Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I slept well last night, and I think it's because the group paper was turned in. There is little rest for the wicked however and I need to quickly gear up for all of the other writing assignments. But for tonight I am relaxing. I'm trying to get a few more christmas gifts ordered and I'm going to go do some reading (enjoyable reading).

This morning's news discussed an item warranting discussion: Now that YouTube was sold off they're cracking down on the content. A rather relevant topic currently in my course and I do agree with not being able to freely copy everything (I can almost hear the jaws of some of my geek friends dropping). They then continued to talk about changes on MySpace as well, where they'll be trapping people who have full songs on there for free. Was MySpace not created in the beginning for music? Many bands have pages there. Are you telling me that those bands can't put their own music up on their MySpace pages? That's crazy talk.

Oh, one last thing...

"Happy Halloween... baby. -Type O Negative"

Sunday, October 29, 2006

C'mon I'm cute as hell and you know it. Seriously, very very happy with the way the costume, make up, and hair turned out last night.

How I love Halloween time. When you can click through 5 channels and find 5 fabulously Halloweeny movies it's a good day, even if it is also rather distracting from one's school work.

I've also gotten into a bit of a habit, whenever I eat at Meatballs I snag a lottery ticket. Since I was there Thursday for lunch I had a ticket for Saturday night. How is this for mockery? The winning numbers were
         14 22 30 38 41 powerball 12
I had: 13 22 29 37 48 powerball 10
I tell you now this is the closest I will ever be to 90 some million dollars. But how amusing is that?

The welcome back party went well enough. The weather kept us too cold, so all were crammed inside. The grub, as always, was delish, but I was a bit disappointed that the boys didn't even want the pumpkins. So I guess thus dies the yearly ritual. Of course, next year, I won't be in the middle of a semester, so I would have had enough time to deal with an evening or two spend carving.

There was already the sounds of some starting shnit. Not surprising. Dumb dumb dizzy dizzy dumb dumb.

The pumpkins took us well past 1am Friday night. I suppose it's partly my fault, but I needed to get some cleaning done before P-Mart saw my mess of a house. If it wasn't done yesterday it probably would have needed done today anyhow. I wanted up early this morning, but my idea of woken up NEVER includes the telephone at 8:30am. The rules are - don't call me before 10am unless it's an emergency. Insult to injury is the automated voice that was on the other end. I really wish you were allowed to hunt down people who give out wrong telephone numbers and kick their ass. At least this time there was a menu option to select that the individual named did not reside here.

Either way I got up shortly there after and headed to the grocery store to gather supplies necessary to make the cukes for tomorrow. A big chunk of the rest of my day was consumed readying for the halloween game, gotta go in costume! I do also have a good chunk of my weekly assignment, but in feedback from the prof have rewriting to do. The group paper trudges along. It's hard to do much without the intro that is forthcoming. I'll probably invest another late night Sunday after the shin-dig on that task.

The weather here in Johnstown? What a masterpiece. I was sitting here watching the rain (blah) thinking at least it's not snow. Within 45 minutes, sure enough, snow... and a slurry of wind, and don't forget the thunder. This place surely is the vortex at the entrance of hell.

Then, on to the game. The Chiefs lost on the road Friday night in Wheeling (7-3) and again earlier this evening against the Cincinnati Cyclones (3-1). I have to say, I'm quite proud of how my costume turned out. Photos forthcoming! At least the cukes are soaking and I can head off to bed now.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Chiefs defeat the cursed Nailers keeping them 0-3 to start the season *evil grin*. I have to admit I was pretty productive last night for someone who didn't get everything checked off the list that I was suppose to complete. I did get some reading done during intermissions, which helped however.

The teeth are ready for this weekend *smile*, the pumpkins were washed off twice to remove crud before scooping, two additional holiday shopping order were placed, direction signs are printed, patterns are copied, a deal was made on another jersey, the week assignment for the class I'm teaching is up. Most would find it amusing that my to do list is still a full small piece of paper. After all that, and yawning by 9:30 at the game, I wiped out last night.

It's still cold as can be here. At least there isn't snow on the ground.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I think I'm still thawing out from the Halloween parade. It was nice to listen to the bands preparing to step off and to mentally relive getting my phone snatched from me a few years ago. Not sufficient enough distraction however when some people trying to be nice, which just makes things worse.

Thank you boys for putting up with the cold, waving to the fans, and laughing when one dumbass screamed "you suck".

Monday, October 23, 2006

Stupid people make my head hurt.
It's snowing. Remind me again why I live in Johnstown?

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Chiefs win their first home game against the Pensacola Ice Pilots 5-2 - Roche gets the first three goals for a natural hat trick, the new third jerseys look great, Anzalone gets his 300th win in the ECHL. Congrats all around.

I've entered the sleeping phase once again snagging a solid 12 hours friday night and 10 last night. Hopefully I'm caught up enough to get through another couple of weeks of getting things done. In addition to all of the classwork to tackle I have to start thinking pumpkins. I really need to find a cheap place to buy a ton. I think I'm going to go brew a pot of coffee first.

In doing the "do you know..." type of talk at the game I pulled in a little bit more information of old confirming a rather nasty story I had heard many moons ago. So, when you know someone who conveniently quits their job to raise their youngest child in the midst of potential lawsuits at work, you have every reason to be a bit more curious. They probably are boinking their boss and part of the reason the lawsuit was coming about. It's a real shame too, since their husband is an exceedingly nice guy. I guess it only stands to reason someone that would behave in such a way, with such little regard for marriage, would be more than eager to encourage their children to run off from their marriages for whatever tickles their fancy. If the trailer fits, live in it. Oh, and ... nice parenting.

On a separate note, someone please say a prayer for me to get over some of this hatred that manifested from a huge chunk of jealousy. I've so got to shed it.

Friday, October 20, 2006

I cooked! It was time for what was left of the official Ben Wallace ham. Gotta gotta gotta find a reason to cook more often.
Special thanks to Mrs. Zo for sharing this one. While I am fully aware of the capabilities and the way "the industry" does do things, this is mind blowing to watch. Watch it twice.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

We received an offer to drop the first paper grade and to cover that percentage of our overall grade with our second group paper and our individual position paper. I'm hesitant, but what is there to embrace about a 75% on a paper... except the fear that other papers could be worse - much worse. For those of you that thought I was paranoid before, you should see me now.

Tuesday was decorate the float night with some FC chums. Hopefully we'll have nice weather for the halloween parade next week. There is nothing worse than grown male athletes who don't even have to walk the route complaining. Beff did some legwork with carving patterns I purchased - so we're to the next stage, selection. I need to really start paying attention and find somewhere to snag the bulk of pumpkins at a good price.

We've reached the half-way mark in semesters. What an arduous blur some of it has been. I am a bit worried on the teaching side as my once 18-strong group has dwindled some both from those that never started participating and those that have opted to drop.

Tonight is AITP, so I'm out of pocket for the evening. At least I also get some Boulevard grub in the process... and a drink, definitely a drink. Lordie give me the strength to defeat the black circles.

Monday, October 16, 2006

I've kept it quiet as to not jinx it, but now since I'm destined to lose it this semester here goes. Right now I have a 4.0. I've busted my ass in half to get it and maintain it and it looks like it's slipping through my fingers like sand. Nothing I write is on target my writing is "immature" and I manage to bomb out everything even our group paper which came in at a lovely 75%. I can't afford to not get an A, I don't get fully reimbursed if I don't, which makes paying for the next semester a challenge. I can't believe I made it to the next to last class and here it is getting washed down the sh*tter. I know she said no one has ever failed the class before, but my definition of fail is a bit more stringent.

I'm sure my group hates me for being pushy, but once they see their grade they'll loathe me all the more. It's fine, I've added some content, but I'm sure as hell not doing the final cut this time, despite my burning desire to make sure things are cleaned up and consistent. It's just not worth it to have my name on the block for the final grade.

And while I'm foul I'll also mention the item that lit me up on Saturday, how I was one of only two people from the season ticket holders that I could find who received a call from their ticket rep being told that the pick up time had changed to 6pm. It's always ::me::

I wanted to stay in bed this morning and I clearly should have. If Vixen didn't have to head to the groomer it would have been a good option.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Saturday I got up and did some more housework (laundry and the sort) and headed to Missy's baby shower. We all know how little I like those types of things, but there were no silly games and good grub at the Boulevard. I wanted to spend the afternoon working on the pathetic notes I have for the second group paper for my class, but instead I was fighting with the test system for the class I'm teaching. When a third of the class needs the test reset and is getting errors it leaves a sinking feeling. I've extended the deadline on the test as a result, putting one of my evenings out to do grading next week.

The boys looked pretty good for a preseason game on Saturday night. Up 4-0 at the end of the first against Wheeling? How can anyone complain? Coleman probably won't be around here long, nor will Lascek, who heads to the back of the net like a magnet or Katsuras who did a ton of feeding assists on Friday and a goal of his own last night. If we can keep up the pace, dust off Cey a bit (c'mon Morgan, you've got it in you), and keep cooking in the third (we dropped off defensively and offensively last evening in the third) we should have a pretty nice season in front of us.

I also had a hella case of dejavu last night. I have it periodically and people think I'm crazy but it's so real. I had to have dreamt the situation that's all there is to it. How else would I have had the usher (which is new to the Chiefs games) and P-Mart (who is new to the little crew) in the memory? Do you dejavu?

Today I'm doing a little online Christmas shopping and then trying to get some work done on the paper.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Happy anti-versary to me. A perfectly good Friday the 13th laid to waste.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blogger was being cantankerous or I would have posted last night. I'm starting to feel like things are in slow motion. Maybe because I've actually been getting things done and getting to chill a bit. Tuesday evening I headed to City View to have dinner with the Law family. The food has slipped a bit there. My tuscany pizza, once again, did not live up to expectations. Time to stop trying to order it. It was an early evening and there was plenty still to be done so I did get dishes washed, counters wiped down, fish water changed, and a few other small cleaning tasks completed. My house is still a train-wreck, don't get me wrong, but it helped.

With the reprieve on the week 6 writing assignment I felt okay about chilling a bit last evening too. I had the itch to do something other than sit at home, so I headed to the mall in an attempt to find some Christmas gifts. I did find a couple items, and a couple more items for myself, some groceries, then headed to blockbuster where I decided to buy a couple previously used games for ye ol' PS2. The SSX on Tour game is going back, that sucks and it's a blight upon what is SSX. I also picked up Devil May Cry and Darkworld. A bit of quality time w/ the PS2 to ensure the games worked (since the chances of me doing so in thirty days are probably not as good as I'd like) and posting of materials for teaching and it was a bit later than I wanted to go to bed.

The cold rains have come. Most of the leaves are scattered through my back yard. It's week 6 in the class I'm taking (nearly 1/2 over) and week 8 in the one I'm teaching (half over). The first pre-season game is Saturday. The summer is definitely over - and here I was yesterday staring out the back door to the swing that I never sat on, not even once, this summer.

Monday, October 09, 2006

I tried to post last night, but I clicked post just as my connection was expiring. Long story short, I got my hockey inspiration on Sunday by hitting both sessions of camp and spending some quality time w/ the good folks of the fan club.

Today that pesky work thing made me crawl out of bed. I finally got confirmation that I'm down 50% for the month on allocations and I've started the hunt. Normally I'm excited for a new project and the change of pace, but I'm just so fried - I don't have any burning desire to dig in. I'm still getting things crossed off the to do list, I'm just completely uninspired. For the evening I got to leave a little early to haul beff for her car and then to see the big C again who is still in the hospital.

When I arrived like a superhero with my cape flowing behind me and a bag of chinese food in hand I found him hovering over what would be his dinner mumbling something under his breath. Go figure I got trumped though when Slip showed up with DQ! Boo. I also relearned how to play mancala and played a few rounds to keep C mentally challenged.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I don't like spelling errors. I really don't like sloppiness. I'm not the best writer, but when word helps by placing nice little squiggly lines under things that removes the excuse. Trying to not have a snap-fit. I really put too much on myself and it is slowly driving me insane.

As to the rest of the day that put me out of pocket and out of control of my own destiny as it were - I was at a wedding which pretty sums up my mood. It was lovely, everyone was happy ... yadda yadda. I need to just stop going to weddings. I'm so truly sick of being single. I feel like the world rubs their happy couple-dom in my face without even trying at this point. More pathetic is lamenting something that would have soon hit a milestone when there is more time passed since the end of that era than there was in it.

On the drive home I'm stuck listening to open house party on the radio since my CD player stopped recognizing there was a CD in the stereo on the way to the wedding (whee - rolls eyes). As they typically do in their banter they mention "those of you heading out to the club". Club? Pfft. Not around here. Then I miss Raleigh again. Then I realize - even if I was in Raleigh I wouldn't have anyone to go out with anyhow. Everyone there would be happily coupled and/or married and lame as hell not wanting to go out anyhow. I'd still be sitting my ass at home whining if I lived there. My pathetic never-happy self was quick to remind me a few miles down the road that at least the weather is nicer.

I just can't plaster on the fake 50/50-selling smile anymore. To anyone who is capable of wandering about with a smile on their face? I guess they say ignorance is bliss.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Mark this on up under damn funny. Ok folks. Who wants added to my Christmas shopping list?
What is up with the Carolina Hurricanes? Downed 4 zip by NJ? Sheesh. Lost in the shoot out the other night? Eep! I could take that, it's just the first two games, but to then have the Pens do some stomping for their opening game?

I watch the games in Carolina and weep inside every time they start showing clips about the area. I miss being there. Hell, there is so much I don't remember now that I've been gone for three and a half years... but I miss it.

Instead, here I am on another Friday night - a great big dateless loser, dealing with brain cramps and writers block as well as people who can't separate work from personal relationships. I'm ready to toss in the towel on so many things. If I try I just end up pissed off and crapped on... but the worst is having good folks that are part of the team I'm trying to help getting crapped on as a result of someone's attitude towards me.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

You know I'm sick when:
It's opening night for the NHL and I'm dead asleep. Yep. I went down pretty hard yesterday and left work as soon as my last meeting was done at 4 to get to my bed. Some sleep, then time up to tend to the dog and make some soup, back down, back up to tend to the dog and post this week's assignments for the class I'm teaching, and back down. Somewhere in the middle of the night the shivers hit me, which confirmed my thoughts that I had a fever.

Worse still, I forgot to go update my fantasy hockey league schtuff this morning. BOO! Today I look a bit like rudolph and I'm sure my sniffling is quite annoying, but too bad. I sat through the all day client meeting without wanting to fall asleep or feeling like I was dying, so it's all good. But before I headed in there I find out the big C is in the hospital. I always knew working out was bad for you... but wow. So, after work (which of course I was lucky to get out of there by 6) I tended to the dog (notice the pattern?) and headed back out to make a visit and offer some well wishes. Some quick grub at Lucky 13 and back home to dig back in on the group paper - all this before 10:15. *moan*

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A pet rock? I guess I've been associated with worse.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's happening. My throat is sore. Whatever these people here have with their hacking and whatnot - I'm definitely trying to fight it off. I can't afford to get sick. I don't have the flexibility to provide myself downtime right now. There is plenty to try and accomplish in the evenings, even more to get done at work (which is funny since I'm only working at a 50% allocation), and little time to sleep. I went to bed at 11 (early) again last night with a sore throat and it was still there when I woke up. Time to pound some airborne and a theraflu sore throat. The last thing I want is to _need_ to start powering through all of that magical gum the Slipster bought me.

Fan club meeting last night, I missed most of it while I reviewed slides. So don't expect any major website updates from me right now. Not waving, but drowning.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's October already! I've been pretty busy as you can imagine. Friday evening I allowed myself some relaxation time with the Slipster. Saturday morning I got hopping by getting the apt air conditioner covered, a few branches trimmed back, and some items moved around to and in the garage. It shouldn't be long before I need to put the Stratus away.

From there I got a good bit of reading done and headed into work to watch some videos, crank out a small work task, do some research for the week 5 assignments, and partially offer Beff some moral support in her loooong weekend of work. I've been giving the rest of my team some time to pull things together and to refresh myself, but today it's time to focus on the first group assignment again. I was up bright and shiney to make the class conference call and learn more about the term paper. I'm definitely getting all of these writing assignments mixed in my head a wee bit, which is adding to the challenge.

On a hockey note DesRochers is heading back to jtown once again.