Tuesday, January 30, 2007

When you follow the philosophy of always keeping your resume up to date and sending out one resume anytime you're feeling down (of course, you have to find an opening that sounds good) you feel a little more prepared for whatever may come and get a small cheer up like you're somehow getting even. You don't expect to hear back more often than not and moreso still when you do you start to get apprehensive. Why? Because if it panned out (thinking 5 steps ahead), they wanted you and offered you that right figure it changes everything and here you weren't really prepared for it. And if it doesn't pan out after you start thinking down those lines then you're a little hurt, or at least I get that way, that they didn't want you.

No, I don't have an offer, settle down people... but I do have an email. It brings me to think.

Getting home from work today I was greated by the second great outage of the winter. This time, not my power, but instead my water. GEEEZ. Of course I panicked thinking that pipes were frozen and preparing to burst I could almost see the dollar signs. After calling mom, isn't that what everyone does - heaven knows mom and/or dad have all the answers, I called the water authority and found out that there was a main break in my area. *whew* Water was back on in a few hours, unlike the saga with the electricity a few weeks back.

Time to read. I am just not spinning up as quickly as I should this semester.

Monday, January 29, 2007

I have another one of those near-deadly headaches. It started brewing last night at the game and got worse keeping me awake until the 2nd and 3rd aspirin put me out. A low grade is still there dancing behind the 4th and 5th aspirin taken this morning. To think I hauled in anyhow due to some efforts I was to meet with people on today and they're working from home now, go figure.

As always my over the counter drug induced sleep also produced messed up dreams. I'm back again to the dreams of being with the ex and busting him for cheating on me. Sad part is I had those dreams the whole time we were together, I believe them to have been fortelling. Maybe I'm having those dreams for the next poor sap.

Either way I woke up and dug out to get here. It's funny how Richland never seems to plow anywhere but around the corner by my place. I think they take amusement in putting the pile of snow up against my car. Thank God for 4-wheel drive. I had a door frozen shut this morning too. Oh Johnstown how I love thee, let me count the ways.

Now for the next mini-rant: As my regular readers know I enjoy watching discovery channel, TLC, etc. Last night I watched a show on the morbidly obese entitled "I eat 33,000 calories a day". Holy schnit. I do believe these folks have a problem - part of the problem is the people that keep feeding them that large amount. Frankly, if you're 800+ lbs and someone tells you NO they're not giving you more you don't have much of a chance to go get it for yourself be that to the kitchen or to the grocery store to get the supplies.

Ok, I'm here, so I should go work.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Will ... never ... understand ...

No, I will never understand the opposite sex. Once again I was being used to get to one of my friends. Amusingly as one occurence was uncovered I think another was underway. I guess I can't go off on my other subject of how some men do not learn from their past mistakes when the aforementioned activities prove that I too do not learn from history.

"Darling, I forgive you after all. Anything is better than to be alone. -Evanescence"

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Next rant: Healthcare. Ok. I have to work... AND I have to pay into my healthcare AND I have copays which often do not cover the full cost of my trips to the doctor. (Remember I hate doctors, so I am not there anymore than is absolutely necessary, but I still had to drop several hundred ($500) the year before last for one trip that took less than 20 minutes.) You see, I WORK... thus I get healthcare, but it's still not FREE. I have to WORK in order to afford healthcare. To think I could get charged (taxed) for the portion of the healthcare that my employer pays is not progress it is not a way forward. Where in this lovely idea/plan do you lower the costs of healthcare? That is the problem.

People - stop living off of your government and expecting them to take care of you. Grow up, do what you gotta do.

As part of my day I snapped a little and took another leap on a vaca. I know I know... I'm obsessed. Maybe I'll research the nationwide health coverage of our country's neighbors during this trip.

Mother dear's cataract surgery went well as did my sister's (yesterday), so one less thing to think/worry about. I instead replaced those worries with money frets over my plans to take classes towards my MBA starting in the fall. $600-something a credit and 6 credit classes, that is way over the tuition reimbursement, so I'll be losing some cash there - time to think about trying to get some scholarship action. You'd think my grades to this point would help, but everything is based upon financial need - go figure. I just need to find the right scholarships. Leads welcome!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Hillary Clinton announced her plans to pursue the Dmocratic presidential nomination for 2008. Dear God, save us all. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see a female president someday, but all I can hope is that we as a country are NOT ready for a woman and she doesn't get elected.

Mayhap the office of president has completely departed from morals years before Clinton, but I can't see putting someone in there feigning to be a role model for strong women. If I had a daughter I'd be horrified to think she'd look at the first female president with pride, knowing full well that she turned her back on while her husband was in office. To think we'd have that douche walking the halls of the white house once again disgusts me.

On another note, I had my first exposure to "The Office" today over lunch, while we celebrated a co-workers birthday. It was fairly amusing, so I might be borrowing season 1 on DVD from someone to get caught up. As I've said before, there isn't much on TV that I've become a religious watcher of. This little break over lunch was comforting, I'm back in the main building and have more work than I can possibly crunch out in a normal week. In the mean time, I need to get a little further ahead for my class before it starts this Thursday. I can't wait to start shopping for diploma frames.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sudden shift from comfortable/warm temperatures to 10 degrees = one huge stuffed bag of light and dark gray fuzzy fur... and a sneezy/stuffy nose.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I think Vixen is going to get kicked out of the "Siberian Husky" club. You see, we finally got some snow today, enough snow that in a few peeks out from work all I saw was white, of course, we're still short in terms of snow for this point in the year, but I digress. When the wee one heads outside in the snow she's ready to come back in within a minute. It's not that I blame here for wanting out of the cold, I agree wholeheartedly, but it's just so strange. I guess her past desires to be out in the cold were only because she was with Satin.

Another tidbit I've been enticed a bit by the new show on FX - Drrt. It's not that spectacular of a show, but I've been enjoying it. I guess there just isn't much in terms of new television shows that have attracted and kept my attention in quite a while. I think the most recent outside of Nip/Tuck were Ally McBeal and Boston Public, and we all know how horribly those two shows jumped the shark.

On another random thought (as are my trains of thought lately - random) did I mention I picked up some limes and fresh mint the other day? I've accomplished the perfect mojito already and finally found use for my bitchin pampered chef citrus juicer.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Know what stinks... I'm craving sushi or outback. Too bad both are 50 minutes away. Then my mind goes to chinese, which is closed here up the street on Sundays. Oh the tragedy of my life, no?

I was productive on one front today, spending money. It was partially with good purpose, as today is my mother's 75th birthday. Since she's headed back this coming Saturday I had a little time left to find something and found myself productive at the mall. Needless to say when I go into stores as I was shopping in today I tend to find things for myself that I like. Shame shame shame.

It's funny how easy it's been to technically accomplish nothing this past week or so. I know I need to get more reading done before my class starts, but I keep putting it off. Sure, I got some finished the other night at the Boulevard, but is it odd to head back there for another dinner and more reading so soon? If it wasn't rainy and gross out I just might do so. At least it's fairly nice temperature wise around here. Mid-January. *shakes head*

Saturday, January 13, 2007

While it isn't perfectly clean, you can now move around much easier in the spare bedroom. I decided to buy some plastic containers to help organize a bit and a majority of the clutter in that room was from Christmas wrapping materials. I pulled a good bit of my untouched lotions and bath supplies into another container that slides under the bed. I really need to get through all of the extras I stockpile, but what woman can resist a good sale at Bath and Body? My inspiration to eliminate the extras came a long while back as my one shelf looks horrendous, but it was reignited with a brilliant idea that came my way for when I go to do some work in the living room later this year.

It's a real shame that my stained glass skills are roughly 8 years out of date at this point. I wanted to take a refresher class so this summer might be the right time. What use to be a window in the bathroom before the living room was added to my house would be a nice place for stained glass. Sure, I'll need something you can't see right through but it would shed a little light into the bathroom through the living room and would add an extra little something - says me! The trick is to keep me from wanting to use color in order to keep the maximum amount of light going through and to avoid locking in a certain color for either room's color scheme. I'm getting quite excited about the ideas I have for the living room. I so hope I can pull this off within a reasonable price. While I can't shop for some items that might not survive well stocked in the basement there are some things I can find when the price and look suits.

I need to get my butt in gear on the whole garden thing too. If I have plants that actually grow (to hell w/ seeds that was a nightmare in the making when I attempted it) I'll find the soil I need to get the space ready. I will be making use of my summer "off".

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

While there is something to be said for the ebb and flow of life (that being the highs), when the lower times come to those you love it becomes your low time too... and then the cruise control mindset that allows me to bury my head and forget reality appeals even more strongly. Too, one minor occurrence can also make you ponder other issues that would normally be recessed in shadows and bring them into a light where they add to your thoughts.

While I won't share everyone's details I do promise not to censor thoughts here, so I apologize for highlighting some of the topics that those others might prefer to languish in the shadows. From the formerly close friend who chose to make a commitment I can't agree with after seemingly keeping some truths from me, to both my mother and sister having cataract surgery later this month, and forward to a friend quite close to my age with cancer. It's a pensive time in the lunar cycle as well - that doesn't help.

How easily can the things we pray and hope for or work so damn hard for so easily be an object dangled in front of your eyes with your very life? I know humans are obscenely fragile, despite the astounding feats we see folks surviving every day. We all need to recognize our own mortality, but at the same time being forced to wallow in it never seems to have a clear reason and hints at a cruel god.

At least my thoughts precluded my mind from bemoaning the receipt of my bill from the township for the curbs. I just hope these things fix my problem once and for all. A wee bit of snow finally came to our area. We've been pretty lucky this winter so far.

"In the shadow of the light from a black sun, frigid statue standing icy blue and numb. Where are the frost giants I've begged for protection? -Type O Negative"

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Yesterday I grubbed chinese and received quite the compliment while there. When I first entered only one other table was occupied. As I looked up from my book at one point, the individual at this table said "excuse me" and asked if I attended
UPJ. Considering I've been out for ten years now I was a bit boggled and replied "yes, but it's been quite a while". Turns out he is a prof in the Finance/Accounting venue. Further, he even recalled I was a computer science student without any guidance on my part - he remembered me working in the labs. Now THAT is a memory. I can't remember what I wore to work on Friday or a person's name five minutes after they introduce themselves to me.

Today I tried to get a few things done but allowed myself to be easily distracted - I think it was meant to be since the Slipster broke my new phone's cherry and then Beff called within five minutes. I figured out the musical aspects of the new phone creating my own little ring tone in sound forge and dropping it on the phone and got my numbers moved over yesterday. I'm loving this phone so far.

I did cook dinner here this evening and I have to tell you of yet another love - the knives that came with my bitchin "ex" knife set are probably the best knives I've ever owned. They sliced through raw chicken like pushing through room temperature butter.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Weekends are merely opportunities to get caught up or get a bit ahead of the game. As expected, this weekend I will be working to get a jump on more things, my list is long, but many items are reasonably easy to cross off. Of course waking up while it's still AM helps.

I lost a little time the past two evenings, but it was all for a worthy cause - the Slipster. Thursday us gals went for dinner and desert as well as a little shopping. I picked up a rather bitchin new pair of blingy sky high heeled shoes. Last evening was her happy hour which also led to desert. Are you noticing a pattern? Bad bad! As a side perk DaveyT came in this weekend, so he made his appearance at the happy hour and we swung back to do our gift exchange. Anyone want some grain punch? I still boggle that PA no longer sells grain.

Ok, time to hit the grocery store. I've been back for a week already and haven't gone yet. Needless to say a girl could starve in this place.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I just came back from vacation and I'm dead tired again already. I spent my entire day fighting to keep my eyes open and to stop yawning. I don't know why, but when I'm tired that is when I come home and feel the need to be extra productive. Of course, I was suppose to have more time off starting tomorrow which was scrapped due to a cancelled trip and demands down at the office - so not getting my butt to bed early is probably a bad idea.

At least I have three loads of laundry done and my comforter cleaned so I can curl up in my nice new 600 thread count sheets tonight. I also vaccuumed and cleaned up the kitchen and started reviewing last semester's weekly notes to prepare for teaching again this term. I want to get some reading done for my own term and on my next personal reading book but I guess I have the weekend too - I may as well keep pressing forward with my millions of other tasks.

I didn't get to mention the other day of the fabulous grub provided by the Laws to celebrate the new year. As always, Angela rolled out a delightful meal and the whole family and I shared conversation and a game or two of air hockey. Who's the queen now? ;)

Monday, January 01, 2007

Why is there always one asshole in every arena. Ironically, it's never a "fan" perse. Last evening some of the Toledo fans who came to town ended up attacked, not by a regular, but some moron that came in from West Virginia. WTH? Worse still is hearing that people in our arena would try and point inaccurate fingers saying the Toledo fans started it. What fool would start something in an arena of 3000 of the other team's fans?

I got home yesterday around 4 after pulling into the airport earlier in the afternoon and going to pick up Vixie. I was so happy to see her in one of the fenced areas running with other dogs as I pulled in to "camp". From there back home, she passed out quickly and I headed to the game where the Chiefs finished off the Storm last night. I also had a blast talking trash at Jamesy while he was in the box. It humors me how many people loathe him, hiw own team's fans too. I so want to see him beaten to the ice, he asks for it game and again.

After the game to C&V's for a new years party. I am surprised I stayed awake as long as I did, but I survived to 2007 - whee! Today I'm off to the Law's for a little while to celebrate another late Christmas. Mmm, Angela cooking - and to think I'll probably still get a gift on top of that! *gleam*