Thursday, May 31, 2012

F.  It was a stressful day at work, lots to accomplish right now thanks to a big focus shift and a near deadline.  I'm surprised I didn't leave w/ a tension headache.  I went for my walk, I made dinner, and thought I'd take Saffy out for a quick drive (to charge up the Durango) and to get ice cream as a treat at the end of a day that could drag my mood down.

We drove around a bit and then I stopped so I could take a couple photos.  I left the Durango running.  When I came back and took it out of park the brake pedal sunk to the ground and it started to roll.  No indicators on or anything else giving me a clue, I put her back into park and started to make phone calls.

She should have gotten towed to Wagner's by now... she needed an appointment down there anyhow, but I was waiting for my inspection paperwork to arrive.  I have a nice laundry list of things for them to look at... now we can add to that list dead brakes.  Now, initially I just chalked this up to "ya know the brakes haven't felt right since I got the new ones last year" but I've thought it was prb just rotors needing tended to.  Then I start flipping through the owner's manual while I waited for my hero (Beff) to come snag me and see that a poorly connected electrical device could cause issues with the brakes too.  F.

If after all of these years that I put off getting a remote starter because I was afraid of electrical issues... if after I waited until it was out of warranty, if after I debated up to the last minute denying the Christmas gift there is something wrong w/ Autumn BECAUSE of that starter I will so not be happy.  I guess my good side is she did start right up tonight.  *sigh*

With these three girls I can't not have that big-ass vehicle.  I can't not have it in the winter around here.  She only has 30k miles.  I don't care if she's 9 years old, she shouldn't have such issues.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The end of my weekend was also quite awesome hanging w/ a crew at the Schmou's on Monday night.  We've had some pretty good storms whipping through here in the past few days that have helped to take the heat out of the air a bit - it's been a hot few days!
I keep seeing articles on the little vessels of cubans rescued by cruise ships.  Ok, I get you can't leave them there, it's dangerous, but why exactly isn't the Coast Guard called out to deal with them?  I'd hope it doesn't delay the ship much and thus the passengers, but I'd be pretty pissed if I were delayed for something like that.  Go ahead, when you're done calling me a heartless bitch I'll continue.  It's true!  Why should the cruise lines incur costs like that?  And who pays to send them back?  I'm sure it's you and I.  Even if it was the Coast Guard the costs to us are, I'm sure, obscene.  I think it's all rediculous.
Why does our country struggle so much with illegal immigration?  Are the legal methods THAT difficult to follow?  If so, let's fix the process, so we have a solid argument to crack down on illegals.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Have I mentioned lately how awesome it is, when it is raining, to NOT be all worried about and checking the basement every 5 minutes?  Yay curbs!

Had a good dinner w/ mum today and managed to find a pair of gray shorts I was seeking at Old Navy. This evening after returning home, just in time to beat the major storms (I need new wipers on the Durango), I visited again w/ Mithy, Rex, and this time Addie for Little Sprinkles.  One more day off, thank goodness!
Who doesn't love a long weekend?  This one seems to be going fast though.  Friday night I was in bed shortly after 9, just totally wiped out.  I tried to sleep in a bit on Saturday so I had the stamina to survive it, but I think I should have had a nap as well.  There was running to be accomplished, I am on a quest to find a gray pair of shorts or capris and several appointments to my peeps.

First up, sushi w/ Eggs, Tonya, Jax, Kristy, Gail, DP, Adam, Tom and H-Dub.  Great chats, good food - had one roll and tried the blue marlin (not sushi) which was delightful.  From there, since it's a holiday Rex is in town, so he, Mithy, and I started at Hometown and moved on to the Alibi.  I had a lovely headache going from dinner, not sure what there gave me an issue - perhaps it's time for food allergy testing as well.  It's been a long time since we played photo hunt and 11ball on the MEGA-touch, so it was a good time, despite my head's discomfort.

Today is picnic time with mom.  Since the Durango decided to zap out again I have to jump her before I can leave.  Hopefully this drive will be enough to give it a good charge that will hold.  I just got my registration renewal or I would have already had her down at Wagner's for another set of eyes to see if it is just that the battery wasn't fully charged or if there is some other issue.  C'mon cosmic vehicle God's... you gotta keep her running and happy for another 5 years or more!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dani was already showing notable improvement by late afternoon, walking the stairs out back, albeit slowly, to head outside on her own.  She was all wagging tails and happy to take her pill again this morning, so I think we'll be doing swimmingly in just a couple days.  With everyone in full-on nap mode I headed out last evening to catch up with Phil over a po-boy and a couple yummy beers at Southside.
Tonight I am entertaining, may as well get this stuff in while the house is in a reasably clean state from last weekend.  I tried to stop and grab some filet and brussel sprouts last night but Iggle disappointed.  I mean, really a run on brussel sprouts?  How do you explain being out?  When I saw the filet looking less than awesome I just turned and headed for the hills... hopefully everything will be right with the world tonight so I have food to cook when I get home!
By the way, it's Thursday - already!  Time really does start to fly the older you get.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So, yesterday when I got home and put the dogs out I heard a yelp that sent me running to see what was going on.  None of them were near each other, so I assumed someone just got surprised by a pot hole that Saffy created or a foot got turned the wrong way.  During the night Dani woke me up a few times with a quick yelp - you know, like if you accidentally step on their toes?  This morning she didn't want to walk down the deck stairs and after I carried her down she just laid down in the grass, no desire to potty.
Needless to say, I went to work long enough to wait until I could call the vet and to gather my stuff to come home.  I had tried moving her legs around and she didn't express any issues for me, but when we got to the vet she did cry out at her left hip being manipulated.  So, at least we know what the issue is.  I admit, I was worried - because if it's not a leg then what is it?  Back?  Something worse - internal pain?  We came home with some anti-inflamatories and I got her to take one w/ a little bit of food.  Now to keep Saffy entertained w/o her play buddy for the next few days.  She's barking at her right now as a matter of fact.  This could be a long few recovery days.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I made the mistake of leaving a show about Hurricane Katrina on tv.  I sat here for a good while thinking "how awful" and feeling sympathy.  My feelings started to shift when I heard the recorded calls to police with a woman saying "but we have two small children here, what do we do?" after the dispatcher told her that all officers were off the streets for their own safety.  I was 100% back to my previous attitude after seeing the clip of a woman calling to her dog at the bottom of a flight of stairs while the dog struggled to clutch to a floating table then she says "I think she's drowning".  I actually SCREAMED at the TV "get down there and save the dog you f*cking b*tch!"  Why am I surprised?  These people were too stupid to do something to protect themselves - Why would they put forth effort to save their dog?  Why wouldn't they expect someone to risk their lives for their children when they didn't bother to take action?

I may not make all of the right decisions, but if one I make leaves my life in danger, don't feel bad for me, I deserved it.  But for God's sake - save my puppies, they don't deserve it.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm TRYING to be productive, that should count for something.  Yesterday I left work a bit early since my time was in and it was so nice out but the deal was sealed when an electrician called back right away.  So, the lights out front have been out for how long now, it's about time I got off my rear to make the fix, right?  I was dreading it since it seemed like the whole plug was dead and I did NOT want to kill power to the whole house (since my circuit box would need a 5 chapter book to track what was where).

Turns out, how stupid is this, the exterior plug runs into a socket in the garage via a cord that plugs in.  Yeah.  All this time I thought those plugs were for the garage door etc.  Ok, so I feel a bit dumb, and who would expect an electrical outlet to be run in such a manner?  But and it's working again, so that's that.  B mowed last night, I pulled some weeds between the houses today, so it is looking fairly tidy outside.

Last night I also ran out and found myself a new champagne diamond ring as a congrats gift to myself for my successes earlier this week.  It's a good excuse to add to the collection, no doubt.

This morning I tried to get moving as soon as I was up, stripping the bed and tossing everything into the washer.  So, the big bottle I though was soap is fabric softener.  Turns out I have enough fabric softener to get me to the next millennium, but no soap.  Time to run to the store!  From there I spent some time brushing the girls outside and getting my daily clicks on the computer in on the deck.  I do love how the trees give me shade so quickly in the afternoon.  I'll never need an umbrella at this house.

Now I am trying to find the motivation to either go for a walk or to get cleaning inside.  Always time to run the vacuum and now to scrub the kitchen floors too.  Frankly, it's just too nice out there to not be in it.  Maybe I can use the excuse of getting a few extra shots in on the camera to get out and about around town.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Today I had the best review ever of my 12 1/2 (total) years at my current employer.  Past things that I continued to get zinged on were gone from my feedback and for that alone I am so excited.  Couple it with the fact that everything pulled together and resulted in a promotion and you're looking at one happy chic.  I truly didn't think I'd be seeing this progress before 40.

This all comes at a point when I continue to worry for some others, but I know I have to find the joy in this I've worked for.  To those I love with things going on, please don't think I've forgotten your troubles and dropped you from my ongoing prayers.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hey Petco, "New Lower Price" tags should not be put on items that are not the same as a previous item.  That's right, I consider the 33lb bag of dog food that is sitting in a shelf where I previously bought a 40lb bag of dog food to be a different product and you damn well better believe it should be at a lower price.  Fortunately for you, the price per lb still works out to be the same (I'd take less in that case if you're offering), or I'd be forced to wield the keyboard of a strongly worded letter *smirk*.  Americans really are idiots if they fall for this crap.

Friday, May 11, 2012

It's been a bit of a sad week.  I watched one friend pack up his things to leave the company and I heard another is having even more surgeries.  My fingers are all picked to sh*t again. I really need my scheduled vacations, but in the mean time I stressing about meeting personal deadlines and accomplishments before said vacation.  I really am mental.  Spent too long last night running for a tarp and cutting it to go down over the garden plants as they were calling for a frost - nothing happened, thank goodness, but I did jockey that stuff around and hauled the plants in from the front porch again too.  What a pain in the butt.  C'mon nice weather, time to stick, maybe the sun will lift my spirits.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

So, if I buy things that aren't worth what I pay for them and stop paying my bills because I'm too stupid to understand the concept of a budget and living within my means you'll cut me a break?  Really?  Is that the best thing to demonstrate to deadbeats everywhere Bank of America?
I'm referring to this article:
I make my payments on time, hell, I'm ahead of schedule - you should cut ME a break.  But no, instead, people like me get punished for the irresponsible behaviors of other borrowers.  Please Darwin, help us out.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

I neglected to mention that last night's show was pretty frelling good.  A bit heavier than what I'll typically go after, but I was definitely enjoying it.  There was some sweet drum work, fun visuals, and great company.  Thanks for a good time Samara.
I have three very displeased dogs today.  Vixen was already needing a bath, so when Saffy starting digging at the gate again (I really need to find a solution to stop that) and also needed a bath it was time for everyone to get one.  You'd swear there was some type of torture going on at my house based on the cries and yelps coming from the back porch where Saffy was contained to shake off while I took Vixen to the tub, then both of them having a fit while Dani was getting her scrubbing.  We've finally calmed back down a bit, two relaxing in the sun on the deck to dry and the other still all foul in the basement where her grumpiness is best contained.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

This day has to go down in the records.  I briefly fought off getting up at 8am but embraced it pretty fast and got myself moving.  By 1:30 I had already hit the bank (to learn they do NOT do currency exchange, despite the email from them just weeks ago saying they do and explaining the fee structure), bought plants for the newly filled garden area (13 tomato plants, 4 cukes, 6 peppers), planted said plants, and stopped by Matthew's Party.  Got the other tragus pierced (since they have a good deal going and I have been debating it for a while) and dropped off images for him to work on my next ink.  Nothing better than bleeding from your ear as you walk out of a joint :/

From there it was too the couch, but in a productive way.  I created a draft memo of recommendation, a letter of intent, and transcript request forms created to be printed and prepared to send.  I still loathe that you have to pay for this.  I'll never understand why that can't be a thank you for the 30k you dropped with them.

I tried to grab a quick nap but wasn't really tired.  The best part of laying there w/ the windows open is that laundry was in the dryer.  With the configuration of the house the lovely scent of lavender can then waft back in through the open window.  So, now I'm heading out to an all ages show at Ace's - a friend from Toona's band will be there.  I'm running a bit early, so I think this is a good excuse to head out early and catch a martini at the Backdoor Cafe before hand.  I don't know if I'll make it through the evening to the finish line (Coney Island) but I know I'll be deaf in one ear as I sure can't shove in ear plugs.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Ah pharmacology - three cheers!  After the vet trip last week the doctor called today with Vixen's blood test results.  She has been on thyroid meds for a while now, partially because her levels were a bit low (and she's always been a bit heavy) but mostly because that could have been a factor in her moods.  There are two levels they re-check (yes, I know there are 6-panel test, but ours is 2).  For the one she has always been within range, even on the lower end, enough so that he would have upped her meds before, but in the second she was right at the top number threshold for where we wanted to be.  This time she came up lower.  Perhaps because she's gained weight or something else changed, but we'll be upping those meds.  I am hoping to see an even more distinct improvement in her moods.
To revamp for those not in the know, Vixen probably got told "knock it off" or "seriously, shut up" 20 times a day as she was always growling at her sisters and even stirring up fights that she ended up losing more often than not.  Since the meds we're down to like 5 times a day on those comments, so significant improvement.  Also, while I hate to say it out loud as it usually means a fight is in the imminent future, she's not stirring things up and even able to walk up to a person who they are competiting for attention from without raising my nerves that something could escalate quickly.  Thus, I am really hopeful things will become even better at our house.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

It's so not fair.  It's darn near 80 out there and gorgeous.  I so would rather be outside than grading exams that I got the broken branch down and started scooping poop.  I mean, I can grade after it's dark right?  I really should get a walk in too while the warm holds.  For now, time to eat... it's going to be a long night.
And... within 15 minutes of discovery on a kick as balcony rate for a 7-night Bermuda I have a second cruise on my calendar for this year.  I'm mental.
The semester is pretty much over... I just need to sit down tonight and grade final exams.  Admittedly it is a bit of a relief, but it's been a fairly smooth semester.
So, the other big and related topic is that I have been looking seriously at another Masters degree, this one - cringe - is through Penn State.  I've started pulling together pieces I would need here at work to apply for reimbursement.  Fortunately, the new program has potential to help beyond the old one, which would be needed for this to be a real option for me.
It is a 2-year condensed program, meaning 7-week courses.  Yeah, I'm crazy, right?  I had ppl promise to talk me out of it if I ever started thinking this way again... but I have really had it on my mind.  I tinkered briefly with the thought of a doctorate, but I just don't know if I could survive that, nor do I think I have the deep ideas and opinions needed to ever aim for it.