Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I was perfectly content to watch the hockey game last evening. Beth swung in and we got a quick walk in with some light drizzles falling around us then we settled in to watch the Canes. Funny thing with satellite TV service - when the weather is just awful I don't have problems, but sometimes when the weather is just slightly unpleasant but awful is brewing in the distance I lose my signal. This was the case on this particular evening but I didn't get back to the game when things progressed instead I headed to the basement to deal with the first flood of the season.

I can count myself lucky as the water was only in the garage, not in the main basement, a noted improvement made possible only by actually having all of my backup sump pumps ready for action. Things are still pretty wet, but I'm not freaking - I guess the positive point of view is that I've seen worse.

I did catch the end of the third and overtime. Unfortunately the Canes lost this one, but we head back to Raleigh on Thursday for game 7. Let's go Canes!

We also caught a rather funny commercial for Dodge. Here's the excerpt of the commercial I found on another website:
"Focus Group" opens on a moderator pulling a sheet off of and revealing the new Dodge Caliber. A group of automotive executives watch the scene from an observation room. "So what do you think?" the moderator asks. The focus group consists of five ultra-cute little creatures. "It doesn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside," says the first fluffy little critter. "It's not adorable. It's not huggable. It's not cuddly," the rest chime in. One even says that it scares him. Back in the observation room, car executives are all smiles. "Just the response we were looking for," says one to his colleague. The spot concludes with, "Introducing the all-new Dodge Caliber. It's anything but cute."

Ok, for clarity - he said it scared the *bleep* out of him.

Oh, and yesterday was fumble number 4. Today, being the end of May at least holds promise, but if I held my breath I'd have passed out long ago.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Carolina had another much needed win in overtime on Sunday putting the series at 3-2. Edmonton has moved on so at least we know who we would be facing if we move on. Game 6 tonight. Fingers crossed.

I spent a good chunk of Sunday at mother's and went out to the Outback for dinner (their food is so far superior to the Lone Star). Monday I ran out to Kauffmans and found another nifty party dress to add to my collection, I definitely have enough to take on a seven day cruise at this point, worked on my Blackboard training (for the community college course I'm to teach), and headed back up the hill. Binder and Amy were in town so I at least got to go sit down and have a drink or two with them at the Boulevard and to (finally) have Christmas. Yes, we're a bit behind, but at least now all of the 2005 gifts are out of my dinning room and I can start shopping for 2006!

Friday, May 26, 2006

I sure wouldn't want to be a Buffalo fan this evening. Carolina was on their game and the Sabres had some issues and injuries plaguing them. Final score 4-0 and the series is tied at 2 with the Canes heading home for the next two games. Good stuff.
Woohoo! I'm feeling lively today, despite having some slightly geriatric issues plaguing me. Last night was my first foray into that which is Wallyball. I remember hearing about wallyball tourneys on the radio many years ago but I had no clue what they were talking about. I had a blast, I got a workout in, and I'm sore as hell. Not so much from the exercise itself however, instead it's the curse of my ability to bruise like no other. I have a nice shiner right on my left wrist that looks like I somehow slit my wrist w/o breaking the skin, slight discoloration up the rest of both forearms, and I feel like I ran my arms through a meat tenderizer.

From there I used some of the great info I've learned from being a reader on's message boards and managed to get two out of our three rooms for the upcoming September trip over $100 back a piece. :) At least I can twist an arm or two for a free drink that week *smile*

Third attempt at my review fumbled due to issues here and there. At least I know I have to know something by the 31st. Maybe it is safe to start holding my breath now.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Canes lost last night, putting them at 2-1 in the series. This displeases me, but there is still plenty of time. I think this round is likely to go to a game 7, but I guess only time will tell.

Yesterday I headed out from work early to head to Greensburg. I am on my path to teach the HTML and Javascript course for WCCC next semester *cheer*. Of course I could get bumped by full time faculty at any point, but I'm excited at the prospect of teaching once again. Their campus was absolutely beautiful. As I previously may have mentioned, this is an online course so I don't have to make the drive to instruct, and I can put to use some of the things I've learned being an online student through UMUC but from the other side of the desk.

After my meeting on campus I headed back out to snag Beff who was at the Westmoreland mall. I did manage to not buy too much, just a shirt that was on sale, a treat for my baby girl, a gift for Slippy's birthday, and a $2 book from B&N. It was just nice to get out, particularly since yesterday was the warmest day thus far this "summer".

Nothing else really exciting to report at this time, but I'm sure things will start picking up here real soon!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

So sweet it is! The Canes tied the series up with Buffalo last night and they move off to NY for games 3 and 4 starting on Wednesday. Last evening I knew they were up for a win so I headed off to a movie, my one luxury this week while trying to tighten my pursestrings. Scary Movie 4 and good grub at Westwood plaza. Nothing better than having the whole theatre to yourself!

My next class starts up on the 30th but the content is available today. Time to buckle down and get more of the reading done before I'm crunched for time. I'm pretty sure my summer is going to go fast - maybe I won't even notice if it never warms up.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The theme for the past 24-hours was "motivated". At this point I don't even feel remotely guilty for sitting here on the couch watching the tube and typing away. Last night, after catching a drink w/ Davey and Beck I came back and actually climbed on the eliptical trainer for 20 minutes. I was hurting and out of breath by the end of those 20 minutes, so shame on me, but I did it. Then I started planning for my Saturday morning.

Today I got up and implemented my plan, which was a re-arrangement of my bedroom in the midst of a nice spring cleaning with washed curtains and scrubbed down walls. I like it. I've never had the bedroom configured in any other way than the previous. So this is a welcome change. Back in college Heffer and I were notorious for re-arranging every month or so. I guess it's a nice way to feel something "new". It's also a hell of a workout. Thank goodness for those little "for sale on TV" items called "moving men".

From there I did some light cleaning throughout the rest of the downstairs, vaccuuming and cleaning off the stove. Then I started dinner. Motivated to cook! Can you believe it? I am going to be doing that a bit more often in an effort to save some money, cut back on my caloric intake, and to use up the stockpile of food in my freezer and cabinets.

The Canes lost their first match up against the Sabres today. *boo* I am an idiot for missing the game, I forgot how early it was scheduled.

Back to the drink from Friday evening... I needed way more than one after late afternoon angst build up. My work attitude is becoming less than glimmering thanks to starting to look around and seeing where everyone else stands with their current years of employment vs their staffing level. I can't blame things on discrepancies with regard to male/female treatment, but somedays I wonder. I really try to jump through hoops. I do the documentation, I do the testing... I take on the crap that the other "software engineers" refuse to do or blow off, I try to manage things, and get the business aspects down... but yet I fall behind the others who whine the minute they are not tasked with pure coding tasking. Maybe it is because I won't allow the theft of my personal time to put in 80 hour work weeks ignoring family and friends. But I still maintain that I get my job done in 40-45 hours. If getting promoted hinges upon just having 70 hour work weeks anyone can falsify that. It's not the hours worked, it's the quality of the work and the completeness of it. Cut and dry, I know I get it done. So where is the problem here?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Potential to teach again... I really didn't think that would happen, but it arrived in my inbox this morning. I really enjoyed teaching with the community college back in my "former life" years. This should be interesting as the opportunity is for an online based course. It will be nice to see how it is on the other side of things. I won't argue with a few extra bucks either. I'll just have to hope I don't end up spreading myself too thin if all goes well and they'd like me to teach. Warping minds - it's just another service I offer.
An hour and a half and I know nothing. That's time well spent.

On another note, I think I mentioned that the makers of Men's Health finally pulled together a Women's Health magazine, which I subscribed to. Well lil' ol' me is published again thanks to them, ok it's only a letter to the editor but still. I couldn't resist but point out that in their "perfect pet" article they forgot to discuss rescue organizations. Of course this just gets my mind cooking on other articles that would be well suited there and gets my ideas turning through my head. I know I missed my calling.

I guess that's no worse than answering "Where do you want to be in 5 years Judy?" With "working for the Carolina Hurricanes".

Strangest and most complimentary question ever this morning! Casey and Vanessa asked me to be in their big shindig! Know that phrase always the bridesmaid never the bride? Well, that doesn't even fit. This would only be the third wedding I've ever been in, including my own previous wedding. Kind of shocking for as many of my friends have gotten hitched through the years. Thank God, the dress is black :)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ok, the leaves have halted. I've decided I may give them a hurrah during the autumn so I get my leaves, and those of you that hate them get like 10 months of peace.

So here we are, the midpoint of May. It's still cold as can be in Johnstown and we're finally getting our April showers. No one can prove global warning to me, not while I'm living in Johnstown anyhow. Another ice age? That one I believe. Maybe someday it will warm up enough for me to give my exercising an honest go. Ok, sad excuse. I've done some walking, but I only have two pounds of weight gain to show for it.

Last evening I took part in the movie Thank you for smoking. It had a few laughs. I'm just not too terribly into movies anymore. There never seems to be anything that truly holds my attention and I find my mind wandered off to 100 different topics midway through, at which time I then snap back and realize I've missed part of the flick.

This week's personal panic that aids to distract me is that it appears everything I'm working on is due at the end of June. At least the review is today, so my panic and failure surrounding the June deadline won't kill that... not that there is much to kill. What was our old phrase with regard to our upward mobility - 0% of anything is still 0? It's sad when one has to hope for 4%. With gas prices as they are that isn't even cost of living. But at least I should finally be back to what I was making in 2000 when I moved to NC. Go me.

Monday, May 15, 2006

When I first moved away from college life and lived in our Roxbury rental I was quite confused to see people scouring my spring cleanup junk and actually wanting things they found there. Let me clarify. The stuff we kept back then was crap... we KEPT the 70's print couch, these were things we considered of quality in our house.

Anyhow, I've known for a long time that the folks in Westmont put out things that, how shall we put this - make one wonder why I had such crap when there was goods for the free pickins. These folks toss things that look and function as brand new. "oooh, Muffy (the dog that has never been outside) accidentally put her paws on the couch we only use for company... we'll have to get rid of that". But still... I don't feel the need to pilfer their "crap". So tonight, with the Beff and Slipster long since abandoning me, I head out to entertain the non-local for an evening and what is the FIRST freaking thing he does when I explain spring clean up?

Thaaaat's right! He spins around a corner after seeing the TV freshly put out to the garbage. Needless to say I was exceedingly embarassed to be in the car while the obtaining took place. Yes, there I am bend over hiding behind my hair and fearing that anyone might see me. I'm sure he's thrilled with his 27" Sony, but I was mortified. The nerve comes in when... after the fact he somberly and seriously announces we have to go back. Why? What? He needs the remote. Oh my.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Weekend theme? On the road again. I was long over due for a nice roadtrip. Francisco and I, as previously reported, had tickets for the Canes vs. New Jersey so we were up and off Saturday morning. A bit of rainy weather on the way, but nothing too much. I did get turned around at one point but then there it was - Continental Arena. Up to the seats and I'm lucky I know numbers from that vantage point, but I was still pleased as we didn't have to worry about anyone else crammed up against us or behind us (that could spill anything on my jersey).

It wasn't pretty - and I kind of figured that because I was there the Canes wouldn't succeed to sweep the series. Then again, game four is always the toughest to win. Either way, just great to see them play once again. They lost 5-1, taking the series to 3-1 Canes. Cam just had an abysmal start to the extent that he was pulled and Gerber held things to only one more goal.

The extent of the heckling was a girl in the next section who seemed confused and was yelling at the woman in front of me, who was a Devil's fan, instead of me, and the idiot in the hall who made some neener neenerish type sound while wagging his finger around (post game). Very creative. I was confused at first during the game... at seemingly random points they all just screamed "THE RANGERS SUCK". While I agree completely with the crowd, I was a bit boggled until I heard the guy chipping out whistle signals for their battle cry. At least they hated someone more than they hated me in the Canes jersey.

Standing atop of their parking complex I noticed the need to call out the lies that are the NY Giants. Um, their stadium is in NJ. I also didn't realize that East Rutherford is right across the Hudson from NYC. For some reason I had it in my mind that NYC was a much longer drive from Jtown.

Somehow I found my way back to Jtown shortly after midnight and had 8 hours of fabulous sleep. From there it was time to get back in the car, with the fuzzy butt, and head back down the mountain to spend some time w/ Midge for mother's day. How lucky am I? It's mom's day and I get pot-pie made for me! So, needless to say I ate WAY too much today. We played a game of Scrabble and the wee one and I headed back up the hill to watch the next Canes game from the comfort of my leather couch and stereo surround sound.

Canes win the series 4-1 tonight with a big 4-1 game win. O- Sabresssss. Come get some love.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Paul Maurice is finally announced as the head coach for the Toronto Maple Leafs for 2006-2007. Hopefully this bodes well for Bates making his way back to the NHL. Mauricey and I believe in him at least.
Time to provide your feedback loyal readers. I like autumn, duh. So I've added some leaves here. Are they too annoying? I refuse to have something that chases the cursor so at least they're not THAT annoying. So, more leaves, less leaves, no leaves... what say ye?

Thursday, May 11, 2006

This evening after work I headed to a township forum where the options for our curbing were presented. I'm pleased that things are moving forward, despite the fact that I'll be loosing three feet of yard to road. It's a small sacrifice if they go with the lower curbing. If instead, the option to use the 8 inch (which is hideous) is selected I am going to have a hell of a situation with parking. But I'll worry about that if things come to it.

After, it was time to eat, so I drug Beff out of the house to try somewhere new in Windber. Well, it's no longer new, we're just slow in getting there. I laughed when I first heard of the place, Lucky 13. Gee, sounds familiar, huh! How could I not like the place - how could I have not tried it until just tonight? It is, of course, a bar, but we had some mighty good pizza for dinner. I'm pleased.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I do believe the value of my tickets for game 4 just went up. Go Canes - they're leading the series against New Jersey 3-0. Now I'm REALLY glad I'll be there on Saturday. Too bad I am not down low to be spotted, mayhaps I'd get another nod/lifted hand from Brindy. *grin* Yea, that made my trip to the Burgh. The sitter is all set for the wee one, so all is in proper alignment. Drop that puck.

Tonight I celebrate with my boys by enjoying a slice of apple, berry, rhubarb pie. It took this freaking long to cool. Ahhh rhubarb. I miss _my_ grammy.
A few this and that updates... Francisco and I area headed to NJ on Saturday to watch the Canes take on the Devils (if I can reach the pet sitter *bites lip*). We'll be up in the nose bleeds. So anyone that by chance reads this and will be at the game come find me in section 242 row 22 seats 1 and 2. We went nose bleed to save a few bucks. But should still be a better view than any seat in the Mellon Arena.

On other fronts, lunch is over. It was fine. If it wasn't for the situation, sure I'd like her. I can't help but worry about stupid things for him, but that's my job. It has been for 15 years. Timing and a sense of "fair" - neither one every cooperates. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it also allows you to ignore a lot that you can't avoid when it's right in your face. Nothing was EVER awkward or difficult there. How odd is that for me? Destiny is a bitch, and she hates me.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Ok, I was in a really good mood... now I'm just in a mood. I should be happy to hear from this person, particularly to hear they're local, and even moreso that I get to see them later in the week for lunch. But, no - I don't want to meet her. Married later this summer - she's a lot like me. Great. *rolls eyes*
Unbelievable! How long was the game trapped at 1-1? Ok, it just seemed like forever, particularly since the Canes weren't up for even a second of the game. With less than 30 seconds the Devils go up by one, but oh baby the Canes aren't done. 3 seconds remaining - Staal keeps'm in. Tied and to overtime!

3 minutes in... we're up 2-0 in the series. GO CANES!

If I wasn't already 100% sold before all of this... I am now. This girl needs to head to NJ on Saturday.
How could this be? They're garlic, they're parmesan, they're Cheese-its... they suck. Who would have guessed? Mayhaps I just burned myself out way too much on cheese-its back my freshmen year of college. How many pounds of cheese-its did we calculate we consumed Heffer?

I've turned to this pack of disappointment after running out to grab lunch from McD's only to find there was no way I can delude myself any longer into eating their food. Now they've placed the calories and other horrifying facts right on the outside of the containers. A couple bites into my lunch and I had an overwhelming urge to beat myself with a stick. Now the wasted nuggets and fries resting in my garbage have left a lingering smell throughout the surrounding cubicles. It is, indeed, the smell of sweet (fat assed) death.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Nothing super exciting going on this weekend, but I did get a few small things done. The last few papers for my spring class are three hole punched and put away, and what I have for the summer semester is three hold punched and put into the binder. I even started reading yesterday - almost finished two chapters at the Blvd w/ martini in hand before Beff arrived. A little bit of dinner and then off to Greensburg to hang with Pepe and to play mother Guadelupe.

Good drunks entertain me. I am talking about the people that are just amusing, lovable, and a bit goofy - not the folks who grow beer muscles etc. I'll be waiting to hear how many of the wounds Pepe inflicted upon himself he remembers this morning. Diving under the trampoline? Falling through the garage doors? Burning his fingers? Being bitten?! *um yeah* Hey, at least you had people there to help you spell your name so you could sign for your debit purchases. I also got to feast on smores later in the evening, so I can't complain. God I love those things.

Today I'm doing some laundry as I'm due to wash the matress cover on my bed and all. I've even tossed a home cooked meal in the oven (second one this weekend). It was a good excuse to fire up the oven and take the chill off of the house. I can't believe I'm still cold and wanting to fire up my heat in May.

Oh! Almost forgot to mention the butt kicking the Canes gave the Devils. 6-0 in game one. Oh baby.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Lots of little things this fine morning.
Yesterday I fasted all day - first time I've made a full day. No, I'm not trying to starve myself, don't be silly. Yes, it was partially a lesson in discipline for myself, a challenge, but it is also biblical so what the heck. I offered up my hunger for a co-worker who is in the hospital. I was PRETTY darn hungry around 10pm last night, but I made it - and as a reward I feel fabulous this morning, I don't know if it's related or not, but I just feel good.

I bet the Canes are feeling pretty good right now too - as they finished Montreal last night. On to New Jersey... wow I wish I could consider heading there for a game. Not a price I want to pay however.

Here's an example of how PMSy I am sometimes, this morning the news featured Freedom of the Seas pulling out of dock and heading to the open waters on its way to NY. I actually teared. She's beautiful - and huge. Wow. They said wider than the White House and longer than the Statue of Liberty is tall. Nice.

This morning I come in to an invite for a happy hour to "wish someone well" on their new career. Um. They quit? Oh crap. That changes alot for me. Upheaval. A bit of stress over the upcoming review and other things for this year. No likey.

Since I'm getting yelled at for not warning one male friend (don't ask me how I would have known he needed this warning) - do not use Nair. It is evil, it will eat your flesh faster than streptococcus pyogenes. Take the warning for what it's worth.

Final should start today, so if I appear to fall off the face of the planet for a few or post babbling incoherently, at least you'll understand. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I am now an Edmonton Oilers fan. Three cheers for eliminating the Detroit Red Wings from the Stanley Cup playoffs. Another upset goes in a column for a team I support - congrats to the Avs in overtaking the Stars. C'mon Carolina, let's make this 3 of the three that I was most curious about in this round going "my way".

Monday, May 01, 2006

More paper related efforts yesterday off and on until final submission. During the off times I did some window shopping ... okay, I actually bought a few things. Among those things a few new movies.

I picked up a copy of Just Friends, Hero, Saw II, and Corpse Bride. Of course, three of these I've already seen, and one was a guaranteed like as it featured Ryan Reynolds. So I grit my teeth and see that beautiful man looking rather nasty and they can't even give me a shirtless scene? Seriously here people. They did a bit of a teaser putting him in hockey gear early in the flick however.

Today it was back to work and through the normal hoops. Well, mostly normal. I was shocked to find out that one of our coworkers was admitted to the hospital over the weekend and in rather serious condition. So my thoughts and prayers are there with his family. But I can't help but point out the single-point of failure issue we have at work... where if something happens to someone there isn't anyone else who truly knows their job 100%. But I guess that happens everywhere. The rest of the evening's agenda? A good night's sleep. With the final looming to arrive in my inbox I'll be needing that extra sleep later in the week.