Monday, January 30, 2006

My house smells like poo. It seems Ms. Satin and chicken = lose bowels. So I had a little bit of a mess to clean last evening when I got home, but not her fault - God bless her - I was running late getting back into town. My girl was still happy to see me, despite sitting in a stinky house. This little mess isn't something that could possibly ruin our weekend however. The weather was perfect minus a little rain on our return (but it's Johnstown - what do you expect) and the travel was smooth.

We arrived in Columbus and checked in to a rather bitchin view from the Hyatt Regency straight down High Street and over towards the arena and other arena district lights. After getting Beff a bit psyched up by merely pointing and noting that we were less than a block away from where her precious Paul Kariya was, we headed to the district for some grub. Ok, we also had to pause so she could change jeans after she wet her pants... on the sink, so she claims! The travel rule is no chains. Well, no chains that we have access to at home, so we stopped in at Gordon Birsch for some pre-game snacks and a martini for me.

From there we hopped into line and chatted with a few people waiting along with us... I'm glad we didn't realize we could get in early thanks to our special seats as if we had, we wouldn't have entered at JUST the right time to get stopped by the Pepsi girls. Do we want to participate in a game? ABSOLUTELY - Beff does! Luckily her head was already swooning and she was easy to trick into this one. Before she knew what was going on she had filled out her paperwork and she was told she would be dancing for the crowd. NOOOOO she bellowed. Priceless. After a short freakout she settled into a bit of a healthy buzz state and we headed on to find our seats.

While our seats were a bit off from our initial expectations they still proved to be fabulous - even if Paul didn't land in the sin bin to see the lovely "Go Paul!" sign I made to take with us up close and personal. We headed closer to the goal to take some warm up photos and then settled in for the game. The woman to my left gave us a good laugh asking if we were players wives. *puzzle* Sadly I find this to be an incredible compliment as I'm sure the wives of most of the pros are simply stunning, not exactly someone I'm use to being confused for.

Halfway through the second it was time to go get her jiggy on so we headed off to get our lovely lady, and her lovely Kariya Predators shirt up on the jumbo-tron for a dance off. Needless to say, principles in tact (along with the Predators shirt) she was destined to be booed, but she still got some goodies for participating. The best part was how many people pointed the rest of the evening throughout the game, on the exit of the arena, and throughout the hotel after asking "hey are you the dancing lady?" and other mixes of such inquiry. Needless to say she was told how completely robbed she was and how she had it going on. From there over to Buca to grab some italian food for dinner where we split some delightful manicotti and a half-pound meatball.

Final deal the Nashville Predators lost to the Columbus Blue Jackets 4-3, but at least they were up when Beff was dancing (I meant winning - ugh. Get your mind out of the gutter). I still say she distracted them, resulting in the loss. We know Kariya watched the jumbo-tron during other stoppages so we're pretty sure he at least got the ego boost of seeing someone dance their ass of in his name. If he wasn't looking initially, he probably was after the crowd started screaming "Kariya sucks".

After crashing out for a night's rest we rose to grab some breakfast and then off to return to PA. We stopped at Clems for some BBQ (I've said for years I needed to stop and try their food), and then headed straight to Indiana to support a youth hockey fundraiser game with some former Penguins. Speaking of robbed... how bad is it when you have to rig a game to get former NHLers to win a game? The shots on goal never changed after the start of the second, the clock sometimes stopped with a whistle other times not - and towards the end it just didn't start to buy the former Pens some more time to win the game. Tsk tsk. Although, I guess they're still playing better than the current Pens. *grin*

Too much fun. I don't think I've laughed so much in one weekend in a VERY long time. I'm tired, I'm glad to be home, but it's always sad to return to "reality", especially after getting reminded how many more younger, hotter guys are wandering the streets in other cities.

While we were gone our boys won in Wheeling 4-2. Great deal! I'm ready to see them play once again on Wednesday night, it feels like it's been a very long time. In other hockey-lands, I see Paulie put up a hat trick in the first period of a game Saturday over in the CEHL. Good work Paulie!

Finally a small addition from this morning: I call BS on the "what kind of weather" are you quiz I found through Angela. Seriously...
You Are a Rainbow

Breathtaking and rare
You are totally enchanting and intriguing
But you usually don't stick around long!

You are best known for: your beauty

Your dominant state: seducing

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Snow - it arrived the night before last in some freakish thunder/lightning/sleet/snow/wind event. Since, we've had more flurries which have totalled us at a few inches of the white stuff. Satin has been blessed in the past week from getting to bask in the sun at the foot of her tree one day to this morning getting to enjoy the snow. She made the most beautiful snow puppy today, burying her whole head into the snow flopping over and rolling about kicking and whatnot. I am glad I stayed and watched her enjoy this moment in the snow instead of rushing off after putting them out to get ready for work.

Last night she didn't want to come in, which is typical for her with snow, she again just wanted to lay at the foot of her tree in the white stuff. Given her less than stellar health I didn't want her out there in the cold too long, but she did get a couple decent sessions to lay in the snow throughout the evening. Satin also ate pretty well yesterday and surprised me with her pills. Last night it was a set of three pills - she ate the first two that I tucked into pieces of chicken without notice, but she did find the third spitting it out. Vixen was outside so I took the time to reason with Satin that it was in her own best interest and I really needed her to take the pill. I headed to the bathroom and by the time I returned, the pill was gone. I looked everywhere - she HAD to have eaten it - and it wasn't stuffed back into anything. This morning she refused the hot dog with the thyroid pills several times before another "please Satin, I need you to take this". She then took the bite of hot dog and chewed it up before flopping down to nap. I tell you - she understands me - and she HUMORS me.

I also accomplished the baking of pumpkin bread last evening, but only after realizing that my muffin pans are MIA. Damnit, no chocolate chip muffins for me, but the pumpkin bread made do. While this baked I got through the rest of my problems for this semesters class and I understand the formulas etc at this point. There is one type of problem that doesn't make sense to me yet - the perpetuity - if some accounting god out there can explain what this does for us to me I'll be indebted. Yes, I can solve the problems w/ the formula but I want to know what it is in practical terms that make sense.

Anyhow. I am in document hell again - I'll never understand all of the documents and needs that float around requirements. I want to just throw myself on the floor outside my cube and have a tantrum kicking and screaming "I don't wanna and you can't make me!" Such the mature solution, don't you think?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

After mother went missing on Sunday evening thanks to much difficulties in her travel back to PA from TX she then spent most of Monday in the Pittsburgh airport due to the fog here in Jtown. Around 5pm she finally made her way onto a flight, just as I was starting to realize I was going to have to make the haul to pburgh at night to pick her up. Gladly she arrived safely Monday evening, and I didn't miss any work despite needing to check in on flight status all day. Mom got to visit with Satin last evening and even got her to woof down some chicken today before I left work a little early to return her to Altoona.

Dr. S has proven himself to be someone who cares about Satin, having taken the time to call and check in on her - much like the vets in NC did, and much unlike Dr. T. Reassured by her actually eating around lunch time for mom and despite her throwing up her medication last evening, we took a quick stroll once again before we headed to the vet. A delay on the steroids for now. He still cannot feel a mass and commented on the fluids in the bulge still in her stomach area, but still feels pretty sure cancer is the final deal. We'll give things more time on the thyroid medication and try to get her to eat - anything, catfood, chicken, whatever.

Kirkus also blessed us with a visit this evening. Satin was most definitely feeling well enough to jump up on her favorite person and to shove him around to get the petting she feels she deserves. It was good to see her "smile" a bit.

Say a prayer for my girl. While I remain realistic, I know God can do anything - and - if anyone is capable of giving us a surprise both he and she are pretty likely to do so.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Friday evening Satin seemed to have spurts of herself inbetween wanting to lay around. When I took her out front to potty she even gave a tug for a walk. How can I deny her that simple wish? The weather was pretty nice and heaven knows I could use the exercise as well. As to not overwork her we didn't walk too far, despite her desire to walk further (I didn't want to push my luck). She wasn't pulling like she normally would, but that's understandable, and it did make the walk a little more soothing.

Saturday morning another quick stroll - I think I'm just imagining things but her swelling looks smaller and she seems to wake up easier. I am probably just seeing what I want to see. She's still not eating, but I am easily getting her meds in her.

I did have to head out for the day on the Reading bus trip which I had already signed up for. I guess it's better than bugging Satin every half an hour to check on her and feeling sorry for her and myself. We got our butts pretty much handed to us with spurts of good play intermixed, we're just not consistent.

I guess I also need to say thanks for answering me after so long, even if it's not the best answer. I'll appreciate the fact that after not speaking to me or acknowledging me for so long you went out of your way to speak and to bring closure to something for me. I wish I could, just once, have the right thing to say to cheer you up. At least I was mellow and not strung out by your speaking that I could actually look at you and take in the conversation. I guess my lack of internal panic tells me some of the emotion towards you is draining from me, but it's still there. If it wasn't (maybe it was just that on top of everything with Satin) I wouldn't have cried intermittently the whole way home.

"And if I had one wish I'd wish that you would live every day like every day was your last one. -Bif Naked"

Friday, January 20, 2006

Things aren't good for Satin. Part of her blood tests are back: Her organ functions are all excellent - but, her red blood cell count is down to 25% (should be 40-55%) and her protein and globulin are low. Nothing has definitely said cancer, but all signs are still pointed there with the vet being pretty sure we're on a terminal path. In the mean time we'll try some thyroid medicine and potentially some steroids to make sure this isn't one of the other potential alternative issues.

My girl isn't well and the outlook isn't good. I love you Satin.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I'm back at work, but a good bit late. The vet appointment took a good while as we took x-rays and drew blood and the whole sha-bang. From the x-rays there is definitely fluid in Satin's abdomen. The vet is 90-95% sure there is some type of growth there. Her temperature is up a little, so she got a shot of antibiotics and more to take home. We'll see if there are any changes in the blood results and thyroid test. The vet mentioned a chance of Addison's disease but she doesn't show the classic symptoms. Hypoadrenocorticism is a lower release of corticosteroid from the glands. If this is the case steriods could help in some way and a drug called florinef, which then you need to watch sodium and potassium levels. Go figure, but potassium bromide, Satin's medication for her epilepsy is what? But a potassium based salt (sodium). The thing is - if we're LUCKY that is what is wrong. There are options to go have an ultrasound done to try and get a better view than what an x-ray allows of her abdomen. I never thought I'd have to make these types of decisions on my own. For God's sake, I can't even decide where to go out to eat. I guess we'll know more what direction to head in when the blood work comes back tomorrow.

I guess I should sum everything else up to get caught up while I'm blogging. The game was good - the guys rocked the Royals (5-1). I think Jacob and Erica had a good time beating each other up if nothing else. Didn't get to talk to the Laws TOO much, but it was good to see them and to spend a little time, even if I was the only one drinking (which is odd in and of itself).

So I come home from the game and log in to update the scores on the FC website and lo and behold I have someone adding me to their messenger list. Talk about a blast from the past but it was Russ S. not to be confused with "Crusty" (note the different last initial). We talked SO much in college (gotta love the old Vax computer-systems). It was pretty nice to be "found" by someone. Heck to even think someone was looking for me was heartwarming. Too bad I was too tired at that point to stay up and chat, but I'm looking forward to catching up.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Old! At last my perfect vision is starting to wane. Granted, it's not bad enough to warrant glasses (yet) but it does make me pout a little. My left eye is now at 20/25 while my right remains 20/20. I guess I should count myself lucky to get to ... ahem ... this age ... before I need to start thinking glasses are in my near future. I did however get two new colors for my eyeballs! I love colored contacts.

Last evening Satin had another seizure, that's 4 since mid-October. I know it's because she's not eating and thus not taking her medicine as she should be. The not eating has started to hit an all time low as even freshly cooked ground beef and a pack of mighty dog moist food didn't even get her to eat last night. Time to go back to the vet, so we'll be heading in at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Since I was not fond of Dr. T's "bedside" manner and $300 recommendation to change her food we'll instead be seeing Dr. S. Sadly, I can't even count the number of times I've grabbed ahold of that crazy ass dog in the past two months (much to her displeasure) and made her let me hug her while I cried. When she is gone you will see a WRECK people... make that two, add Vixen to that list. I tend to say Vixen isn't as smart as Satin, but she has her moments. She's the one that came and "told" me that Satin was seizing last night. She did that once before but I didn't necessarily correlate the action to the issue. She knows.

Let's end with a good note... hockey tonight, and with the Laws none the less. I can't wait to see my buddy Jacob. Hopefully he's psyched and hopefully we'll see a good game resulting in the loss of the Reading Royals. Let's go boys!

"I was there all the time. And I wait, at your feet. -Hole"

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

After three of the boys headed up to Springfield we now have Randy Rowe returning and two of them heading west in trade. Fare thee well to Paul Caponigri and Tyler Kindle... and welcome to Johnstown to Brad Thompson and Jim Hakewill.

Monday, January 16, 2006

A humorous tidbit here from this past weekend I neglected to blog about.

It just needed charged. How unbelievably stupid are you girl? Oh wait, I'll type slower so you can u n d e r s t a n d. *shakes head rolling eyes* I would bang my head on my keyboard but I wouldn't want to lower my brain capacity as to think I was having a deep conversation with someone as mentioned above.

The sad part is it took an incredible amount of effort to restrain a sneer merely standing within 5 feet of the aforementioned presence. I think the two of them would have babies that would be so stupid they'd forget to blink.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Bad weekend for the Chiefs - two games, two losses. I am a little surprised and disappointed in the severity of the loss on Saturday night to the Storm (7-3), but against Reading we held our own and played a good game despite the loss.

Today I did my shopping, procuring grub to get me through the week and mayhaps to eat a little better. I really need to get on board with better food and start working out again. I've lost the weight before and can do it again - I just need to get my butt in gear. Mayhaps 20 or 30lbs thinner I'd have a date, at least that's the theory. I was watching specials on the discovery channel the other day on these exceedingly overweight folks. I just don't get it. At what point do you not say "jeez - get off your ass" to yourself. I admit I'm a slacker, but I think I'd rip myself alive if I went over 200lbs much less 3, 4, or 5 hundred.

I don't mean to say there is anything wrong with being heavy, if you are happy with who you are - you have something up on me... so by all means, good for you! It's the folks that make excuses like I heard on this show. "I didn't know that fast food would do this to me." "I don't eat very much" (when they then show what all they eat in a day - I think I'd pop twice easily). The folks waiting for the pill they can take and do nothing else drive me insane. Yes, it would be nice - but seriously people. Don't be such a lazy idiot. Worse still are the ones that undergo gastric by-pass without even trying to loose a single pound "the old fashion way".

I know what I need to do to loose weight, but I also know things need to click in my mind to get on board and be serious about things. I guess in some way I have a mental block on loosing weight again. Last time I did it I started to get told, by the man I loved, that I "didn't have an ass anymore". Clearly he loved me fat - for whatever reason that worked for him. Unfortunately, I'm still trapped by it. In a long discussion with Beff I mentioned the whole shame of weight (as in the physical number), but for the purpose of making a point here, here goes.

I started at 178. Dropped to 143 with hard ass work and watching calories (no bull shit low carb or specialized diets). After bad things happened I allowed myself into old patterns and went back up to 192. How cliche is that? Gladly with minimal effort (walking regularly) in the fall one year since returning to PA I dropped back to 172. I'm right back where I started, ok a little better off, but not much.

Now, where did someone put that key - the one that kick starts my mind in the direction the rest of me wants to go?

"I'm not going down on my knees begging you to adore me. But you see it's misery, and torture for me. -Depeche Mode"

Friday, January 13, 2006

Another win against Dayton for the Chiefs Wednesday evening! 4-3, after one heck of a third period come back from a 1-3 deficit. I'm sure they're tired at this point with so many games in the past week, which could be quite dangerous against Reading. I always feel like we're at such a disadvantage playing them regardless - probably still a mental thing for me from the play-in game two years ago. It's Friday the 13th, anything can happen, right?

Last night I won yet another ebay auction which gives me a set of fabulous hockey tickets. This game? Immediately after the Toronto Marlies game on the 3rd we'll head back past Jtown and to the Burgh to watch the Canes whoop their butt on the 4th. Row A baby - two tickets basically for the typical price of one. I think it's a trademark "crappy promotion" night. While I'm on a roll mocking the Pens... check this out. Seriously - I'm nicer than the folks internal to the team. Even your rookie "god" can't save you. At least there is someone healthy enough to push the rest of the geriatric team around in their wheelchairs.

Ok, enough Pens bashing. I feel cleansed and ready to deal with the rest of my morning.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Chiefs win, taking out the Bombers 5-1! Canes win, taking out the Wings 3-2!! Happy camper happy camper.
Satin's limping has subsided, gratefully. She is still fighting me at dinner time however, now even with moist food. Crazy dog. She was her normal attention demanding self when the lady from the pet sitting service stopped by last night to meet them. This woman seems very well prepared, organized, and good at this, so at least I have the girls (and the boys - my fish) covered when we head to Ohio for our upcoming hockey jaunt.

The headache that started while at the movies on Sunday boiled into what I'll classify as my second ever migraine. When a headache wakes you up in the middle of the night to get the attention and whining it demands you know it means business. I forced myself out of bed on Monday morning though, as I knew I had to get a document finished. So I haul into work long enough to do that and leave, picking up more drugs on the way home since I was completely out at home (go figure). An even larger "go figure" goes out to the chic who wrote on Tuesday asking if the document was done. Nevermind I emailed her on Monday saying it was finished... and the need to have it Monday was the only thing that got me here. Now I know why Mork slaps people. Anyhow after returning home on Monday I crashed back out for several more hours and woke up feeling much better.

Tonight I head to get the roots dealt with. With the new stylist, this should be interesting. I'm not in love w/ the latest haircut. Hopefully a few mods there and the color should resolve that situation. From there back home to watch Carolina take on Detroit. Sorry Chiefs, I'll be watching OLN and tuning in to the radio only during intermissions.

Come on come on come on - let's go! LET'S GO CANES!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

This weekend in hockey was quick packed - unfortunately the two home games were losses (one to Reading and one to Dayon - of all crappy teams), but at least we got past Dayton today in their arena. Since the Steelers take precidence for every existing radio station etc, listening to the game today was of limited option. Instead a quick run to the mall for some cards and lunch followed by a movie was in line.

The Family Stone: Disappointing. It didn't sound like my type of flick anyhow, but it didn't even meet those low expectations. You'd think from the previews that Sarah Jessica Parker's character eventually woos over her beau's family by the end of the flick. Well yes and no. Suffice it to say that loving on your man's brother and having your sister then love on your man is just plain foul. Further, what family is that lovey and kissy and whatnot for the holidays. BARF. People often complain about movies that feature things that are "too real" (violence etc), I on the other hand would rather see something realistic than cliche (thus my distaste for most chic-flicks). Put away those perfect family holiday images. My family wasn't "disfunctional" in any way, but real people just don't behave that way in families.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Because every Friday deserves a good laugh. [READ THIS]

WARNING: Not to be used if you are invalid.
(If you don't get the reference, see here.)
In an attempt to reduce my swearing my typical phrase "chaps my ass" will now be replaced with "inflames my goiter".

Thank you BC the Referee for the introduction of this eloquent phrase.

In an effort to make this blog educational:
A goiter is a noncancerous enlargement of the thyroid gland, visible as a swelling at the front of the neck, that is often associated with iodine deficiency.

Lesson for the day:
When I'm pissed at you pour salt on me to reduce the swelling.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

After getting the bitchin tickets to WBS we had to out-do ourselves. At least I am close enough in WBS that I could ruffle Batesy's hair as they came and went if I wanted to. Ms. Beff is quite pleased as we'll be heading to Columbus late this month to see a certain someone play. Now check out these seats. Center ice club, immediately beside the visitor's penalty box, first row. Now I just need to plan somewhere to crash as to avoid the drive twice in one day.

Tomorrow is NFL jean day at work. What's up with that? Yes, yes I know it's NFL playoff time, but I certainly hope the same is extended come Kelly Cup or Stanley Cup playoffs if the Chiefs or Penguins (laugh) were to be in them. This is the first jean day I will participate in, as I typically do not find passion in the charities they are associated with enough to pay $5 for the privilege of wearing jeans. This charity? The local Humane Society.

I miss working with dog rescue sometimes. It's hard, it gives you too many good cries, but there are lots of good people there and I knew I was making a difference. Again refer back to my theory that dogs are more deserving of effort than most people.

Speaking of dogs... Satin is still limping around, but she's enjoying the misc food I am adding to her chow to make sure she has food in her stomach for the aspirin. At least she is feeling well enough to come great me, albeit slowly, when I get home.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Last evening I came home to a very uncomfortable dog. In my best guess I can only assume that the calcium deposits that we first discovered on the outside of Satin's shoulder tendon are causing the issues, which is odd since she had these problems many years ago and they lasted but a short time before disappearing and not causing a problem again. I took a short trip out to procure some canine aspirin and did my darndest to load her up. It's kind of difficult when the dog refuses to eat much of anything, even a treat - it took two tries to get her to bite into a treat! At least the hot dogs with the aspirin shoved in were palatable enough as to get her to take the meds.

She's so skinny right now, doesn't want to eat, has had a couple seizures in two months, and now limping and sore. I can't bare to think of her as being that old. So long as she looks up with her "smile" and tosses that tail in a wag to see me I'll know she plans on being a stubborn old lady. I'm now to the point where I've had her in my life longer than my Ex (yes, Ex with a capital E). She's all Vixen has ever known. Vixen, being the bubble head that she is, doesn't quite get that Satin's not up to playing and whatnot. Putting Vix in the basement while I showered and Satin was upstairs only elicited nonstop cries and whining. She can't bare to not be with Satin. I hope this isn't an early warning of 2006 not being a very good year, but I've had a sinking feeling since New Year Eve. Women's intuition? Pessimism?

On a bright note the short jaunts for hockey games are well into the planning phases. I won an auction last night for quite wise seats to watch the Marlies in Wilkes-Barre early March. Now to get those seats for the Blue Jackets.

"I remember everything that we said. All those tears that we shed. -Stevie Nicks"

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The story I get is that Paulie left the Otters of his own desire to head home and go back to school. If this is true, it's definitely an admirable decision. Good to know some people have the balls to make a change (refer to one of my posts a week or two ago) with drastic new years resolutions.

Another long weekend from work laid to waste. Yes, a few posters were changed out and I think there was a pretty productive fan club meeting but that's pretty much the extent of my excitement. We're going to have quite a few wise raffles going in the next months.

I remain baffled by the idiocy of some. It's funny how the rest of us are stuck pondering these types of things.

"You'll never come, sucking your thumb... better off dumb. -Garbage"