Sunday, August 31, 2008

Yesterday I slept like a champ, waking around 9 but deciding to just lay back down and finally rolling out of bed after 2. Woohoo! I didn't let my late start kill my day though. I made myself get the necessary walmart trip over with and finally returned an item there and then returned the muzzles to Petco since they were utter failures. I finally got the last couple loads of laundry folded and put away along with another that I did yesterday, so that is one less mess/dreaded task out of the way. I also spent a little time VPNed in to do some work that needed wrapped up.

Grubbed w/ Beff, her friend Sandy, and one of Sandy's friends and then hung out for a while before crashing. Today Slips is heading in, so I'll spend some short quality time with her at the mall and potentially planning to visit with mum. I dread it in a way because then I end up with a bad night's sleep and the two dogs stressing out at being there. Speaking of which the scabs came off of Vix yesterday (ew), but things are looking better than they did. I just hope she's all healed up before heading to camp.

Now for one of my minirants. Hurricane Gustav. If you're in New Orleans right now, and you decide to stay, you're an idiot. If you refuse to learn from the past and can't see something horrid bearing down on you... thank you for taking yourself out of the gene pool.

McCain picking a chic as a running mate - wow. I agree with some reporters, it seems like a feeble attempt to pull those that backed Hillary, but did people really pick Hillary simply because she was a she? I doubt it. Admittedly, these two candidates are giving me things to think about - both picked such complete opposites of themselves as running mates. I still think Obama is my man, don't get me wrong, but I don't know enough about his running mate right now. Frankly, with the idiots in our country who see nothing but color as black or white I truly fear we'll see that running mate in charge.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

So there I was, splayed naked over a table with his skilled fingers and hands taking away my stress and strain. I had a massage today you perverts. Sorry to have been so quiet all week, I am not quite sure where the week went. I did make some good progress with my reading and assignments that I want to get cranked out before heading out on vaca. I'm still hopeful that I can finish my current read beforehand and start a new one out on the balcony *cheer*.

I also crossed off a ton of the little things that stressed me out: the paperwork is in the township's hands for my would-be porch, the gas logs and would-be porch furniture have arrived, I mailed off a rebate form, and the basement floor was re-bleached to kill the final lingering skunk odor. I deserve a mojito... by my new TV. It should be here fairly soon!

Vixen is doing well and healing nicely, but it still sure looks ugly. I tried picking up some muzzles earlier this week but they were, as I feared, a waste and are getting returned.

Monday, August 25, 2008

TV ordered!
Do more things just pile on at certain times or does it just SEEM like more things are piled on? Is it all "in your head" or rather... "wrapped around your homones"? I'm trying to just check things off of my list one at a time right now, but I still really could use a few more hours in each day if anyone knows the secret there. Gladly the one issue resolved itself - that being, thanks to having a syllabus with the right information in it I finally got the formal approval for reimbursement in my class. I can't believe I'm a student again. That left me feeling a bit overwhelmed (not to mention stupid for putting myself right back in the same spot) again.

I think if I just resolve the TV issue all will be right with the world again. Does this little blip not demonstrate how regimented some aspects of my world are? Princess and the pea - once again!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

This weekend at times has seemed a bit overwhelming. Yesterday felt like Sunday, so at least there seemed to be a "bonus" day. After returning from the funeral in Hillsdale yesterday, Beff, Kirkus, and I went to Off the Rak. I havn't been there in probably a year, not sure why, the meals are always quite yummy and the martini samplers are bitchin.

Last night the crazy ass dogs had "words" again. This time, Vix misinterpretted a tap on the back as being from Danika and it set her off. Once again Danika "won" and left Vixen with what will surely be a few new scars. Poor girl. I don't know what to do, but things just can't go on like this. At some point I do fear that one of them will end up severely hurt. I don't want to banish either of them from the freedom to come and go as they wish, not even in a rotating situation.

So last night I crawl into bed and flick on the TV as I normally do and things are lined up a bit goofy on the TV display in the bedroom. I kick it off and back on and get a flash of light and then black. So much for the picture tube is all I can assume. The TV isn't even 10 years old. They really _don't_ make things like they use to, do they?

So do I spend how much to have them try to get and replace a picture tube or do I suck it up, try and understand the flatscreen speak (since you can't find a regular old flippin tv anymore), and try to find a new one? Of course without regular old TVs the prices are higher than I'd like to spend right now given the other funds that are in limbo for the front door, the porch and siding (I did get the drawing in the mail the other day btw), the term of school that still was not blessed for reimbursement, and other little things.

Today I could use just a relaxing afternoon at home, but instead I am heading off to the season ticket holder picnic. I am sure I'll have a nice time, but here's hoping that it won't be too warm, I so don't want to feel all sweaty and nasty.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Yep. Vix didn't seem to get sprayed, moreso that she tore the stinky part out of the dead critter, so I just put her to bed in the basement and gave her some water figuring I'd deal w/ more today. And boy... have I, already! I guess she ATE the nasty stinky part, because she yacked it up in the basement. I have NEVER almost vomited from cleaning up after one of the girls before but this churned my stomach, triggered a near wretch, and had me return to the pile three times to get everything cleaned up. My stomach is still turning and that was a half an hour ago. If you have enemies forget the bag of dog poop. May I recommend dog vomit comprised of skunk guts? There's a free bag in my garbage!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

So I'm sitting here. The A/C is on, so the windows are closed up tight... and is that skunk I smell? It is! Aw hell, Vix is still outside. Cursed dog.
Is it Thursday, already? This has been a rather busy week, but yet I have very little crossed off of my to do list to show for it. First, I ask for everyone's prayers and warm wishes for a beloved friend who unexpected lost her mother yesterday morning.

I did end up ordering the items that I was eyeing from Home Depot - DESPITE the price increase on the gas logs and despite yet another chapola setback, you can't use gift cards online, nor can you have them order the online only items in the store to use your gift cards to pay. Major boo.

Last night Danika made her trip to the vet for a quick shot so she's good for my vacation and her trip to camp. We noticed in the visit she has chipped off a tooth (much like Satin had many years ago). Not sure how it happened, but clearly we'll be keeping an eye on that now. On the way home I snagged KFC and they chapped me too... totally hosing my drive through order. Not cool when a gal is having a hankering for popcorn chicken and potato wedges to give her a chicken breast and a ranch something wrap.

I managed to find one of the gifts I've been shopping for last night at a great price in Ross, very unexpected and delightful. The drawing for my would-be porch is in the mail, so there is motion on that front, and I have the plumber coming tonight to take a look in preparation for putting in the gas logs once they arrive. Like I said, a lot going on, but it all seems like prep work with little to show for it.

Work is busy, in a good way, I am still liking what I am currently working my way through, so that's a highlight.

Monday, August 18, 2008

So I managed to chap my own ass... you see, I put off ordering the gas logs for my fireplace just a little too long. What's a little too long? Well, clearly any point in time after they jack up the price. At first I thought it was because winter is clearly on its way, but the set that I was eyeing is the only one that seems to have jumped up. The 18" logs of the same type are still at $149 so wtf-mate? The 24" logs were $169 now they're $209, call me cheap, but that's a hefty jump. The pissed part comes in because I had finally set my mind on placing the order tonight, right after I stopped and picked up a gift card (also built up my gas discount). I guess I'll focus my gift card purchases on summery items that I can't use until next year. *pout*

I spent part of the evening with the Laws sharing a few laughs and a glass of wine. I think for the first time ever my future boyfriend *wink* Jake didn't take long to get friendly with me, you know how shy those boys can be. By the time I left he was trying to fart on me. I'm pretty confident that in 8 year old speak means he likes me. I also gave him the first lesson of "a girl won't give you what you want unless you buy her a diamond". In this case the want list is a little different something about Batman.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A quick update on the highlights of my weekend. Saturday was lunch w/ Beff and Slips and since we were already at the mall I made a stop to check in on my ring. The mounting is in and Dave laid my diamond in it for me to check it out. I am quite pleased and eager to see this puppy all together. I bummed for an hour or two and then headed to Toona.

I slept for crap last night at mom's. It's so friggin noisy there with just traffic alone and then pour on top the people outside screaming at 2:45am. Then the normal mum getting up way early followed by her leaving for church and her phone ringing every five minutes for a half an hour. ARGH!

Swung out to VC this morning and found some great steals and then later headed to Kohls where I found a nifty burnt orange Vera Wang semi-formal dress and the matching friggin shoes on the clearance racks. We're talking 25$ for the dress and shoes once all discounts were said and done people. Needless to say, even though my pork chop ass precluded me from a full zipper I still bought it. I really really really need to start getting on the tread mill again.

Anyhow, I got back to mom's after the short jaunt and found that the girls had another spat *sigh* This time Vix has a wound on her neck and Dani on her leg. I am at wit's end sometimes. Once again it seemed to just spring out of nowhere. I do think however that it was partially due to Vixen being tired. I know being away from home stresses her out. They've both been sleeping like the dead since we got home. Perhaps I need to not have such long visits to reduce the stress factor.

In dream-land this weekend I was at someone's wedding reception, which is just unthinkable. Regardless, after the toast "mommy dearest" turns and calls out a friend from college for "what he did" and demands his apologies (think Yuengling bottle). Then she turned and demanded my apologies... at which point I went livid.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Last night I took in the latest Mummy movie. *spoiler warning* I didn't like the replacement wife, felt the fact that their kid was grown was a bit hard to believe since neither parent really aged, was incredibly distracted by the nasty grown on Fraser's nose, and found some of the CGI a bit crappy. The movie wasn't bad perse, it just wasn't as good as it could have been. The fact that the emperor was immortal for such a short period and was able to just tra-la-la walk into shangra-la despite the witch and her daughter being "on watch" made the movie seem abbreviated and cut short.

I spent last night having strange vivid dreams again. The night before it was a friend pissing me off by having people over at my place and making a mess and generally disrespecting my space last night it was a move and a lost job and just a complete state of confusion. So I slept, but it just wasn't restful - and it left me quite fuzzy today. I did wake up on time, heck got to work a half an hour early, but ended up leaving around lunch time and taking a little bit of vacation time to nap away the afternoon.

I clearly felt better, because this evening I did a little bit of yard work and feel a ton better. Gratefully I have the rest of the weekend to relax a little more, get some more things done, and to get more real sleep.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy 3rd birthday Danika! I can't believe she's been with me for just over a year already, but it's true. Last night Dani and I went to Petco for the ritual birthday gift shopping where she agreed that the lady bug squeak toy on a rope was a good selection. She also picked out a pair of flavor-filled bones one for her and one for Vix.

I really feel like I've fallen off of the rumor mill here at work. But at least info eventually gets to me. The one bane of my existence from earlier years working here has left... and, in the same week I also heard that the bane of my ex-husband's existence also is gone. Go figure eh? I still can't believe the ex made him cry. *laugh*

Ok... here is something I need ya'll to give a comment vote/feedback on. The question "Is my friend crazy?" The logic:
1). The friend is single. Yes, recently broken up from a relationship and still likes the person, but it's not happening because the other person is a DBK right now.
2). The friend came to the speed dating event with me... got hit on before the speed dating event by a SMOKIN HOT individual that was not participating in the event. The friend also left the speed dating event with 7... SEVEN... matches, and I had 1 (of course that person also marked them).
3). The pre-speed dating hottie hot hot hot called earlier this week.
4). Yesterday alone the friend got asked out three times by folks other than the hottie hot hot hot, two of which were ppl from the speed dating event, including the one that had marked me as well... so there goes my only match anyhow.
5). Me... would KILL to be in that situation. Friend... not jumping on the prospect of these dates because of the aforementioned DBK.

To further comment: I've often been told that if I were as talkative and open to speaking with strangers as this friend is my issues of not getting opportunities would probably be gone. Alas, clearly, not the case. This of course left me with the eternal question of "what am I doing wrong". I know - you're thinking "Not finding the right person" yada yada. It doesn't have to be Mr. Perfect... just a chance, another viable option.

I'm not bad looking. Sure I have a few extra pounds, but I can lose them if I just got my ass in gear. I am smart. I pay my own bills. I am caring and a giver. I don't want to smother the crap out of someone by being on the phone or with them all the time (you'd think that would be a perk). So wth?

Oh - and the one that I was talking to that I thought might pan out into a date, I haven't heard from him since we talked one Tuesday or Wednesday and ended the convo hinting that catching up that weekend for lunch or drinks would be a good thing. That was like three weeks ago.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One of the most disappointing things about rainbows (aside from the fact that they crawl up your leg and start biting the inside of your ass) is that it is near impossible to get a photo that captures the beauty that you see in person. Last night as I headed from Home Depot to Lowes (just checking to see what they had instock on something) I spotted one. As I crossed the street I realized you could see the full arch across the sky and all of the colors were vibrant and visible. I snapped a few shots with my cell phone, but nothing compares to the rainbow itself.

This was just another reminder of how attentive to my surroundings I think I am compared to others. Only one other woman in the parking lot noticed it and pointed it out to her child, everyone else bustled about in and out of the store without a pause or a conspicuous glance. Truly, just a shame.

I will also highlight that I've caught Home Depot in a store to website price descrepancy now too. The $5 price difference on the $64 lock set(instore higher) was explained by the cashier in that you have to pay shipping on the website and that makes up for it. *rolls eyes*

Monday, August 11, 2008

First, how desperate are spammers that their subjects have come to pleas and trying to convince us of their sincerity? My personal favorite came with the subject of "I honestly want to f*ck you". Honestly? Really? Well gee, that changes EVERYTHING.

Only Monday is over. I could have easily and gladly slept through the day, but I eventually got my butt in gear and got moving. I came home today to a dog with a fat lip, but I have no clue how the heck it could have happened as they haven't been left alone too much in the past 24 hours with immediate access to one another. Crazy asses.

So now that I decided to say screw it and jump on the front door project the calls on the siding etc have started back up. Rar! I do want to just get it done, but I fear that things will try and come together right when I am suppose to be on vacation. I guess I better haul myself back to Lowes or the Depot to pick out some locks so at least I am not trying to do that at the last minute.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Thought I had the right attitude about it all - thought it was a good idea - still thought it was fun... but honestly, it was just self-defeating and a corroboration of how I see things.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Woohoo! The upgrade fairy came visiting for my upcoming cruise! At first I was a little more bummed than excited, but the excitement is building. You see, I VERY particular about which room I pick based upon proximity to elevators and other frequently used elements as well as keeping from being right above or right under the casino or boleros. Further, this was going to be my first cruise on an Explorer class and thus I had selected a Prominade room. Instead this will be my first time in a superior oceanview cabin with a balcony. Hopefully Slips won't push me off :)

I guess while I am on here typing away I should rattle off the other ongoings. Last night was my last trip to 4 Corners w/ Rex. *sigh* My T Rex is leaving me! I ate more than I should have, but didn't eat as much as I usually would. I am just so bloaty and blah feeling the past couple of days, I don't know what gives.

Hopefully I won't miss the call from the contractor that is to come measure the door this afternoon - the whole "new front door" endeavor is moving along quickly. From there it's about time I tend to my roots and get a trim. Gotta look good for tomorrow night *yeah right - LAUGH*

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

How do banks survive? I ask this because of their seeming idiocy and inability to process basic requests. You're all well aware of my past trials with Wells Fargo (my previous mortgage holder) who continually and unexpectedly would stop withdrawing money from my bank account. Now, since I've been sold to JP Morgan/Chase Financial, I can't send them money no matter how hard I try. For whatever reason the payment keeps kicking back saying I have a wrong address or wrong account number. Don't worry, I double checked BOTH with JP Morgan/Chase and they're correct. My bank has no clue and simply gets a generic error code that reiterates a bad address or account number.

Really people. How hard is this. I want to make a payment. Please, take my money!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Because I am impatient woman and I want to see progress towards my household remodeling goals I went and picked out a front door and a sidelite. Now I wait for them to schedule an appointment to measure and make sure all is well. I look at it this way, sure, no one will see it until that awful entry way is removed, but it's progress - and when they pull off the entry way to put up my porch poof they can put the new siding right up to it beauti-mus!

I've been craving dead cow something fierce, so I picked up a huge ribeye that is cooking away as I type (and drool). Yes, that all by itself could be a meal, but I did snarf some raspberry-cranberry sauce, and will savor a bite or two of desert as well. You see, my Uncle dropped off some peanut butter fudge! What a great surprise to find hanging off of my front door when I got home. All is RIGHT with the world once again - Great timing!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

I'm very proud of me. I got everything on my to do today list crossed off with the exception of folding and putting away the laundry. I washed another load, made my standard sunday shopping run, vacuumed, scrubbed the tub, changed the shower curtain and liner, cleaned the bathroom sink, dusted the living room, cleared the dining room table, and even brushed the girls.

I was a little chapped to notice another need for repair today while out in the yard. There is a piece of siding lose up above - you know where I couldn't climb up to do the friggin gutters. *sigh*

Last but not least, today, I also made a trip to the evil Walmart. I decided to go after I realized their website is as evil as their store. Not a thing I was looking for was available in my store, nor was it available to ship to the store, go figure. Further, their prices don't match up. I went in thinking I could snag this bench for $35. At the store... the bench is $50. WTF. So, I didn't come home with two to store away for next summer... when I kick in on my next outside upgrade plan. So, as I continue to look around I spotted this chaise lounge. I have been planning to buy one for out on the deck, but the listed price of $148? BZZT... it was $120, and you'll note, if you enter 15904 that supposedly my store doesn't HAVE this chair. *rolls eyes* Whatev, I'll call it a deal, so I snagged one.

While at Walmart, I once again saw the local evil out and about, this time with her rugrat. My distaste for the act or the person I am not sure which is stronger. You see, this gal was mercilessly flirting with my ex for a while. When I put the claws out she backed off and went to the next cubicle. A true homewrecker (haven't we all met a few), she weaseled her way into his world, destroyed his marriage, and now has a kid with him. Not that she's alone there, he has how many kids floating around? I get a compelling urge to beat her ass in effigy, is that wrong? I suppose there too someday karma will kick in. The other foot will drop he'll cheat (again) ... or, maybe, just maybe the kid that never should have been will grow up to be an axe murderer and will chop them to bits. *crazy giggle*

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Another wedding today - luckily the last one I have on my plate this year. Hopefully it won't get warmer in the next couple of hours, as this is an outdoor one.

Earlier this week I did make an attempt to clean the gutters out back. I say attempt because I failed miserably. I really really tried to force myself up onto the roof to handle the full length, but I just couldn't let go of the ladder and chuck myself up there. I don't have the right ladder here right now, so I wasn't even able to get across the entire one along the deck. Booo.

Last night was Kirkus' going away shindig, but unbeknownst to me it was another celebration and the young professionals get together as well. I damn near had a panic attack at the number of people there and just wanted out. I didn't stick around long, but instead treated myself to a quick dinner at the Bouly. It's barely afternoon on Saturday and my weekend is already all about stress. What the hell is my dealio?

Friday, August 01, 2008

It's Friday... thank goodness. But it's also a Type O Negative type of day and the tunes are spinning. More throwback dreams that I could do without destroying my sleep last night. Do I really have to go to another wedding tomorrow? Blah. I'm feeling whiney and needy. Anyone besides a fuzzy puppy want to curl up and fall asleep?