Friday, April 30, 2004

Thought of the day: Is it wrong to wonder if your divorce lawyer is single?

Thursday, April 29, 2004

The Avs won last night. Thank goodness. I also noticed my Saturday event will be hampered by the lack of hockey on channels I get. Hmm. I guess my "Game 5 and cookout" event will just have to drag on until 7pm to catch a game on ESPN.

The weather is once again nice in Johnstown. Tonight is the second softball practice. Hopefully some of the catching practice I got in will do me some good. I'm a bit crampy and feeling eh, so we'll see how that effects things too. Maybe the exercise will do me some good. I foolishly didn't get in my workout on the eliptical trainer yesterday, so I forced myself to put in 10 minutes this morning before my shower. You'd think that would wake you up, but I think it just sucked the energy out that I would normally be using at this point in the day.

I've been thinking alot about defining days today. I guess it's because a friend presented an issue that gives today the potential to be pretty big for him. It's funny how if you know what's coming up in your life you feel the need to over analyze things to the point of putting yourself in a state of indecision. But I guess that's the whole point of learning to live for the moment that he and I are both attempting to integrate into our lifestyles.

"But noone else will take this sh*t from me. -Matchbox 20"

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I see my favorite blog visitor has returned with a ferver. Miss me honey? Get a life... well at least get a job and go from there.

Last night's hockey was pretty entertaining too (thanks for the good company to chat with during the games Phil, even if it did make me return a telephone call way too close to 10 for my comfort). Good game between the Lightning and Montreal, which also put the Lightning up 3 to 0 in the series. I did say I thought Tampa Bay would get through this round unscathed, but I didn't quite mean THAT easily. Now... how about the Flames! Heh. Take that Shanahan.

Well tonight is a big game for my favorite team in the playoffs. The Avs are down 3 to 0 in the series. *bites lip* Let's see if Philly can go up by the same numbers this evening too. Did I say Montreal in my guesses?... doh.

"I know there's someone out there, waiting for me. -Madonna"

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Um... it's snowing. Have I mentioned I hate Johnstown?

"Die die die my darling. -Misfits"
Christine has her jersey! Woohoo :)
Look out Courchesne, we'll be hunting you down to get this thing signed. So you better be back in Johnstown next season.

"If you wanna be bad be bad with me. -DJ? Acucrack"
Enough with the goofy dreams already! Ugh. The past couple nights have just been loaded with odd dreams that I really should be writing in my dream journal (should my church ever start the dreams small group back up) but I don't. I've had dreams about weddings where they needed me to read their ceremony and it was parts of mine, dreams of trying to hypnotize someone with the help of Dutch *laugh*, and dreams of trying to find a bus and hiding from other people that were looking for the same location.

The human mind is truly messed up. Why can't we just dream something straightforward. Like if you're suppose to get a certain message why doesn't someone walk up to you, and spit it out... sure that's a little John Edwards (the psychic-douche, not the NC politician thank you very much), but I think it would be more effective.

"Oh my God, look at this. -The Crystal Method"

Sunday, April 25, 2004

The deck is now pressure washed. About half of the paint came off. It looks kind of better but kind of worse at the same time. I wish there was an easy way to deal with it in one pass. I'm impressed my back isn't more sore than it is today. One good thing to be said about the rain starting up today - no softball practice, probably a good thing with my back being a little displeased as it is.

The avs lost again yesterday *bites lip*. Eh, let's hope for a good second wind. Let's just leave the hockey talk at that for today.

Okay, I think it's time to find a new man... I'm bored. Not that I really have time for one at the present with the vacation coming up and the paper to write. But it would be nice. Is there any nice boy-toys out there? Heh. Too bad it's not hockey season in Jtown yet... at least then there would be things to drool, er I mean, look at.

Friday, April 23, 2004

I'm feeling moody today and I don't know why. It's like one thing after another just seems to trouble me. Go ahead claim PMS but I don't think that's it. Maybe it's the fact that we have dreary weather again - who knows.

At least it's Friday. Maybe I'll make some leaps and strides this weekend that will leave me feeling some sense of accomplishment. Ever get that annoyance with yourself when you realize all you're really doing is existing? I wish my puppies were here, they'd cheer me up.

"Just to disprove all the things that you say. -Jewel"

Thursday, April 22, 2004

It's the end of the second, first night of second round action.

It's pretty damn sweet to get to watch two former Canes one new teams fighting on another in this round of playoffs. The Flyers have Sami Kapanen and the Leafs have Ronnie Francis... it's all fun. I guess part of the deal in picking Toronto for this round is also because I want to see Francis get another shot at the cup. Heaven knows he's not getting any younger. But he's still doing 10x better than Lemeiux was at the last time he stepped on the ice.

I'm trying to pace myself this evening as I want to be able to stay up to watch the full Avs/Sharks game, it doesn't start til 10.

PS three cheers to Calgary for having Detriot tied at the end of the second. *grin*
Proof I'm a loser. Last night while out shopping I'm going through mother's day cards trying to find one for mother dear. I happen upon one of those 'from the dog' ones that was just so precious... I bought it for myself. Er, rather, Satin and Vixen bought it for me.

"Hey how you doin' yeah I'm doing mighty fine. -Destiny's Child"

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

So much to update the blog reading world on, where to start.

With this warm weather the carpenter bees are back at the house, so I've called in the big-guns to deal with them. The pest guy sprayed yesterday and I think it just pissed them off. This should be an interesting battle. I'm also trying to get a landscaper to come and give me an estimate on some work I want done. It's funny how some companies don't return calls and miss appointments like your time means nothing. How do these places stay in business?

Last night I got to hang w/ Knip again (yes, I'll call you Knip since you took note of it *grin*) and Mike - which is always fun. It's nice to have people to babble hockey with.

Did I mention I had my first softball practice on Sunday? I then foolishly was playing catch a bit on Monday and I'm reeeeally sore still. It's funny how quickly the human body gets out of shape. It should be fun to play, hopefully I'll get better and stop throwing like so much of a girl! People raising little girls, even if they never need it - please teach them the basics of throwing correctly so they don't have to learn as an adult.

"Your mouth is like a funeral where kisses go to die. -Jack off Jill"

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

How did I do with my guesses for the Stanley Cup's first round... let's see, shall we?

Tampa Bay vs. NY Islanders = Tampa Bay
Boston vs. Montreal = Montreal
Detroit vs. Nashville = Detroit
Colorado vs. Dallas = Colorado
San Jose vs. St. Louis = San Jose

Philly vs. New Jersey = New Jersey
Vancouver vs. Calgary = Vancouver
Toronto vs. Ottawa = Ottawa

Time to start looking ahead now... second round:
Colorado vs. San Jose: tough one here, do I keep cheering for my Avs, or go with the Chiefs' affiliate team? Hmm. Gotta stay loyal - Avs!
Calgary vs. Detroit: I hate it, but Detroit will take this round too.
Tampa Bay vs. Montreal: I think Tampa Bay will step through this round unscathed.
Philly vs. Toronto: Toughest one to call in my eyes. I don't think Philly has what it takes go to further if Toronto gets a good second wind going into this. Toronto - plus who doesn't want to see Ronnie get a shot at the cup again?

Monday, April 19, 2004

Is it just me, or would you also beg Jesse Jackson to NOT help if you were related to a captured soldier. What is it with this man? He just suddenly appears every now and again offering his assistance and his willingness to travel to whereever. Mayhaps I'm not too schooled on Mr. Jackson or his relationship capabililties with other countries etc... but he sure thinks highly of himself, doesn't he? My impression is he just wants to see his name and face, and hear his voice on the news every now and again. Get a grip Jesse.

"Don't try to run away, cause I understand the pain that's tearing you apart. -Ian Van Dahl"

Sunday, April 18, 2004

It's Sunday again. That means Monday tomorrow... *sigh* I need three day weekends, at a minimum. Quag's wedding was enjoyable yesterday. It was good to see everyone. I also had the pleasure of good company on the drive, that's always a plus. Thanks for playing the gentleman and being a good 'date' Rex. Better still the reception had a big screen tv with the channel set to ESPN! So I did get to learn of the Avs win, knocking the Stars out and watched a moment of Boston loosing whilest I gathered additional fruity beverage.

The weather was nice yesterday, but it was just plain gorgeous today. In Johnstown that's quite the rare occasion, so I tried to take advantage of it, however it's tough to do with little time between church and the first softball practice of the year. I did however get the deck furniture out and hose things down a little to get ride of some of the grime.

Time to start planning the first big cook out of the season. But I really should get all of the other 'outdoor' tasks underway first. I need the garden 'built', the lawnmower repaired... it never ends. Anyone know a (single) handyman?? No Law, not you... you're not single. *smile*

Happy Anniversary Binder & Amy!

Friday, April 16, 2004

Just to clarify here... my addition on the title bar is not to corrolate the two lists such that:
Hockey = Paulie
Dogs = Bates
Cake = Jeff

It was more to bring people with interest in any of those players to the blog. Besides we all know if I was making corrolations the word "CANDY" would be involved.

"I am whatever you say I am. -Eminem"

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Not tonight's news but I'm finally covering it. Reading knocked Wheeling out of the playoffs. I'm not sure who I should be cheering for. To be honest, I think it would be Wheeling - it was nice to believe in your heart that the Chiefs were the only team with a chance to step past them, but that was shattered by Reading. Maybe they're putting something in the Reading water recently. It should be interesting to see who steps out between Reading and Peoria.

It's not really been a good night for the teams I cheer for in the NHL either. Boston is down 1-3 in the 3rd - which is sad because if they could win this one they could just call this round toast, the Predators appear to be going down in flames today too. Now, lets see if San Jose can at least make me proud in the late game of the evening. Course I'll miss the Avs attempt to polish Dallas off on Saturday due to Quag's wedding. I guess it's a worthy trade.

At least something cool came of this evening. My bud Knip came for dinner and to hang out. It was good to catch up after a week of not seeing one another. Last night was hang out with Rex night, so I'm catching up with everyone.

Let's see what other babble have I to share with the world. Hmm. Aside from my latest and greatest purchases not much. There's the game worn Bates jersey from his brief Avs days *grin* and my latest attempt to learn something new... but that's another story for another day.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

One more post today - this is too funny. Thanks Brian for sending me to this site... too cool. I call this one 'self portrait'.
I'm posting girl this afternoon... so much to say :)

Anyhow, I missed this last week but check it out - Bates Battaglia was selected as a preliminary forward for the 2004 US Men's National Team. Go Bates!!

"I'm crazy. Trying to be a lady. -Black Eyed Peas"
Proof I'm not the only insane person working here... this is an ACTUAL LISTING from our internal website's classifieds:
"Half Eaten Sundae-Hot Fudge with nuts. Still in the freezer in break room. Will part with it for $2.50, but willing to negotiate with the right person."

I pray it's a joke.

"I know what you're thinking about me. -Pink"
Elevator man must die. While there are many perks to having a cube right by the front doors it also means I'm close to all of the noise associated with the front of the building. I can usually ignore the conversations (heaven knows it's amusing sometimes to be up to date on the internal rumors), I can even cringe and ignore the screaming brats that people insist upon bringing into this business establishment, but I can't deal with the elevator man.

The elevator maintenance door is also just over the one cube wall. When the elevator guy is here working on something he props the darn thing open. Can you say loud as hell? Do the noises made by the elevator equipment need to be pure cacophony in order to provide feedback to the repair man? I've repeatedly gone by unpropping the door across multiple visits (especially once the noise enters it's second hour) but the guy doesn't get the hint. *MUST CONTROL FIST OF DEATH - evil smile*

"And the sky was made of Amethyst -Hole"

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Guess what I'm doing? Well, yeah... how did you guess? At this point Nashville is ahead but it's only the 2nd. Did you see the Stars step up last night in OT? Blah. I guess the Avs had to let them have a chance. *grin*

Today was pretty hectic with meetings that seemed to prevent me from accomplishing too much. It's funny how you can go for days with nothing on your calendar and then have a spree of meetings so tightly packed that you can't accomplish anything but walking from one conference room to the next.

This evening I did get to see a very good friend that I've missed the company of over the past couple weeks. *smile* You know who you are. So that's a plus - and a nice way to wrap up an otherwise blah day which consisted of - surprise surprise - MORE RAIN!

Now for today's deep thoughts (to hell with Jack Handy). This is a drag on something that happened many many years ago but was only brought to my attention recently. If someone gives up on a dream that is handed to them 'for you' but they never told you that they had the opportunity, what does that mean?

Me, I feel guilty on some levels, even though I know I would have wanted this loved one to persue the dream regardless of the cost that we had to pay together. Now, I know I shouldn't feel guilty because this person should have told me that they had been accepted to go for this dream. So you've got to ask, why didn't they? Did they, on some level, not really want to try or fear they couldn't perform - or did they truly believe (the worst) that you wouldn't be supportive? I guess if this person didn't realize how I would have reacted then he didn't know me as well as I thought he did. But we all know I've questioned how well I thought I knew him.

At least one of us is working on that post graduate degree.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Rainy days and mondays always get me down. That should be my song for this entry, but I don't have it as an mp3. Oddly the rain was coming in at a 45 degree angle over lunch today. Ick. The rain must stop soon! I keep trying to tell my mind that the flowers will be here soon, but I'm losing the fight to trick myself.

If it stays winter in Johnstown, can we start hockey season early?

"Tramps like us, baby we were born to run. -B. Springsteen"

Sunday, April 11, 2004

It's cold in Johnstown again. Blah. I guess it could be worse, right? At least I didn't awake to 3 inches of snow.

It's Easter. It's been a few years since I bothered with baskets - not like I need the huge wad of candy sitting around the house.

I wish we could somehow find the enthusiasm we once had for Easter and Christmas - the child-like enthusiasm. Instead, the typical Easter celebration just makes me want to cry. We did have a nice dinner, but just looking around the jammed tables not only was it odd to be at the 'adult' table in my family, but I also realized how not like that part of my family I am. It's funny how just an aunt away makes so much difference. Her kids have kids that are teenagers or older - and the girls are just so darn thin and cute. Hell one was even a hooter's girl. They all seemed so happy. It made me want to yack - and yes I fought back tears of self-loathing a few times during dinner.

No hard feelings to them at all, but again I've realized it's going to be a very long time before holidays are enjoyed. Happiness at the holidays to me means family, but this wasn't the type of family that does it... it's a family I can call my own, even if it doesn't involve children.

I know, I know... I keep waffling between wanting to find Mr. Forever and just seeing what is out there in this great big world. Maybe it's just the fear and the harsh awareness that there isn't much out there around Johnstown.

These thoughts of course also allowed me to ponder further the behaviors of guys who are very nice and gentle by nature who feel the need to put on the face of someone else when they're out in the world. What makes someone who comes from a town with 'Upper' in the name claim they were trailor trash? Why does someone choose to be a smart ass goon in front of people when they're a softspoken gentle creature one-on-one? So do you know the person they are acting to be or the person? Do they have anything in common?

Saturday, April 10, 2004

So, would Easter weekend be complete without attending some local wrestling action. Oddly enough, I spent this evening at the KCW matches here in Altoona (Keystone Championship Wrestling). Okay. I've seen it all now. Gee, I wonder why the hockey players don't wreel their arms and flail like the "pro" wrestlers do when they fight. It was an interesting evening to say the least, at least it was packed with things to laugh at.

I was accused of not focusing enough on 'cake' in my blog recently. I can only attribute this to my attempts (once again) to lose weight. But given that the Japanese/sushi place in Altoona isn't open on the weekends *how stupid is that* mom and I went to the Olive Garden. Yes, needless to say, my weakness exposed I did consume a piece of the black tie mousse cake. As always - to die for. Olive Garden is your favorite restaurant, right? I'll be sure to take you there for some cake someday.

Now, back to hockey... *smile* I see Reading actually managed to pull of a second win against Wheeling. This kind of scares me. Sorry Reading, if it's not my boys there I've got to cheer for Wheeling to win this round.

Mmm, hanging out with family tomorrow. Interesting.

Friday, April 09, 2004

It's Friday. While I'm normally thrilled by the weekend, this one is tempered a little with disappointment that I have no reason to be leaving work early today on a quest to watch my boys kick some ice in Wheeling. Wheeling beat Reading in the first of their series last night, and San Jose (the Chiefs are affiliated with them) took a one game lead in OT against the Blues. Other than that there is little important in hockey land.

Another dumb thing I ponder. If _I_ were a hockey player, would I search the Internet for my own name?

On a bright but dim note, I think some major issues were resolved last night. Long story short, timing is everything, and when it's off sometimes it slices at you with razor claws. So we agreed on two things at once. Singledom wouldn't be so bad if you had guarantees on finding Mr. Right, or if you knew that Mr. Right would be available when the time was right.

"It's a competitive world. Everything counts in large amounts. -Depeche Mode"

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

So that "pacific blue metallic" 4Runner did have something to do with you. Hmm.

Time to watch your favorite, and one of my favorite teams make a run at the first round. Of course Nashville let me down, let's hope the Avs won't.

"Going down to southpark, gonna have myself a time."
Stress stress stress. I don't know why I feel so anxious today. My stomach is just jumping around and it's starting to get annoying. The more often this happens the more I freak myself out because I'm starting to think I have some kind of sixth sense. The killer is not knowing if it's an indicator of a good or bad thing. Sometimes the feeling precedes something that could be considered both.

With much thanks to Kathy I have a copy of someone else's picture of Richard w/ his palm-tree date. A photo worth sharing.

Well, tonight's game options definitely tell me I picked wisely in saying I'll probably watch the Avs vs. Dallas. To heck w/ Boston, Montreal, Nashville, and especially Detroit :P The Vancouver-Calgary game could be good, but I don't appear to get that station. *rats*

Ok, just for humor (keep in mind I haven't watched much NHL this year - I've been too busy w/ the local games) here's my guesses...
Tampa Bay vs. NY Islanders = Tampa Bay
Boston vs. Montreal = Montreal
Philly vs. New Jersey = New Jersey (sadly)
Toronto vs. Ottawa = Ottawa
Detroit vs. Nashville = Detroit (VERY sadly)
San Jose vs. St. Louis = San Jose - it would be cool to see the Chief's affiliate roll.
Vancouver vs. Calgary = Vancouver
Colorado vs. Dallas = Colorado (I hope)

At least the Stanley cup playoffs will keep me preoccupied for a few more weeks.

"It's funny how I find myself, in love with you. -No Doubt"

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Well another sad night. Walking in the visiting teams' locker room for the fan club meeting, and seeing the line of the Chiefs' helmets and gear was quite depressing. I guess they're all heading out in the next day or so. Can't blame them - I wouldn't want to hang around the gaping wound either.

It's just so sad.
See you next fall guys.

In an effort to prolong hockey in my own mind a little further, and mayhaps to lessen the withdrawl, I guess I'll be trying to find a bar w/ the Avs/Stars game on on Wednesday. Most of the NHL teams I like are far from playoff material this year, at least the Avs slid in there.

Now, if I could just find people that want to go hang out. SHEESH. Slackers.

"Go'on baby and get the lighta we gonna start the fire. -No Doubt"

Monday, April 05, 2004

I'm not going to whine... I already did my share of crying. We didn't start to play until the second period, by then it was too late. I must say I was surprised to see Patzold in goal. And, I'm extra sad to know that Currie and Paulie didn't get to play in the last game of the season. So if you didn't gather it from my tone, we lost to Reading, 2-1.

Well at least I did get to talk to Paul for a minute between periods. He's such a sweetie. I really liked the spiked red hair with the suit and tie. You better be back next year hottie. *smile*

WE LOVE YOU CHIEFS... each and every one of you. Thank you for everything you put out there for us, your fans. You don't need the cup to be winners in our eyes, and we look forward to welcoming everyone back again next year.

"I believe in you. -Evanescence"

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Went to see Miracle last night. Good flick. I know the Chiefs saw it when it first opened here in Jtown, but I'm thinking it's too bad they didn't all go see it today, just to get pumped for tomorrow's game.

We've taken Reading out before, but anything can happen when it all rides on one game.
Can't wait - can't wait!

I'm sitting here watching the Pens vs. the Crapitals... in the hopes that mayhaps Bates will make some stunning appearances to whoop on the Penguins. At least that will keep me entertained until I exit and head to the Haven to hang with some peeps. I really need to run a perminant telephone line to the living room. Cables everywhere is really no way to live.

The dogs are peaceful, quite the rare occasion. We had snow today (can you believe that crap) so they did some running outside, it's the only thing I can figure must have them down and out at the moment.

"Give me a reason to hold to what we've got, there must be a reason. -Ian Van Dahl"

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Reading it is. You're going down Reading... and you're next Wheeling.

Friday, April 02, 2004

Well the Chiefs lost in a shootout to Reading this evening. I'll just blame it on the craziness of neither Paulie or Zehr being in the game. *grumble*

Quite disappointing, but we all know Reading and Trenton (tomorrow's game) will be hungry to try and slide into that 5th place spot. That means game on Monday night at the War Memorial to determine if our boys will be playing in the first full round. BE THERE!

Now, factor in that Demo got suspended for two games... wth?

Looks like Paulie will be sitting out tonight's game from what I understand. We also signed another defenseman, so I'm curious how that will play things out on the long term of maintaining members of the current team. I know just from conversations through the party this past monday that there are a few opinions on who they want to stick around, who will stick around, and who does and doesn't fit in well with the team. I guess time will tell. In the mean time it's time to get pumped for playoffs... even if it does look like we aren't in a super cushy spot going in.

I think it's going to be a pretty odd weekend, as for once I don't have a ton to do, no games, no plans to hang out with anyone... maybe I'll actually get some work done on my final paper. I think that would be highly recommended!

"So I'll wait, as I always wait, as I always wish for something more. -Tapping the Vein"