Saturday, January 30, 2010

I've been quiet all week - so did you think I was up to something? Nothing exciting for most of the week, which is good, I needed calm after stressing out Monday. This weekend is three days of hockey. I don't know how I made it through yesterday, I was ready to wipe out by 3pm but made it through an early trip into work, a full day there, heading straight to the game, and heading out for a little while after.

Charlotte was in town so it was good to see Possum again and to meet another Charlotte fan, Alan. We also had Slapshot visiting us, since Reading was off for the evening, as a guest of the fan club. It will never cease to amaze me how much he can get people into things... I love that purple kitty. Didn't win a jersey auction although I did like the pink in the rink jerseys. I'm glad to not spend the money, but I wouldn't have minded getting one.

After attempting feebly to keep up with a 7-foot purple beastie and losing him numerous times we headed to catch up with Cathy and John at the Backdoor Cafe. I really need to get down there more often too... the drinks are yummy and reasonably priced even if the grub can end up adding up quickly (didn't eat there last night). As the hockey boys headed back across the state we headed downtown to Lucille's. This was my first visit there and I was quite surprised, it was bigger inside than I thought it would be. I do love the decor and am happy to have somewhere I know I can go dance. Too bad it's loaded with smoke, but it was good enough of a time that it kept me awake.

Monday, January 25, 2010

I half slept last night because of the incessant running of the sump pump in the basement under my bedroom. It was a concession I was willing to make, just happy it was running – every 11 minutes – every 9 minutes – every 7 minutes… you get the pattern. There is a lot of water right now as everything melts off.

Unfortunately, when I went to the basement this morning there was water on the far side. My heart sunk expecting to open the garage door to a flood. Since that didn't happen I guess I'm lucky, but I did find the one sump pump in the garage full and not running. I tried what I know to do, which included pulling out the backup sump pump, but it too did nothing – just sat there. So I spent part of my morning in an emotional tizzy - Why me? Why can't it ever be stuff I can deal with on my own? Why did God chose for me to be father-less, brother-less, and husband-less? Why did he make me so weak but yet make me appear to the rest of the world so strong? It's not who I really am and it chaps me.

Right when I've decided to buckle down on some things I'm forced to go buy yet another sump pump – a chunk of change I did not want to spend for something that will probably only work for a couple of years (that is how long it has been since the dead pump was put in).

Therefore, I hauled in this morning in order to not miss meetings only to find one was moved. Then I've got the requisite asshole who doesn't understand policy and fights me when I tell him to badge in behind me and the people who criticize the rooms selected to have meetings in. After last week's triple bump on what rooms I could reserve and my pre-existing mood this morning – I don't want to hear it. I've had my dose of foul...

I was finally starting to settle down and put on the big girl panties to just cope with the bullshit situation by lunch time. I decided to head out to home depot, snag a new pump, head home to band aid the situation, and try to get back to work. Uh huh. Plan didn't last much beyond the point where I turned the ignition and nothing happened. Are you kidding karma? I didn't piss in your wheaties no need to poo in mine!

Instead Beff was kind enough to run me to the depot for said pump and to commiserate with some grub since I was starting to get shakey anyhow. After lunch I tossed the pump into the semi-dead vehicle (the door locks on the door won't work but the dome light comes on) and headed back in to my desk hoping that Vixen wasn't swimming - she'd SO never forgive me for that.

Here I am at home, it's not even 7pm but things are back in order. The car just needed a jump, which got me to advanced to snag a new battery. From there I came home with the new sump pump and started to tinker around on the old one and got it running. I'm not counting it healthy, but it's running right now, so that's at least good. Most of the water that was inside was dried up or receeded by the time I got home, win number three for the evening. Unfortunately, when the sump pump started running again the dogs were out back. Have I mentioned how enthralled they are with the shooting water and the resulting mudpit? yea. Muddy, wet, stinky, dogs. I might be sleeping alone tonight. One thing for sure - I need a drink.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

As lovely as Saturday was today was sloppy and gross. I guess I should count myself lucky it isn't snow instead of rain, but this does mean a rather messy back yard. Today I decided to make a couple bling deliveries and visit mom in the process. The two younger girls got to visit with their grammy who is feeling better this weekend than she was last, thank goodness.

Very little was accomplished around the house this weekend, but I did cross off the things I had put on my (must) to do list so I'll count it as a small victory even if I have to go back to work tomorrow. Still didn't make it on the treadmill. They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, I believe I've been down that road all too often.

Friday, January 22, 2010

To celebrate my reactivation... I'm offering everyone within the sound of my voice a special thank you discount on your lia sophia order.

If you'd like to save extra money above and beyond the month's discount on your lia sophia order here's all you have to do:
Go to my website:
Pick the current catalog (presently it's fall/winter, but after Feb 1 it'll be the Spring/Summer)
Click on the how to purchase link at the top right of the catalog to enter a hostess name.
Enter Judy Coposky.
Order away!

A $50+ order will get an extra $5 off. A $80+ order will get an extra $10 off.
For what little is left of January, for each 1 you buy you get 2 half off. The most expensive items are always the discounted ones.
In February, buy 2 or more and get the same number discounted at half off.

I'll ship straight to you if you order through the website.
So yesterday for dinner and today for lunch I grubbed on uberslow roasted pork roast that I smoothered in a orange honey bbq sauce and a baked potato that I used some of the spinach and artichoke dip I had left over on. Long story short, quite good. Now what for dinner tonight? I just want to nap... didn't get to bed early last night like I had hoped, maybe a nap and then I'll be ready to find something to feast on. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I am truly a proud citizen of the Nation of Why Not. Seeing the steps that Royal Caribbean has taken to assist in the devastation in Haiti brings me happiness knowing I've aligned myself with an organization that cares. They've taken a great deal of heat for returning to Labadee so soon and I simply do not understand. They're taking desperately needed supplies and allowing those that work in Labadee to continue to do so. Are so many vacationers that easily distracted that a few hundred miles on a different island that isn't part of "Haiti" they could forget what has happened and go about their merry lives unchanged? Go see what RC has been doing for yourself.

Since I've already started this post as a rant questioning the intellectual logic of some I'll continue in that path by stating yet AGAIN today I was bumped from a conference room by someone who did not properly book it. Seriously, it's not hard. A conference room is not a person, it is a resource, if you put it in exchange as such the conference room will reserve preventing anyone else from taking it and will respond accepting the event. Eesh.

I didn't get to satiate my grubbage desires with a pecan crusted chicken salad yesterday for lunch so we went today instead. Such a beautiful sight. One I hate to see but can't get enough of all at the same time.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

When I sleep w/ a major headache I tend to have some of the most odd, interesting, and intense dreams and I wonder about my sanity. This one had me realizing I was being played by a guy as was some other girl - so he was being entertained by people who wanted to talk to him about the situation which resulted in him being dangled by his head and tossed over a balcony into a little puddle. Yes, I'm messed.

Since there isn't much cleaning needing to be done, well okay, the bedroom could still use a dusting but that's too bad, I think I'm going to head to Altoona w/ Beff for a little shopping and a quick visit with mummy if she's around. It's raining today, a nice departure from all the snow, but with most of it melting off we're now to the slush backyard phase, something I could do without.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I think the trib calls this Laurels and Barbs, so here we go...

Laurels: Mithy took me to the Solomon Run Fire Hall Thursday night where I tried some of their wings. I had 6 honey-lime and I could have eaten a couple dozen. OMG they were good. Kudos firemen, kudos.

Barbs: After I headed home to do more cleaning and start making snackage for Saturday. I went to mix the dip and could NOT find the sour cream I bought. Double-checked the receipt, it's on there, I paid for it… but it is nowhere to be found. What is wrong with Giant Eagle lately? This is the second time I've had that happen recently. I've also had issues where the cashier has watched me put my things down and then try to ring my items up with someone else's. Seriously? Pay attention!

Barbs: B. Moss' latest incarnation online. I had just started to really like the sweaters I was finding in B. Moss when the store closed. So when I saw they were open again in an online form I thought "awesome!" . I bought a couple sweaters from there recently. I was surprised that they weren't labeled as B. Moss anymore, but figured eh no biggie. Friday morning I tried to put on a sweater and my head wouldn't fit through the neck hole. Is my head large? I don't think so. We're not even talking snug fit, we're talking tis no way.

Belated Laurels: The Chiefs let the head coach go. On one hand, I feel bad for anyone getting the axe, but he needed to go and it was painfully obvious to the fans.

Upcoming Laurels: The second Draculacon has been scheduled! They've got the Cadillac Creeps coming back which I thoroughly enjoyed last year and what sounds like a pretty awesome lineup for the day including my beloved friend from my youth Phat Man Dee. Good work Blair! See you at the Arcadia May 8th.

Uber-Laurels: My end of season party was tiring but good. Even if my house wasn't packed full it's clean now as a result of getting ready for it! The lavendar lemonade I made is quite yummy too.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Last night I had the pleasure of relaxing and having good grubbage with Beff and Heather at the Windber hotel. I had already called it my evening off when I returned to get an invite to the movies, so despite being tired I headed to see Daybreakers.

First, awesome deaths involved, cool concept but it just didn't have an ending... it kind of left you hanging. I think it did have a bit of a message as to how quickly humans, even non-humans, can turn on one another in a famine situation. I loved the ads they had placed in this "vampire-run" world, they made me smile.

So today I was too tired, resulting in a nap earlier this evening instead of getting back on cleaning and preparations. I also managed to give myself a cough. Yea, I know that sounds stupid, but I think this is how I tend to get sick more often than catching whatever from someone else - I have a stupid human moment where I lose the capacity to swallow my own saliva and instead suck some of it into my lungs, coughing like crazy for a couple minutes, and then having a slight cough the rest of the evening that develops into something deeper. Hopefully that doesn't happen, but we'll see.

Monday, January 11, 2010

It's only Monday, but already feels like it should be Wednesday, or Tuesday, at least. I find myself tonight working on the bottle of Black Currant wine and working in the dining room to get it ready for my shindig this weekend. What a mess my house is. I'd rather be reading my book or watching my back episodes of Farscape.

I just took garbage and recyclables out and saw big fat white things falling from the sky once again. This is it folks, I think we need to ban together, kidnap mother nature, and beat some sense into her. I'm talking old-fashion ass whooping.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

I forgot to mention that one of my stops on the to do list today was at Wolf's where I ordered a new dresser and chest of drawers. The old "chesser" and drawers I have were bought prb in 98? They're still in good shape but it's time for an upgrade and to create some drawer space upstairs.
My Saturday is pretty much done for, at least the productive part is, and I didn't get one of the big things off of my to do list thanks to spending yet more time digging out the driveway. So this morning at 6:30 the township decided to ticket myself and my tenant. I'm assuming for our tires being out in the street. Now, remember, they are the ones that keep plowing me in! Asses. Needless to say, if I will either stop to make the payment and provide them some additional details or I will be writing a strongly worded letter to accompany my payment.

I tried getting the tib out again but just got it further stuck down in towards the house. So there is no regaining space that it is taking up for parking. Gratefully, before the snowblower started making an awful sound I got enough space cleared at the top of the driveway to pull the durango down there and clear up the rest of the space for the tenant. So yea, I think the blower is broken again, and it isn't a shear pin this time. I'll look at it more once the crap melts out of it.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Ahh, the weekend! Last night Doug came to my rescue and helped me change out the shear pins on the snowblower, so I am up and running again. Today's been a bit of a flurry of things since leaving work. I ran into Ross and TJ Maxx where I found a couple dresses at prices that couldn't be passed up, when I got home there several boxes on the porch waiting for me.

Among those items were new sweaters for the girls. I found these argyle Zack and Zoey sweaters on ebay that came in XL and XXL. I thought they were cute, but at 15-20$ a piece, too much. When I found them on for $4.99 for any size and a reasonable shipping price I thought what the heck. Now that was earlier this week... and they're here already! Vixen wasn't too thrilled, but hers fits nicely and she looks adorable. She and Saffy got gray with pink and since red-heads shouldn't wear pink I got the green for Dani. Just adorable. I did snap some pictures, but it'll be a little while before I pull pics off the camera.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

What a day! I hoped a ride to work today with the anticipation of getting the Durango back. I headed to get Autumn in the middle of the afternoon and she looks awesome. It was so nice to not spin tire or slide at all heading back up into Richland. She's home!

I still didn't get to the game tonight thanks to the abundance of snow because I needed to finish clearing parking space for a second vehicle and my tenant, who is back from his vacation as of late last night. When he returned both Saffy and I heard him sitting straight up in bed.

I shoveled for two hours and hurt like hell right now because the snowblower's auger stopped. Argh! At least it is mostly clear, until they plow me back in again anyhow. The tib is completely stuck right now nearest where the plow would dump first. Even shoveled out he (Drake) would not move up the slight grade on the snow, how lame is that? Slacker. So he's now at an angle w/ Autumn beside and then the tenant's vehicle. We're out on the road a bit, but it's going to have to do, I physically cannot do more right now - and we have another snow storm coming Friday!

To try and alleviate the strain I got a nice warm shower and then was back downstairs by the snowblower as Doug was helping me try to diagnose. After I was looking for the paperwork etc that came with the blower without success. I found all kinds of books from all kinds of other things I've bought through the years, but no blower stuff. Time to search the net.

Next big deal for the day is Slips committing yet again! So now we're booked for Bermuda too. Yay - another cruise lined up to give me hope to get through the rest of the winter. We'll be back on Explorer again, booked again for a Promenade. If you recall our Canadian cruise was to be as such but they upgraded us to a balcony.

Ok, It's getting late, I'm exhausted, and surviving on the brownie I had for dinner. Woot. G'night all.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My little girl is the cutest bugger ever. I worked from home today since we got even more snow. Midway through the morning she pulls her sweater out from under the coffee table and stands there holding it. I think she wanted it on. She's been sporting it since and happy to be out playing in the snow with D, who I also put a coat on. It's at least up into the 20's now, so they're willing to play for a little while.

I got some good news too - they released 200 bumpers! So mine should be arriving at Wagner's in the morning and I may have a 100% complete Durango at the end of the day. Yay! I've missed her.

Monday, January 04, 2010

I have an incredibly hard time coping with this area when the weather is bad. It makes me want to throw myself to the ground in a four year old's temper tantrum. This morning I shoveled, and shoveled, and shoveled. Nevermind that I just snowblowed the parking area yesterday around noon. I was stuck as could be there for a while. Nothing classier than a chick in a skirt swearing at the snow and tossing it over her shoulder. My arms and shoulders are already sore from this crap. After much tire spinning, my car was out and I was "on my way" to work. I put that in quotes because most of it was trying to get the vehicle to start moving since there is a mess of snow on all of the roads, and then trying to get stopped as the car just slid across crud. The one big slide had me headed for a tractor trailer that felt the need to turn from Galleria drive at the newest light by Northrop. Again, only my driveway was plowed in, the people across the street
– nothing but their tire tracks – me it was up above where the vehicle body starts. Ugh. I'm sure they'll plow it back in again while I'm here too, that's the freakin fun part.

So, I called to check on the Durango. One part – the rear bumper – is on national friggin backorder, it "could be months". Nice, eh? Well, at least it's drivable without this part, so I might be able to get it back tomorrow evening, if I can get there to get it. Even then my tenant will be coming back soon and I'll need to keep snow cleared for his ability to access the parking space. I've been throwing rocks galore into my yard since no one will pave my driveway.

Right now, I just want a hug and someone to tell me stuff will be okay. I'm tired of needing to deal with things on my own. I'm not saying I want someone to dig me out, but it would be nice to have someone standing beside me with a second shovel and joining in a chorus of cursing out Richland Twp for plowing "us" in. Facing the world alone is just so tiring sometimes and it's always the stupid small stuff that seems to break the camel's back.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy birthday dear SAFFY! One year ago today my cuddle bug aka Saffaroo Kangerpuppy came home with us. Since she was guestimated to be about a year already we just called it her birthday, thus making her two today. It's been a busy one... we got up early for a weekend day and cleaned off the car to head to Petco for birthday gift shopping. Saffy picked out a couple cow toys and a peanut butter filled bone. Since we returned I kept her little coat on her as it's cold as the dickens out today. Just how cold _is_ "the dickens" you might ask? Well "3" sounds like a reasonable number, no? You know it's cold when siberian huskies don't want to stay outside for more than the time it takes to potty much less the length of my shower.

We did some more cleaning and putting away of holiday items today in order to make ready for the Laws who are coming to wrap up Christmas with us this evening. We originally talked about bringing Buster to wear him out, but given the cold that will have to hold for another day.

I took the opportunity to throw together a few little munchies. While not from all fresh goodies, as per my normal recipe, I did make some salsa to go with some Harry and David chips I bought on my last trip to the outlets. I've been itching to dig into them. I also made some brownies with caramel crunch on top, and of course a fruity tequila-based beverage to go with the aforementioned salsa. In addition I also made some meatballs and sauce and will be enjoying a plate of spagetti in just a short while.

I wish I had this much motivation every day. 'scuse me, I have meatballs calling my name.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

I thought I should amend myself... I guess some other things happened in 2009 like starting to sell lia sophia, some pretty amazing vacations, and the like. I guess I need to focus on the good stuff that not everyone is lucky enough to have, even if there are things I deem important that seem to be "missing".

Friday, January 01, 2010

2009 was pretty stagnant, the most memorable events (from the top of my head) being bringing home Saffy and banging up Autumn. Pretty sad, huh? I can't believe it's 2010 already, last year just seemed to blur by. We got a bit of snow again today while I was out trudging through my normal weekend shopping, where the stores were empty as can be. As you can see, 2010 is starting out just as bland as 2009.

The Christmas gifts are slowly coming down today, but I am still chilling and enjoying my extra day off. So what did everyone else do today? Did you make a resolution? I'd like to say I'll take weight back off, but I know better than to call it a resolution, it's just something I need to do.