Monday, August 29, 2011

I survived Monday and headed out by 4 to wait for the DirecTV service guy. They promptly swapped out the box and ta-da! With plenty of evening left even after I ate dinner, and a bit of enthusiasm to see the numbers on the scale start dropping again I headed out on a NICE long walk with Vixen. We got about an hour in, so that's a win. On the way back in however I busted the game-player in a drive past of my house. I really and truly do not understand. If I wind up dead in a ditch somewhere... I guess this was the warning signs I missed.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My weekend is almost over once again. How sad. I headed past Altoona first thing yesterday to attend the Miche team meeting. It was a must since I earned my September shells for free! 11. ELEVEN of them this month, what a good month to put in my effort. I'm so excited to head out carrying my bag to show off what's new. Matter of fact, I was so psyched when I came home I spun up a new blog just for Miche and a matching twitter account.

Of course, once you head that way you've got to stop in Altoona. My brother was also in town from Ohio, so double the reason. It was good to see him and he looks better than I've seen him in quite a while. We had dinner at an aunt's place and then the storms rolled in. I figured I should head up the mountain before it got too dark and was surprised to find the storms weren't the whole way up past 53 even.

I'm still without the ideal DirecTV situation in the bedroom after the storm issues last week, but I've got DirecTV coming tomorrow evening to investigate further. I suspect the HDMI out on the receiver got fried.

Today's major cheat? I've got meatballs cooked and dunked into some fresh sauce sauteing in the kitchen. That means some pasta is in order for dinner. Of course, I already have a bit of a headache, and without eating much pasta in recent months I dunno if it's wise. I do suspect I have some food allergies for sure, which could just be exacerbated by the pasta.

Oh and I had yet another text yesterday. I just don't get what his motivation is. Why would you want to torment me? You didn't want me, you broke my heart time and again. Is it fun for you???

Friday, August 26, 2011

This morning I had an epiphany when I went to curl my hair. It didn't want to turn on either, which was very odd. Oh look, the GFCI was popped. That took out the whole bedroom. Went to the kitchen and one of the two there was also popped and had taken out the stove and living room, etc. Ok, so now I have power again... but the furnace still wants to blow when it has power and the directv in the bedroom won't cooperate and give me a signal.

Small victory, two more battles.

As to the idiot... another oops? Yea, don't think so. Not sure why some people need to keep people reeled in. Not happening dude.
12:36pm. They called me for addl info at 6ish and said it should be addressed by 8pm. I call them now and they say they talked to me... when my phone didn't ring and I wasn't here, uh, no... but that, ultimately, it's not on their end. Seriously? So I get to spend tomorrow calling asshole electricians in the area that won't return my calls and will probably treat me like an idiot because I'm female. Rest assured if I PAY someone and they tell me it's not in the house I'm going to have a shit fit Penelec. I guess I'm wearing black to work tomorrow too, since I still won't have lights in the bedroom when I wake up *day 2*

BTW... I was not here because Mithy needed some quality time. I go there and out of the blue douche-bag kangaroo starts messaging me? Go f yourself.
I am still at half power, despite calling Penelec after work today after learning that a house can, in fact, lose half of it's power. So... wtf. They called to get more info after I called them, but then didn't call me with any other information despite saying they should have someone in the area by 8pm.

So... does that mean I need to call an electrician? WTF do I do from here? The circuit with the furnace is still turned off to avoid it from running constantly. not cool.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My house is possessed. A storm rolled through this morning and in addition to scaring the crap out of Saffy and I at one point it also did something to the power here. I started to drift back to sleep when the blower kicked on... I could swear it was off, so I get up and look. Sure enough the thermostat reads off. No heat, no a/c should be running. So why is it running and running and running?! Shortly later I realized I also don't have power in the bedroom, part of the living room, and the stove is out.

So, I go to the circuit breakers and have reset every single breaker - still no luck - everything remains out or constantly running. WTF.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What a happening day. I had to run out for an appointment across town, so I pinged Miss Angela for lunch - and what great fortune - she was able to escape her slave driver for an hour. So, we got to sit and chat a bit and scarf at the Village Street Cafe. For dinner I had the fortune of receiving a text message from eL-eL which led me for sushi, which I haven't had in quite a while - I've been a very good girl in terms of not eating out a lot.

I'm sure when I said it was a happening day you said "really, what's shakin?" ah, yes, pun intended... so we supposedly had an earthquake reach us here today. I didn't feel a thing. I sat in the one portion of a lab upstairs and heard a couple of guys in from out of town saying "what was that? was that an earthquake?" to which I pointed out that the floor often shakes when someone walks down the hallways. They insisted that no, that's not what they felt. I just thought they were nuts, but then I got a message from someone in the other building saying "did you feel that?!" Ceiling tiles fell? Cube walls swaying? I think they're all a bit nuts. There just is no way. I think the most credible confirmation was hearing the woman in the bathroom stall down from me on the phone talking about it. Um, yea, gross lady. I guess the government is in on this conspiracy too since they have it up on the USGS's website and all. That's okay... my mind will firmly stay in a state (metaphysical and geographic) that does NOT HAVE EARTHQUAKES.

Monday, August 22, 2011

My tummy has been displeased most of the day, and later in the day I was freezing. Not a good sign. Then this evening I tried to get in tune with myself as I laid on the couch in long pants, a sweatshirt, socks, and a blanket while still cold and realized that I did feel a bit off. A quick pull on the thermometer... 100.5 meh. I don't get sick. Not gonna allow it.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I've really been lazy recently. I just can't find the motivation to do anything (clean, get on the treadmill, cook). I did actually make something Friday night and I am so proud of how it turned out. I had several green peppers here and no idea what to do with them. Green peppers tend to 'repeat' on me, but I got lucky on this meal. First I broiled them to a beautiful black top, then sliced them up and put them into an adhoc soup concoction of tomatoes, freshly roasted garlic, chicken, fresh dill, and fresh parsley. It turned out a major yum. I was so proud of it I made sure to head to visit mom yesterday and take her some to show off. How funny is it that her cooking plans for the day were for a tomato-pepper soup too. Just because she uses green beans in hers, mine wins.

I think I'll make some chicken-carrot soup tonight to use up some chicken that needs cooked. Now, if I get cooking and throw the sheets in the wash, maybe I can get myself moving on some other things.

As an aside, I gotta mention something that peeved me a bit the other day. I ran in to pick up some donuts for the crew at work one morning last week. I watched as the couple in front of me ordered. Well, she ordered her drink the way she wanted it and then walked off, leaving him to pay. Seriously? Quit being mooches women. Why carry that big (ugly in this case) purse on your shoulder if you don't have money to cover yourself inside?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I do wonder who killed the possum I just found in my back yard... and when. At least they didn't rip it up. *shiver* Came home also to the bonus check tonight. Yay! What is it about getting a check that makes you want to go spend money?

So, I need to go hunting for some recipes. This week's box of goodies was quite heavy! I did actually keep some of the green beans this time. I'm not a huge fan of green beans, so, we'll see if I can convince myself otherwise.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mum is headed back home today, so she must still be feeling pretty good. It's a bit warmer again, which is nice for me, but probably not fantastic for her if it keeps heading that direction. The past few nights it was chilly enough that I had to close the window in the living room and laid down with a blanket on me. Yep, fall is almost here - the time when I start cursing my presence in Johnstown. Don't get me wrong, I love autumn, it's that dreaded season that comes next that I loathe which starts to bite at us before its time.

Last night and tonight I was rockin' the nappage after work. I don't know what my issue is but I'll blame the larger amount of reading I've had to do at work. I don't know why that drains me so. Three cheers for boring old me.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I did take Dani to Petco yesterday to allow her to birthday shop, but today is actually her birthday. She's 6! How did that happen? Granted, she was just turning 2 when she joined us, but geez time flies. So, after getting up and singing to her I got myself organized and headed to Altoona to visit mum. She's still staying at my aunts, but seems to be doing pretty well. She wasn't wearing her oxygen the entire time I was there, shame on her, but didn't seem to be straining even after she was moving about making a sammie etc. So, that was a pleasant surprise.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I was out running today after doing some light cleaning, laundry, dishes, and the such. I happened to see someone that I know only by acquaintance. When I first saw them they seemed to be beaming. As they passed I asked "how's it going?" to get a reply of "excellent". What's the secret to being even half that happy? Please, someone let me in on it.

Friday, August 12, 2011

While life is busy, sometimes it's important to cast some things that are 'outstanding' aside and make time to sit down and do nothing (but drink and eat crap you know you shouldn't). That was my evening... the reason for doing nothing but chilling and talking? My Mithy. It's good to sit at the 'bi and have some time. Plus, three cheers for Friday. Can I get an Amen?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yes, when I see a 'friend' on facebook or a person at work list pets available because they are [insert piss poor reason here] (moving, having a kid, too busy, not able to give the pet enough exercise, etc) I want to write a strongly worded letter and promptly remove that person from my existence.

Why do people not recognize the commitment that comes with owning a pet when they decide to get the pet? You're an idiot, an asshole, and a waste of air.

I have a similar distaste for people who lists a new litter of puppies or kittens available. STOP IT. KNOCK IT THE FRELL OFF. Who do you think you are? No, your animal isn't that awesome or special as to be good enough to breed.

Quit being part of the problem.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I've taken up extreme gardening... extreme in that I was out front trying to weed after the official sunset time. I wasn't on the treadmill tonight either *sigh* too many stupid things, mostly telephone calls getting in the way.

It sounds like mom's one doctor is saying she can head out tomorrow, but the other had said she'd be there for at least 5 days. From Sunday, 5 days, or from today, 5 days... either way, that doesn't compute. So, not really sure what's going on. The good news is the drug she was on which is often given for congestive heart failure is to treat the symptoms of, and not exclusive to heart failure. It sounds like they've gotten her heart rate closer to where it should be, but she's still on constant oxygen. The prospect of her leaving to a home w/ a bathroom upstairs and no central air isn't appealing. I guess the plan, for now, is that she'll go to my one aunt's where it's at least all one level, but still no central air. I've got the central air, but 3 dogs = fur, and I'm in Johnstown, far from all of the people that are visiting her like crazy. So, I know my place isn't an option to her. Fortunately, it's cooling down nicely tonight, so it should be easy to cool down the houses.

We had a couple of hella downpours at work today. Surprisingly there isn't a mud pit at the back of my yard, so small victory there.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Ahh Vacation (Part Three - Returning... the bummer). My time to escape came to a close Sunday morning (the 7th). Up early and off the ship, to the airport by 9ish and waiting for flights. My sister and niece got lucky and managed to get on an earlier flight from standby. I, on the other hand, sat until nearly 1pm for my flight to DC and then until after 5 for the flight from there to the Jingle. It was a long day, but the worst was knowing I'd get home too late to get the girls. I hate sleeping here without them. Instead they were picked up first thing this morning, before I headed to... that place. Yep, back to work.

We came back also to find out that my mother was admitted to the hospital bright and shiny on Sunday. The heat and humidity had her feeling crappy for a while which lead to this trip in. They didn't let her out today because her heart rate is up and it sounds like she's got a new arsenal of meds at the time being. Nothing sounded pressing enough that I should head to Altoona. Let's just hope it stays that way.

The good news at work is that things progressed nicely while I was gone. I knew the folks here were capable, but I guess I expected more strife from what we needed to accomplish. I did feel bad leaving some of the harder things behind for someone else. The bad news is seeing some people and listening to planning for fun activities that underline my distaste for the situation. More return good news is seeing the possibility of tasking after August on another project. Definitely a comforting thought.
Ahh vacation (Part Two - Freedom of the Seas).

Sunday, the 31st, we took the shuttle to Port Canaveral to meet up with Ms Freedom. Sure, after being on Oasis last fall, she may not seem as huge as she is, but she's another beauty. A few misc notes:
  • One flow rider, so the lines were longer
  • Some new meals at dinner time
  • No art going on onboard aside from the Britto store
  • No waits to get onboard, thanks to being a Diamond member and nightly free drinkage in the C&A lounge
  • Nice shows, but I'll say that this ice show wasn't as extravagant as those on Explorer
  • Lots of (excellent) music going on onboard, but thinner in activities, particularly on at sea days than what I'm use to

Our first full day was spent at Cococay. This is my second visit here, and it was still every bit as lovely. Freedom is much bigger than the ship I previously visited there with, so there were more people along the back side, but it was still pretty quiet as we sat and enjoyed the sun, the gentle breeze, the lapping waves, and the fish. Along the paths we saw a TON of geckos and hermit crabs scurrying about.

Thanks to hurricane Emily the announced pretty early that we had a change of itinerary. Instead of revisiting St Thomas and St Maarten we headed to Grand Cayman and Cozumel. This had us hustling to pick replacement excursions. In Grand Cayman we headed to a few places I had been before, but still enjoyed - Hell and the Turtle Farm. After getting back onboard we snarfed down some Johnny Rockets and soaked in the whirlpool. At this point I had a good bit of sun, but not as severe as I have in the past. See, I was a good girl and put a good bit of 50 SPF on! Cozumel day had us heading to a clear kayak and beach snorkel which was pretty nice - ESPECIALLY FOR MEXICO. Have I ever mentioned how not fond I am? In port we were parked next to Oasis, so we were able to clearly see the size difference. I did manage to pop my left ear quite well while diving down during snorkeling. Eeesh that hurt like a bitch.

This nice part of this cruise was having two more days at sea to just relax and recuperate. In one hour sitting on deck to watch the belly flop competition (always entertaining) I got a solid burn on my legs and arms... yay, I actually have a tan!

Let's be clear, I didn't even plan/try to stay on any kind of diet while away. I sure could have done without heading up 6 lbs. Ouch. The icing on the (fat-ass) cake was the chocolate breakfast on Saturday. Time to totally refocus on the 17 day diet. I say that, but yet, tonight I haven't made time to hit the treadmill. There is just always so much needing attention after a week away (missed calls, emails, text messages, giving the dogs attention, grocery store runs, etc).
Ahh vacation (Part One - Orlando). The day I went away (the 28th) it was raining, which is long overdue, and it appears to have rained the day I returned too. I've been told we got plenty while I was gone, which would explain the bird bath being full and the grass I thought dead being green again! This time I managed to snag a nicely priced flight out of Johnstown. With what it costs at airports to park (it's free here) and the cost of gas, it just made sense.

The first two days were spent in Orlando, hitting up Universal Studios. We booked through their site and ended up at a Fairfield. The hotel wasn't dirty, but it wasn't what I've grown accustom to, sadly, especially for the prices. Let me tell you about sticker shock when you're a frequent cruiser who's shopping to spend just a mere two days and three nights in Orlando near the parks! They had a shuttle to and from the hotel to the parks, but the hotels aren't on the main bus routes and direct shuttles were obscenely priced as well. We managed to get there with a bus ride followed by a short taxi ride, less than desirable, but way cheaper than the shuttles. Meh, I'm a cheap bastage.

Our first day there was spent at Islands of Adventure, the primary destination, so the girl-child could check out the Harry Potter area - which was AWESOME. LOVE LOVE LOVE the main ride/attraction in there, and the streets capture the feel beautifully. The butter beer was yummy too :) The park as a whole has a nice balance between young kid areas and entertainment for the more mature tastes. By damn it was hot those two days though, I'll tell you what. The morning wasn't too awful, but by 2pm I was sweated totally through. Day two was the regular Universal Studios park. I remember being there when I was in high school for music in the parks, and still love my photo of the Psycho house from way back then... too bad it's long gone now. We enjoyed the Mummy coaster in this park the most and rocked out some time watching Barney (yes the big purple dinosaur). I can't believe my nephew was wee little when that was popular. I'm old.