Sunday, May 31, 2009

This weekend I have been the queen of research (and messing with my farm on FarmTown - damn you addicting games). I've gotten some of the next modules reading done for class already, but moreso I have been hunting the internet and pulling together more notes for the fall Europe trip. I am just so incredible geared for it.

I don't get an NBC feed, despite what so many folks said I should have, so I didn't get to watch the game on Saturday. I keep saying it - the Pens need to stomp Detroit, please? See how quickly I can go from cheering for my Canes to cheering for the Pens? Yes. I hate Detroit that much.

So there you have it - a pretty boring weekend.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

When I read the email I thought of the part in Twister where the female lead, Jo, says something to the effect of watching a tornado miss this house and miss that house and then come straight for you - only this one came three times. It's not fair and I'm pissed... there is nothing worse than not having anything you can say or do.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I neglected to mention that my new Tapping the Vein cd did arrive... and while it is not as good (IMHO) as the first CD I'm still enjoying it. Then again, I'm also jammin a good bit to Bob Marley lately, maybe the appeal is just the caribbean feel. I can't wait for my vaca. Need need need time to veg.

Monday, May 25, 2009

My long weekend is nearing an end. I did get a bit of cleaning and miscellaneous to dos (like swapping out my winter and summer tops) done before heading to mom's for part of the holiday weekend. The girls are wiped out right now, so we must have done something right. I've been a food fiend the past few days, not sure what gives, but I'm hungry hungry hungry... so I think I'm going to go snarf some of the strawberries that mom sent home with me. For someone who tells me how much I need to lose weight, her decision to cut up the strawberries with sugar seems a bit contradictory. Then again, so does her pushing cinnamon rolls, candy, and ice cream with my strawberries. Sheesh. So not helping.

Friday, May 22, 2009

I am sick of seeing listings at work for dogs that are "free to a good home" with comments about how they simply don't have time or the dog doesn't like it since the new baby came along. Um, f*cking idiots. You made a commitment to get an animal. If you can't fulfill it and follow through, please stop breeding.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Could have been worse... so I head to where I thought I was to be this morning and after the guy looks at my key fob he says, "you're dropping off a hyundai? we moved that shop". Greaaaat. So I headed the other direction calling my would be ride to wave him on. I decided to point out how the woman taking the appointments really should mention this to folks that haven't been there in a while and waited with the car. Suffice it to say I know the guy sensed my displeasure. I read for a little while and then put my head back and dozed off until I was pleasantly awaken only at 9am being told that the car was ready. So one bad sensor later I am back on the road with functioning brakes. Of course, it needs to go back for the temperature sensor I had them look at since that has never worked since I bought the car. (Yesterday it was probably around 75 around lunch time, but my car thought it was 38.)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Last night I went home and crashed once again. I had intended to just rest my eyes, but it turned into a fest of worshiping my comfy bed. Probably for the best with the ick going around these here parts.

So today the Durango has her appointment and I'm waiting for a second call. At a minimum I'll be replacing front rotors (ouch), but if they're not under the extended service agreement there are rusty parts and leaks that were uncovered too. BOO! This always happens right around car insurance due time too. $630 for that craziness still. Not only can they not tell me WHY my insurance is so high, but the other agents want me to call my agent to have my info sent to them. Um, can't you do it if you want my business?

Not boding well for the Tib's trip to Laurel tomorrow. Gratefully Mork offered to snag me on the way to work, so no worries all I'm covered in one direction!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Precursor: First I love Wagner Dodge. I was devastated to hear they were on Chrysler's list earlier this week. So, I then called to get the soon due things scheduled for both the Tib and Durango and to express my dismay... truly, if they do end up shutting down completely (which doesn't sound like will be the case) I'd follow their lead guys whereever they go because they've treated me fairly, a tough thing to find for a single gal in a car dealership.

Telephone call #1:
"This is Wagner Dodge. Everything passed inspection, except - you have NO brake lights." "Uh, wow, crap." "Yeah, we checked the bulbs and the fuses, neither seem to have an issue - whatever it is is probably under warranty." "Ok, I'll get it in to.. what? Laurel, I guess." *Click*

Telephone call #2:
"Service Department?" "Yea, I have a Tiburon that didn't pass inspection due to non-functioning brake lights. It's not the fuses or the bulbs." "Ok, we can see you Thursday or Friday" "Thursday's fine. Do you have a shuttle that can bring me to work?" "No." "Um, ok, how about a Saturday appointment then?" "No, we don't do that type of work on Saturday." "I guess I'll wait with it on Thursday then." "Not sure you want to do that, not sure when we'll get to it." "Well Shit." (Yes I actually said Shit.) "I don't know what to tell you." silence. "Fine, put me in for Thursday."

That said...
1). Customer service - get some. Really - THIS is the dealership that Chrysler proposes taking on their Dodge sales for the area?
2). F me.
3). Friggin car! How the hell... what the hell? This prb won't be good.
4). F me.
5). Anyone wanna pick me up Thursday morning on the way to work? My typical folks are out with a busted up foot and/or in Maryland. :/

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Last night's dinner with the Laws was a good time, as always. I helped to distract them from some yardwork after the meal and enjoyed some time by the chiminea before heading home later than I realized it was (sorry guys). I think that's the first time since visiting solo that it took several attempts of telling myself to leave at the end of the evening.

Today I definitely allowed myself the leisure of sleeping extra late and then did the long overdue bedroom dusting and cleanup. I haven't swapped out the sweaters and summer tops just yet, but might get some motivation after I get some late lunch/early dinner in me. I'm starved!

Friday, May 15, 2009

So it tis. Thank God the Canes pulled that one out. Bring it on you dirty birds!

Last night I was running in different directions. I headed out early to drop off the items at Mom's House from my fundraiser (thank you again to everyone who helped out) and then to snag Beth for dinner. Right now I'm just happy it's Friday - I get to hang out w/ my favorite little man, Jacob, tonight (oh, and his parents too)!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tonight Vix remains scared shitless - as in she didn't even want to go outside. I had to put her on a leash to get her to go out back after work. *sigh* Then there's Saff. Tonight I'm waiting for her head to start spinning around. Why you ask? Well, she is a bit of a water freak... tonight she's doing especially bad, guzzling a ton and then projectile vomiting it back up. Three times already damnit. I'm glad I got a nap this evening, it could be a long night.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What am I to do w/ my fuzzy butts? Tonight after work we just had a spontaneous outburst of bad dog. I didn't see what started what, but suffice it to say that even Saffy was involved and my baby Vixie was on her back crying like she was gasping for her last breath. I love them all, but it just brings me to tears. That is my baby. She's not getting any younger, and even if she's an a-hole to them she didn't deserve that. *sigh* I had to grab a rake to swat the other two off of her, how awful is that? Yes, I'm crying again just typing it.

Go figure the Canes lost too. Just shit in my wheaties next time, eh?
A beautiful trifecta this morning reminding me why I named my blog what I did...

Major dog investment this morning as we all headed to the vet to get everyone ready for the next couple vacations worth of kenneling. Looks like we need to work on a diet in our house as Vixen is now up over 70lbs and Dani is 52lbs. Saffy is the only one not rating pork chop status in the whole house. Much to Vix's dismay we'll be cutting grub back a bit. The vet isn't fond of the new lump on her leg but isn't sure about it, we'll monitor it for now. I opted to not have them take fluid because there is little we could really do if it was cancerous, given it's location and her age, to completely resolve the situation.

I was actually (secretly) hoping the Pens would win last night, perhaps it was in a desire for some good karma for the Canes tonight. Either way, I'd love to see a Pens v Canes round.

Last night while heading for a delightful dinner of spagetti and meatballs (ones that were homemade and damn near like my mother's - major points there) I picked up some cupcakes with frighteningly day-glo icing. That's not the critical part - it was the "sell by" date of August 9, 2009 that scared me. Really? How the HELL can a cupcake have a 3 month shelf life. Did it stop me from ingesting the non-biodegradable delights? No, of course not, but it did make me wonder.

I didn't get to mention previously that I did visit mom for mother's day and got to see my brother on a rare visit to toona town.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Canes pulled out the OT last night making it 2-1 in their favor in the series. The Pens also won in OT, but I can only be happy about that if they end up winning the whole series. I'd SO enjoy a Pens vs Canes third round.

Tonight is sushi night w/ Doogie (official blog nickname assigned) and I'm excited for it. Mmm, dead fish - almost as good as dead cow. It's been raining and not all that lovely around here this week, so I've been pretty good about digging into my Anita Blake books again, it's nice to read something I actually _want_ to read. I guess my time away from coursework is short lived, so I better get rested and refreshed quickly.

On the personal front I've been confronted with making similar mistakes I've made in the past and have been in a bit of emotional upheaval over discussions that haven't happened with those who are so good at vanishing acts. It might be easier to have a conversation if I knew what to say.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Boo! Boring and long day... ended it by finding out I doofed up a date on invites (major retardation moment there). At least I got the year right. Then I come home with just a short visit for the girls again tonight and they're relegated to the basement because of the first stupid rabbit of the year that couldn't get his fat ass through the fence fast enough.

Picture Vixen snagging the rabbit, Saffy deciding that was brilliant and snagging the other half - then both deciding they weren't letting go. PULL PULL ... TUG TUG. Yep, that's about all it takes to sheer off a large chunk of flesh, fur, and a leg from a rabbit. So then there I am running around with a shovel in the rain trying to corner not one but two dogs with a big hunk of rabbit. Saffy has quite the horror flick splatter of blood up the side of her face. I _was_ hungry.
It is done! The feeling of freedom that washes over you (while short lived between semesters) after uploading the last paper is so nice. Time to get reading on enjoyable things for a week or two until the next onslaught begins.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

As promised... I made good progress today. I will easily have 13-ish pages. I've gotten about half way thorugh fully fleshing things out into the actual content and the rest of the paper has its bullets and notes all ready to be tweaked into paragraph form. WHEE!

I think I'm going to throw in another movie and shovel in some cereal.
The art of distraction = movies.

So yesterday I mentioned watching a flick or two or three. The first was Riding the Bullet which reminded me (in some strange way) of Donnie Darko. I mean it was a Stephen King based story, which earns it points, but it was a bit jumpy in continuity - but I get it - and can see how they held to the story although its been quite a while since I read anything from Kings works. The second flick was Stripes, which I haven't watched in quite a while. Always a fun one. The third from yesterday was Sweeney Todd, which I had wanted to see while it was in the theatres but knew that I'd have to go solo. I'm glad I finally caught it as I enjoyed it a good bit.

So yes, I successfully slacked on my paper yesterday. But I swear I'll check in later tonight w/ good news. I hope.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

I finished the front work pretty fast this morning, thank goodness. I am indeed achy, but I suspect it will be worse tomorrow since it isn't too bad today. From there I TRIED to work on my paper, I swear. Ok, well, it was hard to do while watching a movie... or two.

From there, who am I to turn down dinner - ya know? I had started slow and low cookin on the pork ribs, but when offered a grill to toss them on - I HAVE to agree to go, that's all there is to it. So, does this count as a second date? Inviting a girl you barely know to your place. Sheesh. What if I'm crazy?

Friday, May 01, 2009

I was kickin ass and taking names this evening after work. I got one side of my flower beds out front completely done. The other half - well, I ran out of light. Suffice it to say I moved 4 huge garbage cans of grass/dirt, put in the border, and weed guard on both sides. On the one side I also got the bulbs in, some seeds down, and mulch spread. Hopefully I won't be too sore to finish the other side at some point this weekend (preferrably tomorrow). My hands were so sore immediately after that while washing my hair it felt like pampass grass carving them up, but I don't see blisters - yet.

I really thought we were going to have more rain this evening, so I guess I got lucky. I guess I can thank my uber-sleep yesterday for my productive evening. Ok, time to be a bum and facebook for a while before crashing.

On the surgery front - both Beff and my sis were under the knife today. Both are out and things went well *cheer* Let's see who recooperates first. :)