Thursday, May 31, 2007

Holy games against Wheeling batman. Also, it appears we get robbed - only having 35 home games, unless there was a type-o or I miscounted. Either way, here is the Johnstown Chiefs 2007-2008 schedule as it was presented on

Thu Oct 18 Wheeling at Johnstown
Sat Oct 20 Reading at Johnstown

Sun Oct 21 Johnstown at Trenton
Wed Oct 24 South Carolina at Johnstown
Fri Oct 26 Johnstown at Elmira
Sat Oct 27 South Carolina at Johnstown
Wed Oct 31 Trenton at Johnstown

Fri Nov 2 Johnstown at Dayton
Sat Nov 3 Johnstown at Wheeling
Sat Nov 10 Reading at Johnstown
Fri Nov 16 Dayton at Johnstown
Sat Nov 17 Trenton at Johnstown
Wed Nov 21 Columbia at Johnstown
Fri Nov 23 Wheeling at Johnstown

Sat Nov 24 Johnstown at Wheeling
Fri Nov 30 Cincinnati at Johnstown
Sat Dec 1 Wheeling at Johnstown

Tue Dec 4 Johnstown at Augusta
Wed Dec 5 Johnstown at Columbia
Fri Dec 7 Johnstown at Charlotte
Sat Dec 8 Johnstown at South Carolina
Sun Dec 9 Johnstown at South Carolina
Thu Dec 13 Johnstown at Cincinnati
Fri Dec 14 Johnstown at Cincinnati
Sat Dec 15 Johnstown at Dayton
Fri Dec 21 Cincinnati at Johnstown
Sat Dec 22 Cincinnati at Johnstown

Thu Dec 27 Johnstown at Trenton
Fri Dec 28 Johnstown at Wheeling
Mon Dec 31 Elmira at Johnstown
Fri Jan 4 Johnstown at Wheeling
Sat Jan 5 Johnstown at Wheeling
Fri Jan 11 Johnstown at Elmira
Sat Jan 12 Johnstown at Reading
Mon Jan 14 Elmira at Johnstown
Fri Jan 18 Dayton at Johnstown

Sat Jan 19 Johnstown at Reading
Sun Jan 20 Johnstown at Trenton
Fri Jan 25 Johnstown at Dayton
Sat Jan 26 Dayton at Johnstown
Sun Jan 27 Reading at Johnstown

Wed Jan 30 Johnstown at Elmira
Fri Feb 1 Johnstown at Reading
Sat Feb 2 Dayton at Johnstown
Fri Feb 8 Elmira at Johnstown
Sun Feb 10 Trenton at Johnstown
Wed Feb 13 Gwinnett at Johnstown
Fri Feb 15 Texas at Johnstown
Sat Feb 16 Dayton at Johnstown

Mon Feb 18 Johnstown at Trenton
Fri Feb 22 Johnstown at Cincinnati
Sat Feb 23 Johnstown at Dayton
Sun Feb 24 Trenton at Johnstown
Wed Feb 27 Reading at Johnstown

Fri Feb 29 Johnstown at Wheeling
Sat Mar 1 Johnstown at Reading
Sun Mar 2 Johnstown at Elmira
Fri Mar 7 Wheeling at Johnstown
Sat Mar 8 Elmira at Johnstown

Sun Mar 9 Johnstown at Trenton
Sat Mar 15 Elmira at Johnstown
Sun Mar 16 Reading at Johnstown

Tue Mar 18 Johnstown at Cincinnati
Wed Mar 19 Johnstown at Cincinnati
Fri Mar 21 Cincinnati at Johnstown
Sun Mar 23 Wheeling at Johnstown

Fri Mar 28 Johnstown at Wheeling
Sat Mar 29 Johnstown at Cincinnati
Sun Mar 30 Trenton at Johnstown
Wed Apr 2 Johnstown at Reading
Fri Apr 4 Wheeling at Johnstown
Sat Apr 5 Johnstown at Dayton

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I do feel so much better after getting just a little bit of sunlight, but much like working out it is hard to get a start. I didn't spend long out there this evening, but long enough to at least claw out the huge prickly weeds that were getting ready to attack. My day just drug on and on... you'd think I'd be excited to have a brand shiney new work computer to migrate my goodies onto, but it is more of a headache than anything. Thanks to the holiday at least the week is half over. I'm just happy to be coping with my first non-vacation week without school work pressing down on me, it remains refreshing for the time being. The photos from this vaca are uploading tonight, so I should have something to share soon enough.

Monday, May 28, 2007

The end of vacation depression is setting in. I don't think I'll ever have a job I enjoy enough to want to get up and go there on a daily basis. I fear I've relied a bit too much on Slippy's theory of retail therapy to ease my anguish over returning to work, so time to behave again.

The next bummer is when you realize things you feel are "big" appear to be insignificant to most of the people around you. The final bummer is having family and one friend (who should have been ON the vacation with you) to send a post card to - moreso to not have someone waiting for you to come home. Boo booo booo.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I am back and have much to type about, so be prepared to read for a little while!

Spring VACA 2007 - Day 1
Slippy was in Friday night and thus we got up and grubbed at Valley Dairy. From there, Beff and I headed off to Baltimore dropping the fuzzy one at camp for the week. In our stop to the Prime Outlets in Hagerstown I did my share of spending and getting into a wreckless vaca mood. Ok, not so wreckless, but I did find a few great buys for all seasons and even a gift for a friend expecting a young one. The weather was perfect for us, nice temps with a cool breeze. Both of us were surprised to get a little bit of sun, but not too much - it was a nice starting point before heading south.

We checked in at the La Quinta near BWI and took the excellent front desk staff's advice to go to the Olive Grove for dinner. I had a huge crab cake and some of their famous garlic bread as well as a delightful glass of Commandaria St. John port. The port had me ready to sleep so I read for a little while and wiped out to get rested up for our travel day.

Spring VACA 2007 - Day 2
The flight out of BWI to Miami wasn't until the middle of the afternoon. We got rather lucky in that Beff was able to make it on my flight from standby so she didn't get in super late. We caught up with "the person that shall not be spoken of" at baggage claim and headed out to our next hotel for the night. The "nickname" above stems from the fact that this person pointed out that they had never been mentioned on my blog. Once checked in at the Fairfield we took a small stroll up the street to Carino's for dinner. Once again I had a great meal, this time it was crab/spinach ravioli in a lemon/caper sauce - yum!

Spring VACA 2007 - Day 3
All aboard! When the horn sounded I was busy snagging a pina colada at the pool bar. Highlights of the day included finding an adorable lady bug pendant onboard that I couldn't resist. Our room felt huge, especially the shower, after being on Empress last. I guess I didn't think things out too well as we could definitely hear the music from Boleros (directly below us), but since we were up at least until midnight it wasn't long before the music ended. The new bedding onboard the Majesty was very comfortable, but the comforter had a tendancy to be a bit too warm. If I kicked it off I was cold and if I pulled it on I sweated. Eh. A small complaint all said.

Majesty is a sister ship to Monarch, the first RC ship I was on. I forgot what it was like on a ship w/ two separate dinning rooms. We scored again and were at a large table near the center of the dining room and were able to share our meals with 7 friends that came out to celebrate their graduations. Many were from NC State which was quite cool. It took a night for our waiter, JR, to realize we were the pranksters, but he caught on quick - so it was good times at dinner. Stateroom attendant - once again I could have had better. I think a good attendant in the room is far and few between.

Spring VACA 2007 - Day 4
We arrived in Nassau, Bahamas safe and sound. There was a little vibration noise as we pulled into port, but it wasn't bad. Despite a little rain early in the day it was a lovely stop. First thing I got up and headed for a full body massage... how wonderful! As the rain slowed we headed off to shop. Among my scores: a set of ladybug earrings to match my pendant (they remind me of a pair of cheap earrings I had when I was young and bring back fond memories), a black and orange necklace from the straw market, a hat (as requested by mother dear) also from the straw market, my free diamond charm bracelet from Diamonds International (gotta love the shopping port talks onboard), a funny shirt, a color change shirt, and... my very own Kate Spade purse (black with pink polka dots and oh so cute).

A bit tired we headed back onboard for some refueling at the Johnny Rockets that is onboard. I've never been onland so it was a learning experience. It was good, not as yummy as Shake and Steak, but yummy. Feeling good once again Beff and I headed back out to explore the sights including the Queen's Staircase and Fort Fincastle, which gave us a nice view. My evening ended up cut a bit short as a headache blossomed. Mental note: always travel w/ the migraine meds the doctor gave me.

Spring VACA 2007 - Day 5
Was bummed that the weather was a bit too brisk to allow us to make the Cococay stop, but at least it afforded me the leisure to sleep in a bit later than I would have to finish fighting off the headache. So - no snorkeling for us this trip :( I found comfort for both the cancelled stop and the headache at the coffee shop snagging a booze laden espresso and double-chocolate bar for my late breakfast. I watched the rock climbers for a while and opted to not give the wall another go this trip.

Once again I left an art auction with a purchase - this time a simple piece of Snoopy and Charlie Brown hugging, but I'm glad to call it mine. The show this evening had a juggler - remember people enjoy the show more if you lift your leg. After 80's dance party!

Spring VACA 2007 - Day 6
Key West - my third time there. We should have had a nice early parasail trip, but once again the wind defeated us and it was cancelled. Instead we did our wandering and I hit a few places I had never seen in my previous trips there, such as the southermost point and the Butterfly Conservatory. This is my fourth Butterfly tour (Niagra Falls, Hershey, Grand Cayman, and Key West) and was by far the most thickly populated with butterflies. They also had some gorgeous birds flying around including some finches a la Pete and Sally variety. (Pete and Sally were birds I had when I was fairly young.) I bought yet another lady bug necklace at this stop - distinctly different from the other and finally bought my very own butterfly art (something I've wanted for quite a while). It has a gentle arc of 5 butterflies on the red/black spectrum on display. I'm just happy it made it the whole way home safely. I also left with a ton of photos! Some of my KW photos also cover the wild roosters and chickens that roam the islands. Bawk-awk! We wandered back up Duval Street making a few more purchases such as a coin necklace to use if I ever get back into another belly dancing class, the requisitie Key Lime pie chocolate coated and on a stick, and a margarita at Margaritaville.

Back to the ship for our last evening onboard. I decided to go cool off in the pool with a quick dip and made a special little friend. This rugrat was racing with his father (?) back and forth back and forth. I reached out at one point and gave him a pull through the water to get ahead. Of course the kid loved it and would say "mano!" the subsequent times he approached. After a while he said "gracias" and then timidly said "thank you". It was so cute. After dinner, it was time for the Quest, which Beff and I decided to watch instead of participate since our team won last time (WOOT). Abe, the cruise director, did a fabulous job coming up with some unique quests and we had our share of laughs watching "the person that shall not be spoken of" and one of our dinner table mates. We stuck around in the dance hall for a while shaking some booty and then wandered the deck and I enjoyed the wind immensely. There is just something freeing about standing on deck as the wind whips around and the moon gleams across the water.

Spring VACA 2007 - Day 7
Time to head home, and it was a looong day. I was so surprised to find luggage carosels and smooth lings embarking and disembarking at the port of Miami. As awesome and organized as the Miami port is the Miami airport is just the opposite. I don't care what color or language someone speaks as long as they are respectful, but I'll tell you this... the lack of respect some spanish-speaking individuals have is what will breed hatred in some people. This WITCH that worked at the Miami airport for TSA of all people refused to speak anything but spanish and decided to yell at us in spanish when we didn't immediately understand her. Granted I'm no where near fluent, but I can pick up bits and pieces - so to turn to another spanish speaking individual after we get by talking about "Americanos no saben"... no, I didn't understand fully, but to show how amiable I am "Bien venidos a los Estados Unidos. Hable Ingles - puta."

Airport behind us we're back to Baltimore. I can't believe how backed up the traffic was. As bad as 270 to 70 is coming from DC approaching that entrance on 70 is just as bad and was backed up for miles and miles. We had planned on swinging back into the outlets to grab things from Harry and David that we didn't dear leave sitting to melt in a car on the way back, but we also opted for dinner when it took more than twice as long to get from Baltimore back to the outlets as it did to head the other way just a week before. Eventually we made our way back into Jtown around 9 and I hauled my last things in. I have many emails to tend to, but still got up early the next day to snag the Vixie.

If you didn't notice the food focus throughout the past week you might notice it when you next see me. I managed to snag an extra 5 lbs according to the scale this morning. Ouch. It's time to start working my tail off, literally.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I didn't feel much like whooping it up a bit tonight with the gals as was originally planned, which worked well since my first couple drinks of choice were not available! At least the grub at the Boulevard remained quite tastey. I haven't had too much dead cow lately, which is odd for me, and I think my iron was low since my legs were cramping more and jumping at night as I fell asleep. The mellow evening chatting that things turned out to be was just peachy - even if I am going to bed WAY later than I had planned.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

So there was this guy... way back when I was in school. Ok, it wasn't that long ago (stop laughing). As we all know, when I am smitten, I am so smitten. Needless to say the typical pattern played out even then - he, of course, had a girlfriend. We hung out though, and it was all kosher too we studied together and I learned I had a penchant for teaching.

Then, another showed interest (as it is now it was then - rare that I would find shared interest). So, I started dating what is now my long term ex, and JUST as that relationship was blossoming this guy ends up splitting with his girlfriend. Go freaking figure. Well needless to say, I have no clue if there was interest there from his side, probably not, but I can dream, right? Well, I've re-connected with that guy (after all these years). If you haven't seen someone in a very long time is it wrong to feel your heart break a wee bit when you find out someone is married and has kids? Perhaps it is merely sybolism of the unknown being put to rest instead of some foolish concept of ongoing possibilities. This was a truly sweet guy, how could he NOT be taken at this stage in our lives? It was still nice to read some enthusiasm in the greeting.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A few tidbits in the news:

Three cheers to the state of Pennsylvania for helping pet owners out. If you kennel your pets - go search for your kennel and see how their previous inspections went!

Cable... a la carte! I've been moaning about my desire to see this happen for years.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Woohoo grades posted! That should be a pretty quick turn around on my tuition reimbursement - here comes my new downspouts and soffit and facia. Yea, that is about all that is getting done right now. The price of siding is outrageous thanks to the whole oil cost thing. To think this house would cost about as much as the one in NC! Well it needs done at some point, so I guess it's time to start saving.

Mother dear also thinks I'm biting off more than I can chew w/ the living room project, but why can't I do it? "Are you an electrician now?" she says. No, of course not, but surely I can't do as bad of a job as the ass-clowns that owned the place before me, right? Perhaps it is all of this that makes me feel like I still have a ton to do. I need to just start focusing on vacation! In addition to a nap I really could use that fruity beverage.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

New projects and other opportunities abound this week. Granted one of those opportunities has me both realizing how far I can get on things on my own (getting my stupid machine's apache server to work again after Java and Eclipse hosed everything *hiss*) and how much I've forgotten (trying to write basic PHP code). The funny thing is my mind has melded what was PHP with the BSC libraries so I'm calling sqlize and not knowing why it doesn't work. Der. I guess it's good to stretch those muscles a bit periodically.

Also, more enlightenment has me seeing all the more how similar some situations are to my very own many years ago. While I highly doubt I will ever like her, I do feel bad for her.

"She's like so whatever, you could do so much better. -Avril Lavigne"

Monday, May 07, 2007

Cause I'm a (two-time) loser baby... so why don't you kill me? Popularity contests suck ass - they're one thing I'll never win at. I hold no grudges but against myself, it's just irritating that it is that very thing (popularity) that can keep a small thing off my resume that might help me get closer to my dream job.
My final is turned in. For tonight I sleep. Soon I'll be bored as sin - and it will be pure bliss.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Testriffic Quiz Your Friends

Thursday, May 03, 2007

I love Big Lots - especially right after they get a shipment of food in. Where else can you leave with 10 grocery bags stuffed for $40? Cereal, dried fruit, fitness water, a small surprise for Vixie, admittedly an evil brownie mix (or two) and lots of other odds and ends. Woohoo. There is something satisfying about feeling like a successful hunter and gatherer. Maybe that is the same satisfaction some men get from hunting?

Yes, I'm allowing myself this evening "off". I am down to just needing to write the two essays for my final so I deserve it. FYI, the semester isn't even over yet and I already started pondering again if I won't be starting back in the fall for the MBA.
Jon Stewart disappointed me... he said "irregardless". That is so my pet peeve (non-)word. It's funny how respect and thus lending to the perception of intelligence is tied to the choice of words at times. I know I'm not the most eloquent but I'm learning how much snobbery rubbed off on me through the years.

I finished grading the last assignment... I'm down to wrapping up my final and grading theirs (when it comes in). I can almost smell the salty air. Sweet sweet Bahamian beaches here I come.

Ok, time to get working. Seems that I get to work on resolving issues with SQL Injection that resulted in a legacy site I maintain the content since it got haXXored. Boo.