Sunday, March 30, 2014

What a busy and, in some ways taxing, few days.  I worked longer earlier in the week so I could bail early on Friday and snag my Sister from the local airport and take her to mom's.  I was up earlier on Friday than normal as to drop the girls at camp and swap out cars to head to work so I could pick her up and head to Altoona straight from there.  I had just enough time to spend an hour with her before heading back up the hill to load the other vehicle and head to meet the youth group to head out for our weekend retreat.

We went to Camp Allegheny, towards Somerset.  With the early and busy day Friday our 1am lights out was a bit of a challenge for me.  Getting up early on Saturday and making it to a second 1am lights out was even harder.  There was a camp fire with smores (Yes, I cheated on my lenten sacrifice to indulge with the kids.  I won't add a but there, so I'll just say I hope I'm forgiven) and mountain pies.  We had wonderful worship services and good messages, including one that ran nearly 4 hours because the group was so present in the prayer time that they didn't stop to get to laser tag.  How amazing is that?  The hot water was rather inconsistent, but I still managed to get two showers that were both around 90% non-freezing and the bed was comfortable enough - so win.

There are some other tidbits of knowledge that lend to a bit of emotional distress this weekend over top of the busy and tired strain.  But I firmly believe that God heard my prayers on those concerns this weekend and he is at work.  So I went to a retreat to help support the kids getting closer with God and I got to visit with him along the way, it was a good weekend... until we woke up to -yay- snow this morning.

Fortunately, the roads were as clear as you could hope for.  We were home at noon and I dug through email and whatnot instead of napping until I could go fetch the girls.  Turns out Miss Vixen isn't doing great today.  They said it was evident this morning, she's a bit unsure on her feet and wobbly with a bit of a head tilt.  I wanted to immediately label this as a stroke, but as I read more when I got home I find it could be vestibular, which means it could just go away in a couple of days as quickly as it came.  She's always had ear issues (infections/gunk etc) so it could relate and the symptoms sound right minus vomiting.  I've always said I'd know something was wrong when the day came that Vixen didn't want to eat - this is that day.  She was interested in a busy bone enough to eat it however, but when she went to pick it up it was like her aim was off.  She eventually finished that and did eat a bite of food, but a good bit of her dinner remains in her bowl.  Hopefully we'll get dinner (and medicine) down soon, as Dani and Saf are not happy to have been banished to the basement to give her some space while she's unsure on her feet.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I've neglected to follow up here, so now is the time.  If you recall, Petco had told me they were going to give me credits on my Pals rewards after I contacted them about my accumulated purchases being wiped out and meaning nothing when they transitioned me to their new 'plan'.  Well, they never applied those credits.  I've tried contacting them with their email stating they'd do this and have heard absolutely nothing back.  Congrats Petco, you've lost 99.9% of my business with the exception of ON the girls' birthdays, and only then because I have no other option of a place to take them locally where they're welcome.
I have been dragging this week.  I went to bed fairly early last night, and slept well, so the only thing I have left to blame it on is the resurgence of hella cold dragging my body back into hibernate mode.  At least I got a little yard work done last weekend, at this point I'm pretty sure that is the extent of our spring.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Another example of people LOOKING for reasons to be offended:
I cannot tell you how many times in my life I've been asked that my heritage is (yes, I've heard it phrased as "what are you?").  I've got to tell you I never once thought it was a reason to assume the person was racist or to be offended by the inquiry.  I think the closest I've come to being offended by these types of comments was when asked if or had it stated (on numerous occasions) while still using my married name that "oh you're Polish".  Mmm, no.  And I'm only offended by your stupidity when you know it's not my maiden name, not by the inquiry or the presumed assumptions I could try to imply the person was making with that statement.
Maybe I'm more proud of who I actually am than I realized.  Clearly, I'm more proud of my slightly confusing eye-set and pasty white skin than the individuals in this video are.  If it is who your heritage created you to be, I'd think you want to announce it to the world... unless you're ashamed of it.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Finally a day nice enough to go without my coat for a while, and it's actually not while I'm stuck at work!  I headed out as I often do on weekends.  This time I was headed to Saint Michael/Sidman to find a cemetery to fulfill a request (success) and took the opportunity to add a bit of shopping to the agenda.  I didn't have a super successful trip, but I didn't leave empty handed either - so good stuff.

When I got back to the house I realized I really should take advantage of the sun and reasonable temps, so I headed outside to try and scoop up the winter waste (thanks beasts).  I have 4 full grocery bags, a thinned out but not cleaned up yard, and a sore back.  So to keep up the progress but but a little nicer to my back I headed to the front where I filled up four garbage bags of leaves and crud cleaned up, a solid first pass before I go buy mulch.  I pulled half of the driveways worth of gravel back from the yard.  I really really wish places were willing to pave the front, so the plow didn't create a gravel hazard for lawn mowing.

Today was a good day... and I have plans to slow cooker an other pork roast for tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be a tasty, er good, day too.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Today's dr appt went well enough, at least my blood pressure was right at the 120/80 mark, so I'm feeling better about that after the slight spike at my regular doctors a few weeks ago.

It is the first day of spring, but I am telling you - it has been feeling colder and colder each day, like we're trying to sink into winter again, despite the weather reports sounding like it would be tolerable.  There is no way it was up to 46 today as the 'observed high' reads on  At least the snow is just in the air and not on the ground.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Once again I had a great time with good folks, as I joined the Laws not only for a great meal and conversation, but last evening's episode of the Walking Dead.  It's official, boy child is taller than me.  Where have the last so many years gone?  You're raising a superior young gentleman, be proud!  As to TWD, it was an interesting challenge for me to not allow my crazy out.  I'm rather use to watching alone where only the dogs judge my reactions to what is happening on the TV.  I also realize now how much I talk at the TV for this show, since I was forced to hold back on it a bit.
The snow did come again, it was started when I returned home last evening and we had just under an inch on the deck this morning.  Not complaining, it was only an inch, and it's at freezing, not -20, so I'll take it, but I am ready for this to end.  I'm starting to picture my wake up routine spotting snow outside to be like the movie Groundhog's Day.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

I pulled the Tib out yesterday as it is back on the insurance as of March 1 and needs inspected by the end of the month.  I cannot believe it, but once again, after sitting for 3 1/2 months, Drake started right back up, no problem.  How lucky am I?  We headed to top off the tire pressure and then I needed to do some distance driving to make sure the charge is good so I was all over the place enjoying the sunshine.  Back to near the house and I stopped for more photos at a Windber cemetery I've chosen to adopt as my own on Find a Grave.  Now I have photos to process again, since the weather surely isn't hear to stay (more cold called for tomorrow and heck, it's only at 32 today).

Snagged my Shamrock shake that the big guy and I agreed I could break with my lenten sacrifices to have before it goes away w/ St Pats.  Chilling my limoncello from Sorrento Italy... more on why later!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Oh Friday how I love you.  I had to hustle out of the house after work this evening to join the Wild ones at a fish fry, which was really freaking good.  Fried fish for me, mac and cheese, haluski, fries, baked potatos, green beans (pass), cole slaw (shoulda passed), but I maintain you have to have stewed tomatoes at a fish fry.  I'll forgive them though.  It was so nice to see Mrs. Wild one outside of work and to see her delightful hubby and my Turkey butt again.

Given where we went I fully expected to see Davey T and Miss B and surely I did. Since Turkey butt has an early bed time I headed out as she put on her St Patty's PJs and stopped to see Davey and B's (not so new anymore) house for the first time.  I have missed them!

On the way home it really sunk in how many really awesome people are in my life, but I just don't get to see them as often as I would like.  To think I have two more similar events planned in the next week with more awesome folks.  Yay spring!

Ok, the dogs kind of hate me for not being around in the evenings much this week, but coming home smelling like other dogs and a couple of cats was the breaking point.  I may not be allowed in the bed tonight.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Yesterday and today the weather was just fantastic.  A majority of the snow is melted off, except for where the piles were the deepest.  This of course means that they're now calling for snow tomorrow.  Whee.

This evening I was blessed by Miss Kath and Mark coming in to join me for a bite at Szechuan and a show the US Army Field Band Concert Band and Soldier's Chorus put on at UPJ.  They were phenomenal.  It was truly a lovely evening.

Monday, March 10, 2014

My weekend went by quickly.  I was out and about a good bit since the weather was agreeable.  Funny how cold (by most standards) and windy still gets good marks just because the sun was out and the snow was trying to melt.  I visited mum on Saturday, along with a few awesome deal shopping stops (as is my latest fascination, thanks wild one!)  I climbed over the snow remaining on her deck to fire up the grill and cook us a hot dog to go with her potato salad.  We're faking summer until we make it at this point.  Now that we've changed the clocks the sun is streaming in through the back of the house and it makes me want to run amok.  Hurry spring, hurry.

Sunday was the standard church morning and a bit more good deal running, then cleaning.  Boy was (am) I over due.  I could still do more, but I made good progress before an overnight guest arrived.  It is good to still have connections in NC, people I can call friends.  As I type this I hope the guest is arriving home safely after a long journey.

Also, please continue praying for my friend's mom.  They thought they resolved the main cause after my last post and she was feeling/doing better, but has had a bit of a setback.

Friday, March 07, 2014

I remain rather tired this evening despite an early trip down the hall last night.  I guess I fell asleep at my normal time last night, but I did head there early and slept in a little.  I arrived to work to an email from a good friend noting that their mother was in the hospital.  It's been one of those weeks for so many folks around me.

In this case, this mum could use a few extra prayers as there are still test coming tomorrow and I'd say she was in a pretty dire state by the time she got to the hospital.  So, I'll ask all that are willing who read this say a little prayer for her and the doctors treating her.  I did get to see her this evening and she looked better than I expected, but I know she's nervous and anxious and still has recovering to do regardless of the diagnosis.
Signing up for new insurance exchanges won't lead to deportation for any relatives in the U.S. illegally... Insisting that Latinos know that "I've got their back."
THAT is an example of the problem many of us have with your agendas Mr. Obama.  You're pandering for votes.
Oh, and your commentary to Putin.  America - hypocrites.  I guess if we wanted to invade Crimea that would be A-Okay.  Am I saying what is happening there is okay, no, I am saying that what is happening all through the middle east is not okay either.
977 days left until you're out of office.  I only pray we can make it that long.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Went to see the Son of God with the youth group tonight.  It was nicely done, but watches like a highlight real for the first good chunk.  Thank goodness we're heading into the end of the week.  *tired*

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

For realz, I get this email from Verizon:
An outage has been detected impacting the ability to use your Verizon High Speed Internet services. This will limit your ability to use the Internet, including email, streaming music, and other services until the outage is resolved.
I checked the information and resolution by March 5, 12:15.  So no internet tonight.  I'm getting peeved Verizon.  I was out for a week just in November/early December.  This is NOT okay.  Thank goodness I finished my online class assignment that is due tomorrow last night.
Now, let's discuss the IRONY of sending me an EMAIL to tell me that my INTERNET SERVICE is inaccessible.  Der.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

So this morning I wake up, put the dogs out, and go to head to the shower.  Water isn't warm yet, okay let it run a little while longer.  Yeah, still not warm.   Awwww, nuts.  So yesterday I did notice that I had to turn back the cold water a bit but just figured perhaps the tenant was just out of a shower or something, no biggie.  It is, of course, a Sunday, so good luck finding someone, right?

Well thank the heavens for friends with good recommendations.  Not only did this plumber ANSWER the phone (not even return a the call after I leave a message situation), but he made it out today, albeit late in the day, but it worked out because I still got to church and do some Dollar General cruisin for penny deals.  Most impressive part is that he had the part that, after he explained the history of my water heater (laugh) I am pretty sure he is the only person around here that would make this a repair instead of a replacement.  Now, this water heater has outlived my expectations, so I don't expect it to last for years longer, but I'll take what I can get for the time being.  He felt confident and clearly is prompt that if it goes fully he can assist down the road.

I missed the first showing of The Walking Dead while I chatted with the plumber, so thank goodness they replay it!

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Vix and I did head out today, first to the Meadows for ice cream.  Now normally the girls end up with a cup of vanilla, but the old lady scored today - they had peanut butter w/o chocolate in the frozen yogurt, so pb it was.  Then to Petco for a few treats and a torture device.

Since the weather was nice today I spent a little time out back with all three of the girls brushing out as much as I can (after all the birds are starting to show themselves, they'll want the fur for nests) after I used the torture device on Vixen - waterless shampoo.  At least she smells a lot better.

The snow is to come back tomorrow, so I made the most of the nice day and did more running here and there including the grocery store because everyone knows you need to buy bread and milk if snow is a'comin.