Thursday, March 31, 2005

Smells. It's time for me to prattle on a bit about a subject that I allowed my mind to wander on. The past week I've encountered two delightful cologne smells that span time. Neither necessarily came from someone that I was in love with or anything, which is a good deal - as I can buy those scents for men in my future. Sunday at Easter service it was clear someone sitting around me had Gravity on. That smell just makes my eyes roll back in my head and drool form in the corners of my mouth. What a great cologne. Then tuesday at bowling one guy on my team had on Polo. I know what you're thinking how 80's, right? But it is still a timeless and wonderful scent for a man.

I know I've had the rant before about how a man really should wear a cologne, have a scent. But really what I meant to say was buy either Gravity or Polo and ignore how I lean in to catch an extra sniff.

Last night on a run out I swung by Brogie's for the first time. Wow, what a bitchin selection, especially of boots! I now am the proud owner of a bad ass flamed pair of harley davidson boots. Some days I'm just so bad ass it hurts. *wink*

Now on to misc hockey updates:
This takes talent, I got hate mail from a sportscaster *laugh* They get a little uptight when a general comment is made about the potential for inaccuracies in the news, don't they? Goodness.

Some general ECHL hockey news... Toledo Storm makes the request to sit out next season. Pee Dee also sounds to be shutting it's doors at the end of the season. I've been told that Hildy is already being looked at to head to another SC team. It's always nice to be on someone's list and get the call of "what have you heard about this person - is he an ass?"

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

According to Bridgeport's website Joe Tallari did in fact sign a tryout contract. This is great news for Joe promising a little more than the typical night or two sitting on the bench before being sent back down to the Chiefs. Good work Joe. We love ya - give'm hell.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Congrats to Shawn Mather on reaping the rewards from beating us senseless all weekend *grin* He was named player of the week! How can I NOT give you a good ribbing and a playful boo or two? Mess w/ my boys, I'll learn ya!

Joe Tallari. I said it again! Actually this time it's because he's been loaned to Bridgeport in the AHL. Congrats Joe. I'll be a little disappointed if you aren't here for the end of season party however. You say you're a "little stiff"... we'll see about that. *laugh* There will be dancing young man, oh yes.

Peter Travato also was in the news today, looks like he's trying to give DesRochers a run for his money in the goodie-goodie department. ;) Peter is being honored by the Boston Celtics for starting up a Soldiers Legacy Fund in Massachusetts.

Final note for the day... a few updates to the regular haunts section of my navigation. There should be some good reading to be had there.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Guess what. Joe Tallari scores. <sarcasm>Shocking!</sarcasm> First shot on goal and we're up by 1 to start off in AC. Then BANG... Joe has a second, the Chiefs are up by 2.

Early in the second the Bullies put one up. But Chris Leinweber gets lucky on a bounce and we're up 3-1. From there Matt Reid nails one (and there was much rejoicing). Just to ensure there is a HISS added to my boo, Shawn Mather then scored on us, wrapping up the second 4-2.

In the third the horn rang twice pretty fast for AC putting us tied at 4. In those two goals Mather had an assist and then the second goal. With one more from AC we ended things at 5-4. The third period just is not our can of worms. I'd like to see DesRochers nail a few more goals before the end of the season - if only I had the inspirational words.

While listening to the game Satin and I also sat here watching the one fish, Paulie, going completely ape-sh*t. He normally doesn't move about too much, staying on the one side of the bowl quietly, but he was darting about like a complete psycho for a good two minutes. Some days I really wish I knew what animals were thinking. I'd have to imagine if they could speak conversation with them would likely be more entertaining than that with many of my fellow human beings.

Again today the house smells tasty with pork, kraut, and mashed potatos on the way. Obviously I'll be consuming left overs for a few days from yesterday and today. I guess with little else to do today I should try and accomplish a few things "on my list". Time to get the stenciling done in the bathroom, it's been painted for how long. Maybe then I'll also keep working to update my resume just for the sake of having it up to date.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Another loss for the Chiefs in Reading on Friday night. By the end of the second it looked to be another nightmare with the Chiefs down 4-0. Joe Tallari did pull off a lone goal for Johnstown and the final ended at 5-1. Cavy and Jean DesRochers helped out on that goal helping their overall points a wee bit. Joe Tallari Joe Tallari Joe Tallari. I'm typing that name a good deal lately. Keep up the good work Joe, you've been playing a stellar game as of late despite the inability for the team to pull together as a whole.

I guess I should extend a happy Easter to all. I also suppose as a Christian it should at the top of my list of holiday's to celebrate, but somehow it's just another day. Heck I don't even get mom's big Sunday meal w/ her being in Texas right now. Fooey.

I did a bit of shopping last evening, finding little, and the same with today - minus groceries. This afternoon I double checked my taxes and e-filed. It's nice to have them finished even if I did owe a good chunk. To treat myself and unwind I have a fire blazing and a batch of home-made chicken noodle soup simmering which is making the house smell wonderful.

On another note, it's true... people love to see their name. You'd think I'd be happy to know that my friend Angela's blog is called "my blog for Judy" (one will note this link in my routine haunts on the side) but to specifically be referred to in an entry makes me smile. This entry reminds me how quiet things have been for Type O Negative. I hear they're still working another album. I'm eager for that, but I'll be even more thrilled to see tour dates.

One will note dear Angela, to make appropriate reference with my corresponding 80's association it would be Warren DeMartini from Ratt (he's the second one from the left) *grin* Further, Warren was the guitarist for Whitesnake in the 90s, which Angela mentioned in her post. Small world eh? I swear my love for long haired men comes from being a child of 80's music.

Now on to the game! Playing against Shawney Mather and Jason Notermann with Atlantic City. We dropped by one for the first, but Reid tied us back up in the second. Shortly thereafter Jonathan Tremblay and Both went at it. From there the Chiefs went up by one before the end of the second with a shot from Dmitri Tarabrin. In the third Mather pulled one on us and tied things back up. I'm starting to get torn here Shawn... it's usually easy to give a good boo when someone comes back, but I didn't think I could do that to you - you keep scoring on us and I'll start to think otherwise ;) Go figure, I no sooner write this and he scores again. The Chiefs are then down 3-2. Tsk tsk.

From there the Chiefs pull one from Brian Collins (chicken-legs *grin*) and tied things back up, but AC pulled back up once again. Then, the straw... Shawn Mather taps another, getting a hat trick and finishing us off 5-3. :P *huge grin* In all honesty, good for you Shawn, you deserve all that is coming your way as hard as you played for us. I still maintain Shawn and Joe pushed themselves the hardest as things began to go downhill for the team. We've had lots of pretty high scoring games lately. It's not that we're playing abysmally - things just aren't falling into place completely.

The Seawolves are continuing to play well, ensuring themselves a place in the playoffs by stomping Louisiana 7-2. The Battaglia brothers were pretty quiet early in the game, but Anthony scored in the third.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Sweet beloved friday, you are like no other... so fair despite the murky clouds and enviting despite the chilly weather. Maybe I'm too excited about the weekend being upon us? It is after all the end of my spring break, which I know means I'll probably have a paper to write (and complain about) next week.

I've always said that periodically I need to learn a new sport or skill so in that spirit I picked up the paddle at a friend's prompting and gave a shot at table tennis last evening. It was actually rather entertaining - although straining to my eyes as I have a hard time judging depth on something moving directly towards me. (Note: For this reason I will NEVER want to be a goalie. Ok, granted there are better reasons to not want to do that - like a solid frozen piece of rubber flying at you at obscene speeds, but I digress.)

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Today's funny co-worker quote of the day. Yes, this is rather insulting but it's still damn funny. As a history, I've repeatedly had food taken from my cube at night and on the weekends. When my I offered my co-worker a hershey's kiss from my file drawer he said "you better lock that at night... people who make minimum wage can smell that from three cubes away". That one received an audible laugh ranging quite farther than the smell of the chocolate.

"Punk you better back up. -House of Pain"

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Oh heaven! They've remade the Amityville Horror... and Ryan Reynolds is in it - yum! *laugh* He was fab in Blade: Trinity. Movies I want to see, now to find people that will go with me!
Goodness what a quick start to the game! Peoria ends up stepping up by two VERY quickly but the Chiefs answer with one putting things at 2-1 within the first three minutes. By the end of the first... 3-1. In the second Scally stepped in for Cann and things continued to tumble. By the end of the 2nd we were down 5-1. Joe Tallari scored one in the third demonstrating that he's just not giving up and will most definitely be a hot commodity next season in the ECHL if not higher. The game finished at 6-2.

Gerbe was out this evening w/ an injured shoulder so JT saw some more ice time. Sully announced his definitive plans to hang up the skates after this season during the first intermission.

I also noticed this evening while randomly looking at job listings back in NC how out of date my resume is. I ALWAYS advocate having it up to date, so I figure I should get in gear and update. There is, after all, a great deal of new projects I need to address on my resume and frankly it is still way too tailored for development positions. Those who can't do teach they say, I've already done that in my life time... so what is more extreme? Management. Look out world.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Back from travel once again, none the worse for the wear. We had a few more drinks and more seafood on Sullivan's Island and headed back to the hotel a bit early. The weather is so nice today that I figured I'd play hookie after returning to Johnstown. So nice out: 50 degrees and a little bit of that bright thing in the sky is nice :) It's funny how little of a temperature increase it takes to be "warm" in Johnstown.

I did take advantage of the agreeable weather by working in front and back yards raking leaves, cleaning out the flower beds, and dealing with all of the tree branches that fell in the yard through the winter. I was only doing so for an hour and a half of active raking and shoveling but my hands were burning and a bit raw when I hit the shower. I sure could use a "landscaper" *wink wink*

My tulips and daffodils are starting to show their faces - at last.. SPRING! I also made a list of all of the household repairs I should attempt to tackle this summer. We'll see how much of it I can afford to get to this year. Owning a house can be such a pain in the butt, but at least it's mine and it's home. Someday MAYBE it will resell and help me on my way back south again... someday.

Bowling went okay. Two solid games. Now to the game. I missed the first period due to bowling (and neglecting to take my walkman with me). At the first intermission however we sat tied at 2 against the Riverwomen. Brent Kelly and Joe Tallari both snagged one to keep us in this one to this point. The second was quiet for the Chiefs, but not Peoria. In the third Tallari scored another, but all for nothing with things ending 5-3.

Another note: DOH Bates, honey, brush your hair before you get your picture taken. Why don't people tell hockey players this? If he wasn't smiling this would be a mug shot.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

How is it you can turn on an old game, knowing full well how it turns out, but still get locked in and not change the channel to avoid the inevitable? At least I got to see a little NHL hockey... even if the Red Wings STILL beat the Canes for the cup. Silly ESPN Classic, couldn't you touch it up a little? Maybe make Shanahan fall on his face when he tried to take that shot *cocksmoker* (sorry any time that name is spoken that word must follow).
Wow! I kept saying the best option we had in a d-man for trade was Van Hoof, but I didn't think we could do anything of the sort with him being assigned from the Falcons. Low and behold, I just heard he was recalled by Springfield and then assigned to Columbia for more future considerations. Bye Hoof! :/ We also formally announced the signing of Mark Scally back to the Chiefs.

Ok, time to nurse a headache. I am assuming it's the rain messing with my sinuses. Nothing a tylenol alergy/sinus can't cure.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

While I'm happy for Jim and Heidi, please don't get this wrong... but I'm quite impressed with my mental stamina in that I was able to not only survive my mid-term today (which sucked heinously as expected) but I also made it through a baby-shower. It's the goofy games and cooing that some women do over anything baby related that gets me. I was fortunate as the games were few and tame compared to some other showers I've been to, but any cooing is too much cooing in my opinion.

Another point to be made here today... I bring this up because Mithy instantly touched Heidi's stomach when we walked in. I'm not into that, but I could cope, except it makes me think of the STRANGERS that did that to one of my other friends when she was pregnant. How do you NOT break someone's fingers when they just randomly touch you? As women we have honed skills from dealing with unwanted touches from the opposite sex in bars and clubs, you'd think it would be a difficult thing to just turn off.

I haven't seen Jim and Heidi since their wedding! So it was nice to get to see them both again, they look great. They're another one of those couples that you can tell are still so completely in love and that they match so perfectly. Yeah, the type of couple that makes you jealous!

Anyhow. As a wrap up for the evening there was hockey to be listened to. I'm quite lucky the game wasn't here in Jtown or that would have created some issues with my mid-term. Interesting start in the first with PL taking out the ref (accidently) with a puck to the face... but the game rolls on.

Shortly there after Cavy scores taking the Chiefs up 1-0 against the Dayton Bombers. And then the scorefest began. I listened intermittently while grabbing movies from the new movie store and food. Dayton tied it up and then quickly went up 3-1 in the second. Joe Tallari answered keeping the Chiefs in for a little while longer, but Dayton responded. Heading into the third we're down 4-2, another early goal by Dayton and then one more from both Cavy and Tallari. Sadly Dayton had two more instead of us and we dropped 4-7. I understand Dix of Dayton had not scored prior to this evening and yet he pulled off a hat trick on us tonight. What's up with that?!

Friday, March 18, 2005

I purchased a few tops today. I love Banana Republic. After getting home I took a wee bit of a nap as I'm a bit whooped today. I am getting way too old to celebrate drinking-based holidays.

So now I'm just chilling and listening to the game against Wheeling. PL Courchesne put us up by one in the first. The Nailers tied it up in the second. BK welcomes himself back to playing as a Chief and makes himself heard early in the third taking the Chiefs back up 2-1. From there it wasn't long before Matt Reid came speeding up and took it to 3-1. Then after a few penalties plagued Joe Tallari he came back with the assist from Travato and snapped another in to take us to 4-1. I LOVE beating Wheeling *evil grin* What a way to break a losing streak. GREAT JOB BOYS!

Looks like we'll have Mark Scally back in a Chiefs uniform. I suppose that means the hopes for David Currie to come back in the last few games of the season are slim to none. I hear Shawn Mather was playing quite well in his start with AC getting two goals. On a final hockey related thought - happy birthday to Jean DesRochers who turns 25 tomorrow. I think I'm going to try and get a good night's sleep tonight in the hopes that it will give me a fighting chance on my mid-term tomorrow evening. Saturday night midterm... how painful is that?
Ah. Quite the evening. We started out at the Dew Drop Inn rather ominously. As we pulled in the three of us that went out see this guy backing out in his truck and he just smashes into this other truck. Being loud, outspoken, and a bit "I can see that happening to me" I walked over assuming the idiot would try to drive off, which he was about to do. He had his window down and I said "um, you just hit that truck, don't think you're just driving off". Now, this guy... obviously quite sloshed, looks at me very confused and backs up hella fast spinning tire. At this point I step behind another car figuring if he's going to try and run me over he'll have to take out another car in the process. Now this hick goober is completely confused. It's like you can see the monkeys in his head smashing cymbals together trying to get the neuron (yes singular) to fire so he can try and figure out what to do.

I KNEW at this point the DBK was going to drive off. Thank goodness for Maryland as they have license plates on the fronts of the cars too. So I whip out a pen and paper (the back of a War Memorial ticket envelope thank you) and write down his license, make and color of vehicle. Then - yes - as expected the idiot whips out of the parking lot. As I head in now behind the other folks I'm with a staff member is at the door and quite grateful that I took down this info. He calls the cops.

Let the drinking begin. A surprisingly short period of time later a statey pulls up. I know I'm going to get questioned, no biggie. All is dealt with. Everyone is happy - well, except for that older guy who had a busted out tail light and dinged up fender etc, but he was still thankful for getting the info.

Later in the evening before leaving this joint the staff member tells us the state police just called back - they caught the guy, after he smashed into another car. DER! So, at least there is one idiot off the road and sitting in jail tonight. From there we headed off for some of us headed off for dinner. Being at the coast may as well eat some seafood and that I did. From there we walked down the street to Catamaran's. BITCHIN.

I didn't realize how much I was itching to go dancing, but damn it felt good. I think this is the best Saint Patty's Day I've had in many many years. Poor Ryan as he had to play drunk bus for some of us. I had a buzz at one point but after sweating it off on the dance floor and a good bit of water I was pretty good to go. I come home with sore feet, a couple sets of beads *grin*, a glowing shamrock, and stories of a pretty fun night. Is that a second evening of team building that went past midnight? Yes, this was therapy for my job. Every now and again it doesn't suck too much. If I didn't have to worry about my baby girls I might actually WANT to travel a little more often.

While I was off having a blast I see the Chiefs fell harder than ever before this season - 7-0 against the Riverwomen. *ugh* Thank you Forest for first saying "and that's all I have to say about that".

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Ok, I'm normally against anyone from Archery house reproducing... but I guess if anyone is going to and they're willing to go out of their way to, in true boozer spirit, have their child on Saint Patrick's Day I'll sanction just this one Archery geek birth. Congrats to Greg and Heather (my former roommate) and greetings to Dylan.

On a hockey note, BK was released from Grand Rapids and will be headed back to us. Wow. This could really help us out in the last few games. Too bad it's too late to make a strong run at the playoff positions.

Ok, not much time to 'chat' back to work - with all that green beer. Mmm. ;) I finally have some room left after last night's huge meal at Outback. At least our work went quickly today, way better than expected.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Well it was an interesting trip to PAX. Where does one start... with the rainbow dogs, the rainbow waiter, the difference between gay and prison gay, or the big slab of dead cow at Outback?

I guess while I traveled the Chiefs stayed busy as they announced the signing of another rookie forward fresh out of college, Peter Trovato, and the acquisition of d-man Brett Peterson from AC. I'm quite irritated that I'll be missing tomorrow's game. *sigh* I guess missing one home game all season isn't too bad.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I just saw the funniest commercial ever. This is so me. It's an Axe body spray commercial, this woman is bathing someone off camera and is speaking baby talk saying "you're such a big boy, oh yes you are!" then she asks how old he is and he says 22. *grin*

Tonight was a pretty good evening for me on the lanes as I bowled a 201 in my first game *woo* I've folded the laundry from yesterday and put away the dishes from the dishwasher. I guess the house is about as ready for mother dear as it can be all things considered. Ah work travel. I had a heck of a time packing a bag as I simply don't have 'dress casual' type clothes. Polo shirts and dockers just are NOT my style.
And it begins. Shawn Mather is on his way to AC and Mike James is on his way to Toledo. Shawn/Lauren - best of luck and warm wishes to you. You WILL be missed. If you keep reading, feel free to drop a hello if the mood strikes. I would personally think things aren't done. I think we're bound to lose someone or someones else in the next few days. Trade deadlines are still a week away. We did walk away with future considerations on both players, as I've stated on the boards it seems like a good move to me, we may as well start building and hoping for next year.

This is when I kind of laugh at the idiots on the message boards who keep pointing the puck bunny finger at me. *gasp* does this GIRL have more of a clue about hockey and the strategy that goes on off the ice than you do? *glare*

"I hide behind a smile as this perfect plan unfolds. -Evanescence"

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Saturday night the Chiefs put up a respectable effort. Hoof and Demo scored for us, but the Nailers tied it up with less than 30 seconds left in the third - taking us to overtime, where we tend to LOSE. Right at the end it looked like Bilodeau was having some issues gimping about on the ice, so I was curious to see if he would be playing today, which he was. I didn't see the play that hurt him as I was already out in the concourse for the photo table and peeking in off and on.

We did have a great crowd however, probably the most packed I've seen the War Memorial all year. The Hanson brothers were on parade and signing autographs. While I had to work the favorite player voting bag all evening I had someone else get those three signatures on my copy of SlapShot. *woohoo* The red jersey auction finished up as well raising a few bucks. Matt Reid put on quite a good SlapShot-esque show with his jersey getting the price up a few bucks. Good work Reider ;)

Today I think I could have used a few extra hours of sleep but I got up to hit the early church service in order to cook a meal prior to the game. YES, multiple home cooked meals within a week's time! I'm not big on leftovers, but I suppose that's what I'll be having Monday and Tuesday for dinner - before I head out for travel on Wednesday. Proof I'm nuts... I'm still quite bummed that I'll be missing this Thursday's game due to travel. But I'll still be listening boys.

The game today was disappointing to say the least. Again we had the lead and watched it crumble before our eyes. Mather, Reid, and Collins all scored, but we still lost to Toledo 4-3. I'm not the coach, it's not my place, but I guess there was some gentlemen out drinking late last night. Probably not the best of ideas when there isn't much to be said about the win column as of late. At least I got some ice time and some exercise out of the day, even if it's becoming abundantly clear that some people are... well, it's like they're forbidden to speak to me. If that's the case, that's pretty sad. The last thing I'd ever consider myself to be is a threat.

With three games and three losses this weekend the rumor mills are spinning at full throttle. I've heard everything from Shawn Mather being traded (which would be sad given that, in my opinion, he is one of only two guys still giving 100% the whole way through the game at this point) to major sweeping changes across the bench. I guess I could see huge trades benefiting us monetarily at the moment. I mean, it's pretty clear we're not play-off bound, may as well get some funds in trade for helping a team that is in contention. But would a player come BACK here next year if traded away at the end of this season? I'd love to know how that type of thing weighs on a player's decisions.

"I miss, God I miss, waking up beside you. -Stabbing Westward"

Saturday, March 12, 2005

The highlight of Friday's game against Atlantic City was most definitely Jonathan Tremblay and Both going at it one second into the first period. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to get the team and crowd energized. Sully scored our only goal and we lost 3-1.

Today I did a little cleaning and cooking, but only after sleeping in! I made my first attempt at pickled eggs following my mother's recipe and using the last jar of beets from I had around from Grammy. I cooked a light lunch and even tossed on a meatloaf and a baked potato for my pre-game dinner. The house smells great. It's been so long since I've actually done any amount of cooking I had nearly forgot the wonderful cooking smells.

I guess we'll be seeing Dave (Nailer_Fan) this evening with his horn in tow. Hopefully we won't be listening to it all evening.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

It's been a very long week and I still have two more days to get out of bed. Gratefully, thanks to some wonderful friends I think I have the dogs covered while I travel over the next couple weeks... so at least I won't have to drop hundreds of dollars on a kennel. Instead, now I'm getting irritated w/ the bank. I love how they go out of their WAY to process all withdrawls and delay actually giving credit for deposits.

So anyhow today I actually went for lunch, even though I'm trying to cut back - on spending... not food (unlike what some people may WANT to believe I'm not a cow weeble-wabble type figure). I just HAD to go GORGE myself on chinese food. We all know how I over-indulge in such things *laugh* I love how all the crackpot things that can go wrong all join up and attack in one week. At least I find some humor in some of the world's attempts to (stealing my friend Missy's quote) piss in my Wheaties. Anyone else want to screw with me? Bring it.

Minutes after posting this... I see it's already been "brought it". I guess mimicry is the most sincere form of flattery. But I don't think I want some people to try and "be like me".

Hey, guess what I'm going to have for dinner? Chocolate mint pie. PIE! Not cake... the other thing I over-indulge in. *ROFLMMFAO* I hate people, they're so incredibly pathetic.

Monday, March 07, 2005

So tired. But it was a good evening despite another Chiefs loss. On Saturday afternoon they fell in overtime to AC. At least DesRochers scored... as did Bowman, Collins, and Tallari. I was pretty much doomed for Saturday's game as I assumed I could get 850am in Altoona, but it cut out as I reached the exit near my mother's. I at least listened to the first period. That would be the second game this season that I, in my mind, MISSED. I did at least get to trail out for some grub at the sushi bar, making friends with my very own sushi chef. I do wish he would have told me what EXACTLY it was that he made for me. I guess I should just settle for the fact that it was good, and not wonder what in fact it contained.

Leiney is the only guy who could get on the board this evening, and we fell to the Royals 4-1. While we didn't win this evening, we did learn that JT gets our humor *insert humourous finger motion here* While I'll admit he's a pretty nice guy, willing to sit and bs with us, when everyone else is being a bit of a stiff, I still find him quite odd - such as not accepting a free drink under the pretense that I should have offered to buy a drink for him BEFORE his 21st birthday. Wassup w/ that?

PS, you know you're a geek when your friends send you an email telling you their wedding plans are updated on their website. *smile* At least they have good taste in places to register. Time to sleep, that is... if the dogs are willing to come in and actually sleep.

Friday, March 04, 2005

I had a few rather curious thoughts this evening after becoming aware of some things here and there. I have to ask you dear ghost of the past if you see any similarities or patterns occuring in your life that you went through years ago. You know, the ones where you kept your mouth shut, heck, you even agreed about certain things being a good idea. Maybe you thought you were just being supportive, maybe you just wanted to please... either way you compromised what you really wanted and ended up making yourself (and me) miserable in the long run.

I've laughed a bit at other revelations that came to my awareness in the past so many months. If only I could say to your face "I told you so", but what good would it do? Once a pawn always a pawn. I guess I've come to learn in the past year that I don't even listen to myself or my own intuition... so why expect anyone else to hear me loud and clear?

Honestly there are several people in my life right now that I want to smack up side the head and remind them of my past comments. I've also got a few that kind of chapped me by changing their opinions and plans - which while none of my business, I did take a minor personal slight to how things "changed". But I'll get over it.

Now, to something which is normally a pleasurable conversation: Hockey. The Chiefs fell behind pretty quick 2-0 against the Nailers. I can almost hear Nailer_Fan and his dang horn mocking me already. It was pathetic in the first to hear the announcers talking about Rouleau going at it with Demo. Demo more than holds his own despite a 6" disadvantage and it sounded like Rouleau still tried to strut about post-scrap. *rolls eyes* Joe Tallari helped to keep us in the game, scoring less than three minutes before the end of the first period.

Joe's been playing an amazing game lately. With a team that is collectively just not pulling together it's even more impressive to see Joe's numbers. I personally attribute some of this to Joe starting to push and shove on the ice. For the most part the rookies, particularly those out of college, haven't seemed to get too physical. Maybe Joe just got sick of getting shoved around and decided to push back. Whatever it is, his game has just completely solidified, going from good to stellar.

In the second, Bilodeau smacked Morency to the ice after he started messing with Leiny, both ended up with a game misconduct. With a mere 20 seconds in the second Bowman snapped one in to tie us up. At the top of the third Jean DesRochers landed in the box, but gratefully the Nailers didn't convert (I can't help but think of how mad he gets about penalties). Instead, with the next penalty against us they stepped up to take the lead again. A good scramble as the clock counted down but to no avail.

In Mississippi Bates scored his second goal with the SeaWolves. Go Batesey go!

"But you don't know how to listen, and to let me make my decision. -Staind"
I am befuddled by idiocy, laziness, and ineptitude. I find it even more frustrating when the individuals demostrating their laziness to me have already dissed one of my friends refusing to share their knowledge of a tool by assisting them for five minutes. Another, who is two steps my inferior in our employment scale, chose to lecture me on the use of a distribution list to ensure they were not skipped on email... to only turn around and neglect to send important documentation to me within an hour of the discussion. Hello, I'm task leading this, might you want to include me?

WOMEN! This is the bullcrap that makes me hate working with them 99.9% of the time.

It is against my very gut instinct to actually respond to the needs they send to me in a timely manner... but still I do it. Why? I guess because I'm one of the few who actually WANTS to do a good job and try to meet the expectations placed upon me by management and the rest of the team.

Thank goodness it's Friday.

"Was all we had just a joke. -Type O Negative"

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Last evening I hit the mall to hunt down a few things on my shopping list. As we're leaving I was so glad we didn't encounter anyone we knew asking "so, what did you buy". How exactly do you explain the purchase of a long gothy coat, handcuffs, and motor oil in one shopping run without people becoming quite puzzled? I guess it's better then my cohort who left with a prom dress. *ha ha*

Well my travel for this week was cancelled. I'm glad to not be heading to Maryland, but at the same time I would rather not be getting up for work. Not certain why I'm not resting well again. Typically I would blame my sleep issues on my princess and the pea syndrome, but I fixed my bed last weekend - so it's definitely not the slight angle at which it would droop the matress due to the frame widening.

BTW - Happy 21st JT!

"You hate me cause I got what you need. -Sublime"

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Ok, at the end of the first we were down by 2. By the end of the second we were down by 5. Not pretty. Cavy scored one for us but needless to say that didn't take too much of a chunk out of things. I wish I had the inspirational words, but I don't. All I can offer to the team is that I feel their pain too, and I still believe in them.

Mississippi was back in action this evening as well, against Florida. Bates and Anthony shared an assist on one goal. While I haven't had too many chances to pronounce wins for the Chiefs, the SeaWolves give me something to cheer about - and they won again tonight: 4-3.

On a bright note, it's voting time on again. Everyone get your keyboards ready and go vote for Jean Desrochers! If you'd like to know why I think he deserves the vote email me and I'll gladly send you the list of reasons why I'd love to see Jean win this one.