Saturday, April 28, 2012

This week went so fast.  Time in general really seems to be flying lately.  Here it is the end of the semester already, so I spent a bit of this afternoon grading the final assignments that were already turned in.  A few more should be in by midnight and then will come the final exams for a quick turn around.  The girls also had their next big run to the vet today (ouch says the bank account), but at least we've got plenty of Vix's meds, all of the shots they need to be kenneled for the next year, and heartworm preventative.

I got the most insulting spam text message today - it started out "dear walmart shopper".  How dare you assume I'm one of them.  I have been 100% Walmart free for over a year and a half.  If I could report your spam twice, I would.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sometimes I just have to hope people don't REALIZE how rude they are.  Ok, frankly there is no excuse for the idiot who doesn't clean up the slop they poured in the fridge at work and left for someone else to clean.  They have to know they're asses.  Last night I stopped to do my civic duty on the way home.  The one lady took my name and had me sign the book, the second lady added my name to the registry, then the third lady at the table - as I was walking away - says to the second one "I wouldn't want to have that name".  Um, f*ck you lady.  I'm damn proud of this name and the daddy it came from.

Monday, April 23, 2012

The only other victim of the snow is a larger branch on the apple tree just on the back property line.  Can't say I'm sad about that one.  I am blessed - the house didn't get touched, the cars didn't get touched, the fence didn't get touched... and we only got about 5-6 inches total.  Here's a quick shot out the back door from this morning.

I also managed to reach a plumber (on a recommendation from my furnace guy) who was able to come this afternoon.  This was perfect since I had planned on coming to work from home for the afternoon anyhow.  I know I couldn't stop any breakage etc, but at least then if something else happened or the power went out I could have known and done whatever I needed to right away.  Anyhow, the leak over the hot water tank is fixed and the leak from the apt is also corrected.
 Woke to about 5ish inches of heavy wet snow outside (as measured on the deck rail).  This had the golden chain trees out front leaning most of the way over, they are small enough that I can still shake them clean a bit w/ a broom, thank goodness.  The maple tree just off the deck wasn't as lucky, so I have one of the lower branches broken part way off - the branch that held my wind chime.  I'm such a sucker for animals and plants that I wanted to cry for her, like she's in pain.  Hopefully there won't be more injuries about my yard, and if there are, I pray they avoid the house and fence.  More snow coming through tomorrow.... fingers crossed.
The roads are pretty clear considering the area's lackluster response in most snow situations.  So I got to work a wee bit early, Autumn (the Durango) started right up, thank goodness.  We are probably heading home a bit early too, so I can monitor the accumulations and reprecussions of such.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I slept really late (at least late compared to how I've been on weekends as of late).  I'll attribute it to some good dreams... not the one that won't go away in my dreams, but instead the one I'd be happy to dream about every night.  Silly boy, you totally picked the wrong girl 7 years ago.

So, the big topic of the day - the snow storm.  Make sure windows are locked - check.  Furnace running a-okay - check.  Fireplace good to go - check.  Candles in case power goes out - check.  Cell phone charged - in progress.  Extra comforters/blankets ready to go - check.  Bird bath emptied of water - check.  Going to make a batch of stuffed shells later this afternoon as well.  I guess I also need to pull the snow shovel back up to the front porch too.  Boo!

I guess I'm as ready for this storm as I can be.  Hopefully the leafy tree branches don't come tumbling down on me.  Now the weather channel is saying 12-18" in Johnstown.  Oh you best believe I am going to whine about this.  I know we got exceedingly lucky this winter, but I still don't like it.  I almost wish I had brought my laptop home from work this weekend - just in case it is a hot mess and/or the Durango opts to not cooperate again.

While I wait for it to start I'll watch what might be the Pens' last game and then perhaps head to meet Beff's new kitty, Dyson, before he grows out of kitty-dom.  Maybe I'll go grab the computer too, just in case.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I rolled back over for a little while this morning and while I didn't sleep late, it was late enough that it looked like the day was going to be ruined by rain.  I headed out to do my normal 'running' (Ollies, Big Lots) and the weather held, so I came back to get on top of the mulch.  A few hours later I was left a good bit achy, but at least the front yard is looking crisper.  The mulch is down everywhere it belongs, seeds underneath in the main flower beds, two new blooming plants in the beds by the stairs, and the poseys purchased for the hanging baskets and porch pots are all in place.

Of course, this afternoon I then got the winter storm warning email telling me that from Sunday evening through Tuesday morning we could have in excess of 6 inches of snow, up to a food in higher terrains.  Uh, yay.  So, now the hanging baskets and porch pots are sitting in my dining room.  I guess I'll really be hoping the Durango is back in order to start one or two mornings next week, eh?  I turned the heat back on already as the rain did eventually come and cool things down a bit more.

Oh, and to continue the streak of things around here having issues?  First, I swapped out the batteries in my smoke detectors.  The one near the kitchen then just starts squealing and doesn't turn off.  Then I was in the basement to feed the girls dinner and noted a spot on top of the hot water tank that didn't look as dusty as the rest (see, my filth helps me see problems too).  Yep, leaking pipe above it.  WTF.  I also think the drain from the apt bathroom is leaking in the garage.  SO not cool.

Friday, April 20, 2012

After I stopped the knuckles from bleeding and I got passed my stomping feet temper tantrum stage I headed back outside - knocked a little more crud off of the connections and said F-it and tried jumping it.  Success!  So, I drove around a bit to try and get her charged back up... she needed a washing and some air in the tires, then we had some ice cream (purely because I needed to waste some time, I assure you).  Then I headed to advanced to have them test the battery to make sure it was starting back in the right direction.  Good to go I headed to get the mulch and came back in time to dump everything out front before the temps started to cool back down and the sun began to fade.  I know what I'm doing tomorrow, right?

I need to remember to run her a bit when I get the chance in the near term.  When will I need to head across town or something.  Hmm.
Remember what I said Wednesday?  Yeah, this morning I was going to take the Durango to work so I could stop on the way home to get mulch - my plans for the weekend.  Well guess what, it wouldn't start.  So, I came home today with plans to clean the battery terminals (which it has, in the past had issue w/ - no surprise since it isn't being run a lot right now) and jump it if need be.  Right now I have two bloody knuckles and the terminals are stuck fast.  I knocked and blew a lot of the corrosion away and tried to give it a start anyhow.

Well, no dice, it just clicks many times and then lights up a few things on the dash.  The odd thing is that after I remove the key it does the same thing again.  So even if I got the thing cleaned up ... does that mean it's something else wrong?  Either way - me no happy, me exasperated.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

There was another mess of feathers in the bird bath again this afternoon.  What type of massacres are taking place in my back yard while I'm at work?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What, on God's green earth, was hanging out in my back yard today?  I came home and noticed something in the bird bath when I opened the door.  Good thing too that I saw it before the dogs discovered it.  So I peek... two bones, one... half the bone, and what seemed to be scalp and back skin/feathers of a medium sized bird.  Even odder the bones were way bigger than what would be in the bird, we're talking chicken leg sized?  Maybe the crows have taken to enjoying the bath I've put out back?  *shiver*

I decided to fire up the grill and tonight it fought back... not wanting to come up to temp.  It's ALWAYS something at my house.  I swear my stuff hates me.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I haven't mentioned my affection for the Law family lately, so it was overdue regardless, but I have a most definite reason to tout their virtues this evening.  We'll start with the Missus who granted me access to part of an evening with her husband and dear son.  These two hauled out, loaded down the back of the Misters truck with 4 scoops of dirt, and then proceeded to help me get it into a wheelbarrow and into the area out back that was put in roughly 6 or 7 years ago.  That means I get to plant a garden in the back yard this year!

I'm going to have to start asking them for more help if for no other reason than as an excuse to get to see them.  It was truly a pleasure laboring with you this evening and I am so grateful for your kindness.  Just let me know when you need to put in another patio and I'll square up.

Actually, this little exercise also brought up some thoughts that reinforced the time flies theme that has been playing in my head all too often.  First, the boy child will be 12 next month.  Twelve.  I first recognized that the wheel barrow, not by any stretch in pristine shape, is older than him.  Then there is the fact the wheelbarrow was used to put in the fence, which is ALSO older than him.  Yes, I'll use this opportunity to point out - still straight as an arrow.

Before they left Vixen decided to demonstrate how much of a butt she is by deucing my living room.  Thanks dog.  Speaking of dogs, how am I going to rig things to keep the beasts out of the newly soiled area? ...and I don't mean the living room.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My second thrill of summer, after the robins start showing up everywhere, is seeing butterflies.  I was excited to see one this evening in the backyard just as Saffy and I were heading out for a walk.  Much to my surprise I saw a few more of the same during the walk and then came back to watch about 8 or 9 of them flittering around and dancing about each other near my deck and back roof.  So, I guess today was officially warm enough for the chrysalides to let free!  I'm not 100% sure, but I think they were red admirals.  Regardless of what they were they brought a smile to my face and were a treat to distract me from the end of my weekend quickly approaching.

The other big news of the weekend is Vixen being grumpy again.  The past week or so she's been managing to catch the medicine in her meals and spit it out on the basement floor.  It's quite surprising how immediately she became her unbearably grumpy self again.  The other day I came home and she had a scratch on her nose, so I know she was stirring things up while I was gone.  After a bunch of grumbling this evening I noted her one pill on the floor so I actually had to put it down her throat for her.  She'd best get back on eating everything in that bowl w/o question, I don't want to perturb her so twice a day.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's been two years since Peter Steele left us all here behind without his presence, humor, and beautiful music (well, without NEW beautiful music).  I felt it only appropriate to get my butt moving this morning and plant something green in his honor.  Mom had given me a couple stems from pussy willow plants she has in the back yard which she had sitting to root.  I put one along the line of plants/bushes along the back of the yard near the fence line, one to the right of the porch out front (where everything seems too die, let's see how this works), and two to the left of the wall by the garage.  While I was out there I gathered up some weeds and brush to fill another garbage can, and scooped the landmines from the back yard, but I did not find the motivation to go to Home Depot to get things to fix the flower beds and snag the yearly mulch supply.  I do have to keep reminding myself it is still a wee bit early to have all that done for the year.

From there I headed in and started making my meatballs and sauce.  I had bought the things I needed to make this earlier in the week as my supply of frozen sauce is depleted.  Best to do this now before it gets hot, right?  So, the house smells awesome and I'm sitting here typing this (hungry while I wait for the spaghetti to cook for tonight's serving).

While in between steps I somehow managed to stay motivated and moving.  As a result the pantry cabinet was fully emptied, things to be given when collections for food kitchens come around (see below), and reorganized.  Apparently, at some point I must have feared that there was going to be a global shortage of beets and/or cranberry sauce because I certainly have enough to get by!  In the midst of this I filled a second garbage bag (one had to go out after the eggs and meat trays filled it) and hauled that out as well.

So, the food collection for the postal service is on May 12th.  It's a good thing to do, but I also get to make the guy who drives me crazy carry all of this stuff.  Muahaha.

My reward for all of this?  I also mixed up a tastefully simple pomegranate blueberry margarita mix.  What can I say - I was trying to clear space out of the pantry!  Perhaps it will be frozen enough to enjoy a glass tonight.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Not only did I get cold immediately after eating dinner tonight (pretty normal for me for whatever reason) but I also ended up with a nice big headache that the excedrin isn't touching and it's been an hour since I took it.  I guess I'm heading to bed early tonight.  Not a pleasant end to Friday the 13th or start to my weekend... silly head.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yes, we got a dusting of snow last night.  I knew there had to be one more, but I am absolutely still going to complain about it.  It did also inspire me.  I hit the grocery store tonight and snagged everything I need both to make another batch of pasta sauce with meatballs and a batch of chicken noodle soup (I did find that whole mess of my long desired broth after all).  So at least I know what's cooking tomorrow night and this weekend.

For now, game on!  I can, for a rare occasion, say with a whole heart - Let's go Pens!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

So I headed to mom's today for dinner.  She surprised me with company, as she knows she has to do to avoid the displeasure being expressed.  I'll give mom this much, she has gotten so much better about not saying things that come off as mean.  Instead other family decided to pick up the charge - yay!  First the relative there said:
Rel:  "you look like you've lost weight"
Me:  "no - I haven't lost more since the 35 I lost last year"
Rel:  "how much do you weigh?"
Me:  "right now?  xxx.  I'd like to lose another 30."
Rel:  "Yeah, I'd say so."

Ok, shut up Judy, right?

Then the official PITA calls, which is always a surprise.  Mom hands me the phone.  Seriously?  I HATE the phone, who doesn't know that - and I have NOTHING to say here.  I then get the half sarcastic talk about how much I'm loved even though we didn't get along when I was younger.  Oh, then throw in a story from when I was younger I don't remember and point out that I've always been grumpy... but quickly follow it with but I love you anyhow, cause that makes it better.
I DID manage to bite my tongue when I wanted to say "I might be grumpy/angry, but at least I'm not a f*ck up."

Yea, happy Easter, right?

Thursday, April 05, 2012

A little mish-mash of comments for you today:
Reason why I love Royal Caribbean #1045:  Today I got a call from them to tell me my flight time had changed.  Did American Airlines call?  No.  Did American Airlines email?  No.  Um, do they plan on telling me that they altered my schedule, the one I purchased from them, to an hour earlier on one leg of the flight?  It's good to see someone is on top of customer service for the airline company, even if it is the cruise ship company.

So, last night Saffy and I went for a nice long walk.  Legs aren't too sore, so I should probably go again tonight before the ache sets in tomorrow.

Got to see Mar today as they're in for Easter weekend, that was nice.

Now for the off the wall comment that needs to be made... how did this ugly ass, buck-toothed thing end up with a modeling job?  Get that shit fixed.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Going to force self to go walk.  *grumble*

Sunday, April 01, 2012

I slept late today, a rarity anymore, and then took to the computer for more planning/research.  I need those types of demands on my focus, or I'd be too busy thinking, and I can't afford to have that happen.  Mind is still rolling, if you didn't gather so from the last sentence, but I got a small break this evening.

Tonight I headed out to meet Phil/DocC, Beff/Chrissa, Eggs, and a new acquaintance, Tonya at the Orchard for some grubbing before the Hunger Games.  No, I've not read the books I knew little more than what one sees in the previews.  It wasn't bad although I'd gripe about a few things in it, but I guess if the premise is that they can control night and day and just drop hell hounds and/or fireballs in on your at whim then it's not really a game, is it - you've already decided who you want to win.