Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I just can't take sitting in the fluorescent lights all day. My head is a boomin and teetering on the edge of a migraine. Once again I spent most of the day fighting against falling asleep. I am trying to absorb but I just can't. I'm wiped. I came home and made my to do list hoping that unloading those items onto paper would allow me to fall asleep for a little while. I did nap, but now I just feel off. I'm so out of it that I almost forgot the second test for the class I'm teaching was happening this week.

Just a few more weeks, I hope I can make it without crumbling. Paper. Must focus on the paper.

Monday, November 27, 2006

I had another one of those more horrifying dreams last night. I tend to say I don't have nightmares, I do, they just don't leave me waking up screaming just a bit confused and pensive over the topic. This morning I remember the pieces of avoiding this animal, I don't know if it was a cat or a dog that was evil and out to kill. I remember holding the door shut and imploring whomever I was with to help hold the door. I know I'm missing pieces but, from there I remember ending up inside at a kitchen table with a couple and two other people that I had reservations about - but I knew they had helped us escape the devil-animal. Then the male of the couple says "but it's okay because now she'll be a mom" and the woman of the couple looked down at her stomach as she turned the corner of the table walking towards me - I knew - to kill me, and then a few faces looked up at me with that knowing smile/smirk. That was when the alarm went off. Nice, eh? My dreams are becoming a bit too dark for my own taste.

I struggled to stay awake all day today at the "great opportunity" location. I never did do well in long lecture classes, but most of my day was listening to someone talk. It was just too much. Now to get the draft of my term paper done. *sigh*

Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Chiefs lost! Waaaah. But I did get a nice signed game day booklet from England today! Thanks Zos!

I also got some of the apartment turnover complete, luckily the previous tenant did a pretty good job cleaning up. I did still have to run to buy some replacement items as tenants past scraped up pots that are now rusting and looking nasty. Why must boys use metal scrapers with no-stick pans?

I remembered a little creepy story I forgot to blog from my trip to the dentist. So there was a coat and hat sitting on a chair. I made my assumptions of who might wear these clothes while I waited. When the teenaged boy came out and left with his mother (who was also waiting in the lobby) left without snagging the coat and hat I was a bit perplexed. But it didn't compare to how horrified I was to see the rather old gentleman come out and put these garments on. The hat read "Do you want to go home with me?" *shiver*
Jamie Hillegas, whoever that is, is an asshole. Why pray tell? Because they're irresponsible with their money and have creditors calling. Ok, that doesn't make someone an asshole that just makes them stupid, but the fact that they clearly have given out my home telephone number to their bill collectors does make them an asshole.

I've been woken up several times, and told the people calling repeatedly that this moron does not live here but it appears the bill collectors are even larger assholes as they continue to call.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving. Ate too much, but need I actually point that out? I headed to mom's after work on Wednesday and woofed down a good bit today. She always does cook like the army planned on swinging in.

I have to admit even Thanksgiving as a holiday has me a bit sad. Holidays are rather pointless when all they are is another day with an abnormally large meal. Maybe my mood also reflects the never ending supply of 40something men that find my profile appealing. Blah. I don't want old. Shoot. I am not sure I want my age... I guess it's not fair to wish I could have my 20's back? I so should have spent them whoring it up a bit.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Does the goofy household discovery thing ever end? All evening since I've returned from my dentist visit (all clear!) and dinner at the Boulevard, Vixen has had her nose shoved back by the bookshelves. Great, so there must be a critter that came in. This happens as it gets cold around here - a small field mouse or two, nothing that lasts long. A while later I hear scurrying across the ceiling. This isn't a small field mouse. Ok, so it's probably a squirrel. Needless to say this flashes me back to the occasion when a squirrel came down through the chimney. Lesson learned on that previous occasion? While the squirrel can climb straight up the wall and across the curtains Satin could not, but she sure as heck tried.
Dangit, I posted last night but it tossed an error and wouldn't let me back in. Long story short the trip to Dayton was nice since we won and slid into first place, but I left with a sour taste in my mouth. To think they'd want to toss in the towel and cancel the game just to avoid being near the fan club on a bus. Say what they will that it was because they wanted to stretch out etc but I know that's crap from the way they danced outside as though a miracle could save them from their fate and from the row of empty seats between us and them as though we were going to bite. Will I take the next road trip? Sure, but it'll be to watch Bates play, not the Chiefs.

The trip had me fairly well worn out despite sleeping pretty well on the bus with my feet kicked up on the window. Tylenol knocked me out the rest of the way last night and I crashed out from around 9pm to 8am. It's my last chance to come in a bit late, so I took it. I'm sure I'll be working through lunch anyhow.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Nailers lose again... and Ian MacLean returns to the Chiefs! Tomorrow it's time to see them win in Dayton! You'll recognize me. I'll be the girl grading code on the way there.

I was asleep by midnight last night. How in my mind that seems so early is beyond me. What have I become? My workday today was rather hectic. At least I still have part of the day Monday to finish up a few more things before migrating downtown. This is going to be an interesting couple of months. All I have to say is there had better be some eye candy down there. I have to test the loaner laptop to see if I can get into my timesheet and email since the tunnel won't work on my personal machine for some ungodly reason, so I guess it's time to head off.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I've said for years that the Detroit Red Wings (and Martha Stewart) were the Devil. If tonight's episode of Southpark didn't demonstrate my theory beyond all argument I don't know what does.

The Chiefs lost this evening. I'm too tired to have more feeling than a desire to turn in. But of course, there is too much to be done. I just realized that an assignment for the class I'm teaching was due at midnight (adding another thing to my to do list), what kind of a-hole teacher... oh wait, that's me.

There are just too many things. I need to start making more lists before things fall out of my brain.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

oooh, but it's a greeeeeeat opportunity! Well golly gee, that changes everything.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

I rested up after leaving work a bit early yesterday and did some work in the evening before returning to my bed for some sleep catch-up. This morning it was all about the weekly assignment. Now if I just had more hours and inspiration to crank out the individual paper. 5 weeks left. I can do this.

While the Chiefs lost tonight it was a loud one. The Word of Life crew was in town once again and kept the place humming. While the boys weren't scoring they were hitting. Some of the hits were hard enough you'd think they were expecting candy or beer to fall out.

Thanks to my little letter in the Tribune the other day I had a visitor at my seat... Thank you to Don Hall for giving me the pleasure of his introduction. I'm touched that you would take the time to come in appreciation of my effort. I wish I could do more.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

For the first time in a very long time I left work not only feeling like I accomplished something but I also felt a bit hardcore. Judy was writing perl. Go me. I actually got somewhere too! I should have something finalized this morning that will pull all of the files in a few folders _with history_ from our old ClearCase VOB to the new one.

I foolishly went to the Southside last night with coworkers and didn't end up getting home again too quickly. Shame on me. I was dead tired yesterday afternoon and nearly falling asleep. Another late night with no progress on my assignments is not what I needed. I'm heading out early today. Maybe a nap, but definitely a jump start on work that needs finished up this weekend. At least if my nose is buried in my books I don't have to hear the wonders of my friends tauted by others.

I also just want to spend some time with my fuzzy girl. I am feeling bad at the thought of not spending the holidays entirely with her. But maybe that is just my mind and my paranoia staying a step ahead of me.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Maple Leafs do have a good sense of humor.
I'm so sleepy today. For a Monday yesterday wasn't so bad, it went fast. The CD player in the Stratus works once again and I am ready to toss her to the garage. Dealing with ClearCase VOB migration all day made the clock move, but of course I saved the worst for last and I'm not sure how to automate this last effort and make my life a whole hell of a lot easier.

I did haul myself over to vote this morning. I was voter number 33 (go Bates)! From there I went to Sheetz to snag a coffee and almost voted for a Schmuffin too. Touch-screens are fun. I also shared my opinion in a rebuttal submitted to the reader forum late last evening. I was rather confused and disoriented to have the newspaper call me at 7:15 this morning to confirm my submission. Desperate for content eh?

Fantasy hockey I finally fought my way to number 2 in our league. Let's see how long I can clutch on to that one.

I also submitted myself as a party of one for the Gala. I'm sure it will be easier to go and have fun without feeling the need to tend to a date, but it would have been nice to have one.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Oh baby, how about them Chiefs? Good job boys. I've said it before, I'll say it again - nothing makes me more proud than controlling and whipping Wheeling. Before the game I did grub at the Boulevard with the Slipster, it was quite nice to sit and chat. After the game, over to the Haven for another drink with a few non-nicknamed folk and Franciscoand yet more good chatting.

Further, DesRochers got not one, but two goals this evening for Springfield. Good job sweetheart, keep it up. I am very happy for you, but so very happy for me as well.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pleased. Very VERY pleased. I'd imagine for most it would be a mildly good mood, but after being so worn down, burned out, and just in the dumps for so long it feels extra good to be up.

So what has you so pleased Ms. Judy? Well...
1). DesRochers signed a PTO w/ Springfield and is gone. This pleases me for the excitement of his opportunity, as well as many other selfish reasons.

2). The Chiefs kicked some ass last night. 7-3 over the Titans. And the horror fan me was appeased with Heny's mid-ice hit on Bertolli that took him out of the game. I saw a flash of his face towards me and the face guard appeared to be splashed with blood. If I mis-saw that it's a surprise, as there was blood trailing across the ice back to the bench and off the ice. Great hits, good scoring, proof we didn't need certain people here (Roche, Smolenak) and a big thumbs up to Spina. When I saw he resigned in Springfield I was excited anticipating him coming here. I'm sorry he wasn't putting up numbers in Springfield, but he turned that around quickly last night with two of those goals and another assist.

It was also lovely to have a good sized crew at the game. Slippy, Cindi/Eric, Beff, Francisco, Pepe, P-Mart. Even if my strategic planning didn't guarantee me my coat seat this season *grumble* I'm still pleased.

3). My jersey pre-order is in with Meigray and I'll have my Leafs jersey in December.

4). Our second group paper went well. VERY well. I'm still scared, but I know I won't _fail_ this semester and that there is still hope now to pull this one out of the trash can. I so hope I can keep up on my individual work from here out and give her what she's looking for.

5). The sun is out. It's still cold as hell here though. Ok, not quite, but it was in the 20's last night and my furnace is staying busy.

6). I finished the book! Beff will be so happy. I can't believe it took me since before the cruise. I guess when I'm done with classes in the spring I'll be able to catch up on all the pleasure reading that is piling up.

I'm almost in too good of a mood to work... but, I'll get some of it done, and mayhaps some grubbing at the Boulevard for dinner to celebrate the good grade.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Southside. Beer. Food. Yummy.

I joined a few coworkers for some grub and beer this evening. The closest to the Flying Saucer in Raleigh's beer selection I've seen. Funny how most of the things I consider to be "assets" in Johnstown are bars. I guess I know what I'll be doing when I'm bored as hell after I graduate in the spring. Let the drinking begin.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Remind me again why I get sad that I'm single and actually want a man? Is it because I WANT to be called names joke or not (thanks for that E, great timing) or maybe it's that nice warm and fuzzy feeling you get when they say things like "I don't know if I ever loved you" or decide to leave for some fat skank that makes her coworkers want to vomit when they see her wearing skin tight pants and a thong. *shiver*

The invites for the holiday "Gala" came out today. I have until the 18th to find a date. How awful of a feeling is that? If I didn't get a date in the past... [care not to state] ...I'm not going to pull it off in two weeks, even with an open bar and really good grub. Scanning my addresses I don't even have a guy friend that is single and local to take with. I have flashbacks to the prom too freaking often, this time I'm not taking the "bad" kid to avoid going alone.