Friday, November 28, 2003

How many people get the pleasure of twisting their dear sweet nieces and nephews as they get into the meat of their teenage years? Today, needless to say, completely ruled. I not only got to see Type O Negative for like the millionth time, but I also got to see Moonspell.

To explain the best I can, Type O was my obsession before Bates *laugh* ok, so maybe I am still Type O obsessed, it just took them a hella long time to release another album and go to a city that I could hit. They foolishly scheduled their Pittsburgh show for the night of my work Christmas party... so I had to come the whole way to Texas to see them. Ah the sacrifices I make.

AND to top it all off - I got to take my nephew. How did he express his feelings towards the experience of his first concert?

"I felt like I was riding the Texas Giant (rollercoaster) with neanderthals and satanists."

My work here is done.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving!

Alas, the day of feasting. Just this time last year I was happily preparing a delightfully brined turkey (hail Alton) in my cozy NC home. Ah well. This year I am spending my holiday with family in Texas. At least the temp is comfortable and I didn't have to cook!

I haven't done much hockey watching since arriving, but I've compensated by slacking off instead - and eating WAY too much cake. My nephew's 14th birthday was Tuesday, so there has been an abundance of dessert type items around the house all week.

Of course my IM buddy is not going to be online tonight *pout* so I may have to torment the kids or hide with my laptop this evening. *smile*

Time for a nap.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

It's 8:19am. I've slept not a wink last night. My coffee is good, but doesn't feel necessary right now. Amazingly I'm wide awake. I had a jig of a time out in Eburg last night bsing and sampling some fine ice creams (close second to cake). Didn't get to catch the Pens game (or should I say the thrashing that the Pens received) but I did learn what an array of old horribly acted television shows are on tv in the wee hours of the morning.

Several episodes of Full House, Cheers, and something about Hitler's medical problems later I'm ready to face a Thursday. I'm expecting to crash out here at work somewhere around 11. We'll see how well I can hold out. Needless to say the dogs were quite displeased with my absence. But they got their share of milk from my cereal bowl to appease them for now.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Happy day! Hockey hockey hockey... the Canes went down to the Caps a weee bit in the past week, but I'll just attribute it to the Caps having Bates. I found another site loaded w/ pics of Batesy so my background is about bursting at the seams now. It's a nice way to blow off the rest of the drama in the world, ya know?

I have officially taken a stance on cloning. *grin* If those in charge see fit to create a Battaglia for me... I'm for cloning. It sure would eliminate all the other issues floating around right now with men in my life. If you're reading this.... YEAH, it's probably about you :)

Last night was very cool for a Monday I must say. I had the luxury of cooking dinner for my Kirkus. I made him do some manly work at the house, preparing tools *grunt grunt* so we could have smores! Yum :) That pretty much made my week. It is, after all, all his fault that I'm whooped on smores. They're not exactly cake, but they'll definitely do!

Also, I'm proud to report I have a solid A right now in my class! *woohoo* One more individual paper and a group paper to complete. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Fear the day I have a masters degree in anything.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Go CHIEFS! Hella cool friday night, Chiefs take it 3-1, Irbe in goal all night (I swear I'm going to have a male dog named Irbe some day... just so I can yell at him), awesome fight at the hands of Richard Paul (I can see myself becoming one of his fans - good looking, scrapper, with a good sense of humor). He's no Bates, but he'll do. He also has an odd style of flirting... yes Missy, that would be the one that grabbed my phone at the end of the Halloween parade telling you I was busy and hang up on you. As I recall the post parade conversation went something like:
"Who the hell was that?!"
"I dunno, number 55 - last name Paul."

My bud Missy is cheesed at the rumor that her Spence may be returning to the Chiefs. We'll see. But I'm telling you, if she gets Spence I better get Battaglia!
The CAVE CLUB: Ok, just to prove some of the humorous things that people will come up with here. Last night a group of people from work were out talking about the "cave club". I guess rumor around here has it that the cave (VR environment) is used for other activities and treated much like a mile high club.

My point in adding this to my blog? Well...
1. It's just plain funny being that my husband use to work in the cave.
2. This is just one of the 1001 rumors you hear around here.
3. Why wasn't I invited?! *just kidding*

I just find it funny that as a child you always looked at adults and never imagined they'd do and say some of the same things you joked about as a jr high kid, but they do. So, do people ever really grow up? Will my generation still be a pile of twisted souls when we're 80?

On another note it has finally snowed here in Johnstown. I won't complain as it's only a little on the ground... but I'm sure there is more to come. The dogs are of course loving it, although leaping through an inch of snow isn't exactly as entertaining for them as a foot would be.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Panic! The quest for a hot date is on. So the office Christmas party is the 13th of December. I knew that was coming up... but they've already sent out the invites. Now I need to pick a hottie. If you've got any eye candy friends send them my way!
I've only had one day off work (Veterans day) but it feels like an eternity. So much seems to have happened.

  • I did manage to crank out my paper, who says procrastinating doesn't pay off.
  • Congrats to Andrew and Sandra, friends from NC who just announced their recent engagement.
  • A small group of us had a good time Monday night out kicking up heals and acting like pervs at the Orchard and Bobby Deans. Nothing better than good drinks, good wings, and good company. Well, okay there could have been some cake and hockey involved. *shrug*
  • Fingers crossed for tonights kick ass game - Canes vs. Caps. I'll cheer for the Canes, but won't complain if Bates manages to do well. They play again this weekend, so it will be a glorious hockey week for me.
  • My laptop arrived *woot* now I can work on papers from in front of the television with ease!

Monday, November 10, 2003

Tragedy. My favorite restaurant, and only place that made Johnstown a real city has abruptly closed. So today I am at work in black mourning the Boulevard Grill. This is the one good eatery/bar in town... and also where I had my wedding reception, so it's a bit of a downer.

The Pens had their ass handed to them this weekend. 9 to zip. Ouch. At least wonderboy Fleury wasn't in goal all that time.

And to take this whole blog thing to a personal level (not that anyone is actually reading it anyhow)... I learned my husbands woman lost her job on Friday. In an interesting twist of emotions, I actually felt bad for her loosing her job. Odd. (A note here - I am separated) It's been one of those sureal weekends for so many reasons.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Guten morgan.

So today the dogs hit the vet. Of course they were both careful to abuse themselves yesterday to make me look good when we get there. I don't think the little chipmunk was too happy that they found him up inside the drain spout. Why Satin, as smart as she is thought her nose would fit up the spout is beyond me. But she is sporting a lovely wound to show her attempts. Vixen on the other hand still has tar on her foot and in her fur from the re-roofing day. That will be the last time I trust "gramma" to watch them outside.

Today I take my revenge on the candy thieves here at work. I have secretly replaced my normal candy with lovely Halloween candy that is sour as can be and turns your mouth bright red. Let's see if we can catch ourselves some candy snipers red handed... or mouthed as the case may be.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

A new day... Granted it's Wednesday but I'm finally finding a moment to think.

What's new on the hockey front:
Chiefs fan club welcome party on Sunday, a short but sweet event. I managed to get a small chat in with my favorite goalie to scream at, Arturs Irbe. He's a nice guy, but seems a little shy. I'm just really grateful he decided to show up to our lame little ECHL party.

A few cuties on the team, but of course I could be their mother. Damn I feel old.

NHL, haven't gotten to watch too many games as of late. Still waiting for my boy Bates to get in gear. Maybe I should hope he takes a slide and ends up here in Johnstown too... mm, tasty. Nah, I wouldn't wish Johnstown on my worst enemy. I'm still working on being a Caps fan, sorry Bates, that's a tough one.

What's new on the dog front:
My crazy ass beasts go to the vet tomorrow. I'm sure they'll love mommy for that. Just a little routine maintenance to get them ready for kenneling while I enjoy some holiday time away from home.

What's new on the cake front:
Did you know the Phoenix has "extreme" cakes. They're huge. We're talking 3 times the height of a normal size piece of cake. Smores cake... and huge. Yum. Almost as tasty as Bates, but not quite.