Friday, June 25, 2010

Three cheers for Amazon standing up and saying "No, don't cut Saturday mailings" to the post office. Seriously, you guys are lazy enough already. Speaking of which... day 5 - no mail. WTH? I KNOW I should have mail. Sorry the little uhaul type thing the guys working on my retaining wall parked is in the middle of the drive way. I assure you - a mere 5 steps to the side and you can walk around it.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

That was a hell of a second wind... while the to do list wasn't the focus that kept me up this late I feel good about it. I now have three big bags of clothes ready to go to Goodwill. Purge, purge, purge!

Tonight was my second night in a row at Nyko's. Last night to celebrate Mar and tonight to show some love to the Beff. I also had to make her watch the Jerk as she had never seen it before. Earlier today I got the first allergy shot and have a nice itchy welt on the back of my arm to show for it. Nothing else exciting to say other than the nagging urge to semi-copy off of Mar and embrace my maiden name with a tattoo (but with different placement). This morning I turned off my alarm without remembering it going off. I don't think tomorrow morning will go very smoothly given the current time... Thursday night naptime?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Gawking at Amazon's gold box this evening all I have to say is this - a 1.5 TB HD for ~$75 wow. I'm old.

Today was my first full day wearing the third and fourth eyes. I felt a bit wonky when I walked with them on for a little while, but did forget I had them on eventually. Now when I took them off... I felt like I was crossing my eyes. Is that normal?

Now, I had a lovely evening hanging on the deck at the bouley and having a few drinks. Would have been nice to go with plan A (SSS for some fruity beers) but they're closed Mondays... bastages!

For those itching for more info on the would-be tattoo. You probably know I love Tom from Tom and Jerry. I have quite the ass kicked Tom doll from my youth. Well, check out my favorite episode. If you're impatient I'll give you the hint that you want to focus on "Chapter V" (and ignore the fact that the next chapter is VII). You'll also of course know I love hockey and wanted a way to get that into a tat somehow. Take ass-kicked Tom, add gear... and you've got most of the tat.

For some amusing side note - check out more information on the "Mouse Trouble" episode (and some details here) on Wikipedia. You've got censorship, you've got death, it's award winning, and not only is it one of the very few times Tom speaks, but it is war propaganda.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

If I hadn't started getting my act together a day ago I'd have been up a creek today. As we learned, the ink ran out. As is the norm for me - Staples didn't have it, the other local place didn't have it, so I payed more than I would have for an ink refill to print the last three copies of part of my 'catalog' at the local copying place.

Everything is stuffed and ready to go and look - not even 1 yet. *rolls eyes at self*

My day in general was mayhem. I did sleep in before my allergy testing appointment. Yep, got stuck w/ needles to learn I have allergies. Wait, I already knew that. More specifically - cats, various pollens, grass, molds. Still no surprises. At least I confirmed I am NOT allergic to dogs and learned a couple of other little things I didn't know or think of before. So, I'll be starting allergy shots. Yea, I know - me - shots - willingly. Hopefully some of the constant stuffiness will go away.

I no sooner got to work and got the call that the glasses were done and ready to be picked up, so I headed over there to snag them. It's a bit frustrating to have to ASK the people what all you need to know. Surely they can see that this is my first prescription, I've never had glasses before. Talk me through trying them on to make sure they're right and tell me how to clean them at least, please?

While I was out and about this evening with the catalog pdf on a thumb drive I also packed up the would-be images for my next ink and took them to Matthew's Party. Hopefully before next weekend I'll have a drawing prepped to give the thumbs up on. It's been a pretty darn eventful weekend already!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Time to find a place to order printer ink cheap. Thanks to the second night in a row with a nap after work I got more accomplished this evening. Tonight, I fired up the new printer tonight and didn't get a full 10 'catalogs' printed before it was complaining about being out of both black and colored ink. Boo! Now, hopefully the high yield cartridges will go further, but still unacceptable. It took a while to realize the front panel pivoted up which then stopped the repeated paper jams I was experiencing. The pace isn't lightning fast but for what I need it'll do. Anyone know of inexpensive ink supply places? It's a series 22 for a Dell P513W.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dear medical community,
I know that you went to school for a very long time and worked hard to earn your medical degree. As part of your education I would anticipate time management to have been critical to your success. As such, there truly is no reason for a 10:40 appointment to have me wait until 11:20 to move into a room and see the doctor at 11:30.

I too have to work. It is this job that provides me the health insurance (and income to supplement said insurance) which then makes payment to you. I wish we were allowed to bill you for every minute of our time that you waste in the waiting room. The least you'd better do when you come in is apologize for being behind schedule and have a sense of humor.

I also shouldn't, during the course of waiting in the lobby, see numerous people come in after me and get called before me. Especially folks who are clearly retired, or the mother toting 3 kids, or billy-bob, his ABF-haired blushing bride, and their brood.

Oh... and if you want me to maintain patience, please change the waiting room channel off of ellen. Or perhaps this is just all part of your master plan to torture?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Well, I didn't get a ton done today other than laundry... 2 loads at mom's and 2 here. But that's something, right? Headed to toona with the intention of buying mom some exceedingly late birthday lunch but she wasn't feeling so hot. So instead, I picked up some food and headed in.

It was pretty friggin hot today. Told you I'd be complaining about it. I turned on the AC to make the house reasonable for myself and the fuzzy ones. When I got home I worked up a sweat just trying to get some new bird paraphernalia up in the trees. Epic fail on the bird house as the hook that was built in promptly came out thus resulting in the bird house falling a good 20 feet. It survived the first drop, but the second one resulted in part of it breaking off. *sigh* Such is life eh?

I've got to cross some things off of the list tomorrow. It's going to be a long day.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Lightning bugs! I saw one! It's finally summer!
So, I guess the rugrats decided to have some fun last night (again). This is the second time I've gotten egg on my cars in so many years. Fortunately, it was one vehicle, not both this time. Since I didn't find out until mid-day, by the end of the work day it was pretty dry and gross. Ran Drake through the car wash without the dryer and then came home to scrub the remaining gunk.

I just noticed that blogger now has lots of funky templates that are right up my alley. So, do I make the leap and change to a much more elegant and artsy design that is not my own?

Monday, June 07, 2010

Today kinda sucked. Sucked worse than finding the first gray hair. No, not up there, down there - worse than that. It's official... when they come in, I'll have glasses. Granted, I only need them for in front of the computer at work, but I need them and that makes me feel older than the upcoming birthday ever could. So, I'm already behind on hours, I have a regular doctor appt on Wednesday, and now I have my re-up interview tomorrow, so I'll probably be down by 5-8 hours once it's all said and done. That means I either start putting in evening hours or I lose vacation time. Blah.

Well... the guy didn't show to work on my basement windows as I had anticipated this evening, so since I didn't get straight out to the gym I instead went to do some shopping and scored big time. I say this because I always have a hell of a time coming up with a gift for the Slips and I think I have most of her birthday present after this evening - if that isn't a score, I dunno what is. I also snapped and bought myself a foreman grill, we'll see how it goes... maybe I'll actually cook more often. I'm trying.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

I meant to post about this the other night when it aired, but forgot... another reason to love Stephen Colbert. Kick this vid to around 2:40 and get schooled. As it should be my man... and his explanation is DEAD ON as to why I say the Oxford comma belongs. I refer you to page f*ing two. Brilliant!

Friday, June 04, 2010

Vixen stinks. Dunno what she rolled in but ugh. So I made a couple calls today and no one could get me in until the 18th or 22nd. Um. No. The one lady did mention that Petco had the facilities that you can bathe them yourself and I thought AWESOME! Well, it would have been - had they not required me to have her rabies certificate - for ME to bathe her. WTF? So then I also managed to drop the bottle of soap on my big toe, which still hurts like hell. :(

So, I came home, pulled out the hose which had the requisite soaking of the basement because the damn valve is in the garage and always sprays around the top of the hose. Needless to say they fought me and then ran straight to the dirt! Boo. Talk about draining my will.
It is done. I have after this evening officially sworn off Walmart. Once again I needed one thing and couldn't find it anywhere there, so I lost over a half an hour and came out empty handed. I'm not going back in there. I'm done. They've pushed my blood pressure up for the last time.

I again did not get to the gym as planned due to the compelling need to get work work done. Time to turn up the don't give a sh*t factor. Yeah, take a look at the clock. This is a pattern that hasn't been around since I was working on my masters degree. To make myself feel like I accomplished something I sat out on the front porch at 12:15 putting flowers I bought a week ago into the hanging baskets. I'm sure if any of my neighbors were awake to notice they'd think I was insane.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I know it's 2am, but I have stuff to say and I don't want to forget! I took the Durango in today for it's inspection etc. I always get a ride to and from work, as Wagner's is just cool like that. Imagine my surprise when one of the owners is driving the car to pick me up after work. I almost felt like a girl being called to the principal's office. They really are good people. I know I've talked about it on here before, but if you need to find a trustworthy place for repairs - I cannot recommend them more highly.

Since I was already down that way I hit the Bouly for dinner while I put in my last hour of work for the day. Unfortunately, they were out of the butternut squash raviolis I was craving. From there I did hit the gym this evening before digging in on some other tasks that I've allowed to fall to the last minute.

Earlier today I decided to buy a color printer in an effort to get my Miche catalogs in order with a reduced cost. There I was fully expecting to lay out some bucks when the Dell representative pointed me to this puppy. Check it - color, good throughput, duplex, wireless... and under $100, and the replacement cartridges for ink aren't as pricey as some others. It almost seems too good to be true, but I guess we shall see. In the mean time I did fight w/ my old printer to try and get some postcards printed. I got most of what I needed before things behaved oddly, but that printer was never bought for the purposes of printing anything other than my tax returns.