Friday, June 29, 2007

Rant number 2052... or 2053... who cares, I've lost count.

Women, STOP BREAST FEEDING IN PUBLIC. I do not need to see that - even when you cover yourself it's still gross, particularly in a restaurant. If I wanted to see your boobs I'd give you twenty bucks for the service, just like the guy who knocked you up did.

Find a bathroom, pump at home in advance, walk to one of those breast feeding stations in the mall - heaven knows your ass is even bigger than mine right now and could benefit from the effort.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ok, back to the Pitt/PSU paw discussion... stick to your birds P-Mart!

As a former Mountain Lion (HS) and Panther (UP) - both of which are synomous with the cougar, puma, and/or "nittany" lion - I know my paws. After being challenged by the concept of some cats having five digits that would in fact make a print I did some more nubbing around and found this article explaining why PSU consciously decided to go the five-toed route. [Read the article] Best quote by far is noting that it could be "a possible deformity" and that "a cat with rickets might have a print like that". Go FIGHTING RICKETS!

Further, thank you Wikipedia, some say cats exhibiting extra toes were often killed off in Europe many many moons ago as they were thought to be witch's familars. FURTHER amusing... there is a strain of cat native to Ithaca New York known as Ithacats that have extra digits - perhaps the source of your confusion P-Mart.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Today is oppressively hot. I knew it would be when I was walking into work and could feel the swelter starting to compound. By the time I got home (I had to run across town for a work errand so I left before 5) I just wanted a shower and swore I wouldn't leave the house again (three cheers for that new central air).

I changed my mind however just now and went outside to chase Vix around. While out there we had a butterfly spotting I wanted to report... the Red Admiral. I've also got quite a few cardinals (male and female) coming to grub at the feeder. I can thank Beff's P-Mart for my recent attentiveness to our feathered friends. It is nice to see them out at the feeder, even if Vixen feels it her job to chase them off.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tiring and restful sums up my weekend. Saturday I was up early since Slips was in and headed to breakfast. It's a good thing too or my food for the day would have been quite limited, but I still maintain more sleep would have been good too. From there I headed downtown for my shifts with Thunder in the Valley swiping IDs and selling beer tickets. It was a much cooler weekend for Thunder this year over last so I didn't leave soaked with sweat. I did still return home, shower, and wipe out pretty fast.

Sunday's running has included the ritual procuring of discounted goodies from a few places and avoiding the grocery store unless in need of milk. Now I just want to sleep again. Maybe I'll throw in a movie. I am STILL enjoying not having the pressure of classwork to complete. Who would have thought?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

There has long been squabble between Pitt and PSU - go figure. I propose to you my latest peeve as more evidence in support of the higher intelligence and superiority of Pitt.

Evidence 1: The Pitt "Paw". This is an official store from's website.

Evidence 2: The PSU "Paw": I've seen this magnet on the back of a ton of cars. Note it is a link to the Nittany Outlet! Five... FIVE "toes". It's called a dewclaw ppl, it wouldn't make a print. Hiss.

A few other misc things:
Vixie's ear - it is okay so far, but she isn't too happy with me keeping it cleaned.

I ordered a footstool for the papasan, I figure it will be nice to have one and might encourage me to sit there and read more after the living room is remodeled. I also ordered a small footstool for my cube to replace the computer they took from me (since the cardboard box isn't as effective). I also got a bug up my butt for a new pillow after checking out a VERY expensive one at the furniture store and picked up a nifty foam memory type pillow today. I'm sure I'll report back after I investigate it further. I also managed to snag the last item for Slips' birthday gift (finally). To think before I know it I'll need to start thinking about Christmas gifts!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Vixen and I celebrated a daddy-free father's day by heading to mum's. In continuing with tradition Vixen got herself into trouble at mom's, but this time completely by accident. I guess she didn't realize she was sniffing so closely on the trail of the wild cat that frequents mom's yard and suprised him/her.

Vix is okay, but had me rather scared when she yelped and after I had blood running down my hand and splattered across my shirt and shorts after getting her back to the house to look her over. She had a VERY small bit of blood above her right eye and a well scratched up right ear. I got the bleeding stopped and blood cleaned up fairly quickly, so now we'll just keep an eye so it doesn't get infected. Goofy dog - ass kicked by a cat - how embarassing.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Another picnic down and a third v-neck shirt to add to the collection. I was expecting to be a bit cold there today, but the weather turned out near perfect. Despite the ideal temps turn out appeared a bit low... more booze and grub for me. That could explain why I am still stuffed. It is still nice to have nothing pressing on the calendar.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

One good thing about being completely caught by surprise by someone you don't expect to look up and see is that it wipes out anything else that may have been clouding your mind (like rushing to the checkout to escape the nasally wails of Norah Jones and the horrid connotations and rage they incite). It also leaves me to ponder how I knew within a split second. It wasn't the gait, I didn't have enough time to notice it, it wasn't the face as it was turned, it was the presence in general - and from across a room none the less.

Again Missy with her insightful questions - is it only because I cannot have it? If the emotion is so strong as to obscure immense feelings from my past I think that's a definitive no.

"Did I sell my soul for that feeling? You know my yesterday was a lie - I can't keep thinking I was right. -telepopmusik"

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Men are every bit the drama queens they claim we are... they too thrive on rumor and speculation and damn if it isn't amusing to see them keeping secrets in a group, whispering them to others, and digging for information that others have. The question is... what's the real story? (...and damn them for making me so curious)
The bits are flying past my head so quickly! Perhaps it is the numerous candy bar martinis. As per Missy I shall not settle. There is a better design. She is right you know.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm feeling a bit whiney today. Perhaps it is neglecting to have a book to distract myself over a solo lunch, maybe it is feeling like I haven't started anything I should have so far this "summer", or mayhap it is the thoughts that no news is NOT good news (on a variety of topics).

Sure, I think there is enough strength there to not jump off a bridge because someone else did. But when two someones jump... and jump in multiple simultaneous directions what type of motivation is that?

In other realms, Snoopy is starting to peel so I am a lotioning fiend.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Finally, here are some photos from the most recent cruise to Nassau and Key West.

I feel like all I have been doing lately is eating, but it is probably because I've been going out to eat so much. I guess that is one mixed blessing when my normal lunch partner won't be available most of next week.

Today I got up and hauled to Somerset to do some dog walking w/ the Humane Society. It was easy enough, but it's a bit of a haul to get there and realize they're almost done (aka a little too far to go to walk three dogs for 10-15 minutes a piece) - so I once again swung into the Cambria County Humane Society to talk to them. It turns out they are taking volunteer applications and need dog walkers too. So, perhaps I'll be participating locally. I did have to go look while there and spotted a bright blue eyed male siberian. He tried to ignore me, at least until I rolled his tennis ball.

From there I walked next door and bought some small flowering bushes to put in the back yard along the far fence (hopefully they'll attract butterflies as advertised) and a bird feeder. The feeder is up, but the plants will have to wait until tomorrow as I was ready for a shower when I got home, especially since Vixen gave me one sniff and looked at me like I cheated on her.

To finish my Saturday I was back at the movie theatre to see Knocked Up. It was funny but I was a bit grossed out by a shot or two. Seriously... I don't need to see that. EW!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My performance appraisal is done for this year, now on to coming up with goals again. I can't complain about my review, but I did get what I thought was rather bumming news on the direction of my work for the next year. But I know my thoughts were heard and I'll just hope that some of the ideas that were sewn will grow.

Bionic WHAT? (Scroll all the way to the last item in the list.) The makers of Olean are behind this, aren't they?

Today was a day that seemed to take me back quite a few years. I went to (at long last) get my Snoopy tattoo fixed. His head is no longer in a shape that shames me and the colors are crisp. I hadn't realized how much it had faded! I guess it is 11 years old. So I return from the appointment and find plastic torn across the carpet - you'd swear Satin was still alive and spitting. Dang if Vixen didn't trash something she picked up off the coffee table! How completely uncharacteristic of her is that? She knew she was in trouble and seemed sad and sat by the back door somber for a while after I told her that she disappointed in her and expected more.

I also lept and booked a heck of a good price on a flight from Latrobe based upon the tentative 2007-2008 schedule to make a bit of a southern swing. If things change I guess I'll just spend time in Raleigh :)

Oh - and this is well deserving of a complaint: I had to pull out a coat and turn on the heat in the car this morning on the way to work. Since it's cold out I guess it's appropriate to update the hockey website too.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Reason #1029 why it's cool to be a chick: I can order a waffle with strawberries, lots of whipped cream, and chocolate syrup in a restaurant and no one thinks twice about it.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

It is another pseudo-long weekend. I can accomplish this either by goingn out super late on Friday night or sleeping like crazy. This weekend I went with the later crawling into bed fairly early last night. One one of my brief wake-ups to let Vix out I ended up outside checking out a young crow that appears to have come out of a nest in one of the back trees. He hopped about the side yard trying to learn how to use his wings a bit and paused for a while to lift his head to me looking for food, so I ran back in to get him a nibble.

The other thing the early to bed plan achieved was an early to rise, which got me to the drivers license center nice and early, before Slips got to town. Three attempts despite styled hair and makeup and my photo is still awful. At least it's better than the old one. Let me tell the tale of this old guy who was also getting a new photo. I don't believe in blindly stripping licenses away from people at a certain age, but they seriously should be retested, and this guy is proof. Not only could he barely walk, even with his cane, but he didn't seem to hear much the woman said or have a basic awareness of his surroundings. Using the two buttons to make the selections related to voter registration and organ donorship was a story all of its own.

Caught up w/ Slips and Beff for lunch and then Slips and I headed to Pirates III. It was good, but it would have been nice to re-watch II before going back into this one. Spoiler alert: Just tell me this, how are they going to work a fourth flick out of Will and Elizabeth having a rugrat? Could they have at least TRIED to make the two of them look like they aged the 10 years they claim passed? If you saw the flick and don't know what the hell I'm talking about you clearly didn't wait until after the credits. Now, how to blow the rest of my weekend?