Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Monday again, already… can you believe it?

It was a good weekend, but of course, it went by way too fast. I found myself fairly productive on Saturday in that I finally finished putting together the furniture for the front porch. Heck, I even put together the bench for the area out back that I'll probably not get put together anytime soon! The camera charged Friday night so I did spend a brief period tinkering and taking a few photos. I need some serious practice with this puppy. From there I did a little bit of running that I needed to do before heading to Beff's play in Windber.

I didn't hang afterwards as I knew I had to get up on Sunday… okay, not super early, but early for me none the less, as I was working Thunder all day once again this year. While we had a fairly overcast day and I had shades I still left with a headache. I don't quite get what gives. You'd think that if there is benefits to getting a little bit of sun rays I wouldn't end up with a friggin migraine every time I try to enjoy the daylight. I am indeed not a daywalker. At least a pill helped clear me up enough that later in the evening I was up to a grocery run and then some quick ice cream w/ Beff and Saffy.

Also this weekend I confirmed my suspicions that Saffy is the expert bird killer. I saw her snag one after heading out back, which I had to take from her. Course, now it just seems cruel to have the bird feeders out back, but I don't want to move them out front to poo up the cars. :/ Speaking of poo, Saffy's is all checked – so that's one more thing off of the pre-vaca checklist.

Got approval on my term paper topic, now to find and invest the time to get everything pulled together. It seems like I barely finish one weeks reading and work when the next starts. Never mind the paper due before I go for vacation. At least there I have the excuse of not having the information from the professor yet, but that too stresses me out.

Friday, June 26, 2009

So tell me again why the second we heard Michael Jackson was in the hospital everyone forgot about Farrah Fawcett? I mean, yeah I know he's the "king of pop" but we bumped the mourning of a woman who was more than good looks but an outspoken advocate for preventative cancer screenings, for a quite freaky guy who probably diddled little boys. The news didn't hesitate to say they postponed their planned shows on Farrah to talk more about Jackson.

Well the camera arrived already. I have the battery slung in the charger... and I'm itching to give it a couple clicks. Of course, I have carrying case on the mind, which makes me want to go to, of all places, Walmart. Am I feeling that brave/foolish/motivated? I fear I might be.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Like listening to Rihanna sing about her umbrella ella ella ella ella ella ella ella ella... ella wasn't ella annoying ella enough... now we have a copy cat on the scene. I had to google it to see if it was another Rihanna cluster-f of a song instead it's "Jordin Sparks" singing about a battlefield a battlefield a battlefield a battlefield.... ella.

I finally ordered the new camera... so in plenty of time for both upcoming vacas I'll be snapping with my new Olympus e520. Three cheers for the extra discount through work.

Still waiting for responses on the upcoming due assignments - hiss. Not pleased.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ya know. I still went to the picnic despite very few people going and knowing it would be a family fest that would just make me feel all the worse. Why did I go? Because I miss the old days of it, and somehow I can keep it alive by being there, instead it just kills a part of me that still has hope for some type of happy ending. I also went wondering if presented the opportunity if someone would even bother to speak to me or allow me that one small concession. They didn't, I'm not shocked, but it still saddens me. My reward for a day in the mixed weather (but I blame the sun) was the starts of a migraine.

When pried as to if I'm foul and learning about my shitty weekend and how it brought me down why would you chose to try and make me the asshole - is it a surprise that I didn't think to wish someone a "Happy Father's Day" when I haven't had a father in my life for over 20 years? But I'm such a fuck up that I can't even buy the right flavor or brand of oatmeal. So what do you expect.

"... by definition ..." -Tapping the Vein

Friday, June 19, 2009

If I were to believe in reincarnation I'd be starting to wonder if Danika didn't spend a lifetime or two in Italy. When she hung out, quite attentive, in the entrance to the bathroom last night while I soaked in the tub and listened to my Italian lesson on CD I thought it was a bit odd, but two nights in a row? She's not just sitting there puzzled by the voices coming out of the cd player, but looking at it periodically and paying attention to it. She's an odd one.

Anywho, it was a crappy afternoon. I'm frazzled from work and just trying to chill a bit tonight. Seems like no one got the memo to leave me the f alone (especially when I'm in a bad mood) as I keep getting nagged in all directions. Rar!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Earlier today I'd have told you I have the makings of a poo-y weekend indeed. So the picnic is Saturday... but it looks like no one that I'd normally sit with will be there, cept those that are part of kissy kissy couples. So, do I go and take a book to partake in the free grub and drinks or do I bow out?

Sunday as you all well know is father's day. While I don't lament, I do get jealous that I haven't had someone to celebrate for a very long time. So - to all the people who seem to blow off getting a gift for him, or the whole day itself, shame on you.

I was uplifted a bit after work however as I indulged, despite cutting back on my trips out to eat, and went to dinner w/ Rex. We then snagged the Vixie and headed to get her a doggie bone ice cream sundae at Little Sprinkles. Ugh. My tummy is too full. Maybe it's time to indulge a little more and soak in the tub!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just a few odds and ends, since I can't throw stuff out here during the day anymore *grumble* when the thoughts strike, I suspect you'll see a mishmash more often.

First, I stopped today to get information on a migraine study that is going on right here in good ol' Jingletown. So here's the kicker, there is a several week phase that involves accupuncture. Me and my adoration of needles - yes, I volunteered.

Other note for today is that lately I've noted a massive issue with people asking questions that they can easily get the answers to with just a few clicks of a mouse, and probably faster than waiting for my reply. If you think I'm talking about you, I might be... as I've had this happen A LOT lately with a variety of people in and out of work. Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive to it.

I should be cranking on my first paper by now... but alas I am awaiting replies and/or posts to the class with more details (that were promised). I'm judging. I am. I admit it. But it's peeving me as I feel behind. I think what makes it worse is finding so many errors in the text etc that we already do have.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I neglected to report that I finally finished reading Obsidian Butterfly. I think I need to do some mindless summer reading for now, at least through the July vacation time span, instead of continuing on with the Anita books.

On the work front my yearly raise took effect. Three cheers for that extra $30ish bucks a pay. I guess I shouldn't complain, many places aren't doing raises right now. I am going to have a new boss come July 1, unfortunately, I don't have goals set for this year, so I am wondering how long it will be before I have those in place so I know what mountains need moved before June 1 next year.

While I'm waiting for the bread maker to signal some fresh yummies I'm going to get back at my Europe notes. Nearly 80 pages and counting. :) I doubt we'll miss anything.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Finally some truly nice weather! I started off Friday night by heading out to meet with the Laws, it was a good plan ahead as I don't have local channels, so we were able to watch the Pens take the Stanley cup at South Side. Of course, enjoying a few fruity beers is always a good thing too. I admit, I am truly impressed. I didn't know if the Pens could do it - but the cup is back in the burgh. It definitely makes me feel better about the Canes getting squashed.

Saturday I slept like a champ as I tend to do on weekends, grubbed, and tried to hunt down some birthday gifts I need to buy. Same applies for a bit of this afternoon too, but I remain unsuccessful for someone that is pretty easy to shop for. I'm probably thinking too hard about it.

This evening Dani and Saffy have a friend, Porter, coming over to visit. Of course, I can't say Saffy's friend, as he's only met Dani so far, but I am sure they'll have a fun evening. Hopefully it will cool off a little before then and I'll get motivated to put together the remainder of the front porch furniture. Admittedly, I should have done that earlier this weekend - same with starting the work on the little area out back that I have planned, but it didn't happen. I definitely need to finish my school work for the weekly assignment this evening too. See, it's my procrastination that puts me to a late night on Sundays which then sets the tone of tired for the rest of the week. Curse you slacka attitude. At least the semester is already 1/3 of the way over and it's my last term (again).

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yay! I went to see Up tonight, which I did enjoy - both with laughter and a few tears (don't tell). They had a preview for Toy Story 3, which is coming out next June, sweet. Course, there are kids now that are how old that prb didn't get to see the original in the theatre.

Maybe that preview started the pensive state, maybe it was the sad moments in the movie, but I'm trying to fight it off. I shouldn't come home from a good movie sad. I'll blame it on the rain.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

It hasn't been the most productive weekend, but I'm tired. I slept pretty late on Saturday, did some reading for my class, and then spent the rest of the afternoon doing some shopping with Beth and getting myself out the door to watch the game. I can't believe the ass kicking the Wings handed the Pens. Ugh. Gawd I hate Detroit.

Today I did a little more reading and crossed one measly thing off of my to do list. I guess I could empty the dish washer and fold some laundry before I crash to feel like I made some progress. I also went to see Angels and Demons, which I admit was fun to see if for no other reason than the glimpses of some places I'll get to see later this year. The movie was pretty decent. I wish I had actually seen the Davinci Code as a result.

While I made myself some chicken noodle soup on friday... I haven't gotten to eat much of it as I had wonderful people feeding me the past two evenings. I'm a lucky gal.

Friday, June 05, 2009

For the past two weeks as I come to work I pass the striking Penelec employees. On the way out I pass them again... and risk my neck trying to see past their cars that are parked on our side of the road *grr*, but that's not the point of this post. Since day one I've wanted to just say "geez, if you're motivated to get out of bed and come sit in the shitty weather why not GO TO WORK". Instead I've kept quiet because, while I think unions are an archaic element that has been twisted to manipulate, I don't know the facts.

So, today I did a quick search and found some news articles that state the crux of the issue as employees being unhappy with scheduling changes and wages. Uh. Ok, so if I don't like the hours I have to keep for work or the pay they're giving me - what are my options? I ask for concessions (and get told no) or I QUIT. Seriously, if you don't like your job or don't think you're getting paid fairly QUIT, go find another job. Ultimately if enough people won't take their crap they'll need to change things or they won't have employees, no?

Maybe I just don't get it. Can someone help me see the light?

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

So I finally bit the bullet and moved us down a floor on our nearest cruise. Saving $1248 between the two rooms (mostly on the exterior) was worth it to drop a floor. I can carry my mother up the one flight of steps for 5 nights if need be! Granted, most of that money back goes to my sister and aunt, but hey, it's still quite sweet.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Yay! Some good news on several fronts today... first, yesterday was a bit stressful as my bestest bud Beff had an emergency with my puss-puss. What was thought to be a bowel obstruction took him under the knife late in the day. He's doing well at this point and there wasn't an obstruction. Some other things to look at but at this point he's well. There isn't too many cats I can admit affection for, but Rocky is definitely one of them.

The other good news is immense savings as I change from State Farm to Erie for car and home owners insurance. What was inexplicably $1270 a year for the cars is now $919 and the HOs is down another $40 with better coverage. YAY!

Monday, June 01, 2009

I've figured it out... Satin was/is the little devil that sits on your shoulder and tells you to do naughty things. It would explain why Vixen is insane AND it would completely make sense as to why D thinks it's kosher to pee in the basement and Saffy chewed up two shoes this morning. Yes two, one from one pair and one from another pair. One was a pair of shoes that were ready to get tossed, the other, unfortunately was my witchy heeled boots. Yes, I still have three dogs and no one became a sweater... but dang it. Out Satin OUT!