Thursday, January 31, 2013

God bless Amazon.  I ended up taking a chance on a teddy bear that I saw there that looked pretty darn cute, hoping it would be nice and soft.  Score!

I also ended up ordering new sneakers, running shoes that is, as I intend to give it a go this summer.  If I want to do a 5k (yes, I know how short that is, but it would be a huge achievement for me) before I turn 40 (yes, that is another one of those crazy goals I set for myself) I need to get on top of it.  The niecey-poo is training for a half marathon.  She's half my age, so I think that's kinda fair.

Oh, and to quote said niecey-poo, I also ordered something to country-fy myself - two pairs of boots.  I just couldn't decide based on looks, and I had a 20% coupon (free shipping both ways) so I figured what the heck.  I suspected I'd either hate them both or love them both.  I kinda got lucky... one pair is pretty comfy and fits decently.  The other is really cute looking, but they're HUGE, so back they go.  I'll admit the huge pair were definitely appealing as they were a dusty red and stand-outish, very me :) the others are black, so they'll go with a lot more, so I guess it worked out the way it needed to.  I didn't need to keep two pairs of expensive (by my standards) shoes.

I did start the computer hunt, which drives me crazy.  Already win8 everywhere.  Meh.  No progress on the air purifier front.  I'll stop for a shot again next week, so I'll see if it's ready then.  In the mean time, I did get the over the counter goodies they wanted me to obtain.  Given that it warmed back up for a few days and the humidity climbed I haven't needed it.  But, good ol' Johnstown, is back to freezing - literally - overnight, so I'll know quite soon how the stuff works.

Monday, January 28, 2013

I almost forgot to point out that, during the trip to Applebee's this weekend, I got my first ever senior discount.  Stop laughing.  It was an accident.  The waitress came to tell us, basically, she applied it to the wrong table and couldn't undo it.  That hurt a bit, but worse still was the 20 year olds at the next table laughing.  The one turned and looked me right in the eyes damn near pointing while he laughed.  Ouch.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A smattering of updates for you this fine evening...
So I get an email from Medco (mail order pharmacy) saying THEY received my prescription and cannot fill it as it is available over the counter.  They did not say WHAT the prescription was.  So I had to call the ENT office to find out so I can now go back to the pharmacy to get the over the counter medicine.  Which would be fine, except they had to order it.  So a week and a half after it was prescribed, still no medicine... not til Monday.

Tenant found!  I had two individuals reach out late this week, both of whom sounded quite promising.  Well, a quick viewing and a desire to get in ASAP and here we are.  This is also not a month to month lease, so that gives me more of a comfort level too (when thinking about my own stability and ability to weather whatever may come in the next few months).

Vixen is nibbling at a bone in the dining room right now.  She doesn't seem to be leaking urine as she was for a stretch.  I am hoping there was just something up... but I have no idea what.  Either way, I'm glad she can have a more time with the whole family rather than segregated but immediately after trips outside.

So, while I was out and about for my running today I discovered Ollie's had put the Iams dog food they had on 50% off.  While only 7lb bags this ended up working out to around 60 cents a pound instead of around .95-1.10 as it is when on sale in the big bags.  Needless to say I cleared one of their shelves, buying another 100 lbs (or so) of dog food.

From there I spent some quality time w/ the Beff having some grub, getting a sweet gift (Frankenweenie on DVD), and doing a little malling.  I ended up indulging in a pair of earrings, something I've been wanting to get for a while.  It felt good to buy something a little frivolous.  I've been very well behaved lately.  I guess if I am going to allow myself to buy something frivolous I need to get in gear (as soon as I get the paperwork from the ENT) and invest in the air purifier and start shopping for a new computer.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A few things on my mind this evening...
Toys R Us really should have more than 4 options for the Teddy Bear shopper.

"Pack your thong, you're going on a trip" is so not the best subject line for a spam email.  Really?  Thong?  I hope you mean flip-flops.

A week ago I had an appointment with the ENT.  They were sending a prescription to the local pharmacy and were going to put into the write up on the visit an advisement for a hepa filter, which to my pleasure I can then use to support the purchase as qualified under my HSA.  The prescription never went through and I forgot to get the printout from the appointment, so when I stopped for a shot late Wednesday I inquired about both issues.  Now keep in mind, in this office, the doctor and the gal who comes in to talk to me prior to the doctor both enter with a computer upon which they type everything in that we discuss as we're discussing it.  My office write up "usually takes a week or two to be done" and it's not done yet *puzzle* and he forgot to click send on the prescription.  The gal at the front verified if she was allowed to click send w/ him out of the office, was told yes, and I watched her click it.  So I headed straight to the pharmacy after, nothing, but perhaps it will take 20-30 minutes to come.  A bit of shopping later, still nothing.  Tonight, still nothing.  Seriously dear technology?

Finally, I came home to a lovely letter from my local courthouse.  Jury duty.  Frick.  Coincidence that I was just there a couple of weeks ago for something else?  I wonder.

Monday, January 21, 2013

For those (myself included) that wondered how quickly I go through bags of dog food:  let it be known I just opened the first bag of the 6 recently purchased.  Another will probably be opened in a day or two (the weight control for Vixen).  I love how eager they all are when a new bag gets opened.  I mean, I get it, there has to be some hope for a new flavor!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I kept with the momentum today.  After a little bit of sleeping in, running to get some good grub and hitting the grocery store that is.  I scrubbed out the inside of the fridge, removing each shelf and tray, which was probably long over due.  From there I got in gear and even scrubbed (hands and knees) the kitchen, hall, and bathroom floors.  Yay!  If only I could do some deep cleaning each weekend.

I guess it goes without saying that I'm not super sore today, but I bet it will set in tomorrow.  That's okay, worth it.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The cold reappeared for a few mornings this week, but since there was promise of a decent day today (before it swings back in the hella-cold direction) I decided to head back to mum's once again to help a bit with some more strenuous housework that she wanted done.  The game plan was to wash down the walls in the dining room, which to me means you better be pulling out the furniture (including that desk and the big old china cabinet).  It looks a ton better, I think she's happy, I'm content that I was so productive, but I bet I'll be aching tomorrow!

I got a little side tracked as well.  She was making me breakfast and couldn't find the bacon.  What's a girl to do other than start digging through the freezer as well.  If there was bacon to be found I was going to find it.  Alas, no bacon, but after I pulled so much out of the freezer in my hunt I realized there was a little bit of spillage on the bottom and a good bit of frost build up.  Let's just say that task is done now too.  If only I could be so motivated in my own house.

Monday, January 14, 2013

It was 65 degrees yesterday.  I'll take more of that, please.  As the cold settles back in, so does my desire to hibernate.  Ready for bed by 6:30, that can't be good.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Aside from a couple rounds of laundry and hauling things over to the apartment I didn't get much done during the week.  Fortunately, I had decided to give myself a bit of a break in an effort to alleviate the stress of changing over the apartment.  Yep, I've employed some help with the cleaning... ok, a majority of the cleaning.  I did the necessary laundry, wiped out the inside of the cabinets as I did the necessary inventory, and washed the windows.  The rest was well under way when I returned from work on Friday and should be getting finished up tomorrow.  Yay and thank you to J for working my to do list to a "T".  This, it means a lot.

Friday I hit the Italian Oven for the first time in roughly forever with Beff and the Wild one.  I got a bit of a surprise as we headed towards the entrance.  Yep, he's still pretty.  That few moments was, as only can be best said by my Niecey-poo, awwwwwkward.

Today I headed to Altoona to visit with mom for an early celebration of her birthday.  The weather was great, most everything is melting off (just in time for more snow, I'm sure) and the only thing to deal with on the road was fog (again).  We worked through a pile of the word puzzles she pulls daily from the paper, chatted for a while, headed for a late lunch, and went to church before I headed back to spend the evening with the beasts.  I know I was hungry, but by God we need an Olive Garden here in Johnstown... I'm so in love with so many things there.  The parm crusted stuffed chicken with a side of butternut squash was AWESOME.

I've also been on another photo upload/backup spree.  Lots getting moved up to shutterfly and now need put onto CDs as well.  You wouldn't believe how many reasonably good photos of the dogs (my favorite photo subjects) I got during the course of the photo a day effort.  I was thinking how much clicking through those photos takes me through 2012 without intending to do so.  I wonder if I challenged myself next year to take a photo a day of something meaningful to THAT day what would come of it?  Would it force me to live a little more too?  If not, I'd have lots of photos of the couch.  At a minimum it would force me to carry my camera more and try to capture life as it unfolds.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Headed to a coin auction w/ Eggs this afternoon, then came home as the apartment was handed back over.  So, I at least got the curtains and shower curtain down and in the washer (what's one more load this weekend, right?)  That said I'll prb be spending a few evenings this week over there getting things in order with the hopes that someone will be looking to fill it right back up.

If you know anyone looking for a 1br furnished in Richland point them my way!

Saturday, January 05, 2013

The sun is out, but do not allow it to mislead you, it's still incredibly cold out there today (as it was yesterday).  I got out early yesterday thanks to banking up some time earlier in the week, made my way to Eburg for the first of the shockers for me where I completed my paperwork and left with a nice new ID, then back to the Jingle for a massage.  I would have gladly stayed home after that, perhaps crashing early, but ended up heading to meet the Schmou family for some sushi, another great start for the weekend.

So far today I haven't gotten much done, but I'm well into washing all of my bedding, which will inspire me to at least dust and vacuum in there to really make it feel fresh.  With the new year it's also time to change filters, so the furnaces are swapped, and one of the two humidifiers as well.  I really need to keep researching an air purifier, but it's so freaking difficult to assess and make a decision.  I wonder too if I should hold off until I can talk to my allergy doctor, perhaps for recommendations, but more so to get a letter recommending my purchase to give me the chance of it qualifying under my HSA.

Anyone have insight on air purifiers?  I'm looking for one that can eliminate dog odor (so potentially an on/off ozone option), no incessant filter replacements, good for allergies (so HEPA)... what else is there to consider?

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Happy 5th birthday to Safyre Qwynn! That's 4 years with me.  We celebrate on the day I brought her home guestimating her to be around 1 at adoption time.  As always we had our birthday shopping trip and ice cream, just her and I.  I can't believe she's been here for FOUR years already!

I feel kind of bad going to Petco for her to shop for her present the same day that our 190+ lbs of dog food was on the front porch.  Will I have Petco ship the food for me again? You bet your kibble I will. Each bag was in its own box, each perfectly sized for storing pictures I do not have room for on my walls.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

I'll miss you Mithy.