Tuesday, May 31, 2005

For all practical purposes today was a Monday. Did I have a "case of the Mondays" (thank you Officespace)? No, but the day actually went pretty fast. I did get to fight with the printer a bit however.

After work I scrubbed off the Jtown hick and headed out for some culture. In celebration of Congressman Murtha's 50th anniversary the Johnstown Symphony held a concert and I ended up with a set of tickets (thanks work!). The concert was great. Of course it has me itching to make an attempt at the musical instruments of my past. How humiliating would that be to see how bad I am after years of not even trying? I was taken aback when I was looking through the list of names of the symphony members when I started to tell my accompaniment that this was the first time I had been to anything of that nature where I didn't recognize a name and then it hit me. The one name, strikingly familiar. Then to see it listed under an instrument which connected in my mind. I KNOW this person.

There is nothing like seeing the name of a girl you can guess probably had a severe distaste for you in high school and it really wasn't "your fault". Hey, she was the one with the engagement ring on her hand, but yet I am pretty sure she knew the real score. Funny how *ahem cough* years can go by and yet be such fresh memories at the sight of a face/name from the past.

Monday, May 30, 2005

I can't believe my long weekend is almost over. I am glad we had a cookout here last weekend, as there wasn't a memorial day cookout to be had. I did however grub sushi once again yesterday *grin* I really hate the fact that I allowed myself to be trained to enjoy sushi. It truly does end up in your mind periodically to the levels where you yearn to get your fix.

In the lull of the ending weekend I did a little hunting and gathering on amazon, so at least I'll have a few more CDs in a week or so. My summer class official starts on Tuesday and I even read part of my assignment already. Being ahead of schedule won't last long, so I figure I should mention it now, while it lasts. I feel like I've made great progress towards my masters, having half of the credits now behind me, but finishing up still seems like forever away.

I know what I want - a new movie and a drink. Hmm. I wonder what all Blockbuster has on their sale racks. I guess it's been a pretty boring weekend (minus the bee-sting and the freakish events at the Ruby Tuesdays in Indiana), but boring is also relaxing and refreshing.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Well dang. Today on the way home from work I ended up getting stung by a bee. First time in my LIFE I've been stung. Mental note: at least I'm not allergic. Yes, I know that I am ** (explitive deleted) years old, but it was the first time I've experienced the displeasure of a bee sting. The insulting part is that it did, in fact, contrary to all of the crap your parents feed you, ATTACK ME.

I leave work, roll down the windows to enjoy one of the few nice days we've had and half way home this thing is on my face. I try to brush it off, realize it's not hair or something and I swat frantically at my face, nearly wrecking my car, and knocking the little rat bastard to the seat (right under my leg). I'm then sweeping at it while trying to attend to driving to at least get somewhere that I can appropriately deal when I feel it. Owie. Those booger burn for a while, don't they?

All I can reason is that this bee was quite jealous after getting a glance up my dress and seeing the hella cute blue lacies that I just bought that make my ass look fabulous. Ok, that's probably TMI, I'm sure.

On a bright note I did finally get to see Mr. Law's shiney, beautiful, harley! Very nice. Know what would make that long haired tattoo biker look appear more authentic? Long hair! Traitor. ;)
Mine mine mine. Another jersey will soon be in my closet. Oh sweet bliss. *huge evil grin* More proof I tend to get what I want, even if it takes me a little while. So why not just succumb and realize that my desires WILL be met?

"white america! -Eminem"

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Happiness is... (two things for today)

Falling asleep on a chilly night in a hockey jersey just because the summer is way too darn long and sleeping better than you have in ages. I typically don't like to be all tangled up in clothes when I sleep. If I roll over I feel like I have to rearrange clothing - BLAH! But last night I wiped and barely moved.

Yesterday's Sinfest cartoon. Yes, Tatsuya is back to the cat and dog. It's too darn funny how much these two have in common with my dogs. Amusingly "hunting and gathering" is a reference often used for grocery shopping in my household too.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

The party went very well even if several people didn't show. Needless to say there is WAY too much food left over at my house. Oof. I'm also tired as can be since I didn't get to put my head on a pillow until 1:30 in the morning. Gratefully God graced us with nice weather minus a drop or two. Thanks to all who stopped in - it was good seeing everyone. I think we even got out of things unscathed, as in, no one fell ill from jello shots or punch *grin*

Now for the post party cleaning. I'll get to that after church and maybe a nap.

Friday, May 20, 2005

At last, the stenciling in the bathroom is done. It only took a little over an hour last night. I can't even begin to tell you how long I procrastinated it! Thank goodness for having parties, or I'd never get those types of things done.

At last I also have a line on another one of my wish-list jerseys. *huge evil grin* We'll see how this pans out. My co-worker is right, some day I WILL be able to retire off of my jerseys by just selling one or two off every month.

I've also been coming up with little maniacal plots against those who cause me great frustration. Are all women this evil?

"I thought you were special, I thought you should know. -Garbage"

Thursday, May 19, 2005

If anything today I am well rested. I came home last night with the brewings of a pretty good headache that had me climbing into bed for a nap, which turned into an all-nighter, around 7pm. By 1am I woke up with what was darn close to a migraine if it wasn't. I can't really say as I've only ever experienced one headache that I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt was a migraine. It was sort of sad to be laying there with no one to whine and lean on in my pain, but I was quickly reminded that during that first migraine the most soothing comment I got was "just go to sleep". *rolls eyes* Sorry to have kept you from sleep in my agony. *pfooey*

Either way, can I blame the headache on the two days of the sprinkler system beeping?

My first upset for the big party saturday came at the grocery store on Wednesday - no green kool-aid that I recall from my archery days. I instead opted for the blue cherry, that should work well. Now to get the delivery of my grain and some apples to slice up. Meat is on sale at the grocery stores this week, so big bonus there. I'm looking at 18 replied with a yes and 15 with a maybe. This could be one hell of a party.

Too bad I haven't been made privvy to the current in town status of anyone special or mayhaps they would have received an invite. But I doubt highly I could offer the 'bring your significant other' without a cringe.

"I'm giving everything for love and I'm finding out it's not enough. -Plumb"

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Must control fist of death. Again the sprinklers are being tested or whatever so the beeping has been ongoing all day. I'm surprised the knee whackers or the elevator didn't also break to add to the cacophony. Add to the irritation of a noise the PMSy pissiness of coworkers and you have a lovely day. Is EVERYONE feeling a wee bit snippy today? Dang, people.
So once again this morning I wake up with a song stuck in my head. Today it was off of one of ColdPlay's albums. I trudge through getting ready and out the door with this soundtrack repeating and repeating *argh* and head to Sheetz for coffee as anyone who has to be at work early to make an 8am meeting would do. I walk in and the song ques up. "In my place" is exactly long enough to put 6 creams and 6 sugars into a large "coffeez", top it up with french vanilla, cap it and wait in the 7:30 line to pay. Good to know, eh?

"I was lost oh yes. -ColdPlay"

Monday, May 16, 2005

Take this Pennsylvania!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Yesterday's waking hours were all about Beff (Marsha Marsha Marsha!) After David arrived we headed over to get to work on her new house. I may not be good at home repairs, but the whole demolition work is kind of entertaining, even if it does leave you pretty sore the next day. We ripped up carpet and padding, tore down drop ceilings, and swept up the numerous things that fell along with the drop ceiling *groan*... oh, and we trimmed Beff's bush. *grin* Girlfriend let that get WAY out of control. After eight hours it was time to consume dead cow. Gratefully Lone Star is opened again so I was able to get my fix.

All of that work did do one other thing - it made me not read my email for an entire day. Crazy, I know. In the midst of one day what could I possibly miss? Well I'll tell you - the first signing announcement for the 2005-2006 Chiefs. Go figure! Regardless, a warm welcome back to Jean DesRochers and David Currie. I suspect we will be hearing quite a few more returning names over the months to come, even with some of the guys heading off to Europe etc. Either way, since I didn't expect any announcements to come out until July, this was a quite welcomed tidbit to help me get through the hockey-less summer.

Back to Beff's today to get some cleaning done. I guess most of this week will be about cleaning as I need to get ready for my first big cookout of the season which is scheduled for this upcoming Saturday. Hopefully we'll be able to obtain our grain to make the official archery house punch for the shindig. Everyone pray that it won't rain! I don't think I can fit that many people in my house.

On a final note, this term I was REALLY sweating my GPA on my masters degree. This term was a networking related class, just one of those things I never quite grasp, and I don't have a passion for. I SQUEEEEEEAKED by and still pulled an A. I REALLY thought I was kissing my 4.0 GPA goodbye this term. I have been trying my darndest in the persuit of this degree, but I can always afford to work a little harder. We'll see how the next class goes, this summer I'm doing an elective on "Communication, Negotiation & Conflict Resolution" under the project management track.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I slacked a wee bit too much last night so today I pay. My work day was shortened, but not such that I was going to enjoy the WONDERFUL weather we're currently having. No, instead I had to go to the doctor that all women hate. Thank goodness my doctor knows this and can have me in the door and right back out within 10 minutes.

From there, since I decided to lay around last evening I headed outside to fire up my new pressure washer. I cleaned the siding, sidewalks, and some of the moss off of the deck. Based upon my desire to make grunting noises after proudly looking at my cleaned items I know it's true that women also have a good dose of testosterone in there. You'd think with all of my man-attracting toys (snow blower, pressure washer, bitchin grill) I'd have them crawling around here.

Now that I've guaranteed I'll be sore tomorrow *grin* I guess I'll plop here on the couch and get back to my work that needs caught up on. Hopefully work-work will taper back off some when my classes start back up. Probably a few more days until I get my grade from this past class. *fingers crossed*

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Ok, time for Beff and I to stop hanging out. Last evening we're pretty sure her new neighbor probably assumed we were lovers (for the record men may frustrate the living hell out of me from time to time, but I don't see the alternative as an option). From there we played with our hockey boys... kind of, of NHL 2003. Can you believe that crazy ass injured Bates? What a blow. Either way a fun evening reward post-walk. Now, today we swing into Taco Hell for a quick lunch and get proposed marriage by a gentleman that worked behind the counter. And here I thought the Slipster was the one with the nickname "threesome".

"I'm afraid I can't help it. -David Bowie"

Sunday, May 08, 2005

It's definitely the lack of even the option to reproduce that makes me cringe at mother's day. So many of my friends are now parents not only does the thought creep me out but it also makes me question my current and future state. With decent men being hard to find sometimes one has to wonder if there aren't other means by which to have a family - one that's STUCK with you. Crazy talk, I know.

I did finally get my swing put together on my deck, I've only had it sitting in the basement in a box for over a year. I also made a run late yesterday to Home Depot, when the draw was overwhelming. Turns out they had a few reconditioned pressure washers there. Now, instead of renting one each year I'll be wheeling out my kick your ass pressure washer. There is nothing better than having a salesmen in complete shock that an item is, in fact, "for you". Taking someone by surprise as such also helps to get a few extra bucks knocked off the price.

Either way, now I can re-add all my pressure washer related tasks to my to do list. Will my to-do list ever end? I guess that is one of the joys of home ownership, something is ALWAYS broken.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Today was pretty busy. I mowed, weeded, cleaned the tub, scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom floors, did a load of laundry, dusted, vaccuumed, grocery shopped, and even washed a few windows that were pretty cruddy. At least the place is decent enough for mom to visit, but I suspect she'll still find something dirty by her standards.

Maybe I'll convince her to go out for dinner to Rizzo's. I am cooking dinner for us tomorrow. Hopefully I won't make anything that displeases her too greatly, although I am tempted to put a little garlic into everything *evil grin*

Finally we have leaves starting to appear on the trees in my back yard. The sun is out and wow, I always forget how energetic the sun makes me feel. I truly end up undertaking too many things and then sore for days after. The dogs are loving the nice weather too, as it's not too warm for them just yet. It's nice to look out and see my girls lounging in the sun. Maybe we'll get that swing together for my porch this weekend too, so I can enjoy the sun with them.

I'll wrap up my post cleaning rest by finishing out the Village on DVD. I saw it in the theaters and was a little disappointed as I expected something more like Night's first couple flicks. I will take one bit from this movie and run with it however...
"sometimes we don't do things so others don't know we want to do them"
Yes, this is true, when someone avoids hugging on you even though they're a very huggy person one has to wonder.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Every time one of my semesters runs down and things slowly close up for a 'season' I end up antsy, feeling like I have nothing to do other than work. I would have loved to hauled out for a drink or two last night sporting my bitchin pig-tails as they stayed REALLY well today, but as always some friends are such slackers.

Instead I stopped and bought a few more movies. I am completely out of room for DVDs at this point, but that's neither here nor there. The first I watched was Saw. Wow! I really enjoyed this one and even sat a little surprised at the end. I so shouldn't have been surprised by this one, but it got me. From there I went to Jersey Girl. I didn't watch the whole thing but I did at least start it. Yes, I know - it's about time. As one knows I'm a huge Kevin Smith/View Askew fan, so even though it's a bit off of the mark to where he normally goes and it does have Jennifer Lopez in it I can look on the bright side. Jennifer Lopez's character dies a mere 13 minutes into it. *smile*

"Every time I feel alone, I can blame it on you. -Michelle Branch"

Monday, May 02, 2005

Well the evening is done, I didn't end up the vice president of the fan club, but I'm totally okay with it - as I know Troy will do a great job in the position. I did get to go chill with some buds and have a drink or two at the Boulevard post meeting. For a Monday, it wasn't that bad of a day but it sure was long. I can't believe I have to wake up four more days this week. It just doesn't seem fair. *insert whining here*

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Today I started off with some laundry, but quickly decided to take advantage of the sun and to head back down the hill to Altoona to visit ma. On the way back I took the back roads just because I could. One thing I do love about Johnstown is that you can go such a short distance on a back road and feel like you're hundreds of miles away from the "beaten path". Now if we could experience some weather that is remotely close to "summer" I would be a happy camper. Time to put the ghetto booty on the eliptical. Maybe I can't pull off the pound a week I'd like to lose, but I can at least give a good go and shake 15 by the end of summer.

"I'm an opportunity and I knock so softly. -Pink"
Finals, and banquets, and music oh my! Today was one heck of a busy day. I hauled into work on a Saturday to try and create a focus in order to complete my final, which I had requested to take earlier in the day due to other previous evening engagements.

I managed to truck through it in 2 1/2 hours out of the alloted 3 1/2 hours. Of course there were a few questions I simply could not get the right answer too... once I deemed myself to be banging my head against the keyboard needlessly I went ahead and submitted the final. The worst thing on multiple choice and true/false tests is one-word changes. I always wonder if I'm going to have to defend my answer over the use of a single word or phrasing in the question.

To reward myself and unwind I wandered through a couple stores procuring a few things, including a gift for a special buddy with a big event coming up. I had to laugh out loud while shopping as the intercomm came on in the store looking for an individual with the last name Riblet. I don't know why we, so long ago, took to nicknaming our friends after pork products (riblet, porkchop, I guess gravy leg would fit in this category too).

The bowling banquet was nice enough, hey it's free food technically. I even won a door prize... and I never win anything! I needed a new bowling bag anyhow. From there on to the Haven. Gratefully I'm done with my antibiotics and I could appease my booze craving. Plus I got to sit and listen to the Rain, who hasn't been out playing in quite some time. It was great to see Cubeta and Terri as well as some other folks that I haven't seen in a while. Ok, sleep good at this point. Hopefully I'll get my butt out of bed in time for church tomorrow morning.

"What you waiting for? Take a chance you stupid ho! -Gwen Stefani"