Thursday, December 30, 2004

Since the Slipster must be bored at work (and checking my blog for updates *smile*) here goes. What's to say. I'm enjoying my days off. Yesterday a few of us hit the Chiefs practice - it was quite entertaining to hear a few of the guys thinking they were the sh*t for making a shot (BK)... or cursing wildly for missing it (tsk tsk Mather - I would have never guessed such terms would come out of your mouth).

From there, a quick lunch with the girls and wandering the mall as a group. I felt like the plastics walking down the halls taking up the whole width. Finally yesterday a few hours at the salon and a few drinks w/ the girls. It was a great day. :)

Today I figure it's movie day. I watched Bad Boys II and then headed back to the mall to meet the Slipster for lunch. From there I returned to Bath and Body and got the lavender goodies I wanted - on sale or not. So, now I need someone who can help me w/ the lavender massage oil - any takers? :)

I'm listening to a new album I picked up at the moment - at the suggestion of Brian - Low's Trust CD. It's pretty decent. A little more mellow and less hate-filled than most of my music, but still quite nice. Mayhaps after I'll watch a few more movies, unless of course Davey-Boy is up for a trip out for a drink or two. Ah. It's so nice to not have anything pressing for a while. Hockey tomorrow... and new years eve parties too!

"I fell hard. I fell fast. Mercy me. It'll never last. -Low"

Monday, December 27, 2004

Ok, problem solved. I won't feel like a retard for being at two practices because there didn't seem to be one today. My niece seemed a little bummed - as she even wore my smaller sized Chiefs jersey *aww, how cute*. Today is a good day to just stay in and tend to the fire anyhow. Poor kids. That means they'll have to eat Aunt Judy's cooking tonight. Muahaha.

I stopped off at Blockbuster and raided the sale previously viewed racks. I officially need more space for my movies. I also need to start a list so I know what all I have. That goes for my CDs as well. Maybe that will keep me busy some afternoon after the rugrats have departed.

I had a freaky dream last night about Jeff Zehr. He needed to talk to me but didn't get to say about what before the niece woke me. *laugh* Again, the human mind and dreams are just screwy.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Another holiday ka-put, leaving me with a full year before the answer to my famous question of "Christmas tomorrow?" gets me the answer I want. Granted, it would be nice to have the enthusiasm for the holidays that I use to have. I guess that's only something I'll really get back once I find a keeper again. Somehow having someone you care about (beyond your blood family) gives you inspiration to cook and do all of those happy home maker things for the holidays.

I did opt to drag the rugrats back from my mom's, so I've been kept in the entertainment of my niece and nephew since last evening. So there are movies, and playstation games gallore. Is it wrong that when my nephew picked up a hooker and then beat her to death to get his money back on Grand Theft Auto III that I was proud? *laugh*

All the beautiful people of Johnstown should be on their way back to town today (yes, you have to import beautiful people from Canada to make this place look good - and yes, I'm referring to many of the hockey players). I guess most of the beauty stems from Jean Desrochers this year, but I digress. *grin* I know there are many friends of mine that look forward to their return for very similar reasons.

I was talking with a couple friends about hitting practice later in the week, since I'm off of work and whatnot, but I may end up hitting tomorrow's too, as my niece wants to go since there isn't a game until after they leave. I've already threatened that if she embarasses me I'll have to get even the next time I visit Texas.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Chocolates, great books, horror flicks, and retro games for my playstation... all this and it's not even Christmas day yet. I've acquired these things over the past couple days exchanging goodies with several of my buds.

I spent a little time having fun with the niece today. A litle bit of ice time so I don't completely forget how to skate and a couple more games of bowling. With the nephew visiting other family it's a little quiet here. I just might make it through the evening w/o snapping *smile* course, mom can still pick in all the right ways. I did have to brave my fellow humans for a brief period earlier today at the Giant Eagle and what a nightmare. If you see someone with two 20lb bags of dog food in their arms - for the love of God, get your cart out of the way.

Now, who wants to eat all of the cookies that are sitting around... help save me from myself. I personally am just crossing my fingers that the sushi joint is open this evening. Nothing says Merry Christmas like Christmas eve dinner of sushi.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

First two games at bowling tonight pretty much stunk. I could have easily not showed and let them do 10 pins under my average and helped the team equally. At least my third game made up for it - as I bowled a 176 - beating my high once again.

I neglected to report my fun last evening, as I had returned back to my home town to watch a buddy ref a swimming meet. Most people don't realize I use to swim. I sucked at it, but I swam. Anyhow, the current coach back home was our top male swimmer when I was in school. It was kind of amusing to see him there coaching. It was even more fun to get a whiff of the chlorine - I've SO missed it. I might just listen to Davey T and get my PIAA certification and do some reffing next year.
I got an A! I can't believe it. I was really stressing this term. Ok, one more class and I'm to the half-way point. At least I have my answer on this and I now have one less thing to worry about. I can now enjoy all of the other parties and events associated with the holidays and relax before the next term starts.

"It has been five days, you haven't called me. -Destiny's Child"

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Let me get this straight. I have to wait how long for the next hockey game? Ok ok. Unfortunately our last game went to an OT loss against AC. But, we did get a goal out of both Tallari and Desrochers.

I don't want to go to work tomorrow. I know this already. It was 5 degrees at the bank when I came home. 5 degrees. Kill me now. At least there isn't a foot of snow. Course, now that I typed that I suspect I'll find a bit tomorrow morning to clean off the car.

BTW. Doubt you read this, but if you do. Yeah. I'm still afraid of boys. That would be why I run and hide - I know you noticed this as you seem to still know where I am hiding. I'm such a retard.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Chiefs win it again 3-0. Congrats to Joe, Jean, and Cavy for their points. The toy toss was nice... but it was even better to hear the Christmas music playing during the brawl. Yes, brawl. 119 PIM issued in the third period. How funny is that?

GQ you're too nice of a guy. Even if you did scare the crap out of me opening that door. How do I rate?

Tomorrow I make the run to get my sister and her family. Hopefully we'll be back in time for the game. Mayhaps I'll drag the rugrats with, we'll see. Ok, must sleep now.
You know you're at a party too late when... you're on your way home and you pass the hockey team's bus as it's heading down bedford towards belmont after leaving Dayton post game (10pmish). Doh. Anyhow... Thank you Scott for a bitchin party - same as always. I even won a door prize! Considering it was the 'politically incorrect christmas' celebration you can only imagine.

Related to events at the party... I think I've turned partially into a former relative-in-law. Maybe it is all about attitude, and that can draw people to you. Yes, I will ALWAYS find it strange when guys hit on me in any way, shape, or form. Further, I'm always shocked as hell when a guy that I think is pretty good looking even talks to me. When you evolve that into me being able to sit and talk back for an extended period of time without feeling like I said something incredibly stupid... go me!

To make me extra happy the Chiefs shut out Dayton 3-0. Since I was no longer listening midway through the second period I heard from another source that Desrochers had a pseudo scrap which gave him 5 in the box. *ha* Let me explain, you need not fight to impress me. *grin*

Friday, December 17, 2004

Yes, I'm still alive, but thanks for your concern. It's been a very busy week with work... and recovering from partying. Of course, there is another party tonight. I think I need to take a radio however so I can see how my boys are doing. Time to stomp Dayton!

Did you ever have an epiphany? Like you're just laying there, half asleep and something comes to you - something that you shouldn't know about? That happened last night. I'm rather interested to get some information from this person to see how accurate my little poof of information is. Sometimes the subconscious mind freaks me out. Needless to say, depending whether I get blown off this weekend or not may determine if I ever get the answer to that question.

"But now I am strong because of you -Beyonce"

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Photos photos. I got the ones from the Chiefs party cropped and uploaded. I'll tend to the ones from Saturday's party later this week.

Some of those pics. Wow. GQ from the PQ. Double wow. I'm going to go get a cold shower now. I'm glad I was there, or I would have been pissed. *laugh*
Ok, now that I am awake I can spout about the good times from last night. I am really glad to see that the boys appeared to have fun. The rookies sang and danced... heck a couple even went back for more karaoke *smile*

Cavy and Bowman breakdancing? Cavy, you really got your jiggy on last night didn't you? Tremblay, thanks for letting me borrow your cowboy hat, despite it leaving you with hat head. BK is cat in the hat (with a few drinks). And who would have thought Jean would eat the hershey kiss and leave the cookie behind. What's up with that? tsk tsk.

Hildy also got back into town and joined us, so welcome back Hildy. Christalin, it was good to meet you. Kristi - hope you had fun, I'm glad you got up and danced and had a smile on your face, you should have one.

"I look around but you're out of sight. -Ian Van Dahl"
Now that I know that Mudder's woman reads this, what do I say? *laugh* Hi "L"!! Anyhow. Yeah, got dissed while girl talking, but I guess it was for the best. Ah well. Goon to pretty boy. What a shift. All I have to say about tonight is "go rookies!" You guys rule. Too funny.

Monday, December 13, 2004

A happy birthday to Batesy, no, not the fish... the hockey player.

Tonight should be good for entertainment as it's the annual fan club Christmas party. Woohoo! I doubt highly I'll be dancing much until I get a few drinks in me as my legs are still sore from Saturday. Damn I'm old.

Today is also the two year anniversary of realizing that you can not trust anyone, not matter how long you've known them or been with them. I still maintain how fortunate some people were that they were outside of the continental US when I caught on.

As Eminem states earlier in this song... sixteen bars, this ain't enough to put some ink to... so today's quote will go beyond the normal boundaries.

"I hope you get to hell and Satan sticks a needle in your eye
I hate your fuckin' guts, you fuckin' slut--I hope you die

But please don't get me wrong, I'm not bitter or mad
It's not that I still love you, it's not 'cause I want you back
It's just that when I think of you, it makes me wanna yak.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Sully's back on the injured list. Go figure. Now we wait and see what type of punishment is dished out for slashing at his recently healed wrist/hand. Needless to say this means we probably won't see him again until after surgery - if at all - this season.

I made a quick grocery store run today and some other little things. I find it funny how people get use to being overly busy - so much so that they can't cope with being able to sit around and do nothing. Yes, I'm bored already. I'm still a little anxious, and I will be until I get my grade. In my grocery run I pleased the dogs greatly by picking up some bones for them to stay entertained with tonight.

I don't know if it's the weather change (we got our first real dusting of snow last night), but something is up with the dogs. Satin has been a sleeping fiend lately. I typically let them both outside when I roll out of bed in the morning and then head for the shower. Lately it's been, let Vixen out, get a shower, go pry Satin off of her pillow. Hopefully she's just lazy, and not starting to demonstrate how old she is. Just in case the weather is bothering her joints I've started back up with her joint care tablets. We'll see.

Now, to appease my boredom and to make my mind wander through things I'd evaluated time and time again - it's time to toss in When Harry Met Sally again.
Well well well... look at this. The one away game that I can't go to or listen to and we win. We win againt the number one team in the division in overtime! Take that AC! Go Chiefs - good work boys. At least ya'll will be in a good mood for the party on Monday.

Speaking of parties. I had a good time this evening at my work party. I didn't drink as much as I did last year, which is good. I also still rode home in Kirk's vehicle listening to Depeche Mode, I think I'm going to call it a tradition now, that it's happened two years in a row. No I didn't ACCIDENTLY miss the bus, this year we did it on purpose to ride home with the Kirkus. Grub was good, company was even better - and I got my groove on just in time to call it a warm up for Monday. What??? OKKKK!

Last night was fun, despite our loss in Reading. The road trip wasn't too terribly long. Overtime overtime. It's good to see you finally become our friend.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Thanks for the notice K, as my email notifications are slacking (what's up with that) but I see Tremblay is back off of IR and Paul Lynch is on his way to Charlotte. I kind of guessed he wouldn't be here all season.

Yesterday felt like it should be Friday, today feels even more so as such. Tonight there will be no work brought home with me and no class work. I think I'll manage to cope w/ the boredom. Maybe a DVD, or falling asleep way earlier - which sounds like a good idea. All I know for certain is that there is a bottle of Kahlua and one of Vodka calling my name.
The paper is done and turned in. I delayed turning it in immediately, and I'm glad I did... I instead went out and celebrated being done. Premature, yes, but a good thing, as I came up with a great idea while out. So, when I got home I spent the couple of hours to make this change and turned in the paper. That's why I'm on so freaking late.

So what did Judy do to go celebrate, well let me tell you. First I did a little shopping. I can't believe I don't have ALL of the gifts I need just yet. Only one or two more to go. I also picked up some bling to go with my dress for Saturday.

Anyhow, then I went to see Blade Trinity. I know, some people hated the sequel, but I liked it. If you dug the second flick, you'll appreciate the third one as well. If for no other reason than the fact that the age old question as to the erotic nature of bloodlust is answered. *ha*

I really liked the character Danica Talos' look, it's an uber-gothy style that I need to put into my arsenal to pull out when needed - minus the hair. If you see the movie, tell me that from the side this girl doesn't look like a betta fish all flared up. Also, I was right in my shock that the one girl in the flick was also in American Pie. Sure enough, it was her! With that, now I sleep.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Cursed headache. I can only attribute it to not getting enough sleep, but that will change very very soon! Last night I was busier than I think I ever have been and more successful at everything too. I bowled wonderfully by my standards. My second game didn't completely stink, my third game was a 160 and I stepped my high series from 393 to 414!

I came home and worked on my paper and have it to the point where I could turn it in now if I HAD to. Just a little more work and I can send it off. Maybe I will be able to attend my class tomorrow night and go to Reading on Friday with a clear mind! Hmm, I wonder if I could go catch Blade III tonight.

I don't recall if I reported that Stevenson was recalled back to Cleveland, but I found this article which tweaks me off a little. I understand the theory here, but I'm a little irritated at the way this article reads. So being in Johnstown, playing for the Chiefs is a punishment? Not in my eyes. Grant Stevenson was BLESSED to come to our town and to be a Chief. Can I hear a "thank you coach may I have another"? Incidently, Mr. Downey is also gone, once again, to my understanding.

"Now I'm losing who I am. -Drain STH"

Monday, December 06, 2004

After being at my desk for a mere hour out of eight and getting fifty emails in one day I can say I am most definitely in project management. I spent the entire morning in meetings. Tell me, how does one get things done when they are perpetually in a meeting about what needs to be done?

I digress. I am glad I left myself a note, as in my rushed day I didn't get a chance to relay a humorous dog story to my blog, the title IS Hockey, _Dogs_, and Cake after all. So here goes. Last evening I had a fire going which was heating up the living room, kitchen and hall quite nicely. Of course that meant the heat wasn't kicking on, and with the bedroom door closed it was destined to be pretty cold in there by the time I went to bed. So, I propped open the door and strategically placed a basket of dirty clothes in the entryway to prevent the dogs from wandering in (mostly to keep Vixen off of my bed).

Satin loves to test boundaries, so I didn't have high expectations of this ghetto solution, but to my surprise - she remained out of the bedroom all evening. WOW! Alas, it's about that time, a little after midnight and I'm bushed from cranking out more of my paper. I brush my teeth and come out to gather my girls into the room for a good night's sleep, but I can't find Satin. After looking around a little I decided to enter the room and move the basket of clothes.

TADA! Satin is curled up - fast asleep on her pillow in the corner of the bedroom. Yes, my dog is smarter than me. It was nice of her however to humor me and stay out of the room until bedtime.

Anyhow, time to jet to the fan club meeting.

And, by the way, RP... I heard what you did. *smacks forehead* honey... c'mon.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

:( With the latest update of the UHL website I see Paulie was put on waivers on Friday and cleared them yesterday. Not good not good. Fingers crossed.
Two nights... two butt kickings. Not pretty at all. Granted there are a lot of little shifts happening w/ the team right now between Mather needing to step out for a little while, Sully coming back, Grant Stevenson joining us from Cleveland, Bill Downey resigning with us, Tremblay, James and Demo all dancing on and off of IR... it's to be expected to have a little bit of a shake up. But two nights w/ only one goal?

Friday's game Mather gave us our lone score against Dayton finishing the game down . Saturday our lone goal came from BK and we ended up down 6 to 1 here at home! Well, Notermann being w/ AC didn't help us much as he quickly snapped up two goals. Sorry Notes, we have to yell and scream at you now that you left us *shrug*

Well, let's see how the boys do today in Trenton. Maybe the loss last night signals a change for things to come on the road (keep in mind the road has NOT been good to us so far this season).

Saturday, December 04, 2004

The past three hours of my life just blurred by, and my brain says ouch. Can you say final exam from hell? When you're almost at the 3 hour point on a 50 question multiple choice test and you still have 10 blanks that's not good. Never mind the number of times my first instinct was "who"? or "did we cover that"?

Yes, it's clear there will be no working on the paper this afternoon. There will only be drinking and preparation for relaxation at the game. Call it my last supper.

Friday, December 03, 2004

It's Friday and tomorrow is my first final. I may very well lose my mind by then... so bare with me on this post. When I get stressed out little silly things start to pick at me like I'm a great big scab ready to bleed. I think we managed to off the freaking blackberry in the next (EMPTY) cube which has been making an annoying buzzing and bleeping noise every three minutes or so. Maybe I just seek out things that will bug me, as my next step was to peek in on the news. Here are the head shakers I found so far today.

Insanity number 1: [article] Bonds says he UNKNOWINGLY took steriods. Are you hearing me here people? Unknowingly. Even if the "medications" had names I was unfamiliar with I might inquire as to what exactly I was receiving. If you're not smart enough to tend to your person you should be wearing a helmet like Miss Clara's cousin Bleh. (If you don't catch my reference you need to watch more comedy central).

Insanity number 2: [article] The term master/slave, as used for computers was banned as being RACIALLY offensive in LA. WHAT?! RACIALLY? Um. I didn't realize bondage had anything to do with race... oh wait, it's not bondage, it's the oppression of geeks and their humor everywhere. Just ask Cartman: "Seriously. I HATE YOU GUYS."

Insanity number 3: [article] Men wearing the wrong size condoms. Is this really a discussion? What shocks me is that this article claims nearly half of the men out there try to squeeze into condoms that are ... TOO SMALL. Where ARE these men?

On other, decent news, the NHL and NHLPA are looking to have negotations. I don't expect much to come of this aside from a formal announcement that the rest of the season is axed, but it's good to see something new on this front.

With local hockey here's the latest words: Bill Downey is resigned with us, at least to help us cover whilest we're down a few. My understand is that we will be missing our latest captain, Mather due to personal reasons. Sully has been blessed to hit the ice again... and Tremblay is now on 7-day IR. Oh, and Desrochers is still pretty.

"Burn the witch. Just bring me back her head. -Hole"

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

It's December. When did that happen?

Not much going on in hockey world, which is good, because I can focus on other things I need to accomplish. Hildy was called up to the AHL - well, they phrased it as 'loaned'. So three cheers to him. Ok. Time to make a pot of coffee and get serious about the things I need to wrap up for my class. I'm SO going to need the work party and the fan club party to get over the end of the semester. Watch out bottom of the bottle... here I come.

Have I mentioned I absolfreakinglutely adore Eminem's latest album. Heh. This man should be writing for Halmark just so I could buy cards for my ex.

"If you want me let me know, baby let it show. -Madonna"

Monday, November 29, 2004

I see a good number of people entering my blog from searches for certain players (Paul, Zehr, Lynch, James) - so if you hit my site on the quest for more information on a certain Chief's player, be sure to leave a comment so I know who I need to try and talk about a little more! Oh, and all you Atlantic BB guys... don't be requesting more information on yourself. *rolls eyes*

"I would have given you all of my heart, but there's someone who's torn it apart. -Sheryl Crow"
Let the terror begin. I have my first masters level final exam in 5 days. Yes, it's multiple choice, but often that ends up being even worse than essay questions (I'm terrible about second guessing myself). I guess it's time to really put the spurs to my final paper too.

Can I just go home and go back to bed instead? I'm back in my active dreaming phase again where I get to see so many people that I haven't seen in a while and miss terribly. I've said it before and will say it again, it's terrible when your dream world is more entertaining than and preferable to daily life.

And since I didn't post yesterday, I neglected to note the Chiefs' glorious win over the Ice Dogs. Woot!

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Chiefs beat Toledo! Woohoo. Great game, and I even snagged some more good photos. I need to go through them and add them to my pile. I think I'll post one link to all of my Oct-Dec photos and then another for later in the season, so hang in there for these links.

I snapped last night too and ordered one of this season's jerseys from Meigray last evening. Not sure what they classify as 'half way through the season' but I'll be getting a game worn whenever they ship it. I am just not a lucky person, so spending money on the jersey raffle at every game is a waste.

Today is for the removal of Thanksgiving decor and the hanging of the greens, as well as my bitchin little fiber op tree. Shiney. I like shiney things. As part of my cleaning I spontaneously participated in some type o negative therapy. It's true, therapy is expensive - but man can make fire for free.

"All of the flowers I gave her, she burned them. -Type O Negative"

Friday, November 26, 2004

Ok, I spoke too soon. There was flurries... heck some even laid in Altoona. To sum up the past 48 hours: My family gave me the bird, and I consumed sushi. These things make me happy. Tonight and tomorrow: more hockey! Nothing really else to say, but I knew ya'll missed me ;)

"Da doying doying doying. -Eminem"

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Another long weekend approaches, and it hasn't even snowed in Johnstown yet. I suppose I should bite my tongue lest I anger the gods. I hope I can get my house cleaned up and my Christmas cards finalized this weekend. It's hockey night once again so hip-hip to the boys let's get back out of this slump.

Bowling went well last night. I even beat my high series by 4 pins. I'm still under 400 on my series but barely. If my second game didn't always completely revert to ineptitude I might be golden.

Ok, now it's time for audience participation. See the little 'comment' link below each post? I want you to click on this link and leave an anonymous post for me. Help me out here... what is WRONG with me? As I've mentioned before - I waffle back and forth between wanting to find Mr. Right and wanting to just run around and have fun. At the same time here I am two weeks from the office Christmas party and I'm dateless. I mean, how hard is it to find a date when you can offer someone surf and turf and all the free booze they can guzzle? (Even if the hockey team didn't have a game that night I'd never have the balls to twist one of their arms into going. I only mention this because several people's first response was - make a player go with you. And no, ensuring one of them is on IR is NOT a good option either, but thanks for that idea C. *bites lip*) Do I just interest myself in the unattainable ones BECAUSE they're unattainable? Is it my own subconscious effort to thwart my own efforts?

Also, if you feel so inclined, let me know at what point I'll start to understand men a little more. I've grown up with mostly male friends, I think I "get" guys better than I do females but I still end up clueless. Example: The one who should have been #1, could have been #4, the one whom I've loved for years... now disappears back into the communication void. What do I do? I turn female and start questioning why I haven't heard from him. I know that's stupid (and way too female for my own liking), but I do it.

"I may just be a little too fast pace and racey. -Eminem"

Monday, November 22, 2004

It's here! For once I'll be wearing something to bed. Woohoo - Batesy!
4-1 loss to Toledo yesterday. With our only goal coming from Van Hoof VERY early in the first period. Ouch. Stranger things have happened I suppose... like Port Huron winning multiple games this weekend. What gives with that? More insulting still was seeing that Reading beat Dayton 7-1. After we lost to Dayton, that's just not right.

At least my paper is turned in. Now I can focus on all of the other things I don't have time to get done. Woohoo!

"Sweet raptured light, it ends here tonight. -Evanescence"

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Team suspension? WOW, you ARE a bad egg. What did you do? You need turned over someone's knee. *grin* On a related note, Port Huron went 1 and 1 so far this weekend.

Ok, time to share the photo of Jean Desrochers and I. Like I said, I look terrible, but eh - that's nothing new. Photos and I don't get along. Clearly, the best looking guy on the team this year *laugh* Paulie had the bad egg type of hots, Jean has the goody two-shoes good looks. Both are great, but there is something to be said about bad eggs.

Friday night's game against Dayton was quite sweet. A nice 5-1 win with goals from Bilodeau, Mather, Hildy, Tremblay and Reid. Saturday wasn't exactly the best evening, but it was a good game. We should have won, but a few small mistakes ended up allowing for a couple more Dayton goals. We still only dropped in a final score of 5-4. Good work to Mather, James, Desrochers, and Tallari for giving us the 4 we had.

While the Chiefs continued up the road to Toledo to play, our little group hauled back to Johnstown getting in around 4am. It was a good trip and very relaxing. I do have to wonder a little about the new friendships I'm forming. It's good to have hockey friends - but a little awkward to know that there are other people out there as nutty as I am *grin* You know who you are.

First, no his name isn't GENE Dishwasher, second how embarassing is getting a signature paper with x's and o's and a "Love". You guys crack me up.

Time for a little mid-season status report on a few boys:

13 Paul, Richard 9 0 2 2 0 19 5 0.0
22 Desrochers, Jean 11 4 4 8 4 0 15 26.7

Today's plans... polish off this paper and listen to the 3pm game.

On a crappy note for this weekend, yesterday morning I noticed that somehow the freezer got shut off. Something must have slid along the dial when I last closed the door. So I pitched a TON of food yesterday. *sigh* I was quite displeased.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Chiefs lost last night in the burgh to Wheeling, 3-1. I guess I should know better than to travel to watch them play. It was a good trip, despite the rain it was nice to take a mini-road trip and chill. Quite a few fights, even James dropped the purse and tried to go at it. I think he broke a nail.

While there two of us were trying to determine who the eye-candy was standing with some of our scratched players. Well, now if this isn't a shock:
Assigned from Springfield Falcons, Dennis Packard... Left Wing, 6'4" 234lb, from Harvard and a PA native. If THAT is the guy, go figure. I'm telling you, there is something inherently good looking about left wingers.

Beacons lost again last evening. Eeep.

And... yesterday my Christmas party dress arrived. While, as expected, I need to do something to make sure the chest doesn't fall off, it's perfect. I KNEW it was THE dress. *woohoo*

"You're so close to me but still so distant. -Linkin Park"

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Well it's about time I belt out some discussion on the dogs. And what better than to talk about than this past weekend's oddity which was Vixen being obscenely nice to someone right from her first meeting of them and Satin not wanting to even get petted. Yes, Tony was adored by Vixen. Satin eventually warmed up, but we all know she can't turn down getting petted for too long.

While I'm greedy and wished he could have hung around Altoona/Johnstown for another week, I'm just glad we got to see each other a couple times and he got to meet a few of my friends, even if it does probably mean that too much information sharing will probably take place down the road. Just remember I get even, and I know SO much. *grin* Either way, I hope the drive is going well and that you find Arizona pleasing.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Happy happy camper. I think all things combined most definitely allow for the classification of this weekend as stellar. There are no words to explain what brings me extreme joy at this moment on top of the rest of the weekend, but mayhaps a photo will suffice. (Must temper my excitement until I get it in my grubby little hands.)
Paulie's back on the ice and fighting again *woohoo*. I even have photographic proof of it! Thanks to Hogwild for sharing his photos online. He must have been in on Friday, just 'silent' (read: no penalties or goals). Unfortunately it didn't help get the Beacons up last evening. Now, when it comes to the Chiefs - it was an excellent weekend producing not just one, but two (regulation) wins against Peoria. Last night's game ended at 5-2 with goals by Hildy, Reid, James, and BK with 2. I missed a good bit of it as I was working the photo booth all night, but what I saw was a great game.

And, it was made even better by my company. While it's always lovely to go to a game with the Slipster, last evening we also had Tony in tow. Nothing better than getting laughed at for the obsession he started. Follow up the game with a few drinks at Jerry's and it was a great night. Of course late nights and old age don't work well together - so I may be taking a nap later today.

Mike also was nice enough to deliver a photo I roped him into taking the night prior. I look terrible in the photo and Jean looks either 1). terrified of girls or 2). ticked at Mike. *smile* Yeah, I guess I've decided to cheer for Jean Desrochers this year. It's not quite the same but I do need to avoid being christened Mike James' fan. Besides, I have no desire to hold his purse. *grin* I still maintain that the way Tremblay sticks up for him that there is some kind of odd relationship going on there *laugh* I'M KIDDING.

The big question on your SATs this year:
Jonathan Tremblay is to Mike James as Butch is to _____.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Woohoo! A legitimate win, and no overtime - all thanks to Mr. Desrochers and his goal with 1:22 left in the game. He was even nice enough to stop for a photo with me after the game, so let's hope that picture isn't God-awful. Other goals came in from Hildie (with 2), Mather, Tallari and PL. It was a pretty nicely sized crowd. Hopefully that doesn't mean tomorrow night will be dead. Either way, good work toasting the River-women, do it again tomorrow.

Another loss for Port Huron this evening, and indicators are that Paulie didn't play (again). What gives toots?

I also had the special treat of watching the game with the Laws, and my dearest Jacob - even if he did bring a spider with him *grumble* In preparation for this event I skipped out on grub all day to ensure I would be able to get an ample sugar buzz. After 8 cups of coffee this morning, the cotton candy, and ice cream I will likely be awake half the night.

Earlier today I managed to sleep til noon, something I haven't done in a while (I'll blame my amazing new sheets for the regained capability), I wrapped a ton of gifts, and I watched a few movies.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

I neglected to report yesterday that I now have two freshly bathed dogs. While Vixen isn't too happy with the little girlie bow on her collar, I think she'll live, at least now I'm willing to cuddle with them more again as I don't leave smelling of dog.

Last night I slept like a baby, in my brand new black satin sheets. Ugh! My mother is crazy, sure the comforter may start to slide off of them a little, but it's so incredibly comfortable.

As for today's escapades - it's shopping time! The slipster and I hit Monroeville. Still no dress for me. I think I'm going to have to buckle and buy "the dress" that I adored online and pray that it fits, looks good, and doesn't fall off my less than robust chest at an inopportune moment (it's strapless). I did however get a few Christmas gifts purchased, so that makes me happy. Nothing like making an effort to put a couple hundred on a bare credit card.

I did a little shopping last night (pre-hockey games) too, to warm up for today. It is SO incredibly nice to have a Bed, Bath, and Beyond again. I missed that store. I also enjoyed getting to go through Ross and TJ Maxx. The creepy part is being in the Richland Mall parking lot and feeling like I'm in NC again. I don't know what it is about that new complex, but it just feels like the shopping areas I frequented down south.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Beacons lose, the Chiefs fall.... in guess what, a shoot out. *ugh* At least it's yet another point. At least I have the next two days off of work. God I love keeping government 'hours'.
Clearly some people do watch movies and believe what they see is acceptable. I say that with as much sarcasm as I can muster, but reading this news article just cracked me up. Has anyone seen the movie Secretary? There is nothing better than getting to email a friend and say "hey this news article about bosses spanking their employees made me think of you".

"Punkass are you listening, can you hear me? -Disturbed"

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I get to see Tony today! After spending many years without seeing him - talking through both of our Ds online and his time in Iraq it will be good to see my old friend, even if it is just for lunch. Hopefully he'll be able to squeeze in some more time to get to the hockey game on Saturday (hint hint). After all, it _is_ his fault that I'm obsessed with the sport.

"Do you ever wonder where we would be if we'd have tried a little harder? -Stabbing Westward"

Monday, November 08, 2004

Time for a PMS-esque babble. I am sick of being single again, but at the same time I see opportunities around me for relationships and I'm not interested. I have to wonder if I'm just never going to get the huge spark thing like I've had in the past again or if I'm just not finding guys that fit the bill. Maybe not having interest is my way of protecting people too - because I know I'm still not ready for something major.

It's kind of a strange feeling to have both the "not ready for all that bs" tugging in one direction and the haunting thought of turning 30 next year pulling in the other direction. I can't believe it, but yes - in SOME ways I'm ticking. Maybe it's my mind telling me to live like I'm 20, but my heart telling me to get over that.

Part of it is that, if my nighttime dream world holds any water, my past is not truly buried. One can't exactly find Mr. Right if those types of things still have plans to haunt. (And yes, I do believe in the foretelling power of dreams.) In the mean time - despite getting good sleep again I remain distracted in my everyday life. Right now, if I could just find someone that is attractive enough of an option to call a date for the Christmas party I'd be happy. Guys traditionally LIKE girls that aren't clingy and don't have any desire to be. So what gives?

"I feel like I'm living the worst day, over and over again. -Simple Plan"

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Port Huron wins 2-1, but the Chiefs fall in the shootout to the Trenton Titans. BK scored both of our regulation goals. Needless to say between maintaining my audio connection and reloading the UHL scores page I didn't get much work done on my paper this evening. Although, not much of a loss - as I can't get on the class website anyhow.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Another win, and against Reading. The smell of victory hasn't been frequent, but if we only win against Wheeling and Reading - but we do it every time I'll be happy. Scoring wasn't happening for either team until the third period, but Lazarev and Cavy gave us the win (2-1).

My day went fast... I feel productive at work, which is a good thing, given that yesterday I didn't have any projects or charge numbers for Monday morning, but now it looks like I'll be over tasked. Lesson number 1: a few simple emails to people you've worked with in the past tends to pay off. Lesson number 2: unless you ask, you'll never know if there is work available.

Here's to my plans of sleeping in tomorrow. Kiddies - enjoy your rest now, while you're young. One day you'll wake up (early) and you'll realize you're old. Yes, it's true, at some point your eyes start popping open at 8am on weekends and you can't sleep til noon if your life depended on it. Where has my youth gone?

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I wisely did the bowling thing last night and didn't even try to work on my paper - instead I opted for sleep. I still could have easily left at noon today to return to my soft, warm, bed but I do feel a good bit better in the sleepiness department. It was a good thing I was a little better rested today too - as I had a few work odds and ends doing their share of irritating.

I'm not the type to turn down tasking simply because it isn't in the realm of "what I do", but for once I said no - and now I'm waiting to get a bit of a butt chewing for it. It's not the work, it's the people (person) that I may have to work for. It's been years since I've worked for this person, years since they sent me home nearly crying daily... I can't believe they still have a job given the way they treat people, but regardless, I don't plan on putting my head in that chopping block again.

I guess it's time to get into the paper mindset for the evening, but boy would a nice night out at a bar feel good right about now.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

My vote has been cast, and amusingly I was voter number schfifty five this morning. I admit, this is my first time voting in Pennsylvania, I didn't start making a menace of my voice until I was living in North Carolina. First, let me point out how ass-archaic and sad the PA 'system' is compared to NC. I'm not quite sure how/why they'd trust Pennsylvanians with a pointed awl-type object. Maybe PA can be the next Florida this year. AND... no "I Voted" sticker. I feel unpatronized for doing my civic duty. Can I at least have a cookie?

I am almost looking forward to the pathetic election day coverage on the _unbiased_ television stations this evening. I wonder how many hours early the election will be called, and how many days we'll be hearing about the idiocy of voters who can't read instructions.

"I see jealousy. -Liz Phair"

Monday, November 01, 2004

Must work on paper. Must sleep. Must work on PAPER! Must focus. Must stop answering the voices in my head. Must convince the voices in my head to work on the paper. Salsa shark! (It's best if you just don't ask.)

"Pull out some hope for me. -Matchbox 20"

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Welcome party complete. I'm torn... do I work on my paper, like I know I should, or do I try to nap? I'm beat. What a busy weekend. I'm definitely not complaining that the welcome party didn't last long, although it's always disappointing to know that more time was putting into preparations than the length of the event itself.

I will give kudos however to Tremblay, Desrochers, Tallari and Reid - who all, from my understanding, made an attempt to help clean up post party. Thank you for offering up a little bit of kindness to the fan club... and for being gentlemen.

They keep threating to name James my 'favorite' for this year, so I better pick one on my own, because that isn't happening. Eh.
Two nights, two losses to Pee-Dee. What gives? Our boys, while individually not playing horribly just aren't playing as a team. Time for some discipline. Last evening we lost in the last 6 seconds of overtime and this evening in a shootout. Last night Tarabrin and Mather turned on the red light and today Mather, Hildenbrand, Desrochers, and Tallari slapped one in. It's not like we're not scoring goals - we're just not putting together coordination and defense.

I see Courville signed on with Reading, or - so I hear. Paul was quiet in Port Huron last evening, but at least ended up with 5 this evening for a scrap that seemed to be the tip of an iceburg. Let's get some more points bubb.

I spent most of my non-hockey waking hours today carving pumpkins for the party tomorrow. So this day was pretty much shot. Maybe I'll get some time in on my paper tomorrow evening after the shindig. But, I'm not holding my breath.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

We just released one of the guys that scored a goal in the first two games (adios Kozoriz). Interesting. The Chiefs also signed a replacement forward, Evgeny Lazarev and a d-man, Paul Lynch, to try and cover for the absence anticipated for Leinweber and Sullivan. We'll see what this does for us against Pee Dee this weekend. More numbers to memorize... yeee-ha. :)

"You let me down. -Limp Bizkit"

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Remember the day you realized your knight's armor wasn't very shiney? I do. I remember having a dead battery and calling for "help". 20 minutes later my friends showed up instead of my beloved, whom I had called. There was a good reason: the jumper cables _I_ bought for him were given away by his mother to his sister. WTF. *shrug*

Anyhow, I was reminded of that yesterday when my engine light came on on the way home from work. I stopped, snagged some oil, quickly realized in the past year of owning this vehicle, I haven't opened the hood of my Durango. Doh. Wouldn't normally be a problem - if I could have found the damn release once it was popped. Let's discuss how helpless and female this made me feel... never mind stupid. But I had to laugh. How many engine lights come on at 6400 miles. Ok, don't answer that. I'm sure Mrs. Law would point out that they had issues w/ their Dodge too, but I'm still sold on them.

I pleasantly surprised myself bowling in the 140s for two of my games last night. Yeah, I know, still not the greatest score, but I'm getting better. I've also got all of the pumpkin patterns lined up and ready to go. Now to snag the items I need to make my macaroni and cheese and to determine which halloween outfit for which day - or to repeat the one key one. So many decisions. But oh, how I love Halloween :) If only I didn't have to work I'd have time for all of those other things that are pressing.

"If you tell the world... -Aaliyah"

Monday, October 25, 2004

Our broken team. Ok, it's not usually kosher to talk specifics about injuries... but since it's already been broadcast on the message boards I think I can at least refer to them. Suffice it to say Mather had the C on Sunday and probably will for weeks after the fight between Sgroi and Sully on Saturday. We also saw Leiney out wandering about long before the guys were off the ice, which confused those of us prepping the photo table. Well it sounds like a case of hand issues are going to be plaguing us for a little while. Tremblay claims to be recovering from some kind of injury (he was dressed yesterday but didn't spend a second on the ice during regulation time).

We're how many guys shy already, and we've got this other guy who for unknown reasons has yet to report to the team. *shrug* An interesting season it shall be. Mayhaps this is just the planets aligning way in advance. I still want to know what, if any, other NHLers tried to knock at the Chiefs' door besides Irbe.

"Would you notice if I left you? -The Cranberries"

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Chiefs lost in a shoot out to Dayton. It was a good game. Sat in the 'party pit' and should have a few good pictures. I guess we'll see here shortly. James, Desrochers, and Mather tapped one in. Got to slap on the skates, and was happy to see that they zambonied before letting folks out there. Last year the ice was such a mess, it was awful for someone as terrible as I on skates.

I feel like I was running in circles all day, but I didn't get much done. At least I got to church and got my little lesson in for the day. I really think sometimes the themes are directed at me.

It's official, Paul is signed w/ the Beacons in the UHL. And... this just cracked me up... he took on my favorite number, 13 (Bates' number and my softball number)! A fight in his first game, which I've seen good commentary on and two assists already under his belt. You say you don't score goals? Well I say you do. So give'm hell toots.

"Not just a support system... -Liz Phair"
1:08PM: It's hockey night in Johnstown! The sun was out, for the first time in a week (see, even God digs hockey). I'm opting for the Zehr jersey for this evening (yet another guy who the mere act of me being a fan of his ended up ensuring he would not return to Jtown, or hockey even for the time being). On the off chance you're reading Jeff - drop me a line.

I did accomplish some cleaning, and mowing, and bouncing around the house listening to my tunes prior to getting ready for the game. I even ran out and bought the pumpkins I need for next weekend. Let's see how much I hate pumpkins after next Saturday.

I will add to this post after the game. Hopefully I will be as 'up' as I am pre-game. I should be okay given that some of the crew and I will be grubbing prior, and a nice evening out with friends coupled with hockey always puts a smile on my face. LETS GO CHIEFS!

12:38AM (Sunday): I'm back, I'm happy! 4-3 Chiefs. We were up 4-0 but our D kind of went f-o and let Wheeling abuse Currie like a red-headed step child in the third. But he's amazing, and pulled us through like a champ. What a beautiful series of saves three on goal shots all stopped, stopped, stopped! Goals by James, Desrochers, Kozoriz, and Courchesne. Tremblay was given the day off, what gives? Game on again tomorrow!

"1,2,3 who should I kill? Every mother f*er running up the hill -Rob Zombie"

Friday, October 22, 2004

Sully the captain, this time not of a ship. Bilodeau isn't even slotting as an assistant. Mather and Manzano will be wearing the A this year. Thanks for the early word, you wacky Tremblay fan.
The rumor fairy says Richard Paul to the UHL, Port Huron. Funny, given that a friend was also looking to going there. Coinky-dink, I think not. Rumors are rumors... let's see the pudding.

"Constantly dwelling on how you got the best of me. -Limp Bizkit"

Thursday, October 21, 2004

I'm a blogging fool this week!

Came home a little early since it's the end of the pay period and I had an extra hour built up. Went to feed the fish and I realized Paulie (the fish that is) is a little horn-ball. He's got a HELLA bubble nest kicking. First, yes, I did default to the name Paulie for him, it compliments Bates well. It was that or Irbe, and I still think Irbe should be reserved for dog - someday. (I think highly of my dogs, so that's a compliment). Second, bubble nests, as I mentioned in here once before is what male Bettas make waiting for a female to wander by. They put the eggs in the bubble nest. Since I didn't feed them right away they're puffin up and strutting their stuff for one another. It's so cute to watch two men trying to prove how bitchin they are.

Then I open the mail and see I'm the cover story in the fan club newsletter. *panic* Ok. I wanted to contribute, but now I feel way too exposed. Incidently, congrats to Kim and Troy! Good work keeping up with the newsletter despite the wedding. The season is here. *woot*

Now, time to consume my dinner... an apple dumpling I procured at Meatballs at lunch time. It's got an apple in it, it's healthy!

"I'm just wondering do you feel it, too. I wanna know do you want me, too. Now do you? Do you? Well, maybe you do. -Tapping the Vein"
All of the rosters are out for opening night. Lots of other little things I've noticed about former Chiefs. Seems Crane didn't bother to report. Kind of a pissy attitude to take when there are lots of guys would would poke his eyes out for that chance. Notermann was traded off to AC. At least there is lots of activity going on to talk about.

Demo is on 7-day IR w/ a leg injury according to the paper... and, get this. Tremblay was recalled to the AHL. Yes, the coach figures he'll be back for Saturday, but how much would _that_ chap my ass if he was perminantly pulled after all has been said and done in the past week? 2 more nights. Woohoo. I guess Nailer Fan and I will be in the same section, or darn near, so at least I'll have someone to bicker with during the game.

Grubbed at Meatballs today... what an incredibly yummy cheap meal. Now I have the stamina to get back to testing, or responding to all the other developers to clear up confusion since our testing was done on a previous build. *grumble*

"I'm attracted to the fabric of waste. Watching ourselves as our bodies decay. -Machines of Loving Grace"

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I was asked several times about pics of my one tattoo. It's funny how many people have been asking lately to see the tattoo or what the tattoo that they see sticking out a little is of. It has always given me a smile when someone coyly says, "I don't want to be rude or anything, but can I see your tattoo?" It was even funnier when I was with one of my ex's and had the individual ask for permission from the guy I was with prior to asking me. Anyhow... Yes, it exists... fine. I give. Here.

It's a little grainy, but it's an okay shot of it. The colors are more vibrant than you'd guess from this pic. I don't wear too much to show it off as it's not suppose to be out in the sun anyhow.

Enjoy you perverts.

While talking to someone on messenger I was reminded of my high school physics teacher in a discussion of volts and amps. So, I feel compelled to put a thank you out there to Mr. Menard, who taught me how to catch. Well, okay, I learned how to catch after getting pegged by erasers and rubber balls quite a few times. But it still makes me laugh. I guess I have him to thank for being able to catch the grounders that came winging at me during softball last summer.

"Now I find that most of the time, love's not enough - in itself. -Depeche Mode"
Spent all day yesterday doing verification and validation testing.... woot. I'm back in there again today. I think I'm going through withdrawl since I don't have the internet readily at my right hand.

Twas pleasantly surprised with my first two games at bowling last night, but true to form I made up for that in my third game *doh* I'm tied with another young girl on my team for average - I must have a way too competitive spirit or something, because that simply won't do.

What else is new... the dogs are pissy because of all of the rain. I am still voting for the why complain, at least it isn't snow - but the dreary weather doesn't help lighten my somber mood. Maybe opening night will clear that up, even if it's not my preferred lineups. I did make some progress on my paper, but I'm sure I'll still be stressing Friday night trying to finish cranking it out.

Still no word on signings of those dropped, but I am seeing many more AHLers getting pushed to other teams and deeper cuts. With ECHL opening night rosters due this afternoon I guess we'll see what's up pretty soon. Campbell, one of our goalies from last year was also released from down in Texas. Sounds like a good number of former Chiefs are suffering right now. Um, hello NHL... thanks for that.

"I refuse to let you play me for a fool. -J-Lo" (Yes, I'm ashamed to post that but I typically quote off of whatever is playing when I finish up my entry.)

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Paper confirmed my beliefs this morning, stating that Paul's role at camp changed with the arrival of Tremblay and it had him fighting for a spot on one of the three lines. I knew I didn't like Tremblay for a reason (beyond my despising the concept of AHL players being shoved down due to the situation in the NHL). But, I promised someone I'd try and be nice to him. At least it sounds like all four that were cut (Paul, Reiter, Molotosky and unsigned Bradley) will have jobs... now to see where.

"What am I doing here? What am I waiting for? -Tapping the Vein"

Monday, October 18, 2004

Ahh... Sixteen Candles. The movie that not only proves how old I am but it also inspires losers like me to think that maybe they could get the guy of their dreams. I think he exists. Hopefully we won't have one of those Alanis Morisette moments ("meeting the man of your dreams... and then meeting his beautiful wife") when the time finally comes.

Do you ever wonder how often you're right when you think you've clicked with someone? I mean, let's say you feel like there is somethere there between you and YOUR Jake (again, Sixteen Candles reference)... but he blows you off. Maybe he blew you off because it was expected of who the world perceived him to be, maybe you were right that there was something there, but instead you interpret it as him not wanting you. Maybe he didn't blow you off... he was just ambiguous because he was afraid you'd blow him off?

What if you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there is mutual interest - that click... but for whatever reason allowing something to come of it is avoided. Is it okay? Did you just f w/ destiny? How long is it before you look back thinking "what if"? If you ignore things they may go away for a little while, but they'll eventually come back to bite you. If you chose to not entertain even a friendship - what did you doom yourself to? Can we be friends?

"Baby, now's your chance. It's like cyanide. I am so dumb. Just beat me up. I've had it all for ever, I've had enough. -Hole"
I guess we'll be seeing you around cutie. I'm sorry to see you go. At least one of us got to come and say "hi" before things were dealt out. This sucks *stomps feet* At least our January run on NC/SC will be hitting Pee Dee, that is - if the rumor of him heading there now is true. The official email simply said released.

We would have had a special gift for you at the halloween party. I guess 27-heif will not get introduced. But maybe we'll post a picture so you know what you're missing out on.

Be well, let us know how you're doing... I know you're not allowed to use the phone, but maybe email won't trouble people as much.

"Hit so hard, that I saw stars. -Hole"

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Someone told you I had a website. *ha ha ha* You're such a goober.
C'mon now. Who is really reading? Don't be silly. What happened to "I've never been loyal". Tsk tsk. How quickly we change our tune. Like I said... when it's the right woman, you won't even be looking at other ones.

Why didn't I call you - don't be an ass. Why would you care who that was with me the other day? And what exactly did you say to whom? I'm sorry, but getting hit on by married guys who might be in your 'circle' doesn't turn me on. *go lastname go lastname go lastname*. Ew. Thanks for that. I'm picky. What can I say.

Mmmm, black russians - it's what inspires people like me to tell people like Tremblay to kick Reynold's ass, or to tell people like you what is really on my mind.

At least I got some work done on my paper before the rest of the world showed up.
"Reaching out... Touching me... Touching you... -Neil Diamond"

Friday, October 15, 2004

And another joins the fold. The Chiefs signed another rookie forward, Joe Tallari. While I'm still seeing a few AHL players getting assigned down to ECHL teams, I am really thinking that we've gotten our goodies. Now, which ones will we keep?
Ok. Braved the rainy weather and went to practice today. Casey was nice enough to join me so I didn't feel like an utter retard. It's kind of interesting to finally see some of the drills that Toby has the guys do, I've never watched a practice before (or part of one as the case was). There was only a handfull of people who stopped in... but we remained invisible (as always) anyhow. Also got a little more confirmation on the object which was sighted back on April 7th.
I'm a bit tired today, but we didn't get home _that_ late. Chiefs lost last night in exhibition to the Nailers 3-1, but it was a good game to get them rolling. I saw most of the guys, old and new, missing easy passes and being a little 'off' here and there - but it's early.

Tremblay and James both fought. Not impressed with Tremblay on that one... I'm sorry, but Reynolds kicked your butt. That's pathetic. As for James, I think we were all impressed (and shocked) with that one.

Paulie took a few penalties, mostly I think because he was too geared up to try too hard. Got in a slapshot from the blue line, and a nice shot right on goal... and one wild ass smack across all three lines and nearly over the glass on the other side. I don't know what that was all about. *shrug* My tip, from one Cancer to another - we think too much. Stop thinking about it and just play.

I wish I could hit the game on Saturday but, eh... I'll wait til next Saturday. Mom should be coming up today to help me get the bathroom and hallway dealt with. Too bad I didn't get all of the textured stuff washed down and removed on Wednesday. Only one more wall to go, then sand the spackling and paint.

"For you left me, with so few memories that I can close my eyes and cling to. -K.D. Lang"

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Ok, can any human deny that this is one gorgeous piece of flesh? That picture makes up for the oh so sexy knee-high old-man socks in yesterday's newspaper. *thumbs up* Nice one sparky.
Today I should be celebrating my "leather" anniversary (that's the traditional gift for three years). That's just too amusing to not celebrate regardless... so, now I need to find someone who wants to see what I bought as a leather gift. Any volunteers?

Looks like the AHL rosters are solidified. Can't get a straight answer on when they were due, but I think their season has started, and both Cleveland and Springfield have 25 guys on their newly listed rosters on their website. So, are we done? Is this all we're getting? If so, I guess we've got 24, if you count the guy who isn't signed but joined us at camp. If we axe a goalie and slice the non-signed fellow we're ready to roll.

This Tremblay guy was babbling in the paper. Poor Richard, you're not the lead goon anymore - you're going to have to get by on your good looks and smart-ass personality. That'll still work - just drop a few pucks in the net for me too, okay?

"Pieces of note fall down, but the letter read... -Better than Ezra"

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Two guys were assigned down to the Chiefs. Jonathan Tremblay is coming in from Cleveland, and holy rip... 245 lbs?! Cripe. There is also Jeremy Van Hoof who is getting sent in from Springfield. I have to wonder if maybe that's all we're getting is a right wing and a d-man. Would be nice to know not too many of our guys would be on the chopping block in that case. Still no tickets ready for pickup, which would have been a good excuse to run down there and peek in at camp. Ah well.

"Makes me forget that I - still need her so. -UB40"

Monday, October 11, 2004

Free expensive perfume. Woohoo. My favorite aunt passed along a huge bottle of Poison whilest I was home visiting w/ mom this past weekend. It's the official 'feeling randy' perfume *laugh* I believe you can tell alot about someone by the scent they choose... although that probably makes people wonder about me. I simply cannot pick one or two scents. I probably have a good 15 at the house right now, but I am trying to finish off some of the bottles and not replace them.

Some of my favorites right now:
- Poison
- Victoria Secret's Decadent Desire
- Realm

I think I'm going to ask for a bottle of Pure Poison for Christmas, it's an interesting new scent by Dior. I know I've smelled something similar in the past, but the exact origin elludes me.

Which turns me to a similar subject: what's up with guys that don't wear cologne. I appreciate the body spray commercials that are out now encouraging men to pick a scent as it does tie closely to memories. There is nothing more enticing than getting in close and smelling a cologne that works well with a guy's body chemistry. And if all else fails, a guy can get a gold star just by wearing Polo or Gravity.

"No you can't take me apart. -Fear Factory"

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Hit the circus this past evening. It was bad ass. Yes, I'm still a bit tipsy. From the circus you ask? No. But from the former Gman, and the Haven. Got to see some of the guys out, ironically the ones that need not worry at all about making the team (Bilodeau, Mather, Sully, Hildenbrand). Mather recognized me however, which was nice. It's always good to be remembered. :) I did shake hands with Bilodeau as leaving... when I was huggin on Larry *smile* he's such a champ.

My boyz are here :) That makes me happy.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

I really need to learn how to carve the sentimental, caring side out of my heart and mind. I get one email and I feel like asking a million questions. How are you, how's work, what's new, but most of all.... are you happy? As much as I'd dislike the current situation to be the key to happiness, I do want to hear a yes, at some point on that question. Sadly, I don't know anything about him anymore.

I remember knowing every detail (or at least thinking I did) and now... to not have a clue what he's doing or learning or experiencing, and it seems so strange. This needs shaken soon. Hell we've been apart longer than we were actually married. I can't even say I can 'count' the six and a half years together prior. At least I tamed myself down to simply sharing photos of the girls... I know he still cares about that.

Friday, October 08, 2004

While catching up on a few people's blogs today I realized that several of my friends are utterly amazing people... there are many more, but I've selected these three to tell my tale:

Take the Laws, those two do everything - they've remodeled just about everything in their house, and it all looks stunning. They taught us how to brew wine, Brian deserves the title master craftsman for his woodworking and his websites, Angela is a gourmet chef. They're in a constant rotation of at least 3 bands (that number is low right now)... oh, and did I mention that Angela MADE her own bass? They both work 40 hour weeks and are raising a rugrat. Yes, they're amazing - and yeah, sometimes they make me ill :P

Then there is Christine. She's taken so many classes and lessons and is so dedicated to them. It doesn't matter if you're my age and you never learned how to do something - just go learn. She's also exceedingly dedicated to her workout routines (and now, going to the hockey games too - my fault). How someone so vibrant can keep her inner freak so contained kind of creeps me out at times. I'll get her into that vibrant red dress someday. She's so busy but yet she's able to be there for me whenever I need someone to talk to or hang out with. It's not easy to be a good friend 24-7.

Now, this realization hit me when I was checking out Joe's latest toon so I simply must include him in the three. This is another guy that amazes me. He's done development work on the side beyond his 40 hour plus job as well as all of the remodeling HE does which is also beyond words. He's an artsy guy, but he's also technical, you've got to respect that. He's been married, been divorced, and was a pillar of strength for me while I was still in NC unsure which way to turn. He's got the gothy dark side that I so enjoy being around, but he remains an upbeat and entertaining guy. He knows good wine, and has knows how to _love_ a good piece of chocolate.

That said, I started to think about myself and how boring I was when I realized that's not entirely the case. A couple years ago I was kind of boring, but I was too focused on that time on doing things 'together' which really limited the places I went, the things I did, the skills/talents/entertainment I explored. What do these three examples show me? Well, one is a couple another is a single female and another is a (semi)single male. I guess what it shows me is that my status with the opposite sex doesn't really matter, as long as your life is full... and by that I don't mean so busy that you can't think, but full in the sense of satisfaction and exploration of the things you want to do.
Ah, the camp roster - at last. Only one name on there that we weren't expecting to see and that is of a George Bradley. So, 23 guys at camp, 3 of which are goalies. Still no word on who's getting pushed down.

"But you know, I was looking around your apartment the other day. Know what I saw? I saw figure skates. -The Zambonis"

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Instead of giving me the camp line up I see they've signed two more. Two more rookie forwards, Chris Fournier and Matt Reid... hmm. Most other teams are keeping trimmed back until they see what trickles down, so I'm trying to think like Toby would be. All I can figure is he plans on using a few for wheel-and-deal transactions that could give us people if we urgently need them down the line this season.
Well the buttocks injury is fine. I don't know what my deal is. I must just be getting old. Next time I'll stretch before I bowl *rolls eyes* how pathetic. I've been fighting with my sinuses this week too - so I'm puffy and snotty and stuffy. Quite the attractive look I'm sure. Couple that with the zits I have and additional puffiness from other issues ... I'm a HOTTIE. *laugh*

On other fronts, the chimney is now cleaned, and I think the thermostat is working correctly again, at least it did the past two nights. I forgot to turn the heat off this morning so let's hope it works correctly all day or the dogs will probably be in an 80 degree house when I get home. Now I need to seal up the upstairs windows and get a cover on the apartment air conditioner and I should be ready for winter.

Hockey is surprisingly quiet despite all the things that will be ramping up. I'm hoping I'll get to post a camp roster sometime today *ahem* Last time I did that it worked, so let's see if I'm lucky again. I'm also surprised I haven't seen names of the people we're getting pressed upon us from Springfield or Cleveland. Maybe the numbers will be lower than expected (hopefully). I'd rather see us whoop on Reading and Wheeling without the help of AHLers, it would be so much more glorious of a victory.

"Remember, you promised me... I'm dying, I'm dying, please. -Hole"

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

One week before camp starts and I end up on IR after sustaining an ass injury while bowling. What a world. So yeah, I expect to be gimping tomorrow. Pathetic enough I can't even blame my AWFUL scores on the injury as it didn't happen til the second game. It was a bad night that got worse, in a funny kind of way.

I now also know what it's like to be on stage at Jerry Springer. Funny what you get when you mix an ex, a chemically imbalanced pathological liar/nutjob, an ice cream sundae, and my "fat, unfortunate-looking ass". I probably shouldn't entertain the cruel tendancies I have when dealing with an instable individual - but I just can't help it, it's too damn funny. As I've pointed out to other people in the past, if I'm so awful and ugly and fat and...whatever else you think I am, then why do you waste your time worrying about what I'm doing, what I'm wearing, who I'm with etc?

If I am chopped into bits and found in the trees by my house I'll be sure to remind a few close friends of the name of the probable suspect.
I love my puppies I love my puppies I love my puppies. Ok... I've convinced myself of this and can now turn down the opportunity to work in the Netherlands for 6 or 18 months. Besides, that would run right through hockey season.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Wow, three posts - one day. You'd swear I had something important to say.

Just a few little tidbits and speculation from this evening's meeting to share. It's official, Growden opted to retire and Langager went back to school. We're looking at 4 to 8 being dropped ot us from the Falcons and only 2 or 3 from Cleveland.

As was noted on other sites earlier today PL was released from Hershey. Damn shame too, being that the word is he scored the first goal of the game right prior. *rolls eyes* I guess he was a bit upset... rightfully so. You, and several others deserve to be up there, you're all just victims of timing this season. Of course, there is likely to be other victims of this season... especially after all these ppl get pushed down and we're forced to make cuts. *fingers crossed* You can do it hottie.

"Well I guess it ain't easy doing nothing at all. But hey man free rides just don't come along every day! -Offspring"
And my question gets answered... so it's all at the WM, but they don't start til after the circus has wheeled out.

2004 Johnstown Chiefs Training Camp Schedule
Sunday October 10 Players arrive in Johnstown; physicals
Monday October 11 On ice 1:00 p.m.-3:45 p.m.
Tuesday October 12 On ice 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Wednesday October 13 On ice 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Thursday October 14 On ice 11:00 a.m.-11:45 a.m.; Game vs. Wheeling @ Harmarville (7:00 p.m.)
Friday October 15 On ice 10:00 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.
Saturday October 16 On ice 11:00 a.m.-11:45 a.m.; Game @ Wheeling (7:30 p.m.)
Sunday October 17 OFF

The Chiefs will begin their regular practice schedule on Monday, October 18th when they take the ice daily from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Ticket for preseason game procured. *woot* I'm seeing a lot of places putting out information on their exact training camp schedules. We've been trying to guess how the Chiefs will work around the circus and other things at the war memorial and if they'll end up abusing planet ice.

I get to go to the dentist today before the fan club meeting. Hopefully we won't be finding any other fillings which need replaced. I loathe the dentist and the pain they represent. It's not that the fillings even hurt like I remember them to from childhood. Now, as an adult, the worst part is the smell of the burning tooth as it's being drilled. *shudder*

Made calls to find someone to clean the fireplace and for another to clean and inspect my furnaces. I wonder how costly this is going to be. Ever see the movie money pit? I haven't fallen through the floor... yet. This stuff just needs to wrap up soon, as I won't have quite the income I use to in a few months.

"Wish that I could find a place to hideaway. -Fuel"

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Know what tonight feels like? Like one of the cool, rainy, Saturdays at UPJ when we'd pull out a VHS, wander to the tuck shop - and grab some fries, swedish fish or gummy sharks, and a pint of Ben and Jerry's. Mmm, sharing Ben and Jerry's with a movie, a dark room, and a few sheets. I can't be the only one who misses the "good old days" from time to time. I guess I'm reminded of this partially because Jurassic Park is on TV, one of the movies along w/ the Crow, and a few others that were used in this ritual quite often.

Johnstown is too lonely sometimes. I miss who I thought I was. I miss even more what I thought you were.
It's really nice to plop down on the couch for a minute after bustling about all morning. The house is fairly clean now, and I've also provided bigger and better accomodations for Bates, my betta fish. I even got him a neighbor (another male), who is yet to be named, although... if I go with the theme and my lack of creativity you can guess what I'll end up naming him. Two male entities in what use to be an all female house. It's like re-aligning karma or something. :)

I did some reading on betta fish last night, so I feel a lot more knowledgable about them. When I first got Bates he would make all kinds of bubbles. Turns out that is his 'nest' which he makes to prepare for eggs should a lady happen by. Since he hasn't been nesting lately, that supported my theory that he was sad. Hopefully the larger container, cutsey leafy thing to 'lean' on (which I now know they like), and the company to 'flare up' at and strut his stuff will get him bubbling again.

Friday, October 01, 2004

I've been told I'm not updating often enough. Well there just isn't much to say. I am proud as I got into one of the smaller sets of clothing today, it's my Trinity-style suit, quite bitchin. Of course, we're going to Ground Round for lunch, so I won't be fitting into it for long.

One week til camp opens up - woohoo!

And.. AH - October at last. My favorite month, which I refuse to allow to be sullied by mistakes made in years past during this season. May you rot like the leaves as they fall to the ground. *smile* Have a nice day!

"And baby when you care, then I will be there, by your side. -Lasgo"

Thursday, September 30, 2004

So the boxes are all sold out for the opening game, that's okay - we'll see what our crew of 25 can find in the stands. Hopefully we'll be able to work something out. I'm officially psyched for the first game and it's still over three weeks away. At least my boyz should be heading back to town next week in preparation for camp.

I actually went out to drink last evening, that was nice - even if it did push me WAY over my allowed calories for the day. Oh delightful but devilish black russians, you must loosen the grip you have upon my soul.

"In the corner he pops it free, he passes to the referee. What's wrong - is he okay? What's wrong - it's not his day. -?"

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Another rainy day in Johnstown. How many times have I opened up a post with that phrase now? At least I got my butt in gear and did most of my halloween decorating yesterday, before the rain arrived. I can't find a few of my things, but it's probably because I haven't had them out since NC. I guess it's time to decorate again - even if people never see the decorations, the whole autumn thing makes me smile.

I tossed together quite the witchy outfit today too. I feel like my feet should be doing that little scoot thing that Fairuza Balk's character does in the Craft. I love this season.

"Shoot myself to love you. If I loved myself I would shoot you. -Marilyn Manson"

Sunday, September 26, 2004

With all of the shopping I did this weekend I think we've once again confirmed how very female I am. We've also realized that I am quite the stark opposite from the Slipster in my preferences - almost to a humorous fault. There is nothing like a weekend of turning up noses at just about EVERYTHING the other person picks up. As long as I can periodically convince her to put some spice on her plain vanilla and she can convince me that I don't need to buy everything bad ass that I find in Fredericks and Hot Topic we can be friends for years to come. *laugh* But I DID need that bad ass red and black feather boa.

We did get to see a ton of dresses - the hunt is on to find just the right gear for the work Christmas party. Nothing perfect yet, but I know it's out there. So does one find the dress, and then a date to match the dress or vice versa? With my propensity towards shiney things and bad eggs, maybe it's just a natural match.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

*sigh* Why am I back in PA? Batesy is playing hockey RIGHT NOW... and I'm missing it. Snap some pictures and snag some sweat soaked towels (or clothes - then take a picture) for me P!
October 14th news: The pre-season game against Wheeling will be at Bladerunners Rink in Harmarville PA at 7pm. Hopefully the alotment of tickets that the War Memorial has won't disappear prior to my ability to snag a couple. Coffee time. I need something to wipe the warped dream I had this morning out of my mind.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Just because I'm feeling bitter again today (with all of the blissfully happy - or so they claim) couples about... it's time for Judy's list of things to look for to determine if your significant other is playing you for a chump.

  • Grooming habits will change, like new colognes and new styles of name brand shirts being purchased. Even the ones that take a half hour to get ready will take longer.
  • The good old stand by - work hours will get longer. They'll come up with a reason to go in earlier, and to stay later, or even go in on the weekend. I assure you, they're not trying for employee of the month.
  • They'll want to spend all hours of work nights out and about with their new group of friends, which include their new love, in bars and other places that you two haven't really been going to for years. Somehow they're young and spry again.
  • Your other half will start making hurtful comments, for example - if you've recently lost weight and look good they'll tell you you have 'no ass' anymore, even if they're the one that wanted you to work out. Then again, maybe only the ones that like fat chics say that type of stuff.
  • They'll start saying or IMing phrases that are cliche from the other person, or stereotypically not them.
  • Your gut will tell you when someone is a threat - listen to it. If you don't like a female friend and think she's a skank - guess what, she probably is.
  • And... if you miss all of this, just wait another couple of weeks and check out the overrun cell phone bill with calls back and forth to the replacement. Why? Because the person you love will be too stupid to even cover their own tracks.

Once a pig always a pig. And I hear it's inherited.

"When he lied it meant he loved me. And when he lied it meant he cared. Cause when he lied it meant... he was there. -Jack off Jill"

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

At last the Chiefs pocket schedules are in my grubby hands, so I can get them distributed at work. This is most definitely a herald of the approaching season. At least I managed to work through part of lunch so I could leave work early to tend to the dogs prior to grabbing the schedules. I'm sure the dogs hate me by now, I've just been so obsecenely busy.

After all that, bowling time. I did pretty well the first two games, but the third kinda stunk... and I of course noted I'm next to last in 'high series' scores. Go me :)

That said, I think it's time for bed. I've been tired as can be around mid-day. And no, I don't think I caught your disease, illness boy, although, I am sure my allergies aren't helping as I've woken up both days this week with a sore throat from all that crap trying to drain. Human heads are of ill design.

"One sure shot way to get'm outta their pants, take note to the brand new dance. -Ludacris"

Monday, September 20, 2004

It's just a sneeze. You know how from time to time a certain subject gets brought up to you repeatedly and you wonder why exactly yet another person has decided this was a good topic? Well this has been occuring as of late over my sneeze. Innocent enough topic, right - yes and no. Several individuals have pointed out how delicate and feminine my sneeze is. Feminine... me. HA!

On another note, I was impressed with my stamina yesterday. I was out skating for over two hours without collapsing. Must have been all that extra energy I got from the donut, huh? Next time we go you better have improved... so you don't have a girl skating circles around your wanna-be hockey playing butt. :P

"All of the flowers I gave her. She burned them. -Type O Negative"

Saturday, September 18, 2004

It's official, the Type O Negative US tour has been indefinitely postponed. Announcement below :( Get well Peter.

TYPE O NEGATIVE's management has issued a statement regarding the postponement of the band's fall 2004 U.S. tour. It reads as follows:

"During a recent medical exam, undisclosed anomalies were discovered and it was suggested that Peter Steele, lead singer, bassist and songwriter, undergo further tests.

"As a firm timetable for the tests and the subsequent results is indeterminable, it has been decided to postpone the fall tour to a later date when there will be no foreseeable conflicts with scheduling.

"In the meantime, TYPE O NEGATIVE continues to work on the forthcoming release, the first for new label SPV, due in 2005."
You've got to be kidding. Ok, now John Edwards is coming to Johnstown. Is Johnstown somehow THE town to win this election year? What gives? I bet Kerry was too busy going to some presentation in an even smaller sh*thole so he sent his second hand man here.

Anyhow. I spent the morning cutting the branches off of the tree that has taken over most of my parking area. I can now see around it and easily walk out my sidewalk... but there is no way I can, with the tools I have, remove the main trunk of the tree and/or the stump. I called Richland and left a message to try and find the property owners who SHOULD tend to the tree, we'll see how long that effort takes.

It's still windy and cool here today, but the sun is shining brightly. It's a fairly nice autumny day. Of course this has inspired me to a second Saturday of cleaning. Enjoy the nice weather people - we don't have much of it left.

Friday, September 17, 2004

There are times when God reminds you that he's watching out for you. When are those times you may ask? It's times when you go out for a few drinks on a crappy night, not too many people show and you think... why do we bother. Then, when you arrive home you find a huge pine tree laying where your vehicle would have been parked had you not gone out. As windy as it was here, I am considering myself VERY blessed... my fence is still in tact and nothing hit my house. Thank you Lord. I guess I'll carve a path tomorrow - and try to reach the owners of the neighboring property - that's a plus, it's not my freaking tree.

I don't know what it is with trees falling towards vehicles I (we at the time) own. Maybe when your car gets hit that just means he's trying to get your attention instead. It's funny what we chose to listen to and what we chose to ignore.
Week's assignments are in, as is the pampered chef. So while I get to relax a bit this weekend I figure I'll haul some goods to the 'toona area for delivery. This evening I think I will partake in some weekend found celebratory events such as fruity beverage. So all ye within the range of my words, come to the Haven tonight (7:30 / 8 ish). I'll have a vodka and cranberry juice for ya toots.

"I don't believe it. -Static-X"

Thursday, September 16, 2004

PL Courchesne and Richard Paul re-sign with the Chiefs!

But it also sounds like because of the lockout in the NHL (as expected) the rest of our would-be players are going to get the shaft... never mind the high likelihood of cuts but who knows how that will pan out.

Toss in the fact that the one pre-season game "here" is going to be towards the Burgh instead and poof, you see why I was a wee bit pissy (prior to getting the announcement on Paulie). That's a Thursday night, making it painful for people from here to get there, but that's okay - we want to make the people in the areas losing their NHL hockey happy. Yeah yeah, I know, it's a good chance to get some new fans on board and to get people realizing the Chiefs exist, it's just frustrating.

Also in recent announcements, I guess the rumors were true about Dumbassowitz not wanting to come here... or, other people deciding he wasn't to come back here. James hates us too, but he's signed. *shrug*

BTW... No, the dog mentioned here was not Satin or Vixen.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I'm glad I went skating today - even if I do have too much to do and was already sore. It was good stress relief. I really need to crank out a good bit of this week's assignment this evening. I've got the research gathered and notes made, so all I need is inspiration - someone send me a muse. If not, I'll see you online at midnight.

"Pain. Heaven. Pain. Heaven. -Marillion"
*gleam* I just incurred a major flirt from one of the cutie youngins here. Okay, my general pissy mood for the week has lifted for the moment.

"Touching you makes me die inside. -Jay Gordon"

Monday, September 13, 2004

Beloved f-stick (as you request being called) I want you to do me a favor. When the term UHL comes to mind... tell yourself no.

On a side note: I want this. The house (kitchen) used for Good Eats. I'm sure that would be a reasonable monthly payment, don't you?
Well after waiting a month and a half for my new digital camera that was on a 1-week back order, I've cancelled the order and placed an order with another place for the same camera. Gratefully, I found a site that offered free shipping, so it worked out to be another $5 cheaper :) It will be nice to have one that takes half the batteries, even if it eats through them just as fast. Plus I'll have optical zoom now.

I can't help but keep my eye on the storms heading towards Florida. The poor Keys. :( Even if my partner in crime (at the time) hated the water and the beach was one of the lowest places on his list of places to go - we still had fun snorkeling, riding on sunset cruises, and enjoying the island in general. Anyone want to leave early some day (after Ivan passes) and catch a brew at Finnegan's Wake? *smile*

"There's nothing like your smile made of sun. -Shakira"

Sunday, September 12, 2004

The apartment bathroom is progressing nicely and should really bring the remainder of the apartment out of trailor trash style and into the new era. Running related to this upgrade kept me pretty busy yesterday, too much so to even hit the pool like I had hoped. Not the first day I have missed exercise, won't be the last. But at least I picked up all the supplies to paint my bathroom and hall. I really liked how the NC spare bathroom turned out with the light yellow and celestial stencils, so that's the route I'm going here.

Today I got to hang w/ a bud and watch the original version of Clerks. Also saw Malibu's Most Wanted. Granted, I don't see it winning any awards, but it provided some entertainment.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Ah, an evening at the Boulevard. I think I drank more beer this evening than I have in one sitting in quite some time - I've never been much of a beer person, but we did have some really tasty things to try this evening at the Boulevard Grill's beer tasting dinner. The food, as always was also wonderful. I'm glad I ate a lighter lunch today so I had room for the misc appetizer, lobster bisque, black angus salad in a balsamic vinaigrette, cracked pepper chicken schnitzel and lemon meringue. The featured beers were from Penn brewery... some were good scores with me while others I could pass on. But none of them had that heavy beer aftertaste.

Ahh Friday. I have to keep reminding myself that I don't need to go to work in the morning, and what a wonderful feeling that is. I think I've finally reached the threshold for the amount of things I can pile upon myself for the upcoming winter. I might have time to sleep scheduled in there somewhere. I guess keeping busy will keep me young. Of course, with my luck, this is when I'll find a long-term worthy man... when I absolutely don't have time for him.
C'mon... make the announcement. You know you want to.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The president is coming to Johnstown. You heard me right... "W" will be here tomorrow. I have to wonder how our lovely little town was selected for this event. It's not like the War Memorial offers vast amounts of space, but regardless it's kind of nice to know we've been quite a blip on the radar this year between W and the Stanley Cup.

If you take a step back and think about things, Johnstown gets a good bit of mention nationwide. Granted, the first thing to everyone's mind is the flood, but while living in NC, Johnstown was the town named for everything that happened near by. That includes the reports of Flight #93 coming down (reportedly "near Johnstown PA") and the Miners being trapped (reportedly "outside of Johnstown PA"). There are definitely worse ways to have your city publicized on the national news. I mean look at poor Florida as a whole, how are they publicized? With tragedies that involve mass destruction and death (hurricanes) or presented as a pile of idiots due to the whole "chad" and confusing ballot issues.

Do I miss living in the south? Absolutely. But I guess there are worse places than Johnstown. Ask me about that again in a few months when I'm diging out from the snow. Oh wait - maybe that won't be as much of an issue... did I mention I put a bad-ass snow blower on reserve? *grin*

Ok, it would be quite confusing for my regular readers should I talk politics (lightly) but not mention something related to hockey. So here goes. Fan club meeting last night, nothing too exciting but things are moving along for the start of the season. We have another raffle going on for cold hard cash friends oh mine! So contact me if you want some of these $1 tickets.

Bret Hull presented himself as an ass, reportedly saying:
"I couldn't care less. It's no fun playing." and "I don't give a ---- about the fans anymore."
This is exactly the type of attitude that I think is going to crush the NHL. Again, I step upon my soap box saying if you don't play because you love the sport - piss off, retire. There are players who love the sport that are younger, faster, and better than you waiting for your seat on that NHL bench. I'm sure your pleasant attitude will make the Coyotes proud.

Further, how about Tkachuk last night... who said to hell with a hat trick, I want four which bounded the US past Russia in the World Cup games. Beauty.

There seems to be a good number of ECHL signings in the past day and a half - but silence in our office. *grumble*

"Never gonna get what you want. -Vision of Disorder"

Monday, September 06, 2004

Well the temps are back down into the low 60's here. At least I got to leave jtown yesterday to get some R&R. I'm really glad I pre-bowled the other night when I was on. I seem to have gotten my ass handed to me while bowling for fun yesterday. Since I crossed off everything on my weekend to do list on Saturday I guess I'll have to watch some movies and chill this evening. Mayhaps I'll break the mold and cook a meal for the second time in under a week. Yes, I think it is a sign of the apocalypse.

"Don't understand why joy must be feigned. -Type O Negative"

Saturday, September 04, 2004

For a freak who didn't get up til 11, I sure got a good deal done this lovely Saturday afternoon. I purchased some more Christmas gifts, ordered new bowling shoes (must start off this season well), picked up my apartment bathroom sink from Lowes, snagged my free panties *woohoo*, and a supply of their decadant desire (since it's getting discontinued, go figure) from Vickis.

The front lawn is mowed, the rose bush is planted, the laundry is done, the carpet is vaccuumed, and the dogs are happily gnawing on rawhide in the dining room. All this, and I even cooked today! Another 40 minutes and I'll be enjoying my delightful stuffed shells. It's been a while since I've made them. Quite strange to not have three faces hovering around the kitchen while I prepared them The gnashing teeth of those that wait searching each shell for a sign of 'weakness' which calls out for it's swift demise (the dogs were more interested in their rawhide).

No announcements today, which is contrary to the expectations given to us by the past two Saturdays. I guess we'll just have to wait out the long holiday weekend and see what comes out by Tuesday. Maybe I'll try and prototype our 'special gift' for the welcome party tonight. This is going be too funny.

Friday, September 03, 2004

I've gained some amazing wisdom on several male figures that have come and gone from my life in the past so many years from the one book I'm currently reading, '101 Lies Men Tell Women, and Why Women Believe Them' by Dory Hollander. Ladies, buy this book. Here's a snippet that I felt was quite elegantly stated and begged to be shared, enjoy.

"The lies of our exclusivity and tacit acceptance of other's lies reach back into our own personal histories. An unfaithful mother or father can be a powerful teacher - someone to emulate or to shun. An alcoholic, abusive, or emotionally distant parent can sow the seeds of our adult behavior, whether it's lying and denial or hyper-responsibility and acquiescence to the lie. Our lies and acquiescence to lies may reflect the shame and fear many of us learned long ago. Men and women alike talked to me about the legacy they still carried from their fathers' or mothers' adulterous affairs and accompanying lies. They brought up the complicity and shame they felt so many years ago, which had stayed with them. These men and women feared they were doomed to repeat their parents' mistakes."

Ah denial... I know a few women that cloak themselves with it to the point that they present themselves as being dillusional with their mindless chatter and idealic impression of their little world. I know I'm someone who doesn't take the lies and toss them off to the side, I instead confront them, as I've been forced to do repeatedly in recent years. Now, ask yourself... what about you?

"I'm not like you anymore. -Godsmack"