Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 has been a bit of a bitch.  It started out at the gate loosing Mom in January, then loosing Vixen just a week before the six month mark of Mother's passing at the end of June.  There is seeing Mom's things sold off, there is turning off the telephone number that always was hers/ours, there is saying goodbye to my childhood home.  As we end the year we can't even say that everything has been completely taken care of with the estate and heaven knows there will be complications to my taxes in a few short months as a result.

I hit another big birthday which I didn't take as poorly as my previous big birthday, but it is a loud clang of how little time I have left to have a family if that is even in the cards for me. 

I've continued fighting with my weight, putting a chunk back on and needing to work to get it moving back down in the right direction.  Last year in this end of year post I even commented that this yo-yo was something I needed to change in 2015.  I can't say I've won, but at least I didn't end up at the worst end of the spectrum again before I buckled back down... and I've even managed to maintain rather than gain through the holidays (so far).

I've also watched a company dwindle down even further with a constant stream of people leaving at or against their own will, but regardless with sadness.  I've always said there are a lot of good, kind, and smart people there.

I can look at the good things though:
- Vixie did have a nice long life.  She made it will past 16 years of age.
- There was more travels both on cruise ships (Independence with my sweetie - our first long vacation just the two of us, and Grandeur with my sister) and weekend getaways also with my beloved to the PA Grand Canyon and Cherry Springs as well as to Black Water Falls.
- On the most recent cruise (Grandeur) I received my crystal block for the ship on which I've travelled with so many adored people in my life (Mom, Sister, Niecey Poo, Favorite Egg, Beff, Aunt Linda, Kirkus, Slips, Tonya, the Chics) and where we experienced the fire in 2013.
- Beff is engaged!  She's found the one - and I get to be a maid of honor for someone I'm excited to honor and celebrate with.
- I said goodbye to Autumn (the Durango), and while this isn't necessarily good, the fact that I get to see her at work periodically is nice.  I had Serafina join the family and I'm very happy with my purchase.
- I had a focused effort to tithe more consistently.  I had set a goal, which I don't think I hit, but I know I came way closer than I could have imagined.  I can however successfully say that if I count donations I am well over the line, but I'd like to get to the point where I am financially tithing properly.
- I've continued to grow in my faith.  I won't try and claim huge leaps and bounds, but I have found more peace and feel like I'm a better person than I was a few years ago, and that's saying something.
- But, perhaps most importantly - I am still enjoying time spent with my beloved.  Some of the difficult things this year were bearable in part because of the love and joy he brings me.  I also believe I have healed some of my deeper scars a little more and I can say that some of the things I didn't know if I'd ever want again - I want.

My desires for 2016:
- As I stated it last year and remain in the same place I need to restate that I need to find a way to grow my skills again.
- I've done a little bit of purging in the past couple of years, but I need to make a focused effort to clear out things that I simply do not need or use, especially now that some of my headway has been packed up with boxes that came back with me from Mom's.
- I'd like to find the confidence to make a leap.  It would be difficult to move from the area, but it is long over due.  It would set me back financially and with regard to separate me from a church family that has allowed me to grow, so it would not be without challenges - but the message I've gotten is that I need to step out.  The question of to where remains at this time and I am praying that it will become clear.

2015 has been stressful, emotional, tiring, and disheartening at times, but things are shifting in my world.  I have someone to lean on and two fuzzy girls to pet.  Life is good.  Welcome 2016.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The wind was so loud and steady it woke me around 2am. Well, it might have been Dani wanting to go out that woke me initially, but the wind definitely perked up my ears. Since it is muddy out right now I took the girls to the front on leashes and really got an ear full. It sounded enough like a big truck (not quite a train) that I turned on the tv to local stations half expecting to see tornado warnings. When the fire whistle went off seconds later I had a we bit of panic.

I'm still here, I didn't blow away, but some of my porch furniture was trying to. It does make me think a little. When I was young they sounded the whistles every day (I think it was) at 11am. We all knew if there was an issue those were to go off. So, if there are tornados in our area in the middle of the night - what happens? Do we all just get flattened without warning?

Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas was busy.  It's funny how a long weekend can be so jam packed and leave you completely exhausted, but it did.  I headed to my Favorite Egg's after a partial day in the office on Wednesday.  He needed to get a little time in on Thursday (Christmas eve).  What a Christmas eve it was - in the 60s and sunny down there.  The air was fresh like a spring day.  I worked out and then walked to the Lone Pine cemetery where I photographed the whole thing to add to my pile of photos to process.  After a quick shower we were gathering things up to head out for one side of the family's celebration.

We spent that night at his parents' place so we could wake to his Mum's traditional Christmas morning breakfast.  I was there for this last year as well, but had to rush out to get to Mom's.  I'm blessed that with the bustle of activity we had in front of us that I didn't feel as much of the absence as I am guaranteed I would have otherwise.  I survived my first Christmas without Mom and thanks only to my Favorite Egg's family and how they include me as one of their own.  Anyhow, we spent most of Christmas day there, heading back to his place after dark.

Saturday was an early start, so I cut up some of the goodies and he finished wrapping and preparing gifts we needed after returning on Friday night.  Off to another side of his pyramid family for lunch time and to the remaining of the triad for the dinner hour and the big gift exchange.  By the time we got home on Saturday it was nearly 10.

We lounged a bit on Sunday before putting on our traditional Sunday pancakes and before I knew it I was on my drive home.  When I left Johnstown it was rainy and foggy.  I was so glad when it broke just as I was heading down the steep portion of 30.  Well, that fog was waiting for me right where I left it - blah.  I'm back to work - I'm tired - I'm in a complete state of disbelief that it's almost the end of the year.

I started some laundry tonight while I buzzed out to visit with my Mithy while she's in town.  So much to get done for yet another long weekend.  I really need more hours in my day.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Articles like this make me angry:

In particular, for statements like this:
Many cruise lines do not have lifeguards onboard so young kids are able to use the swimming pool with no supervision.

Do you think maybe parents need to make wiser decisions, perhaps that it is their responsibility to supervise their own children?!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

And tonight we have chocolate chip cookies!  My Favorite Egg spotted a bag of non-Nestle chips that sounded good to him, and he requested a 50/50 batch of regular milk chocolate and dark chocolate.  So two batches done, most of the related dishes handled.

It's almost 9 and I still need to work out.  I really wish there was a way to not need to work out every day... but given that I'm magically up a couple of pounds today (and I only ate 2 pizzelles yesterday) we know that isn't changing any time soon.
I came home last night craving sushi. Since I was able to convince Beff to join me we had a quick dinner before I headed home to get on my to do list for the evening. Working out took place while I waited for cookie dough sitting in the fridge.

I ended up with Mom's pizzelle maker, and I didn't want it just sitting in the basement unloved, so I figured I should suck it up and bring it out. I have several comments on this:

1). My kitchen just isn't the right place for this activity, it feels wrong to not have an open bar area on which to make these.
2). I can't believe my mother allowed me to make all of those on that thing, it is hotter than I remembered it to be. It has really been a long time since I've made them.
3). I looked online for a couple of days, seeking a recipe, not knowing that she had left the original paperwork inside the box, including her markings on which of the recipes that came with it were better than others. Oddly the recipes in the box all called for oil instead of butter or margarine like the recipes I was finding online. I went ahead and trusted Mom and tried the one marked "best". Now, I don't have anise, so that didn't happen. Instead I used some vanilla. They taste well enough, but they were pretty soft, even the ones I left cooking for 40 seconds instead of 30.

Tonight is chocolate chip for my Favorite Egg.

Side note - I find it entertaining that Royal Caribbean announced that Empress is returning to the fleet. This is something I heard a while back and was ASSURED was not the case back on my October cruise when I mentioned it to a RC employee. Ha!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

My Favorite Egg returned again this weekend so we could attend work's holiday party.  So much different this year with the shift in venue.  Instead of heading to Seven Springs we were downtown at the Pasquerilla Conference Center.

The food was decent - appetizers better than the main meal imho, but it was hot, no one can complain about that this year.  They also didn't steal our water the second dinner was done, so that was a plus.  I have to say - having two desserts and neither involving chocolate brought down my overall rating.  Instead of having a DJ they decided to hire a band this year.  Meh.  That meant no dancing for me, which is no loss.

I realized that if you combined the number of years at our current employer for everyone at our table... you could sprout yourself an individual more than old enough to take full retirement (at 70).  Crazy, right?

After we stopped (briefly) at Central Park to check out the light tree they put up this year.  Since this was one of the first truly cold evenings this year, I need to emphasize the word briefly.

I have a short work week, but extra things to accomplish in the evenings, so it will be a very busy one. Fingers crossed that I can keep up the pace.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I headed out quickly today so I could get to youth, and join them caroling around town.  Of course, I ended up needing to drive.  This is a huge turn off to me - it will be no wonder when I don't come to extra-curricular activities with them.  My car had dog fur, that was fine, I prefer it to the dirt marks.

The only other thing I have to say about today is this:  bad things happen to good people.  It's hard when you know some things are long overdue.  You never want to see people hurting, especially around the holidays.  But what I'll take as the clearest memory here is ... that's some interesting math.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

It's been a while, but I finally forced myself back downstairs over lunch to work out. This is the first time since Kelly left the company and I gotta say I missed her. The workout was good, just too much aerobic-y and coordination stuff for my liking (it was a butts and guts class). Let's play a game... how sore and where will I be sore tomorrow?

Monday, December 14, 2015

I just crossed the 5,000 graves added mark on Find a Grave (and a little over 9,000 photos)!
I can't call it binge watching, because I only watch one episode at a time (while I'm working out), but I am already starting to ponder what I'll do after I am out of episodes even though I am only in season 3 of 4. What show you ask? American Horror Story. I gotta give it to AMC, they've been pulling me into things. I didn't know much about the show in advance but it kept showing up in the Netflix feed and I thought meh - why not. If you don't know, each season is a totally distinct story - which I didn't realize until I started season two thinking "Goodness, how much further could they possibly take what I was watching (in season 1)?"

Anyhow, that is all. Maybe I'm leaning on this moreso now to fill the Walking Dead gap in my life.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

My Favorite Egg made it in this weekend, SURPRISE, ok, maybe not a total surprise, but it was a last minute realization since he didn't get in last weekend.  As such I had to leave him to his own activities on Saturday morning to head to the Slips/Beff Christmas lunch.  Slips was kind enough to cook us lunch at her childhood home, and share a visit with her Daddy with us.  It goes without saying that I came home with some great gifts that I will enjoy through the year and some beyond.  My girls are good to me!

We then ran out to grab another 5$ gift as to make proper attendance at the Youth group Christmas party. Again this year the food was delightful and we left with nice giftage from the exchange.  I ended up with a Family Feud game that we'll try out at his family's Christmas celebrations.  After I got back, a friend swung in with a special (not so) little gift of a red velvet cake.  Between all of that dinner food and the mandatory slice of cake I thought I was going to explode.  This morning I still felt like I had drank glue.  I am feeling better right now, but I am still dreading working out.

I missed the Christmas ceremony at the cemetery in Altoona, unfortunately, but there just wasn't enough time with all of the existing running on Saturday.  I'm hoping the nice weather holds for a few more weeks as to ensure I can get down there after Christmas, both to get the ornaments that were placed for Mom and Dad, but also to visit with a couple of relatives who have extended invitations.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

I didn't work out tonight, but I did make it to youth group.  It was a good evening and I truly feel like I was in the presence.  I always enjoy the time taken to pray for one another, particularly when there are truly gifted individuals there relaying good words.

For me:  Continued messages of healing and baby steps, but something new that I need to step out in faith on.
See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. -Isaiah 43:19

Monday, December 07, 2015

My little bro from back in the day posted a link to a video from high school that put a smile on my face.  Fortunately, I wasn't a great sax player, so I wasn't in the first jazz ensemble or I would have been in a good chunk more of the video, but the part w/ the flute ensemble part was enough.  I can't believe how thin I look.  Amusingly, I allowed my hair to dry on its own last night, so it looks a little bit like it did in the video - but not quite as curly, heaven knows that was all perm.  Some people could have been a little more flattering in expressing their views of the video, but since I look remarkably the same (a good thing in my mind since that was quite a few years ago now) I am going to go ahead and allow myself to be female for a hot minute and interpret that as a dislike for what I look like today.  Thanks.

My local Aunt and Uncle called and asked if I wanted to go for dinner.  I can honestly say I haven't seen them most all of this year, so it was nice to get the time together.  I didn't want to, but I still worked out - an abbreviated one - but I worked out.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

The vet didn't seem to worried about Saf.  We're doing some rimadyl (anti-inflammatory- temporary I hope) and starting her on some pet power tablets (glucosamine - since we're getting older).  She took her first rimadyl here w/ dinner and is now zonked out on my left leg.  That's one way to avoid her jumping around and acting a fool - also part of our 'prescription' for healing.

After that trip I took a package and the christmas cards to the post office.  I also headed to TJ Maxx where I did some Christmas shopping FOR the girls.  Their gifts for me and my Favorite Egg are now under our tree too.

After, Beff asked about running to JoAnn's so I went to help pick out the right shade to match some of her other wedding goodies. Then we snagged Kaden and grubbed.  The weather is pretty nice again today - so I would have felt guilty if I didn't get out in it a bit.  Here we are again with the sun down... I guess that means it's time to workout (again).

Friday, December 04, 2015

I finally pulled the rest of the fruit and put the remainder of the tomato plants outside. I harvested quite a few off of the one cherry tomato plant, but only a couple off larger tomatoes off of the ones started from seed. One of those plants still didn't have a thing on it. So that's done. Of course, I had already set up the Christmas tree against the other wall, and I'm not moving it to put it in the front window. At least it's up this year, right?

My headache from earlier in the week is trying to make a reappearance. On Wednesday I had my hair cut and recolored so my scalp is also sore from the coloring. The back of my skull feels like I've been punched there repeatedly.

Speaking of sore... Saffy is still limping a little. I guess its time to call the vet. I've been putting it off, and on one hand I shouldn't put that stuff off, but on the other, she doesn't seem to be in pain other than the mild limp, and often I see her running w/o an issue at all. We've gotten way past the "just rest it" time frame (the first videos I captured of it were Oct 12 on one of our walks).

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Last night I picked up the final component for my sister's Christmas gift and I'm quite pleased with the results. I put everything together and wrapped it up last night, along with the few other straggling gifts that came in for others. Now I just need to package things up and get them shipped.

After, I stopped at Nyko's for dinner. I haven't been there in so long. I went with a steak instead of sushi, so I will be hungry to go back again soon. I was already working on a slight headache (and didn't have sushi) so I can't blame that. The tension Excedrin I took as I was heading to bed didn't touch it. I've also been fighting a bit of tightness in my chest with some coughing, so I used the inhaler too. I feel like there is stuff wrong with me, but nothing significant enough to warrant going to the doctor. Diagnosis - you're getting old.

I did work out last night, despite the headache and after 4 days of skipping. That is always the hardest workout to start. Scale is still not moving but at least I didn't gain weight over Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 30, 2015

By the way... working around holidays when most other ppl take off? Awesome. Quiet. Productive. DARK! It's 2:15pm and no one has turned on the overhead lights to this point.
Holy crap! I need to put Drake away today! I can't believe I was able to run the Tib the whole month of November. I did bring him to work today. We'll stop for a quick car wash on the way home and away he'll go.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving was, not by any fault of my Favorite Egg's family - they were fantastic, like an odd get together day.  It just didn't feel like Thanksgiving without seeing Mom.  I got my rear out of work on Wednesday, worked out, and hit the road.  I was expecting the highway to be a bit busier than it was, so that was a pleasant surprise.  Couple that with how great the weather is/was and boom.

We prepped the corn dish and his traditional mulled cider Thursday morning and headed to his Aunt and Uncle's for the bigger gathering.  Everything was delightful, as it was last year.  Friday was all about re-arranging his living room and doing a full turnover cleaning.  It looks great and smelled like spring had sprung.  My body was a bit achy from it, but not as bad as I had expected.  Saturday we did a little bit more post re-arranging cleanup on odds and ends and then readied to head to the smaller holiday celebration with his family.  Part of that family was already out due to circumstances, but then another chunk ended up sick, so it was much smaller than normal.  It too was still a nice visit, hampered only slightly by the rain.

Sunday is, of course, pancake day!  That and a few episodes of a series on Netflix and it was time for me to make the drive back.  The girls were happy to see me, and they're pretty wiped out this evening.  I guess I need to go back to that place tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

It's one of those days when I realize I need more single/local friends.  There really isn't anyone to call on for a last minute "hey, let's go out and grab a bite".  I'm tired of dining by myself out of necessity. Now I'm going to go drown my moment of sadness in fresh chips and salsa from Rey's.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Saturday I stayed slightly motivated.  After doing a little bit of shopping/running I came back and started another batch of limoncello, this one with half the liquor, so it won't be as strong.  The reaction from most on the last batch indicates my friends are weak... no no, I mean my friends would prefer something a little less potent.

The other running did include some shopping, in part to grab something I need for my sister's big gift, and just as part of a normal I feel like shopping around Saturday afternoon.  I also stopped and finished taking photos of the one section at Richland Cemetery, since the last time I was there sundown came to quickly to allow me to finish.  I should have more than enough photos to stay busy on cold dark winter nights.

The bed was also fully stripped, including the skirt (it would be a way easier task for two people when there is a queen sized bed involved), and washed.  I put the new mattress cover on.  I know the old one had a long warranty, but I didn't keep track.  This one is for 10 years and I bought it through Amazon, so it should be easier to keep track.

Speaking of Amazon, I've been itching for another nicer pair of diamond earrings/hoops.  I spotted the extra 20% off on Amazon for a pair I was fond of, so I leapt, buying my Christmas gift to me a bit early.

The ornaments are now on the tree, but not without incident.  I had a vibe about breakage early on, but I didn't heed it, and sure enough, the Pitt ornament I bought my freshman year of college went tumbling off of the top and shattered.  Today I also hung command strips on the outside windows and put up the wreaths.  The Christmas cards are also all ready to go and I'm hoping to wrap a couple more gifts that have arrived this evening, even though there are a couple of items still in the mail.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dear Kitchen Clock,
While I appreciate the work you do, I simply do not understand how you can eat through batteries the way you do.  I mean, you have a couple of gears and your task is pretty straightforward and simple.  I know it's not just you, as every clock before you did the same thing (and then they quickly stopped working properly), but I want to understand where the issue is.  I mean, the previous battery is still sitting on the table waiting to be properly disposed of and you've already burned through another.  At a minimum, can you stop leaving a grayish black smudge on my wall?  That would be super.

Friday, November 20, 2015

I don't know what got into me but I've been moving along all evening.  I swung through the mall snagging another Christmas gift quickly and jetted to the post office to get some things out before they closed.  After getting home I fired up the big pot and made another batch of pasta sauce using up the last of my fresh basil, the tomatoes I've been gathering for a while (fresh frozen), and the last pepper off of one of my pepper plants.  While it cooked I got my workout in, which was very necessary since I missed last night due to a Norwex party for Mrs. Davey T.

Normally after eating I'd expect to sit for a little while, heck I should sit still and get some researching done that is on my to do list.  Instead I put away the autumn leaves decorations, and started pulling out the Christmas decorations.  Since I wanted to put a few things out I had to dust.  The tree is in position without ornaments and the stockings are hung at this point.  It's early for me, but I had the time and the motivation so it happened.

I then went to take the tupperware containers of cooled sauce to the basement and suddenly I found myself chipping away at the ice on that freezer.  I really need to totally defrost it, but until we have some truly cold weather so I can put food outside I just needed a quicky fix.  Since I was doing that I pulled a couple of things out of there and tossed them to the trash as well.  TWO CLEAN FREEZERS, can you believe it?  I also found couple more baggies of tomatoes *rats* so I'll need to make another small batch of sauce in the near term.

I also found another pie.  I should be ashamed of this, but I refuse to be - after all we thought we had eaten the last of Mom's pies.

No too shabby for a Friday evening.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Last night I had a much needed massage after work. I noticed my shoulders, not my neck (which is odd for me) were pretty tight this past weekend. I suspect it was something compensating for a sore spot at the left of my hips/butt that had been forming. I felt better immediately last night and my hips/butt wasn't sore during my workout.

We'll label this post shameless promotion for my friend Ben Miller at Body and Soul Massage here in Jtown. He has deals going on in November and December, so go get on that. I'm blessed to know him and pretty sure I'd be a cripple if I didn't.

Monday, November 16, 2015

It is Monday once again. It was abundantly clear to me when I turned into the parking lot and realized I forgot my badge. As a result, I am rocking the Turkey today. It's the equivalent of the cone of shame for dogs.

My Favorite Egg was in this weekend. Our big adventure was trying a couple of recipes out. I find all of the food postings on FB a blessing and a curse. First up was a "corn pudding". Frankly, it needs a better name as this was pretty darn tasty, and easy. Butter, two cans of corn (one creamed one not), sour cream, eggs, and corn bread mix. This one might make an appearance at a Thanksgiving dinner as a side. The other a spinach and artichoke dip stuffed garlic bread. Between Saturday dinner and leftovers on Sunday night we darn near polished an entire French bread of this stuff.

All of the food wasn't our only adventure. We did leave the house and found Cassandra PA for a Gun raffle. I wasn't anywhere near as lucky as I was at the last raffle I attended, but I wasn't taking as many shots at pull tabs either. We left before they finished pulling the door prizes, so I guess we could still get a call saying we won. Fingers crossed.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Other oddities in the past 24 hours:
Last night while on the treadmill I realized I was missing the front of one of my batman tragus earrings. I was quite displeased. After all, who knows when it fell out and what are the chances of finding it? But being who I am I couldn't finish my workout, I had to pause it and go look. I walked straight to the front of the couch and looked down and boom, right there I spotted the tiny little black top. I couldn't believe it when I reached down and it was my earring, not just a fuzzy. It also went straight back in without a fight. I guess the universe wanted me to get back to that workout.

This morning the dogs were having a fit to come back in. You'd swear something that wanted to eat them was only a few steps behind. They then raced around the house like they were looking for something. I wonder who or what they thought came in the house.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Well that damn near scared the bejezus out of me.  I'm watching TV and about ready to turn it off and head to bed and I hear a noise in the kitchen.  At first I thought it was a dog nose on a plastic bag (any dog owner knows what I'm talking about and immediately wants to join me in a chorus of "hey, what are you doing?").

Danika is under the coffee table.  I call for Saffy and she walks over from behind the couch.  Hmm.  I mute the TV and can hear the sound more clearly, it sounds like something rustling about, but in a pattern.  I stick my head into the kitchen, like the psycho killer who likes to lure his victims with rhythmic noises wouldn't just chop my head off right there.  It's coming from under the fridge.

I move closer and notice that the freezer door didn't quite close right earlier tonight.  Rats.  I pull it open assuming it is a dripping sound is and quickly realize it is a sizzling sound from the bottom.  I kneel down and see a glow coming from an opening to the back behind the bottom shelf/drawer.  The drawer was removed pretty darn fast and I could feel a warmth to the metal in front of it.  I wouldn't have bet my life on it, but I am pretty sure the only light in the freezer is up at the top.

In a partial panic I pulled the fridge out from the wall and unplugged it.  Then I pulled a couple of other shelves worth of food out.  The sizzling and glow continues but dies out.  With thanks to Beff and her man I had a plan.  Plug it back in, keep the door closed and let it get cold again.  See if all is well.  In the mean time I sorted the stuff I pulled out and did some freezer clean out.  I also wiped up the dust from the floor under and the wall behind the fridge.

Needless to say I'm going to check it again here shortly before I retire... and again in the morning.

Lessons learned:
Yes.  There is only the one light at the top of the freezer but some of the light does peek out from the bottom of the metal panel.

Seriously.  Stop putting single chicken breasts in there if you don't cook them before they'd go bad.  Just cook it up and give it to the dogs.  They'd appreciate it and heaven knows you'll never use it otherwise.

I have a butt ton of frozen fruit that I keep tossing in there before it goes bad.  I really need to make (many) smoothies soon.

I also have enough tomatoes to make another batch of sauce easy.

If you can't remember the last time you pulled out the fridge to clean under it, you probably need to.  Immediately.  Ew.  You can reward yourself with a smoothie.
Going back after a mid-week day off is always rough. I rolled back over for a little while, arriving an hour later than I normally do (I normally get in before the normal core hours anyhow). I still managed to beat several people by (at this point) at least 45 minutes. How do some folks get their time in? I can't imagine needing to stay as everyone else is bailing at the end of the day.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

To the rainbow bridge another angel.  Much love sweet sweet Alice.
This past weekend I headed my Favorite Egg's direction, picking him up and going a bit south to West Virginia. Niecey Poo had requested to work the Tech/WVU game, so I had the chance to see her the evening before and see the game, so I took advantage. We were able to share a meal, a drink, and chat for a while the evening before. Saturday morning I had her wake extra early so I could take her on a Sheetz breakfast run (she loves the place and they haven't made it anywhere near Texas just yet).

The mayhem trying to get to the game - just wow. The GPS had no idea where the stadium was by address, the campus is poorly marked for the parking areas, and of course there was so many people wandering the streets it was a bit stressful to get in there. We left after half time to avoid the craziness and stopped at the Morgantown mall to check out a game shop before returning north for the remainder of the weekend. With all of that running Serafina was beyond the need for her first oil change so I made a (not so) quick trip in to get that taken care of Monday morning.

Last night Beff had another appointment at a bridal shop, this one in Greensburg, so we headed back out on the road. There was several more dresses - and then it happened! My gal found the right one and it's amazingly blingy and beautiful. What's next on the planning list?

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Now to catch up...
As I mentioned - I was on Grandeur for the Halloween sailing.  I headed to Baltimore on Friday the 23rd, where I met up with my sister and we went to have dinner with Rex at DuClaw!  I finally got to try a Sweet Baby Jesus (a chocolate peanut butter porter).  We were up and moving to meet our gal on Saturday.  There was a day at sea, a stop in Port Canaveral (where we stayed on the ship), a stop in Nassau (where we did a little shopping and wandering around), a stop in Cococay (where we relaxed on beach chairs and hammocks), and a stop in Key West (where we walked along Duval, shopped, had a bite and a drink, and then grabbed a chocolate covered key lime pie on a stick from Kermit's), and two more days at sea.  We returned on Sunday, the 1st.

I did a good job not planning for this trip.  You have to realize how incredibly rare that is for me.  We just did what we felt like doing.  I took along a costume from last year for the Halloween celebration.  Most of our evenings were spent enjoying the view from the concierge lounge with a vodka cranberry.  We didn't have table mates per se as we had a table for two, but it was in between other tables for two and the folks on both sides were awesome to talk to.  More cruise family has been made!  It was a great escape.

While we were away, the new owners did, in fact, close on Mom's house.  As of the 30th, my childhood home is no longer ours.  I really don't have much else to say about that.  Everything and anything you can think of has gone through my head on the subject.

I'm back in the phase where every night seems to evaporate.  By the time I get home, make food, and work out, I'm pooped and ready for bed.  I did work out all but one day on the cruise (I took the Cococay day off and I'm counting all of the walking in Key West as a workout).

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Yes, I just walked out of work, but I don't need someone up my butt immediately.  SERIOUSLY.  Give people time to get home from work and have a minute.  Eeesh.
Last night I went wedding dress shopping with Beff in Altoona! I've never had that experience and it was fun once we got past her nerves (poor Beff). In an hour and a half appointment you don't get to try on too terribly much, but at least she got to check out some different shapes and get a better vibe for what she might want. We do have another appointment in a Greensburg shop scheduled. I've heard they have a huge selection, so I'm hoping Beff will have her moment.

Monday, November 02, 2015

I am alive and well, I promise. I am back from 8 nights onboard my beloved Grandeur of the Seas with my crystal block (210 cruise points award presentation) in hand. I have more to say about it, which I'll do in a later post just as soon as I get things back in order. But for now I'll say this was the most mellow and low-key trip I've taken. I left with nothing specific planned - heck, I didn't even have notes for each port. I had been to all of the ports before if you couldn't guess.

The girls are home and feeling sassy with the autumn weather. They enjoyed laying in the leaves for quite a while last night, which is abnormal since they usually sleep like champs after returning from camp.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Last night I attended the celebration of ten years of Prime Design Solutions! I so wish I had artistic talent and the patience to complete some of the works that were on display. Their whole staff is so incredibly talented in varied ways. To the whole team congrats! May your forthcoming years be blessed with even more success.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Another nice evening last night, so I hustled to the cemetery to take more photos. Another quick stop there and I'll have two whole sections to process over the winter months. Between that, a stop to pick up water, cranking out a free calendar from shutterfly, and working out my evening was pretty much consumed. More "plans" that I thought were firm had a wrench thrown in them last night, which kept my brain going until 1am last night. I only have 20 things still on my to do list for tonight and tomorrow. This should be interesting. If I could just multitask while working out it would help, but most of the list requires me to actively do other things.

On positive news - Rex and I booked tickets to see Alton Brown! I've been a fan girl for roughly 15 years or so, so it's about time. Of course, it isn't til spring. Go away winter.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

While nothing really directly smacked me around yesterday, it felt like a bad day. There was hearing about a former coworker's son being injured pretty severely in an ATV accident, a woman in our church who everyone knew who passed quite unexpectedly, and people backing out of an upcoming event. I just felt overwhelmed.

The weather was nice yesterday, so I hustled my butt outside after getting home to cross off one big pre-winter to do still on my list. The front lawn got a quick last mow, the plants all cut back, the weeds and wild flowers pulled, and the tomato plants that were outside have been pulled and dumped. That helped me feel a little better.

I also convinced Beff to go for a later than usual walk so I still got my exercise time in, but we got to talk on the bevy of topics swirling in her head with all of the planning. She seems to be leaps and bounds ahead of where I'd be on decisions in such a short period of time. Ok, I won't call them decisions, but leanings.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Today was the first scrape of the windshield for the year. It's not as early as a few years ago, but before when we needed to deal with it last year. Of course, it snowed, but didn't lay on Saturday and Sunday too, so no surprise. I am still feeling quite whiney about it all. Please let this be a calm and tolerable winter.

The side mirrors did make a popping noise as I entered the Sorento. I am worried about how the retractable mirrors will survive the winter.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

So the big stuff did go down for my loved one and I didn't have to fight myself to have all of the happiness in the world.  I love my Beff dearly, and I'm happy to tell the world she is a betrothed woman now.  I am happy to have been included in the secret and the distraction leading up to the main event.

My Favorite Egg came in this weekend since it will be a while since our weekends mesh again (and because I was extra sad last weekend to say goodbye).  Not that I wasn't extra sad again today, but you know what I mean.  We did a little shopping on Saturday, where I picked up a pretty dress at a great price and two pairs of black dress shoes.  Heaven knows when I find a comfortable pair of black ones they get worn into oblivion.

I tried to be extra nice to the girls on Saturday and treated them with a big bone.  They've had them before and maybe had a bit of loose bowels from all of the marrow but nothing more.  Well, this time it ended up really upsetting Danika's stomach.  She was up a couple of times last night vomiting and has been a bit out of it today (laying around and you can tell from her face that she isn't feeling 100%).  She hasn't vomited again today (unless she did so while outside).  I made her some rice and moistened her food earlier, but she wasn't interested.  She did poop overnight, so things are still moving, but I will continue to keep an eye.  Hopefully she is feeling completely better by morning.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dear smokers, I hate you. Yes, I know hate is a strong word, but I do. I smell it... it burns my nostrils... it gives me migraines... it is poison. If I walked past you pausing long enough to shove my ass in your face and fart, I bet you'd be pissed - and that won't even hurt you. Do you get it?

I'm tired of smelling the cigarette hanging out the window of the car in front of me. What makes you think I'll be okay with needing to walk through the cancer cloud to get back into my building after lunch? I have watched it give two people (my parents) I loved very much terrible terrible problems. I hate it. I hate you for trying to force it upon me.
It's time to talk about another news article that tickled my thoughts.

Lawsuits to force schools providing FREE online classes to caption the content? We all know I have someone I absolutely adore who relies completely on captioning on TV shows. It breaks my heart when we throw in a DVD and there isn't captioning, meaning it's a waste to even watch the movie. It bothers me off when we're watching TV with captioning and the caption text paraphrases what is said, rather than staying true to what is in the movie or show (it just plain pisses me off when it looks like a monkey was just mashing on the keyboard and there are no discernible words in the caption "text"). It is a handicap and a need that requires extra provisions.

HOWEVER... FREE materials? How can you force free content providers to invest extra time and money to meet your (everyone's) standards? On one hand I want the content captions, but I realize that the costs may be prohibitive, resulting in there being no content provided at all. But what's next (and yes I am purposely playing devil's advocate here)? Does the professor have to make sure they're wearing clothing that doesn't give color blind students an issue? Does anything written on a board in the video need to be described in embedded data for a screen reader to read to blind students? Should the class be less than 20 minutes, because anything more than that exceeds the time a student with ADHD can sit still and stay focused? Only seems "fair", right?

We cannot make everything accessible to everyone - nor does it make sense to force providers (particularly of free content) to take steps beyond what they're offering up. When it comes to paid content, allow the free market to provide the push. What if a baker only wanted to bake wedding cakes for a straight couple? But we all know the answer there - they get sued into oblivion. No, no - NO! Again, allow the market to do what it will. Personally, I think it's a dumb move to deny anyone service who has the green to pay for it. This is why Chick-fil-a has it right. Have your opinion, stand firm in your beliefs, feel free to share it, but be willing to lose business if you do - however, do not DENY service. I've witnessed a lesbian couple in a Chick-fil-a, apparently they can't give up their #1 w/ mayo and sweet tea either.

Now you will devil's advocate back at me and say, what if a FREE content provider wanted to offer classes, but only to white men. It's their content, shouldn't they be allowed? I'd begrudgingly say - yes. Can I join the boy scouts, or can that guy over there go to an all women's college? Frighteningly, there are so many lawsuits now that say yes to the previous two items, which is ridiculous.

Our sue happy world to try and make everything even for everyone is destined to fail because all it does it reduce the options and possibilities because of fear of said lawsuits.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I'm always a bit down for a couple of days after a visit. I'll blame it all this go round on a host of other circumstances though - pending closing on Mom's, upcoming big announcements for other people I care about for which I am happy but a bit pensive internally, and the holidays looming large.

What it all comes down to is that I am often a very uncertain of myself type of person. I have baggage (happy anti-versary to me by the way) that sometimes weighs me down and makes me believe less of myself. It's hard to shake despite the passage of time, especially when circumstance tends to lend to your misled beliefs.

It isn't something easily talked about with someone you love because, frankly, all it would do is put needless pressure on things. When you need to ask someone to give you a status check all you're doing is asking them to tell you what you want to hear, and frankly that doesn't help anything - especially if some of your baggage is knowing that people will lie to your face about the deepest of emotions. In this case, how do you give open and honest?

Sunday, October 11, 2015

My drive home on Thursday was smooth and easy thanks to nice weather and a fresh smelling rental car.  I realized quickly after we got out at 2pm that it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to get home, dump the rental, swap out my clothes, and head to my Favorite Egg's place a day early.  It bought me an extra evening with him, the ability to have dinner done when he got home from work on Friday, and away from the house on an evening where the dogs wouldn't have been here - making it kind of creepy.

I only had a little time to cover to make my week on Friday, which I did from his place in the morning, then I headed to the local outlets for a little shopping.  That's when the rain came in abundance, making me even happier I wasn't making the long drive that day.  I did find a couple of items for myself, and a few items to add to the Christmas shopping coffers.

Saturday we took a day trip to Blackwater Falls in West Virginia.  We were only a few days shy of the peak change of leaves and it was quite beautiful there.  We stopped at local shops as we arrived to town and did a wine tasting, which resulted in the procurement of quite a few bottles.  From there we visited several viewing stops, walked a bit of a trail, and had some dinner at the lodge before heading back 'home'.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

I'll admit, I'm surprised, but a quick email back to the office and I was able to quickly and easily change out the rental car over lunch yesterday.  It's so much nicer to run for grub now and my anxiety over the return drive has melted away.

I'm pretty much out of places that interest me for a meal around here, so I'm ready to go home.  *sigh* how wrong is that.  On a related note, I did go work out for a while both last evening and tonight.  Around 4am today I woke to a completely seized up calf.  Must get back in gear on the regular.

I've made a couple of Amazon purchases to really get the Christmas shopping into progress.  The one big gift idea I am excited to give this year also got under way, but yes, it's a secret, so no one gets more information than that.  Christmas will be here way too soon after all.

Monday, October 05, 2015

I traveled for work on Sunday and ended up with a rental car that stunk of cigarette smoke. 3 1/2 hours of a drive later I could feel the headache blooming. By bed it was what I'd classify as a migraine. I was in and out of a light sleep until around 3:30 in the morning when I couldn't take it anymore and went to the hotel lobby to buy something, anything, to try and take the edge off of the headache. Fortunately ibuprofen knocked it back to manageable and I was able to fall asleep soundly for a few hours. Today my head remains a bit wonky, my neck slightly stiff, and my head feels incredibly heavy.

Please tell me how and why people still smoke? I understand older people who have smoked their whole lives. You know, the ones that got started when it was not understood a). how incredibly unhealthy it was and b). how incredibly addictive it is. But seriously, if you're 35 or younger and you smoke, you're a complete retard and deserve the butt whooping I'd love to put on whomever trashed that vehicle.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Today my sister and I took what is very likely our very last trip down to Mom's place.  I can't help but feel like I'm forgetting things, and have the burning need to go back and recheck every drawer and shelf.

We also took the very last apple pie with us to Aunt Linda and Uncle Ronnie's.

Now I just need to tame my brain.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Here it is, October and the 40 degree weather is slated to start in the next couple of days.  Hence, I had to do something with the tomato and pepper plants. The ones on the back porch that were at work for the longest while are just getting tomatoes.  So they, and the pepper plants, are now safely in the house.  This means that the front window has the curtains fully parted in an attempt to get enough light in to keep them going and my kitchen table has two big ol' pepper plants taking up space.

The ones that have been on the front porch all summer are still producing, albeit at a slower pace.  I'd really rather see them ripen on the vine.  I haven't brought them in because I simply do not have enough space much less windows.  I am guessing I will need to pull the tomatoes and set them out to ripen (somewhere).  I need to weed/gather up more plants outside.

Why aren't our summers long enough to get our full harvest?
I spent way too much time today fighting with SharePoint.  If I have permissions to ADD the column, why would I not have permission to DELETE the column?  I curse you Microsoft.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It makes me weepy to watch our humble arena on TV with the Penguins and Lightning zipping back and forth across the ice.  It's been a few years now since the Chiefs left.  As such I'm no longer a season ticket holder, so my chances of getting to go were virtually nil, but I'm still proud.

I wish we had the nice new boards and glass when our boys were still here.  I truly miss that time.

Monday, September 28, 2015

What I wish I could post on facebook and allow those that choose to unfriend me sort things out for 'themselves'...

If ya'll could stop posting the following that would be super (and yes, some of these bullet points make me think specifically about one or two people who regularly clog my feed):
  • Dumb things that are simply not true - look crap up on snopes first.  No you won't get $100 from Microsoft and Facebook won't respect your privacy because you post some cut and paste blurb.
  • Your completely unrelated items to groups to which we both belong.  I will report you every time and then explain to you what the word "spam" means.  Yay your friend's band is playing at Jack and George's - what does that have to do with Roosevelt Jr High?
  • Links to vote for your ugly-ass kid.  Enough said.
  • Requesting prayers.  Yeah, yeah, we all need a prayer from time to time, I don't mean you - I mean the one that posts because everything is about them and is so much bigger because it's happening to them 5x a day.
  • Anything about Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Bruce Jenner, or any other no-talent ass clown.  Ok, Bruce Jenner was an olympic athlete, so I guess I can't call him no-talent.  But you get my point.
  • The person who constantly complains about their pain.  It sucks that you have _insert disease here_, I am sorry, but surely there is something more to you than that?
  • That your kids are throwing up or have a fever (again).  At some point you really should be embarrassed that they are _constantly_ ill.  You're clearly doing something wrong.
  • Links to fund raise for some schmuck who should maybe go get a frelling job and pay for their own _whatever_.  Again, there are some cases I sympathize with (tragic accident etc), but when that person posts saying they're going out for drinks with friends one night and then posting asking for money to pay their rent the next?  Hells to the no.
  • Your opinions.  I have them too, oh believe me I do.  But I know that if I reply to you in calm, rational disagreement you're going to lash out at me.  If you can't handle an intellectual rebuttal don't post it and stomp your feet like a three year old having a tissy when I reply.
  • While we're on the subject of opinions:  listings for animals for sale.  Note I didn't say adoption, I'm talking about the a-holes who keep breeding their pets.  Stop. It.  Spay/Neuter.  How's that for an opinion?
  • Worse than opinions?  Agendas!  If you are the type of person who votes based on one topic you're so passionate about that you are blinded to all other things, this is you. I don't care if it's a Second Amendment agenda, a Pro-Life agenda, or a Gay-Rights agenda, etc, etc.
  • Now, while we're on the topic of voting - do you really think any of those idiots are different from any of the other idiots in or running for office?  You're crazy if you do.
  • How freaking happy you are.  I know what's up there is mostly crap and that's the issue I have a problem with.  Who are you trying to convince that your relationship is so spectacular?  I've known plenty of relationships that are beyond rocky that feel the need to post like crazy in this manner.  So, even if I don't know what your relationship is like offline, guess what I'm going to place my money on.
  • Slight variation - how in love you are.  With the person you met two weeks ago, like a week after the last one dumped you and you spent a week posting how life means nothing and he/she will never understand what they meant to you.  This 2-3 month cycle is tedious and sad when you're 16, it's just ridiculous if you're of an age when you should be paying your own bills.
  • An obscene number of photos.  This takes multiple forms.  First, I love my dogs, but I don't post photos every day.  Why?  Because no one wants to see photos of them _every day_.  Nor do they want to see photos of your kids every day (and no, they're not as cute as you think they are either - see bullet number 3).  The first day of school photo?  Awesome.  The second, third, fourth, fifth... *sigh*  Now, I'm not heartless - If I like you, I most likely enjoy a periodic picture or antidote about your kid.  Second, of every piece of food you put in your mouth.  You're killing me.  I blame you for the last 5 lbs.
  • Comments (especially by my family members) that are racist, homophobic, misogynistic, etc.  You're an ass and I'm ashamed of you.
  • Anything you "seen".  SAW - you SAW it.  I wouldn't call myself a grammar nazi, ok, sometimes, but I have my own phrases I misuse, I know this.  This one just tweaks me.
  • To complain about your parents or children.  Screw you.  Wanna trade?
  • The people who "like" a sad post (I'm talking like "someone died").  You're a friggin psychopath.
To the few friends I would have left after the above post I would then say - if you plan on celebrating a birthday in the next year have a very happy one.  I really don't have the patience to check in and wish everyone a happy birthday on an individual basis.  Fact is - if facebook didn't tell me today was your birthday, would I have known?  Out of my 300 friends, I'd say I could probably nail 20 or so.  Other than that... sorry.
I finally caught up on the Walking Dead last night (since season 5 is now on Netflix and my honey added me to his account). I watched the next to last episode too so I was reminded of where we were. I won't give away any spoilers, so keep reading. All I really have to say is 1). It sure didn't feel like a season ender and 2). that was enough to give me zombie survival dreams which was kind of fun. It probably didn't help that I was looking at prepper type sites looking for gift ideas last night.

My weekend was pretty lame, as I intended it. It feels like every weekend into the new year is going to be busy, so I took advantage and did next to nothing. Ok, the laundry and dishes still got crossed off, but that's about it. I did attempt to Christmas shop with minimal results, and finished a Shutterfly photobook too. I also slept in, which seems very necessary to keep the crud away.

I have also continued walking each day, which is a big achievement for me again. Yesterday I took Dani as Saffy has a minor limp happening again. I'm in the watch and wait phase after inspecting her feet carefully and making sure her limbs have full flexibility. I love my (not so) little girls. Please say a prayer for her. I can't believe how old they are. You figure, I had to say goodbye to Satin before she turned 10. Danika is older than that now and Saffy is closing in on it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I had a dream with Mom in it this morning. Of course, so was my great aunt who lived with us when I was a teenager. We were busy in the kitchen and I eventually convinced my great aunt who looked exhausted to sit down and I'd get her a drink. I asked coffee or water and Mom answered coffee (that's my girl). When I went to make it, my aunt started as she use to do - saying things you shouldn't say - and told me I was average. In her defense, when my aunt lived with us she had a pretty good decline into dementia going on, but everything is a little more amplified when you're a teenager.

So yeah, that's it. All that is what I struggled so hard to achieve last night. It's not often I have issues sleeping, but the past few nights have been difficult. I'm laying in bed for hours before I find sleep and waking a good bit. I'm not getting up in the morning as tired as I probably should be for the limited time I suspect I actually get in some stage of sleep, but it will catch up, guaranteed.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It looks like a post from yesterday evaporated into the mist, so I'll try to quickly recap my weekend. My Favorite Egg was in and we had a good visit. I needed to run to Altoona to take a key to the realtor, so it was nice that he found an auction down that way making the trip a little more purposeful, even if he only bought one item.

I was a bit peeved when I arrived and found the house locked up as it was the last time (meaning I could not have gotten in if I hadn't found my Mother's full set of keys to take with such that I could get in the front door). Worse still finding the alarm off and a message on the panel making it clear it hasn't been set in over a month. Am I being that much of an a**hole for making a request to ensure that the house isn't vulnerable to copper thieves? Rest assured I left the house with the alarm on.

We also went to see the Scorch Trials since I had a BOGO coupon that expired at the end of September that I refused to allow to expire unused. I guess there was a movie before this one and I was a bit lost at the beginning. It was okay, but I would have rather caught The Visit.

The girls were also very excited as we all got to go for a walk together on Sunday. I'm pretty sure that was the last of the warm days. It's time to bring down a couple of sweaters so I can survive my workday.

Friday, September 18, 2015

If I didn't know better, I'd swear the guy across the hallway is constantly on hold. I like my music too so I don't mind overhearing his, but it's literally elevator music.

On other news, I met someone having their very first Sheetz experience this morning when I stopped for some coffee. I get it - their latest coffee station can be overwhelming the first time you're there until you realize how things are set up.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

"Random" on wmplayer is all about Janet Jackson and The Beatles today. It too is becoming agitating. Maybe I'm allergic to one of them?!
Dear world, I'm not typically encouraging of anything going extinct, but if we could maybe eradicate those evil yellow blooms of ragweed that would be super. So stuffed, so runny, so sneezy. I love fall, but it hurts.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I'm feeling overwhelmed. This post is going to follow my stream of thought on things I need to do and maybe you'll understand better why I am twitching.

My evenings are always loaded with my to do list (cleaning) and things I want to take advantage of (like a free photobook I finished and ordered last night). I realized too that I haven't even touched some of the things I wanted to work on at the house this summer (fixing the one deck post in specific) and here it is already cold as all get out at night. The cold evenings means that my body wants to go into hibernation mode, so getting out of bed has been a bit more of a challenge as of late. With that colder weather my back yard is full of leaves (already). I probably will need to spend a couple of weekends cleaning up outside.

Youth group is spinning back up this week too and I'm already feeling pressured on the things I cannot commit to, much less the things that simply do not interest me. Oh - and if things do progress with Mom's house I know there is more odds and ends there that needs hauled out to donate or to the trash (you know - if I can even get in to do that). (No, I haven't heard anything just yet on that front.) Christmas shopping is also weighing heavily on my mind I need to get in gear with all of that. Because I'm neurotic about trying to pay down my car I am keeping my checking balance rather low, so I FEEL strapped even though I could back off on those payments but I just refuse to.

I just need some time for me and I don't know where that is going to come from. To heck with things I want to do (like process grave photos for find a grave). I need to find time to go take more photos too before the snow starts to fly, so I have a supply for any down time this winter. I have been trying to walk in the evenings which takes up another hour that could be used to complete other tasks, but that isn't even relaxing as all I am doing is thinking about the things I need to do. When I look at the clock in the evening and it's already 10pm and I still have to shower I am ready to scream.

We're coming up against more cliffs and with the question marks about continuing resolutions etc, come October 1 I could easily have more time than I could dream of to do things at home, so I guess I shouldn't be complaining. Can I stop adulting now?

Thursday, September 10, 2015

An offer came on Mom's place last week. There was a little back and forth but terms were agreed to. Now we await the inspection next week. It was built in 1925, so heaven knows anything could go, right? But I know the house is solid and was tended to for the past 40 years, so I'm hopeful we don't have anything to worry about (other than preparing to say goodbye to Home).

Prayers for a smooth and least emotionally painful transaction. This has moments that are truly overwhelming. I am very glad that it sounds like a couple who plan on living there, rather than someone one might label a slumlord. Now I really want back in there so I can just sit in the living room (and maybe my bedroom and maybe the kitchen table) and have a moment or 10.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Once again this morning I sat in a doctor's office for an hour ... this time I just said "I'm out of here." I arrived at 8:10, because they want you there early. My appointment 8:30. When I lost my crap and asked what the deal was 9:10. I'm pretty sure I was the first appointment for the laser, so what's up. I saw the doctor out in the hall. I wish I could send them a bill for _MY_ time.

Keep in mind this appointment was to make up for my previous one. I have already paid for this service. The equipment was having major issues which delayed us immensely last go round and my upper front legs weren't touched. I had an appointment for last month, which _they_ called and rescheduled to this morning.

How do doctors offices get away with this crap? My time is important. You wouldn't appreciate me being more than 40 minutes late. I'm pretty sure you'd not even bother to squeeze me in at that point.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Sunday after church I readied myself and headed out with my pumpkin no bakes to see my Favorite Egg, who was camping with his old friends just over the mountain.  I was able to stick around until the sun started to head down.

Today I took my time to relax and allow the girls a bit of time out basking in the sun.  It's been pretty darn toasty this weekend, so they didn't want to spend too long out there.  At that point I made a run out to the mall and a few other stops with the hopes of getting my Christmas shopping under way.  I can't say it was very successful.  I also stopped at Big Lots, which finally reopened after remodeling.

I'm so grateful this will be a short week, but I already feel overwhelmed at the idea of going back to work.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Day one of the long weekend down... it was a busy one.  I headed to Altoona after sleeping in a wee bit, having my coffee, and getting myself in respectable order.  I went earlier than necessary so I could visit the Texas Roadhouse for lunch and the plan was to stop at Mom's, check in on things, add a lamp to the living room, etc.  Too bad I couldn't get in - they had the extra locks in place on the back and side doors (the only two places I have keys for).  While this was agitating, the worst part was the mental melt down that went with it.  It's funny the dumb things that make loosing your childhood home settle in just a little more.

From there I headed to a birthday celebration for my best friend from Jr High!  It was so good to see her and her family.  I spent so much time with them when I was younger.  They truly are people with whom it feels like no time has passed.

While all of this was going on my nephew was off asking his gal to be his wife!  So that happened - how old am I?

I eventually headed out and met Mithy and JPrib for a quick bite and a drink as well as a good deal of chit chat at the 'bi.  On the way home the stereo on the Tib started acting up (no power on the display but it kept playing the CD).  That would be displeasing.  I guess I need to try and re-seat the detachable face and hope that is what the problem is, even though I never detach the face for it to be poorly connected.  I guess we'll see.

Two potential visiting stops were nixed for tomorrow, so that makes it a little less hectic than it could have been, but since it's rather late, I best get my rear to bed as the weekend has just begun.

Friday, September 04, 2015

I'm struggling to stay focused and productive. I am going to blame it on my Linux box missing from the docking station yesterday afternoon and this morning. Hopefully the attempts to rescue everything to a new drive before the old one completely crapped out will be successful and prompt. There is just too many things that make me want to turn to that machine for something.

We're at the first long holiday weekend for the "season". It seems like all of the holidays seem to cram in the next few months, offering quite the little reprieve. I have one vaca wiggled in there too, so I suspect the rest of the year will fly by. Who am I kidding? It's been 8 months since Mom passed, the whole year has been flying by. This weekend alone will keep me on the move, but I'll report more on that later.

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Things happen in threes, right? Well I knew of two pending on this one topic and was wondering if the third was still in the works. I got it confirmed the other night that it was. Too bad I am 99.9% confident it won't happen in 4s.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

If you're a particular person, which I admit I also am... you cannot say "I don't care" or punt to someone else to make a decision and then come back and have a fit that something isn't the way you would have done it. You see, you need to either shut up at this point, or recognize your own personal limitations (being too particular for your own good) and express your directives up front. This is especially critical when you are leading something and everyone must get things past you.

Further, you cannot impose your nit picks on one person but allow another to do whatever they see fit with the assumption that you will have someone else's change the first person's completed effort to meet your standards. No one wants to be on clean up duty for everyone else, especially when simply telling those people what you want up front is likely to get the first iteration to the 90% correct point. (They don't know they did it "wrong" if you never tell them, and they will continue to do it "wrong", creating a never ending supply of things that need to be reworked.)

As I learned way back when with the dish washer... my ex wanted it loaded a certain way. Great, do that... YOU... do that, because it is your insanity. Sure, I might adopt this strategy when I see the logic behind it (putting all of the forks in one section in the silverware holder and the spoons in another, etc to make it faster to unload and put away), but if I don't see the value in it you can bet if I am loading the dishwasher I'll do it in my preferred manner. At this point your options are to: shut up or load the thing yourself.

See how that works?

My mother was very particular about many things to the point that I didn't have to do much of anything in the way of chores because if she tried to make me do something and I didn't do it her way she would basically push me out of it and it never came back to me again.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

I visited with my Favorite Egg this weekend.  I admit, it's kind of extra sad to part because while we've seen each other the past several weekends in a row (which is not our norm) I know this frequency of visits is coming to an end and, even worse still, that the winter looms loudly on the horizon.

I slept rather poorly on Friday night, so I was out early last night, even after an early evening nap.  It will be good to be back in my own bed tonight.  The girls seem pretty tired too, maybe all of the barking dogs at the kennel?  I tried to get them to play with neighbor puppy this evening with little in the way of results.  I did get to chat with the neighbor, so we will be having a play date some evening to get them interacting where there isn't a fence between. Neighbor puppy is 10 months old, maybe my girls are just old at this point?

It is almost time for the second episode of "Fear the Walking Dead".  I guess I should get my shower and be ready for it.  I'm really hoping that the pace will pick up a little.  Even if it doesn't, I can't say there is a ton much else on TV worth watching.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Serafina came home on Wednesday night w/ a new tire and my wallet was instantly $200 lighter. Thank God I didn't have to replace all 4. I feel like I'm constantly looking for the "where" this happened and everything is suspect right now.

I booked a flight related to a cruise that will take me to visit my Sister's area, but that's so far off. When you can snag a round trip, direct flight for under $200 on an airline that gives you two free checked bags, you take it - no matter how far in advance it is. This of course has me thinking about vacations in general and wanting to find another to slate on the calendar, because heaven knows 2 isn't enough and it is a waste to not book one while onboard, so I need to be prepared for the next sailing. A beach would be really nice right about now, that's all I am saying.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It is another couple of days when it is really good to have a second vehicle. As I went to pull out Monday morning, Serafina dinged and the tire pressure light came on. I clicked over to find the right front tire was down to 22psi, so we headed to Iggle for some air and on to work. I was expecting it to be down again at the end of the day and it sure was, so we went straight to Carmen's (thank goodness they're open til 6pm most week nights, that's a game changer in my world - especially on weeks where I need to get in here early and work through lunch).

Turns out there is a bolt in there. *sigh* It is about an inch in from the edge of the tire, so there is no patching. *double sigh* Less than 2500 miles in on the car and tires and daaaahmn. Of course, she's AWD, so I was afraid they'd tell me I needed to replace all 4. Since I did have so few miles I did luck out there, but of course, to find the same exact tire means they had to order it, and we wait until Wednesday for it to come.

In the grand scheme of our world I know this is but a blip, so thanks world for allowing me to vent. At least a problem didn't manifest midway to the burgh or something. Now I'll sit wondering where on earth I picked that up... on the way back from Portage on Saturday? Is it the construction on 219 loosing debris down onto the road?

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Saffy's hot spot looks much better and she's not constantly trying to lick at it - only when she bops it on something does she pay it any attention.  I think we'll be healed up in no time.  They spent a little time chilling in the sun outside this weekend (and tormenting OUR favorite egg who came to visit again).

We had a late bite at the Flood City cafe on Friday night and headed back downtown Saturday morning to try a cup of their coffee only to find they aren't open Saturdays until 4pm.  Instead we tried the coffee at the Press Bistro and sat in the park, something I cannot say I've ever done, despite how long I've lived in Jtown.  Next there was a pot luck get together for everyone that worked the Summerfest that I also twisted his arm into attending briefly.

We watched a couple of movies, had our traditional Sunday pancakes, and I made my way to church.  A pretty lame, but very pleasant weekend.  I wrapped it up, avoiding the departure sadness by joining the Law's to watch "Fear the Walking Dead".  It definitely had a much slower start than "The Walking Dead" did, but it's something to watch while we await the new season, right?

It was also a weekend of surprising messages from people from afar that made me feel really old.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My wee baby has a hot spot, her first one ever. She really was not pleased when I made her sit still so I could clean and tend to it. I don't have hot spot spray here anymore, so I ordered more, hopefully it will arrive quickly. Poor kid. They've been shedding so hard lately, I'm betting it's a patch that was a little too thick. I need to get brushing every day.

I had a massage last night. I knew I needed it, but not how much. I had a sore spot up at my right shoulder that I could not attribute to hitting off of something, but it sure felt bruised. It came on suddenly (before I was helping with moving things on Saturday). At first I thought my bra strap was twisted and pushing, I even made sure there wasn't something sticking out from the couch that I was leaning back on. Then the next day it just felt like I had bonked it. I felt the ache in my lower back too when he started to work on me.

Monday, August 17, 2015

The weekend was rather productive. Friday night after grabbing a bite my favorite Egg and I headed to his old place to ready a few things for moving. Saturday we were up early to meet some of his family to load up a truck and trailer. I can't even tell you how unhappy the girls were that I made them get up from their sunbathing and come back in the house so we could leave. There is probably still one more full load of things to be moved, but we did clear out a good bit. After the long haul to the new place we unloaded and headed back this direction.

Sunday was a good bit more slow paced. Good thing too as I was a bit achy, but not as bad as I would have expected, although I certainly didn't have to do much heavy lifting, for which I am grateful. After our standard pancakes we headed to an auction and surprisingly left empty handed. A few other brief stops and a little bit of time in front of the TV, and that was pretty much the end of the weekend.

I was in quite the sad mood all last week. I really needed that time together.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Today is Danika's 10th birthday! She has been with me for just over 8 years now, how time flies. We attempted to celebrate last night with a trip to Petco and the Meadows, but at both places we had some challenges thanks to people with little kids and no brains.

Parenting fail #1: At Petco the little kid had a little dog who was barking at Dani and then skittering backwards. The little kid thought this was funny, so he kept getting closer so the dog would bark and scramble. In the mean time I am trying to hold our several purchases while grabbing in shorter on her leash and getting her to stand in front of me so the little dog didn't become a snack.

Parenting fail #2: At the Meadows the seats by the building were taken up. So I was going to head across the parking lot to the picnic tables. There are 4 of them and only one group was there (a mom, what I'd guess is the grandmother, and two little kids) at the left front table. I have two ice creams in my hand and a dog that is excited about this prospect and I'm half way across the parking lot headed straight for the right front table when the two little kids move over to the right of that table. I stopped dead in my tracks and the mom and grandmother do/say nothing. Great, thanks. So we stood in the parking lot by the car eating our ice cream. Seriously you need all 4 tables for the kids to play? You saw me, I know you did, did you not realized I stopped abruptly when your kids moved into my planned destination?

In both cases, no my dog isn't mean, but I also don't want to scare your kid. It would have been fine if my hands weren't full as I could have maintained 100% control of a shortened leash. I shouldn't have to be the jerk saying "excuse me" and requesting you tame your children. Be considerate.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

One thing that bugs me a bit: If I am taking a few minutes to stop to talk to a coworker that I also consider to be a friend about something, and another coworker just walks up to the cube and invades, bringing the conversation to a halt. Call this my smoke break. If I go silent when you walk up, you can safely assume you weren't welcome into what I was discussing.

Yesterday this happened (again) interrupting a conversation I had no plans on sharing with the third party that interrupted, so I just got up and left. Then I stewed a little, because this person does this fairly often to me. I admit I'm not this person's biggest fan, so is that what peeved me about it? No, not entirely, I don't like it when others do it either if I am in the middle of something that I've lowered my voice to say (read: confidential) or something that I am having emotion over (read: private).

I had an epiphany later in the day. I think what really exacerbates the issue and peeves me so much is when I am already feeling lonely and then I get cut off from someone I was talking to. That conversation yesterday was the only one I had face to face with someone other than ordering food when I went out for lunch and when I talked to another coworker for 10 minutes about work stuff later in the day (and this was on the phone). The rest of my conversations yesterday were typed or with my dogs. The people who interrupt? You go home to your family and can chat chat chat. Please, cut me a break. I just wanted 5 minutes with another human being.

Monday, August 10, 2015

It's funny how a building full of people can feel so quiet and lonely some days.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Friday I came home from work and filled a garbage bag with weeds here at my place.  After dropping my sister back at the airport on Saturday morning I headed straight to my Favorite Egg's place in town and ended up with 4 more garbage bags, a dog food bag, and a bin full of yard waste gathered.  The hedges are trimmed and I got part way through edging and handling weeds that are growing up between the sidewalk, but the weed eater died, so I will need to take another pass some night this week to finish it up.  It looks so nice when things are freshly trimmed up.

Today I was up and to early church service so I could head to the Portage Summerfest.  I worked the information booth for a couple of hours and then was shifted to the ribbon fries.  Standing all day, I am once again whooped, but my muscles haven't totally gotten past the previous couple of days, so I don't know what I'll end up with tomorrow.  I've been sore enough that I'm uncomfortable laying in bed. I really need to get back to exercising.  The belly that is re-forming isn't a good thing either.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

I'm whooped.  I was off from work today to join my sista at Mom's in a welcome to the real estate market cleaning spree.  My legs are aching from running stairs, my calves and lower back are burning (probably from bending over and moving about cleaning baseboards), and my eyes are burning.  I still have one more full work day this week, but at least it will be behind a desk!

It's been a couple of days since I checked in so I also want to note that I had a very very pleasant surprise at work on Wednesday.  I do believe love how everything seems to come together.  I'm being coy, but I cannot fully blurt stuff out here at all times.  Suffice it to say that God is faithful to his promises and I'm seeing them in action.

The tomato plants are producing like crazy, but I'm managing to keep up with the sweet 100's.  Mental note, buy more of this plant next year, they are simply delightful.  I made a batch of pasta sauce on Tuesday night (using both some fresh big girls that all ripened at the same time on one of my plants and some tomatoes I had previously frozen from purchased tomatoes).  I also kicked in some previously frozen peppers and it turned out quite yummy.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

I headed West to see my Favorite Egg this weekend catching up with him at an auction.  We attended the neighborhood gathering next door on Saturday, taking some brownies and broccoli salad.  Basically the whole neighborhood is related, and his place use to be owned by "part of the family".  As I've said before, he is so blessed with good neighbors.  Everyone was so kind and welcoming, it was like meeting more family.

This morning I decided to head to church in his area.  I had been eyeballing a few churches by him, but their membership was so low I was terrified to walk through the door and look like the lone teenager wandering into Springwood (that's a Freddy Krueger reference ya'll).  Last weekend at my church they were going through the pastoral appointments and they mentioned a guy I remembered and enjoyed hearing speak was reappointed to the West Washington UMC!  Being that this is only a 15-20 minutes I felt like it was my answer.  Everyone there too was very kind and welcoming and it was a beautiful church.

The weather has been warm and dry, for which I am grateful, but I can't help but see the winter quickly approaching.  This, of course, I am dreading.  There are spiders everywhere already, I think they're getting ready for autumn.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I've been allowing the girls to sleep in the room with me once or twice a week.  Last night as we headed to bed I asked Saffy if I needed to buy her a bed for in the room (since she does remain banished from the bed unless it is the night before I change it).  The one I tuck under the bed is Danika's as it was originally purchased for her.  Imagine my surprise this morning when I woke up to find them, for the first time ever, sharing that bed.  It is a pretty good size, so this is ideal, but I've never seen them do anything like that before.  It melted my heart.  They're so friggin adorable.

Speaking of adorable siberians... still asking for prayers (and donations if you're so inclined) for Trooper.  I stay current with my rescue friends down in NC and this is their latest heart tugger.  Thank God for the persistence of the young man who heard Trooper's cries for help and his grandfather.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

I'm really tired of one purchase/action resulting in getting adding to a ton of unrelated mailing lists. My new vehicle came with a couple months of Sirius XM. I didn't ask for it, I couldn't opt out, but they added me to their mailing list. Now I'm getting the "oh no, your trial is going to end" mailers. So I write to be removed from the mailing list. Here is their response:

We have updated your account with your request not to mail you with solicitations. Please be aware that you will still receive important service messages. While we will make every effort to remove your address from our lists as soon as possible, it can take up to 30 days to completely update all of our systems. During that time it is possible that you may receive a few more pieces of mail due to campaigns still in process. Also, your Do Not Mail preference setting will expire 3 years from the date of your request.

As a reminder, you can opt in and out of SiriusXM communications by logging into, clicking the My Account Info tab and then the Communication Preferences tab.

Why does this piss me off?

1. I don't have an account. I'm not going to sign up for one on your website in order to tell you we've not done business and I want off of your mailings.
2. "important service messages" probably = nagging me to subscribe - the exact issue I wrote because of in the first place.
3. My preference expires in 3 years? F you. Seriously if I asked you respect my privacy do it, don't tell me you're going to humor me and then ignore me down the road.

Stop. Now. Permanently.
I want a remove me from all mailing lists function. I want the world to be opt-in based rather than opt-out.

Friday, July 24, 2015

The nice weather has continued - thank the Lord - as so did the road miles.  I headed back out on Monday towards Dayton OH to attend a working group for work.  Since I was headed that direction and the timing worked in both directions I was able to have lunch w/ my favorite Egg on the way there and dinner with him on the way back. Three nights logged in a hotel directly behind a Tim Horton's yay!  I also got to stop in and visit with my brother for a little while and was able to take some photos and whatnot to him.

I'm back home and had enough time that I was able to bail from work shortly before noon today and I needed it.  I spent that extra time napping away in my beloved bed.  I did get the laundry caught up so I don't feel like that extra time was a total loss.  I also went and plucked another plastic baggy of blueberries from my favorite Egg's bush at his house here.  (We got two bags full last weekend that went home with him - these are all mine!)

Monday, July 20, 2015

It has been a busy few days with quite a few road miles behind me since my last post.  On Thursday after work "we" had a happy hour.  I say we because it was organized for the program but no one really showed.  It was nice to just to sit and chat w/ Rex.  I headed home in time for my Favorite Egg's arrival.  We had a long weekend planned, so we needed to get up and moving Friday morning.

Our first stop was Grice's Gun Shop - the largest Gun Shop in PA!  Shockingly, we left having spent less than $50 between the two of us.  I was a bit disappointed, as I felt like other places have had much more variety.  They didn't carry the flash bang holster for me to check out ... and their women's shirts (other than typical hick type shirts) were non existent other than a "got Sig?" shirt.  From there we stopped a few miles down the road at Denny's Beer Barrel Pub.  The burger was okay, not stellar, but I guess they're known for their challenge burgers, not the quality of their burgers.

Many more miles down the road, and after a quick stop at a grocery store, we landed at our rental - Sylvan Glen - where I reserved an A-frame cabin that was just adorable.  It was super clean and perfect for our needs - a nice place in between some of the stops on our list.  No oven, but there was a stovetop and a coffee pot, so I was able to toss together a bit of breakfast (the first day at least - by the second day the eggs had frozen over - my own fault, as I turned up the fridge when it seemed a bit too warm on Friday night).

It was fairly overcast, so I made the call and decided to wait until Saturday night to make our run at Cherry Springs - a natural dark sky park.  Turns out it was a good bet as the folks we overheard on Saturday said they barely saw stars on Friday.  We were able to take in Venus and Saturn and the Milky Way made a rough appearance before the haze and overcast set in.  It was pretty amazing and it wasn't even a super clear night.

Earlier on Saturday we ventured out to try and find a couple of places that were recommended in the area, but ended up a bit disappointed in their beers.  We did a little shopping.  We did a little relaxing.  We did a little eating.

On Sunday we were up and headed to the PA Grand Canyon!  It was worth the stop since we were in the area.  I'd say the Western side, which was our first stop, had a better view than the main viewing area.  We didn't go hiking the trail as the weather has finally gotten to that uber warm phase for the year, but that's okay.  It was time to get back on the road so we would have a few minutes at home before my Egg needed to head back out.  On the way we stopped off in State College to have some ice cream at the creamery.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I can hardly believe it - an evening without rain (for whatever reason I totally almost typed snow. I hope that isn't a a premonition).  Fortunately, it was just in time for Shakespeare in the Park!  This year's show, The Tempest, was what they performed in 1999 - talk about throw back.  Chances are I was there that year.

While there is so much around here I should be getting done, I'll admit, I was glad to be able to make the time to attend w/ the Wild One and Rex. I do feel bad that the girls spent an evening home all alone though.  Here's hoping the weather stays decent for the weekend.  I really could use it.

Monday, July 13, 2015

You think you're funny don't you printer? Well you're not. I hereby rename you the Mangler and flipped your main power. Na-na-na-na-boo-boo the printer repair guy is coming for you.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

We will label my day as a death wish.  I had a bit of an allergic hissy fit during church, but I still felt the need to pull some weeds this afternoon (I was driven to this as I was contacted by someone interested in the apartment).  I kept wedding after my lawnmower guy was here, but only a short while as my head started freaking out.

Instead, I came in and went to the basement, where moving the shelves around and cleaning behind them was on my list.  Some of these have been in place for years, so you can imagine the size of the extra dog I swept out from behind and under them.  You cannot however imagine the snot factory that my head became during the time I was working down there.  Yay fur and dust!

My nose is mostly raw at this point, but hosing off in the shower helped tame the reaction a little.  I should take an allergy pill, but my blood pressure is still up from the last round of me taking them.  I guess refraining is one aspect of my day that goes against that whole death wish theme.

Regarding the would-be tenant.  I do love Google and the information you can find with just a few quick searches.  But I do wish I didn't always find things that made stories not add up 100%.  I watched a show recently that tried to say that we, as humans, inherently trust other people.  I must really be abnormal, because I sure don't.

Friday, July 10, 2015

It's one of those nights where it would just be nice to be able to lean in and get held.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Signs I am old and jaded...

Helping a friend move:
When I was 21 - "free pizza and beer? sure!"
Today my first thought is "I can recommend a moving company."

Someone posts that they are looking to buy something:
My first thought is "ok, do you not have stores in your area?" (Specifically when it's not an overly expensive item brand new.)

Friends post something about their required purchase list for school.
My first thought is "oh hell no. I'll buy what I buy the kid and that is what he/she will write with/on. Matter of fact, if I was _going_ to buy what you specified I might just pick something else out of spite. And don't even get me started on the lists that expect parents to supply paper towels and the like. I've paid school taxes for 16 years in this district now. That buys a lot of paper towels."
Jeb Bush thinks I should work longer hours. Know what I think Jeb Bush? I think I work plenty... after all, it's been enough to not only take care of my household, but to also fund quite a few others who have chosen to mooch off of society. How about this - the people not working should get their asses in gear. Your campaign tried to say that is what you meant, but I doubt it - otherwise you would have said "some" hours vs "longer".

I truly hate politicians. All of them, regardless of their party label, they're all the same.
My gut feels a lot better at this point, but now the headaches have taken over vying for my attention. I've been fighting one for a couple of days now. Seems like taking anything allergy related rockets my blood pressure up to 140. I know that's not super high, but it's high for me and I don't like it. Plus, doesn't high blood pressure tend to create a headache?

I did just recently pick up my new glasses, which are weaker than the previous pair because my eyes supposedly are doing better. This of course has me suspicious. Needless to say, today I am wearing the old pair of glasses. If the new ones are aiding the onset of headaches they will quickly go back to the dr's office.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Six months.  Time truly flies.  It seems like yesterday and it seems like an eternity ago all at the same time. The auction is on Friday (for more information go here).  It felt like it was so far away when we pushed the date back to the 10th, but here it is.

The general sense of anxiety for everything going on and regular moodiness are compounding resulting in me being way too sleepy and distracted.  I at least got the girls bathed last night, so I felt like I accomplished something.

Monday, July 06, 2015

I neglected to mention the kind hand written card I received from the vet's office, well - Dr. Sanderson that is. The writing fills the first page and the back of the card. "Why do you go to Richland? They're more expensive" some people say. This is one big reason why. He cares about my girls. He cares about my feelings for my girls. Nevermind how close it is, which in an emergency having a quality vet close at hand is all that matters to me.
Today is a week for Vixen. It's gone so fast. The house remains creepy quiet, particularly in the morning, even now that the girls are no longer sleeping in my room. They were pretty wiped out yesterday after a few days at camp while I visited w/ my favorite Egg. We had a pretty quiet weekend. I'll admit I wasn't feeling great for a chunk of it, so I wasn't feeling very ambitious.

To celebrate the 4th, we did see some fireworks from the surrounding houses and made use of the new burning barrel to have a couple of smores. Like I said, pretty low key.

This is going to be a long week. The auction at Mom's is on Friday. Looks like someone has a desire to attend, which gets me sucked into things I don't want sucked into. There is a little bit of drama attempting to swirl up around some of this that I simply will not accept into my life, so I am hoping it squelches out quickly. We just want it all done. Would you pray with us that the right bidder will come on Friday that we might be closing on the house in the near term too? I hate to see it go at any point, but to linger things on and have more confusion and internal debate isn't helping.