Friday, July 31, 2009

Worst username on a dating site ever: anything with "Limpy" in the title. Yea, I saw it. I swear.

Then there's the classy guy who has his hands covered w/ his fists... and two middle fingers sticking up on the sides of his eyes. Mmm, oooh baby. Oh wait, better still are the douche-bags that take pictures of themselves w/ their tongues sticking out. Ew.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm feeling significantly like hell this weekend from the neck up. I think my nodes are a bit swollen and it all stems from the sinus cavity under my right eye. It's so clogged even the strategic placement of my head during the night didn't allow me a gasp or two of air through both nostrils. Blah. As a result I didn't get much needed cleaning done, at least not yet, this weekend.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Major yay! My first joy came from selling off one of my jerseys. Which is of course money in the bank... but the second joy came with a chunk of that heading right back out. For some time now I've been a fan of Simon Bull's artwork. Recently he had an auction on facebook for some of his pieces, a yard sale as it were. While I didn't get my first choice and I didn't get a heart or butterfly piece which is typically "me" I ended up getting not 1, not 2, but 3 pieces that will work nicely together! I'm psyched.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Time to talk about Bermuda! As before it was beautiful. We were very fortunate and had perfect weather despite weather reports that were anticipating rain.

We started by heading to Baltimore the evening before where we had some laughs (and nearly lost a voice) cheering for the blue knight at Medieval Times. Kirkus even joined us! I was able to check out his apartment (yea, I know he's been there for almost a year already) after dinner too. Then on Saturday the 11th we headed to the port and climbed aboard Grandeur of the Seas. She's another smaller ship so there isn't a wealth of specialty things to do, but the compass had plenty scheduled for the first day at sea but not the last day at sea.

For our time in Bermuda, we headed out the first day as a group of all 5 of us with our bus/ferry pass and climbed aboard the ferry to head to Hamilton. Once there we wandered down the street for a short period and did a little bit of shopping before jumping on a bus to head to the Botanical Gardens. While they were nice, they weren't fantastic - a bit of a let down. Back on a bus and towards the lighthouse. Unfortunately it was a bit too much of a walk from the bus stop up for my mom, so we waited for the next bus. By then she was burned out and ready to head back to the ship, so she didn't even get to see the pink sand. :(

Dani and I headed back out after dinner to check out the dockside festival in King's Wharf and enjoyed the Gombey dancers, not much else there super entertaining. Next day we headed out - thwarted at our attempt to get scheduled for parasailing - and took the bus to a few beaches where we managed to get sand in places that sand shouldn't be... and hurts like hell. But it was still quite a good day before we headed back out. Yes, I'll gladly return to Bermuda AGAIN, it's still my favorite place so far. Maybe next time I'll just chill at 9 beaches.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

For all those wondering - I'm back. For all those hopeful - I am alive and well. :) The vacation was excellent, but too short, as expected. I'll report more on that later. Instead now a bit of a catch up on the weekend since returning. We got back into Baltimore early Thursday, but it took most of the day before I was home with the girls due to taking others home and the drives in different directions.

Dear Niece is hanging w/ me through Monday, so I tormented her a bit by running to the mall for some specialized shopping. Friday I worked and tried to catch my brain back up to the concept of coming back from work. Unfortunately, my professor this term decided to change up the deadlines as well as the required assignment lengths just for this week. So I came back and was immediately late with this module's assignment. Nice, huh. I can't help but think it's targetted at screwing me over. Paranoid? Me? - never! After work we headed to see the newest Harry Potter flick at the drive inn. My niece says they changed a good bit from the book that will "screw things up for later". I haven't read the books, so I was able to enjoy the story for what it was.

Saturday we were on the road again - headed to Canoe Creek for the family reunion. In the evening we returned to Jingletown to see the BOB production of the Wives of Windsor at Shakespeare in the Park. A good story, and not as cold as it has been in some past years, but chilly enough. Today we slept in. I guess we need to figure out what else we need to accomplish today.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Yay! While I didn't get diddly done on a paper and haven't touched the tub this evening I did get to head out of work early today to go fetch the sister and niece. Ok, gotta get the second part of my weekly assignment done tonight so I can sleep without fret.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

It's amazing what a great motivator procrastination is. I know that sounds wrong, but it's true. When I'm putting off one thing I justify it by doing other things. For that very reason I did some cleaning today, I ripped the hair from my legs, ran to get AAA batteries for the walkie talkies, and I watched a few episodes of Dark Shadows from my DVD. But here's the biggie...even scraped all of the caulk from the tub and scrubbed scrubbed scrubbed in prep to reseal the tub once and for all.

Yes, I did get some classwork time in today, not as much as I should have and not as much as I got in yesterday. Either way it was a very productive weekend even though I've been fighting a headache for most of it. If only I could have three day weekends all the time.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Thank God for triptan drugs. I'm booming, for the third weekend in a row... this one is worse than the past two weeks though. The coffee/caffeine didn't touch it, nor did the excedrin, so I am waiting for the Axert to kick in. Hopefully I'll sleep well tonight - gotta get on the paper this weekend as today was shot with the birthday celebration. But since I allowed myself the indulgence to get to hang with Slips and Beff for a while.

I am again a spoiled girl this birthday... with books, walkie talkies for travel, movies, jewelry, and more.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

I kicked some but last night. In a small burst of energy, mostly inspired by the need to get gifts wrapped but also because my niece will be visiting soon enough, I did some work upstairs last night and worked up a pretty good sweat. There is so much junk up there I really need to have a yard sale. How many times have I said that?

It's raining out, again, so I have a couple wired dogs that aren't allowed out to expel their energy. At least it's the (long) weekend... even if I will be spending most of it working on a paper, I'm just happy to finally have the instructions I need.