Monday, September 28, 2015

I finally caught up on the Walking Dead last night (since season 5 is now on Netflix and my honey added me to his account). I watched the next to last episode too so I was reminded of where we were. I won't give away any spoilers, so keep reading. All I really have to say is 1). It sure didn't feel like a season ender and 2). that was enough to give me zombie survival dreams which was kind of fun. It probably didn't help that I was looking at prepper type sites looking for gift ideas last night.

My weekend was pretty lame, as I intended it. It feels like every weekend into the new year is going to be busy, so I took advantage and did next to nothing. Ok, the laundry and dishes still got crossed off, but that's about it. I did attempt to Christmas shop with minimal results, and finished a Shutterfly photobook too. I also slept in, which seems very necessary to keep the crud away.

I have also continued walking each day, which is a big achievement for me again. Yesterday I took Dani as Saffy has a minor limp happening again. I'm in the watch and wait phase after inspecting her feet carefully and making sure her limbs have full flexibility. I love my (not so) little girls. Please say a prayer for her. I can't believe how old they are. You figure, I had to say goodbye to Satin before she turned 10. Danika is older than that now and Saffy is closing in on it.

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