Monday, December 29, 2003

So Christmas is over... did I get what I wanted? Does anyone ever truly get what they wanted? For that matter does anyone really know WHAT they want? At least for once I didn't finish the holiday season with that let down feeling that it was all over. I guess I could easily say EVERY year I kind of sighed at the end of Christmas because it was gone for another 365 days.

I never understood how you could hate Christmas. How it seemed like you could have done with or with out it, no matter how many awesome gifts I found, or how nice the meal was, or how festively the house was decorated. Well this year for the most part - I went through the motions, I put up the decorations and made it clear that Christmas was coming. Sure I still enjoyed finding that perfect gift for someone and watching the dogs tear into their goodies, but it wasn't the same. Congrats... you finally got me to understand what it's like to hate Christmas and to wish it past. I'm sorry I could never show you what it was like to enjoy Christmas. But at least I've learned it wasn't my fault - you'll never be happy until you deal with your haunted Christmases past.

All I can say in summation is I'm very glad those somber emotions were passing ones, tearing at me only on Christmas eve... that I still managed to enjoy my holiday with special people and a tasty meal (if I do say so myself).

Friday, December 19, 2003

Sad day... the Avenger went to her new Daddy. *sigh* Then when I came home I found Orla dead. Poor ratty rat. :( Ah the mood bodes a morose Christmas.
How about them Canes?! The Pens went... daaa-hooown. Excellent last minute score by Brind'Amour to tie the game and a very sweet tap from O'Neill to seal the deal.

The Avenger has a potential buyer... she will be missed :( But it sounds like she's going to a good home, of a hockey loving guy.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Much progress made on the part of my favorite little hockey hottie, Bates Battaglia. In one week's time he's returned from a foot injury to play for a new Caps coach and managed to slide in two goals and an assist. Now we're talking... hopefully this little run can keep up.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Maurice gone, whassup w/ that?! So the canes decided to can their coach. *pout* I'm itching for a hockey game so if anyone is up for one of the post Christmas games here in Jtown ping me!!

Monday, December 15, 2003

There's nothing better than the office Christmas party :) Excellent food, plenty to drink and amusing people to dance and chat with. Needless to say a good time was had, even if they DID neglect to announce the late bus and I had to steal Kirk's car to come home.

Three cheers for the Red Wings going down 15 seconds into overtime this weekend *neener neener* Ok, so they did beat the Caps, but I'm always happier to talk about the Wing's failures. Hurrah to the Chiefs for smacking down Peoria, finally, and for holding to second place in our division behind the Nailers.

With the 7-ish inches of snow we got the dogs are having a blast running to and fro. It keeps them happy (and tired) so I won't complain too much about the snow, at least not yet. Give me a few months.

Ok, back to the holiday party, it wasn't cake but it still was tasty and chocolate. I also had the mint pie from Schwans hanging around my house. So cake needs fulfilled.

Friday, December 12, 2003

BATES SHOOTS... HE SCORES! Congrats to Bates on breaking his 28 game goal free streak a mere two days before his birthday. Take that Boston!

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Wow, a week that I'm actually busy at work - the world will never cease to amaze me.

Monday night's Chief's Christmas party was entertaining. It is quite a hoot to see all the rookies up there doing karaoke to frosty the snowman. I'm glad they have talent in sports, as they most definitely have a singing career to fall back on.

Hottie Richard Paul was in good form *smile* he even admitted to the accosting of others at the mall with wrapping paper that my friend Missy witnessed. What a bad egg, you gotta love it. But I behaved myself.

Bates is back on his feet and playing again. Quite pleased to see the Caps canned their coach after some of the snyde ass remarks he was making to the team recently.

At long last I also have some cake news! Schwanns has their mint pie in again. *mmmm*

On a final note of interest to the world I've taken myself back off the market. Maybe my selling price was too high.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

Excellent hockey weekend... two games against Peoria, two overtimes, one to the shoot out... one win, one loss. Not a bad deal. My boy, the enforcer, wasn't out there wreaking havoc however, mayhaps Richard Paul will make up for that in later games. Yes, okay, I'm officially drooling a little, but it's because I'm a pervert and hockey gear is so cute. I think I have a thing for left wingers or something.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Well the dogs are happy to be back home, they've managed to flutter their fur through-out the house again. Satin spent a good portion of last evening peering out the window and looking cute near the recently erected Christmas tree. I swear that dog knows exactly what the tree means... gifts for her. Now I just need to secure the stockings somewhere out of paw's reach.

I've decided to take a preemptive strike at a new years resolution. Okay, that's bull, I don't believe in new years resolutions, but I figure it's a good excuse to get my butt back on the diet track again. I guess it's the wrong time of year, but my mother is out of state, so that should help cut down on the goodies I will be accessing through Christmas. *oh no - cake!*

Now on to hockey!

Bates is still on the injuries list:
"Left wing Bates Battaglia has a bruised foot and is day-to-day."
Poor angel... foot rub my dear?

Chiefs are still doing quite well. Last two home games before Christmas this weekend, and I have plans to hit both *woot* I even get to assist in tossing a satanic banana onto the ice on Saturday. Don't ask.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Alas, a return to Johnstown. Needless to say it's much colder here, and mother nature decided to show me some lovely flurries as I went to pick up the dogs from the kennel. They were quite chipper when I picked them up. But I'm hoping they'll be tired and sleep for a few days.

So here's a long story that can't be made short for you to sum up my talent w/ men.

On the flight to Texas, well actually from Johnstown to Pittsburgh, there is a hottie pilot. So I make mention of this to my mother, who flew down with me. Being her normal, encouraging, self she basically told me I didn't stand a chance. Being the type of girl who HATES being told I can't do something I said "oh yeah?".

My eyes and my opportunity had their chance again on the way home... he was again flying our plane. *woot* So after the flight lands I chat him up for a second or two and offer up the contact info. Here's where we 1). learn that Judy has crap for luck and 2). mom is always right... somehow. So he leans off to the side, covers his mouth and tells me he's gay.

Now I ask you - was that just a clever and easy way to blow someone off? Would someone tell you that right off the bat? Who knows. Either way, guys usually at least go out with me once or twice before they realize their gay ... I guess I've honed my talent for switching them over over the years.

But at least I got to tell mom that I did talk to him and got his name. Dave the fly-boy... woohoo. So does this mean my mom's gay-dar is better than mine?

At least there are beautiful sunsets on the flight from the Burgh to Jtown to keep my eyes entertained for future flights.