Monday, July 30, 2007

So I did a bit of research last night after my previous post and I've come to find that joint aches during withdrawl of the headache meds I stopped earlier last week are a known potential side-effect (6-8 weeks). Upon learning this I figured that coupled with the general stuffy head I was feeling since quiting meant I should pick it back up and I was out of bed popping a pill at 1am.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's been quite the busy weekend in which I've put a few miles on the road. Gratefully I rested a bit on Friday evening, because it was up and adam on Saturday to head to Greensburg where I took a bit of an insane plunge and bought a car. Not so insane by normal standards, however, if you don't know how to drive a standard you've got to admit it takes balls to buy one. So, out with Dorian Gray, the Stratus, and in with Drake, my new Hyundai Tiburon. That said, don't pull up on the ass end of any little red cars in the Jtown area for a while and if you chose to point and laugh when I stall it out trying to get into first make sure I don't see you.

What better to do with a new car than go out and show it off at the drive in? Granted it's been forever since the Simpsons were something I'd consider going to see in a movie, but there I was. I did have a few laughs out of it, so I can't knock the flick.

Today, back up and out on the road, this time in the opposite direction, towards State College, where I went to meet this lovely lady...

She is a sweet gal with a bit of an air about her that says she'd been taking over an alpha slot, so an application has been completed, and we (Vix and I) will head out to see if a good meeting can take place at a later date. Do I need another dog, no, but I've been looking, it just feels like the right time somehow. If it works it works, that's the best way I can look at it.

Needless to say, I didn't do much else in the living room this weekend, but even if I wasn't running I think I would have been dead in the water. My knees are absolutely killing me today. Honestly, quite a few of my joints are screaming, but the knees are definitely distracting me from all other aches. Not sure what gives, but the icey hot is cooling things down for this evening, hopefully it will pass quickly.

I spotted yet another skunk out across the neighboring lawn this evening, so it's clear we'll have another incident if I'm not more attentive when leaving the fuzzy one out in the evening. There just has to be something that will work long term to keep the little buggers away from my fenceline and yard. I'd rather not spring for skunk-away type products as I'm sure they'd wash away quickly, requiring reapplication... but desperate times might call for such desperate measures.

Oh... and Joe, as I was reminded quite recently... this is so true.

Friday, July 27, 2007

What the FRELL was that? So Vix is outside going insane last night, but it wasn't the "hey I want to bite that" bark it was the "oh crap what the?" bark. So, quicker than the speed of lightning I'm out of the bedroom throwing on the robe and heading out the back door. From my deck I could SWEAR I heard a growl which was a bit of a shocker to me. Vixen is midway down the yard looking out the far side barking barking barking. So I head down through the yard to meet her and she doesn't budge (another sign she's scared and would rather have me next to her than be off investigating something to bite). While I'm there holding her collar I saw a large portion of the apple tree shimmy. OK, that was enough for me - we're going to the house. The truly odd thing was she kept wanting to bark for another good 5 minutes. So I ask you, what the FRELL was in that tree?

For the record, I'm quite glad it was something else knocking on the door at 12:30.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

When looking at a home one must ask themselves where the best place is to put the bodies. Apparently, it's between the bathroom and living room wall... ok, it's not what you think. Remember me commenting last winter that I heard scurrying in the wall? Well, they didn't scurry out. When I peeled back that piece of paneling ugh the smell. I've removed the little fuzzy family's remains but the smell still lingers.

Tonight I cleared out all of the drop panel track, the other ceiling above it, and one full wall of nasty paneling. As a side effect, folks using my bathroom now have a nice view of the living room. I'm sure that will scare the crap out of me in the middle of the night when I get up to use the bathroom. My body is officially tired after this evening's efforts. Awful carpet and more paneling to go and I'll be ready to solicit an inspection of some of the base materials from a knowledgable friend (that means it's time for all of you to go into hiding).

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Just when I thought I was figuring something out... getting somewhere... turning things around... back in the same place once again. It's too easy to give into a concept and be a bit too naive.

It was so nice to pry away the first piece of that awful fake wood last night. Maybe I could wall myself up behind it and hide for a while.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Cursed short lived weekend. Granted I slept through approximately 50% of it, but it should still be kind enough to last longer. I didn't get work done in the living room Saturday as planned but got in gear on Sunday. The drop ceiling tiles are now gone and I've investigated the level of difficulty involved in loosening carpet, the carpet on the one wall, and the wood paneling. The carpet on the one wall is a bit of a treat, but I'll get my money's worth out of the new pry-bar.

Now if I could just find some of my equipment, like my plug tester. I swear I leave stuff behind with a million and one people and never get it back. Sure I can just plug in a light etc, but that's not the point. I also worry that disconnecting the power for the ceiling light is also going to turn out my TV - how will I keep working without the noise?

Friday, July 20, 2007

Last evening I hung out with a few of the boys at Talunes SSS. The headache and general odd feeling kept me from even finishing my second however. I don't know if I was fighting something off yesterday, but I was more tired all day than I remember being when I first started back at a full time job. Since a Tylenol wiped out the headache I can at least say it wasn't the starts of a migraine and I feel better after a good night's sleep.

So here it is, a day loathed almost as much as Valentine's day. What's on the agenda? Blissfully - NOTHING. Well, okay, not nothing, I'm feeding geckos and playing with Puss-puss. I made the mistake of stopping to look at a puppy last night. I think I've 99% talked myself back out of that bad idea, but dang she was a cutie and so calm.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

While my morning stunk... my evening managed to beat it. Damn you Beauregard and your putrid stench. I think Satin was smart enough to know better, and even nice enough to warn Vixen... twice since she's been gone. Ugh. If anyone has REAL ways to keep skunks away from the property, drop me a comment.

On a bright note, I really got an idea of how many places/roads/areas in Johnstown I know.
Headed off to the doc's office this morning and all was looking extra promising - in addition to Dr. Hottie there was a pretty smokin drug rep that came in while I was waiting. Not to allow my morning to go too well I got some bad news - Dr. Hottie is leaving the practice! Ugh.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Another day that should have been focused on making progress wasted sleeping sleeping sleeping. What is my deal lately? The least I could do in my slacking is start reading from the back-up of books I have awaiting my page turning or perhaps a bit of exercise to avoid gaining even more weight. My day at the family reunion wasn't that stressful or busy or anything. I am glad I headed back from Toona, albeit it late, last night.

I was also somewhat surprised to see that there really was a marriage license applied for. Congrats E. I guess it just seems quick, odd, ... not really sure what other words to put to it. The frequent dreams about another from the past continue - in each we remain still living in the same household but he is usually halfway out the door. What purpose do all of these have?

On the hockey front, which I've remained remarkably quiet about, three are set to return: Roche, Demo, and Rowe. The mess with the front office leaves me a bit somber. I know this year will happen, but beyond that I think our future is more rocky than it has ever been (and if any team knows about living year to year it's the Chiefs).

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Durango is inspected, so one trip to the dealership down and one to go. On the way back up the hill I took a pitstop at Gitler's and bought not only another beta, that I think will go by Viktor, but I also had my heart stolen by a cute little gray and white mousie who will go by Ladybug, at least unless we notice some - uh - bumps protruding as she gets older. Ladybug seems to like being held and is content to fall asleep in my hand. She is also a twitterer, so I have someone new to talk to - if I can only keep Vixen's interest in her down.

I was smart enough to make no bakes to take to the family reunion last night so my evening is free. I also got to kiss up to my coworkers a bit with part of the batch. I should go rip down ceiling, but I think I'll curl up to a dvd and fall asleep early tonight, if possible.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mmm, dinner with the Laws! As wonderful as the food alone is, I was also excited to see Jacob enjoying the book I snagged thinking of him and to see Brian enjoying the beer I took for him. As much as I adore spending time with the whole family the evening always seems to end oddly anymore... perhaps because it no longer takes an hour to pry someone from the house, but I admit, it still takes a great deal of discipline to pull myself away.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A nice long weekend is slowly coming to a close. Sunday I packed up the fuzzy one and headed to my mother's to trade off my "kid" for my sister's kids and we headed to Pittsburgh. I've now been exposed to their favorite band (Forever the Sickest Kids) and successfully managed to navigate some back road/strange parts of the burgh without getting completely lost. FTSK wasn't bad, but I wasn't too into some of the other bands that played, including the one that the nephew procured a CD for (and made me listen to it over and over).

The "stain family" (oy) crashed out at a hotel for the night and got up to head to Kennywood for the day on Monday. I was rather surprised how empty it was on a Monday, which worked out well since it was also rather warm and short lines = a less aggravating time at the park. From there back the miles and miles of highway under construction to Altoona for another night sleeping away from home (and my central air conditioning).

Today I can easily count my new bruises from the coasters, see my slightly darker "tan" (I think I'm a whole 4 shades away from white at this point), and am ready to crash out in my own bed. Do I really have to go back to work tomorrow? Oh yeah... I get to watch a coworker continue his quest. *evil grin*

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I slept like a champ through last evening and the night, which allowed me to get up earlier than normal today. I used my day to get the butterfly bushes I bought weeks ago into the ground, to do a quick shopping round (no PL/SQL book to be found at Ollie's *rats*), and moved a few more things from the living room as well as rearranged some items to the basement to make more room. I keep bouncing the damn wound I inflicted upon myself at SSS off of things. Damn toe. I've finally given in, now that it is seeping and slathered it with some antibacterial ointment and tried to bandaid it.

From the house off to dinner and ice cream... not that I needed it, but it melted to fill the gaps in my stomach nicely. More sleep is definitely in order - I'm going to need to be prepared for the next couple of days.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The maternal unit was at my house when I got home last night, so I actually just sat around and relaxed. Today on the other hand, due to her presence, I was up and adam earlier than I would have liked for a day off. Not much was accomplished early in the day but we then headed off to snag some fam at the Latrobe airport, got home in time to grub dinner, fight with the niece and nephew a little, and watch my sis try to trash my living room. It was amusing to watch the fervor (comparing only to Davey T tackling Beff's living room ceiling).

They headed out by 7ish leaving me on my own and inspired so I started moving more things from the living room. A few short hours later and here I am tired and prepared to be sore tomorrow. The living room is truly looking bare now. If only I can figure out where to move the last few (read: large) items to allow myself the freedom to really work. If nothing else I'm sure I moved just enough to hide things from myself and to not be able to find a thing I need for the next few weeks - I can call that success for a single day off. The more crap I move the more I realize I need to get rid of some things and reduce the clutter. Anyone up for a huge yard sale?

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Back from the girl's spa weekend - albeit an abrupt weekend. We could have easily accomplished all that was Berkeley Springs in one day, but it was okay to stretch it out. We headed out early on Saturday and arrived in plenty of time for lunch and shopping before the scheduled spa appointments.

The Spa: Atasia Spas - nice place, nicer than I expected from the outside. Seemed very clean and attentive to their customers. The reflexology service I got was okay, I guess I would have preferred to have gotten a regular old foot massage more. From there I went on to their pomegranate scrub - which was VERY nice. The scent was super, all was relaxing, and I want one of the shower tables (despite its style making me worry that it doubled at night as a corroner's table).

The Shopping: You name it! The first antique area was the best stop. Not only was Jules (a nifty little shop) attached to it, but I also picked up a lovely crystal anklet and large framed set of real butterflies. I even picked up a new monkey toy for the boys in the lab - and I snagged my own little stuffed lady bug.

The Inn: Country Inn - ok, but a bit of an older place. The walls were a little thin and we had rather loud neighbors, but they were tame compared to the noise from the a/c unit which woke me most every time it kicked on during the night. A call to the front desk for a jammed toilet was the only other frowny face. They did however seem to have a lot going on, which since I didn't do the research on our trip planning (how shocking is that?) I didn't realize until it was too late. They had someone playing live music in the main house, a nice little garden with lots of seating options (benches and rocking chairs), and were right next to the public park/pool area. I should have remembered this given how many times 522 was taken as an alternative to NC.

The Sights and Food: Tari's was good - get the crab! Got to see the castle, very lovely - I'm jealous :) Saw the bright colors of the sunset over the valley at the peak after a nice meal. How wrong is it to highlight the honey butter and the ginger carrots at dinner? The haul back took us through Toona for a little more shopping and dinner at Outback where I snagged dead cow two nights in a row. I haven't had much red meat lately, it was fabulous.

I'm home, I'm tired, I'm also sad... as I managed to lose/misplace my most favorite hair brush ever somehow. I nearly forgot to take the thing with me, and I could swear I packed it. Heck, I sure can't find it here - but I also couldn't find it in my bag while there. This hair brush was bought many many moons ago as a temp until I could find a "good" one and it stuck. This cheap brush WAS the good one. I regularly fought the ex for it as he too loved the brush. Hopefully it will turn up, if not, you know why my hair is all wacky!

Now, keep in mind we headed off to a hotel after I saw the movie 1408 on Friday - and we ended up in room 308. ACK! I kept waiting for the radio to turn on.