Saturday, February 28, 2004

Happy Birthday Vixen!!! :)

Friday, February 27, 2004

Well it looks like mom found a new vehicle. It's fun to play the heavy and say no a few times and to make her wait instead of buying on her first impulse. And, mother even likes the new flooring at my place - SCORE!

Today should go pretty fast. I'll be going to my make-up ice skating lesson instead of lunch. I think it will be nice to get a break and some exercise at lunch time. It also should be a pretty fun weekend - with lots of hanging out, movies, and hockey games to keep me entertained. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll have a full report on Big Fish and/or The Passion of Christ to post in the next day or so!

"Not holding on to anywhere, but holding on so beware. I have secrets I won't share. -T.AT.u"

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

It's amazing the power of a dream, or a nightmare. Ever have one of those dreams that's so real you not only wake up feeling like you were just there, but even at the mid-day point it still feels so powerfully accurate? I had one of those as I awoke this morning. The basic theme of the dream "they're getting married and bought a house". Why should that upset me so much? I don't know, but it did. It's brought back all of the vivid images, words, and feelings from well over a year ago. I wonder when those things really go away, if at all.

I had repeating dreams through the years of getting cheated on by an ex, which - obviously, came true. So yes, I do take heed to my dreams and their meanings. I know that dream interpretation sounds all hippie and whatnot, but it's also biblical. I think that a healthy mix of 'worst fears to be dealt with' and 'warnings of things to come' is what we can sum a great deal of our dreams up to be.

I guess my mood wasn't helped too much by my choice of lunch time eateries. I went to Meatballs - which is right across the street from the hell-hole house on Scalp Avenue in which I use to reside. Memories suck. Should I start looking forward to senility now? At least I wouldn't realize I was having lime jello for the 4th day in a row, and finger painting with poo would be a great outlet for my artistic anguish.

"Your thoughtless words are breaking my heart. -Jewel"

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

My inbox is way too lonely lately, well it's never shy on spam, I guess I can start reading that if I get desperate for a break during the day. It's funny how things like email come in waves - all of your email lists and individual friends all write at the same time. I love being able to click into my email when my brain or eyes need a break from what I'm working on - darnit, I should find something there.

"Time is melting into history. -Plumb"

Monday, February 23, 2004

Wow I feel like I accomplished alot this weekend, and really there isn't much once you strip away the trips to the grocery store and various other routine things like laundry. I did get a nice visit in to my mother in Altoona, it was good to get a homecooked meal and to sit. I even badgered mom into selecting a few excursions for our trip to Hawaii that interest her. I love planning ahead, yes it probably bugs people, but I get so excited about trips etc. I'm such a child sometimes.

The kitchen, hall, and bathroom floor are getting started today since the carpet was ripped up yesterday. I can't believe how many things have been altered in that house since I returned last May. Time to start a list with dates so I have it handy when the time comes to finally sell.

Taxes are complete! Last envelope went into the mail this morning. I electronically filed with the IRS and NC, the two places who owe me money - I definitely want to get that submitted as quickly as possible. PA's was snail mailed, but I rarely get anything back nor need to pay them, so I can't complain.

I also finally succeeded in skating backwards at my practice on Saturday. I wasn't cutting up ice backwards, but I was definitely moving, which is progress. Look out... Bobby Orr *elbow elbow*.

"So you sit home, drinking alone, empty bottle in your hand. Don't even try to sort out the lies, it's worse to try to understand. -Type O Negative"

Friday, February 20, 2004

A high of 69 degrees today. No. Not here... in Cary. God I miss North Carolina. *sigh*

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Well it's about that time of year again. "Hockey player salad". It seems like hockey players are getting tossed around from team to team on a daily basis. In addition to Irbe leaving the Chiefs, it looks like Bondra is leaving the Caps, Forget and Manzano got called up to AHL, and I'm seeing lots of other talk. At least the Chiefs did get a goalie assigned to them. I've heard that one of our current goalies, I believe it was Campbell broke his wrist now - with him injured and Irbe out the door we wouldn't have had a second goalie to suit up. So, welcome Patzold from Cleveland. Does that mean we'll have two "demo"s (pronounced dee-mo)?

On the dog front, I used my last three pre-paid prints on shutterfly the other day to get new pictures of my babies made. I love playing with their tools to make the pics even cuter. Check them out. Go ahead and click on one to see it full size.

Oh, on one last bright note I forgot to mention - my school loans are paid off. *WOOT*

"I don't wanna be a mean girl, I just wanna be your girl. -Lazy"

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I'm glad to see the Chiefs take out Peoria last night, after an upsetting loss in a shoot out the night before. I didn't make it to the game but I keep my ear to the ground. Sadly, since I didn't go to the game, I did miss Irbe's last game with the Chiefs. He was recalled to Carolina. We've got a solid goalie in Currie, but I know that a lot of the growth we've seen in him this season has been thanks to Irbe's willingness to work with the up and coming goal-tenders. So thank you Arturs!

"Oh, sweet Caroline *bum bum bum* -Neil Diamond"

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

What is it with the rash of elderly people that neglect to notice or inform authorities, that their sibling, with whom they reside is dead?

"An elderly Irishwoman shared a room with her sister's corpse for up to a year and sometimes slept with it in the same bed" ...(Feb 17, 2004)|oddlyenough|02-17-2004::11:09|reuters.html

"A British retiree did not notice his brother had been dead for 18 months despite sharing a mobile home with him. " ...(Feb. 5, 2004)

May I point out one observation by highlighting the fact that the rest of the world thinks us Americans are nuts.

"I contimplate the final hours as they come to be"
Another long weekend a mere memory. I guess my next planned day off isn't until my vacation in May - doesn't THAT seem like forever away!?

Knip was kind enough to call last night to make sure I knew that my details were in the paper yesterday. I never realized that those types of things were printed w/o your authorization, I hardly think that's any of Johnstown's business. But, at the same time, mayhaps that will clear up any other questions people around here (work) have, either that or it may create more. We'll just see.

Well my group assignment for my class was turned in on Sunday. So that's one major milestone over with. A midterm and a final paper to work on remain as large grades.

"Check my blood pressure they think they fresher than the don presciption pills to keep me calm. -Ice Cube"

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Happy valentine's day eh? Crazy dogs. Next year, would someone please help them shop for chocolate, flowers, or even balloons for mummy instead of what I got this morning? Nothing better than a dog with a bit of a 'loose' issue to make your day bright. Well the basement floor is scrubbed. The living room carpet is washed - now to haul the scrubber back upstairs. I said I needed to clean, but this isn't what I had in mind.

And to think I finished all of this before 1pm, even after my ice skating lesson. I'm sure I'll be paying for it tomorrow.

In other news, I heard more word on my favorite Richland area bar that closed down. I had heard rumors that made it sound like there was hope of it reopening, but now it doesn't sound so good. *sigh*

Ok, time to crank out some laundry, get a shower, and get down the mountain to hang out w/ some wacko that actually scheduled himself to work (on-call) on Valentine's day. Sheesh.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Did you miss me?

Yesterday was a bit bland, but a well-received break. I was pulled in for jury duty - woohoo! Mental note, next time take a book. I sat at the court house for a couple hours before they told us that everything was settled and we could go. I pocketed my $9.00 for the day pay and was gone. Gratefully, my company will recognize the full day pay as being at jury duty all day, so I was able to chill for the remainder of the afternoon and still get paid w/o using vacation time.

I've gotta share this one (sorry honey, I'm sure you don't wanna hear about it), I had a cool ass dream about hanging out w/ Richard Paul. *laugh* We were at a bar and bsing and whatnot, then we were at some kind of picnic place and I walked over to talk to a couple ppl that I knew. I of course said "it's the hockey hottie" and pointed at him to which I received "go girls" and a high five or two. It's time like this I really wish I had "nookie" dreams. ;)

On a Paul-related note, the War Memorial is back up and functioning - and the postponed games are set for early next week at discounted ticket prices. *cheer* So at least I have plans for next week!

"A spider's love bite may find you tonight. -Switchblade Symphony"

Monday, February 09, 2004

A small work-rant. I am not Jason. I did not leave the company, have a sex change, and come back as "Judy". I don't know why simply because a last name matches another persons that think you are that person. First, when my review was coming they sent me HIS old resume to update instead of mine. Um. Hmm. No, that won't work. Now that I need work and my resume never did get updated on the internal databases I get emails saying "so you know C++" after I specifically said webbie/database type work.

Let's start over. Hi. I'm Judy. No I'm not polish I just married one. In taking on the last name not only did my heritage not spontaneously change but I also did not suddenly learn any new programming languages or skills. Yes, I use to work here under a different last name. And no, technically, you can't lump me in with the people that have been employeed here for less than a year. In summation, asking me "how's Jason doing" or asking when he's returning to the area/company will only result in me laughing at you for being slow and not catching on too quick.

"What makes you think that you have won, when the battle has only just begun? -Type O Negative"
It's Monday, I'm tired... go figure. I'm back at less than fully tasked at work, and hoping some other project crawls out of the woodwork. I think I'm less productive than I could be when I don't have the pressure of things needing to be done, if I could just get tasked at 125% I might feel like I accomplish things by the end of the day. What frustrates me is I know we have open positions and are constantly hiring, but my timesheet is rarely full - troubling to say the least. I never thought I'd say this - but I just want to be productive darnit.

Not much else going on as of late. Sounds like the issues at the War Memorial will be tended to and repaired in the short term, causing little effect to the remainder of the Chief's season, thank goodness.

The snow is melting, which has it's perks as well as it's negatives. Unfortunately for me one of those negatives is that there is now water dripping furiously in the entry way and now in my living room - despite new roofing on both. Stupid ice backups. I did pick up some nice tiles that I intend to use in the kitchen, hall and bathroom - now to rip up all the carpet and get the floor ready to lay some tile! Fear me.

"The punishment? Eternal lent. Victims be clear. You're all volunteers. -Type O Negative"

Friday, February 06, 2004

You know the weather is bad in Johnstown when... the Chiefs "postponed indefinitely" both weekend home games "due to the recent weather problems in the region".

Update: The truth comes out. Yes, the weather is the root cause of the cancellations, but the main reason is that the ice and snow caused damage to the War Memorial. The snow slid, catching the wall and buckled the top 5-10 bricks out from about Section 15 to Section 21. *SIGH*

Ah well, couldn't make the games this weekend anyhow. Hopefully the weather won't get too bad as to deter pinochle night *woot* If too many people can't make it, do we have to default to strip poker?

Incidently... kudos to, who will allow you to store images and directly link to them (grumbles at geocities).

"Grasping on the galaxy warmed here by the sun. -Collide"

Thursday, February 05, 2004

I ask you - If I'm such an insignificant factor in your life... why are you spending so much time reading my blog. Now, if you think I'm talking to you in this statement, you're probably right. Have a SWELL day ;)

"Take another look at me now, cause it's your last look... your last look forever. -Bif Naked"
Mmm, mid-week hockey fix! Richard didn't get much ice time, but the Chiefs did easily glide to a 3-0 win over the Nailers. Hey Nailer fans... tell Reynolds to sit down and shut up. I polished off the evening with some Orchard wings and a few games on the bar-machine. I really need to price one of those games, even though it would be VERY bad for my productivity if I owned one.

So it's Thursday. Severe lack of motivation is kicking in again. I just want to go curl up in my nice warm bed and sleep for 24 hours straight. I don't know why I get these tired as hell streaks.

My class hasn't started off quite as stellar as the previous term... we were assigned groups instead of picking them this term. As you can imagine, that doesn't bode well. The whole class seems to be a little clueless on the use of the web interface... but my group seems to be having extra stumbles and confusion. If I wanted to babysit I would at least try to get paid for it. Wish me luck. Our group is to have some assemblance of a paper together by the 15th and it's been pulling teeth to even get feedback from the group members on a timeline much less to get notes from them on the read.

"Hey, I want to drive the Zamboni! -Gear Daddies"

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

I guess it's time to post a list of what's new. My life is pretty boring, but there is a few key things I accomplished this week that I'm proud of... or at least proud enough to blabber at the world about.

In an effort to demonstrate there is a little geek in me, somewhere, I cranked out quite a few things on the computers this week so far. Printer is connected and functional (with my 99 cent cable... stupid radio shack wanted $15 for the same one, thank goodness I'm cheap and shop around), and the laptop now dials out so I can surf from bed ;)

Tried the other contacts today and they don't work... so I have yet another trip I need to make in to the eye doctor. You'd think they'd be knowledgable as to which colors work on brown eyes and which don't (as in - which come in opaque and which don't) but nope. Ah well.

Hockey game tonight. May go, we'll see. It's odd to go in the middle of the week, but maybe with a smaller turn out I stand a chance to win one of the jersey give-a-ways. Doubtful, but I can hope - no?

I'm also grateful it's not snowing more today. Had to go up on a ladder to clear the dish last night - can't live without TV, even if it might make me more productive. Speaking of which, I guess I better get in gear. Snoogins.

"I wish you love With anyone else but me -Tapping the Vein"

Monday, February 02, 2004

Signed, sealed, delivered. 90 to 100 days and it's done.

"Reap, I wanna reap. Everything that you sow I will keep. -Drain STH"