my concealed carry permit.  Of course the sheriff's office here is only open (like many) 9am-4pm and is closed tomorrow while I'm off.  So I got that in motion before swinging in to quickly buy more clothes for the little one.  With her being unusually small I don't have warm enough clothing for her in those sizes - go figure.  At least she is officially too big for some of her very first outfits.  She's growing, slowly, but she's growing.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

It is shocking how much we rely on clean water flowing from our faucets.  I had guessed it was from the heavy rains, but it turns out it was simply a failure in filtration at one of the water pumping stations.  Either way I'm living with a boil water advisory.  So I can't use the ice from the ice maker or use the tap water for consumption without boiling it.  I'm lucky I had a couple of gallons of water downstairs for drinking purposes.

The bigger issue is cleaning bottles. So for tonight I just boiled a pot and sterilized the bottles that way.  I also boiled two other pots full to have water for the dogs tomorrow.  But this leaves open questions.  They say not to even use the water to brush your teeth... so can I shower?  I mean, I am still feeding kiddo and the water would be on me.  I guess I need to return to having an obscene stockpile of bottled water in the basement to avoid some of these issues.

The biggest surprise was I found out via text and email from the water company.  It's nice to know they don't assume everyone is glued to the nightly local news on a daily basis.  Hopefully they'll text when the issue is resolved as well, but in the mean time I'll be peeking at their website throughout the day.

Sunday, November 05, 2017

The pounding rain didn't stop us this morning... and I'm glad it didn't as it stopped shortly after we left on our way to Jingletown. Of course, it had already done it's job derailing a car ahead of us on 70, so we were stuck in traffic for over an hour while we waited for the accident to be cleared.  This meant we got there way later than expected, but we still had quite a few people able to join us for a bite at El Jalisco, for which I am so grateful.  I can officially say Avery has been to Jtown and got to meet the Laws, the Rohannas, Jon and Heather, and Beff today.  More importantly we got to do some catching up.

The drive home was very uneventful.  I didn't do much but I'm bushed today.  Probably because my eyes were open at 5am, so not only did I not take advantage of the extra hour of sleep but I even got up an hour even earlier.  *sigh*  When The Walking Dead is over I'm showering and wiping out.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Today Davey T, Becky, and Mr Miles came to visit with us!

The only other not completely mundane thing to mention is that I've been dealing with a sore throat for a few days.  I really believe it to just be my sinuses acting up, just sinuses draining - especially since I had a bit of nose bleeding too.  But I was worried on Saturday morning when it became more of a stabby feeling than the typical sore throat.  I mean the last thing I need with a little one around is a cold.  The sore throat has now passed, but I'm coughing a little in an attempt to get some of the crap out of my throat that keeps slamming my windpipe shut.  Come on, it isn't even November yet.  The heat hasn't been running constantly and it shouldn't be that dry in here already.  How long until spring?

Friday, October 20, 2017

I had a lot of boring nights at home by myself in Johnstown too, don't get me wrong... but I'm feeling extra home bound here lately.  Yeah, I can go out by myself but to where... shopping?  To get starbucks?  Those trips out are limited in time too - or I'm stuck in a parking lot half naked for 25 minutes to stretch my time out.  Going out to eat?  I miss some of the places I frequented back in Jtown.  What I wouldn't give for good sushi, mexican, or chinese.  But it's hard to actually eat a hot meal at any point, so those things would be a waste to be near anyhow.

So far this week we left the house to go to church, to a chiropractor appointment, and - in an effort to get past budding grumpiness - two walks to take in the fresh air and nice weather.

I think I'd be better about it all if I were more rested and less stressed.  I know this will all pass - and too fast when I look back in hindsight - but it would sure be nice to have caught a nap earlier, or to know that I can sleep in tomorrow morning.  Heck, just not needing to get up in the middle of the night only to try futilely to get back to sleep would be great.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Saturday 80s, wee hours between Monday and Tuesday - low 30s.  I got the email early yesterday that there was a frost warning for last night.  It's the second half of October, so I shouldn't be surprised, but I feel like it is only July.

I had the space heater in the room overnight as to keep kiddo comfortable, but we still bundled her up.  The rest of the house dropped to 65 (from 70), so I switched on the furnace this morning.  Yay for that first run of the season, burning dust smell.

There is definitely frost out there, it is very apparent on the brand new mulch that just went down yesterday!  I trust my landscaper (since it is my Favorite Egg's father), but I do worry about those poor plants that just went in.  Due to a mix up on the order there are still a few more plants to come and they may not be here until December.  He dug the holes now, since heaven knows the ground may be too frozen to do so by then (heck my dirt is horrible to dig in now without it being frozen).  Hopefully Saffy doesn't decide to expand them or add a few more in the mean time.

Friday, October 13, 2017

I'm officially back to work - 50% vaca time 50% work for now.  Boo.  Starting back on a Friday.... the 13th none the less?  Winning.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Follow up to my previous post about rain (since we got more of it overnight and throughout today):  I have to state how happy I am to have a usable garage.  No lugging in groceries and whatnot in the rain.  I had this epiphany in a different variety the other day when I headed out and didn't realize how chilly it was until I got where I was going and climbed out of the car.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Rain.  It has been a while.  We need it, that's for sure.  The leaves have been trying to change for a few weeks.  Fortunately, we're still getting some decent temperatures.  Regardless, it's October.  The halloween leggings are out - and I even have the kiddo in her halloween outfit today.  Nothing exciting to post about today, but I wanted to take a minute to celebrate autumn's approach.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

My time at home is coming to a close very soon.  I almost feel like I need to get out during the day simply because I still can - not that there is anything I need to go do.  We're finding our groove in many ways, but of course challenges remain.  Regardless, I have to say - I get why people would rather stay home.  Sure it's emotionally fulfilling to hold her and see her smile, but more than that.  I don't want to see the role of Mother is easier, but it is in many ways and the stress is different.  I feel like I have more freedom of my time than I do with a full work day.  I can't imagine how consumed my life will feel when I return back to work.

For now I am focusing on achieving a few tasks each day - the ones I'd typically do if I were working (laundry, dishes, vacuuming, that type of stuff) but I'm also indulging when she relaxes.  Sorry, but if I have to sit still with a pump I am definitely turning on Netflix.  Girl gave me lots of peace on Monday, and I was able to cook up all of the squash that I had waiting to be consumed from the farm.  Needless to say I am a little backed up on fresh food.  This always happens with the farm basket as I can only eat so much, but I'm trying to keep up.

My new mattress is doing well for us.  But frankly, I think I'd sleep like a champ regardless.  Yes, I'm sleeping, but I'm still also getting up once or twice in the middle of the night for 30-60 minutes.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Well, the projector went back.  It was not worth the $ - crappy tripod, not a lot of video on there, and it was not going to set up well on the windows I wanted to use it on - nevermind my dislike of using double-sided tape on my windows.  The whirly ghosts are pretty awesome though - they're sticking around.  I had also bought some foam tombstones from party city.  Two of the 'nicer' ones didn't come with stakes and the others seem likely to get blown over, but they're up - we'll see how long they last.

The next thing I need to figure out is a legit full-sized Christmas tree (which I have to have now for what I think are obvious reasons) and stockings.  I either need another stocking like the ones I have or to find something new for all of us (dogs included) that 'match'.

Today, before my sister leaves us behind, we made the trek to Altoona to introduce Avery to all of her great Aunts and a couple of great Uncles.  I will still need to make a trip to Jingletown to introduce her to all of my friends.  But I feel better about it now that we got such a long trip under our belts with such success.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

I caved and bought an FX projector for halloween (and Christmas).  I also picked up one of those whirly things that displays ghosts that I'll be trying to set up on the garage door.  I got rid of a lot of my junk halloween decorations before I moved, so there is room in the orange bin to put things away after the season.  I'll try to remember to report back on how it all looks.

Right now I can say that the screen for the projector is kind of crap - it isn't big enough to cover the entire double window and it comes with double sided tape to attach it.  My issue w/ double sided tape should be obvious, but if not - who wants to scrape that back off of the window after each season and then you have to keep buying more double sided tape - plus worry about it ripping the flimsy screen. It comes preloaded with a few videos, but my initial attempts to find some others for free has been fruitless, so this might be agitating to me - we'll see.

Boxes from the farm continue, and they continue to contain a great deal of peppers (several varieties).  I don't mind peppers, but I need them cooked so they don't repeat on me as much and there are only so many stuffed peppers I can stomach.  My sister introduced me to grilling them with some butter and seasonings, so that has been keeping the stockpile at bay.  We're also getting into some more of the fun stuff like spaghetti squash and butternut squash.

Girl child turns one month tomorrow.  Time has flown overall, but each day does seem to drag.  If you want more details on her progress ask for the link to the blog where I am focused on all things kiddo.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

I shouldn't complain about my lack of sleep when I can also say that I've watched all but one episode of The Walking Dead, but to be fair, I turn it on when I am sitting here with a wee baby who is getting fed, wee baby being put to sleep after said feeding, or pumping - hence I must be awake.  Frankly, it seems like every moment is a must be awake moment and by the time I can put my head down to nap (if she's willing to zonk out not on my chest) I'm within an hour of the next feeding, so I may as well stay awake since that short of a nap just makes me grouchy.

We've tried to some venturing out.  Today included a meal out and Friday night was a trip to visit with some of my Favorite Eggs family.  Both of which went well, but those stretches definitely mean no opportunity to nap and they just drain me a little more.  I'm very lucky that my sister is here helping right now.  I can't imagine how little sleep I'd be getting if she wasn't.

Friday, September 08, 2017

I am sure I don't need to answer the question of where I've been. Baby came along on August 24th (5 days early) and we've been busy trying to find some new level of normal... or attempting to catch sleep where we can.  I'm figuring out how to leave the house and trying to still be me, not just me in the cloud of baby activities, but it's hard. This isn't a surprise, but it deserves to be said.

The house is a mess.  I'm trying to do a little thing each day in addition to the must keep up items (laundry/dishes/garbage).  Yesterday it was tidying more up in the nursery and scooping dog poop, the day before cleaning the kitchen floor and vacuuming, today was my bathroom sinks - and if I can a quick mow in the back yard would be a wise move.

Thank goodness that the last season of Walking Dead is now on Netflix, this is a bit of normal I need - although it is likely to distract me from getting extra sleep when I can.  I got pretty far behind last season, so I'd say I have 7-10 episodes to watch before the new season starts, but I got to watching those I did see earlier today - and allowed myself a nap during.

Around the house, my Favorite Egg's Dad has been employed to do some of the yard work I wanted done.  To this point the grass out back is looking good (like I said it needs mowed) and retaining walls are in out front and in the back.  Next up is planting and landscaping a bit to make it look nicer.  That is likely to happen in the next couple of weeks.  I hate eating through my savings while I am waiting for my first disability check to come through but it needs done, so - so it shall be.

Monday, August 21, 2017

I've been pretty tired, so I haven't done a ton of cleaning, but I have completed a few tasks to get them off of my plate for the next few weeks.  That includes scrubbing the guest bath tub, so I can soak in it as needed.  (I had a couple of guests that showered here and I'm weird about sitting in the tub after someone else has used it.)  I also scrubbed the bathroom floors, which is no small feat when it's hard to get down to the floor, harder to scoot around on it, and even harder to get back up.  I'm mostly caught up with laundry (I say mostly because that's is, after all, a constant battle.)  I also got more put away so there isn't a pile in the kiddo's room.  Of course, that did involve moving two bags of things into another room.  Yay for shifting piles.

I do wish I had more ideas for the bounty of veggies out in the kitchen.  I did use up the huge eggplant and the broccoli, but I still have plenty out there including some squash from my Favorite Egg's Mom, more peppers and tomatillos (they both came in Saturday's farm box), tomatoes, and some corn.  I picked up some chicken and wraps with the intention of making some fajitas at some point early this week to deal with some of this list, but I have been getting wiped fast.  Making the big eggplant I had to sit a few times and started sweating like crazy.

My Favorite Egg mowed yesterday (front and sides) so that looks tidy to get us through should anything change this week.  I'm starting to see some grass sprouting out back!  Fortunately, we had a few days with rain.  That spared me from a watering routine which involved going up and down the stairs 5-7 times (once every 15 minutes) to move the sprinkler around each morning.

My Favorite Egg also brought me a pair of eclipse glasses, so I feel like I should probably take a peek when it's happening.  I gotta admit it's creepy to me.  Normally I would have been trapped in an office building with no windows, but here I am where I'd notice it starting to get dim.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Last night was all about the cleaning after it was confirmed that the would be in-laws are coming today.  I'm hips and lower back were not happy with me after I put away two loads of laundry, scooped poop, weed eated, wiped down appliances (fortunately the dishes were all done from the day before and the counters wiped down), vacuumed, and dusted.  My favorite egg scrubbed the kitchen floor for me, thank goodness, because I was ready to wipe out.

Now that the vacuum upstairs has a new belt on it is working better than ever.  Go figure though my favorite vacuum downstairs seems to be a bit noisier and not picking up great at this point.  *sigh*  I wish they still made it so I could buy a second of that vacuum.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Happy birthday Danika!  Today she turns 12 - and just a few days ago she celebrated 10 years here with me.  She's a good kid.  I have the can of moist food ready to go for her birthday celebration since I'm simply not up for the longer drive to Petsmart with her in tow.  I'm not sure if the closer pet stores allow pets inside.

The weekend once again went quickly.  I gathered more goodies from the farm including another (huge) eggplant, a (tiny) watermelon, more peppers (so glad I had waited til Saturday to stuff the peppers I had waiting), a couple of beets (yay), kale which I left behind (I've reached my threshold), some tomatoes, and wax beans.

As noted we stuffed the heck out of some peppers later on Saturday.  The damn jalapenos had my fingers on FIRE for over an hour.  Sunday I turned my focus to all of the cabbage that was still here.  With the green and curly that remained I made my first attempt at haluski (no I didn't make my own noodles).  It turned out decent!  I have plenty of leftovers to eat off of there all week.  For the purple cabbage I roasted slices with a garlic-parm butter coating and it too turned out pretty good!  My final cooking action with all of the veggies building up was to make an enchilada sauce out of the tomatillos, which went into the freezer for the next time I make enchiladas.

I did not get much cleaning (other than dishes) done, which is unfortunate as I should have company here at some point this week.  My Favorite Egg's Dad is coming to my rescue as he is willing to bring his landscaping business on the road to deal with the mud pit of a back yard.  I'm excited!

Friday, August 11, 2017

I'm struggling to deal w/ other humans right now.  I just feel like so many people dog it and leave messes for others to clean up.  If I leave something to someone else to resolve it ALWAYS circles back to me - I do my stuff, I do their stuff every freaking time.  How does THAT work?  It sure doesn't make it easier to stay focused and barrel through my current task when I know the next task really should already be handled by someone else.

Thank goodness the weekend is near.  I could really use a nap here this afternoon.  I was feeling pretty sleepy yesterday too, but I had attributed that to not sleeping well the night prior and having a later evening out at the concert.  I hope this isn't another bout of tiredness leaning in on me - there is still plenty needing done.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Why didn't I have my phone within arms reach to capture the moment?!  This morning I got up a few minutes before the alarm and neglected to turn it off.  While I was using the facilities it started to sound.  Safyre had the most appropriate moan followed by a whine that it was going off.  She channelled me laying there groaning and pouting about needing to get out of bed.  I have taught her well.  Of course, she slept like a champ.  I know this because she joined me and proceeded to kick and twitch while I laid there for over three hours trying to find a position that would allow me to drift off.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Tonight's veggie adventures...
First up the patty pan squash:  I fried the smaller one with a light breading and ate the whole thing.  It needed more flavor in the breading, but I didn't want to put too much in as I wanted to taste the squash since it was my first exposure to it.  The other two I put in the oven with some savory seasonings.  It was ok.  Most of this I am going to attempt to freeze to have an easy to get to side dish.

Next up was the kohlrabi:  I've made this before, nice and basic - roasted with olive oil, garlic and seasoning.  I ate a little but that majority of this too will be frozen for later easy access.

I wanted to get to some of the cabbage that is here too, but it just wasn't happening.  I don't have the stamina to make it happen.  I also have a ton of peppers that need stuffed, but I need to get some meat to do so and that means making a run that I haven't had time or desire to achieve.  It's kind of sad how quickly the next weekend and new supply of fresh veggies come.  I knew that it was hard to get through a half share by myself, but here I am once again. At least I'm eating more veggies.
Official proof I'm crazy... I just snagged a ticket to go see Die Antwoord tomorrow night at Stage AE.  If kid is going to show up early, we'll know it - because she'll decide later today or tomorrow is perfect timing.

Monday, August 07, 2017

It's 61 degrees outside.  Damn you global warming.  *puzzled look*  It's okay, June was crazy hot, so I guess it balances out a little.  With my feet still swelling on me I am grateful for the break.  Of course, two days in a row of running around and being on my feet for 5+ hours will do that to you regardless of the temps.

The weekend went all too fast.  Saturday evening (after running about on my own most of the day) we went to a game night.  They played Magic most of the evening so I ended up the designated spinner for the kids there to play twister.  Sunday I had help running around - but only after we tried out the Original Pancake House.  Gotta do this type of stuff while I still can.

I'm working hard to find recipes for some of the items that came from my CSA farm basket.  While there are aspects of the one back in Jtown I miss greatly, this one has some other 'different' things.  I still have to cook up the patty pan squash (first for me), and figure out what to do with the tomatillos (I admit cooking with anything from the nightshade family puts a sinister smile on my face and makes me want to watch the Nightmare Before Christmas).  There is also a big purple cabbage in there (which came after we got through half of a curly cabbage) and another small green cabbage.  I did cook up the eggplant the other day - hey old wives, it didn't induce anything for the record.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

It seems like most of my non-work time outside of the leisure of sitting in front of Netflix is spent on preparation activities that are captured on the OTHER blog about the kiddo and I have little to say here.  I guess some things are bound to bleed over, so I should simply allow it.

Signs of life have sprung up at the house that was up for sale across the street and up one - so I'm assuming they closed and it's a matter of time until I see a moving truck.  I'm officially no longer the newbie in the visible houses around me.  That sure didn't take long.

I also noticed that tickets still remain for a Die Antwoord concern next Wednesday at Stage AE.  If I'm still feeling well I am soooo incredibly tempted.  I think it would be a heck of a good time, but I hate the thought of going alone.  While my Favorite Egg also enjoys their music he seems to have no interest in live shows.  I'm just wanting one last hurrah before I am trapped at the house, is that wrong?

Thursday, July 27, 2017

One thing I like less than going to the dentist is going to a NEW dentist. But at least that is out of the way and I had a wonderful excuse to avoid xrays and other things.  She seems nice enough and is watching my one tooth for next time (I'm pretty sure it's one that has always had the shadow on it because of a filling that is in there) and commented about replacing the other fillings at some point (not talk I want to hear until they start to leak).

If I could have brought Dr M here w/ me I gladly would have, I really liked him and his approach.  During my time there he had watches on a few teeth that heeled themselves by my next visit... that's what I want, no drilling and filling.

The other turn of events is just that short amount of time leaned back in their chair angered my mid-back around my rib cage.  Very surprising since I've felt even better the past four mornings, rolling out of bed easily and getting moving without aches.  I have a chiro appointment later today, so that works out well.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

I woke this morning with a desire to get out and about, and ended up out the door at 8:30 - arriving in Upper St Clair just as the stores I wanted to hit during my limited time were opening (in reverse order... Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Burlington, and Toys R Us).  I'm still on the hunt for curtains for the kitchen and living room to no avail.  I did get a few things for the kid that I totally didn't need - other than a soft, pretty dress, that was on clearance that will work for baptism and a few items that remained on the Target wish list w/ that completion discount.

From there I headed south of home to pick up my farm goodies... more kale, yay; more cukes, one tomato, more zucchini and squash, more peppers (green and hot ones), more corn.  I need to get eating!  I stopped and picked up supplies to make some freezer meals this weekend, so maybe I'll get in gear after I sit for a little while and get on top of that.

I then headed to get a pedi.  My feet and calves so loved that massage.  Finally, I stopped at Sarris to get some chocolate for my Favorite Egg's Mom and Sister as a light thank you - and some to take with when the time comes for the nurses!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

I am so ready for a nap, but a mid-afternoon resurgence of heartburn tells me if I lay down after work I'll be even more miserable.  My Favorite Egg messaged we're going out for dinner, so I guess a nap isn't very feasible anyhow.  Where to go where to go.
All I wanted for my birthday was a good night's sleep, which I did NOT get last night.  At least the night started out well, but then my eyes popped open at 4 (with a little bit of heartburn to boot). When I still hadn't fallen back asleep by 6 I decided to come downstairs.  I watched one episode of a show on Netflix and was ready to close my eyes again, so I dozed on the couch from 6:50 or so to 8:25.

I'm up and at my desk, but I feel like I was up all night.  I know, I know, get used to it, right?  I just want to sleep while I still can, that's not too much to ask.

Monday, July 17, 2017

We were up and out of the house for a photoshoot at Mingo Creek Park on Saturday morning.  I'm hopeful to have some nice shots.  After a bite to eat we headed back to my house to continue preparations.

My small bursts earlier in the week still left plenty to do in the afternoon before everyone arrived - those last minute things that would need re-done if completed too soon (sweeping up dog fur for example).  Friday I prepped some of the food items too - brownies, and a couple of salady things (broccoli salad and cuke salad), so at least that was out of the way and I could clean up the dishes.

Smartest move was pulling out the paper plates and plastic silverware as well as making meatballs in the crockpot - very little clean up as a result.

Either way I enjoyed my evening and I think everyone else did as well.  It was a long day and I was exhausted, but it was worth it.  I could have lounged about like a sloth all day Saturday but we both felt like sitting around was a bad move - so we at least tried to leave the house, making a couple of stops including trying out a new brewery here in Canonsburg (Rusty Gold).  As we were finishing up there another couple of my Favorite Egg's friends reached out looking for something to do.  Since the house was already clean we invited them over and had a second, smaller game night.  It was also very nice to get together.

This morning I did NOT wake before the alarm, which is rare anymore, that should tell you something.  When do I get to take a nap?

Thursday, July 13, 2017

I've been a bit of a bum for a few days - I hadn't left the house since church on Sunday until lunch time yesterday, so I haven't had much to say.  I've gotten sucked in on a few shows on Netflix (13 Reasons Why which I just finished and Grey's Anatomy which gained my interest after my sister/niece's last visit).  I'm partially blaming the weather as of late, it seems we've reached the monsoon season.  I guess now is when I should chill a bit and relax, while I still can.  It'll take a while to get through all 13 seasons of Grey's though!

I spotted two ladies when I stepped out for lunch yesterday wearing shirts for a landscaping company and spoke with them for a minute.  I need to make another call - we'll see if maybe I can get them out here to give me an estimate.

I'm not a complete slacker, I am trying to get some things in order in small bursts.  We have some folks coming for a game night on Saturday (my Favorite Egg's friends) so there is lots of prep work to get done.  He was here last night helping me get the basement in even better order which gives me a sigh of relief.  It also gave me the space to set up the last shelf and get a few more totes downstairs and out of the way.  Then there's all of the regular cleaning... bathrooms, floors, etc etc.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

The fence finishing did occur on Saturday, as promised.  Turns out they didn't attach the one corner to the house and instead dropped a hole w/ concrete for another post.  That made me feel better about a lot of it.  The girls are happy with it and more importantly Saffy hasn't even given a glance upward, so I think we're good to go.

For now I will continue to go outside with them for now to watch their behavior and patterns with regard to the fence.  The past few days this has been especially appropriate with all of the fireworks going off.  They upset Safyre so very much and she is running straight back for the door, often without using the facilities first.  At least with the holiday past we're on the down tick for those disturbances.

I did get some major quality time with friends on Sunday back in the Jingle.  It was a great trip, I just wish I could have spent more time talking with each and every one of them.  In the mean time, family was gathering in Toona-town in my name, which I am sorry I couldn't also attend.  It was a big day that left me tired and wound up.  It also resulted in a HUGE pile of goodies that consumed a good chunk of our fourth of July, but at least everything is back in order.

I tried calling that landscaper again and was able to leave a message, but alas, no return call yet.  *sigh*

Friday, June 30, 2017

It's been a while since I've felt some anxiety welling up.  I'm not sure what is causing it really.

Maybe it's topics that came up in the past few days stirring old pots.

Maybe it's the fence.  The fence is mostly in, with finishing work to be done tomorrow (attaching the gates, putting the tops on the posts, and securing the one end to the house... because they couldn't drop down in the ground there at the one corner due to something being down there *sigh*).  This side where they couldn't go down in is at the corner, vs further forward, which is what was originally marked during the first two measurements.  I'm trying to not fret, but seriously, with each contractor there is always something that is less than what was planned.

I tried calling another landscaper, their voicemail said it was full and I couldn't even leave a message.  What point is a fenced yard if it's all dirt and the least bit of rain means an unusable mud pit?  I just want it all done.  I'm so done.

One thing I do NOT think it is is the looming finish line, which is officially less than two months away.  But it should be.  I cannot get the things done I need to get done.  I'm up and moving for a little while but the swollen ankles hurt and frankly I'm just tired.

Hopefully this weekend will provide a little therapy, time with my Favorite Egg and time with friends is what I need.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Yesterday afternoon was a struggle... it seemed like everything I tried to tackle was NOT going right, both with work and after work.  I needed to mow out front.  We had pulled the mower back out and plugged it in the other day and it seemed ok, so I gave it a go.  I got maybe 1/3 of the way through the front yard before it went to half power and started smoking again.  Yeah, I think it's done done, sadly.

Either way, the front needed trimmed, so out came the weed eater.  Boom, out of line within 5 minutes.  Restring the line, which always takes me a couple of tries to get it right because it doesn't need done often.  Within 2 minutes the battery was dying and the second battery was sitting already dead.  Super.  When I pulled out the corded weed eater all I could think was if this stopped working too I might lose it.  My 21 year old, $25, weed eater held it down and the front lawn is much shorter, uneven, but shorter.

On other household news the fence guys came yesterday.  They weren't here super long, but at least they're back already this morning.  The girls and I are eager for the fence.  I'm still in limbo land on what to do for getting grass back there though.

Monday, June 26, 2017

This weekend my Favorite Egg and I gathered with some of his family for a picnic as an out of town family member was in.  It was nice to get together for a picnic and be able to sit outside on the deck instead of hiding inside as we normally do for get togethers (Thanksgiving/Christmas) and to see everyone.

He stayed and Sunday, despite me being so incredibly tired again, motivated me to get a few things done.  A few more pictures are up on the wall, he hung hooks on the new deck roof and hung my wind chimes, and he was moving some dirt out back in preparation for the fence (they called and are planning to come start tomorrow).

I have to say this much... I'm not used to allowing people to do "my" work for me, especially when I have to sit it out because it is simply too much for me right now.  With an ex, there was always a bit of anger directed toward me when I'd go outside to start this type of work (raking/planting/digging) because he felt obligated to then come help, pulling him away from personal entertainment activities.  Yard work beyond mowing wasn't something he seemed very willing to do and that was when it was _his_ house too.  To have someone in my life that is stepping up and saying "I'm going to go do this" at a place that isn't his responsibility means the world to me.  I'm so grateful that he is willing to do things for me, for us, for the fuzzy girls, and for our family to be.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sunday marked the selected date we called our anniversary - happy three years with my Favorite Egg!  I had done some grocery shopping and mowed part of the yard before he came in with plans on going out for dinner and a beautiful violet in tow.

Monday he had to head back here after work as well for an appointment we had to meet someone we are hiring as a doula.  So that was another meal out.  He finished up my mowing (the areas that are a bit steeper and harder for me to do without being in pain at this point and the side that I couldn't finish before the fat rain drops started to fall on Sunday... but not without coming in and saying my mower was smoking.  I love you babe, but go figure it died when you were using it for the first time after you've told me how much you hate the corded electric mower.

Last night Lor-Lor came to visit!  So I finally got to cook up some of the groceries I bought on Sunday.  I had found a slow cooker recipe for a pork roast I wanted to try, so I modified it to do pork chops on the stove and it was delightful.  I used 1/2 a can of cranberry sauce w/ whole berries, some honey, chopped onions, and seasoning and yes yes yes!  She will be visiting for a few days and both of us working from here.  I had a bit of a scare though as last night after work my internet was out and I feared we'd be headed to Starbucks this morning, but it was back up before bedtime.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Today after some running for classes (last night and today) with my Favorite Egg, we threw together some macaroni salad and walked down the hill to attend a block party here in my new neighborhood.  I'm glad we went as I got to meet and talk to several folks that live nearby and got some handyman referrals, but it was awfully warm.

The rain that has pushed through in the past few days has been pretty heavy.  From what I can see here at a distance it's REALLY been heavy in Johnstown.  So many news stories there lately keep me thinking I got out just in time.  Sink holes in Moxham?  Flooding?  Shootings at the Scalp McDs?  Yeesh.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Just a quick update.  My sister and niece came in on the 8th for a few days as they return from checking out what will be my niece's new local and finding digs for her internship with the Binghamton Devils!

We haven't done much in the way of fun, for which I feel guilty.  My sister however has been working her tail off trying to pretty up my rocky-fill front area with a few pretty flowers and ironing baby things and curtains, for which I feel even more guilty.  But it's been nice to just visit a bit too.  The rest of their summer will be quite active so I doubt I'll be seeing either again before the kiddo arrives.

Good news here at the house as my permit for the fence has been approved.  They may get started on that this week.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

My bacon game at this house is weak, and it is making me die a little inside.  I am an in the oven bacon cooker.  In the past it was put the bacon in on a cookie sheet as you turn on the oven set to 425 degrees and it would take about 20 minutes, sometimes needing more if you were doing a full pack.

Over the course of the past four months I've attempted to make bacon quite a few times, each one reducing the time in the oven and/or the temperature.  Today I am down to 375 and 15 minutes and it was even MORE burnt than the last time (which was at a higher temp).  What the hot hell magic is going on in this oven that has some vehement issue against my bacon!

One constant between the houses is that making bacon means the smoke detector goes off.  *sigh*  Of course in this house, it isn't as easy as pulling one down off of the wall, you have to get up on a stool and disconnect it ... or you get to hear it the whole way through the house.

A girl and her bacon will not be parted.  Love will find a way.

Monday, June 05, 2017

I've been trying to create a pattern of getting out on the back deck (under my lovely roof with this rain) and doing some reading as opposed to sitting in front of the tv.  I haven't been super comfortable sitting on the couch lately anyhow.  I did go sit in the lazboy one night too - still so excited to have that here.

I didn't get back to Jtown for Polkafest as I would have liked this past weekend, but it's okay.  I did at least buckle down and get a few things off of my to do list here like cleaning the inside of the car (so much dog fur) and moving the seat protector/blockade back another row.  The immediate need was before I go to pick up my sister and niece at the airport later this week, but clearly, this needed done so I can ready for a car seat too.  I don't know that I'll be able to get Saffy to not try and push past the back seat and jump through, but I gotta figure that out.

My reward on Saturday was then going out for dinner with my Favorite Egg.  He headed my way later in the day on Sunday and we feasted here once again.  Tonight I am desiring a little nap on the couch, or maybe lazboy as I didn't sleep super well last night.  The next few weeks look so packed on my calendar, so I refuse to feel guilty for indulging this desire.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

A fire was lit under my butt when Lazboy called earlier this week to say my chair would be delivered later today.  The past two evenings some time was carved out to work on getting a decal up on the newly purple wall upstairs and a curtain rod installed.  That room is at about 95% now.  I just need to iron some things, get curtains, get a mattress and changing pad, and try to figure out what I want in what drawer.

Last night I went to the HOA's yearly homeowner's meeting.  I was disappointed that only 6 homes including mine were represented - and that includes 2 out of 3 board members.  Last year they had quite a few people there from the meeting minutes.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Yesterday we headed to meet up with our friend Tonya who was in town for one night only! She was to crash her last night but instead we and stayed up chatted.  This meant I was in bed rather late today and then sleeping in the couch, but once I was up and feeling a little better my Favorite Egg got me in gear and I pointed out all of the spots that needed touchup paint for him.  He mixed up what was left behind by the previous owners (the builders really left it I suppose) and went to town with the roller and brush.  That's a huge thing off of my list that I had been putting off.

I wanted to get a couple of other things done with our time together over this long weekend, but given my need for sleep they didn't happen.  That's okay I guess, we'll get them.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I've posted my in depth tribute in a less public venue, but wanted to share her obituary here.  My dear sweet friend, Christine, will be missed tremendously.

Monday, May 22, 2017

I think I'm averaging one every other week a this point, and that's not counting the people I hear of passing that I knew but didn't really know well.  This time it is someone I considered to be a very close friend.  Admittedly, we haven't gotten to spend much time together as of late, but we had a get together on the calendar - it was scheduled for this month and put off until closer to the normal birthday celebrations.  We had been emailing recently as she was bored on home lockdown with what started out at the beginning of the month as an asthma issue diagnosis, quickly turned into a pneumonia diagnosis, and was leading towards other tests later this week when the antibiotics didn't seem to give the improvement that was anticipated.

I can't put a name out there since the obituary hasn't been posted yet and I'm sure people are still being notified, but I couldn't go to bed without putting my love out into the universe.  My friend, I will miss you.  I cannot believe this is where we are this evening.  You were too young.  This makes no sense and I'm angry that your doctor dismissed you on the 1st, leading you quickly down this path.  You were so excited for our big news and not only will you not get to meet her, but you didn't even get to see me all fattened up.  I will cherish the books you sent for her and think of you every time we read from them.  Rest in peace.

To my other friends, if you are not feeling well, I do not care what your doctor tells you.  Find a new doctor who will get to the root of the problem.  You are more important to so many people than that one medical professional would have you believe.
I've had a few other ppl bringing subjects up with me wrt the kiddo that have upset me greatly in the past few days.  I really don't get how some people think what they're saying is okay or how they have the nerve to say it (especially to a hormone-laden woman).  My favorite egg came last night so I could share things in person and gave me some comfort on it all, but I have to admit it changes my views on some people right now and makes me question some other things.  Hopefully I can mentally get past it.

With the help of family a wall was painted upstairs and is ready for a decal once it is dry through and through.  That's one more huge relief.

Updates from late last week:
Friday at 3:30 the insurance information for the concrete company came in the mail.  Since the borough closed at 4, there was no way to get down there in time.  This morning as I left the house first thing to take the paperwork to the borough the concrete company arrived.  I dropped off the paperwork, the lady at the front office didn't know but took the papers and said if "he has any questions he'll call you".  Ok.

They have the area dug out and ready to go, and the dirt they moved he offered to move to the end of the yard where it drops off - this is great, except the bobcat has shredded the whole yard pretty good and it creates a drop off back further but in front of where the fence guy was going to run things, in effect it could make the fence really more like a 4' fence.

I called FedEx again on the BBB item.  I didn't get a call back on Friday like they said I would because no one actually opened a case.  *sigh*  Of course, the location that has my package right now is closed on Mondays.  Hence, I wait.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Stuff goes wrong in life.  I know this.  I've gotten better about not letting things ruin my day, but I'm struggling these past few days - and it's dumb stuff.

I'm trying to get the paperwork to the borough so I can get permits for the concrete work and the fence.  Well go figure when I send my best effort drawing to the fence guy to review to help me get the paperwork in order he comes back with their drawing which shows the fence WAAAAY into the easement.  I noted at the initial meeting that I didn't want to go far into the easement and even provided him a look at the survey, which I followed up with an emailed copy of the survey.  To make things more annoying he then commented that since they already ordered the materials if they can't use them they'd still come to me (aka I'm paying for it anyway).  So at best, we move things around a bit as to not risk being too far into the easement and my back yard fence line looks odd - worse is that I overpaid for what I needed - and even worse is that I have jack-shit fenced in.

Next stupid item:  two out of three items I ordered from Bed Bath and Beyond have arrived to finish out all of the curtain rods matching on the first floor.  I made a special trip to the closest store 25 min away to see if they had them, and ended up ordering with them in store because they could get them even though I couldn't get them online.  The third item that didn't arrive is showing as undeliverable, something about the tags confused FedEx.  I call Bed Bath and Beyond and that item is no longer available.  They offered me a larger rod - which would look ridiculous there or a double rod, also not what I want.  So now I've called FedEx and I'm waiting for someone from the location (an hour away by the way) where my package is now sitting (in theory).  Please please please find my stuff and get it to me.

Tonight I need to get a bunch of cleaning done.  Last night we ended up going to a Pirate's game since my Favorite Egg won his company's tickets, so that was a lost evening for progress.  Fingers crossed I can keep myself moving.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Small bursts - and I hope that will help me get things in order by the end of the week.  Today was cleaning up dog fur both on the main floor and in the basement (which will need to happen again later this week), taking some soapy water out to scrub the dirt off of the deck, windex washing some windows, brushing Saffy out a bit, taking a few more things to the basement, and getting a few bulbs in around the mailbox (gladiolas, let's see if they survived the move from Jtown and take).

I feel crappy only doing a windex wash of some of the windows, but it's what I could do right now - the ammonia can wait.  While the lower part of these windows swings in it does not lift the whole way out like the last house.  Let me tell you how impossible it is to wash the outside of the upper part of the window with the bottom swung in.  No, they don't seem to pull down, so I can't even reach out from the top to get to it.  I need to take something to the sliding door to chip off paint or something that is on the outside of the door, where did that come from?

I didn't go walk the dog tonight.  As you can imagine I'm not eager to stroll back out there after last night.

I also was able to get out for a long lunch with my new pastor today.  It was a nice opportunity to get to talk and know each other a little more.  My membership information did come from Oakland, so I guess it's a done deal.

In other news, the concrete guy called yesterday and thinks he'll be here next week to get that job underway.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Today I walked Safyre and had a dog come charging at us from a yard because the lady couldn't keep ahold of the leash.  Seriously?  Thank God the dog wasn't mean, but how am I to know that at the time?  It was twice Saffy's size.  I can't even pick Saffy up right now to try and protect her all I could do was try to keep myself between them - and how bad could that have been if it WAS mean?  I'm not sitting on the couch, sobbing, gasping for air, and waiting for my inhaler to work.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

I have myself a little achy again, but things need done, so I'm not sure what else to do but buckle down and suffer it.  It isn't even like I did _that_ much yesterday.  I was up and out the door to do a little shopping (curtains, chairs, etc) made a stop at Aldi for some groceries (I didn't have time to also hit Iggle), and then I mowed the lawn, loaded the items waiting to be donated into the vehicle, showered, and headed back out.  First stop was the donation center for those goodies, then to meet my Favorite Egg for dinner before we headed out for a game night.  It's been a while since we've hit Outback, gosh I love that place. I had an amazing filet with lump crab.

I did find a small orangish colored chair I liked for the entry way, now I just need a different stand beside it to hold the lamp and maybe a plant.  Bed Bath and Beyond was able to order more of the same curtain rods that are downstairs for me (they weren't showing the smaller size online) so I will have matching items throughout the first floor.  Now I just need to find curtains I really like (I even stopped at Ikea out of desperation to find some - no luck).  Then the big buy - I stopped at the Lazboy gallery and made the leap, I think Daddy would be proud.  This chair will go upstairs for now and when I no longer need to rock throughout the night it can come downstairs.  I'm pretty excited about this purchase - I've always wanted one - of course, it will be 4-6 weeks until it arrives.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Saffy woke me around 4am by jumping up on the bed with me.  Within a few minutes I heard the low rumbling in the distance of a storm coming in.  She always used to lay down and cuddle with me to get through storms, but lately she seems too agitated to even do that.  Instead she's up, she's down, she's pacing around.  I took them outside quickly and worked to get her calmed down - then after she was back out I was laying there awake for another half an hour.  Thanks Saf.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

I neglected to report earlier that I made the transfer to do the recast on my mortgage last week and that money is already showing on the account!  I'm excited to see my balance drop a good bit and to know I won't have to make as high of payments if I don't need to moving forward.  Progress is good.

Yes, I headed to the basement. I'm now wiped and sitting on the couch with an achy back.  But I did make really good progress down there!  I even have my fancy wine racks that Mr Law made for me many many moons ago back together and loaded down with wine... wine I can't touch for a very long time.  *sigh*
The weather has cooled back down.  There really is no win.  I find myself either saying "it's too cold for me to..." or "it's too warm for me to...".  This weekend however I have crossed a few things off.  I was up and moving pretty early yesterday to get grocery shopping done, anticipating my Favorite Egg visiting.  He ended up with something else going on, so he came later, but that bought me time for a nap.  After he came my grocery purchases forced my hand and got me out on the deck to scrub the grill.

The past two summers I've thought there was something wrong with the grill as often it would not come up to temp and would only get to around 250 degrees, obviously not good for grilling out. I had recently started searching expecting to be directed to a replacement part only to learn that I am probably causing the grill to go into bypass mode because I would turn things on too quickly!  After we cleaned her up we turned her on in the way directed on the one website and boom we had ample heat!  It is out on the deck, so I did have to pull it away from the railing and put a drip protector (yay Amazon) under the whole thing.

Today I was up again early to get to church.  I didn't make it up and moving early enough last weekend so I simply had to go this week.  I sure wanted another nap today, but instead I headed to a LuLaRoe open house here in my neighborhood by a consultant I've been following and snagged a couple more items.  I had also placed an order with Zulily this morning as I've been hunting for maxi dresses that are simple/solid colors to use for a photo shoot in July.

New furniture I ordered for the rugrat room comes on Tuesday, so I needed to do some work up there.  I moved the existing dresser into the closet, reorganized some more, vaccuumed, put together the changing topper for the dresser (again yay Amazon), and started another load of laundry for linens etc.  We don't have the mattress yet, but I can fake it and make it look a little more put together in time for my Favorite Egg's Mom to come in two weeks to help me get a wall painted.

I'm not done. I'm going to head to the basement next.  I really need to move some stuff around and do some reorganizing there so it doesn't feel so crowded thanks to all of the rugrat stuff and boxes of wine I brought back earlier this week.  Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 04, 2017

I was blessed enough that a friend invited me to the 4th game, 2nd round of the Stanley Cup playoffs (Pens vs Caps).  It was hard to figure out what jersey to wear, after all I do not own a Pens jersey.  I do own a Caps jersey, but out of the two that isn't who I would cheer for.

Typically whatever team I'm cheering for looses.  This is why I assume Sid got hurt the other night, it's like they knew I was coming.  Instead I got to watch the Pens take home win number 3 in this series!  Great evening out and I'm only a little worse for wear this morning.  Hopefully I won't be begging for a nap around 2pm.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

I have felt slightly productive as of late, but I know they're minor strides, but since I haven't posted in a while I feel like I have a lot to catch you up on.

Last week one night I made another trip out to look at furniture.  I knew if I could just get the furniture for the kiddo room selected and ordered I'd feel a lot better.  I ended up having an epiphany that some of the furniture in the kid's section was named the same as the furniture in the adult bedroom section.  Boom! Kid's dresser and an adult's lingerie chest make for just what I need:  something smaller to fit into that room, ample storage/drawers/moderate pricing - but still real wood.

I do still need to find a rocking chair of some sort for there, but that's a whole other story.  The debate goes on if I'm getting all new living room furniture of just trying to find that one piece, using it in the bedroom for now and later moving it downstairs.  I can always get couches etc at some other point - but then they're not likely to match.  If I know they won't match, should I cave and go look at lazboys?

I would have hung several pictures, but damnit the studs aren't in the middle of the places where I need them to be.  I guess that means I need to put those huge plastic things in the wall and make gaping holes.  If you're building a house, that should be part of the design of the structure, just sayin.

The letter came back from the HOA approving the concrete and the fence.  Now we see when they can/will come, right?  I left a message for both contractors.  The fence guy acknowledged, but nothing from the concrete guy yet.  *sigh*  I know you're not ready to come do the work right away, but at least let me know you got the message.

Saturday we had plans to go to game night out of town w/ my Favorite Egg's friends, it was a nice evening out.  We were supposed to get a few other things done earlier in the day but he had a headache (which fortunately went away in time to attend the evening activities) so that didn't get completed.  Instead I did get some banana bread baked (which I just finished off earlier today thank you very much) and a batch of brownies to take with us.

I mowed Sunday and about melted it was so warm.  I had talked to the guy who tends to the neighbor's yard and gotten a quote from him (yes, it's high, but I was willing to go that route).  My Favorite Egg nixed it saying he would take care of it, so we'll see how that goes.  Monday night I about melted again after hauling a carload of my wine/liquor/limoncello up from my Favorite Egg's.  I wanted it out of his garage before it got too warm.  I'm definitely needing the exercise as I feel like I need to start being careful about weight.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I had the best intentions out back at the tree line, but as always we went from no growth to full of greens and weeds - the jaggy stabby kind.  I pulled what I could, which wasn't much, and raked up the brush that I had already started to gather, into a garbage bag - but I tired out quickly this evening.  It resulted in me just chucking most of the nasturtium seeds back there instead of actually planting them.  A girl can hope, right?  I mean, if you don't gather the seeds up in the fall they do tend to start growing on their own in the spring.

I did press on long enough to dust grass seeds in the bare areas both in the front and the back and to give them a little bit of water from the crap hose that the previous owner left behind. I don't know what I expected there - the water pressure here is so low I'd have a better chance of spitting on all of the seed.

The gate came in for the top of the deck stairs so the guys installed that today and brought my furniture back up. Now they just need to gather the rest of their garbage - including what blew way further back into the greens out back than I am willing to go thanks to jaggers and ticks.  I think there are just as many cigarette butts and candy wrappers as there are nails and scraps from what they cut.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Another passing... this time it is a friend's sister.  I knew her sister as well, just not super well.  But I watched from a distance as she fought breast cancer for years. I know she is pain free now, but my heart aches for the family - especially her parents who are burying their daughter, which heaven knows is not how things should be.

Susan, may you rest in peace.
Today I want to complain about tickets for concerts. I am a big James Blunt fan.  When I heard he was going to be touring with Ed Sheeran (whom I do not listen to) no matter, I still wanted to go.  Sure the show in Pittsburgh is likely less than a month after I'll have a kiddo joining the household but still I was dead set on finding a way to make it happen.

During presale I had no way to purchase, but during open sales - gone, instantly.  I keep peeking back but yes, it's only resale.  The tickets came out  a month ago and the show is five months away.  There are tickets out there for resale (we're talking a couple of hundred bucks PER ticket).  Let's talk about obscene.  What happened to anti-scalping?  The tickets were like $40-100 in the seats I'd likely go for.  I'm sad, disappointed, and now, kind of angry that he is touring with Ed Sheeran - which is probably why this is happening.

So I guess I won't be seeing James Blunt.  I guess I'll be pretty busy then and will hardly "miss it" in the moment, but it peeves me.  James - your fans can't even use this infrequent opportunity to try and catch a show!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The girls are home, they seem to have liked their new camp.  As always they're a bit sleepy right now.  I have been a giant slacker lately, so at least I can say I feel productive today. I started by washing the blankets I took with the girls to camp and then washing some of the hand me over plush animals and a new plush that Beff bought the baby that said to do so in the instructions.  I picked up some Dreft today while grocery shopping too, so at some point I can start washing baby clothing too.

While the laundry was running I started working on the dining room picture wall.  So far the decal I purchased and a few pics of my family are up on one side.  I am trying to get some photos from my Favorite Egg's Mom to put on the other side to match from their family.  I also got the wooden address sign from Mom's house placed on the wall by the front door.

Then it was time to head out for a long over due pedicure appointment before running to the grocery store.  I swung into the consignment shop too - and good thing I did.  They were offering an extra 15% off of everything today which sold me on a used swing that I noted on the way in.  That's one more big thing off of the to buy list.  After the groceries were in and away it was time to mow the lawn, which was a huge pita because I had to move all of the deck furniture out of the way.  Ugh, too heavy.  I think that was enough effort for the day, but maybe I'll get a second wind so I can work at something else that's been nagging at me.

Friday, April 21, 2017

I did manage to catch one neighbor and of course the other is never around.  I noted this on the paper and sent them off on Tuesday, before I needed to head out of town on Wednesday morning for my Uncle Mike's funeral.

I can't begin to express the mixed feelings of the day.  Maybe I'm just extra hormonal, I don't know.  Of course there was sadness for my Aunt and Cousin as they said goodbye.  I know how hard it is to loose a parent.  I also know how it saddened my Aunt that so many in the family had already left her.  Then there was those in attendance.  I got to talk for a while with a cousin whom I admit I don't remember, but it was nice - comfortable.  Then there was seeing my sister and brother on that side.  I had assumed I would see my sister as she was at Uncle Mike's birthday party a while back.  I don't say this with any angst, but simple fact:  I never knew her, I always assumed she had no desire to know me, we did not speak.  Now, my brother however, was always just a block up when I was growing up.  I knew him, he was present, I don't know how/why but we probably haven't seen each other since not too long after Dad died.  We talked a little.  It too was comfortable enough, but more than that - so familiar.  Why?  His face - his smile?  Looks just like Daddy.  It was hard to not stare a little.  I admit, I asked to get a picture of the two of us and I'm glad I did. I will cherish having this.

From there I visited with an Aunt/Uncle on Mom's side before I headed back up the mountain to Jtown for two nights.  I was in training all day Thursday and Friday back at the office, so I stayed with Beff.  It was good to get to visit.  We grubbed some long missed Rey's and Szechuan (although this wasn't up to par).  I think the kiddo liked Rey's as I felt my first DEFINITE movement that evening as I turned in.

Today I drove the rest of the way home.  It is good to be home.  It feels right to actually call it home.  The only thing missing is my girls. I can't wait for them to return in the morning and to hear how they did at their new camp.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Another baby step complete!  Today I had another fencing contractor here and decided to sign on with them to get the work done.  This means I must _must_ MUST go knock on doors and get papers to the HOA.  It does feel like a relief to have that slated.

The deck roof progress continues today.  The last I heard was hopes to wrap it up tomorrow.

Last night I had one of those odd/vivid dreams they warn you of.  I know what spawned it - but in said dream I had lost my job and I was rather upset because, well it would be a hard time both to try and interview places and/or to do without healthcare.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

We had a nice Easter. I was up and to church after getting some meatballs into the slow cooker.  Shortly after we were on the road to the first of two get togethers with a small break between at my Favorite Egg's parent's place.  I ate SO much today I'd like to think I wouldn't be hungry tomorrow, but heaven knows that old behavior is just that - a think of the past.

On the drive home I listened to voice mail to learn of the passing of another relative, my Uncle Mike (my dad's sister's husband).  He had not been well, but my heart aches for my Aunt and cousin as they prepare arrangements for him.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Satin visited me in a dream early this morning.  She even let me pick her up and hold her on my lap.  Goofy dog.  I miss you.  This happened after I was woken by the yippie dog next door who started at 6:30.  Seriously, if you put your dog out and it starts barking at that hour how do you not do something to shut it up promptly?

Thursday, April 13, 2017

My dogs suck at being dogs.  This morning the workers who will be adding the roof over the deck arrived a few minutes before 8am.  They offloaded some supplies in the driveway and then came around to the back and cleared everything off of the deck, laid protective covering and got down to business.

Did the dogs bark?  No.  Did the dogs do anything to indicate humans were swarming the back porch?  No.  Ok, well that's not entirely true - they did move around a bit, agitated that their early morning nap was being disrupted. *shakes head*  Slackers.

So the good news is the roof should be done by next weekend.  That means we can get on the concrete work underneath.  That's where the bad news comes in - I need to start knocking on doors for the neighbor signatures and get the papers sent in. *sigh*

Monday, April 10, 2017

Today I was off of work in order to head to Altoona for my Aunt Dee's funeral services.  It was good to see everyone, despite the sad circumstances that brought us together.  The weather was beautiful - up to 80 according to my vehicle and the drive to and from wasn't as bad as I expected.

On the drive in I had decent timing to avoid witnessing a horrible accident but got through before they closed down part of 22.  A coal truck rear-ended and spun a school bus (without children, thank goodness) into the concrete barriers between directions and then ended up in a model home.  My prayers are with the bus driver's family as it sounds like she lost her life.

My Mom was a van driver for the school district for years.  It's sad foreshadowing, really.  As we headed into the luncheon a district van went past - #11 as a matter of fact, the van number she drove for quite some time.  I think it was her making her presence known.

With my time away to visit cemeteries on Saturday and this long day away the girls have been doing a great job behaving without accidents.  I'm so proud of them, it could have gone the other way since they've been getting spoiled with my new norm of being here all day.  Thanks to my Favorite Egg for stopping in to have lunch with them today.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

The weather was perfect today.  On the schedule was driving to the Irwin area to meet my Favorite Egg's Mom, Aunt, cousin, and his cousin's fiance to go visit a few cemeteries where I got to "meet" more of his family including his grandparents.  It was a lovely day and I enjoyed the time together chatting and learning a little more about his family.  That is - until the drive home, which had me feeling itchy and squeamish.  You see right before we parted I spotted a bug on his Mom's sweater.  It was a tick.  UGH.  To think we probably picked it up in the cemeteries in early April.  UGH!  When I got home I stripped down, did laundry and showered.

The threat is so real this summer folks.  I know we always have issues, but I think it's going to be a rough year.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

I woke from dreams this morning of Altoona and my Mother's home.  I had driven by and they had taken out the front porch (and coal bin).  It's odd that I woke from dreams of home etc to find a message that my aunt, my Mom's one older sister has passed early today.  She was only two days from her 87th birthday.

I know she was upset when my Mom passed that it was not her.  I believe she had found more happiness after this where she was staying with assisted care and pray that her mind was as at peace as her passing sounds like it was.  God bless you Aunt Dee.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

It's baaaack!  How on earth is this wind only 18mph.

Love looking at the forecast and seeing nice temps in our future.  This of course means I really need to get out back and clear some of that brush and get my flower bulbs/seeds where they need to be.

Monday, April 03, 2017

I wasn't super productive this past weekend, but my Favorite Egg and I got to spend lots of quality time, so that was a nice trade off.  Saturday was pretty busy starting of waaaay too early.  We headed to a baby class for the morning, for a quick lunch, and then to a consignment sale.  After a little bit of time at home we needed to run to Big Lots to stock up since the 20% off deal was going on.  On the way there we had a pretty darn close call thanks to some idiot who came barreling down a side road and straight out into traffic in front of us (completely ignoring his stop sign).  Everything had gone into slow motion and I can't believe my Favorite Egg got stopped instead of clobbered.  Someone was definitely watching over us.

Last night we walked the girls down to try the local frozen custard joint - Turtle Twist.  It isn't the Meadows but it's pretty nice and I love that it's a relatively short walk.  Saffy knew immediately what type of place she was at and was trying to jump at the counter to place her order.

Friday, March 31, 2017

For the first time in a while I feel mopey.  I'd prefer to not feel this way so if the rain would go ahead and go away that might help.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Another bad dream (translation lost dog) last night.  This one was particularly sad when I woke as not only was Saffy missing, but it seemed in the dream I had been away when she disappeared.  I went in to wake my sleeping mother asking her how long she had been gone and she told me a few days.  I welcome Mum visiting me in a dream, but make it a happier one, please?  This was one of those dreams I woke from, started to fall back asleep and was drifting back into the same scenario.  Upon my second waking it was time to call Saffy up to cuddle with me.  She did not complain.

I ran out last night to a hair appointment.  My hair was long overdue for a trim, so I got brave and found a place to try out.  It was just a trim really, nothing dramatic, so I'm sure it will be fine, but I can't really tell until I wash and dry it myself.  On the way there I stopped at the local library because I needed a couple of photocopies.  I spent a good bit of my childhood in the library, so it feels right to start to get familiar with this place now.

The lamp post out front was fixed yesterday.  There goes another $400, but it functions now and is safe.  It was so nice yesterday I had it in my head that I needed to get on planting some hydrangeas that were gifted to me, but today it's cold enough that I had to turn the heat back on.  Thank you for that gift of sanctioned procrastination mother nature.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I'm doing a little here and there.  Nothing that LOOKS like a big impact, but stuff that needs done (shifting books around to different shelves, clearing old tax papers out of the filing cabinet to make room for other stuff and putting them in a box for storage, going through old pictures and wall decorations - and forcing myself to make the decision to get rid of some of them).  I didn't expect another round of purging through the house AFTER the move, but it's probably for the best - even if I did pay to move some of this stuff.  I'm sure if I had purged some items pre-move I would have regretted it.

I really need time this weekend to mix the paint the previous owners left behind so I can touch up throughout the house.  Then I have no excuses for not getting things on the wall.  I've settled on colors for the wall sticker I have planned for upstairs - so that will be ordered soon.  I will need to paint under that once I can get a good color palette match.  I say I, but fortunately I have people who have volunteered to help with paint to keep me out of the fumes.

I had another "keep your eye on your credit card" moments today.  The hotel we stayed at in February pre-cruise was prepaid through a third party booking site.  Well the hotel just tried to charge me now too for a slightly lesser amount.  I was surprised how easy it was to reach a person at the third party site to start trying to resolve this.  Fingers crossed I just need to wait now.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

This morning I had a concrete contractor in... and I think I now have that lined up.  It will come out the basement door and under the deck then around to the bottom of the deck stairs.  This will give me plenty of space for more sitting and/or to put in a shed.  I'm sure my Favorite Egg would be happy to know that I'm probably going to do the slightly thicker slab too, as to potentially accommodate a hot tub someday as well.

Of course, I need to deal w/ the HOA on this one too.  It isn't that much work but at the moment there is something about it all that feels overwhelming, maybe because across everything that's three requests - all of which I need to get signatures from neighbors on.  One thing at a time, right?

I did do some organizing in both the basement and would-be baby's room last night to get a few more things 'unpacked' and away.  There is still plenty more there to do.  I will try and get more achieved here today (the laundry already running is my crowning achievement so far this morning), but I also need to run out to check out another kennel for the girls this afternoon. *fingers crossed*

Thursday, March 23, 2017

This morning I heard a dog beside the bed where I swing my feet out (around 6am), I crawled out to hit the facilities and there wasn't a dog there... Saffy is now climbing completely under the bed.  What a goof.  I guess this is because I refused her the other day when she wanted up.

I headed out this evening to hit the post office to get one of the two left behind DirecTV boxes sent back.  Why did they only send one box? I have no idea.  I'm so confused.  From there I ran looking for lighting goodies.  The electrician was here today to look at the problem the previous owners were to have fixed before I closed on the house. *sigh*  $75 for today's visit, a new lamp for out front ($90) and prb another $300 or more for him to dig out the path and re-run the wiring in a proper conduit underground and back into the basement going around the stairs since they're in the way now. Turns out they just had about 20 feet of wire coiled all over the place just under the mulch.  Further, that wire then goes under the stairs, no conduit whatsoever, and into the house.

Since I had a coupon I wanted to maximize, I not only bought that but I tried to shop for ceiling fans and lights for the other bedrooms and for other light fixtures I want to replace (bathroom and dining room).  No major luck, but I did buy what I want for in the half bath (fixture and matching toilet paper holder and proper towel holder instead of a hook). I guess I need to buy online for the bedrooms - I'm just not finding what I want in the stores.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Dearest internet reader, it's time I also came clean here.  I'm pregnant!  Yesterday marked the start of week 17 and so far everything looks perfect and healthy.  We also already know the gender with thanks to some additional testing, but we're not ready to put that out to the world.  My Favorite Egg and I are excited, nervous, and completely mindblown.

If you're a crazy baby person I'll post nauseating detail here:
Of course, if you go there you'll learn a wealth of stuff I neglected to discuss here from the past 7 years.  You have to remember you're talking to someone who said she'd never have kids years ago, but I'll blame that on childish naivety combined with the desires of the person I was with at that time.

I'm not saying I won't post about it here, but I'll do my best to not be "that person".  I wouldn't want to interrupt the daily run down of mundane details with even more mundane details that a large population of the world has also already gone through.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Well, I met one neighbor.  I headed out to meet the mailman as I knew he had a package - I figured I'd save him a walk to my door.  Well, he also had several packages for next door.  When she answered her little dog scooted out the front door and towards me.  So at least one introduction is done now.

I had a Safyre in my bed again last night.  Around 2am she put her feet up on the side of the bed and wouldn't take a "go back to bed" for an answer, she jumped up anyhow... and she wasn't content to lay where she normally does in bed at my side, instead she climbed down between my legs like she does on the couch.  Goofy dog.  I didn't hear any thunder or anything, so who knows what was up.

Today I've pleased her greatly by shifting the two plants that were in front of the entry window - one off to each side just enough that she can get in there and gawk out the window.  While I was out getting the mail I can't even tell you how cute that is.

I also need to report on my first experience with StitchFix.  I'm cheap.  That's clearly a problem.  I had marked everything they offered to indicate I didn't want expensive items.  Then again, I also noted certain likes/desires and dislikes that they seemed to disregard in their selections.  One item was a $48 tank top that is made to be skin tight (I noted in both their canned selections and in my text notes that I did not want skin tight tops).  Hells no.  Another was a wrap sweater that was cut way too low - it wasn't awful, but it wasn't the summer clothes I was asking for.  Another was a long shrug type sweater in black - loved it, but I already have quite a few of those and I'm not going into the office anymore.  There was a pair of jeans that were silky smooth and so comfortable, but I knew before I tried them it wasn't happening at $78.  Nope, I wouldn't normally spend that much on a pair of jeans, but especially not now.  Final item I really debated keeping.  It was a long sleeve but lighter weight shirt with a very attractive print.  Ultimately it was the fact that the upper arms were a little snug coupled with the long sleeves and the $48 price tag that had it go back in the bag - for $30, sure, but not nearly $50.  I'm going to invest in sheets I can cut holes in the top of to put my head through.