Thursday, April 28, 2005

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I've not been perfectly pleased with my current placement in the infrastructure at work, but now I have way too much ammo pushing me to request a shift in report-tos. No one adores their boss 24-7, so I've always just bit my tongue and dealt. But now I have motivation to get out from under ranks above and beyond one step above me making my desires to be shifted two-fold.

I have always found those that decide to toss aside marriage (or discount other's marriages) as disgusting slime not worthy to share oxygen on the planet God has gifted us with, but given the past two and a half years of my life and the experiences as such my feelings on the matter have been heightened. Knowing that someone this pathetic is anywhere in the foodchain above me troubles me greatly.

Lecture for the day... if you don't think you can keep it in your pants - don't propose or accept a proposal of marriage. Further get off your ego trip and consider the other lives you're pulling into your own pathetic needs and selfish desires before you decide to toss worlds into upheaval just so you can get your jollies.

"...tell you I set you apart. -ColdPlay"

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A long overdue treat for myself! I am still using a hand me down dining table, but not for long. Last night after accomplishing some of the evening work I needed to do I took a stroll through Wolfs and found this bad ass table, but I'm getting the chairs as pictured here (non-cushion). In eight weeks or less I will no longer need to hide a hideous table with table cloths!

The seawolves have their jersey auction going. Only one Bates jersey available. I'm sure it will quickly skyrocket out of my range, but I can hope, right? I know what will happen. If I do manage to win this jersey one or two others from my dream-jersey list will appear on a for sale list. I'm such a dork ;)

I've been a bit swamped with work and thoughts of my final this Saturday, so I'll probably be a little quiet over the next few days (compared to normal anyhow). So stick with me... I haven't died or anything.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Laziness rules. Saturday I managed to lay in bed until around 3pm. I guess the added motivation of avoiding my studies helped. You think that is good? No, it gets better. I tried hard to slack to the point that I headed out to enjoy sushi with some old-school crew. Mmm, sushi. I couldn't partake in boozing with my lovely amoxacillin, but I still sipped a little bit of my homebrew while we consumed massive amounts of sushi. I say we, but actually it was ME who consumed as such.

Today I actually hauled out of bed despite the SNOW to go to church. Yes, I said it, snow. Not much, but it was there on the deck this morning. I guess the summer is over already. Now I'm going to enjoy a few more movies on the DVD player and mayhaps accomplish some studying. I really do need to. In the mean time, a few classics will do: Demon Knight and House of 1000 corpses for a start.

"What you could have taught me, could have saved some face. -Filter"

Thursday, April 21, 2005

I am now the proud owner of three amusing photos taken in series at the end of season party. Thanks Beff for putting a completely new spin on things. The same look from 4 months prior. It's not like it was unrequited... so what's with the stagnancy? I also witnessed what Reider did to my horse in those photos. DANG!

Last night I joined a new crew for their wing night. Amusingly this occurs at my cousin's apartment. Let me just say I learned a little too much about my lil' cous. Eep. It was odd to be around a few folks that I haven't spent time with or really spoken to since the days of Thursday wing night at Doughterty's. I didn't grub, so I can't judge the wings as I had already polished a delightful meal w/ Beff.

Bible study is cancelled for this evening, so maybe I'll actually get to sit my butt at home and chill for an evening. Mayhaps a wee bit of cleaning would be in order!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

God has a sense of humor, oh yes, he does. This morning I had the screw removed from my durango's tire. A friend had located the source of my two week slow leak yesterday after work proclaiming "you got a screw!". Taken out of context one could interpret this many ways. Next time I'll be more explicit when I pray for things in my life.

I endeavored to tend to my sinuses today as well. I'm pretty use to having headaches and whatnot, particularly in the spring and fall but this one has been troubling so much so that I actually called the doctor. For me, unless I'm:
a). bleeding to death
b). so weak I can't walk
c). in vast amounts of pain or in unique pain that concerns me
I do NOT go to the doctor. When I started to get tooth aches from my sinuses, it was troubling enough to raise the white flag. Matter of fact the first thing the nurse said was "it's been a while since you've been here". Well of course it has been.

I was pretty impressed that I wasn't just instantly medicated - for the first time in many years of sinus issues I actually had someone who looked up my nose and shined lights in to see how clear my sinus cavities were before diagnosing. Shocking! It is reassuring to know that between the signs my body is giving me and the information I gather from reading sites like webmd I am able to come pretty close to pinpointing conditions. My first official sinus infection.

Why isn't there a or something? You hunt down the symptoms of how they're behaving and it tells you if they're into you but just retards, it could tell you if their slime or just bashful etc etc. Can you imagine how screwed up in the head someone with a PHd in understanding men (or women for that matter) would be?

"It's not a problem. -Buzzoven"

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The hair is redone and trimmed, so maybe it will hold a curl better again. Maybe having some of this thick crap lopped off will lighten things enough to help with these headaches.

I didn't mention that, thanks to another friend getting betta fish I felt the urge and ended up with a third. I had his water coming to room temperature today so he's in his happy new home now this evening. Thanks to Slippy's suggestion on my naming scheme for the fish I'll soon have a full line. The new guy is green and blue, so I have quite the color range. It's terrible to look at them in the stores. I'm such a bleeding heart for animals that to see them in these teeny tiny bowls breaks my heart. I am an animal liberal I suppose. Hey, what a great lead in to my government cheese rant, but I'm not quite in the mood for a rant this evening. Remind me *grin*
Good(?) morning. The headache is back. I really wonder how many people suffer from sinus issues every day and just grin and bear it. Truly there is something wrong with the whole design of the human head. I have to wonder as well at what point something is actually a migraine. It should be a busy day - hopefully the coffee I pump in me will force the headache back into regression for a few hours.

Last evening the girl squad hit the community forum for the Chiefs. It was a nice time to see what was on the mind of the fans in the community. Needless to say some expected comments were made and some subjects that can't be handled by the front office and the owners were brought up to the point of nausea. I did however leave the meeting excited to see what all I can come up with this summer and into the next season to help fill seats.

I didn't get to thank him personally, but I'm sure the word will get passed along - thank you Ian Manzano for speeding back to Johnstown and taking the time to come to the meeting last night. Doing so was quite the demonstration of the point made there several times... our players are personable, will listen, will talk to you, and they CARE about Johnstown.

The SeaWolves are out of the playoffs at this point. I guess I need to find a new team to keep an ear on.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Another beautiful day in Johnstown. I think this means we've already used up 20% of our allotted good days for 2005. Either way I took full advantage and was out walking with the girls. Satin and Vixen still aren't the best beasts on leash but they're getting better - surprisingly so for all the more often I do walk them. Thank goodness for a large fenced yard.

In my little hockey world: Another Chief signs a try-out agreement in the A! Congrats to Peter Travato who will be joining Rochester this evening as they take on the Barons.

The Bridgeport Tigers (Joe Tallari, Jean DesRochers, and Ian Manzano included) finished up their season today vs the Hershey Bears. Everything was pretty quiet until the third period when the Bears went up by two within a minute worth of play. Joe Tallari answered giving the Tigers their first goal. With roughly 40 seconds left Tallari gets an assist to tie things up. Go ahead and laugh at us Joe, but Beff and I were a bit bouncy and sharing high fives after the assist. It seems like anywhere our boys go things tend to happen the same - as this game went to overtime and the shootout. Joe was the fifth shooter for Bridgeport but was stopped and the game rolled on past the 5 shooters. All said and done Bridgeport won in the 9th round of the shootout.

Time for the girls to hit the grocery store to make some grub for the gang. Hockey is over, AGAIN. At least Mississippi is still out there playing.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

After oozing into my bed as early as possible last night and spending a quality 11 hours there I feel MUCH better. I'll never understand why traveling is so tiring.

I got a few small things done around the house this morning all the while missing Bond Park. Today was one of those bright and calm days that just called out for taking Satin to the "lake" with the 15-foot lead in tow so she could swim. Curse you NC, why must you be so far away? I think I'll always pine for the Carolinas while living in PA. But so long as there is hockey in town I'll be able to put off my desires to re-relocate. I opened a mere two windows and I could smell the daffodils while sitting in my living room. What a great scent. Even if daffodils are "the devil". Ask my ex. *ha ha*

Without hockey I opted to agree to go to a Riverhawks arena football game with some of my coworkers. I figure it's the least I can do since I torment them with my attempts to get groups to the Chiefs games. Besides, the other times I've been around these folks it's been good times. This of course means I didn't get to listen to the Bridgeport game online this evening, which I felt bad about. One must lend their support even if they are hundreds of miles away. Of course I ended up missing Jean DesRochers' first assist in the A. Congrats Jean! Thank goodness for saved media, I can listen now, before I head to bed.

I haven't been too dilligent about catching all of the SeaWolves games either. Sounds like Mississippi is having a rough go of things in the first round of playoffs against Gwinnett. I'm sure having more of the games as away games than home doesn't help either. I did see that Batesy barely missed an open crease shot last evening.

"No matter what I do. No matter what I do - it's never enough. -Type O Negative"

Friday, April 15, 2005

So here I am - again - in California, MD. It's all good however, as the design review went as well as we could hope with the given situation. *sigh* For once we didn't head to catamarans *grin* instead we stuck around at the Dew Drop Inn. Yes, I admit it - I karaoked w/ Doug's friends, but ya know - I know NOONE here. It's a beautiful thing.

So the bartender tried to convince me that nothing odd has happened since my last visit here. Who are we kidding that odd events would happen both times I've been to the Dew Drop? Tonight we had the drunk-ass smacking his head off of everything shouting "waaaazzzzzzup" etc etc who was tossed from the bar. He then attempts to leave in his own vehicle. Again, the police were called as this guy was completely
(as my beloved Davey would say) in the bag. Right after that there were the strange old men and the other karaoke singers - What a night.

The drive here was bright and sunny. I can't believe how warmer things are towards DC, never mind the blossoms and whatnot that are no where in sight in Johnstown. Good for my allergies, no - but wonderful to see none the less, even if spring does mean no hockey for 6 months. Who would have ever seen me as the person waiting for winter?

For some pseudo-hockey flavor, the word is the eatery that Bates Battaglia and his father are opening is Raleigh is to be called Cielo which translates to "sky" in english. I'd like to get me a taste of that *grin*

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Bridgeport lost to Albany 5-3, but Jean DesRochers and Ian Manzano sounded to have a good number of shifts out there and were working hard. It was good to hear the excitement in their voices during the pre-game interviews that were aired during the intermissions. Well, mostly Ian's excitement, Jean sounded a little tired at first maybe just reserved. I had to giggle a little when Jean said "I like to hit". Either way good work boys. Two more games to show them consistency and potential - make it happen.
Now the Louisiana IceGators have also pulled out of the ECHL for next season. What is going on - the teams are dropping like flies!

My thought for the afternoon... "boys ARE stupid... throw rocks at them!" Yes, I stole this phrase from David and Goliath, but they're so right. Incidently, you have to go through this site's goodies. Great stuff. Eve L is so me. I have a doll of her here in my cube *grin* Anyhow... so why are boys stupid today? Because they are easily roped into telling you that the girl they had with them is the chic they've been seeing. BEEN SEEING? You didn't even buy her dinner and she came in from where to see you? *sheesh* All this two days after asking if the guy I was with was my man. Am I crazy here?

I'll be back later tonight with word on the Bridgeport game. I'm so excited!

Monday, April 11, 2005

I wasn't even going to log on to read my email tonight after coming home from helping Beff find some clothes that she wasn't swimming in. Hopefully by the end of the summer I'll need another round of smaller clothes as well.

Either way, not the point... I'm so glad I did log in. I'm SO happy for Ian Manzano and Jean DesRochers. They're to the A! No, not happy - proud. I know that sounds so "mom" of me, but I am proud of them. I cried I was so happy. Go ahead laugh.

Regardless, they've both signed try-out agreements with Bridgeport, up with Joe Tallari. I can't even begin to express how excited I am. Everyone bitches about our season here, but with us out of the playoffs the cream of our crop has risen to new levels. At least I have hockey to listen to where I'll know quite a few names. Go get'm guys. Keep making us proud.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Between last night's game and tonight's it's appears most everyone knows I decided to run for Vice President of the Chiefs fan club. I know some people have assumed I've done so for malicious reasons. That's not it. I love the team I love the club. When I first joined the fan club I was "alone" knowing no one. Though the past two years I've made lots of great friends who share my passion for the sport. I guess running is one way for me to try and be a bigger part of things. I have ideas and whatnot, but I've kept many silent because I didn't want to overstep my bounds as a member. I don't care who wins or who loses. I'm still going to be there fighting to keep the team in town a few more years. It's too sad to see the end of a season much less the end of hockey in Johnstown.

The final game ended in a loss (3-2) with goals from Matt Reid and Peter Trovato. Many more good hits coming out of DesRochers, even one that drew a penalty out of #7 (Reid) from AC. I guess the guy wasn't too pleased as he had a few things to say across the ice to him and was chasing after him the rest of the game. They played together at Clarkson, so maybe Reid was just surprised that DesRoch took a hit at him. But that loss was ok as it wasn't so much the loss of the game that set the tone. I'm not a huge Bilodeau or Sullivan fan (nor am I against them for the record) but I'm saddened to see their chapters in Chiefs history close. It was also announced that PL will be leaving us. While everything is up in the air on returning players for next year I can place a few good bets, especially on those that would like to return.

With the prodding of a few ppl I did venture to the Haven to get one more night in around "the boys". It's strange to say goodbye to people you don't really know but yet you'll miss as a whole for the next several months. Thanks for initiating a goodbye, as I wouldn't have, but a hug I can handle.

Final thought from earlier this afternoon... I'm so Samantha Baker. Well, except I didn't give my panties to a geek. So when do I get to see the red porche waiting for me and to lean over that belated birthday cake?

Saturday, April 09, 2005

What an incredibly beautiful day today. We made the run to AAA and put the deposits in on our cruise. Now we'll be jonesing for this for 7 months! We made another pass through the mall and I snagged a few more tops and a dress (hopefully it will fit and look decent). I also bugged one of the clowns there to paint my face for this evenings game *grin* I'm such a child sometimes, but it's part of my charm.

I'm also loving the spring clothes this year - the bright colors the designs. Great stuff. It put me in the mood for another one of my favorite spring time things... wandering through the Walmart garden center. I hate Walmart, don't get me wrong, but the garden center is an entity onto itself. The flowers, the smells... particularly the mulch! I snagged my 10 bags and brought them home to spread out tomorrow should the great weather hold out.

Now I see for our last game we'll be missing Brian Collins as well, who was loaned to the Worcester Ice Cats... another one bites the dust. I'm glad to still have Jean D. in town, but I'm disappointed for him. I still say he deserves to be up in the A.

Friday, April 08, 2005

After a pretty busy day at work I headed off to the game. The Chiefs lost to the Titans 5-2 with our goals coming from Bowman and Tarabrin. I'm proud of DesRochers who was out there working on some more hits and offering up a physical game even if it was all for naught on this particular night.

After getting home my stomach decided dinner was a necessity. Since I didn't want to cook a full meal, I pulled out ramen noodles. Do you have any clue how long it's been since I made ramen?! Well, it's been so long that I'm still trained to make them in a microwave (think college when that's all you have to cook with), but I couldn't recall that PERFECT cooking time. They were still pretty tasty.

Tomorrow the next vacation gets scheduled. Here's to the hockey games to be scheduled from November 26 to December 1 being away games. *grin* Well, I don't want to MISS one. Sheesh.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Well dang. BK is back to Grand Rapids. Ok, that kind of stinks, but I still have faith we can pull together and make things happen for the last two games. DesRochers will just have to step it up again ;)

Speaking of our favorite AHLers... Joe Tallari has been off to a pretty good start in Bridgeport with two goals and an assist in 5 games. Not too darn shabby for 9 shots on goal. Keep it up Joe and we'll keep our eye on ya.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Ok. Here are the photos... at least, the ones I'm willing to share *grin*
So here I am three days after a snow storm after seeing 76 degrees on the thermometer on the way home. Needless to say theh windows are open.

Alright - everyone wants more about the end of season banquet. Here are some of the highlights. I've pulled my photos off the camera but have not uploaded them to shutterfly yet. When I get that done I'll add a link, I promise *smile*... well at least to SOME of the pics.

Tremblay has a shotgun. How western is that? It's even better w/ a boa. Is that a fly?
Latullippe, Gallant, Peterson, and Travato... rookies still can't dance, but they can YMCA.
The pink bandana on Bowmans head, need we say more?
Nailer fan is right, DesRochers does want to be an American idol not an All-Star - he can't stay away from that karaoke.
Canner's future is so bright he's gotta wear shades.
They forgot to hand out that one award to Reid, but we told him he won and he posed for a photo.
BK doesn't seem to remember having fun at the Christmas party.
Currie's fireplace is definitely a wood burner.
Demo really didn't like Billy's shirt.
Leiney would make a darn good cowboy but more of the Johnny Cash pursuasion.
Scally if he had a spitoon he couldn't have looked MORE like a cowboy.
PL and Marie need to go back to the jewelry store.
Billy has terrible aim even when a gun is pointed at Cass.
Collins is probably more afraid to do the train than he is of me.
Sully still won't dance, even if you call him a wimp.
Cavy as always is a fun guy.
Manzano another good hider.
Gerbe he hides better than PL... I only saw him once all night.
I hate it when people break into French. It makes one paranoid that they're talking about you. AHEM!
Beff is "you know, one of those girls that works upstairs".
See, you have it backwards... I was the one wondering how soft YOUR face was.
After how many Yuenglings Slippy can't count.
Some people can't fit in small cars.
Yes, you can feel eyes burning into your back when you're sitting at a bar.
Hopefully someone learned the lesson that if you smack my ass I'll smack yours back.
We missed you Joe Joe and Shawn!

Finally - to someone I'll never understand:
The first reaction is probably the one from the heart... the second is always from the head. It's just depressing that the very same confidence issues discussed allowed the head to go there. The act of rushing to see what you had in hand speaks legions, the fact you knew to look in private? That speaks even louder.

"Poison angel... try to take my wings away. -Winger"

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I had a blast this evening. Even if it turns out that some people are complete morons. To those who tried to organize a coup against me... nice attempt. To those I formerly thought had some type of integrity. I won't retract what I say about skill, but you're not the person I had hoped and believed you were - I gave you credit for loyalty where it was not due. I think I have the cold hand prints, as does my friend, to prove it. Maybe I'm being a hypocrite. Yes, it is cool to be eyed up etc, but if you're going to be with someone, be with them. Yea, I officially feel bad for her now.

All of that meaningless junk aside I had a wonderful evening. The decorations and food were great, the music kept all entertained and we had a blast. Even if 7am (when the alarm goes off) will come all too early I know it was worth it.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

What a fabulous game. We completely owned the Nailers, can I EVER complain about that. I was exceedingly happy to see that DesRochers broke his slump and with style - a hat trick! I was sitting by my beloved Nailer_Fan *laugh* and without a hat, so what is a girl to do other than to grab the Wheeling Nailers hat, head for the ice, and give it a toss! Congrats DesRoch. When it was all said and done the Chiefs downed Wheeling 6-4. There was the three from DesRochers, and one from Chris Leinweber, Brent Kelly, and Brett Peterson. Excellent way to end the weekend and go into the last week.

They always said in music that a solid beginning and solid ending were key. Even if you make mistakes in the middle the beginning and end is what everyone remembers. So let's finish out the season in style.

Post game I do have one thing, no - make that two things to say.
1). Why do guys say things ... ever really, but in particular why do they say things and ask things they don't mean? I mean, to inquire about someone's plans when it's known that you don't really care why? Do boys do this knowing that we're going to think ourselves to death wondering if it was so they knew to avoid certain places or if it was a pseudo invite or if it was just idle chat.
2). Never, ever try to prebowl when you're distracted. It's best to save your money and assume they'll be using 10 pins below your average.

I felt so bad for the robins out and about today - hunting eagerly for a meal after the snow. We ended up with a solid inch on the deck this morning, but it then got slushy/rainy and blew everywhere. Hopefully they enjoy half stale english muffins. It's the thought that counts, right?

I guess I'll try and get some work done this evening. Stupid distracted mind.

This day is so worthy of more than one line:
"I want to be the girl with the most cake
He only loves those things because he loves to see them break
I fake it so real I am beyond fake
And someday you will ache like I ache -Hole"

Saturday, April 02, 2005

I started the day a little slow, doing some cleaning and miscellaneous housework and then progressing to work on my class assignment some. From there I joined an old pal to go see Hitch. Wasn't quite what I was expecting. It did have it's funny moments, but there was a little bit too much chic-flick underthemes. Still a decent rental type movie.

My stomach decided to cause me issues near the end of the movie and for a while after. All I can figure is that maybe it's the revenge of me eating a few hot wings yesterday. I did grub a little before the hockey game but even that seems to be a bit of an aggravation to my stomach at present. I usually don't have issues so who knows what the heck is wrong with me. Probably just getting old.

On to the game. The Chiefs downed the Dayton Bombers 7-6 in overtime. Great game. I finally got to put faces to the new names, just in time for the end of season party. I called that we'd win prior to the game, I just felt it. I was a bit nervous there for a while as the third period almost came back to bite us again, but we squeaked through. Or, to define the win, you can go with my smart ass comment... that hell froze over, that's why the Chiefs won. It WAS snowing when I left the arena after all.

Brian Collins is definitely picking up his pace as a Chief, snagging two goals and an assist. We also heard from Cavanagh, Kelly, Manzano, and Courchesne this evening during regulation. In the shoot out we kept up with a goal from Jay Latulippe and cinched the win with Demo's goal. The noise from the fans when Demo hit the ice during the shootout was pretty impressive. I really wish we, as a crowd, could make that kind of noise more often.
Well the Chiefs fell to Toledo 4-1. The only goal came from Collins in the first. In the mean time I headed out to enjoy a happy hour in celebration of the end of one project and a great big fluff and spank (aka keep at it) on another project at Shooters. While it's still the meat market I remember it to be later in the evening it was still a good time with buds suprising me and coming out to get their jiggy on.

I do have to ask why every male I'm interested in feels the need to ask if my one male friend is my boyfriend. Sup w/ that? No. He's not my man. Geez. But I guess if you're asking that means you're noting who I'm talking to, that can't be a bad thing for me.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Hmm. Looks like we went ahead and signed two more guys to finish out the season. Maybe trying out some new faces to see if they'll fit for next season? Welcome to Jean DesRocher's former team mate from Clarkson, Jay Latulippe and to Chester Gallant who is coming from the SPHL.