Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I have a few things on my mind that I wanted to blab about this evening, go fill up your coffee/beer/whatever - I'll hang tight until you're back.

*starts tapping fingers*

Ok, ready? First just the misc updates... hung w/ Mithy, Addie, and Rex for some wingage last night. Good stuff, hit the spot! Today I realized "aw hell, it's the 30th and there is a game tomorrow night" so I hauled home and quickly pulled together a pile of stuff I still wanted to take to Goodwill under the 2009 tax year and hauled it up there. Yay! Not only does it feel good to get the tax refund increase and help a valuable community entity, but it feels good to purge. That opens this long weekend as time to put the Christmas stuff away and to rearrange decoration storage to the basement and get the upstairs further cleared up.

Now for something that's been irking me as I watch the news over the past few days. Why are we pointing fingers at the failure of the US President and US entities for FOREIGN airports? I'm sorry, I don't care how you cut it but we cannot govern the dilligence of screening outside the US - hell we have a hard time doing it within the US.

I think most people who are close to me know I am a "Bzz Agent", which means I get to try out some newer products, show them off to people, get their opinions, and share our thoughts with the company. Pretty cool, right? Well right now I'm using L'oreal's last boosting products, both their serium, which I've been putting on every night, and periodically their mascara.

I'm only a week into it and I don't see a noticable difference, but I did take pre-trial photos that I'll post in a few weeks and expect your comparison opinions. I'm not usually a mascara user as I have dark and (what I think are) thick lashes. I was impressed when I tried this that it not only lasted all day but better still with my squinty eyes is that it didn't glop all over me during the day - that's huge.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

People, it is unacceptable if you don't know someone very well to semi-use them to try and snuggle up to their friend. I'm tired of it happening. Even when I am not interested in the guy, it still sucks to see another person who prefers my friends over me. I know I'm fat, I know I am not a talker, but I'm still a human not a means to an end.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas day 2009 is almost over. The girls and I headed to mom's early yesterday to maximize our time after being forced to pile into the Tib. Surprisingly it went pretty well with three dogs crammed in there and all of the presents fit in the trunk without issue. Mom of course made some good grub today and started in itching to unwrap presents last night. With the exception of two she worked her way into we unwrapped everything this morning. Once again I cannot complain having gotten some things I had desired and a few surprises.

When the girls and I got back they opened their gifts with joy. I was pleased to see it was easy to get Saffy into the unwrapping fun. Merry first Christmas with us sweet baby girl!

I did already start reading my copy of Wicked, which looks like it will be a good read. For tonight, I'm going to sit here and chill with "Total Recall" on... just another one of those old movies I can easily watch over and over.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Being under about 7 inches of snow yesterday to the point where we had the cooking saga motivated me to pull out the snow blower last evening after dark. Fortunately, it fired right up and I was able to tend to a bulk of the snow before any packing and ice issues became a factor. Even yesterday the plows had the Tib pretty nicely packed.

Today I did haul out to grab some milk and other basics that I neglected to have here. I even ran to the mall, like an idiot, with the hopes of using a coupon I had for Penneys. Heaven knows when you have a coupon you can never find anything, so I left empty handed. What a mess. Clearly they didn't plow those lots yesterday and everyone who skipped out on shopping Saturday went today instead.

I know I should have worked upstairs or did more cleaning today, but I opted for vegging. After all, I'll have a four day weekend coming up that I will need to fill since it's looking like the chances of having a vehicle to transport the beasts (as is necessary for an overnight stay) to my mother's is looking slim. Instead I feel like all I want to do is eat.

I've been having issues for that past month. I'll leave the details at that and note that I've gotten different birth control pills even to try and deal with the issue. Hopefully the need to grub like I'm PMS 24-7 will disappear with this change. I am also having my last accupuncture treatment tomorrow, while this seems irrelevant, they did say that some of the points being used in the study could be uterine stimuli, so it may be related. In the mean time at least the major craving is some bitchin sweet and large green grapes I picked up today. I guess it could be worse.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's official. I no longer know how to cook for crap. I was just going to have a bowl of cereal when I finally rolled out of bed, but of course the milk is expired. I don't mean like yesterday or the day before, I mean the 8th. Strike one. Then I decided, since I'm trapped by the 6 inches of white crap out there, I was going to make some cookies. I did have everything I needed, but instead of regular chips I had chocolate mint. No problem, I like mint... but there is just something less than phenominal about them, even warm, and heaven knows there is little better than warm chocolate chip cookies. Strike two. So, how about some pancakes? I'll cut to the chase and just say gloppy mess. STRIKE THREE.

At least the dogs like it, I've got proof since Saffy keeps trying to steal cookies and cookie dough. So it's almost 4 and I'm still friggin hungry. Try four has to be at least edible, no?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So pleased that Autumn is alive and well. Bright and shiny this morning I got a call from Wagner that she was already there, that alone put a smile on my face. Later in the day I talked to the adjuster and the word is that thanks to...
- The low milage on her
- The good condition she's in
- The fact that she's not bent up underneath
- The ability to get some used parts (doors)
... she's salvagable. Now, keep in mind that at the 85% mark is where they'll mark a car totaled and the range of prices for her in KBB are around 8.5-10k. Do the math. That's a lot of boo boos.

I am starting to fill up my calendar for mini-christmases starting off tonight with Mithy and Addie. I really felt like I needed a nap earlier today, hopefully I can keep up.

Monday, December 14, 2009

First up, some developments... so my free tow from Chrysler took me to a dealership without a body shop. Uh, ok, that was useful. But, I've gotten lucky... after calling the insurance company to check in to see if an adjustor had it on their schedule yet (with the intention of wanting to move it to Wagner after they were finished) I find out that they'll do one free tow too, and are willing to get it towed there for me. So, it hasn't been looked at by an adjustor yet, but at least it will be on its way to folks I trust to make her better.

Now for the oddities list... have you ever seen a siberian husky who like to lounge in front of the heat vent? Much like Satin would lay on the vents when the AC was on in NC, I've repeatedly found Saffy in front of the dining room vent when the heat is on. Could explain why she doesn't mind when I put her under the covers! Goofy dog.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wow. It's been a day. I'll start off by saying this: hopefully no one will be upset with me for not contacting them directly, to have done so would be to put more drama to this than is necessary for the gravity of the situation. That said, I am FINE, however, I wrecked Autumn (the Durango) today.

I was going down a 55mph road around the speed limit, it was pretty bright out, and I didn't see the turn signal on a lady fast enough. I put on the brakes, skidding a bit and realized I wasn't going to get stopped so I did what I had to to go right around her. I got around her and if there had been field I would have been fine, but instead there was nice deep ravine like gutter... at least for a little ways and then hard ground where that gutter came to an end. I dropped into the gutter, slid along it, smacked into the end of it with the corner of the vehicle, bounced back and came out facing downward into it. Somehow Autumn had the ability to back up out of that and I got myself up, out of the roadway, and into a market across the way where I gathered myself.

I've been driving for more than half my lifetime now. I'm happy to say this was my first accident. I'm not looking forward to the bills involved, but I am just happy to say I am okay and that praised be to God I managed to get around the woman in the little tiny Neon sized vehicle without causing her any injury. I know I'm blessed.

Autumn is pretty banged up, like I said, but she took that beating quite solidly and kept me safe, so I thanked her and patted her front panel when tears welled again before they towed her away. The passenger side headlight is busted out and every panel going back is frelled. There was a gap in the rear door where I could see some light, and part of the rear bumper is ripped off. She's got one flat tire and didn't seam to be leaking anything, the airbags didn't deploy *likely due to the side/corner taking most of the impact* and the tow man didn't think she looked like she had a bent frame.

I was pretty shaken and hated having people gawk at me like I was a side show. To those people who gawked, pointed, and commented to others... up yours. To those strangers that took the time to come over, verify I was okay and didn't need anything, and offer a kind word or two - God bless you, whoever you are.

Right now I'm just happy to be home with my girls, as they were one of the first things I thought of. It was not an accident that could have cost me my life, but it did give me some pause for thought. Thank you to my friends who took my call, even when I sobbed a little, to try and get a couple phone numbers I needed, and for calling to make sure I was okay.

Now tomorrow... I'm sure I'll be sore, I'll be shocked if I'm not, but I'm okay. DESPITE tomorrow being seven years since some of the most painful things I've ever heard uttered came my way... I'm okay. It was a bit of a rough reminder Lord, but I guess I needed it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Christmas cards are done now too, woohoo! It's hella cold out there today. I guess we were due, but I am still going to complain. Time to have a glass of wine and grub.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

It has been an amazingly productive day. I just couldn't bear the thought of getting up and going into work for a slow day. Instead I emailed to call off and played hooky getting things crossed off of my to do list. Not only did I get the tree up with gifts around the bottom and the related boxes all back upstairs, but I also unpacked the artwork so those boxes could hit the trash pile, vacuumed, finished two loads of laundry and by finished I mean it's even away at this point as is another load that was sitting from a previous day's laundry efforts.

Heck, I even started moving things out of the smaller spare room upstairs so I can get my butt in gear and get the second spare bed set up. This is part of the purging process that needs to occur. I know I'll never have a yard sale, so I'll sort - some things will hit ebay at some point, but a majority of it will just get hauled to good will or the Salvation Army, I could use a write off as much as I can use the theraputic value of having that mess eliminated.

I also ran and picked up labels so I can print out addresses for my christmas cards, once that's implemented it should speed up the process in future years. Snagged stamps too, so now I have no excuse to not finish writing up the cards and get them in the mail. I just finished a shower and it's only 5pm, now keep in mind, I did roll back over for a little while, so I didn't start my efforts until near noon.

My reward is sushi and a couple drinks. Maybe I'll even get started on those cards!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Again today! "So, you were married? I just realized that after seeing your name on facebook." Geez. I know I should be able to ignore it, but I just can't at this time of year - go figure. You f'd me good buddy. Congrats.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Ya'll are killing me. It's been an incredibly long time, but I can still go somewhere and have someone say "what's your last name?" ... "oh, I thought I recognized you. How's Jason?!" If he didn't cross my mind or creep through my dreams still every day it wouldn't be that frustrating. At least I got my last couple gifts bought and/or picked up, so now I just need to wrap and ship.

The christmas party was nice, I didn't even get buzzed but I have a headache today, I suppose it could just be a caffeine issue. Now with my shorter hair I managed to do my hair with the chop stick looking things and it stayed in all night without an issue! Of course today I have this odd wave in my hair that needs washed out this evening.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Yay! Beff stopped after the game tonight and changed out my earring for me and it didn't hurt a bit.

In other news, I couldn't help but notice that they're putting money into that crap hole house on Scalp that we lived in... you know the one, where I curled up in the matress in an attempt to stay warm, the one where the plastic covered windows breathed in the bathroom? Yea - they're putting in new windows and front door, it also looked like they were replacing the roof. Personally, I think they'd be better off leveling it... shoot it was 15 years ago that it was on it's last legs. You'd think it would need insulation in every wall and totally reworked from plaster to outer wall.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Beff and I went to see New Moon tonight after what was the longest day most likely ever. I think I'm going to have to wait until a little closer to the next movie to read book three as there were small discrepancies I didn't come near catching like Beth did.

I'm into my Stephen King book right now, it's been a while, and I miss his writing. Perhaps this will spur me through a couple of his books that are still sitting in the to read pile.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

For having things slow down at work it was a surprisingly frustrating day. This is going to be one long ass rant. I guess I'm overdue for one of those – sit tight!

I had to head home for the afternoon to meet the DirecTV guy (that's another story) so I tried to return a call from FedEx who announced their need to have someone sign for a package to see if they could do it today. If I haven't said it before, I hate FedEx. People, please stop shipping through them. You pay them to deliver things right? Well they don't, they just create a huge PITA situation every time. No, I can't be there waiting around at my house for you. Just put the shit on the porch – or, leave a paper today, I'll sign it, you leave the shit tomorrow. But, nooooo. I say I tried to return a call because, despite my loathing of the telephone, I tried calling him back at least 15 times (at the number he provided) where it just rang and rang and rang. I eventually caught him and the truck was already out for the day... without my stuff.

Now, as to DirecTV, I called yesterday because I still had not received the equipment I was expecting after calling them over two weeks ago to address the fact that I didn't have locals and their advertising said locals come with every plan. Hrmph. Well, turns out the chic a few weeks ago didn't NEED to change my plan, so I had no reason to lose NGC and a few other channels I watch regularly. Also, there was no order showing in their system, so here I was already getting charged for this other, more expensive plan, without the equipment to actually get the locals I was now paying for. As it turns out, I can keep my plan (which they switched me back to) and instead of getting just the new dish and one new receiver, now I am getting a new dish and BOTH receivers replaced and w/ HD receivers. Go figure since I just bought a new remote for the one off of ebay. Regardless, this is a potential grump situation resolved nicely.

Next up, Chase/JP Morgan and their stupid ass inability to process mortgage payments. Seriously, why do I need to call you every month to straighten things out when I am sending you more than my monthly mortgage payment. They consistently get my payment sent with plenty of time and consistently manage to receive and process it late. Just my two cents, but with stellar performance like that, it already seems like the government is running the banks.

That's on top of things still lingering on on one project with little information and another woohoo let's just change what we said we'd do again for shits and giggles. I was up late last night working on the gift and am still far from done. Then I had a small panic this morning realizing it was officially December and I don't even have my Christmas cards started. I really do dislike the pressures from 101 different directions around this time of year. Be aware, when my mom is gone you won't be getting a Christmas card anymore, you'll just get an email from somewhere in the Caribbean.


I'm trying to get in the right spirit though. It hit me today about the dogs' toys - yes, they have a ton. But I peeked at the humane society's website and yes, they'll take toys! So in the spirit of giving the girls and I dumped everything out in the dining room and stuffed a LARGE bag with dang near new looking toys that were never their favorites. We also pulled out the christmas toys so I am again hearing "ho ho ho... meeeeeerry christmas" and "oh christmas tree oh christmas tree how lovely are your branches!"

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I didn't get diddly done this weekend, shame on me. I have been reading at least. I'm in the middle of "The Things They Left Behind" in King's Just After Sunset collection. I'm finding it surprisingly thought provoking. I guess if I have little to say to others as of late I do have my thoughts to keep me company.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ahh Saturday in a warm bed. I have a lot I should be doing today, but instead I'm lounging and intermittently heading downstairs to tend to laundry. Alas, I ran out of photo corners while at mom's so I have to brave Walmart or go to Michaels at some point to keep plugging away at the super secret Christmas gift. The cold weather is finally setting in around here, which slows me down a bit too. I need to find some motivation!

Thanksgiving went well. Mom was feeling spunky and I of course grubbed away. The girls and I enjoyed the visit and I made good progress on the aforementioned gift. Friday I headed back just in time to catch up with an old swim team friend from high school before the hockey game. Loaded up on a peppermint mocha I had more stomachy issues last night, I don't know what my recent issues are coming from.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mum came to visit for one night. While she watched a movie I managed to get most of the gifts I've got here wrapped, so at least that's one thing crossed off. I've been a bit worried about her lately as she has been needing her oxygen more often. Sadly, she needed it to head out to church and dinner last night and took several breaks today to sit down with the concentrator. *sigh* It was a year ago on Thansgiving that she actually conceeded and allowed me to do some of the cooking because she felt so bad. I wonder if it's anything to do with the time of year?

I spent a few hours working from home today. I know this is going to be a painful three day week, so keep your fingers crossed that my sanity makes it through.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Mom is visiting tomorrow, so my evening after work was a bit of cleaning and getting a few things in order, but that will need to continue in the morning. I also took advantage of the nicer weather to embrace my porch with CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! I'm obviously typing too loud as I was just glared at by a very tired little puppy. Good night all.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

To make up for slacking and staying up too late the night before last I crashed when I got home from work last night. I had intended it to be just a nap but I ended up wiped for the full count. I guess I needed it. Bright and shiney this morning we were greated with rain, much to Vixie's dismay who wanted out at 4am and didn't want to come back in. Yay, wet puppy.

Oh, I did try to change my tragus piercing the other night and could NOT get the darn earring lose. Sigh. I'll have to employ help from others. I did however spot some more grays above my ear. *shiver* frell getting old.

We're making good progress at work, but there is still miles to go before we rest. I can't help but think my week leading up to Thansgiving is going to be a bit of a challenge and a frustration.

Tonight I did make some progress getting three of twenty pieces designed and completed for the super secret christmas present I am building. Time is short! I know I'm not taking classes right now, I should have more time, but I still feel behind. There are christmas cards to prepare, gifts to wrap, and heck - more gifts to buy. Here's hoping for some additional inspiration to at least get the purchasing side closed out very soon. I guess it would help if I finished itemizing everything I have thus far (I was lax in doing so as items were bought this year).

Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's been a pretty good weekend thus far. Yesteday, I got to see Slips briefly while I was attempting to find more christmas gifts. I also got to see Mithy later in the evening - hell, I even survived the three long islands (pint glass sized). Today I did sleep in as I am wont to do on a weekend, but found motivation out of nowhere which had me working in the garage.

Can I get a "good job Judy"? It's better than broom clean thanks to the leaf blower, ran the gas out of the pressure washer, and for the first time in 5 or more years I can walk through my garage without stepping over sand bags. That's right, I finally felt confident enough that my water issues are over to remove the sand bags. So, while the garage is ready for the Tiburon the weather around here has been so amazing I am instead driving around with the sun roof open on the Tib. I may need to go make one of those open window drives to blow some of the yuck from the garage out of my sinuses.

My motivation didn't stop with the garage. I made some chicken fried rice that was INCREDIBLY good and have some cranberry bread baking as I type.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm headachey. I don't know if it's a symptom or a result. I got to sleep in this morning, since we had the day off, which was good - because after waking in the middle of the night I couldn't get back to sleep. I had a good 45 minutes of just thinking through things that I don't want to deal with, like busting hump for things that are - in the grand scheme of things - meaningless and aren't appreciated by others much less gainful for myself.

I did get some cleaning done and a few hours of work logged before heading to my accupuncture appointment and off for a pre-dinner meal with Beff. This evening I'm left here w/ the aforementioned headache feeling a bit woeful while waiting for meds to kick in so I can go to bed and not lay there suffering. I've done the requisite pondering about people in my past and realized for the most part I have no one to blame but myself. I could be the one married to person X if I had played my cards right, but I know I wouldn't have been happy. Even if I didn't feel that way, I do think he cared for me a great deal. At least that's a step up from most of my other relationships where I'm left heartbroken and wanting to be loved. Blah. I know I need to make a change to get what I want, but what?

I can't even say I want kids, but I do lament my age when I think about my eggs going south after 35 (recent article spurred that thought) or seeing people with teenagers of their own that are my age. I don't want to be 60 and just finishing raising someone. I guess those thoughts don't matter since most every guy my age already has his kids. My mind is a minefield right now.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

My weekend is almost over... I want to pout. I had a good one and the weather was phenominal. Friday night I ordered a couple earrings for my tragus piercing. I can't believe it's been in long enough that I can switch it out. I'm slightly bummed at the limited variety of things there are out there. Jewelry artists - hook us up!

Saturday we had lunch w/ Slips and then Beff and I headed to Altoona for some shopping and dinner at mom's. I bought a few xmas gifts, and not a ton for myself, so that's a good thing, but still had a good day. Beff drove herself so the girls and I could spend the night w/ mum. That said, I'm tired tonight. I never do sleep super well there.

After heading home today I caught some dinner w/ Ben at Applebees. Maybe I was hungry, but the pecan crusted chicken salad was incredibly good. Notice that my weekend didn't include getting much done around the house, so I guess I'll need to get on the ball later this week. For now I'm going to do some reading and clicking around before I crash.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

This week has been one of those strange and rare phenomenons. The days are going reasonably fast and the evenings are dragging... ok dragging sounds like I'm complaining, don't get me wrong, this is a good thing.

Last night I got to head out for some orchard wings with Mithy and Addie. I've also been hunting for christmas gifts in the evenings and managed to get a few more ordered so I can call the nephew done at least. I've also been reading. Since I finished Narcissus in Chains last weekend I've pulled out the new paperback of short stories called Never After which has been going down pretty easily. I think I'm taking some time away from the Anita Blake series as at this point I really do NOT like her. I think she's a bit too whiney and slutty - and I hear it gets worse in future books.

Monday, November 02, 2009

One more Monday down... I'm beat despite not having a full day at the office thanks to needing pick up the Durango and having my first accupuncture appointment. They couldn't find anything they feel would cause the noise I am getting periodically, so while that's a bit frustrating, at least nothing looks like it's falling apart. As to accupuncture, it was quite the odd sensation - and not really painful at all, surprisingly. I did end up with a bit of a headache afterwards, which seems a bit counter productive since the accupuncture study is to treat migraines, but we'll see how things go in a couple weeks.

Part of the reason I'm so tired is getting pulled in a bunch of different directions and not feeling like there is enough time. The worst part is needing to do seemingly pointless small things like little bulletized status lists and the like. If I spend an hour writing up everything I do in a week, can I add a bullet that says I made a list of everything I did that week? It's even worse still when you've got to report as such saying "nothing". Can that not be implied if I don't submit? Please? Save me some time and effort.

Last night I was clicking through channels while in bed and came across V on SyFy. How cool is that?! Ah, sweet flashbacks.

I'm going to bed! What is my issue? It's been weeks since I came back from vaca and I'm still crawling into bed way early.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Things I didn't do, that I should have... general cleaning, clearing the garage for the Tib, switching out my summer/winter clothes, running the pressure washer empty, cooking the chicken I thawed, logged back in to my work computer.

So what DID I do today? Sadly, very little. I love Halloween, but I just don't feel it. I went out and used my uber coupon for a 31 cent dunkin donut, I ran through a couple stores, and I went to a couple movies. That's right - a couple. I'm in a funk and I was trying to escape it in a story line or two.

This afternoon I went to Saw VI. It's another sequel, what's to say? But it was good enough for what it is. Then this evening I went to see Paranormal Activity the movie with the tag "don't see it alone" - like I have a choice. So there I sat in the sea of friggin couples and look at me I survived. It barely gave me a minor jump at the end. Eh. Major let down in my book. Time for a bowl of cereal (late dinner) and curling up with a puppy or two or three.

Friday, October 30, 2009

This week has been a bit stressful. I'm almost caught up with documentation on one project... almost. Not quite. As for the other project, delivery early next week and some late Friday glitches encountered. Isn't that always the way? Either way, I needed the massage I had this evening even if I did need to come back and keep working instead of napping such that I could go hang w/ some peeps in celebration of halloween. I guess I should just go to bed then. I'm beat!

Monday, October 26, 2009

The girls and I had some company yesterday which spurred an impromptu Vixie walk. It pooped her out yesterday, but she's fiesty again today. More posts to wrap up the recent cruise posted! I still don't have Beth's pics of me, so it will be a while before I post photos. Not tons to say as of late - just trying to get some basics done around the house and sleeping more than usual. Hopefully it will help me fight off all the colds going around.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I've added afew more posts this evening and I'm still far from caught up on here. At least I got my butt in gear and got the fan club website updated! Now to fold and put away the clothes I washed a couple days ago. The cold weather we've come back to has most definitely inspired hibernation desires.

I'm not going to fret about not getting lots done in the evening. Frankly, I am, as expected, behind at work on both projects and struggling to get back up to speed, and for one have nothing with a deadline outside of work to worry about. As such, I'm going to allow myself to be a bit of a bum at home, I've earned it. That said I have a fuzzy girl staring at me from about 3 inches away, I think it's time to go lay down and cuddle with my fuzzy butt.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Worry not, I'm back, just putting off posting because I know words will never capture everything we saw and experienced.

Since returning I've hit my bed pretty early the past two nights and slept for 12+ hours. At this point I think I'm back on track from jet lag and feeling rested from the interesting return trip. My sinuses on the other hand are being real pissers - but I'll blame returning from 70 degree weather into 30s and rain for those issues.

Anyhow, I've posted a few of our stops worth of information, and there is much more to come!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Our last day onboard was at sea. It was a pretty quiet and slow day, but it was also a rough one! The waves were pretty large, but this was no where near as rough as it was when I was on Empress. Regardless, come late in the day the end of the cruise got "extended" a wee bit. I'm returning a beach towel to the front desk when they comment on a couple of passengers that had their life vests. I stepped back, waiting for Beth, and took in part of the conversation that unveiled that a couple windows were broken out on the third floor.

By the time Beth and I got up to one of the lounges the captain was broadcasting that we did have some broken windows and that there was no concern and they were working to repair the windows. That was all well and good until around 5something in the morning, right before our wake up call was set for. At that point the announcement came through that we had to slow down due to the damage we incurred and wouldn't be in Barcelona until noon time. Well, since our flight was at noon that was a big "oh shit". I guess I'm rolling straight into October 13th with this post, as it all kind of blends together.

For my anti-versary we were delayed as all hell. Kindly however they opened up the telephone lines and internet connections to allow us to (attempt to) get our reservations changed. Once we finally got a line we learned that everything out of Barcelona was booked and would put us behind by two days. Our next alternative (thanks to Kirk's quick planning) was to go out of Madrid, but that too wasn't until the next day.

So, we're taking a train to Madrid. To save a few bucks we took the overnight train, which was cheaper than the three hour express train, and covered us from needing to get a hotel in Madrid. I've got to say that the wait in the Barcelona train station for 9ish hours before the 9 hour train ride was slow slow slow. The train wasn't bad, but a bit of an irritation for me. Even though all four of us paid for first class, Kirk and I didn't get sleepers, the chairs didn't move too much, so it was hard to sleep.

The prize of that was getting to see the stars as we went through the countryside. Not even out on the farm was there such an uncontaminated view of the night sky. I've never seen so many and so bright stars in my life. It was quite soothing given the tiring situaton.

We got into Madrid on the 14th, and waited some more before the long flight. I got the bum seat on the flight with a little bit of a larger guy on the side of me, a chair that didn't want to go back, and a lady in front of me that clearly didn't like me leaning my forehead/pillow on the back of her chair. Again, I didn't get much sleep. But then we were back in the states, Filthadelphia to be precise. It was a bit strange to pay for things in dollars instead of euros at this point. A short wait and we were on another quick hop to Baltimore.

You'd think that the final leg would have been a nightmare, but the drive back to Johnstown wasn't too bad and went fairly quickly. Home at last at darn near midnight. I was suppose to be off work that day to go get the girls, luckily Cozy Inn is flexible and I was able to get ahold of them and they tended to the girls for an extra day. Instead I took the 15th off to get my fuzzies.

As normal, they spent several days tired as could be. Saffy was so happy to see me and more than content to cuddle with me each evening for the next three days. I, much like the girls, was tired as could be, and ready to go to bed at 7pm the next two nights. It's just been in the past few days (today is the 26th) that I've been up to 11pm+

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our last port - Naples. What you read is true, Naples is dirty and rather unappealing. Worse still on a Sunday - when NOTHING is open. Luckily we had already planned on heading to Pompeii. Pompeii was amazing. The bodies were bitchin. I can't believe how large it is. I did a report on Pompeii in elementary school, it's been a draw ever since.

This was our only day that was even slightly rainy and it was barly drizzling for part of the day and overcast. This was also the first train trip where we saw the famed thieving/begging children on the trains. Shameful that parents would use their kids like that.

After returning from Pompeii, and boy were my feet aching from the large stone streets etc we headed for Da Michelle to get some authentic pizza. But, as mentioned, most everything is closed there on Sunday! We found it, but the gate was down. We headed across the street to another pizza shop where Beth and I shared a margharita con bufalo za that hit the spot!

From there we wandered back towards the ship, stopping in one store where I snagged some limoncello to bring home and the two little shops in the port as they were our only option to get my standard shot glass and postcard.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A day at sea - once again, not a moment too soon. I slept until nearly noon. After a nice calm lunch we headed to the art auction, which is where I spotted my Gockels. I wanted something special to commemorate the trip and now that I've got my Simon Bulls it was time to go for a Gockel. Too bad I don't have the cash to drop on a Peter Max. Instead of one, I ended up with two on a package deal, spent more than I wanted to overall, but I am happy. I'm still waiting for them to arrive, but I think I know where they're going. Both are heart shapes, but one is a liberty piece.

The show on this particular evening wasn't one that enthused us, but we went anyhow and am I ever glad I did! It was a Beatles tribute band and they were phenominal - heck, Paul and John really looked like Paul and John. They really reminded me how much the Beatles did that I do enjoy. I need to get a best of CD or something.

Friday, October 09, 2009

And then there was Athens! It was a breeze to catch the bus and then the train we needed to get to the Acropolis. Actually, we got off the train at the bottom, the non-traditional stop and immediately worried as it looked straight up to the Acropolis, but we pressed on with the recommendations and found that the back entrance led to a slight grade that wasn't busy at all - perfect.

The bummer here is that much of the monuments were in a state of repair or reconstruction, but they are still quite impressive. Go figure half of the work being done is to repair attempts to maintain it from years ago. Leave it up to modern man to screw up amazing things. After a brief delay due to separation issues (I'll leave that story to Beth to tell) we got around to see the Acropolis, Erechtheion, the Odeion of Herodes Atticus, the Parthenon, parts of the Roman Agora, Hadrian's arch, and the temple of Olympian Zeus.

Then there was, as most stops, some shopping along Plaka and then we stopped at a small outdoor eatery for some local food. It wasn't the best and sure didn't seem super "authentic" but it was decent grub. Better still was the freddochino I had which was the pick me up of caffeine I needed. This stop didn't seem as rushed as many others, perhaps we were settling into a pace or perhaps there just wasn't as much to cram in.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

We tendered to Santorini and hopped on the cable cars up the hill to Thira. From there we found the bus station and headed to Oia (twice, but that's another story). Oia was quite picturesque and offered lots of shopping. We wandered through Oia towards the coast and I convinced the gang to haul down the 300ish stairs towards Ammoudi Bay. I had notes to find some places down there that didn't seem to turn up, but it did offer some nice views. We also encountered one of the many dogs of the islands that was out wandering. She seemed to take to us and acted as our tour guide - leading us along the water. After taking a moment to fill my hands with water and share with our girl "blackie" we took to the overwhelming mass of stairs back up the side of the mountain.

From there we were back on the bus and heading towards the red beach. Walking along the water we did get to take in some black sand and eventually came along the red sand beaches. They are definitely a challenge to get to, but lovely.

Back to the main town and time for my very favorite part. There are a few things in this world that put a smile on my face, even fewer still are things that make me giggle like a little girl continuously. This was one of those things - we took the donkeys back down the mountain side to the tender boat. What a ride!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

As we left the port in Kusadasi Turkey we immediately found our tour guide from EKOL and we were off to see Ephesus. We really lucked out, our guide was not only knowledgeable, but he was experienced in archeology and worked on site for quite some time. They also picked us up in a quite large BMW van.

The ruins of Ephesus are amazing and really give a feel for how things may have looked. The best part, by far, was the Terrace Houses, which they are still in the progress of uncovering. Then again, they theorize that there is many years more of uncovering to do in the area. The Terrace Houses had so many painted walls and mosaics that were still intact. Definitely an excellent tour.

Now, everyone always complains about the stops to push carpets on tourists, but they're expected in Turkey. Our first stop was at a leather coat manufacturer where we had a private catwalk show of some of their offerings while enjoying a sip of Turkish apple tea (which was quite good). I did it... I bought a leather jacket and I am totally in love with it. It's unique, it's me, and it's an awesome memory of this part of the trip. We also stopped at a carpet factory and yes, I of course adored the most expensive style/coloration. It was neat to learn how they make them and I had a cup of Turkish coffee here that warded off the afternoon slump, but we all left blissfully carpetless.

Now, back to the port for some shopping. THAT was a treat. They were every bit as pushy as they are in Jamaica, which I loathe. Seriously, you'd think they'd learn/recognize that with some people the less pushy you are the further you get with them. The few places that offered help and left us alone are the ones I went into.

The coffee didn't hold off sleep long. We headed back to the ship a bit earlier than we needed to where Kirk and I fell asleep by the pool in the Solarium until the horns of both a neighboring ship and our own blared. Later in the evening as we chilled to some karaoke Kirkus taught me how to play backgammon.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Since we didn't arrive in Mykonos Greece until around 2, I had a scalp massage with frangipan oils. So, I headed off the ship to our excursion to Delos with a rather greasy head. The boat ride to Delos demonstrated the reason why Mykonos tendering often is a problem, there were waves... on the starboard side of the boat we got sprayed from water coming across from the port side.

It was interesting to learn about the heating and cooling systems, and the bathroom facilities that were creatively made for the housing in such ancient times. The med around Greece is such an incredibly dark blue. It's as blue there as Ireland is green and that says a lot.

When we got back onto Mykonos from teh excursion sunset was imminent, so we didn't have much time to take in some of the area before we decided to head back towards the ship.

Monday, October 05, 2009

At last we had a day at sea instead of going at 100 mph and killing our feet. Needless to say I slept late. The rest of our day was laid back including the art auction, a nap, and a pedicure to sooth my aching tootsies. We then went to the captains reception before our formal dinner and hit the show which was a magician.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Today the ship docked in Civitavecchia - which is about an hour or so jaunt to Rome, Italy. I do have to state that getting around via train in Italy is fantastically easy. As we popped out of the metro station we immediately saw the Colloseum. One thing very striking about Rome is how the ruins just seem to be intermingled with the rest of the city, like they built around it all.

As we headed towards the shopping streets we happened upon a strange little parade who's purpose remains unknown to us still. From there we headed to see the Trevi Fountain and then the Spanish Steps (even though the steps were fairly lame in the grand scheme of things). The McDonalds in Rome is well spoken of for being quite unique in its decoration to fit in with the surrounding area. So, I admit it, we went to McD's in Rome. The decor was a disappointment and it wasn't much special, it was actually a fairly cruddy McD's. Yes, we ate there - I'll glame the fact that we were just hungry for that forbidden vacation faux pas.

Back on the metro we headed to St. Peter's square piazza/basillica. Since we were in Rome on Sunday the Sistine Chapel was closed. Boo! This also meant the Pope addressed the crowd earlier in the day, which is why we aimed for arriving there later in the afternoon. We did spend a good bit of time taking in the ornate basillica and I dropped a post card for mom in this sovereign nation's mailbox.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

One of many early days for us on this cruise today we docked in Livorno, a working port - which was a royal PITA. We opted to use the ships shuttle which didn't run immediately from our arrival in port and delayed our movement into Pisa and Florence. Sucking it up we did our best to get things in and we were off to Pisa.

We arrived late for our 10am climb appointment but were lucky enough to get squeezed into the next climbs. It was one heck of a hoof for my out of shape ass, but it was a worthy climb. I marvel at how worn down the marble stairs are. I didn't "feel" the lean during my climb as much as some of those who's comments I read about when doing my research. Because we were already pretty behind and Florence was calling we didn't spend much time in the Field of Miracles, instead we hoped back on a bus and a train.

In Florence we realized we couldn't see David and still get back safely in time. So we lost our reservations there, sadly. We did however walk by the Duomo and down to the Ponte Vecchio over the Arno river. Here we took in some gellato, which was good, but no where near as much as it is raved about, nor was it as good as the ice cream in France.

Friday, October 02, 2009

We headed straight into Nice (France) from Villefranche, hoofing up the hill to the bus. After being turned around ever so slightly we found our bearings and walked along the Prominade des Anglais and spent a few minutes on what the (silly) French call a beach. Their beaches are rocks... not sand, not pebbles, rocks.

From there we walked along the street markets to the main gardens and headed back towards the bus station. By accident we happened upon an ice cream place that was highly recommended, where I had lavender ice cream that was to die for. It tasted "how purple should taste". That was the best way I could describe it and Beth agreed with my odd account.

Back at the bus station we hoped a ride to Eze. The ride alone was quite the site with stunning, sharp rocky cliffs, tunnels carved through the mountains, and houses clinging to the hillsides. The medieval streets and cobblestoned walls were beautiful in Eze. Eze is all shops today, but it was quite a neat experience. As a reminder of France I purchased a unique red and white polka dot skirt that I fell in love with on first glance. A quick snack while waiting for the bus back to Nice allowed me to snag a basic miel (honey) crepe even though crepes aren't regional to that area.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

We focused our pre-cruise boarding morning along Las Ramblas taking in the performers and sites. Thanks to some of the recommendations I found during my research we experienced what I think was not only the absolute best cup of coffee I've had in my life, but also a delightful pastry called a xixo at Pintoxo in Mercat de Sant Joseph. The market was amazing, we spent a good chunk of time just taking in the hams, other scary parts of meat, fresh fruit, and other fresh items.

After quite the challenge dragging our luggage through the metro system (stairs... oy) we got to the pier around 4:30. Now, the ship wasn't to sail until 7 and our paperwork said all aboard was 60 minutes prior to sailing, but they were already taking down signs when we headed aboard!

Our room was a bit larger and more comfortable than what I was expecting. Perhaps I have been trained to expect less due to some of the older/smaller ships I've sailed. She is in the same class as Serenade, the ship my mother and I took to Hawaii so many years ago.

We lucked out with our stateroom attendant, Wendy, and waiter, Anabelle, who were both superbly on their game and personable. We were shocked to see a welcome aboard show that featured more than the standard fluff and spank inforama, instead they featured a circ de soleil act which was just amazing to watch.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Up bright and shiny on the 29th I headed out to take the girls to camp before picking up Doug and Beth on our way to Baltimore to meet up with Kirk. Our flights were all on time and things went quite smoothly getting into Barcelona first thing on the 30th. We quickly dumped off our luggage at the hotel, and even got our rooms right away.

I've got to say a few things about the hotel. We stayed at the B Hotel in Barcelona, it did seem a bit older on the inside than I expected, but it was a quaint little place. The halls upstairs were strikingly dim. Maybe it's because people couldn't figure out how to turn on the lights. We had to laugh at ourselves a few times in trying to figure out the lights which not only required our room key to be in a slot, but also relied on individual buttons that didn't operate as what we all felt was intuitive. Once the lights were on we quickly realized that the configuration of the room would allow for the individual in the shower to give the folks in the room itself quite the show! Thank goodness for the louvered slats that we eventually figured out how to operate.

I'll also preface by stating that we didn't see anywhere NEAR all of the things on our wish lists in any of the stops, so I'll focus on just covering what we did get to. We opted to use the hop on hop off bus to see more of Barcelona, which was quite wise since we were all pretty sleepy. We headed to the Gotic quarter for a walking tour and a visit to the Picasso museum. We also jumped off at the Famalia Sangrada for some photos. I was impressed with the level of detail on this church.

The HOHO did a good job of passing other points of interest to help us pack in some extra sights in our limited time. As the sun began to dim and most of our group fought off the head bob that signals a desperate need for sleep we headed back to the hotel and off for some tappas for dinner before crashing out.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's been an icky rainy weekend. Granted, the absence of nice weather ensured I stayed in the house and got some things done on my to do list. These efforts afforded me some down time relaxing at mom's and a game of Scrabble (whee). I guess it's time to dig back in on some work work since most of my day tomorrow is consumed with meetings. Blah. That almost guarantees the day will seem like it's going faster at least. Can I run away now? *smile* oh yea...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Busy busy busy... last night Doug, Beff, and I headed to Altoona for some light shopping for misc needs and to grub at Outback. A much needed chill and fun evening, but it did make me feel a little bit more behind. Tonight I waited things out at Five Guy's for the Fan Club's first fundraiser for the season. I think it went reasonably well since the season hasn't even started yet. After that it was hauling back home for the fantasy hockey draft. This year was a challenge with new scoring, but I think my team is looking pretty good.

I've crossed a few things off the list, but I've added a few more. I need my vacation and it just can't come fast enough.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Time to gripe about banks again... last week I called Chase (mortgage) about my home owners insurance and realized while logged into the website my last payment was showing as JUNE! So I asked what was going on. Once again a bank has mergered with another and decided to use the other bank's less flexible computer system, so it was not recognizing my partial payments which totaled higher than the monthly payment. Hence everything was going towards principle and not going through as a payment. Oy. Not only that but they had just posted a late payment charge! Seriously, why can't bank computer systems realize if there is more money received than is due for a month that the payment is made? I got it all straightened out, but it's just irritating.

Next comment is on my dream last night which had me in France and irritated that we didn't get to the places on our to see list because we were waiting around for the team to go. Can you say melding two unrelated pressing to do items(hockey and travel) into one cluster-fd dream?

Friday, September 18, 2009

There is only one thing more delightful than laying down on the couch in a sigh of relief at the end of a work day and that's doing the same at the end of a work week. Aaaah. My enjoyment is short lived however, as I need to get my butt out front and finish the weed barrier and mulch around the roses and lavender. But as a reward I get to see the TRex!

I'm pleasantly surprised to not be sore at all in any way today... I say this both due to moving furniture for the Fan Club last night and due to the ear construction I've got going on. Today over lunch I added my new ink to my ear and he only brushed up against the piercing once or twice, so it was a piece of cake.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's been a good day. I worked from home in the morning so I could snag a shipment that required a signature and got a good deal accomplished. I also managed to toss in a load of laundry and fire off the dishwasher (something I don't often think of before running out the door to work) and was still on line earlier than I would be if I had headed to the office.

As the afternoon winded down I made a quick call to look into a couple items that have been delayed in shipping and had quite the odd twist of fate, stars aligning type conversation with the woman who owned the shop. I'll leave it at that, but state that it reminds me of my philosophy in meeting people at certain times for certain reasons.

I don't think I posted about my Saturday morning pre-Slippy lunch awakening that was fraught with desire to get my tragus pierced and an ear tattoo. Well tonight I lept and stopped at Matthew's Party. Yes, I did need that like I needed a hole in my head, quite literally. The tat is scheduled for lunch time on Friday. Yay baby amounts of ink :) Too bad my evening kept me from getting other to dos off of my list.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The sun is setting on yet another weekend. While the weather started off pretty cruddy earlier this weekend, it did finish off with a beautiful sunny day today - fortunately for the season ticket holder picnic. While it was nice, I was late, and there didn't seem to be a big turn out.

I've been doing little silly things that are on the to do list, you know ripping tunes and dropping them on the phone (so I am entertained for the long flight), continued making notes, ordered currency. It's funny how much work vacation is (and I realize it will be tiring too). I was suppose to have more time after my class ended... so much for that!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I forgot to mention my kick ass shopping deal from this weekend too... so I'm going through the clearance stuff in Old Navy and spot a pair of shorts that are the right size, so I take a peek at the price. $0.01 Yea. After searching them over for the huge hole in the crotch or other reason for this rather shocking sticker price and coming up empty I tried them on with success. Best part - when you run the 20% stuff and save coupon that made them $0.008, which they kindly displayed on the receipt as $0.00 Beat THAT deal.

I'm comfy with a cutie sleeping on my leg again this evening. She didn't BUDGE from my side with her head on my stomach all night last night. That run must have really wiped her out.

Monday, September 07, 2009

What a weekend... there was relaxing and watching movies, a great hand helping me get the stumps out, rainy weather that prevented me from actually putting the flowers in the ground after the stumps were out, some lunch and shopping with Slips, a trip to the theatre to see Halloween 2, a run to Toona town with some excellent grub off the grill, a fixed pressure washer, yummy eggplant gratin from veggies that Rex's rent's sent me, and horror and tears.

Where to start my expounding? Ok, let's get the trauma over with. So on my way back out of Toona town I stopped at Uncle R's to pick up my pressure washer (thank you Uncle Ronnie!) While there he's got ahold of Saffy and by some odd split second shift in weight - click! - the leash ends up off of her and ... poof. So here I am out in ja-bib, my dog is heading towards the woods. I was bawling and horrified and just praying that someone found her, even if they stole her ... anything, just God forbid she ended up hit by a car. After a good 20-30 minutes of hyperventalating my cell phone rings. Someone up the road who knows my Aunt and Uncle snagged her. All told, my baby is safe and laying by me zonked out from her jaunt (and probably the subsequent bath).

Halloween 2. Oh my. I have a very high tollerance. Very little shocks me in horror films. This flick actually had me cringe a few times. Very extreme. Granted at one point I did think 'geez, how many times can we do the sitting in a car and the windows get smashed out' scene, but I still enjoyed the flick. Also amusingly noteworthy is the upcoming release of Saw VI. Eesh.

It's 10pm, I'm pooped... and I need to try to blow dry Saffy. Let's see how well THIS goes over! G'night world.

Friday, September 04, 2009

I had one of those moments today at work where a memory comes back and while it saddens you a little it puts a big smile on your face. So there I was walking with two peaches to wash them off and out of nowhere I could hear "millions of peaches, peaches for me, millions of peaches.... peaches for SWEET-IE". I do miss the little inside/private jokes.

Tonight I did get some of the area prepped for the rose bushes and lavender, but of course I cannot find the pry-bar I thought I had, so I am stuck at the point where I just need to get those two damn shrub stumps out. Anyone feeling spunky?

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

There is nothing like realizing you're already way too f-'ed tp be talking to the person x steps up the food chain from you when you're already sitting on a patio w/ them. Nice to meet you XXXX.
I'm home from my hair (trim) appointment and I have bangs again! I haven't had those since... well, even in my senior photos they were in the process of growing in. Let's just call it roughly forever.

I decided to celebrate the new cuteness with a delightful brownie out of the pack that I got from one of my favorite artists, Simon Bull. While the 400+ calories should count as dinner, I suppose I should eat something slightly less desert along with it.

I tried to get some traveler's checks on the way home from work, assuming they'd need to be ordered. The first bank looked at me like I was crazy and asked why I'd want them in Euros after trying to tell me that they don't come in euros. (lies!) The second bank at least called and tried to look into it, but no avail. I wonder if I can order them directly from American Express.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Today was an awesome Monday. Proof that God will offer little surprises when you least expect them.

A few years back I was hunting for good ol' Tretorns, you know, the basic ones we all had back in Jr High and had no luck. Well weeha, I found a pair on sale today through their website that are just right. I also found a pair of sneakers on clearance at TJ Maxx for $20. My comfortable walking shoe needs are definitely met for Europe.

The fan club fundraising committee meeting was productive. I'm excited for the things we have planned this season. Anyone with some good fundraising ideas - send them our way!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stupid Walmart. So I suffer through entering that hell hole, fight w/ their stupid equpiment, print out the photos I want... and the jackass won't let me buy them because they're supposedly owned by RC and Medieval Times respectively. Um, I can't exactly climb back on the ship to get more copies, nor would I EVER pay $20 a copy. Ok, so I guess I need to pull out the scanner and do it myself. You suck Walmart.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I don't know where lying and trickery fits into "love". Can you hear my voice in your head yet? Resentment or trickery - I promised you it would happen.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Has anyone else noticed the wide array of klondike bars they make now? I picked some up while mom was here (since I couldn't find the turkey hill drumsticks she requested). I also noticed they're hella smaller than they were when I was young. I thought maybe it was a perception thing, but mom confirmed it. See, that's how they get you! Keep the price the same and shrink the product. Size IS everything.

Last night I had dinner with Uncle Leo, Aunt Donna, and mom and then headed back to the house for UL to help out with a small repair in the apartment. This of course spurred me to do something else over there today, but at least the faucet is no longer leaking and the seak around that tub is cleaned up. With mom's three night visit you can assume she cleaned (and hid) just about everything, so she's really given me a jump start on getting things back in order. She even dealt with some of the plants that needed trimmed back out front. The woman is a machine. I don't have half that energy and I'm less than half her age.

Ok, I need to put on some sneakers and go for a walk. Fear that!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I was up and moving this morning to get out the door and head to see Slips. Admittedly, I've been a bad friend and this was the first time I saw her apartment in the burgh and she's lived there for how friggin long now. Either way, we had a really good lunch (perhaps because I was quite hungry and frustrated from the half-assed construction detours and blockages around the burgh, but I say because it was just friggin good). I think it was called Harrigan's and was in this snooty little mall by her appartment *snicker*. I had a crusted tillapia that had an amaretto beurre blanc sauce and berries over asparagus. To die for, light, refreshing, excellent. Then for some shopping. I did behave for the most part, but I ended up buying a cute sweater and a dress.

About those road blockages - 376 was one lane from 22 the whole way to Penn Hills. W.T.F.!! Then I needed across the Liberty bridge, but the exit onto it was closed. How do you close an entrance to a bridge? The lovely detour made me loop around in what seemed like 3 circles, but at least I got to pass the new arena that is in construction. Nice to see it cooking along.

I'm quite happy I got off my tail and did some cleaning in the past couple of days as I learned on the drive down there that mom was coming up. By the time I got home she had already started some of her version of cleaning... oy. I wonder how much stuff is hidden from me now. So I'm pooped. It took me tossing in a movie to convince her to sit down and stop moving stuff around. I think this is the earliest I've been ready to crash out in a long long time.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I took my first walk towards getting back in shape this evening. 20 minutes with Saffy who was QUITE a good girl at my side and even sitting when asked. I know she should already have that down, but I've been pretty bad about teaching her and Dani the basics and tricks, shame on me.
It is done. No I haven't committed hairy-caray, rather I finished the paper. It took me bailing around noonish today and I was still a smidge short on the recommended length, but I'm done. I'm giving that a minute to sink in. I instantly felt rejuvinated, hopefully it lasts. Perhaps then I can catch up on cleaning this week before heading off to hang w/ Slips and celebrate little Abby's first birthday.

Whee! Now I can focus on Europe planning... and Christmas shopping... and the kitchen wall... and getting some friggin exercise. I joined up with an 8 week exercise program at work where we track our time exercising, so I can't let my team down. Time to get moving.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My weekend has ended, already... I had to spend a little time online for work today due to the flux of things I noted while on travel last week, so that ate away at a few of my waking hours. I had also already committed to go to the Curve game. Who can turn down a free ticket? Thanks Chiefs! It was hot as hell, even after moving out of the sunny section we were seated in and down the way. I went into the game w/ a little bit of a headache started and am surprised it hasn't upped the ante. The post game fireworks again rocked. The Curve puts on a heck of a boomer show.

Either way, there is still too much work to do on the paper and very little left to say... not a good combo. I know the end is near, so near I can taste it... so near I am already dreading that next weekend is also booked solid. I just want to sit like a great big vegetable for a little while. Heck, it would be nice to even get the laundry that has been sitting folded in one basket for two weeks now put into the dressers. ...and now I rest.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I survived my trip to the DC area. Yes, it was a bit boring, but the two days went pretty fast, and I did get some good grub and a little time hanging with my kirkus as a result. The dogs were a bit wound tight when I got home at 10:30 last night, but were happy to see me so they settled in quickly. Since I missed most of D's birthday (14th) I sang to her when I got home, but we headed out today to Petco for her to shop for her present. That and some catching up on z's is how I spent my morning and most of the afternoon has been all about the paper, again. I think this post marks the start of a small break, but I'll be back on it again tonight. ick.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I so thought my midnight attempt to color my hair last night was going to be the uber-disaster. Yes, midnight. Sorry, but I have no time for anything lately. If I needed to wash my hair I figured I should get that done too. I mixed the solution and shook it up, the first gentle squeeze on the bottle cracked it. So there I am with solution starting to go everywhich way, some in my hair, and a dilemma. I decided to press on and it turned out okay, even if it did take WAY longer than normal to clean up the mess in the bathroom. Think gruesome murder scene w/ purplish-black replacing the blood red.

I've gotten somewhere on my paper, but I'm still far from done. I've conceeded that things are on hold for tomorrow night given early hours and the road, but that's a story for another day. I think I need to go get myself to bed.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Yes I am still in paper hell, but at least now it is for my final paper - and if I'm smart and/or the friends I've begged to smack me around if I try to go back to school again - my final paper forever. So this weekend I did chill a little, much to the detriment of routine cleaning that needs done. I'll probably procrastinate a bit later with the vacuum at least, that is, once the A/C gets this place to a non-sticky state. AT LAST, summer in western PA. For the relaxation part of this weekend I made a three night trifecta at Nyko's. Shame on me and my wallet, but it's so much easier to just run for grub, and the food is friggin good.

Amusingly, I got to play a wee bit of cupid this weekend too, that's always invigorating. After all of my niceness they tried to kill me with the stop drop and roll roll at Nykos. Um, HOT! More amusing is that I dosed myself with sugar water to kill the burn to the surprise of a few, which I relayed as the cure I learned about from Alton. Now here today I am watching Mythbusters and they're doing a feature on chili peppers. I'm babbling, it's just another form of delay. Damn papers.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

I left the house wanting to drink and read some documents for my final paper. Few documents read, a few drinks imbibed, and talking hockey most of the evening? I'll call my evening a resounding success considering how it started.
They are who and what I have, why do people have a hard time grasping that? Further, why do I find myself getting in trouble for being honest and forthright? I guess I'm suppose to lie or obscure things instead of presenting what I consider to be a rational reason.

For whatever reason, God didn't see it fit to give me the happy little husband and family. Why do I feel compelled to friggin apologize for that because I still have obligations here at home that other people who have SOs to rely on to cover those responsibilities don't need to worry about? Does that make me a bad person? Does it make me incapable of doing a good job? I think not. If I were foolish and went out and got knocked up no one would ever think twice about my reasons. Again they _are_ who I have.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Well, I had hoped to escape work a bit early today to get more time in on the paper, but it didn't happen. At least my day at work was productive and not boring. I did allow myself the luxury of hitting the fan club meeting since it's clear I'll be missing my meeting tomorrow night for the paper. Here little muse... here boy!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

It's the weekend... I at least got the place vacuumed up and some laundry started so far. I also created a little _more_ work for myself last night after I decided to change our hotel for Barcelona, but I think it will be a better location all around and pretty nifty for the price, check it out. I did my weekend running today so I can spend a little time now, before heading to Mork's for a shindig, doing more plotting and planning for Europe. Tomorrow it is all about the school work. Two more papers to go, and I'm done again.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Worst username on a dating site ever: anything with "Limpy" in the title. Yea, I saw it. I swear.

Then there's the classy guy who has his hands covered w/ his fists... and two middle fingers sticking up on the sides of his eyes. Mmm, oooh baby. Oh wait, better still are the douche-bags that take pictures of themselves w/ their tongues sticking out. Ew.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm feeling significantly like hell this weekend from the neck up. I think my nodes are a bit swollen and it all stems from the sinus cavity under my right eye. It's so clogged even the strategic placement of my head during the night didn't allow me a gasp or two of air through both nostrils. Blah. As a result I didn't get much needed cleaning done, at least not yet, this weekend.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Major yay! My first joy came from selling off one of my jerseys. Which is of course money in the bank... but the second joy came with a chunk of that heading right back out. For some time now I've been a fan of Simon Bull's artwork. Recently he had an auction on facebook for some of his pieces, a yard sale as it were. While I didn't get my first choice and I didn't get a heart or butterfly piece which is typically "me" I ended up getting not 1, not 2, but 3 pieces that will work nicely together! I'm psyched.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Time to talk about Bermuda! As before it was beautiful. We were very fortunate and had perfect weather despite weather reports that were anticipating rain.

We started by heading to Baltimore the evening before where we had some laughs (and nearly lost a voice) cheering for the blue knight at Medieval Times. Kirkus even joined us! I was able to check out his apartment (yea, I know he's been there for almost a year already) after dinner too. Then on Saturday the 11th we headed to the port and climbed aboard Grandeur of the Seas. She's another smaller ship so there isn't a wealth of specialty things to do, but the compass had plenty scheduled for the first day at sea but not the last day at sea.

For our time in Bermuda, we headed out the first day as a group of all 5 of us with our bus/ferry pass and climbed aboard the ferry to head to Hamilton. Once there we wandered down the street for a short period and did a little bit of shopping before jumping on a bus to head to the Botanical Gardens. While they were nice, they weren't fantastic - a bit of a let down. Back on a bus and towards the lighthouse. Unfortunately it was a bit too much of a walk from the bus stop up for my mom, so we waited for the next bus. By then she was burned out and ready to head back to the ship, so she didn't even get to see the pink sand. :(

Dani and I headed back out after dinner to check out the dockside festival in King's Wharf and enjoyed the Gombey dancers, not much else there super entertaining. Next day we headed out - thwarted at our attempt to get scheduled for parasailing - and took the bus to a few beaches where we managed to get sand in places that sand shouldn't be... and hurts like hell. But it was still quite a good day before we headed back out. Yes, I'll gladly return to Bermuda AGAIN, it's still my favorite place so far. Maybe next time I'll just chill at 9 beaches.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

For all those wondering - I'm back. For all those hopeful - I am alive and well. :) The vacation was excellent, but too short, as expected. I'll report more on that later. Instead now a bit of a catch up on the weekend since returning. We got back into Baltimore early Thursday, but it took most of the day before I was home with the girls due to taking others home and the drives in different directions.

Dear Niece is hanging w/ me through Monday, so I tormented her a bit by running to the mall for some specialized shopping. Friday I worked and tried to catch my brain back up to the concept of coming back from work. Unfortunately, my professor this term decided to change up the deadlines as well as the required assignment lengths just for this week. So I came back and was immediately late with this module's assignment. Nice, huh. I can't help but think it's targetted at screwing me over. Paranoid? Me? - never! After work we headed to see the newest Harry Potter flick at the drive inn. My niece says they changed a good bit from the book that will "screw things up for later". I haven't read the books, so I was able to enjoy the story for what it was.

Saturday we were on the road again - headed to Canoe Creek for the family reunion. In the evening we returned to Jingletown to see the BOB production of the Wives of Windsor at Shakespeare in the Park. A good story, and not as cold as it has been in some past years, but chilly enough. Today we slept in. I guess we need to figure out what else we need to accomplish today.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Yay! While I didn't get diddly done on a paper and haven't touched the tub this evening I did get to head out of work early today to go fetch the sister and niece. Ok, gotta get the second part of my weekly assignment done tonight so I can sleep without fret.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

It's amazing what a great motivator procrastination is. I know that sounds wrong, but it's true. When I'm putting off one thing I justify it by doing other things. For that very reason I did some cleaning today, I ripped the hair from my legs, ran to get AAA batteries for the walkie talkies, and I watched a few episodes of Dark Shadows from my DVD. But here's the biggie...even scraped all of the caulk from the tub and scrubbed scrubbed scrubbed in prep to reseal the tub once and for all.

Yes, I did get some classwork time in today, not as much as I should have and not as much as I got in yesterday. Either way it was a very productive weekend even though I've been fighting a headache for most of it. If only I could have three day weekends all the time.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Thank God for triptan drugs. I'm booming, for the third weekend in a row... this one is worse than the past two weeks though. The coffee/caffeine didn't touch it, nor did the excedrin, so I am waiting for the Axert to kick in. Hopefully I'll sleep well tonight - gotta get on the paper this weekend as today was shot with the birthday celebration. But since I allowed myself the indulgence to get to hang with Slips and Beff for a while.

I am again a spoiled girl this birthday... with books, walkie talkies for travel, movies, jewelry, and more.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

I kicked some but last night. In a small burst of energy, mostly inspired by the need to get gifts wrapped but also because my niece will be visiting soon enough, I did some work upstairs last night and worked up a pretty good sweat. There is so much junk up there I really need to have a yard sale. How many times have I said that?

It's raining out, again, so I have a couple wired dogs that aren't allowed out to expel their energy. At least it's the (long) weekend... even if I will be spending most of it working on a paper, I'm just happy to finally have the instructions I need.

Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Monday again, already… can you believe it?

It was a good weekend, but of course, it went by way too fast. I found myself fairly productive on Saturday in that I finally finished putting together the furniture for the front porch. Heck, I even put together the bench for the area out back that I'll probably not get put together anytime soon! The camera charged Friday night so I did spend a brief period tinkering and taking a few photos. I need some serious practice with this puppy. From there I did a little bit of running that I needed to do before heading to Beff's play in Windber.

I didn't hang afterwards as I knew I had to get up on Sunday… okay, not super early, but early for me none the less, as I was working Thunder all day once again this year. While we had a fairly overcast day and I had shades I still left with a headache. I don't quite get what gives. You'd think that if there is benefits to getting a little bit of sun rays I wouldn't end up with a friggin migraine every time I try to enjoy the daylight. I am indeed not a daywalker. At least a pill helped clear me up enough that later in the evening I was up to a grocery run and then some quick ice cream w/ Beff and Saffy.

Also this weekend I confirmed my suspicions that Saffy is the expert bird killer. I saw her snag one after heading out back, which I had to take from her. Course, now it just seems cruel to have the bird feeders out back, but I don't want to move them out front to poo up the cars. :/ Speaking of poo, Saffy's is all checked – so that's one more thing off of the pre-vaca checklist.

Got approval on my term paper topic, now to find and invest the time to get everything pulled together. It seems like I barely finish one weeks reading and work when the next starts. Never mind the paper due before I go for vacation. At least there I have the excuse of not having the information from the professor yet, but that too stresses me out.

Friday, June 26, 2009

So tell me again why the second we heard Michael Jackson was in the hospital everyone forgot about Farrah Fawcett? I mean, yeah I know he's the "king of pop" but we bumped the mourning of a woman who was more than good looks but an outspoken advocate for preventative cancer screenings, for a quite freaky guy who probably diddled little boys. The news didn't hesitate to say they postponed their planned shows on Farrah to talk more about Jackson.

Well the camera arrived already. I have the battery slung in the charger... and I'm itching to give it a couple clicks. Of course, I have carrying case on the mind, which makes me want to go to, of all places, Walmart. Am I feeling that brave/foolish/motivated? I fear I might be.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Like listening to Rihanna sing about her umbrella ella ella ella ella ella ella ella ella... ella wasn't ella annoying ella enough... now we have a copy cat on the scene. I had to google it to see if it was another Rihanna cluster-f of a song instead it's "Jordin Sparks" singing about a battlefield a battlefield a battlefield a battlefield.... ella.

I finally ordered the new camera... so in plenty of time for both upcoming vacas I'll be snapping with my new Olympus e520. Three cheers for the extra discount through work.

Still waiting for responses on the upcoming due assignments - hiss. Not pleased.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ya know. I still went to the picnic despite very few people going and knowing it would be a family fest that would just make me feel all the worse. Why did I go? Because I miss the old days of it, and somehow I can keep it alive by being there, instead it just kills a part of me that still has hope for some type of happy ending. I also went wondering if presented the opportunity if someone would even bother to speak to me or allow me that one small concession. They didn't, I'm not shocked, but it still saddens me. My reward for a day in the mixed weather (but I blame the sun) was the starts of a migraine.

When pried as to if I'm foul and learning about my shitty weekend and how it brought me down why would you chose to try and make me the asshole - is it a surprise that I didn't think to wish someone a "Happy Father's Day" when I haven't had a father in my life for over 20 years? But I'm such a fuck up that I can't even buy the right flavor or brand of oatmeal. So what do you expect.

"... by definition ..." -Tapping the Vein

Friday, June 19, 2009

If I were to believe in reincarnation I'd be starting to wonder if Danika didn't spend a lifetime or two in Italy. When she hung out, quite attentive, in the entrance to the bathroom last night while I soaked in the tub and listened to my Italian lesson on CD I thought it was a bit odd, but two nights in a row? She's not just sitting there puzzled by the voices coming out of the cd player, but looking at it periodically and paying attention to it. She's an odd one.

Anywho, it was a crappy afternoon. I'm frazzled from work and just trying to chill a bit tonight. Seems like no one got the memo to leave me the f alone (especially when I'm in a bad mood) as I keep getting nagged in all directions. Rar!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Earlier today I'd have told you I have the makings of a poo-y weekend indeed. So the picnic is Saturday... but it looks like no one that I'd normally sit with will be there, cept those that are part of kissy kissy couples. So, do I go and take a book to partake in the free grub and drinks or do I bow out?

Sunday as you all well know is father's day. While I don't lament, I do get jealous that I haven't had someone to celebrate for a very long time. So - to all the people who seem to blow off getting a gift for him, or the whole day itself, shame on you.

I was uplifted a bit after work however as I indulged, despite cutting back on my trips out to eat, and went to dinner w/ Rex. We then snagged the Vixie and headed to get her a doggie bone ice cream sundae at Little Sprinkles. Ugh. My tummy is too full. Maybe it's time to indulge a little more and soak in the tub!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just a few odds and ends, since I can't throw stuff out here during the day anymore *grumble* when the thoughts strike, I suspect you'll see a mishmash more often.

First, I stopped today to get information on a migraine study that is going on right here in good ol' Jingletown. So here's the kicker, there is a several week phase that involves accupuncture. Me and my adoration of needles - yes, I volunteered.

Other note for today is that lately I've noted a massive issue with people asking questions that they can easily get the answers to with just a few clicks of a mouse, and probably faster than waiting for my reply. If you think I'm talking about you, I might be... as I've had this happen A LOT lately with a variety of people in and out of work. Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive to it.

I should be cranking on my first paper by now... but alas I am awaiting replies and/or posts to the class with more details (that were promised). I'm judging. I am. I admit it. But it's peeving me as I feel behind. I think what makes it worse is finding so many errors in the text etc that we already do have.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I neglected to report that I finally finished reading Obsidian Butterfly. I think I need to do some mindless summer reading for now, at least through the July vacation time span, instead of continuing on with the Anita books.

On the work front my yearly raise took effect. Three cheers for that extra $30ish bucks a pay. I guess I shouldn't complain, many places aren't doing raises right now. I am going to have a new boss come July 1, unfortunately, I don't have goals set for this year, so I am wondering how long it will be before I have those in place so I know what mountains need moved before June 1 next year.

While I'm waiting for the bread maker to signal some fresh yummies I'm going to get back at my Europe notes. Nearly 80 pages and counting. :) I doubt we'll miss anything.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Finally some truly nice weather! I started off Friday night by heading out to meet with the Laws, it was a good plan ahead as I don't have local channels, so we were able to watch the Pens take the Stanley cup at South Side. Of course, enjoying a few fruity beers is always a good thing too. I admit, I am truly impressed. I didn't know if the Pens could do it - but the cup is back in the burgh. It definitely makes me feel better about the Canes getting squashed.

Saturday I slept like a champ as I tend to do on weekends, grubbed, and tried to hunt down some birthday gifts I need to buy. Same applies for a bit of this afternoon too, but I remain unsuccessful for someone that is pretty easy to shop for. I'm probably thinking too hard about it.

This evening Dani and Saffy have a friend, Porter, coming over to visit. Of course, I can't say Saffy's friend, as he's only met Dani so far, but I am sure they'll have a fun evening. Hopefully it will cool off a little before then and I'll get motivated to put together the remainder of the front porch furniture. Admittedly, I should have done that earlier this weekend - same with starting the work on the little area out back that I have planned, but it didn't happen. I definitely need to finish my school work for the weekly assignment this evening too. See, it's my procrastination that puts me to a late night on Sundays which then sets the tone of tired for the rest of the week. Curse you slacka attitude. At least the semester is already 1/3 of the way over and it's my last term (again).

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yay! I went to see Up tonight, which I did enjoy - both with laughter and a few tears (don't tell). They had a preview for Toy Story 3, which is coming out next June, sweet. Course, there are kids now that are how old that prb didn't get to see the original in the theatre.

Maybe that preview started the pensive state, maybe it was the sad moments in the movie, but I'm trying to fight it off. I shouldn't come home from a good movie sad. I'll blame it on the rain.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

It hasn't been the most productive weekend, but I'm tired. I slept pretty late on Saturday, did some reading for my class, and then spent the rest of the afternoon doing some shopping with Beth and getting myself out the door to watch the game. I can't believe the ass kicking the Wings handed the Pens. Ugh. Gawd I hate Detroit.

Today I did a little more reading and crossed one measly thing off of my to do list. I guess I could empty the dish washer and fold some laundry before I crash to feel like I made some progress. I also went to see Angels and Demons, which I admit was fun to see if for no other reason than the glimpses of some places I'll get to see later this year. The movie was pretty decent. I wish I had actually seen the Davinci Code as a result.

While I made myself some chicken noodle soup on friday... I haven't gotten to eat much of it as I had wonderful people feeding me the past two evenings. I'm a lucky gal.

Friday, June 05, 2009

For the past two weeks as I come to work I pass the striking Penelec employees. On the way out I pass them again... and risk my neck trying to see past their cars that are parked on our side of the road *grr*, but that's not the point of this post. Since day one I've wanted to just say "geez, if you're motivated to get out of bed and come sit in the shitty weather why not GO TO WORK". Instead I've kept quiet because, while I think unions are an archaic element that has been twisted to manipulate, I don't know the facts.

So, today I did a quick search and found some news articles that state the crux of the issue as employees being unhappy with scheduling changes and wages. Uh. Ok, so if I don't like the hours I have to keep for work or the pay they're giving me - what are my options? I ask for concessions (and get told no) or I QUIT. Seriously, if you don't like your job or don't think you're getting paid fairly QUIT, go find another job. Ultimately if enough people won't take their crap they'll need to change things or they won't have employees, no?

Maybe I just don't get it. Can someone help me see the light?

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

So I finally bit the bullet and moved us down a floor on our nearest cruise. Saving $1248 between the two rooms (mostly on the exterior) was worth it to drop a floor. I can carry my mother up the one flight of steps for 5 nights if need be! Granted, most of that money back goes to my sister and aunt, but hey, it's still quite sweet.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Yay! Some good news on several fronts today... first, yesterday was a bit stressful as my bestest bud Beff had an emergency with my puss-puss. What was thought to be a bowel obstruction took him under the knife late in the day. He's doing well at this point and there wasn't an obstruction. Some other things to look at but at this point he's well. There isn't too many cats I can admit affection for, but Rocky is definitely one of them.

The other good news is immense savings as I change from State Farm to Erie for car and home owners insurance. What was inexplicably $1270 a year for the cars is now $919 and the HOs is down another $40 with better coverage. YAY!

Monday, June 01, 2009

I've figured it out... Satin was/is the little devil that sits on your shoulder and tells you to do naughty things. It would explain why Vixen is insane AND it would completely make sense as to why D thinks it's kosher to pee in the basement and Saffy chewed up two shoes this morning. Yes two, one from one pair and one from another pair. One was a pair of shoes that were ready to get tossed, the other, unfortunately was my witchy heeled boots. Yes, I still have three dogs and no one became a sweater... but dang it. Out Satin OUT!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

This weekend I have been the queen of research (and messing with my farm on FarmTown - damn you addicting games). I've gotten some of the next modules reading done for class already, but moreso I have been hunting the internet and pulling together more notes for the fall Europe trip. I am just so incredible geared for it.

I don't get an NBC feed, despite what so many folks said I should have, so I didn't get to watch the game on Saturday. I keep saying it - the Pens need to stomp Detroit, please? See how quickly I can go from cheering for my Canes to cheering for the Pens? Yes. I hate Detroit that much.

So there you have it - a pretty boring weekend.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

When I read the email I thought of the part in Twister where the female lead, Jo, says something to the effect of watching a tornado miss this house and miss that house and then come straight for you - only this one came three times. It's not fair and I'm pissed... there is nothing worse than not having anything you can say or do.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I neglected to mention that my new Tapping the Vein cd did arrive... and while it is not as good (IMHO) as the first CD I'm still enjoying it. Then again, I'm also jammin a good bit to Bob Marley lately, maybe the appeal is just the caribbean feel. I can't wait for my vaca. Need need need time to veg.

Monday, May 25, 2009

My long weekend is nearing an end. I did get a bit of cleaning and miscellaneous to dos (like swapping out my winter and summer tops) done before heading to mom's for part of the holiday weekend. The girls are wiped out right now, so we must have done something right. I've been a food fiend the past few days, not sure what gives, but I'm hungry hungry hungry... so I think I'm going to go snarf some of the strawberries that mom sent home with me. For someone who tells me how much I need to lose weight, her decision to cut up the strawberries with sugar seems a bit contradictory. Then again, so does her pushing cinnamon rolls, candy, and ice cream with my strawberries. Sheesh. So not helping.

Friday, May 22, 2009

I am sick of seeing listings at work for dogs that are "free to a good home" with comments about how they simply don't have time or the dog doesn't like it since the new baby came along. Um, f*cking idiots. You made a commitment to get an animal. If you can't fulfill it and follow through, please stop breeding.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Could have been worse... so I head to where I thought I was to be this morning and after the guy looks at my key fob he says, "you're dropping off a hyundai? we moved that shop". Greaaaat. So I headed the other direction calling my would be ride to wave him on. I decided to point out how the woman taking the appointments really should mention this to folks that haven't been there in a while and waited with the car. Suffice it to say I know the guy sensed my displeasure. I read for a little while and then put my head back and dozed off until I was pleasantly awaken only at 9am being told that the car was ready. So one bad sensor later I am back on the road with functioning brakes. Of course, it needs to go back for the temperature sensor I had them look at since that has never worked since I bought the car. (Yesterday it was probably around 75 around lunch time, but my car thought it was 38.)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Last night I went home and crashed once again. I had intended to just rest my eyes, but it turned into a fest of worshiping my comfy bed. Probably for the best with the ick going around these here parts.

So today the Durango has her appointment and I'm waiting for a second call. At a minimum I'll be replacing front rotors (ouch), but if they're not under the extended service agreement there are rusty parts and leaks that were uncovered too. BOO! This always happens right around car insurance due time too. $630 for that craziness still. Not only can they not tell me WHY my insurance is so high, but the other agents want me to call my agent to have my info sent to them. Um, can't you do it if you want my business?

Not boding well for the Tib's trip to Laurel tomorrow. Gratefully Mork offered to snag me on the way to work, so no worries all I'm covered in one direction!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Precursor: First I love Wagner Dodge. I was devastated to hear they were on Chrysler's list earlier this week. So, I then called to get the soon due things scheduled for both the Tib and Durango and to express my dismay... truly, if they do end up shutting down completely (which doesn't sound like will be the case) I'd follow their lead guys whereever they go because they've treated me fairly, a tough thing to find for a single gal in a car dealership.

Telephone call #1:
"This is Wagner Dodge. Everything passed inspection, except - you have NO brake lights." "Uh, wow, crap." "Yeah, we checked the bulbs and the fuses, neither seem to have an issue - whatever it is is probably under warranty." "Ok, I'll get it in to.. what? Laurel, I guess." *Click*

Telephone call #2:
"Service Department?" "Yea, I have a Tiburon that didn't pass inspection due to non-functioning brake lights. It's not the fuses or the bulbs." "Ok, we can see you Thursday or Friday" "Thursday's fine. Do you have a shuttle that can bring me to work?" "No." "Um, ok, how about a Saturday appointment then?" "No, we don't do that type of work on Saturday." "I guess I'll wait with it on Thursday then." "Not sure you want to do that, not sure when we'll get to it." "Well Shit." (Yes I actually said Shit.) "I don't know what to tell you." silence. "Fine, put me in for Thursday."

That said...
1). Customer service - get some. Really - THIS is the dealership that Chrysler proposes taking on their Dodge sales for the area?
2). F me.
3). Friggin car! How the hell... what the hell? This prb won't be good.
4). F me.
5). Anyone wanna pick me up Thursday morning on the way to work? My typical folks are out with a busted up foot and/or in Maryland. :/

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Last night's dinner with the Laws was a good time, as always. I helped to distract them from some yardwork after the meal and enjoyed some time by the chiminea before heading home later than I realized it was (sorry guys). I think that's the first time since visiting solo that it took several attempts of telling myself to leave at the end of the evening.

Today I definitely allowed myself the leisure of sleeping extra late and then did the long overdue bedroom dusting and cleanup. I haven't swapped out the sweaters and summer tops just yet, but might get some motivation after I get some late lunch/early dinner in me. I'm starved!

Friday, May 15, 2009

So it tis. Thank God the Canes pulled that one out. Bring it on you dirty birds!

Last night I was running in different directions. I headed out early to drop off the items at Mom's House from my fundraiser (thank you again to everyone who helped out) and then to snag Beth for dinner. Right now I'm just happy it's Friday - I get to hang out w/ my favorite little man, Jacob, tonight (oh, and his parents too)!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tonight Vix remains scared shitless - as in she didn't even want to go outside. I had to put her on a leash to get her to go out back after work. *sigh* Then there's Saff. Tonight I'm waiting for her head to start spinning around. Why you ask? Well, she is a bit of a water freak... tonight she's doing especially bad, guzzling a ton and then projectile vomiting it back up. Three times already damnit. I'm glad I got a nap this evening, it could be a long night.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What am I to do w/ my fuzzy butts? Tonight after work we just had a spontaneous outburst of bad dog. I didn't see what started what, but suffice it to say that even Saffy was involved and my baby Vixie was on her back crying like she was gasping for her last breath. I love them all, but it just brings me to tears. That is my baby. She's not getting any younger, and even if she's an a-hole to them she didn't deserve that. *sigh* I had to grab a rake to swat the other two off of her, how awful is that? Yes, I'm crying again just typing it.

Go figure the Canes lost too. Just shit in my wheaties next time, eh?