Thursday, June 29, 2006

July 21. Clerks 2. I know what I want to do for my birthday :) I am on a feeling good from Wallyball high. So I should be able to get some reading cranked out this evening, despite my late night last night. Looks like my efforts to clean the machine were successful. Woot! I have a little geek in me. Not much, but she's in there.
I have a good bit to say this morning. First - HOCKEY NEWS!
Bates Battaglia staying w/ the Toronto organization... there's no surprise there. Woohoo!

"Also returning to the fold is Bates Battaglia, who signed a one-year contract. The two-way deal pays him $500,000 if he plays for the Leafs and $95,000 if he spends the season with the Marlies."

Last night was a rather late one. After work we headed to Altoona for some sushi grubbing. From there, since we were already down the hill we headed over to the Meadows. I hadn't realized they took out the go-carts, what's up with that? Instead we peeked inside the slinky action zone (which stunk) and then played a round of mini-putt. An ice cream cone later and we were on our way back up the hill a bit late.

My SME keeps encouraging me to get a snake. I seriously don't want to take on the responsibility of another pet at the moment. Granted I never knew there were corn snakes out there with a beautiful tone of autumnal orange that get older and become a blood red. Definitely my speed.

From there I was working on the computer until wee hours, it seems that I have managed to catch a rather pain in the ass piece of spyware. How exactly do companies get away with installing malicious code on your machine and then offering to sell you the software to fix it? Ad-aware isn't catching this one but I'm working a few other things. The big test will be if it is halted when I log in this evening, I don't trust my attempts to repair work until I go a full session without an issue. If you're having issues with pop ups from "exitexchange" or "exittracking" and popups that look like helper windows from "WinAntiVirus" then you know my pain. Bastages. Needless to say I sent an email to the makers of WinAntiVirus that wasn't too nice. I don't expect a reply, but it made me feel better to detail what slime they were. Wish me luck.

Between the last two items, I had some interesting dreams last night. Trying to catch snakes and somehow ending up at the ex's mom's place and trying to be cordial and trying to fix computers. My mind is too easily distracted.

I didn't realize until I saw it on the news this morning but a good bit of PA is under water. I knew some areas were getting bad, I just didn't know the scale. Blessings and warm wishes to those I know in other parts of the state, I know the pain of floods all too well. If you need a place to be, I have a spare room.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Poo. That is the theme for today. Nothing worse than waking up, or being partially awake for that matter and on poo duty. (Go ahead, make a doo-dy vs duty joke.) Vixen heads to the vet this evening, so I had to obtain a bit to take with. I only discuss this because I'm curious if anyone else worries about the stupid stuff I do.

I can't help but think - if I have a car accident with a piece of feces in a bag what is the first thought of the people on the scene that notice the aforementioned bag? At present the baggie is sitting in my entry way, but then I wonder - what if the post man opens the door to place a package inside and he sees the bag. What will he think? Will I be the crazy lady on his route because he never put two and two together? Maybe I'll start attaching a small disclaimer note to said baggies from here out.

The Durango also went to the "vet" today for an inspection and oil change (before the last coupon expired). It passed, but barely on the brakes. There's another $200 I really didn't want to spend anytime soon. And just to end rhyming with my start while expressing my dismay over the breaks - Boo.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I've cranked out the laundry that's piled up for the past month and made a grocery run today. I even cleaned a little, which isn't bad since it's barely 5pm and I didn't get out of bed until 12:30. Oops.

I almost let myself get too sad at the grocery store. I saw this old lady just past the donuts and baked goods looking at the "individual portions" and it just made me wonder if that's my destiny. God I hope not. I'll just assume she had a grumpy old bastage at home that was too lazy to grocery shop w/ her.

My neck is still stiff and I don't know why. I thought at first it was stress as it settled in on one side at the base of my neck but now it's spread the whole way across and I'm having a hard time sleeping and moving my head right. *sigh* I didn't do anything that I can recall hurting myself.

We're back to rain again today. I've had about enough of that. Maybe I'll cheer myself up with a nice home cooked meal.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Such tired feet. I work up earlier than I like to on Saturdays and was in the car at 9 to head down to volunteer at Thunder in the Valley. I worked at one of the pubs selling script and putting bracelets on people old enough to drink. I had a good time, I enjoy volunteering for that type of thing. I'm a bit shocked at the volume of sales but the time went fast, which was good since I volunteered for two shifts. After a full day I was ready to head home and shower. Luckily it was warm but not flaming hot. I still was a bit sticky.

I came home to find a brand new jersey shipment! Good stuff. The O'Neill has a good bit of wear. Anyhow, I cleaned up and headed back out to grub with Beff and Slipster at the Boulevard once again. The special was yummy - rosemary and lavendar crusted lamb chops. At last, time to wrap up yet another paper. It's at 95% at present, I just need to clean it up and make sure my citations are kosher. Hopefully I'll turn this one in this evening.

Friday, June 23, 2006

How is this for some delayed humor from the company picnic?

At one point, while still sitting at our excellent people-watching table, where we ate, I spotted this dude approaching. I motioned to Beff and Slippy who had their backs to him to take a peek. Wow, um very nice - way built, good looking. Thanks for the eye candy, ya know? Of course Beff ends up knowing him and he's there w/ no one so he sits with us, more specifically right beside me at the corner of our table.

I wasn't introduced, so I didn't even talk to him, but I can guarantee my face was bright red as I just went to point out the hottie alert and get embarrassed as such. Anyhow, the funny part is this - do you know how many people have asked or hinted to try and find out who I was "with" at the picnic?

From the immediate question AT the picnic, albeit in french, as to who the guy with the muscles was - to the two people here at work who bluntly said "did you take someone to the picnic" I got a little chuckle. Seriously, I didn't even SPEAK to him, but people thought I was with him. To all those who made this mistake, I'm not ridiculing. Frankly THANKS for thinking I could score that, even if you were questioning out of disbelief, at least you thought it was an option. To the one who not only thought he was my date but that he was one of the hockey players, I'll give this fellow from another building props - not a ONE of the Chiefs is that built.

Side note to the french thing... I was kind enough to respond with one of the few phrases I've mastered. Pressez moi, je gazouille! *chirp chirp* You look puzzled. You don't think that will come in handy? (Therapy is too expensive, so just shake that thought from your head.)

As always, just another service I provide: I'm glad to oogle you and tell you where you stand. So if you want your eye candy status evaluated feel free to contact me. I, or one of my associates (Beff/Slipster) will be glad to help out.

Now, back to my red-ink hell that is two peer reviews coming back in all in one clump. I so need a day or two off.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Two days, two flutterbys.

Yesterday while I walked to my car I saw a butterfly approaching, which put a smile on my face as I do enjoy them (thus all of the butterfly house photos I take). A beautiful Eastern Tiger Swallowtail came fluttering right up within inches of my face and passed me by. See the first picture below (image from

Today I'm heading through a parking lot in another building and I see a brown one heading across the lot. I haven't been able to find a photo on this one. I think I need to get a butterfly book and get my butt down into Stackhouse park as I've been vowing to do for a couple summers now.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Last evening, for a change of venue, Slippy, Beff, Coogs, and I went to the Boulevard Grill to watch the game upstairs. Not a big TV, but that'll do pig. I grubbed a yummy caesar salad, which I've been craving since the good ones I experienced on the last cruise.

I'm so happy to have won the way they did - staying out in front the whole game, and putting in an empty netter to clinch things (much as did the c-smoker from Detroit a few years ago against the Canes). Rest assured the jersey is hanging outside my cube today for all to see.

I'm also rather exuberant today because I got an A on my first paper for this semester! WOOT! Now to get in gear and crank out this week's assignment (week 4) and really buckle in on the mid-term assignment due in week 6. A good distraction for a short period from the fact that I am now, officially, without hockey.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Carolina Hurricanes 2006 Stanley Cup Champions

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Ok, yeah I won an auction I shouldn't have been bidding on. But the price was half of what the other jerseys are for the one player on leading jersey sites and it was for a preferred team. At least I'm trying to be good, and I've since listed a few items up on ebay that have been around this place for years. I hate to part with some of it as it was hard to come by, but here is the listings for the Type O Negative rare items, promos, and whatnot that I have for sale. Go, shop, buy :)

I do need to get my butt in gear and follow through with the yard sale I was considering for May. There are just so many things (decorations and whatnot) that I have more than I need of. There is also a ton that came from ye old ex that need to go now that I look at those things more with discussed than dismay.

My sunday was rather boring. I finished my reading for the week though, so at least I'm ready for the week's assignment to be posted. I can't believe I have to go back to that place already tomorrow. Ugh.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Yesterday's afternoon was so long and drawn out. It had to have been the slowest the clock has ever moved. But at last I'm into my weekend. Friday evening started off with a nice home cooked meal which, if I do say so myself, was quite yummy. From there I headed out to Tempfest for a couple drinks and hanging with some of Davey and Ty's friends.

I couldn't sleep as late as I had wanted to this morning, but I feel well rested enough. Today was the company picnic. As you know, I'm all for a free meal, especially a free drink or two. It was a little too warm, but I still tried to get a game of volleyball in. I try to stay enjoy everything but I can't help but getting a bit of a twinge of down at the company parties. You see the endless count of couples, and the few good looking guys that you never had information one way or the other confirmed having people.

As to the evening, things are going to game 7. Not too pleased about that. Being a bit grumpier from that whole experience, I allowed myself to contimplate things further. I realize how lame I am to have been seen out on yet another Saturday night sans date watching a hockey game. It makes it worse to see some guys who have a different "date" every time I see them, particularly when I think they have someone "semi-perminant" as well.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Saturday... SATURDAY! I was a wee bit displeased last night, but the Canes have two more shots at it if they need it. I am starting to think that me missing the start of a game is a hex. Yes, I'm superstitious. I was a wee bit late because we bumped our wallyball game to Wednesday since several of us had another meeting for Thursday.

Today I managed to crank out my due by COB Fri efforts before heading out for the day. Then I had to swing across town for the first AITP meeting.

Vixen is rather displeased with me for being gone so much this week, but she did a good job upstairs by her lonesome last night and tonight for periods of time longer than she typically does. I can't tell you how good of a girl she is. She's become a better dog as an "only child", which while it saddens me in a way, I'm also thrilled she's adjusted so well. I guess I started to think more about this partly after meeting Alice the other night. Satin's toys finally made it upstairs to be put away, but the second crate and dog food bin remains. It just seems wrong for them to not be there still.

Who am I kidding? I still think some things should be as they were years ago, I guess I can't be shocked that I'm restraining from making changes a few months after she's been gone.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Last evening I headed to swim from work and came back to do a little reading for my class. I mixed my reading up a bit with making to do lists to help myself realize the things floating in my head are all quite managable. Not sure why I am a list maker, but it does help me mentally sort things out and relax when I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. Sadly, my lists aren't like most where people say here is what I have to do this week. No, my lists are broken down by month and I'm planning out through the end of August at this point. I'm looking forward to having a hockey schedule just so I can plan that time away.

From there I headed across town to meet the Law's new fuzzy lady, Alice. I had to go meet her to make sure I gave the appropriate good blessings when I received a reference check call! She is a bit pork-choppy right now, but I'm sure they'll melt some pounds off of her. It should be interesting to see if she becomes more active after losing some weight, because she was quite the laidback gal. Very friendly as well. Congrats to the Laws on their new addition.

Vixen was rather displeased when I returned home smelling of Lizzy and Alice, but she was appeased with a treat or two. Tonight is wallyball since there is an AITP meeting tomorrow night. Busy busy busy!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I was too tired to watch the Canes win, can you believe that? I don't pay for local channels so I wouldn't have gotten to watch the game w/o Beff. After woofing down some 'za I started feeling exceedingly tired. Of course, prior to the food arriving I had downed a tylenol for yet another headache. I guess I took it too early on an empty stomach and thus went down for the count. I missed the second period and part of the third, dead asleep on Beff's couch. I left there, went home and crashed back out again. I think I needed the sleep.

Either way the Canes won last night with 2-1, putting the series 3-1.

Today I just need to wake up and get moving. If I get through my day or not I'm headed back to swim again later today. I think I just need a few days off. Too bad vacation is still 80ish days away.

Monday, June 12, 2006

The Canes lost this weekend, thus my non-enthusiasm to get online to blog about it. I knew there wouldn't be a sweep, but I do still want to win! Saturday I spent most of the day (after being awoken by a wrong number) working on my paper so I could get it turned in and get out to watch the game. After an attempt to watch at the Alibi was thwarted because heaven forbid they don't have every station the same for horse races (so says the owner). There wasn't even a person in the back room watching that tv. That's okay, if you're alright with losing business, I'm find with taking it away from you. I won't be back any time soon.

Sunday I woke up early with a boomer of a headache, popped a tylenol and wiped back out. Luckily the meds cut through and I got up later and headed to Altoona. I found a great pair of shoes cheap down there for the September wedding I'm in.

Late last night my mind was busy wandering and keeping me from sleep. At least I came up with a good idea for posters this year, or at least a starting block for them. Only another 80 things to start planning/preparing for before September/October. And I wonder why I have so many headaches.

Today I'm just incredibly hungry. I don't know what gives, but I'm sure looking forward to going for grub at noon.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

One more day this week. I'm feeling a bit of stress looking forward with some of the things I've planned for myself over the next 6 months, but it will be a time of growth in the direction of my personal career goals, that's for sure. Anyone know of a good book on database marketing? Maybe the present stress will lift after I get the acceptance testing kicked off for my one project. At least the other project is pushed back again, or I'd probably have a spectacular migraine by now.

Tonight was Wallyball. You know I dig it if I went three weeks in a row :) I am feeling better now that I'm getting some regular exercise, I know it helps give me energy but somehow it always remains difficult to get out the door. The first step is the hardest eh?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Oh how about those Canes? Sure the Oilers are riding on a second string goalie, but I can't fathom how they got this far this season w/o having two top notch men in net. Despite having issues in net their offense should still be pulling through. I'll take it either way. 2-0 in the series, 5-0 for this game. Oh that Cam Ward. WOOT - We SOOOO Owned the Other Team!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

So Judy, what did you do today? Well dear reader today I actually hauled out of work for my lunch hour and went to swim for the first time in an eon over at the campus. My 1000 yard workout is a far cry from my distances of past, and I used flippers for part of the ordeal, but I'm happy I went. I feel like I've actually broken a long withstanding mold. I didn't feel like I was floundering in the water, which is what I expected. I guess I likened swimming and playing musical instruments together - I know I'm horrid at this point with the flute, I haven't even tried the sax in years. Maybe someday I'll get brave. For now, just being able to lap the older folks in the neighboring lanes gave me the little boost I needed.

After work some grub and a movie. Do you have to ask what I headed out to see? But of course, the Omen. If I ever saw the original it was many years ago and I don't remember it. Either way, not bad. I only got a minor jump out of it, so in that measure it was a bit disappointing. Entertaining, but I remain wondering why they didn't beat the snot out of the brat when he acted up.

From here, time to take my notes for this week's assignment and to do some research to see what comes up. I should be able to get to a place where I can still watch the game tomorrow night, but it's time to get on it.
At last! The bitchin Dodge Caliber commercial.
The Canes win game one - heck of a game. Oilers were all over them in the first no doubt. But they fought back to even things, and ended up pulling ahead in the last 30 seconds to finish things off. What a start for the playoffs. So much for those that called for a sweep!

I spent the evening watching the game at the Haven with the Slipster and Coogs after the fan club meeting. Tomorrow night is time to make good progress on this week's class assignment so I can comfortably watch game 2 on Wednesday.

Later in the evening I've been sitting here retyping the goals that were proposed to me - totally different from those I spent time pulling together in the first place. I really don't like to say no, but I also can't blindly sign off on something I know I can't achieve. If I don't see but one client, and only intermittently, the chances of me selling him/her something are slim.

I also don't see how we can't reuse a goal from one year to the next, or create them directly from the guidance documents provided by our own HR department - especially when I KNOW other people have the same goals they had last year. I'll flex on making new goals, but I want them to be attainable - a stretch maybe - but not a backbend, I've never been that flexible and I'm too old to do that without severe damage.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

It has been an incredibly lame weekend, but lame is okay. I'm expecting a written assignment this week for my class, so I'm sure I'll have a few busy nights forthcoming. The extent of motivation extended from a little bit of cleaning, more upkeep really than cleaning, and a run to the liquor store when I realized I was out of unflavored vodka.

I also managed to find a product that cleaned my tub well. I'm so excited I'm blogging it. I've probably bitched about my tub before. Previous home owners used something frightening that managed to strip off the glossy seal from the tub which means the tub gets crummy easily and is stubborn about staying that way. Traditionally to try and lighten up the marks I employ soaking bleach water which also rusts the fixtures in the drain.

I've rolled my eyes at the magic eraser commercial a few times mocking the concept - but when I saw a generic brand of the same in Ollies for $2 a two-pack I figured I'd give it a go. These little boogers work - and easily! Way cleaner than the bleach water, I used them with my bare hands and they're not dried up, and I'm no longer ashamed to have someone go into my bathroom if I didn't pull the shower curtain shut. Needless to say I'm going back and stocking up.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Oh today was my day. A few fumbles do not always ruin the game - today there was a touchdown. They say to expect the unexpected, but I, on the other hand, decide to expect a little less and then revel in unexpected surprises than feel unnecessary disappointment. Let's suffice it to say - today there was not just an unexpected surprise but SHOCK at work. I keep telling people I'm old, now I have one more way to demonstrate my worthiness to order off of the senior menu. Further, I always knew I was a one of a kind type of girl, but this kind of reinforces the point.

After work it was Wallyball night, I really do enjoy it. My arms are not quite as sore this time so I'm hoping I don't bruise up too terribly. I can feel my back twinging a bit already, but I was still sore from earlier in the week anyhow.

Further to make my day - the Canes worked the home ice advantage in North Carolina - Go Canes! Times to take on Edmonton and to bring home the Stanley cup. What I wouldn't give to be in Raleigh.