Tuesday, December 30, 2008

While it isn't Thursday, tonight was wing-night with Mithy and Kirkus... mmm, honey garlic with a few splashes of toasted almonds ;) Three cheers for lazy days between semesters, they afforded me the luxury of sleeping like a fool yesterday and chilling with friends tonight. Why exactly do I keep taking classes again?

I have also taken quite the shining to the Twilight book, which I am already half-way through and have decided that the selected actor pales in comparison to who _I_ would have cast for the role. Either way, gotta get this read before the movie gets over to Westwood! Oh, and I am taking crazy steps... fate, beware.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Well if the ex and I have anything in common still it is the right to be damn proud of the fence in the back yard. That was one hell of an effort to get that baby in and our first home project when this house was purchased. Why I know we have the right to be proud is because it stood up to a fairly large pine tree that came down in the heavy winds this morning, with minimal damage. Ok, it isn't pretty by any stretch, and I'm not thrilled (the call is in to the home owners insurance already) but I can at least nod and smile at how sturdy our efforts turned out to be. Check it out.

See how well things held up? The damage was limited to the top bar and the fencing itself... of course I have no desire to mess with two come-alongs and trying to stretch a fence to fit properly.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Major boo. Granted, I did say I was wishing I could nap.. but I didn't want them to call the hockey game for bum ice. Whatev Elmira. Whiners. So after being there for two hours I headed home w/o a hockey fix and need to return tomorrow for the game.

One thing I neglected to regale you with earlier today was the tale of Danika's presents. Her first gift here at home was a squeaky pink sheep with a santa hat. Well, much like Vix had her Duckie fix, Dani loves her sheep. Anyhow, I had to hide the thing from her to keep her attention long enough to get into the other gifts. But even after everything else she opened all she wanted was that sheep which she squeaked incessantly all evening. She even brought it to bed with us! She's just too cute.
It has been a busy but mundane couple of days, let's see, where to start. I headed to mom's for Christmas, of course, on christmas eve. Needless to say she fed me well and sent me home with way more cookies than someone who needs to make a new year's resolution should ever have on hand. It was odd to find the temps colder and ice making a mess of mom's alley when things were reasonable here in Jtown.

It was once again an abundant haul this Christmas, I've been over gifted if anything! I did get the fossil watch I was eyeballing, a new sweater for work, more ladybug paraphernalia for the kitchen, a storage seat for the deck, books, dvds, music, a beautiful little red butterfly in a heart shaped holder, a ring, and more.

I worked for a good chunk of Friday, part of it on the way to Elmira. Nice little arena, awfully bright though. Hey Jackals fans... please enunciate. "Let's go Jackals" tends to sound like "Let's go jack off". Rolled in a little late last night as a result of the trip and I'm a bit bushed now instaed of eager to head to the game.

On another important note, last monday it was 4. FOUR. Today? It's 66. uh. ok. I won't point out that mother nature is a crazy bitch, but I did take advantage of the warmer temps as I drove to meet Slips and Beff for lunch and then ran to my normal stops with the windows down.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I would have written sooner, but I've been blinded by the glimmer and gleam coming off of my beautiful light pink diamond ring. Yes- it is on my hand at long last, a small gift from santa to me. I've been delightfully naug-ice this year I suppose. I'm very happy with the ring even though it's not uber pink - the right lighting shows the tinges and the scintillation is fabulous.

I have officially booked the first bus trip I planned for the fan club. I'm psyched. Hopefully all will go off without a hitch. That reminds me - time to schedule with the pet sitter!

If I don't get a moment before hand - merry christmas to all my dear readers, well, most anyhow.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday night... holiday party... just not feeling it. At least my neck isn't in as much pain, just a little stiff at this point. I dunno, I'm just grumpy right now. So grumpy that I am even thinking once again how much it would cost to get a nose job and fix my eyes. I know I'd feel better about myself if I started to lose weight again, but for who? I know, do it for myself, right? I need more motivation than that.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Do I sound like a kid? Someone called my house and then proceeded to ask me if my "mom or dad were home". Uh. Ok. Thanks for making my geriatric-ass get up off the couch for that. If you haven't gathered, yes, I am still in pain - it's actually worse today than my neck and back was after ripping muscles back in high school swimming.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Yep, my mind is so far gone right now that I'd leave it lay if it weren't attached... it would probably hang out with my cell phone, if it could find it. I hope it's on the desk at work.

As to the party... I am a little concerned to think we have "furry-lovers" on the team, albeit not surprised given the one participant.
This is how messed my head is... as we all know I don't really have many dreams that I'd consider to be nightmares, but the one last night qualified as it had me waking in a sweat and unable to go back to sleep. I must have been kicking around too - because Danika jumped off the bed to sleep, something she rarely does.

So, in last night's dream, probably because of the huge number of anti-versaries that come up around this time of year, I dreamt my ex committed suicide. It was just awful, I'll leave it at that.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

*does the "A" dance*

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm glad I went and watched a movie and made some no bakes last night, because all of my plans for today went down the tubes due to the stomach flu that is going around. So, I guess I'll visit w/ Missy some other time and get my hair colored next weekend instead. Despite waking up with a stiff neck this morning I did some running and shopping, nothing remarkable found. Now what to do? I guess I remember why I make myself suffer w/ classes, there is nothing else to do but sit by myself.

Friday, December 12, 2008

No auto bailout. I don't get how a large company can run a business into the ground and get a hand out. I mean, small businesses fold every day due to less horrific business practices. One of the news reports commented about auto workers having a fit about pay cuts. Um, I wish that were an option for us software folks. Not only would we get to demand higher salaries but getting to say "no" to a paycut would have avoided the evil anniversary that tomorrow is. Have I mentioned how little I like unions?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hou-pup-dini is in action once again. After months of perfection, Danika has once again thwarted that which would tether her. Instead of managing to break free on the uber-sturdy cable or snappingn the collar she has instead mastered the fine art of popping her head free from the collar. The past couple days I've found her happily wagging her butt at me when I opened the door. Next, shy of handcuffs and a coffin to keep her contained, I am probably going to try and find a harness that doesn't have a plastic snap. Is it wrong to buy things that are darn near bondage equipment for my dog?

I'm nearing completion of my paper and hope to scratch that off tonight, wish me luck. Pain!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Opinionated, me? Naw. Today we had a big discussion on the issues w/ people that have kids and their "needs". My thought process is this: if you're working, that's a commitment. Yes, I understand your kids are important... yadda yadda, but if you want to feed and clothe them you need to work, no? If I get flack for needing to tend to my dogs during work hours then you too should get flack for child-related distractions from your workday.

My opinions on all of this have been exacerbated by the people that "work from home" with small children and expect me to believe they're actually getting a full day in. If you are, then I guarantee you're neglecting your children in a way that borders on abuse. Who are we kidding? You're not, but you're still getting paid for a full day's work. Or, leaving to meet other schedule obligations associated with children. It may be 5, but there are days I don't get to leave just because of the time - when work still needs finished.

I try not to "hate" because of kids or car pools or other things of this nature but they build issues because certain circumstances are allowed for when others are not. Maybe I _am_ just bitter. But I get frustrated when I hear the argument for equality for women when we then turn around and ask for special treatment for special circumstances. Make up your mind.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

It's been a hectic and cold weekend. Yesterday I was up early for an appointment and then ran to get the girls to see Santa Paws at Petco. Let me tell you how incredibly cute the pictures turned out for both of them. If you'd like to see, they're proudly displayed on the coffee table - be sure to visit. Vixie was excited when Santa Paws approached but wasn't overly eager to sit still for the photo.

From there a quick lunch w/ Slips and Beff at the Bistro before the mad rush to get myself strapped into the dress, made up, curled, and out the door to meet the bus by 4. The event was nice enough, food not as yummy as some past years, but I ate well. Skipped out on dancing, I'm sure my feet are glad for that since my shoes are ones that would not have been too comfortable by the end of the night had I gone that route. I won't address the questions and comments from last night other than to say they were nice to hear even if I don't believe everything I hear.

Today I got up reasonably early for the late evening. The laudry, dishes, and vacuuming didn't take care of itself in my absence for some strange reason. My moment of cuteness right now is watching Vixen sitting by the couch falling asleep with her head up. C'mon, it's always cute to see a fuzzy critter fighting sleep. We've all had one of those days. Can't give into it though, the paper still needs finished... but I'm off to cross of the little distractions first.

Friday, December 05, 2008

So here we are... Christmas party eve. I have a bitchin dress, and lots of friends to sit with, but still. Blah. I almost don't wanna - and why? Because I'm dateless? Partially. There is also the recent proposals and other foolishness.

"Please don't tell me we had that conversation, cause I won't remember, save your breath cause what's the use. -Pink"

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Today can be summarized by saying that everything old is new again. Paul Maurice back behind the bench in Carolina? Excellent. Nyko, the reincarnation of 4 Corners, opened it's doors and served me up my first delish dinner. Sgroi is back on the Chiefs line up, a welcome return in my book even though I wouldn't be surprised if he tested positive for things that are rather unwelcome.

As for me, I am tired as can be. I wish I could actually get a quick nap and get back in gear tonight, but what are the chances? At least I got some reading done last night for my paper but it sure won't write itself. The remainder of the arrived presents are wrapped and my decorating is done minus the stockings (since the hangers I bought on ebay STILL haven't arrived), so that is also progress.

That said I'm off to decide: nap or prosperity

Monday, December 01, 2008

My long weekend is over and I can't say I have everything finished that I had hoped to achieve, but I did get my final weekly assignment in for my class and started to get the tree and other decorations up. Hopefully this week I can make significant progress on my final paper and finish decorating.

I hung out w/ 2S after the game friday and while getting some shopping done on sunday afternoon. Also spent some quality time w/ Slips and Beff for lunch and light shopping on Saturday. And, finally, hit all three Chiefs games, so I guess I DID alot, just none of the time critical stuff.

Mom is off of her oxygen as of talking to her today and has an appointment with the doctor for later this week, so that is a relief.

I'm back at work and awake... what more can I expect of myself at this point eh?