Friday, September 30, 2005

It's here. That statement holds much weight on this particular day. My project is done. I've enraged a few people along the way, but all said and done I think what we delivered this afternoon is stellar. Travel is set to show this piece of work off to the client next week... but on a bright note for travel, at least it's before hockey season starts AND I have a co-worker with a similar penchant for the odd hunting for the best sushi place in PAX for our evening out.

I digress. I think I'm a little numb as I didn't muster my full excitement to open my holy grail. Yes, it's here, it's mine. Ok, yeah I am a little excited. But I think the disbelief factors in as I had a paniced search to make sure I wasn't looking at a fake. I mean - me, with my grail. I did, of course, update my jersey photos for your enjoyment. Given that I'm lazy I made my full updates for this new season. Those that are paying attention and "know me" should notice the difference.

Given that it's pretty cold out in the evenings lately I tossed in some wood and built a fire. Quite the romantic setting for me and my new jersey. *grin* I should probably get another stockpile of wood just to help mitigate heating costs this winter. Yes, my mind tends to wander. But back to that whole another weekend evening of me, myself, and I.
Last evening, after our dance class, Beff and I headed out to celebrate Phil's last day. I think we stayed out way later than was necessary. No, I actually know it. I did get the nice reminder that I am, of course, always right. How many times must I explain the way things REALLY are to Beff before she catches on? Silly girl. I may be a lot of things, but stupid is not one of them. I generally catch on to intentions pretty quick.

I will also put a note out there that how screwed is my luck? I know I've bitched before about how guys I'm interested in immediately hook up with someone - but how completely to the next level was this theory proven last evening? I would ask, but this person has now taken to completely not even acknowledging my existence and looking straight through me.

Reverting back to my previous statements about me always being right: even when I'm not interested in someone it troubles me to know that they'll always pick "my friend" over me and opt to call me "harsh" or "evil" or how they'll dance around how different we are, never quite putting their finger on their less than kind thoughts with words. More amusing still is how married guy friends look at me with complete puzzlement asking how exactly I'm still single. It's difficult to say you have no clue and yet know all the reasons in one breath. But I can do it.

On a hockey note I see that Peoria has now dropped Brian Collins' rights back to us. It should be interesting to see who all we actually sign from remaining rights and who we end up chopping at camp.

One more day. This is it - the last day of my project. There still feels like there is so much left to do. All I can really hope for is to not get crucified for the sins of others a few more times today. Heck, if our theories are right for October 1, maybe it won't matter... maybe I will need to email those friends back down south sooner than originally planned? What if the paranoid theories reign supreme? If the house wouldn't sell in three years when there was a decent job market for the area, what would happen if those theories were to come true in a year or two?

Finally, it has happened. Today was the first frost on the windshield. I have conceded and pulled out my coat, even if I'm not happy about it. The house was down to 63 this morning. At least the dogs are happy.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Well 10 of our boys have been re-assigned back from Springfield. But no worries - we'll take'm. I think it's just a matter of time until a few of them head back up the ranks. Of course, prior to this release the Falcons had over 40 guys at camp. *ugh*

I've been a busy chic out running around the past two evenings when I shouldn't be. The dogs will be pleased as I'm staying in this evening and potentially attempting to do some "home"work.

On a bright note, I think I mentioned that there is a new Ryan Reynolds movie coming out called Waiting, but here's where it gets better. Dane Cook is in it too. Ah, a drool flick. How damn funny is it that the restaurant this is set in is called Shenanigan's? *heh* Ok, yes, the place w/ ghosts.

Monday, September 26, 2005

I managed to make the most of a Monday, getting up and getting to work on time. I thought I needed to to cover some time since I had to run to the doctor today. I've never had to get things gouged out before to the point that I needed stitches. This is a disturbing pattern. Firsts this year: 1st bee sting, 1st stitches (I don't count the ones from getting my wisdom teeth out). What's next, my first broken bone? At least the needle part and all that is done with. Ick. Now to get Beff through her filling tomorrow.

The afternoon brought more fruitless attempts to make headway in what seems like unending small tasks that prevent me from getting to that tiny light at the end of the tunnel. Of course, the day wrapped up just lovely... as we noted that the reqspecs state two different things and we followed the one... well, the one that doesn't match the specs on the machines we need to deploy to. Just shoot me, ya know? Here's hoping our worries are for naught and that our efforts will deploy easily to this lower level system with little stress. We need to get one stood up by 2pm tomorrow for high-level management review. Wish me luck.

At least I got to chill by helping a co-worker learn a little bit about how to navigate Johnstown. Yes, it's a big circle and rain... lots of rain. Speaking of rain. I know why it's raining. You know how they say that when you wash your car you are guaranteeing a rain shower? Well I do have two nice clean dogs that love mud. Yeah, my fault. On that note, time to get some sleep so I'm wide awake when I fail miserably with a large audience. Woot!

"...and still you call me co-dependent. -Garbage"
I get a little irritated when I start thinking about things sometimes. I shouldn't even be moody right now, but I am - so you get to listen to me bitch.

First, there is 18 people in my class this semester. Our paper was due at midnight last night and as of this time, 24 hours LATE, there is still only 14 papers posted. HOW is this possible? And yet I sit and worry myself sick from the time of paper submission to receiving a grade.

Further, I spoke to my mom earlier today and she suddenly has a bug in her butt about me taking the dogs to HER when I go away. She's going to have a relative rig up a chain so she can put the dogs out behind her house when they need to go. Um, no. That little fence and the pathetically thin chain I can imagine that she and the relative would find to be adequate is NOT in fact sufficient. I can't go away and not be reachable when my dogs are in a situation where they very likely could break a chain, leap a tiny fence and be off into traffic within a half a block. I mean, she goes to another state to watch her grandchildren, but she can't come to another county to watch my dogs.

Further, what about my fish? Either way I have to get someone to come to my house on a daily basis. My options right now are to either get someone to just stop in every day a couple times a day or to send them back to the kennel for my travels. Given that we leave the day after thanksgiving and the kennel is closed for holidays I'd have to drop them on the 23rd, which also means leaving work early to do so. 13 or 14 days at the kennel? That's roughly $600. Never mind the gas prices being obscene and the kennel is 45 minutes away. Why not find a cheaper, closer kennel I'm sure you're thinking... well for the same reason why I don't want my dogs on a tiny chain behind my mother's house for potty breaks. It's all about trust. THIS is the kennel I trust to leave my dogs at.

Why does all of this light me up? Because financially it's not the best time right now. Granted, I still bought into things that I shouldn't have (jerseys, season tickets, trips) but damnit, I should be beyond the watching my checking account on a daily basis part of life. I actually had to put Davey off on his money for deck supplies because I went to church this morning and wrote out a check for $40. Ok, how TERRIBLE is my attitude that I think "If I hadn't written a check in _church_ this morning I'd feel comfortable paying him for the extra supplies he had to pick up?" Granted, the whole deck ordeal cost me way more than we originally estimated, but I've already griped to him about that. Watch, THIS is when the person I had talked to about getting a new sliding door will "come through".

Stupid freaking apartment. I need to find a tenant again, quickly. That WAS my disposable income for daily things. I also get irritated when I think of these things, because I've had friends who are looking to buy houses in the same price range in which I own. I know they don't make what I do, and that they have school loans and multiple car payments, and that they wouldn't have an apartment by which to even TRY and augment income. They somehow think they'll be fine and won't listen to me! HELLO. Somehow their monthly mortgage payment will be miraculously much less than mine. I can't wait to see that math on paper.

I'm not an irresponsible person. So I ask you - what the hell? I guess maybe unlike most people, I don't have 7 or 8 grand in credit card debt. Is that the difference? Surely it can't be.

And while we're on the money rant: Maybe I should just take a major loss on my extra life insurance policies and close them out for the money, like some other people did a long time ago out of their desperation to pay bills for their dependant female (that bitch coming later). Not like I have anyone to "inherit" anything from me. Then I look at things like my TiaaCref account through work... All said since returning back to my current employer, just over 15 grand went in from me and my employer. Despite trying to work things through my financial advisor and messing with numbers it's total worth is barely over 16 grand. WHAT? It made one thousand in 2 and a half years. That's it. How the hell does money manage to compound to the point that anyone can EVER retire? With money that was rolled out from previous employment into IRAs all I see is the amount stumbling back and forth making little progress.

Maybe I should just do what the rest of the United States does and decide that I should let the government take care of me. Or, I could just be one of those pathetic women who sit at home waiting to find a man who will babysit them and fork over all of their cash. "Take care of me, and in return you get me staying at home cleaning and making food" (note, some women do those tasks AND have an income). Sadly, those idiot males exist... they're the same ones that decide I'm not good enough for them. When you're honest with guys about what you do and don't want then you get ripped to shreds. Can you believe I actually had some a-hole clown message me that I should "put the twinkie down because ugly fat chics need not apply"? Sounds like the a-holes of yester-year that would say they'd "never date a f*cking ugly dog like me" or that they "don't know if they ever loved me" after wasting an exceedingly long period of my life. Maybe single is easier after all.

PS. Thanks to my employer for the empty envelope once again this year.

I'm just so tired.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

It's done, it's turned in. Of course, I had to suffer, for the first time in my school career, having all of the other student's assignments available to view. It's very distracting and puts me into a panic. This one is longer, this one has more references, this one has this format, this one does that. Truly torture for me.

After finishing my paper up I decided it was time to bathe Vixen as she clearly got into something rather foul this morning outside. You know, there is a reason I took to paying someone to bathe this dog. I'm now reminded. I did win the battle against the 60-some pound dog, but barely. My tee shirt and shorts were definitely soaked through by the time I was done and my legs were shaking from trying to pinch her still while I worked to clean her. I think my arms were considering leaping from my body after carrying her out to the deck. It's shameful to share with the world that I'm so out of shape as to come near to losing a fight w/ a dog less than half my weight.

To not dredge through other people's papers I tried to relax some by dragging Beff out to a movie. We hit the Richland cinemas, even though I would really rather only ever see movies up in Westwood. Speaking of movies - I still have gift certificates for the Carmike in Altoona. I guess I better get on those before they expire. Of course, it's not worth the expenditure to make the drive. But I digress... the movie wasn't as good as the Nightmare Before Christmas, but I liked it. I had a few good laughs and I've taken a few quotes away that I'm sure I'll dredge up to inject humor into the mundane things.

After heading out from there I actually cooked a meal, another rarity that I keep harping I need to get back on top of. And finally, I talked Beth into diving in to Constantine. I bought this DVD a while back but have been waiting to watch it with her since it has Keanu in it. Definitely my speed of flick.

Friday, September 23, 2005

I neglected to mention earlier that my fortune from my chinese dinner (the staple in my diet at this point) read "It can't rain all the time." *smile* Ahh, the crow. The crow... a pint of ben and jerry's and nakedness. *haha* Stupid memories and how they tie together.
I won't say it, but you know where I am. I took last night off to chill and I was going to dive back in and wrap up my paper tonight. That clearly did not happen. One oops by a co-worker and all of the data from our tool went poof. So, after our middle eastern dance class I headed back to help him get everything back in the database. *whew*

Not too long ago I had that blech mouth feeling and I got up and went to brush my teeth. I had a sudden realization that it's a little too much like living here to be here so late and to brush my teeth for the evening here. I guess having a toothbrush and paste is carry over from the braces days. Probably a good habit. Heaven knows I have plenty of bad ones.

I have another deal that I'm talking on something delightful. I dare not speak of it further or I might jinx myself. How did I know the one thing I'd want so bad would come at a bad "time". Destiny, you're a royal bitch, you know that?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Real news. This is actually transfixing, as well as terrifying. Ok, so now hurricane Rita is a category 5 hurricane. People are all pleased it won't hit New Orleans, I don't get it. You're happy it's going to completely destroy another city - when New Orleans is already trashed?

From there, they jump to an airplane that is ready for a crash landing out in California with landing gear issues. And then... a tornado near Minneapolis! Tell me we don't have an angry God? Its terrifying to think we could be watching the apocolypse unfold on CNN someday. Gratefully the plane landed beautifully... a little flame trailing from the front landing gear, but the gear held and they're stopped.

Other news in my little world, I talked about seeing the Leases this past weekend, and today I get news from a friend that they saw Bill was in a motorcycle accident this past weekend. God bless I hope he's okay.

From there another friend has decided to leave the area. I think he's moving so he can get closer to an AHL hockey team. Yeah, that's his excuse I'm sure. He LOVES hockey.

Tonight has also been horrible for cellular coverage. I've tried a million calls w/ Beff and we either get disconnected or another conversation breaks in! What on EARTH is the problem? Are crazy ass sun spots freaking out the planet?

On to something soothing... hockey.
The Springfield Falcons had 18 guys assigned down and are looking to get another 10 assigned down. They have two signed there and us and a UHL team (so I understand) as affiliates. So here's what I'm predicting.

They'll have 30 guys. I believe the AHL holds 22 on rosters, but I could be wrong. (Yes, a REAL hockey chic admits when she doesn't know something.) Let's assume that is correct. That's 8 guys left over to split. We take 4. One goalie... out of the three that were pushed down it's a tough call looking at their stats, and I guess there could be others ready to be pushed.

With the other 3, what do we still need - maybe another d-man or two to shake things up for camp? I guess a few wings would be nice, I haven't done my full research on the options here, but we still need a Zehr-like guy on the ice, someone who can get under their skin, draw penalties, and still score. (As long as we don't end up with Soucy again, I'll keep smiling.) Either way, it looks like we'll be sending a few folks loose after the preseason games.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Yep. I'm sitting at work again. This time however, I'm here working on a paper for my class. I seem to be more productive here (at least at night) when I don't have the distractions of an easily accessible television or dogs demanding attention. I'm probably further along on this section of the paper than I normally would be at this point in an assignment, so I'm pleased. I do still expect to be working on things right until the very deadline, as I always do because I can't pry the document from my hands until I get a full comfort level.

How funny is it that I forgot I had posted all about the wedding AFTER the wedding and reposted information the next day. I did remember typing all kinds of stuff about it, but I think I had muddied up my actions and thought I typed all of that at Nailer_Fan. Poor Dave if he had to listen to me babble about all of that! I'll just blame it on drunkenness but I'm sure the tired factor as of late hasn't helped. At least my spelling WAS dead on while toasty.

Why is it that all reminds me of sitting in Dutch's room mudding and a drunken Hebish plopping down on my lap all astounded that I was still playing? I miss college. I had more money and free time than I ever have since.

Oh! And to prove that I'm still taking time to be a little human, I did get to go to B-Rad's happy hour. I guess I never did blog that he's bailing on the company. I did predict we were due for another exodus (Exit-us as EEK and I use to say *smile*). Quickly on his heels Phil D. resigned and is headed down to my old stomping grounds off of Meridian. I have since heard of another resignation. 7 more to make my count of 10 post-Septemberitis ripcord pulls. I so wish I could be one, but it's not my time. It's not like I have a direction to head in at this point anyhow.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Time to get caught back up on my blogging. Friday night the Canes took on their first pre-season opponent and smacked the Capitals around a good bit, an excellent glimmer to start the season. We'll just have to see how things go today against Florida. If I ever get to move back down that way I'm pretty sure I'll have my routine seat. I think I best start saving for those season tickets now.

Saturday was all about getting ready and going to Missy and Bob's wedding. I can't believe it was already here. Heidi mentioned it seemed like just yesterday we got the save the date card, and she's right. Slippy and I had a wee bit of a bet going to challenge our tollerances and prepared for a long evening of drinks. Much to my extreme pleasure Rex let me drive the "sex-mobile" to the reception! I could easily get use to driving around in that thing. It was too much fun to watch guys staring at the car and realizing a couple chics were up front.

After getting called out for the flower toss I actually went up and - for the first time in my life I actually caught the set of flowers with the ribbon! We danced, we drank, took lots of photos. A good time was most definitely had by all.

Towards the end of the evening, I'm catching a drink from my favorite bartender, Kelly, and who do I see behind the bar but Bill! So I followed him back to the other side of Aces to give a quick hello to Sue.

All said and done, Slippy and I called things a draw. I definitely got my relax on. After crashing out I only feel a little off today (thank goodness, I was kind of anticipating a hangover) but I could use another quick nap before I get on top of my paper.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

How is it that it's only 11:30 at night and I'm trashed? Oh yeah. Missy's wedding! I'm so geared up but drunk as hell and it's early. Yes for once, I'm typing drunk beyond my abilities. I'm so use to playing Mud drunk and able to type without issue. It should be interesting to see this post tomorrow. Sadly, as I type I'm making corrections, so it might not be as bad as I think.

But, yes, Missy and Bob are married. Slippy and I were in a challenge for this evening, but I think it ended as a draw. I do think I got lucky as she was spinning rugrats, which helped me out, but I'll take the draw. Later in the evening I saw Bill Lease behind the bar. I wasn't smoking the purple crack... he was getting ice. My bud, Kelly, confirmmed, so I went with to the other side of "the Aces" and saw Bill and Sue!

On another note, just to prove my brain power - the Canes whooped the Caps 6-zip last night. How fabulous is that!? Ok. I refuse to edit this post. I'm trashed! How is my spelling? I'm on bitch. Even if it took me 7 minutes to type something that should take 2.

I told Rex my undies were from Fredericks, and they matched. Goober didn't believe me even after my end of evening hug and grabbing my ass. So Fredericks - beotch.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Still trying to stay caught up here so I'm a little late with my hockey news being posted, despite it being in the back of my mind. Shawn Mather's deal in Europe definitely fell through as I suspected from a post I found a while back that made me wonder. He is now headed to Fresno to play with the Falcons. At least we won't be playing against him in the same division, there is nothing worse than having a former Chief nailing you on hat tricks.

The other half of the recent news is Mike James going to the AHL. Off he heads to the Houston Aeros and I sit here scratching my head how that happened. Does he have some hockey prowess? Sure, but I wouldn't rank him above many of the other guys I am not seeing making the upward move. Someone's agent deserves a bonus.

Today was the first Middle Eastern Dance lesson which Beff convinced me I should make time for despite my fear of jumping into dance of all things with a pile of women. Yes, I'm glad I went. I think I've been interested in learning ever since seeing Lady Adrian in the SCA dancing, but I was always too afraid. That desire was reinspired by dearie Sandra who was part of a troop down in Raleigh. Wow, it feels good to post something that doesn't involve work for once in how long.

Speaking of work, guess where I am! But get this crap - the only coffee pot on the floor I work on has a great big "Out of Service" sign on it. If I can just get on top of all the documents the rest is butter. Then again, there is a mystery meeting tomorrow morning with my LM and a few other people in the program.

"He said that he would never lie. -Jack off Jill"

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

In hockey news today two things of note: The announcement of Ronnie Francis' retirement - congrats on an amazing career Franchise! The announcement of the Mississippi Seawolves voluntary suspension for this season due to damage sustained from Hurricane Katrina.

Now, how does that go? Oh yea, back to my documents. *grumble*
Words of wisdom from my team which stems from today's team lunch in celebration of not dying of exhaustion or killing one another:
1). The key to a good parking space is to carpool with the cripple. (Point of note, we now have "Carpool" reserved spaces out front - this is almost as sad as the "mother-only" parking at grocery stores.)
2). If you're cooking with really hot peppers - washing your hands once is not sufficient. Whatever you do... do not go to the bathroom. As pointed out by a team member EVERYTHING they touched was on fire.

At least spirits remain high. It's somewhat a comfort to know we're the only project in the program not suffering major set backs at present. I'm really hoping to keep it that way. Back to my documents!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Another day another rookie. Welcome to Johnstown JB Bittner. At least you'll have a short drive to visit family being a Pburgh native and all.

I'm back into another busy week, I can't believe Tuesday is over already. I didn't get much reading done this evening as the slacker bug was nipping at me again. I'm so into a moody/flighty period - probably best to deal with this now instead of later this month as the project comes to a close. At some point I'll actually be able to hear all of the voices in my head again over the sound of the work and class related thoughts. (That's a joke people.)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

I've grown, really I have. I'm pretty good about killing spiders for myself now. Out of necessity only, don't get me wrong, I'd still gladly have someone here happy to squish the little buggers when I squeal. The one thing I have not grown bold with is centipedes. *shiver* Last night I'm in bed, the television is set to turn off in a while. I'm half in and out of sleep when my eyes flutter open ever so slightly. What do I see but this black object up in the corner of the room. With a quick flick of my nightstand lamp I realized what was staring me down - a dreaded centipede.

When I say I've grown bold with spiders I mean I can wad up a huge pile of tissues and squish while half queasy and afraid they'll attack. With the centipede I had to pull out not only the wad of tissues but a flyswatter. After loosening the loathsome creature from the wall he began running about in a disorderly manner as centipedes tend to do. Here I am, now wide awake, in my "typical" sleeping attire darting about swinging the flyswatter like a crazed murderer wields a knife. I'm sure anyone outside who caught a glimpse of my shadow would have wondered what on God's green earth was going on in there. After many swings I managed to do enough damage to incapacitate the centipede. From there I could scoop him up with the swatter and get him to the toilet for his final burial.

Today, after a night's sleep well earned, instead of being productive I headed to Greensburg with the Slipster and Beff. I was suppose to be Christmas shopping but instead I managed to find another pair of dress pants, a nice brown sweater, and two bad ass long sleeve tees perfect for under jerseys, a couple books - oh, and don't forget the superman underware that all three of us bought variations of. (God I miss my wonder woman underroos.) With the nature of many of the books I'm buying and reading lately I think my next better half will be one lucky man. Several of the books today are no exception, but a little less racey than many, as they will give me better awareness of massage and reflexology.

I returned home for the evening and to my joy had the whole Law household here to help me identify some issues in the apartment with the kitchen sink. Speaking of growing, I'm going to try and replace the new supply line on my own when I pick up the replacement. Wish me luck!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

At last - sleep! Thursday, instead of sleeping like I should have I ended up at the Boulevard for dinner. Not too bad of a thing since it chilled me out enough to get to sleep quickly. Friday I caught up with a great deal of things and finally allowed my mind to clear from work for the weekend, and boy, did I sleep well last night.

I came home Friday and just let myself accomplish personal tasks for once, nothing for work or class. I can now proudly say that the Chiefs Fan Club website (planned still) has it's content up to date. All I need to do now is deal with the title photos which will take some time to get those just right and to get the site live. This morning (ok, afternoon - I didn't get up til noon) I cranked out an article for the newsletter, so at least I don't feel like a slacker there. Now I can finish the trifecta if I get on top of a poster or two this weekend as well.

For now, I'm watching a movie and chilling back out. Maybe I should do some more online Christmas shopping too. Then maybe on to some class-related efforts. Either way I'll be staying pretty busy now that I'm awake enough to focus once again.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Kill kill kill me. C'mon, join the chant. I bet my dogs would if they could. I put in my day - ran to get my hair done since my stylist has now quit - and ran back to work. Sounds like a great day, huh!

While I was slaving at work, Davey T was slaving at my place, finishing up my deck. I got home after dark so I didn't get to check it out, but I'm psyched to get a good look come morning.

Despite being amazingly distracted by other BS, I do still manage to keep my fingers on the pulse, or at least reasonably close. The announcement on Jason Spence returning to Jtown came out today, welcome back Spence.

Ok. I'm going home - and attempting to sleep, if the fuzzy ones will let me.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Brain aches! I had a good boomer going yesterday which I tried to sleep off. No success. All I can figure is I am once again addicted to caffeine. I woke up a bit before the alarm this morning, popped a tylenol and went back to sleep. The tylenol took the edge off of the pain, but after getting to work I ended up dizzy as could be. I'm not sure if it was because of the tylenol or because I got some coffee in my system and I was getting my caffeine fix. If so, I can't imagine what a major drug junkie goes through because I was fabulously dizzy.

From there I was off in lala-pissy land this morning. I am not sure why the cleaning people are obsessed with cleaning my white board, but I also can't comprehend why they don't notice the work related text on there that - NO, of course I don't want it cleaned off. I vote they should take this extra motivation and spend it on the microwave in the kitchen, that is pretty foul right now.

Ok, mind is refocused now - time to get the testing plans ready for my project and out to the testers and back over to test and document the other project. Somehow I WILL survive the month of September.

Monday, September 05, 2005

The apartment is, at last, clean and ready for a new tenant. Now to just find the new tenant! Next weekend I need to get motivated to finish my outdoor preparations for fall. At least I started weeding last week. It's been nice not having to tend to most of my yard work all summer, but having someone to do work leaves me neglecting the other outdoor tasks.

My long weekend is pretty much over as I need to accomplish some work related stuff this evening. I think I might try to make the best of it by doing my work out on the deck with music blaring and booze in my hand. I can do that since I'm tenantless and not physically at work. *ahh*

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Friday was an early day but a long one. After getting in early and trying to get things cranked out we headed to the burgh. On the agenda was a Pirates game. Good game, we lost, but that's okay. It's been YEARS since I was at a Pirates game - so good times. The fireworks post game were amazing, probably one of the longer and nicer displays I've seen in years.

Today I got up a little early to get some things done around the house (Laundry, vacuuming, dishes, dusting) and then readied myself to head to Clymer with the Slipster for a picnic. I've really missed fresh corn straight from the stalk - the junk you buy off the back of trucks in town just aren't the same. I even survived the rugrats!

Now what is on the agenda for this evening. It's uncertain right now but I know whatever it is will involve relaxing a little.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Joe Tallari signs with Bridgeport! Congrats Joe-Joe!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Am I allowed to complain about how busy and overwhelmed I am if I have been a slacker two nights in a row accomplishing little of the things I need to complete? At least my training is done for so I can get caught back up on my real work tomorrow. The game plan right now is to get to work an hour early so I'm not losing too much time with us leaving a wee bit early to head to the burgh. We'll see what my half awake mind and body have to say about that in the morning.

I did get a new wallet since my newer purse didn't allow for the appropriate storage. I also found another nice dress perfect for the cruise and a matress pad that doesn't look like it will annoy me to death. Now it will be cushy under my sweet-ass black satin sheets. My bed is getting comfy enough that I don't even mind not sharing it. Yeah I'm greedy. You are talking to the girl who was accused of rolling herself in the matress to stay warm in the hell-hole rental.

The Chiefs finally announced the signing of D-man Theirry Douville. And then... there was a goon. *smile* Yes, he fought JT and was goofed in the head enough to try and go at it again - but he WAS the one that left the ice bleeding if we saw correctly from our seats at that game in Pee Dee. We also signed Tyler Kindle (another D-man formerly from Pee Dee). His numbers were decent the past two years, I think we've got quite a few solid forwards that will be driving us to the net. Two guys who spent a good bit of a season in Florence... I know Johnstown isn't glamourous - but I've been to Pee Dee. They'll think this place is fabulous.