Monday, October 31, 2005

"Good news of a long-awaited event will arrive soon." So sayth the fortune cookie. Do YOU have something I want to hear? Post it as a comment or email me.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

I neglected to search around on the AHL scores last night due to being quite tired, but this morning I see that Bates Battaglia nailed two goals last evening. Excellent. Now if he can just get back in the N this year that credit I have w/ meigray will be quite useful.

I'm also posting the pic of Beff and I from the halloween game all geared up in our costumes. Beff, the girl who "works upstairs", and me, as Ms. Crosscheck. Time to start thinking for next year.

A new strategy, my friends, is on the horizon. They say to use what you've got. What's the one skill I have? The innate ability to piss other women off without hardly trying. It's time to embrace that skill and focus on it rather than my feelings of awkwardness. I think the fruit of that labor will work its way in from another angle. I'm already under the skin. It's time to become a festering boil.

Today I busted some ass on the paper and have everything written at this point, it just needs cleaned up and double-checked. Not much of a sollace considering I then need to get started on subsequent sections. I also hit the mall with Beff and purchased a few more Christmas gifts. I'll eventually get all of that done. At least one of the last steps of our travel plans are finalized now too - the excursions. I can't believe it's less than a month before I head off to the caribbean and then home again to exit the very next day to go out west to watch the boys. Hopefully we'll have a winning streak rolling by then.

"Did the boys all tease you when they had the chance? Always left standing when it came time to dance. -Tonic"
What a long and full day. Time for a verbose recap.

The carpets are as clean as I can get them without pulling out the huge rug scrubber and my hands are sore from manually trying to get the marks out in the living room. Again, why would anyone put such light colors in a house right by the entrances? The kitchen, hall, and bathroom floors are also scrubbed thoroughly. This means it's time to enforce the no shoes past the front door rule and to be more dilligent about bringing the dogs in through the basement so long as it's damp out.

I also did something I've put off for the last week and wrote a letter to an aquaintance. Yes, I physically pulled out one of the beautiful note cards that Angela made for me last year and wrote a quick letter. I think it's only fair to push you all, my faithful readers, to do the same. This person, I have only met them a few times. I know them only because of a band, of all stupid things, but they've been there for the past so many years. This person was someone to lean on over IM when I was a bundle of emotions from issues with my ex. He's in the military and moves about a good bit into the strangest places, but the beautiful thing about him is at every stop I get a post card or a short note. I probably get a card every week to two weeks, and each time it puts a smile on my face to think that there are people out there like him. Do you know someone like this? Write and tell them how special they are. I bet they need to hear it sometimes too. Besides, if you have enough time to sit around and read my blog you have way too much time on your hands.

From there I wasted a little bit of time chatting on messenger with a former NHLer who is now doddling down in the ranks a level. 1). Don't tell me Bates' ass isn't fabulous. You've seen it naked, super. I think you're just jealous of the junk in his trunk. *grin* 2). When Roche makes his way up to the A this year, just remember to pass along my hello when you play against him to throw him off his game for a split second. You two would get along splendedly. Same age, from the same area. A good agent is always at work getting names out there I suppose. 3). Sorry, I'm just not going to easily conceed and start to favor defensemen. I'm a LW kind-a gal, what can I say. At least I don't like goaltenders *blah* *giggle* 4). Thanks for thinking I'm hot. I'll TAKE that compliment with a smile.

While the fish's water came up to room temperature I decided to reward myself with a short period of time out of the house and I headed to see Saw II. Interestingly familiar but yet with a different twist. Still much better than many sequels.

Hockey night in Toledo. I'm sure the boys' butts are sore from the ride out there today, the ride back won't be any better as they lost 6-2 all said and done. Hrdel and Toffey tallied our only goals. Attempting to look on the bright side, the Canes smacked Pittsburgh 5-3 :) An honorable mention has to go out to the Senators who stomped the Leafs 8-0. I definitely have some good points coming out of tonights games for my fantasy team!

I feel like I did so much today but got nothing done. I know how to accomplish one thing however, sleep.
"Hey Bacchus. She hates me. -Type O Negative"

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Lost. Again. My heart breaks for this stuff. Pretty sad. Good work to Greco and Peterson for their goals. Roche had an assist and almost polished things in overtime, but no deal. Shootout loss.

Costume night for the fan club was a bit of a dud since most everyone neglected to dress up. That's okay. I had fun as Ms. Crosscheck. Despite the loss, I was surprised to see some people not pissy and willing to greet me. I'm sure there was a reason for that.

I also have come to realize there are some fabulous actors in Johnstown. Again, thank you for honoring me so greatly by going so far out of your way to attempt to make things appear to be what I'd least like to see.

I was suppose to go watch some movies after the game, but I just wasn't up for it. Sorry Vis. I was going to, but no reason to be the downer.

Oh... ZAN. Not ZAHN. Ok ok. Don't beat me again.

"Cause I just can't look its killing me, and taking control. Jealousy, turning saints into the sea. -Killers"

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dave Stewart appears to be headed to Missouri w/ Richard Paul. Of course, that makes me wonder if Paulie's gig might not suffer or disintegrate because of another would-be fighter coming in. I really am bad luck to have as a fan. That's a good reason to be foul today, like I needed to hunt for one.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Another 3rd period loss. I am not trying to bash our boys, but seeing this happen again starting off this season sure makes the summer feel short and last season a mere weekend ago. Bittner, Greco, Caponigri, and DesRochers scored, but we fell in sudden death overtime 5-4.

I was quite surprised to see and hear some of the attitudes a few of the boys have developed. For one, the most shocking, your head must surely have swollen. For the other, well, let's just say I told you they stop talking to me. Probably the only game where there won't be visitors to impede at least a hello and the hall as avoided. I guess I could say it's simply a foul mood after losing, but I'm female - I'd rather be melodramatic and self-deprecating and assume it's because of me.

Speaking of Visitors... it was nice to see JT back in town. We miss you Tremblay :)
Looks like we have another dman, Brady Greco, coming our way from Springfield. I would make additional comments but right now I just want coffee. Morning comes too quickly.

Update: I've now aquired my coffee and raised my blood pressure 20 points. Some ASS left copies of "a good woman's guide" in the kitchen on the table used to distribute information. The moron had the nerve to underline and circle parts. A good woman knows her place eh? I am not a feminazi, but I'll find a place for my doc martin foot kind sir.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I have officially lost my mind. I crawl out of bed and slide my feet across the bedroom floor, down the hall, and take a glance up toward the back door as I turn in that direction. Is that frost? Wow. Ok. I shuffle my feet closer. No, not frost, but snow. It's snowing. It's not just small delicate flakes floating lightly to the ground. No, they're roughly the size of my head. How does this prove I lost my mind? I started laughing like a crazy woman. Funny one God.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Ok, gotta share one of the nicest photos from yesterday. The rest I have to keep in reserve for the first iteration of the fan club website. If I can just get some more action shots to finish the header. I told you favorites were played with some of the nicer pumpkins.

With the parade called off I have three evenings "off" in a week. Well, not really off - there is still paper work to do. I took it fairly easy tonight however, just working some on the rework of section one.

An update in my little hockey world: Carolina beat Ottawa! How do you like them apples? Applesauce bitch! Unfortunately, that loses me points in the fantasy league, but I'll take that loss. Playing statistics alone Hasek was due for a loss. Even Holmstrom didn't help me out much. How sad is that? I concede and have a (ahem) Red Wing on my team and he fails to produce. Go figure. Not like I watched however so maybe he didn't even play.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Back. Mentally exhausted at this point. Everyone seemed to like the pumpkins. The new venue was very nice. A little chilly today, but beautiful. Too bad I didn't feel much like enjoying it. Hiding in the dark seemed like a better option.

On another ongoing note: Everything I thought I knew, wrong. Everything I didn't understand is somehow right... but even more confusing. "Mine, yeah right", "never apart", "I am not telling *person*". Now I have to be a bit paranoid as to when you'll "get me back". At least you laughed and enjoyed reading - I still don't know if it's a good thing that you can "read English". I guess the joke isn't on me, but at least it's just between the two of us. What do you have up your sleeve? That cheesey grin worries me. But the smile and glowing eyes just confused me all the more. How can you walk into a dark room and light it up like that? How can you be so sweet and still break my heart so terribly? Why would you keep that? Why does it mean so much?

Do I believe the advice some friends gave that they think he likes me? I believe that's accurate, but what on earth explains all else?
Beff and I finished up the pumpkins yesterday morning and she cranked out her cookies while I showered. It feels surreal to be done with all of those tasks. Adam Henrich was assigned to us again this season and played last night. I have to agree with others that he was definitely moving out there and pushing the pace. It's good when a guy is sent down and WANTS to go back up but knows that the way to do that is be proving himself as a Chief. It would be nice to go through a season without anyone being shoved here who finds themselves "better than" a AA league. Guess what, you're here... so right now, you're not, use the time wisely and prove yourself if you have it in you.

Anyhow, Chiefs lost to the Royals last evening 3-2. Goals came out of Kindle (lucky number 13!) and Hrdel. We did have a good crowd. Over 3200 I hear. I got my workout in working the 50-50 bags. Wow. Next time no sweater under the jersey to run up and down the stairs screaming at the top of my lungs.

Another point from the game, yes - she was there. The "ex" part is seeming less and less likely which simply indicates that I made an idiot of myself and probably pissed this girl off last weekend. Heck, I've been dating people that weren't around as much, waiting in the wings so to speak. I guess an apology is in order today.

The candied carrots are cooking and the pumpkins are loaded in the car. Time to get a shower and get on my merry way.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Chiefs lose to the Inferno on the road. *blah* My call, too many stupid penalties putting us in the hole beating us up. I have to believe it's a long drive back from Columbia tonight.

The posters were hung today, the pumpkins gutted, and half of them carved. Now in addition to the scoliosis I'm causing with the leaning over posters I'm also sitting on a floor for hours on end to ensure my tailbone is sore too. Throbing right now, but still a dull throb compared to the headache I'm working on. More proof my body was made for sitting at a computer desk, television, or hockey game only. Sleep! Maybe a nice hot shower first.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

I don't know about Beff, but after the past two evenings of leaning over posters my back is throbbing. Gratefully I am taking tomorrow off from work, so I can sleep in just a little bit later and get a few more to dos crossed off of my list. We now have 20 posters named and numbered. I'll also get these delivered to the War Memorial tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully people can keep their paws off and not destroy them. From there it's time to come back and catch up w/ Davey T. to do some carving therapy. Nothing better than gutting something to make you smile. They're only pumpkins people, don't get so uptight. With my back sore as it is, sitting on the concrete in the basement for a day and a half probably won't be too helpful. Let's see if I can walk come Sunday much less play bocce ball.

I guess there are some major tightening of reins going on at camp. For those not willing to see the whole point behind this, it could be a very very long season. For those who are inspired by the direction they're being forced into are likely to prosper from it. My advice to our boys: embrace it. To some other boys: drop the psychotic moods, be happy with where and who you are, you should be.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Opening night rosters. WOOHOO! Some rumors were right on... others were, let's just say WAY less than accurate.

Welcome back to... Joe-Joe, Demo, Roche, Brett Peterson, Zo, CurrDogg, and Spence.

Welcome to the Chiefs to... Steve Cygan, Zybnek Hrdel, Randy Rowe, John Toffey, Brandon Elliot, J.B. Bittner, Ben Wallace, Jeremy Downs, Tyler Kindle, Jay Rosehill, Doug Andress, and Jonathan Boutin.

And goodbye to... Cavy, Dave Stewart, Steve Slonina, Milan Vodrazka, and John Haider.

Packard and Kelly were recalled to Springfield, oddly, since I heard something about Kelly having a broken foot. Either way, the math doesn't work here. 19 and counting.

"When you walked in the room, and you smiled that smile. I was doomed. -Angelfish"

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What is a girl to do when her mind is just so completely elsewhere? Last night we got a jump start on some of the extra posters we'll need, but that's just the start. I need the opening night roster to crank out the individual posters by Saturday. I'm thinking I could take Friday off and finish up in the morning what I don't get done BEFORE then and take them to be hung up. Then there is the pumpkins. 20 of them. I love doing this stuff, don't get me wrong, but I get overwhelmed in my mind with the things I need to do. I really like the look of awe some people give as a reward for my talent and skill of "tracing" (face it, you're a tracer - God bless Kevin Smith flicks). Then there is the game and welcome party itself, the driving factors for when all this stuff needs done. I hope what we've pulled together looks at least close to what everyone was hoping for. I am, by far, not an artist. So here I am making a list to ease my nerves some about getting everything done.

Then there is my class. I still need to finish up my second section of my paper (thank GOD the turnin was delayed). I also have to make updates to the first section to try and capture the things I was told I missed. From there I need to crank out more for section 3, 4, 5 in preparation so I just need to write them before we head out on vacation. Maybe I should be thankful that I don't have those pesky date things getting in the way of my quality time with documents. *looks around a bit oddly* Or not.

The holidays are nearly here, there is Christmas shopping to be done. I did snag a few items over a quick lunch-time shopping spree but there are a ton of gifts left to be dealt with and too few ideas even. Who has time to think about what people may want?

As to the hockey games I missed this weekend but were of interest... the pens are still losing *grin* the canes are doing pretty decent 3rd in the division under Florida and Tampa Bay, both of whom have two games in hand on them. In the AHL, good seeing the Falcons at the top of their division. The Marlies, while not faring as well, still has allowed Bates 3 points in 4 games. Down to the UHL, still preseason and roster changes happening there too.

With us, the rumor is that Cavy was traded. If that is true, which I'm starting to believe it, I'm sorry to see you go Cav. Be well - play hard. I'm still waiting to see what we're moving around. We need to make some D alterations and squeeze down the numbers just a wee bit more. Tick tock tick tock.

Friday off is sounding better and better. I can't believe I'm to the point where I actually feel guilty about requesting time off. What on EARTH has come over me? At least I can bury my worries and angst in other activities for a little while before I have to face things head on this weekend. I will be the girl blushing in the corner, as promised.

"I'll make you mine someday. Somehow, Somewhere, Someway. -Kenny Wayne Shepherd"

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Yeah. At least you'll know. I don't really know, but I sure feel like I do. If you're going to keep you're eye on me - don't, when I finally start talking to you, find the tv way more interesting. At least I'm not embarassed at this point, just sad.
I got up early Saturday deciding to get my cleaning out of the way and to give me a wide open afternoon to focus on my paper which was due on opening night. I don't think this much of my house has been this clean in a long while. I even rearranged the living room a little and I'm liking the change. Now if I can just get the posters done for the fan club I can clean up my dining room and get all of those materials out of there.

After realizing I have a two week delay on the current section of my paper, I decided I needed a break and didn't work on my paper all afternoon as planned but instead, the Slipster, Beff, and I headed to Altoona to do a little Christmas shopping. At least I have a few more items purchased, but there are so many gifts I need to come up with. People are too hard to buy for. From the mall we then met CJT and my mom at Olive Garden for some grub and then back to Jtown for a girl's chat sitting around many episodes of southpark.

The Chiefs pulled off another shoot out win against the Nailers in preseason last evening. I'd imagine David Currie had a wee bit more of a challenge in goal than there was on Thursday since some of the chaff has been cut from the wheat in Wheeling. So NF says, Morency got hurt *oh darn* and Cygan lost a few teeth *eww*. I'm sure that will look lovely.

Also, Satin ended up having a seizure yesterday. This is the first one I've caught in a very long while. She remains pretty lucid during seizures, and maintains bodily control, but it is still tough to see her like that. I really don't want to start shoving her medicine directly in her mouth at meal times, but I'm starting to think there is much option. If she's not eating, she's not getting the meds, if she's not getting the meds, we'll have issues.

Today I was up and moving once again, off to church and then taking a nice relaxing shower. The legs are shaved and lotioned, and I'm pondering the rest of the day. Here's hoping for the guts that everyone tells me I should have. Funny thing is Kathy tells me the key is to "be myself" and then one of the first main lines in our church sermon is the very same. Point made. I must I must I must get past my self defeating fears and avoid the regret of delay. You wait to long, you lose. This time last year I watched someone leave town and I was happy I at least got to talk to them before they departed. I don't want to relive the departure in any way - but if that's what happens, then I'd at least like to know things for certain. Embarassment is temporary, regret is forever, right?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

First I'll celebrate a little... then I'll just reiterate things that I've expressed a million times before.

Preseason game in Greensburg today against Wheeling. Chiefs win! Got to pick on NF! Joe-Joe popped one in and Roche scored in regulation as well as was our first of three goals in the shootout. How can this boy possibly be nervous about getting cut?? Ok, clearly he's as much of a retard in some ways as I am, but that's the subject for later. Yes, the shootout... AGAIN. This could be a disturbing trend. The guys came out very strong early in the game and looked much better than they did at the scrimmage last evening. I think we need to start working the stamina and cardio a little harder. Chiefs were up 2-0 and then much like last year the Nailers made a run for things as we got a little tired. Another small celebration? Mr. Soucy is no longer with us. He'll be leaving and proving me right with style and grace!

Ok, me = retard. DEE DEE DEE! How can one person be so completely mental that they can't talk to or even make eye contact with something that they're attracted to without going red and panicking? I guess it doesn't help if the girlfriend shows up midway into the evening. Some people are claiming ex-girlfriend, but what proof do I have of anything of the sort? She's there, that says something, right? I can't believe things I see with my own eyes, like all of the fights I interpretted were happening in the past etc, so I'm sure not trusting the spin someone else's eyes put on a situation. I guess some girls would take her seeming distaste for me as a compliment, but it just makes things even shakier in my mind.

1). She clearly doesn't know that's not my game... of all things, I am not a man thief. I'm usually the one being stolen from. (BTW, I realized around lunch today that this should have been my fourth anniversary. I can't tell you how fabulous it is to have forgotten.)

2). Most women would keep what they have even if they don't want it simply because they see a threat. I say threat only because her reaction to me is that I am, somehow, a threat.

3). I don't know, there's just something else.

I guess the big thing is in the past I've sat on my thumbs with this person then I had them look me in the eye and say "Can you believe I've already met a nice girl in Johnstown?" Why because I'm a coward and I run. What am I attempting to repeat here?

Back on the definition of my retardism: Even when someone goes out of their way to get your attention and wave, how do you not muster more than a half lifting of your hand and a semi-grin/nod? I'll tell you how - they're a sped. Yeah, I called you special ed, but I guess the deal is we can smell our own.

Hi, my name is Judy and I'm afraid of boys, but you can call me Ed.
Wednesday was another day at that place. I stayed busy, but so distracted at the same time. It's a miracle I get things scratched off my to do list. It sure helped to have a chair massage late in the afternoon. How great is that? Every now and again someone in there gets a good idea. Granted they typically go horribly awry, but this was, in fact, a success in my mind.

Last evening, hockey. Go figure. Scrimmage game, with the guys who are fighting for their jobs and actually bother to show up for camp. (AKA - Soucy didn't have to play). I have to say something negative here, and I hate that I have to, but I pride myself in not censoring in my blog. I felt like I was watching an adult rec league for a good portion of the evening. There were too many guys dogging it and not skating fast or hard.

The one shoot out score for the black team... good work Roche. Happy to see the surprise jersey really was a surprise. *smile* Three cheers to Slipster who proudly named the guys she saw grabbing grub post game. I didn't even need to make flash cards this year! Guess what - the Chiefs won! *laugh* I'm kidding.

Ok, then the Avs game on TV (or at least the end of it) so Beff could watch Paul and I could laugh at Aebischer. At least if he's going to lose me points in the fantasy league he makes me laugh. This guy is about as off his rocker as Fankhouser was last year. He punches a Nashville guy in the head and even leaves his crease to check a guy into the boards. THAT is a goaltender! If more goaltenders played like that I could be a fan of goaltenders. But I again repeat, there is something to be said about soft hands.

In other NHL news worthy of mention: Carolina stomped Washington last night. Bates racked up an assist last evening against Syracuse.

Here's to leaving work a little early today to head to greensburg. Game on :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Last night was a good one for the Avs (7-3). I really thought for a while Aebischer was going to hand me some shut out points in the fantasy league but no such luck. Damn I wish I had Svatos however. Nothing like seeing the hats fly. Calgary was playing like a bunch of little pissy girls all evening however. Don't get me wrong, I like a good scrap, but picking like crazy because you're losing miserably does nothing but make things even worse.

Pens down again. I repeat, how about them pens? *huge evil grin... with a giggle* I mean, really, even the Crapitals won.

Last evening I was feeling social so I had Beff and PR head over for grub. It's been a while since I hit the grocery store and actually attempted a meal. I really need to cook more often (how many times have I said that in the past 12 months), I'm so out of practice.

Now on to today. That work thing is growing irritating again suddenly. I'm definitely due for a vacation. That may come sooner than originally planned if I don't get some major progress in on my papers soon. Time off to work on papers, woo.

So today Beff and I ran to pay off her tickets and to grab more flyers so we figured we'd sit in on more of camp, who can argue with that. Rather interesting to see how the coach is configuring things. Still waiting to hear that Soucy has shown up. I think he's decided to prove me right, not that I need it proven, I know he's an ass.

For the evening, slacking. Ugh. We headed for food and drinks, and then did a little back road surfin. I haven't done that in forever. We took many of the roads I haven't found the time to cover during daylight hours like I'd like to get photos of the sunflowers and all of the great sights around here. I curse out Johnstown, but if you take the time to really catch the colors of the sunset or the changing leaves or the little off the beaten path sights - it's actually a pretty place. Even if it's covered in snow. *shiver*

Thank goodness there were no games I was itching to watch this evening either.
Speaking of hockey I see we obtained another guy from the south. I guess none of it matters at the moment. The next two evenings should give me fairly good guesses on what we'll see this season, and who.

Monday, October 10, 2005

I slept like a champ last night. Probably just the comfort of knowing hockey is nearly back. Beff and I headed to camp last night. Great turn out by fans, but some disappointing turnouts on the ice. Ok, granted we're not complaining Soucy wasn't there but Douville is not coming this season, he's off to go back to school. We are goonless. *rattles head*

Camp looked great for the first day, I'm excited :) I did hear a few ppl were a bit nervous. I doubt they read this, but if they happened to... just remember what we discussed. I wouldn't lie. Just play. Don't worry - WORK.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

I'm definitely going to be blogging more now that hockey is back in season. Which is scary, because I blog pretty often as is. I guess I should recap my day thus far. I worked some on my paper notes gathering last evening after the game ended and continued on that path when I got up this morning, starting to really pull pieces of notes together into a logical format. There is still lots of writing to be done on section 2 however. I did make notes for other sections as I went so that should help me as I move on this semester.

From there I spent a little time with my posters. I could crank out a good number in one afternoon, but I don't want to make posters for guys that could easily be cut come October 17th. So I wait. Go figure I'll then need to finish up this section of my paper and get those posters made that week. I am hoping to stick to my lack of procrastination approach and get somewhere good with the paper early.

After that Beff and I headed to get my free vicki's perfume and some dinner. I attempted to browse the mall for Christmas gifts, but I simply don't know what to buy for anyone. I don't know why I even bother with the mall, frankly. It's all clothes, not excactly the gift type thing.

Back home just in time for the Avs vs Stars game (I forgot we're talking an hour time difference so I thought I was late). I am an Avs fan and I can think of our drinking buddy, the pro scout for the Stars, when I watch them so I've settled into this game with a few minor clicks around to check other scores. Besides, I have a few guys on my fantasy team playing in this game. Sakic seemed ready to help me out, but everyone else was pretty quiet. Nice little fight after Arnott's face was planted into the metal creating a nice broken ketchup bottle effect. Either way the Avs come out on top.

In other games... Canes were downed by the Islanders tonight. Crapitals whooped by the Thrashers *hiss*. Pens fall AGAIN in overtime *grin*

Friday, October 07, 2005

This post will be updated as noteworthy things occur during tonight's feature game... the Carolina Hurricanes vs. the Pittsburgh Penguins. Go CANES! I've also started to interlace my little random thoughts. I'm so glad I have ya'll to talk to while I watch my game. :)

I love Aaron Ward. This man downed Lemieux into the boards in the first couple minutes of the game. *evil grin*

8 minutes left in the first... CAROLINA GOAL!!

It's comforting to know that after a year "off" I can still just start screaming names by seeing numbers. Ok, there are a few that changed that monkey with me, but it's all good. It's like going home. Just yelling at the TV and acting a fool in my living room... THIS is hockey :)

SCORE AGAIN! CANES w/ 2 minutes left in the first. OH BABY!

Second period around the 6 minutes remaining mark... Boulerice and VandenBussche go at it. Of course my cane jerseys him. HA! I love hockey fights, best part? The resulting black eyes - so incredibly hot.

The elimination of the red line as a factor in two-line passes is definitely opening up more breakaways. I'd hate to think the thrill-factor there could fade if we see it too often. The goalies half look like they're afraid to leave their crease now despite the clearly delineated area to which they're confined.

Ok, third period the Penguins decide to play and take it to 2-1 Canes.

Hedi pulls Gonchar into the penalty evening things to 4 on 4 for a critical moment before it drops 4 to 3. What a penalty happy world we live in. A few clears and we're to the 5 on 3. Another timely clear and then the Pens drop themselves into the box. 4 on 3. And Palffy ties it up. 4 on 4 and then back to the Canes power play but no such luck... overtime. Now, if we had the Canes team of 2001-2002, no doubt overtime would be ours.

Nothing remarkable in overtime, so we're off to the shootout - also known as the death of the Chiefs, but that's irrelevant to this game. I love how they use snippets from EA's hockey game when they give info on the shootout. BIG! :) I do actually like the shootout, nothing better than the whole crowd getting their boo and cheer on (for those that don't understand, this would be the exact opposite of chillin).

Lemieux shoots first... nothin but Cam.
Stillman SCORES!
Palffy is up next... NOTHIN!
Cullen deflected.
Crosby comes in third for the Pens... DENIED!

The CANES WIN! As Ric Flair would say WOO WOOO WOOOOO!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

This is going to be a very long post. I think the past day and a half should count as a week, and honestly in some twisted way it was relaxing and vacation like. I have zero desire to try and be creative with my blog names for my travel buddies, so just humor me.

Ok, so I had to travel to deliver the project that I aptly PMted. *insert Vis "ha" here* I made Vans drive so my eyes weren't crossed by the time we hauled into Pax. The game plan for the evening? Sushi and tiki... but wait, before we can get to that good stuff we have to experience the horror that was our hotel. Unfortunately, our usual stay was booked so we stayed at the Ghettotel Best Western.

I walk in and instantly know this won't go well. First, we weren't sure if the "employees" really were employees or ... I'll just say "or what". Despite not having my reservation they did have a room and we're off to settle in. NASTY. Ok, the swirl mark on the desk from their recent cleaning and cigarette burns on the sink in my non-smoking room were a bad start. This was a place I was NOT walking around w/o shoes in. We all gather to head out and get this... Vis had tried to go to his room and hears someone "holla" back when he tries to open the door. The expert front staff handles this deftly saying "he shouldn't be there, he was probably just chillin". Huh? Unlike Vis I would have asked more questions or at least stared in astonishment at the lack of concern by this incident.

Then, sushi - good, not as good as Sakura in Altoona however. The guy went a little haywire with the wasabi, but I at least got my sushi fix. Speaking of fixes *heh* Vans made a quick couple bucks in a bet by getting a wasabi fix. My ex and our other sushi going friends loved to go for the wasabi burn, but Vans took it to a whole new level by snorting the wasabi. I can't possibly detail in words how damn funny it was to watch the multiple attempts at the line of wasabi which culminated in a huge wad of wasabi being forcefully shot up his nostril. Keep in mind we hadn't started drinking yet.

From there, to the tiki bar, laughing all the way. Cute little place, seems like somewhere I could hang - and we did for many hours on those chairs. I do have to put my two cents in on one thing. Establishment owners: If the bathroom is not large enough for 4 stalls, don't put 4 stalls in. Making the stalls so small that a woman over 5'0" cannot possibly use the facilities without knees forcing the stall door open is not a wise business move, especially when the door that leads to the outside is so messed that there is no way it's going to close.

So, we're chillin *grin* at the tiki bar, enjoying their mediocre tasting but quite potent libations, and... plotting things that we would find amusing. Ok, calm down... don't get pissed, just give me a second and keep reading. Count to ten, alright? The question is, how hard to you have to punch someone in the kidney to make them fill their depends? How bad is it if during your plotting other coworkers walk up behind you when you're not paying attention. Good stuff.

After a required pitstop at the Wawa heading back across the bridge I'm the first back to the car. Mork comes flying out and starts pounding this sub like a fat kid on a candybar. I come to find out later this was actually Vis' sub... but all that was left was a mess of lettuce shreds, which I cleaned out of the rental today.

Yeah, I was out drinking pretty late but I did head right to the lobby TV when I got in to find out what the scores were. So, here's the goods that are relevant to me:
Avs fall to the Oilers... frown. Crapitals beat the Blue Jackets... peachy. Devils smack the Penguins around... BEAUTIFUL! Lightning hands the Canes their butt. Ok, I am more of a Canes fan, but TB is our affiliate. I won't bitch. Besides they got to raise the banner at long last!

Bates is now listed up on the Marlies' site. He's dropped 20lbs. Damn, I told you people he was looking extra svelte as of late.

Ok, I got distracted there. So I finally crash out and get roughly three hours of sleep and off to give our demo to deliver the tool. Piece of cake, but we did walk away with a few other changes to be made. Eh. I'll live with it. After our demo, relevant info demo for another effort that I'm shifting to, but dang it was hard to stay awake. Couple that with the bluey colored fluorescent lights and I started up a good headache. I was tempted to think I had a hangover, but as soon as we were able to leave those God-awful lights it subsided. I'm not as weak as I feared.

We did leave a little too late to make it to the last middle eastern dance class. BOO. But we did manage to get some good laughs in on the way home. I think I've also been christened a Red Elvis' fan now as well. Someday I'll get those dance moves about the stupid birds eating butterflys down. Vis had one piece of geek gear that I actually was impressed by... and it's been a while since I've seen something newer that actually makes me think "wow - slick!" There are, of course, iPods everywhere now a days, but on the way TO our destination he managed to avoid purchasing socks and pants at Radio Shack and instead snag a iTrip to keep us entertained. Here's the deal - plugs into the iPod, radiates a signal to your radio in the car. Poof. Broadcasting your tunes to the car stereo. Very wise.

So now I'm sitting here watching Montreal and the Rangers. Neither team something I necessarily have a drive to watch. But I can easily cheer for Montreal just so I can cheer against Kevin Weekes and Jaromir Jagr. Ahh. At last at last. Even if they are being obscenely tight-assed about the rules and calling crap penalties, my life is again complete. If that trickles down to us as well (as I expect it to) Roch won't be too pleased. "Stupid penalties", I've never seen anyone get so upset by them.

As soon as my sheets are dry I'm going to bed. I don't care if it is only 9pm when I crash. I'm old damnit. I can't keep up w/ these youngins and live to blog about it anymore.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Hockey boys are back, or here rather. I know they should be, but now I have proof. I ran to the WM over lunch to get pre-season tickets and pick my season ticket seat. 16B2, thank you very much. Section 4 was jammed. Tis okay. I'll have a better view of the shots on goal for 2 periods in this seat. The ice is in the initial stages - looks like pretty fresh paint, so 3 of 10/12 layers of ice complete!

Now to deal w/ my latest work firedrill in my mind.
Joe Tallari's rights are back in Johnstown. All I can is it would be craziness to not sign him. Too bad we can't cut any weakness passed from above.

Last night was fan club meeting night. I'm ready for the season. Welcome back parties, halloween parades, the whole deal. Just give me one good cross-check :)

Finally some amusing tunes on the radio during a CD change...
"Don't cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me? Don't cha? -Pussycat Dolls"

Monday, October 03, 2005

They assigned us 9.

Zbynek Hrdel (LW), John Toffey (LW), Randy Rowe (LW), Jonathan Boutin (G), Jay
Rosehill (D), Brandon Elliott (F), Dennis Packard (LW), Justin Kelly (C),
and Jean-Francois Soucy (LW).

Soucy? SOUCY? Damnit. I'll tell you this. He acts like a three year old on the ice again this year, drawing us stupid penalties, and I'll crucify him. To the rest of you... WELCOME to Johnstown, or welcome back in Mr. Packard's case. This does of course give proof to the "conspiracy" that was getting Randy Rowe to Jtown.

Without further shifts it looks like we'll be cutting one d-man and a few forwards bright and shiney on the morning of October 10th. No sophomore slumps allowed sweetheart.
Bates goes to... the Toronto Marlies! Ok, so he's now signed a PTO w/ an AHL team in the Leafs feeder system. How funny is this given that the latest sticker I put on my badge for work was a Maple Leafs one? Just another team I need to monitor now I suppose. I'm up to watching four leagues. I should earn a degree for that alone!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Despite the large amount of sleep I have gotten this weekend it turned out to be fairly productive today. I crashed last night somewhere shortly after 9pm instead of starting a movie and woke up today around noon. I am officially caught up on my sleep. Now I just need to catch up on my cleaning.

With the nice weather today, I decided to haul out front after creating my poster template and hosed down a good bit of poster board with spray paint. First main step for the fan club posters complete! Now when I know who we'll really have here I can crank out the names and numbers.

After all of this, and a quick shower, I was ready to relax a little. The Slipster was back in town and she and Beff headed this way so we could head out for some grub and ice cream. I had delightful pork, mashed potatos, and asparagus at City View and enjoyed watching the incline plane grind up and down the hill. We've been pretty behaved this year as I think this was only my third trip to brewsters all year. I am such a child, but I love the cotton candy ice cream with the pop-rocks in it.

I just finished up some additional research for my term paper, even though I'll probably get knocked on my grade for not overloading my paper with quotes from my references. I wish there was a way expectations from one professor to the next could be standardized.

I guess I have to go back to that place tomorrow. This weekend may have been productive, but it was too short. Schfifty five days until our girl's vacation. I can't wait.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

I was awakened a little earlier than I would have rolled out bed if left to my own devices this morning, but I guess sleeping until 11 is more than ample. I headed off to do some hanging with E today. Now, E could stand for a name, maybe it stands for a phrase like ex or something like that. You'll never know, right? We caught Lord of War - not a bad flick. Not something I'd normally pick, but it did hold my interest and kept me awake despite an ache to nap that drug through the entire afternoon.

After heading home I chatted w/ Beff and ended up hauling with her to try and resolve her months long curtain dilemma. I even resisted tempatation to snag a pretzel or a frosty at the mall. Instead I've delighted in left over spagetti. *woo* Maybe I'll splurge and treat myself to a salad too! My weekends are so incredibly exciting, aren't they? Time to toss in another movie.