Thursday, June 30, 2005

It's funny how the day after I preach to myself on not spending cash "shopping" I decided to make a birthday gift purchase for myself (expect a photo soon enough). But the logic is this, Meigray's sale only lasts until the NHL resolves their current issues which it sounds that resolution is imminent. With my purchase I get half of the price I spent today off of my next purchase. C'mon, that's a great deal! You're not buying my argument for this being a good move, are you? Well damn my public anyhow.

Even if I didn't make this purchase it was nice to talk hockey with the Meigray folks on the phone. They're always so pleasant.

Besides, last night Beff and I realized I simply don't have enough jerseys. Ok, she didn't exactly agree with that statement. But trust me, she agrees on some level. Now, Mr. Battaglia, if you can return to your former glory the value of these jerseys will go up... then again, maybe you should wait until I find my grail.

This evening our little coven will be heading towards Indiana to celebrate the Slipster's birthday with a little dinner. Ok, we're really not a coven but I like the word as it means a group of "13 witches" (my favorite number and relevant to today's post). Plus who can resist the opportunity to point out that coven is the origin of the word convent... you know, where they shack up nuns? Another funny little tie between the Catholic church and the forces they have always rebuked but yet immitated to no end. Send a girl to cathecism classes every week for so many years and look what you get. Don't get me wrong people, I'm still very Christian, I'm just a practicing Methodist now.

"Why do you love me, you're driving my crazy. -Garbage"
Hey Slipster, it's your birthday. So how old are we now anyhow? *grin*

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Baby bro Battaglia re-signed in Mississippi today. I guess there isn't a chance of Bates deciding that he PREFERRED the ECHL to the NHL and wanting to come to Johnstown eh?

Yes, I can hear you all chanting "put the crack down".
Happy Birthday Paulie!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

My beautiful new dining room table arrived bright and shiney Saturday morning. It looks fab, so now to not destroy it. I'm debating on getting a class top for it, but people have warned of moisture in between the layers. So how to protect it without hiding it. This is the first time I've had a dining room table that doesn't NEED hidden.

On a bit of hockey-related research: Still no word on Bates' dad's joint in Raleigh, aside from the name (no opening date etc). However I do see that Bates has entered in a venture with someone else on a bar not too far from there which is already open. Amusingly he went in on this with the guy who owns the bar where I met him this past January. How funny is that? Needless to say, this is on my must stops for our visit in July. *grin*

So what does a girl do on a flaming hot Johnstown day? Today I hit Beff's church and some lunchtime grub with the girls. From there a little time spent at the mall and in Vickis produced a few purchases. Then back to the house just in time for Davey T to pull up and get my vroom styling.

What the neighbors must think. Me, with my little 22 year old "pool boy" out there half naked cleaning my car. Ah, that's the life. *laugh* Poor Davey, I make him fix crap when he's here too. But it's easy when I can square up with just a wee bit of booze.

For the third time in a week I got off my butt in the evening after it cooled down and went for a bit of a stroll. I really need to get in shape and shed a few more pounds. I knocked off 20 lbs last year with some routine walking and minimal consumption observation, I'm sure I could do the same again this year.

One last question for the evening. Do I REALLY have to get up and go to work tomorrow?

PS. Yes, I know my blog is "screwed up". I've messed with the template in an attempt to repair and realign my text with my side bar to no avail. I'm not a stylesheet goddess or anything, but all I can figure at this point is that there is something hosed in the classes being called within my template to which I have no control over nor visibility to. If things aren't remedied soon expect me to revamp. If that happens, things could get interesting :)

Friday, June 24, 2005

Three more signed!
Peter Trovato and Brent Peterson resigned and we signed defensemen Ben Wallace from the CHL/Cornell.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The past day and a half has been pretty hectic. Wednesday involved a lot of catching up at work on my second project and a feeble attempt to crank out meeting minutes from travel. I had to take a quick break during the day to pull together materals for a deadline on my classwork that not all in my class-group seem to be ready to work together on. It's a bit frustrating to work in online groups, but I guess it's a necessary evil. I was also forced to be a bit of a heavy with a friend and was told how great of a drill sargeant I would have made. *grin* I'll take that as a compliment. I know sometimes I need someone saying "no, do it now" to get my ass in gear.

Wednesday afternoon I had made a few appointments to fill my Thursday afternoon as I opted to take it off since I had so many extra hours from traveling and prep for travel. First, I hauled my anorexic dog to the vet. Satin isn't exactly young anymore, that combined with her being an epileptic keeps me concerned about her well being. Given that she has lost a good 15 lbs in a short period of time and refuses to eat nightly despite my best attempts to get her to eat something, anything - it was definitely time for a visit to the doc.

So several hundreds of dollars later it's time to then go spend money on myself. What gets me is, you'd think it would be more expensive down south for animal care etc, but not the case thanks to the need to send bloodwork out and shipping medication in. *rolls eyes* I want to live in a real city again.

My hair tends to grow a buttload faster in the summer and it just hasn't been hanging correctly with this most recent hair-cut so from the vet I went and had another quick trim. From there on to my favorite little shopping joint where I found a couple pairs of jeans that actually fit nicely on my "ghetto-booty" (tm) (thanks Thompson).

I see this evening on my email that the Chiefs will be getting a new mascot this year. This should be interesting. What I don't get is they're asking for fans to send in name ideas, but they didn't say WHAT the mascot is. Enough babble, time to crank out my assignments for class as the week is coming to a close all too fast to wait around on these tasks.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I'm baaaack! I didn't even wreck my durango after returning, which is impressive. The rental car I drove had very touchy brakes to the point I felt like I had to stand on mine to stop the car. Weather was nice coming and going and I stayed wide awake for the drives, despite my passengers taking pretty good naps. I think it's safe to say the meeting I traveled for went better than I was expecting, but we'll see once we have feedback on the materials we delivered.

Leaving late on Monday and driving back well after lunch time this afternoon has a few extra hours on my timesheet so far for the week. Hopefully there won't be an issue with leaving work a bit early on Thursday to relax and do some more reading for my class.

I've allowed quite a few telephone calls to fall by the way-side, now that I've created a list I realize how many. Maybe tomorrow I'll take a few minutes and make some overdue appointments for myself and the dogs.

Monday, June 20, 2005

A prayer answered. The good news, we're only missing one home games w/ our vacation. The bad news, we'll be too late getting back from it to go on the Westie swing. *pout*

October 22 Reading
October 26 Toledo
October 28 Trenton

October 29 at Toledo
November 4 at Trenton
November 5 Wheeling
November 11 Trenton
November 12 Wheeling

November 13 at Wheeling
November 16 Stockton
November 18 South Carolina

November 19 at Toledo
November 23 at Trenton
November 25 Trenton
November 26 at Wheeling
November 29 at Las Vegas
November 30 at Bakersfield
December 2 at Fresno
December 3 at San Diego
December 4 at San Diego
December 6 at Las Vegas
December 9 Reading
December 10 Dayton

December 11 at Toledo
December 14 Trenton
December 16 Fresno

December 17 at Wheeling
December 20 Charlotte
December 30 at Trenton
December 31 Columbia
January 6 Reading
January 7 Dayton

January 8 at Dayton
January 10 at Dayton
January 11 Dayton
January 13 Reading
January 14 Toledo
January 18 Reading

January 20 at Toledo
January 21 at Reading
January 27 at Dayton
January 28 at Wheeling
February 3 at Dayton
February 4 Dayton
February 7 at Reading
February 10 Toledo
February 11 Dayton

February 12 at Dayton
February 17 at Trenton
February 18 at Trenton
February 19 Wheeling
February 21 at Reading
February 24 Toledo
February 25 Dayton
February 26 Trenton

March 3 at Reading
March 5 Greenville
March 10 Trenton
March 11 Wheeling
March 12 Reading

March 17 at Reading
March 18 Toledo
March 19 Wheeling
March 22 Wheeling

March 24 at Reading
March 25 at Toledo
March 26 at Wheeling
March 29 at Trenton
March 31 at Dayton
April 1 at Wheeling
April 7 at Toledo
April 8 Toledo
Twitch twitch. Now how is a girl going to go and leave for travel on a day when she knows the new season's schedule will be released. That's just not right. At least I know my bud from the Stinkrays *grin* will be in town before Thanksgiving. Now to see how many games we'll miss with our November vacation and when the Westie swing is scheduled. Hopefully they'll follow through with the trip for would-be traveling fans.

Wish me luck - 5 hours in a car today headed around DC. Woot.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

What a great, relaxing, weekend - and it's not over yet. I guess the key to extending the weekend is going out on Friday night. If makes one feel like they've had an extra day off. Ok, so maybe part of the key is to drink all weekend :)

Friday I got out of work a bit late due to some preparation for Monday travel, *wheee!* but I was still able to enjoy the evening. Beff, Slipster, Thompson, the nudist fan (better nickname forthcoming), and I headed to the Johnstown Riverhawks game - last one of the season. Kind of appropriate as I hit the first game of the season as well. Arena football is not my cup of tea, but it was just nice to be out and in MY arena. From there we headed to the Haven for some grub and drinks. I can't believe how packed it was.

Today was my company picnic so needless to say there was more drink to be had, as well as good grub and excellent company. Our blast there was finalized with a great caricature of Beff, Slipster, and I. I think we will all three end up with copies in the end - mine will definitely get framed and proudly displayed. Priceless. Then off for more grub - ok wait - there was way too much grubbing this weekend, but I digress. City View was also jam packed tonight. The whole weekend seems a bit hectic for Johnstown, and Thunder in the Valley doesn't even start for a couple more days.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

More word on the Chiefs today, Toby will be stepping up from head coach to GM and VP. What this means is the search is on for a new head coach. Changes changes.

This week is going so slowly. I can't believe it's only Thursday, but lucky for me as I still have to wrap up my work for this week's class assignment. I hit happy hour after work today with my one team, that was refreshing... now on to the class work. It's just like college *laugh* Last night I was helping paint at a friend's new place, to ensure they could participate in and enjoy this weekend's activities. Which, I've got a busy weekend ahead of me so I guess I better get to the class work and get it out of the way.

I also got off my lazy ass and actually purchased software, can you believe it? LICENSED SOFTWARE! So I'll, at last, have a newer version of homesite here with which I can crank out a friend's business website and then get on with the fan club site if it gets off the ground this year. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I'm using my blog as therapy now to avoid being pissed to the point of saying something to someone I really shouldn't today at work. I love how my deadlines and "goals" are blown because other people don't review things in a timely manner. But I digress.

Looks like the coaching position for the Chiefs is up in the air for this season. I'm assuming if Toby is no longer the coach he will still have a strong presence within the organization, but I am interested to see what Tampa Bay opts to do here. One thing is for sure, this could definitely alter who the Chiefs are willing/able to sign back. Count yourselves lucky David and Jean for already being signed.

I don't agree with every action that Toby has taken and I don't expect to approve of everything any coach does, so my sense of fearing any change is there. I think it could make a world of difference too us, but how much of a world of difference and what does that really mean. At least I'm not irate like I was when the Canes tossed Paul Maurice.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Monday again. At least it's nearly over. The weekend went well as I got to hang w/ the good peeps. We watched movies, we complained about stupid boys, we drank, we even got a little exercise in. The weather has been pretty toasty here and the house is up to 80 some degrees. For once, I'm not freezing. Quite refreshing.

Since I finished up one of this week's reading assignments already tonight I'm rewarding myself with a nice little Ryan Reynolds fix thanks to a bud in at work loaning me Van Wilder. Yum.

There isn't much exciting to report as of late. I'm torn amongst a couple large purchases that are weighing on my mind lately. I keep trying to put some of them off hoping the desire will pass. One thing definitely on the slate is the replacement sliding door to the deck. That task is long overdue. Maybe I'll shop for a new bowling ball too. How dorky is that?

Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday at last. I am pooped this week. One has to figure being out running here and there every night this week had something to do with that. Gratefully this evening I think I'm just going to sit, read (so I can finish the last of my class reading assignment since I didn't get to finish it over lunch today), and do some laundry. What an exciting set of plans for Friday night, huh! I need a restful weekend as I'm sure next week at work will be busy trying to push things through review. Sometimes I really miss the days of having a job that was not mentally exhausting. Give me a waitress tray or a cash register please? I suppose the odds of winning the lottery are a bit too low, so I best stop whining.

At long last my cohorts returned to town yesterday from the "great white north" and we went out for some grub and catch up time. Just over a month until our next mini-vacation back down to the Carolinas. Speaking of vacations we need to get our flights sorted out for our November cruise and a hotel for the Carolinas. That means web research. WHEE!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Yippee! Last night I got to go hang out with Binder and Amy for a few hours. Dinner at the Boulevard and a movie, even if it was a late night it was a good one. Today to compensate I'll be busting some major ass to get a document review completed on time, so I'll keep this short. We went to see the Longest Yard (the Adam Sandler flick). Aside from just not being able to accept Adam Sandler and his body type as a former professional NFL player it was a decent laugh flick. Given that not much else has come out as of late with any draw for me, it was just nice to get to the theatre.

Tonight is prayer minister training at church. They're not having the greeter training until next week. I figure I'll attend both and see what I feel comfortable doing, but I need to do something there. Once the hockey season starts it should be interesting to make sure I'm only working the EARLIER service so I'm never late for warmups! 135 days people.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Happy day! Despite a morning of absimal hell.

I couldn't make the afternoon press conference for the Chiefs due to work, but our new part-owner, Weber, opted to come to the Aces at 6pm to meet with all that could not make the conference. He seems like a genuinely nice guy and excited to get things underway. I'm really eager to see how things play out for the team this year.

It is my understanding from his discussion that Tampa Bay has added more vested interest in our club, needless to say this is wonderful news. We're going to see some changes - heaven knows many have been calling for changes, but I'm sure they'll still bitch when they see change actually coming down the pike. BAH!

From there, fan club meeting. Good evening - always lovely to see my hockey peeps. I so miss you folks during the summer. Then, how else to top the evening but with a drink or two. Nothing worse than a 22 year old passed out on my couch while I blog. They simply have no drinking stamina. For some reason one of the scenes from Interview with the Vampire popped into my head as I typed that. *grin*

So what chapped me so much today at work? Well I can't post all happy thoughts, can I? Today - as I had predicted on Friday - the migration of our networks did NOT work at 100%. I tried to log in. "WELCOME TO WINDOWS". You've got to be kidding. Where the hell is my profile and why can I not get to any network drives. *moan* Needless to say it took until 2pm to get things resolved, or mostly so. After a few meetings I tried to print things I needed to finish tonight since I couldn't get to them all day... and I can't print. Ok, do we think my work will be done for tomorrow? I think now.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Time for a long post to babble and get the world caught up with the incredibly boring thoughts and things that fill my life. Why DO you folks find this so interesting as to read?

What a lovely day for a walk (once it cools down later this afternoon). Too bad my would-be walking accompaniment is in Toronto. Boogers. In order to try and enjoy the day I've opened quite a few windows, but I know I'll pay for that action, no matter how much flonase I use. The neighboring yard (ok, it looked more like a wheat field) is getting mowed today. Let's place bets on how many hours before my breathing is compromised. Eh, I'm more stubborn than that - I won't die, just cause I know how many of you would get too much pleasure out of that. Needless to say, I won't be pulling out the pressure washer today either - in an effort to avoid the cut grass. The world is working against me getting any of this crap finished.

This weekend has been pretty busy with church-related activities. I spent a few hours there last night for our healing service. It was a very nice service and hard to explain to someone how it feels to truly be in the presence of God's healing power. Today our standard service and then dropped a couple more bags of clothes at the Salvation Army. My closets are cleansed! My dresser drawers are no longer crammed and room has been made in the closet for more jerseys *huge grin* If only I could find the motivation to totally clean out the upstairs rooms like I did my own.

I'm getting a little concerned with my body's general ability to heal. I'm not surprised that I can still see exactly where the bruise was I obtained three weeks ago trimming Beff's bush. The colors have faded, but there is still discoloration and a bumpy type feel under the skin. Further, it's been over a week since the bee-sting and that looks just as crappy. The location of the sting is still quite obvious and a white ring 3/4 of an inch around that is white and slightly raised still - though not sore. Outside of that there is a reddish-purple bruise like discoloration for about an inch. What does one do under those circumstances but call mom to find out what the deal is. When your mother seems to find that "not normal" but has little else to say it's not comforting. I guess when my leg rots off (keep in mind these two wounds are only about 5 inches apart) we'll all know what gives.

All three fish are happy and bubbling this week, likely due to the warmer water they've been afforded by my ability to turn off the heat and to allow the outside temperatures to warm the house. I can't believe it's June. The dogs, pretty quiet. I've been finding them basking in the sun from the front window or flopped down outside pretty often. That's one good thing to them getting a wee bit older, they're more inclined to sleep.

Maybe to bring my blog full circle I need to defrost a slice of Andes pie. Yes, I have one hidden from winter. Who says I can't "put the cookie down"?!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Hockey happiness - and it's only June. I can't tell you how much I adore getting word of things this early in the summer. Here's the news from the office:

Signed vet, Dave Stewart, from the UHL.

Returns for Mike James trade to Toledo -> Steve Slonina (good guess NF!) whom we've signed and D-man Doug Andress.

Returns from Shawn Mather to AC -> rights to three forwards: Paul Caponigri, Kelsey Muench, and Dustan Heintz.

An excellent way to de-stress from an incredibly busy work-day.

"She's so mean, but I don't care. -Escape Club"

Thursday, June 02, 2005

More kudos for Chiefs staff today. John Michaels, the voice for our chiefs on the radio this past couple seasons was named the ECHL broadcaster award while Mike Mastovich, writer for the Tribune-Democrat, received the ECHL outstanding media award.

It was a pretty good day for me too! I was pretty busy at work, so the day went quickly. I come back to my desk at ten til 5 from an afternoon of meetings to a call from my boss. So we cranked out my review and I wrapped up the paperwork so that is all done for the year. I'm pretty relieved. We changed our review process and there were all kinds of new things to complete this year that I thought would be a real nightmare and would have me locked into unrealistic goals for the next year. Fortunately my boss was agreeable with what I had pulled together and the whole food chain signed off on it with no changes. *whew* I also got to sign of on my yearly raise, that's always a bonus.

I'm not knocking it, but I'm just a smidge under what I was making whilest in NC now. With the cost of living differences I'm DEFINITELY not complaining, but I do wonder what I could have myself at down south. One has to recall, that during the three years there I didn't get a single raise due to the slowing economy. Noone was complaining, I was just happy I wasn't part of the massive cut-backs my industry was feeling for those several years.

Anyhow, so I get home and there's a package! I can't believe my jersey is here already. Very impressive. Mmm, new jersey.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

From being asked if I wanted screwed or nailed at lunch time, to coming home to find two youngin's working on my deck it was a pretty decent day. All coy amusement aside, I was surprised to get an email this morning saying that efforts to complete a task arranged while drinking at my picnic were going to start this morning. After many hours of labor some of my deck is renovated and nearing completion of the upgrade.

On a hockey note tonight was game 6 in the Kelly Cup finals. I should be cheering for the Everblades since they're Carolina's affiliate, but I do have to stick with the northern divisions. Go Trenton! Congrats on bringing the Kelly cup back to the Northern division.

Another thought for the evening. Do you ever sit and put puzzle pieces together in your mind? Small, obscure pieces that mean nothing and are really half driven by your own theories and hypothesis and just KNOW that there is something more than what you see, brewing beneath the surface? Well that's where I am right now. I'm watching, from afar, and I see, I know, I feel. Some people call it a "need to know", I just call it an uncontrollable urge to which I probably should avoid watching but simply can't resist. Maybe I'm just seeing things play out in my minds eye as I have expected them to.
Additional ownership for the Chiefs eh? Great deal. This just reinforces the accuracy of the current ownership's commitment to keep trying with the Chiefs (in my mind). I guess Mr. Weber is highly associated with the Lancaster Brewing Co, so we might have better beer on tap in the party pit before we know it :) With summer being as quiet as it is hockey-news wise it's just nice to see the logo in the paper.