Monday, April 29, 2013

Visited mum on Sunday as my brother was in.  Had a great meal and a visit before heading back up the mountain in rain.  At least it rained when I wasn't able to keep working, right?  Tonight I made a small stride towards clearing some stuff from upstairs in listing my mini (petite) and big (prima) shells on ebay.  Anyone want goodies for their Miche?  Go check'm out!  I'll be listing the class shells I don't want in May, once I get more free listings.

Mama wants to go on Quantum of the seas in 2014... help fund my addiction!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Yes, I kept going.  Why?  Because I had to... and the weather is definitely nice enough.  I gave in and bought tomato plants at Lowes, since Dorothy's appears to have vanished.  I snagged four small early girls, one husky cherry, one roma, and one black krim.  I know, it's still a bit early, but really... who waits until May 10th as per the suggestions for this area?  Last year my poor plants were just really kicking up when the weather started getting cold again, especially the peppers.  I almost wish I had a wee bit more room as I'd love to put in some peas and beets... and cukes, but I already know they don't do well in my garden area.

Anyhow, the plants are in w/ cages around them.  I forced myself to keep going and put in the butterfly bush I bought to replace the red hibiscuss which definitely died off over the winter, or at least I really think it did.  Sigh.  I so hate killing a plant that I'm not tossing it just yet, but putting it into a pot to see if I just didn't give it long enough to show a little green. I also put out seeds and then put down the new red mulch.  So the front is pretty much done at this point.

Laundry is done, heck it is even away already and the bed is remade!  I'm tired, but I think I'm going to run back out... I wish I could think of where I could get a properly done steak around here.  I'm as hungry as I am tired.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Once again a small task that I started grew into more.  Yay!  The entry closet it cleared out, stuff on the shelf into containers or tossed, (dusty) sporting equipment hauled upstairs, and a couple older coats into a bag for goodwill.  The coats then got me moving to fill that bag, so I went through my closet and drawers and filled that and half of another.  This also means I got a good assessment of my shorts and I recognize that I don't need to buy more, I should be good for this summer providing I don't go crazy on weight one direction or the other.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I came home itching for a nap, but I forced myself to get a jump start on the weekend and headed out back where I raked back the leaves from the garden area, turned the soil a little, and spread some food safe fertilizers to prep for tomatoes.  Unfortunately, I have no idea where Dorothy's Plants moved to, as they sure don't appear to be where they were last year.  That means the plants I found to be complete winners last year aren't going to be as easy to find.

While working out there I realized "oh yea!  That needs to go to spring cleaning too, I hadn't thought of that."  'That' being the old metal deck swing holder.  So, I hauled it out front.  Then I kept going.  Out went the old full box spring and mattress from the apartment (the dogs will be displeased tomorrow when they realize their bed is gone), an old cabinet, and other miscellanea from the basement and garage, the old plastic table that I've used on the deck, two tires, two old end tables that I was using in the spare bedroom, and some old tiles that were hidden behind the one furnace since before we bought the place.  The last item was accomplished with a bit of help from my tenant.  Yay for extra muscles!  I can't believe how much people took before I even got everything out there.  Hey, awesome, more room for more junk, right?

Anyhow, since I did WAY more than I planned I'm pleased with myself this evening.  I'm also really tired right now.  I'm pretty sure I'll be completely out before 10.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Over a year ago, during laser treatments, my Type O Negative tattoo was damaged.  Today, a couple of months after it was considered healed properly, I got it repaired.  I can't believe this tattoo is 16 years old.  Here's to another 16 years thanks to the fixed and refreshed ink.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Had an eye appointment today.  The good news is my eyes haven't changed since last year.  I guess it's also good that my glasses (w/ updated lens from last year) are spot on.  The bad news is that they give me a headache because I need to wear them... more.  So, I guess I need to build up my tolerance.  *sigh*

The really good news is that this new eye doctor's office has Paws n Claws eyeglasses!  Yep, I'm that insane.  The one style they had didn't really fit my face well, but the other I think looks nicer than my current glasses.  Finally, the really really good news is that these were about half the price of my last pair.  Yeah, I'm glad I took a friend's suggestion to change doctors/offices.

I also caught my Aunt and Uncle before they made dinner, so I was able to enjoy some Rey's (v2) with them.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Went back to OUMC today, good message, a bit of a departure from what feels like the norm there.  Before church, a swing past Home Depot to swap out the switches for the right color and to snag two door hinge stoppers.  After church, more running for plants.

Bought the plants for the smaller pots and a hardy hydrangea.  The hydrangea and two sets of columbine plants are in the ground, the ivy is in her new pot, and I've put the plants into the pots.  I quickly realized that the new pot for the ivy isn't exactly the same as the old ones, as the hanger is a large piece of plastic instead of metal, too large to fit into the hook out front, so I had to hack at it a bit to make it small enough to go on the hook.  The small plants and ivy will remain inside still, as it's a bit too cold, but I have to hope that the hydrangea and columbine plants will be okay as they were outside and not in a hot house at the nursery.

I did sand some things down, spotted a few more places that needed a quick patch.  I also pulled out the yellow (bathroom), burgundy (living room), and gray (bedroom) paint, so those spots are touched up.  Well, the living room has its first touch up, I'll need to do a couple more passes on top as the paint was pretty separated and a bit runny.  I'll save the white for another day as that is a much larger undertaking (dining room, stairwell, upstairs rooms).  I do hope the rooms upstairs are a perfect white... if not I'll be recreating the touch up paint job we found when moving into the house in NC.  I probably should feel bad that _I_ have never repainted the upstairs, but I don't.

Made another batch of broccoli salad, so I'll have some quick grub to access... no excuse for not getting more done this week in the evenings, but I'm sure I'll find one.  Didn't touch the light switches yet either.  Yea, I'll be putting that off for a while, I know me.  One day I'll surprise you.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Today I did a little routine cleaning and stopped at the mall as I am again in need of plain black dress shoes.  Didn't find anything in black for the price I desire, but I did find a pair of really cute red ones for $5, I need those like I need a hole in the head. 

I need to get outside and finish up the spring work out there, but it was trying to snow this morning, so yea, totally not buying mulch today, to heck w/ that.  This also confirmed I need not run to get tomato plants just yet.  Instead, I've had my to repair list for around the house growing for a while so I went after supplies, making my trip to Home Depot to get the bits and pieces I know I'll need.

  • They didn't have a kick plate for a 30" door, so that won't get done until I order what I need online.
  • I've got quite a few light switches and one GFCI outlet I need to change out, but I am in no mood to turn off power and play with wires at the moment, especially since I was a doofus and got a couple cream switches instead of white despite having gone around and taking an inventory last night.  I'll blame my three day headache.  I have wanted to replace the switches that some idiot painted straight across for years now but never got around to it.  The GFCI, well, when the ex and I first moved in we added them where they belonged, but one set of white switches and one set of creamin the bathroom just doesn't work for me.  I'm hoping I can get the boxes shifted around and straightened out at the same time, we'll see.
  • The whole house water filters will just need to wait until the tenant goes away for a week for me to change them.
  • Bought a hanging pot to replant the ivy (I knocked the pot over last year and broke the part where it hangs from), but bought the wrong size, so I'll need to run back and make an exchange.  I'm just glad Ollie's has the same ones this year as last!
  • I did buy two columbine plants for out front, but didn't snag anything for the porch planters.  I'm not sure what I want to do there this year, maybe I'll nix the two big pots and go with the three cascading ones w/ smaller plants on the porch instead. 
So, other than shopping what DID I do?  I did patch the holes in walls all over the house at this point, but that's about it.  I really should have dug in further, but it's a start, right?  Tomorrow I'll try to sand those spots down and do touch up paint, except in the dining room which needs completely painted.  I have someone coming to give me a few estimates on tasks early next week.  I'd really like to put a solid revamp in on the dining room.  Not sure if it's feasible, but it would be really nice.  I think it would give me a good impact when people first walk through the front door.

Friday, April 19, 2013

One of the bombing suspects is dead... to quote the church lady:  "How conveeeeenient."

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Last weekend I bagged up 3 trash bags full of raked up goodies, mostly shells from the chestnut tree out back.  Well, today, before my most wonderful lawn mowing guy came, I raked another one and a half.  Good glory.  I love how much the first mow of the season seems to tidy things.  I guess I need to hustle and get my mulch out front, I think I'm a bit behind on that this year as I usually do that before the daffodils and tulips bloom.

Once again it looks like I've lost a few of the perennials through the winter, nothing lives out there long.  But, on a bright note there are definitely greens popping up out back where I planted the garlic!  They're slowly creeping up out of the leaves I piled on there to offer a little protection from the cold.  I guess I need to get some tomato plants in soon too.

It really in spring - at last!  But do pardon me if I hesitate in taking the ivy back out front.  I managed to keep them alive all winter, I don't want to loose them now.
Dear President Obama,
Listening to your constituents (for once) is NOT "caving to polictical pressure"... if you've forgotten, those we've elected are SUPPOSE to represent us AND defend the constitution.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

If you book it, they will come.  Yes, it is official, I'll be keeping up my two cruises a year pace in 2013.  Realizing that if I did switch jobs I'd likely have diddly for vacation time at a new job hit home.  I would have loved to book something big like the cruise tour to Alaska I've long dreamed of.  But, in the end, since there is "fear of loosing job" involved and the unknown between said loosing job and finding new job (with said diddly vacation time) I decided to avoid flights and go a little cheaper on the overall.  It'll still be awesome.

Besides, now I'm going to have to be ready to score a ride on Quantum too!

Speaking of loosing jobs, I know it's int he media, so it's safe to say that we did loose a few ppl today.  It's always a little depressing to know that the carts are moving around with cardboard boxes.  Prayers for all of those who left today for the other door that will open, to open quickly.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'm so excited... watching the press release live stream for Quantum of the Seas.  So so excited, yes, I could actually start crying.  iFly onboard!  Bumper cars onboard!  A little glass enclosed room on a boom that goes up above and over the ship called the Northstar!  Another flowrider.  Circus training w/ a flying trapese!  A new show area with a dance floor up front for tribute bands.  An iMax like ROOM for events/shows with three story windows that are then projected onto.  Single staterooms, including ones w/ balconies - yay!  Inside rooms w/ 'virtual balconies'.
Best part... confirmed sailing out of NJ from fall 2014 to spring 2015!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Grr!  Once again, CBS is running behind.  To me this is just pathetic.  It's almost as bad as the doctor's office... this is what you do, you've been doing it for how long.  How are you behind schedule?  Who should loose their job for not being able to plan better?

At least my evening walk didn't result in me missing any of my program, no thanks to CBS.  We did however have two dogs run out of their yards after us this evening.  Yes, their owners were out there and yelled for them.. but hello, buy an effing fence or leash aholes.
There is a Peter Steele bio coming out this Halloween.  Something new Type O to look forward to, at last.  Today is the third anniversary of him leaving this earth.  It seems like yesterday and it seems like forever.

I also saw an ad for another Rob Zombie movie coming later this month, we'll see if it even ends up in Jingletown.  Under the Dome (Stephen King book) will be coming to tv in June too.

I checked out Bridge to Life church this morning w/ TA.  I hadn't realized it, but after Pastor Jim had left Oakland he eventually started it up.  He's since no longer there, but the current pastor was a youth minister at Oakland at some point.  It's small and nice enough, the message was good.  As with many churches there was way too much singing... it's just something I won't participate in as I'm too self-conscious of my horrid voice.  Seemed like a much younger church.  It was odd to see so many young couples and so few old folks in one place (remember, I'm in Johnstown).  This of course meant it was loaded with kids too.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Congrats to Safyre on the first kill of the summer (last night around 11 before we went to bed).  Yeah, no good night kissies for you bunny breath.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I came home and began to scoop in the backyard to start the post-winter recovery out there.  Oh my.  I have NEVER had this much to scoop after a winter before.  I was out there at least once in the middle of the winter, but it seems to have not dissolved as much this winter as normal... instead they turned into fossils.  Thank goodness the trash goes tomorrow.  Hopefully they'll actually take everything I have out there so I can do more clean up, filling the can with more leaves and brush.

Last night in bed I apologized to Saffy for not thinking to get my butt in gear and get out on a walk with her.  I promised her if she reminded me we'd go tonight.  Even though I just wanted to plop down, I made good on my promise.  The weather is nice and I'm due to get moving.  If I plan on starting to run this summer I need to get back into walking shape first!  Time to wash off the grime.
Lemme get this right... You're okay with working somewhere that objectifies you, until you're not hot enough and then are mad because they're objectifying you?

"The Americans With Disabilities Act prohibits employers from discriminating against qualified individuals who have a disability."

Excellent, being ugly = disability.  In that case, I'm on my way to the hand out line too!  Woot Woot!

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Well, since working in mom's yard and bobbing to some tunes yesterday didn't give me sore legs I figured I had to try harder.  Thank goodness nicer weather inspires you to want to do things... if I maintained my February motivation levels all year this place would be frightening.

The little rocks along the street are swept up (again) and it makes things look so much better so fast.  I also took one pass with the rake, filling one garbage bin (this will be a weekly job for at least a month and a half).  Vixen is brushed, so my arms got a good work out, trying to hold her still.  Dusting, vacuuming, laundry, all of that "needs done way too" often stuff also crossed off.  By the time I was standing still to cut things up in the kitchen a few minutes ago I was feeling the throb in my legs.

Time to work on some to do items that can be accomplished on the couch.  Hopefully I'll be able to keep my eyes open.
Well, the good news is I can nap tomorrow... and put off cleaning to another day (again).  Fruity beverages with Rex turned into fruity beverages with Rex, Eggs (for a little while, Schmou, JSchmou, the newly introduced HSchmou, and her man, A.  If I thought I was tired before...

Saturday, April 06, 2013

More running running running.  Last night I had to get the Tib from Wagner's, which Beth was nice enough to take me for... so then we grabbed dinner at Surf and Turf.  It's always so good, I don't know why I always forget about that place even being there.

Today I was up before 7, again, and headed out pretty fast to get down to mum's for a visit with her and my sis.  We were a little productive, getting a few plans in the ground for mom, hopefully they'll take root quickly and those buds will blossom this spring.  Then there was running around... let me tell you, no one still sells wall paper border, and mother doesn't want stencils or peel and press designs.  Back up the hill to grub w/ Eggs and fruity beverage with Rex.  I'm so going to wipe again tonight.  That stuff I should be trying to focus on and get done right now?  Yeah right.  At least I got one room vacuumed and the basement floor moped up last night.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

I'm in a so tired I can't trust myself to read something correctly state.  I don't know why I am feeling so worn down.  Okay, I have ideas, but it shouldn't have me this wiped.  9 1/2 hours left to get in for the week tomorrow after being off (minus 2 hours I worked from home this morning) to run the car to get inspected and then head to pick up my sister at the airport.  Mum made pot pie for us this afternoon, I can't say evening, as dinner was at 3pm, so I'm a happy camper.  I even have a good bit for a meal this weekend.

There are other things I wanted to get done this evening, but I simply need to give in to the call of my bed.  I will be unconscious before 10pm, no doubt.  Shower, here I come.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Let me say this much about last night's episode of Walking Dead (spoiler alert):
They were saying that fans wouldn't be disappointed, but yet, I am.  Let me explain why... I'll start with what I did like:
1).  The Governor's sharp reaction (and slaughter).
2).  Giving Milton the ultimatum he did.  Beauti-mus.
3).  Using the alarms that almost bit them in the butt (pun intended) when they first arrived at the prison to try and draw the walkers in on the Governor and his people.
4).  Carl basically verbally bitch-slapping his dad for being a pussy about things.
5).  Beth finally did something other than playing mommy.

Now... why I'm a little disappointed
1).  It was a bit predictable.  The Wild-one and I were chatting on Friday and were debating who would die.  We mentioned both Andrea and Milton... but I said, if they killed off two characters that were there from early on in two back to back weeks it would only be to create that end of season umph.
2).  I really thought we'd see the Governor get injured, perhaps at Milton's hands, and be left to see if he survived it til next season.
3).  I'm with Carl on this... SERIOUSLY you brought a bus load of old people and rugrats to now need to protect, all the while the crazy-ass Governor is still out there somewhere?  See number 4 in my 'likes' list.

Oh, who am I kidding, I still love it... but yea, I wanted a little more of an end of season jump or shocker.  I'll still be counting down the weeks until season 4 starts.