Monday, November 29, 2004

I see a good number of people entering my blog from searches for certain players (Paul, Zehr, Lynch, James) - so if you hit my site on the quest for more information on a certain Chief's player, be sure to leave a comment so I know who I need to try and talk about a little more! Oh, and all you Atlantic BB guys... don't be requesting more information on yourself. *rolls eyes*

"I would have given you all of my heart, but there's someone who's torn it apart. -Sheryl Crow"
Let the terror begin. I have my first masters level final exam in 5 days. Yes, it's multiple choice, but often that ends up being even worse than essay questions (I'm terrible about second guessing myself). I guess it's time to really put the spurs to my final paper too.

Can I just go home and go back to bed instead? I'm back in my active dreaming phase again where I get to see so many people that I haven't seen in a while and miss terribly. I've said it before and will say it again, it's terrible when your dream world is more entertaining than and preferable to daily life.

And since I didn't post yesterday, I neglected to note the Chiefs' glorious win over the Ice Dogs. Woot!

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Chiefs beat Toledo! Woohoo. Great game, and I even snagged some more good photos. I need to go through them and add them to my pile. I think I'll post one link to all of my Oct-Dec photos and then another for later in the season, so hang in there for these links.

I snapped last night too and ordered one of this season's jerseys from Meigray last evening. Not sure what they classify as 'half way through the season' but I'll be getting a game worn whenever they ship it. I am just not a lucky person, so spending money on the jersey raffle at every game is a waste.

Today is for the removal of Thanksgiving decor and the hanging of the greens, as well as my bitchin little fiber op tree. Shiney. I like shiney things. As part of my cleaning I spontaneously participated in some type o negative therapy. It's true, therapy is expensive - but man can make fire for free.

"All of the flowers I gave her, she burned them. -Type O Negative"

Friday, November 26, 2004

Ok, I spoke too soon. There was flurries... heck some even laid in Altoona. To sum up the past 48 hours: My family gave me the bird, and I consumed sushi. These things make me happy. Tonight and tomorrow: more hockey! Nothing really else to say, but I knew ya'll missed me ;)

"Da doying doying doying. -Eminem"

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Another long weekend approaches, and it hasn't even snowed in Johnstown yet. I suppose I should bite my tongue lest I anger the gods. I hope I can get my house cleaned up and my Christmas cards finalized this weekend. It's hockey night once again so hip-hip to the boys let's get back out of this slump.

Bowling went well last night. I even beat my high series by 4 pins. I'm still under 400 on my series but barely. If my second game didn't always completely revert to ineptitude I might be golden.

Ok, now it's time for audience participation. See the little 'comment' link below each post? I want you to click on this link and leave an anonymous post for me. Help me out here... what is WRONG with me? As I've mentioned before - I waffle back and forth between wanting to find Mr. Right and wanting to just run around and have fun. At the same time here I am two weeks from the office Christmas party and I'm dateless. I mean, how hard is it to find a date when you can offer someone surf and turf and all the free booze they can guzzle? (Even if the hockey team didn't have a game that night I'd never have the balls to twist one of their arms into going. I only mention this because several people's first response was - make a player go with you. And no, ensuring one of them is on IR is NOT a good option either, but thanks for that idea C. *bites lip*) Do I just interest myself in the unattainable ones BECAUSE they're unattainable? Is it my own subconscious effort to thwart my own efforts?

Also, if you feel so inclined, let me know at what point I'll start to understand men a little more. I've grown up with mostly male friends, I think I "get" guys better than I do females but I still end up clueless. Example: The one who should have been #1, could have been #4, the one whom I've loved for years... now disappears back into the communication void. What do I do? I turn female and start questioning why I haven't heard from him. I know that's stupid (and way too female for my own liking), but I do it.

"I may just be a little too fast pace and racey. -Eminem"

Monday, November 22, 2004

It's here! For once I'll be wearing something to bed. Woohoo - Batesy!
4-1 loss to Toledo yesterday. With our only goal coming from Van Hoof VERY early in the first period. Ouch. Stranger things have happened I suppose... like Port Huron winning multiple games this weekend. What gives with that? More insulting still was seeing that Reading beat Dayton 7-1. After we lost to Dayton, that's just not right.

At least my paper is turned in. Now I can focus on all of the other things I don't have time to get done. Woohoo!

"Sweet raptured light, it ends here tonight. -Evanescence"

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Team suspension? WOW, you ARE a bad egg. What did you do? You need turned over someone's knee. *grin* On a related note, Port Huron went 1 and 1 so far this weekend.

Ok, time to share the photo of Jean Desrochers and I. Like I said, I look terrible, but eh - that's nothing new. Photos and I don't get along. Clearly, the best looking guy on the team this year *laugh* Paulie had the bad egg type of hots, Jean has the goody two-shoes good looks. Both are great, but there is something to be said about bad eggs.

Friday night's game against Dayton was quite sweet. A nice 5-1 win with goals from Bilodeau, Mather, Hildy, Tremblay and Reid. Saturday wasn't exactly the best evening, but it was a good game. We should have won, but a few small mistakes ended up allowing for a couple more Dayton goals. We still only dropped in a final score of 5-4. Good work to Mather, James, Desrochers, and Tallari for giving us the 4 we had.

While the Chiefs continued up the road to Toledo to play, our little group hauled back to Johnstown getting in around 4am. It was a good trip and very relaxing. I do have to wonder a little about the new friendships I'm forming. It's good to have hockey friends - but a little awkward to know that there are other people out there as nutty as I am *grin* You know who you are.

First, no his name isn't GENE Dishwasher, second how embarassing is getting a signature paper with x's and o's and a "Love". You guys crack me up.

Time for a little mid-season status report on a few boys:

13 Paul, Richard 9 0 2 2 0 19 5 0.0
22 Desrochers, Jean 11 4 4 8 4 0 15 26.7

Today's plans... polish off this paper and listen to the 3pm game.

On a crappy note for this weekend, yesterday morning I noticed that somehow the freezer got shut off. Something must have slid along the dial when I last closed the door. So I pitched a TON of food yesterday. *sigh* I was quite displeased.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Chiefs lost last night in the burgh to Wheeling, 3-1. I guess I should know better than to travel to watch them play. It was a good trip, despite the rain it was nice to take a mini-road trip and chill. Quite a few fights, even James dropped the purse and tried to go at it. I think he broke a nail.

While there two of us were trying to determine who the eye-candy was standing with some of our scratched players. Well, now if this isn't a shock:
Assigned from Springfield Falcons, Dennis Packard... Left Wing, 6'4" 234lb, from Harvard and a PA native. If THAT is the guy, go figure. I'm telling you, there is something inherently good looking about left wingers.

Beacons lost again last evening. Eeep.

And... yesterday my Christmas party dress arrived. While, as expected, I need to do something to make sure the chest doesn't fall off, it's perfect. I KNEW it was THE dress. *woohoo*

"You're so close to me but still so distant. -Linkin Park"

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Well it's about time I belt out some discussion on the dogs. And what better than to talk about than this past weekend's oddity which was Vixen being obscenely nice to someone right from her first meeting of them and Satin not wanting to even get petted. Yes, Tony was adored by Vixen. Satin eventually warmed up, but we all know she can't turn down getting petted for too long.

While I'm greedy and wished he could have hung around Altoona/Johnstown for another week, I'm just glad we got to see each other a couple times and he got to meet a few of my friends, even if it does probably mean that too much information sharing will probably take place down the road. Just remember I get even, and I know SO much. *grin* Either way, I hope the drive is going well and that you find Arizona pleasing.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Happy happy camper. I think all things combined most definitely allow for the classification of this weekend as stellar. There are no words to explain what brings me extreme joy at this moment on top of the rest of the weekend, but mayhaps a photo will suffice. (Must temper my excitement until I get it in my grubby little hands.)
Paulie's back on the ice and fighting again *woohoo*. I even have photographic proof of it! Thanks to Hogwild for sharing his photos online. He must have been in on Friday, just 'silent' (read: no penalties or goals). Unfortunately it didn't help get the Beacons up last evening. Now, when it comes to the Chiefs - it was an excellent weekend producing not just one, but two (regulation) wins against Peoria. Last night's game ended at 5-2 with goals by Hildy, Reid, James, and BK with 2. I missed a good bit of it as I was working the photo booth all night, but what I saw was a great game.

And, it was made even better by my company. While it's always lovely to go to a game with the Slipster, last evening we also had Tony in tow. Nothing better than getting laughed at for the obsession he started. Follow up the game with a few drinks at Jerry's and it was a great night. Of course late nights and old age don't work well together - so I may be taking a nap later today.

Mike also was nice enough to deliver a photo I roped him into taking the night prior. I look terrible in the photo and Jean looks either 1). terrified of girls or 2). ticked at Mike. *smile* Yeah, I guess I've decided to cheer for Jean Desrochers this year. It's not quite the same but I do need to avoid being christened Mike James' fan. Besides, I have no desire to hold his purse. *grin* I still maintain that the way Tremblay sticks up for him that there is some kind of odd relationship going on there *laugh* I'M KIDDING.

The big question on your SATs this year:
Jonathan Tremblay is to Mike James as Butch is to _____.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Woohoo! A legitimate win, and no overtime - all thanks to Mr. Desrochers and his goal with 1:22 left in the game. He was even nice enough to stop for a photo with me after the game, so let's hope that picture isn't God-awful. Other goals came in from Hildie (with 2), Mather, Tallari and PL. It was a pretty nicely sized crowd. Hopefully that doesn't mean tomorrow night will be dead. Either way, good work toasting the River-women, do it again tomorrow.

Another loss for Port Huron this evening, and indicators are that Paulie didn't play (again). What gives toots?

I also had the special treat of watching the game with the Laws, and my dearest Jacob - even if he did bring a spider with him *grumble* In preparation for this event I skipped out on grub all day to ensure I would be able to get an ample sugar buzz. After 8 cups of coffee this morning, the cotton candy, and ice cream I will likely be awake half the night.

Earlier today I managed to sleep til noon, something I haven't done in a while (I'll blame my amazing new sheets for the regained capability), I wrapped a ton of gifts, and I watched a few movies.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

I neglected to report yesterday that I now have two freshly bathed dogs. While Vixen isn't too happy with the little girlie bow on her collar, I think she'll live, at least now I'm willing to cuddle with them more again as I don't leave smelling of dog.

Last night I slept like a baby, in my brand new black satin sheets. Ugh! My mother is crazy, sure the comforter may start to slide off of them a little, but it's so incredibly comfortable.

As for today's escapades - it's shopping time! The slipster and I hit Monroeville. Still no dress for me. I think I'm going to have to buckle and buy "the dress" that I adored online and pray that it fits, looks good, and doesn't fall off my less than robust chest at an inopportune moment (it's strapless). I did however get a few Christmas gifts purchased, so that makes me happy. Nothing like making an effort to put a couple hundred on a bare credit card.

I did a little shopping last night (pre-hockey games) too, to warm up for today. It is SO incredibly nice to have a Bed, Bath, and Beyond again. I missed that store. I also enjoyed getting to go through Ross and TJ Maxx. The creepy part is being in the Richland Mall parking lot and feeling like I'm in NC again. I don't know what it is about that new complex, but it just feels like the shopping areas I frequented down south.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Beacons lose, the Chiefs fall.... in guess what, a shoot out. *ugh* At least it's yet another point. At least I have the next two days off of work. God I love keeping government 'hours'.
Clearly some people do watch movies and believe what they see is acceptable. I say that with as much sarcasm as I can muster, but reading this news article just cracked me up. Has anyone seen the movie Secretary? There is nothing better than getting to email a friend and say "hey this news article about bosses spanking their employees made me think of you".

"Punkass are you listening, can you hear me? -Disturbed"

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I get to see Tony today! After spending many years without seeing him - talking through both of our Ds online and his time in Iraq it will be good to see my old friend, even if it is just for lunch. Hopefully he'll be able to squeeze in some more time to get to the hockey game on Saturday (hint hint). After all, it _is_ his fault that I'm obsessed with the sport.

"Do you ever wonder where we would be if we'd have tried a little harder? -Stabbing Westward"

Monday, November 08, 2004

Time for a PMS-esque babble. I am sick of being single again, but at the same time I see opportunities around me for relationships and I'm not interested. I have to wonder if I'm just never going to get the huge spark thing like I've had in the past again or if I'm just not finding guys that fit the bill. Maybe not having interest is my way of protecting people too - because I know I'm still not ready for something major.

It's kind of a strange feeling to have both the "not ready for all that bs" tugging in one direction and the haunting thought of turning 30 next year pulling in the other direction. I can't believe it, but yes - in SOME ways I'm ticking. Maybe it's my mind telling me to live like I'm 20, but my heart telling me to get over that.

Part of it is that, if my nighttime dream world holds any water, my past is not truly buried. One can't exactly find Mr. Right if those types of things still have plans to haunt. (And yes, I do believe in the foretelling power of dreams.) In the mean time - despite getting good sleep again I remain distracted in my everyday life. Right now, if I could just find someone that is attractive enough of an option to call a date for the Christmas party I'd be happy. Guys traditionally LIKE girls that aren't clingy and don't have any desire to be. So what gives?

"I feel like I'm living the worst day, over and over again. -Simple Plan"

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Port Huron wins 2-1, but the Chiefs fall in the shootout to the Trenton Titans. BK scored both of our regulation goals. Needless to say between maintaining my audio connection and reloading the UHL scores page I didn't get much work done on my paper this evening. Although, not much of a loss - as I can't get on the class website anyhow.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Another win, and against Reading. The smell of victory hasn't been frequent, but if we only win against Wheeling and Reading - but we do it every time I'll be happy. Scoring wasn't happening for either team until the third period, but Lazarev and Cavy gave us the win (2-1).

My day went fast... I feel productive at work, which is a good thing, given that yesterday I didn't have any projects or charge numbers for Monday morning, but now it looks like I'll be over tasked. Lesson number 1: a few simple emails to people you've worked with in the past tends to pay off. Lesson number 2: unless you ask, you'll never know if there is work available.

Here's to my plans of sleeping in tomorrow. Kiddies - enjoy your rest now, while you're young. One day you'll wake up (early) and you'll realize you're old. Yes, it's true, at some point your eyes start popping open at 8am on weekends and you can't sleep til noon if your life depended on it. Where has my youth gone?

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I wisely did the bowling thing last night and didn't even try to work on my paper - instead I opted for sleep. I still could have easily left at noon today to return to my soft, warm, bed but I do feel a good bit better in the sleepiness department. It was a good thing I was a little better rested today too - as I had a few work odds and ends doing their share of irritating.

I'm not the type to turn down tasking simply because it isn't in the realm of "what I do", but for once I said no - and now I'm waiting to get a bit of a butt chewing for it. It's not the work, it's the people (person) that I may have to work for. It's been years since I've worked for this person, years since they sent me home nearly crying daily... I can't believe they still have a job given the way they treat people, but regardless, I don't plan on putting my head in that chopping block again.

I guess it's time to get into the paper mindset for the evening, but boy would a nice night out at a bar feel good right about now.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

My vote has been cast, and amusingly I was voter number schfifty five this morning. I admit, this is my first time voting in Pennsylvania, I didn't start making a menace of my voice until I was living in North Carolina. First, let me point out how ass-archaic and sad the PA 'system' is compared to NC. I'm not quite sure how/why they'd trust Pennsylvanians with a pointed awl-type object. Maybe PA can be the next Florida this year. AND... no "I Voted" sticker. I feel unpatronized for doing my civic duty. Can I at least have a cookie?

I am almost looking forward to the pathetic election day coverage on the _unbiased_ television stations this evening. I wonder how many hours early the election will be called, and how many days we'll be hearing about the idiocy of voters who can't read instructions.

"I see jealousy. -Liz Phair"

Monday, November 01, 2004

Must work on paper. Must sleep. Must work on PAPER! Must focus. Must stop answering the voices in my head. Must convince the voices in my head to work on the paper. Salsa shark! (It's best if you just don't ask.)

"Pull out some hope for me. -Matchbox 20"