Tuesday, December 30, 2008

While it isn't Thursday, tonight was wing-night with Mithy and Kirkus... mmm, honey garlic with a few splashes of toasted almonds ;) Three cheers for lazy days between semesters, they afforded me the luxury of sleeping like a fool yesterday and chilling with friends tonight. Why exactly do I keep taking classes again?

I have also taken quite the shining to the Twilight book, which I am already half-way through and have decided that the selected actor pales in comparison to who _I_ would have cast for the role. Either way, gotta get this read before the movie gets over to Westwood! Oh, and I am taking crazy steps... fate, beware.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Well if the ex and I have anything in common still it is the right to be damn proud of the fence in the back yard. That was one hell of an effort to get that baby in and our first home project when this house was purchased. Why I know we have the right to be proud is because it stood up to a fairly large pine tree that came down in the heavy winds this morning, with minimal damage. Ok, it isn't pretty by any stretch, and I'm not thrilled (the call is in to the home owners insurance already) but I can at least nod and smile at how sturdy our efforts turned out to be. Check it out.

See how well things held up? The damage was limited to the top bar and the fencing itself... of course I have no desire to mess with two come-alongs and trying to stretch a fence to fit properly.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Major boo. Granted, I did say I was wishing I could nap.. but I didn't want them to call the hockey game for bum ice. Whatev Elmira. Whiners. So after being there for two hours I headed home w/o a hockey fix and need to return tomorrow for the game.

One thing I neglected to regale you with earlier today was the tale of Danika's presents. Her first gift here at home was a squeaky pink sheep with a santa hat. Well, much like Vix had her Duckie fix, Dani loves her sheep. Anyhow, I had to hide the thing from her to keep her attention long enough to get into the other gifts. But even after everything else she opened all she wanted was that sheep which she squeaked incessantly all evening. She even brought it to bed with us! She's just too cute.
It has been a busy but mundane couple of days, let's see, where to start. I headed to mom's for Christmas, of course, on christmas eve. Needless to say she fed me well and sent me home with way more cookies than someone who needs to make a new year's resolution should ever have on hand. It was odd to find the temps colder and ice making a mess of mom's alley when things were reasonable here in Jtown.

It was once again an abundant haul this Christmas, I've been over gifted if anything! I did get the fossil watch I was eyeballing, a new sweater for work, more ladybug paraphernalia for the kitchen, a storage seat for the deck, books, dvds, music, a beautiful little red butterfly in a heart shaped holder, a ring, and more.

I worked for a good chunk of Friday, part of it on the way to Elmira. Nice little arena, awfully bright though. Hey Jackals fans... please enunciate. "Let's go Jackals" tends to sound like "Let's go jack off". Rolled in a little late last night as a result of the trip and I'm a bit bushed now instaed of eager to head to the game.

On another important note, last monday it was 4. FOUR. Today? It's 66. uh. ok. I won't point out that mother nature is a crazy bitch, but I did take advantage of the warmer temps as I drove to meet Slips and Beff for lunch and then ran to my normal stops with the windows down.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I would have written sooner, but I've been blinded by the glimmer and gleam coming off of my beautiful light pink diamond ring. Yes- it is on my hand at long last, a small gift from santa to me. I've been delightfully naug-ice this year I suppose. I'm very happy with the ring even though it's not uber pink - the right lighting shows the tinges and the scintillation is fabulous.

I have officially booked the first bus trip I planned for the fan club. I'm psyched. Hopefully all will go off without a hitch. That reminds me - time to schedule with the pet sitter!

If I don't get a moment before hand - merry christmas to all my dear readers, well, most anyhow.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday night... holiday party... just not feeling it. At least my neck isn't in as much pain, just a little stiff at this point. I dunno, I'm just grumpy right now. So grumpy that I am even thinking once again how much it would cost to get a nose job and fix my eyes. I know I'd feel better about myself if I started to lose weight again, but for who? I know, do it for myself, right? I need more motivation than that.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Do I sound like a kid? Someone called my house and then proceeded to ask me if my "mom or dad were home". Uh. Ok. Thanks for making my geriatric-ass get up off the couch for that. If you haven't gathered, yes, I am still in pain - it's actually worse today than my neck and back was after ripping muscles back in high school swimming.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Yep, my mind is so far gone right now that I'd leave it lay if it weren't attached... it would probably hang out with my cell phone, if it could find it. I hope it's on the desk at work.

As to the party... I am a little concerned to think we have "furry-lovers" on the team, albeit not surprised given the one participant.
This is how messed my head is... as we all know I don't really have many dreams that I'd consider to be nightmares, but the one last night qualified as it had me waking in a sweat and unable to go back to sleep. I must have been kicking around too - because Danika jumped off the bed to sleep, something she rarely does.

So, in last night's dream, probably because of the huge number of anti-versaries that come up around this time of year, I dreamt my ex committed suicide. It was just awful, I'll leave it at that.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

*does the "A" dance*

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm glad I went and watched a movie and made some no bakes last night, because all of my plans for today went down the tubes due to the stomach flu that is going around. So, I guess I'll visit w/ Missy some other time and get my hair colored next weekend instead. Despite waking up with a stiff neck this morning I did some running and shopping, nothing remarkable found. Now what to do? I guess I remember why I make myself suffer w/ classes, there is nothing else to do but sit by myself.

Friday, December 12, 2008

No auto bailout. I don't get how a large company can run a business into the ground and get a hand out. I mean, small businesses fold every day due to less horrific business practices. One of the news reports commented about auto workers having a fit about pay cuts. Um, I wish that were an option for us software folks. Not only would we get to demand higher salaries but getting to say "no" to a paycut would have avoided the evil anniversary that tomorrow is. Have I mentioned how little I like unions?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hou-pup-dini is in action once again. After months of perfection, Danika has once again thwarted that which would tether her. Instead of managing to break free on the uber-sturdy cable or snappingn the collar she has instead mastered the fine art of popping her head free from the collar. The past couple days I've found her happily wagging her butt at me when I opened the door. Next, shy of handcuffs and a coffin to keep her contained, I am probably going to try and find a harness that doesn't have a plastic snap. Is it wrong to buy things that are darn near bondage equipment for my dog?

I'm nearing completion of my paper and hope to scratch that off tonight, wish me luck. Pain!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Opinionated, me? Naw. Today we had a big discussion on the issues w/ people that have kids and their "needs". My thought process is this: if you're working, that's a commitment. Yes, I understand your kids are important... yadda yadda, but if you want to feed and clothe them you need to work, no? If I get flack for needing to tend to my dogs during work hours then you too should get flack for child-related distractions from your workday.

My opinions on all of this have been exacerbated by the people that "work from home" with small children and expect me to believe they're actually getting a full day in. If you are, then I guarantee you're neglecting your children in a way that borders on abuse. Who are we kidding? You're not, but you're still getting paid for a full day's work. Or, leaving to meet other schedule obligations associated with children. It may be 5, but there are days I don't get to leave just because of the time - when work still needs finished.

I try not to "hate" because of kids or car pools or other things of this nature but they build issues because certain circumstances are allowed for when others are not. Maybe I _am_ just bitter. But I get frustrated when I hear the argument for equality for women when we then turn around and ask for special treatment for special circumstances. Make up your mind.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

It's been a hectic and cold weekend. Yesterday I was up early for an appointment and then ran to get the girls to see Santa Paws at Petco. Let me tell you how incredibly cute the pictures turned out for both of them. If you'd like to see, they're proudly displayed on the coffee table - be sure to visit. Vixie was excited when Santa Paws approached but wasn't overly eager to sit still for the photo.

From there a quick lunch w/ Slips and Beff at the Bistro before the mad rush to get myself strapped into the dress, made up, curled, and out the door to meet the bus by 4. The event was nice enough, food not as yummy as some past years, but I ate well. Skipped out on dancing, I'm sure my feet are glad for that since my shoes are ones that would not have been too comfortable by the end of the night had I gone that route. I won't address the questions and comments from last night other than to say they were nice to hear even if I don't believe everything I hear.

Today I got up reasonably early for the late evening. The laudry, dishes, and vacuuming didn't take care of itself in my absence for some strange reason. My moment of cuteness right now is watching Vixen sitting by the couch falling asleep with her head up. C'mon, it's always cute to see a fuzzy critter fighting sleep. We've all had one of those days. Can't give into it though, the paper still needs finished... but I'm off to cross of the little distractions first.

Friday, December 05, 2008

So here we are... Christmas party eve. I have a bitchin dress, and lots of friends to sit with, but still. Blah. I almost don't wanna - and why? Because I'm dateless? Partially. There is also the recent proposals and other foolishness.

"Please don't tell me we had that conversation, cause I won't remember, save your breath cause what's the use. -Pink"

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Today can be summarized by saying that everything old is new again. Paul Maurice back behind the bench in Carolina? Excellent. Nyko, the reincarnation of 4 Corners, opened it's doors and served me up my first delish dinner. Sgroi is back on the Chiefs line up, a welcome return in my book even though I wouldn't be surprised if he tested positive for things that are rather unwelcome.

As for me, I am tired as can be. I wish I could actually get a quick nap and get back in gear tonight, but what are the chances? At least I got some reading done last night for my paper but it sure won't write itself. The remainder of the arrived presents are wrapped and my decorating is done minus the stockings (since the hangers I bought on ebay STILL haven't arrived), so that is also progress.

That said I'm off to decide: nap or prosperity

Monday, December 01, 2008

My long weekend is over and I can't say I have everything finished that I had hoped to achieve, but I did get my final weekly assignment in for my class and started to get the tree and other decorations up. Hopefully this week I can make significant progress on my final paper and finish decorating.

I hung out w/ 2S after the game friday and while getting some shopping done on sunday afternoon. Also spent some quality time w/ Slips and Beff for lunch and light shopping on Saturday. And, finally, hit all three Chiefs games, so I guess I DID alot, just none of the time critical stuff.

Mom is off of her oxygen as of talking to her today and has an appointment with the doctor for later this week, so that is a relief.

I'm back at work and awake... what more can I expect of myself at this point eh?

Friday, November 28, 2008

It feels like an eternity since I posted, and I have a list of things I want to comment on and bring ya'll up to speed, so prepare yourselves for a very long post.

First, for those that asked... here is the new phone. Only two small complaints after getting to know it for a few days, one being that this sony didn't come w/ a memory stick as my previous one did (different format)and the other being that the light color when the phone is determined by a theme. Yes, I can change the colors that light up when the phone rings easily but I needed to download other themes to tinker w/ the regular active lighting effects. Now to get the transfer stuff set up so I can get them moved over. May as well wait until I get more memory though. I can tell from one picture taken w/ this camera that the cell phone camera technology has again made leaps and bounds since my previous purchase.

So I get home today and one of the first things my mother tends to give me is the run down on family. I guess my one uncle was sent home and they're not bothering to treat the cancer that was found in his bladder. So, I fear that chain reaction I've been dreading for so very long isn't too far off.

On another upsetting note, mom was using her oxygen the entire time I was there Thursday and this morning. Apparently she's been feeling it coming on all week but waited until things were bad to user her oxygen, go figure - stubborn! You can tell how bad my mother felt as it was necessary for her to allow me to finish up preparing Thanksgiving dinner (pulling out and carving the bird, getting the corn ready, mashing the potatos, setting the table). Yeah, she normally doesn't want anyone in her way. Of course her doctor was not in this morning. This definitely ups my desire to get her a more reasonable device for her oxygen needs. Watching someone fight to get things hooked up properly when they're breathing deep is NOT comforting. We'll just leave it at that.

I also proved that I am still a little nutty as I headed out this morning to Kohl's. I swore I wasn't going shopping on Black Friday but alas, when we spotted something in the flyer and mom commented that she would pick them up if she saw them somewhere it just made sense to brave the crowds and the cold. So I was there around 7 and danced around the crowded aisles. Gladly I spotted that the customer service desk was also checking people out so I avoided the very long wait in line to escape.

So the girls and I headed back up the mountain this afternoon and stopped to get some gas. I had to laugh at the woman with the dented to snot back left bumper attempting to get backed into a gas pump. Of course, there was no gas cap on the side of her car that she was trying to get saddled up next to the pump. Now that I'm home I just wanted to crank out a little bit of cleaning so I can entertain and get my tree up and whatnot this weekend... and then off to the first of three games this weekend. I'll be a busy gal!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Oh! Almost forgot to share strikes two and three against the new Dunkin Donuts. I swung in there, snagged two donuts and some coffee. Figured I'd call the one donut my shopping sugar motivation and save the other for tomorrow morning. Ok, first, once again no PB filled. So I got a chocolate filled and asked for a pb frosted one. Yea, MAPLE is not PB, that's three. Bastages. How I hate MAPLE.
Since Value City has a mere three days left in existence (insert moment of silence here) I took one final pass and ended up leaving with a pile of greeting cards and quite a few skirts for $26 before heading off on my typical Sunday shopping. I tried to call and get my new phone activated today, but alas they're only open M-S.

I'm going to make an attempt to start wrapping a few gifts tonight, perhaps I'll just haul all that junk downstairs for the effort, after all I'll be pulling out the tree next weekend. Can you believe this week is Thanksgiving?
This calls for some nice warm cider, twist my arm, give me an excuse!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The weekend, at long last. Gladly, we didn't get as much snow as they were calling for all week. I headed off quickly after work last night to attend the grand opening of Prime Design Solutions and got to see the final remodeling efforts of my friends. I have to say, they never cease to amaze me with their dilligence and talent.

From there I was off to the game, where the Chiefs pulled out another win. I got my share of sleep this morning allowing me to feel significantly better so now it's time to start getting a few other planned activities out of the way before another game this evening. Whoever it is out there working on that extra couple hours a day, can you maybe plan to have most of them on the weekend? I sure could use it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Did I mention that 4 Corners is closing and heading down the street to where Lombardo's was... and taking on a new name? Well it is. Tonight I tried one of the would-be new meals, Beef Stroganoff and OMG. O. M. G. It was good. Pepper crusted filet... just delightful. It made up for te crap ass donut experience this morning.

On other highlights and cheese to go with the whine from earlier today:
Denis Leary has a new book out!
After sending hate mail to the SKL I got Just After Sunset in the mail today. Thought you'd all like to know I am two more books "behind".
2 glasses of whine:
First, I gave in and stopped at Dunkin Donuts this morning. Nice tall cup of coffee with lots of cream and sugar, perfect. I also ordered my peanut butter filled powdered donut. Keep in mind that this is the one key element missing from the DD in NC that baffled me. So I ordered apprehensively asking "do you have", and the drive-thru jockey responded with an affirmative. So I pull up and pay, snag my coffee and penny change. A few seconds later she turns the corner w/ a bag that looked a bit off to me and she says "we were out of the peanut butter filled, so we gave you two of our gob donuts with peanut butter filling, is that okay?" Sure, I'm not going to complain, "OUT" is better than "we don't make" and it still has pb filling, right? ... and they gave me two!

Yeah. Now I'm unsatisfied, unsatiated, unsated, and all other words with the same disappointing meaning. So their "gob" is a chocolate cake donut w/ the white glaze sliced in half w/ the smallest amount of peanut butter filling sealing it back together. BOO! At least the coffee is good.

Now for my glass of merlot for any remaining tears (after the dd fiasco) to fall into... I am starting to get the feeling that even things that seem to be so very different from other things are never quite distinct. Underneath it all the same distractions become a factor. But yet it seems that those with such distractions are the only option.

Worse still most options often suffer from something I call the Leonard effect. If I'm nice they're not, if I'm not they are... it's an annoying counterbalance.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Food food food! By the time I got home last night I was famished and could barely wait for the water to boil for my spagetti which hit the spot and I'm looking forward to the left overs of tonight. Then today, I had the yummiest batch of sushi in quite a while today at 4 Corners. All of the elements, my hunger probably included, just seemed to come together. I don't know how I haven't selected a Paradise roll before, but it was superb! What gives? Maybe it's the cold weather making my mind (and ass) want to stock up for the winter. Hey, at least I've managed to not swarm the brand new Dunkin Donuts that opened up yesterday.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Chiefs are on a kicking ass and taking names spree which had me leaving the game once again last night w/ more free razors (6 goals or more). I found myself back at SSS last night after the game w/ 2S for a few tasty beers and good conversation... yes I had a good time, and yes, I think it counted as an official first date.

So I was up by 10 today, despite being out until close to 2 last night *oops* I had plenty to get ready as my new bed (queen sized matress, box springs, and bitchin new frame) and two end tables were delivered just before noon. I managed to get everything except my old matress completely moved upstairs all by myself. The matress was just too bulky and heavy to handle on my own and being the exceeding retard that I am, I couldn't force myself to ask for a hand from the delivery guys. So... now in addition to the old entertainment center and old tv that litter the downstairs I now have the matress in the way that needs moved upstairs too. Either way - I can't WAIT to go to bed tonight. Let's see if I can keep some motivation flowing to crank out some school work that was put off most of the week.

Design FEATURE: having the vent for the dryer feeding outside directly under a bedroom window. On a slightly cool day like today the sweet scented steam is just billowing through the open window - good stuff. I am also quite happy with the way the full/queen comforter is fitting the bed.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I forgot to mention the delightful cup of cider to be had at the Bouley on Monday night - you know, the one that we quickly decided to duplicate and made a strike on the liquor store (had to go to a second one - we seemed to have been cursed w/ places closing early this week) and the grocery store.

Pull out your froo froo coffee cups and add a couple shots of buttershots then top the cup w/ apple cider that has been heated up in your teapot. Mmm carmelly delight. As they say, and appropriately timed - it's 5 o'clock somewhere, namely, here!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wow, it's Wednesday evening already... time to catch back up I guess. Wires got crossed and I missed out on lunch w/ Kirkus on Monday. Tuesday was a "day off" but I actually hauled out of bed around nine-ish to get things in gear. I pulled out ye ol' leaf blower that was bought as a gift for X many moons ago and has sit around gathering dust. After I filled the one area I planned on putting leaves and still had a good bit "left" I just made a few piles. Ugh. Leaves. Many many leaves. That initially left me w/ shakey hands (gotta love running a weed eater or anything like that for a long period of time when you're not use to it) and today has my right shoulder, both arms, and my back a bit tender. Yea, I'm that out of shape.

Tuesday evening involved a bit of coolness followed by disappointment. The coolness was a visit from who we'll now refer to as 2S meaning too sweet. The disappointment was making a run to expose the house guest to Clem's bbq. *eyes roll back in head* Mmm, Clem's. Yea, so we make the drive to Blairsville and the friggin place is dark. Ok, it was a holiday you'll say - but alas, I had looked at their website which CLEARLY says on the menu "OPEN ALL YEAR! Open tuesday - sunday" and the only mention of holidays is that they ARE open on labor day and memorial day monday. Well suffice it to say after getting my palette all worked up for Clem's nothing sounded good.

Either way, we ended up going to the Haven for dinner. Upon our arrival the Pens started getting smacked around like red headed step children to the red wings. So, we grubbed as quickly as possible and headed to the SouthSide Saloon instead to continue our watching and to indulge in a couple brews. Of course it was kick ass to see Detroit lose, but it was a heck of an ending, for sure.

Today was the Chiefs' day game here at home which allowed me to sleep in a wee bit before heading to the arena. Gladly, it was worth getting into work late as the Chiefs took out Cincy and tallied 7. Heaven knows I was about in need of a new razor, so woo hoo.

So today we decided to head BACK out to 22 and hit Clem's since it's not a holiday... right? EPIC FRIGGIN FAIL. The damn place closes at 7. SEVEN. So yea, we showed up at exactly 7:04 in time to watch the chick flip off the lights. WAH! Given the general region we just headed off to Off the Rak for grubbin. Consider yourself up to speed. Feel free to bring me gifts of delightful bbq chicken to ease my pain (and cravings).

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Chiefs DID smack the Royals around again on Saturday night, but they almost came back to tie things up. While Beff didn't make the game, Rex did, so I had company. We then both got our craving fix up at the Orchard grubbing down on wings and fries, and (at least in my case) roughly a pint of honey garlic sauce for dipping my fries. So evil, but so delightful.

Didn't get all of my cleaning done on Sunday, but things looked respectable enough before our houseguest arrived. It's quite a shock considering how late I lounged about on Sunday, I guess I was making up for the early start I got on Saturday. I even got motivated enough to bake some cinnamon raisin bread, brew some peppermint iced tea, and start addressing my Christmas cards!

Well time to get back to splitting apart test procedures... call this my little break to avoid my eyes crossing. At least lunch is swiftly approaching, and if he doesn't end up swamped I've got Kirkus time reserved again.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

We are still in the midst of surprisingly nice weather, despite the rain last night, which held off until long after the Chiefs finished kicking some purple girdles about the ice quite effectively. A gift for "the dinosaur" came yesterday, go figure when I decided to let in and buy a christmas gift we had an ELE. But I'm not dwelling - I was ready to look to the future anyhow, yes? I think I was anyhow.

Today I did some running from my to do list, started some laundry so the spare bed will have clean sheets, and started a pot of chicken noodle soup which is cooking as I type. I love my chicken noodle, but alas, I realized a bit too late that I was too low on potatos so I had to modify the recipe - we'll see how that comes out. That brings you up to speed with the weekend so far, and it's only 3pm on Saturday! I think I'll save the cleaning tasks on my list for tomorrow. It will be good to have some company. In the mean time I'm heading to shower and will grub some of my soup before heading to the game. Can we go 2 for 2?

Thursday, November 06, 2008

For those that are concerned, don't be. I'm fine... I don't know if I cried so hard because (once again) I saw it coming, because I should have had enough balls to be the one to need to talk first, or because of the symbolism. If one man can chose not love me after spending eight years with me then I can't be shocked by someone never developing real feelings after a year.

I know there are other prospects on the horizon, probably ones that are moreso what I should be looking for, but still in my mind I start to pick apart the plot before the story is even written. It's funny how the book I read while out to lunch ON MY OWN today was about fear and how everything comes back to fear. I won't even begin to list my fears here, not now, I think they are something I need to face alone in my mind before allowing them to surface to the world.

For now, watching Danika frolic in the back yard w/ a new friend will be comforting.
I don't know if it's the fluorescent lights or the red in the white of my eye (perhaps a combo of the two) that makes my eyes look so green when I've been crying them out all day. I really am getting good at "seeing it coming" now if I could just master not caring.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Two lessons learned for today:
1). Walmart is surprisingly empty at 7:45 in the morning.
2). If you need only two items in the store they are guaranteed to be on opposite ends of the store.

Now, one should also know why I learned these lessons at such an odd hour. I managed to run out of toilet paper... me! Ok, some of you don't get the oddness here, allow me to explain... typically, if we were to suffer an apocolypse and be trapped in our homes for months on end I would be able to function quite as normal because I maintain pretty high levels of all basic supplies. Either way, thank goodness for having a box of tissues on hand to get through the wee hours (pun intended) last night.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Not much happening around here as of late - the ring still isn't done, the porch and siding still isn't started, the headache is still lingering, and I haven't lept in one direction or the other, but my patience is wearing thin and I think I could get use to the kindness and respect that's been missing.

I did get to have dinner w/ Mithy and Addy, who just turned two, tonight. Applebee's of course, even if they have no boboli.

I guess the big thing to talk about is, of course, voting. I did my duty on the way to work this morning and then swung into Starbucks to get my free cup of coffee, an added little bonus for voting. I truly believe we are about to witness a very historical event, the first black president (I say black and not African American because what's wrong with black? You can call me white instead of European-American).

I admit, I am looking forward to the end of all of this - the mudslinging commercials, the bullcrap on the news stations, but most of all - the telephone calls. ARGH! Seriously, if I were on the fence on any election that would be enough to teeter me. Calling my house from 9am on the weekend to several times in one night. Hell, I even have gotten multiple calls for Elizabeth Dole. Uh, I haven't lived in NC for 5 years. Perhaps the 814 area code didn't clue them into the face that I am not one of their constituents.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

I found a dress! ...and the grand fortune of it all leaves me in shock. I had looked everywhere and as my last ditch effort I went to David's Bridal. Now, I would assume walking in there that IF I found something I was going to be spending well over $100 for a dress and it might be kind of what I wanted. Well get THIS friggin good fortune. First, I found a pretty unique dress on the sale rack, then then when they rang it up it came up even less! For those that know me well they'll know how low the price was, I'll put it this way, it was just a few dollars more than I paid for my senior prom dress.

I wore myself out quite well today. I went to mom's last night and got started early heading to Value City, the Logan Valley Mall, Ross, Kohl's, Barnes and Noble, and then David's Bridal. I was going to stay there tonight too, but I was just twitchy, needed to keep moving, so I headed back and did my grocery shopping tonight too hitting Big Lots, Ollie's, and the Iggle. My feet are definitely feeling it... I think I am going to go soak in a nice warm tub.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

So, I have some things on my mind lately. Nothing I can really put into solid thoughts much less words on my blog just yet. Just suffice it to say that I do think I probably have avoided the very thing I claim to want... at least so I suspect based upon some of my recent fears and confusion.

So two big topics for today:
1). I got a call - from a head hunter today, actually it appears to be an
HR person in a fairly local company. Which to me s a huge comfort of oddness. While as of late I've felt pretty content (strange, I know) there is of course the fact that this is a pretty crappy market. I've also forgotten what it was like to have head hunters calling after spotting my resume. I can't say enough for how good that makes one feel.

2). I'm on the quest for a dress. Ugh. I hit two dress stores, Ross, TJ Maxx, and all of the department stores at the mall this evening and came up empty handed. I don't know why I torture myself so much for the Christmas party. Why does it matter so friggin much?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The rumors have danced around for several years, but each time they were shot down saying no, they'll stay. But alas... my beloved Value City here in Johnstown is slated to close. Major suckage. This, Steve and Barry's, ... I'm going to slowly become naked as all of my clothes wear out.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Brownies! I want brownies. Did you ever have that sudden and strong urge for something evil, but not just anything evil, something very specific. After tearing apart the three places that I keep cake, brownie, and muffin mixes I came up empty handed. I am OUT of brownie mix. One knows that it is a hormonal urge, no, let's call it a rage, hormonal rage, when the 10 other chocolatey delights that I can make seem to be a let down. No, I am not devastated enough to go out in the cold weather (we actually had flakes that manifested into a light white covering) to get a brownie mix - the triple chocolate cake is baking as I type.
Make that four. So, does that start another set of three?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

...and then there were three. I don't know why deaths always seem to happen in threes, but it makes me wonder. I found about the first just days ago when a college roommate's brother passed in the line of duty, then another friend's grandmother passed this weekend with cancer, and finally my professor posted apologizing for grading delays due to his sister passing from cancer. Sadly hearing of the third allows a relaxing breath to pass through my lips. I know it is just superstition, but it does get me somewhat.

Worse still these things also seem to happen more often around the holidays. As such, I'll take this time to wish everyone I know a safe and happy holiday for your families and ask you to offer a little prayer of protection for everyone you care about too.
I've officially reached an all time low - I am even putting off things I WANT to do. I had wanted to go see Saw V yesterday, but allowed my nap to linger and then just vegged finishing additional loads of laundry instead. Today, the thought was fleeting, heck I couldn't even work up the motivation to throw in a DVD that I want to watch, but I did get all of the laundry away, vacuuming complete, and module 7 submitted.

Now what? Why if I am looking for things to do in the realms of cleaning am I not embracing the thoughts that continue to float through my head? I could get my butt on the treadmill, but no. Maybe I could buckle in and get the spare room organized, but no. I'll blame it on being semi-pmsy and just go chase the dogs around the yard for a bit. The sun is out after all, that's pretty rare.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

So, who would Jesus vote for? You'd think that was the question at hand. I got my first Christmas card already... yea, I'm serious. Of course it came from one of the more uber-religious relatives. On the outside stickers about abortion and an insert about the importance of voting. Because I am not already sick of all of the political poo now I get stuff that hints that the only issue to vote on is pro-life? C'mon, that is even more idiotic than voting straight down a political line.

I'm trying to power through all of the laundry today, but other than that I think I am just going to chill, maybe take a nap. Rainy weather = nappy time and lovin it.
At long last we had a Halloween themed jersey. Of course, here I am high and dry w/o a standard purchase this year... so I was left to ask guys if they were jerks or not. Heaven knows I don't want a jerk's jersey. :) So, I have Robinson's and it is already turning in the washer to banish the hockey funk.

I think my belated strike was successful, but I have my reservations and uncertainties, but I guess that's just me. Maybe it's because it's so different from how they normally behave... time will tell.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shame. SHAME! If the Pens had played all three periods the Canes would have lost 9-1. Sigh.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cold, windy, very pre-winter... yes, we've skipped that real autumn feeling. I tried last night and this evening to nap after work with very little success. Last night the phone rang roughly four times, then when someone knocked at the door I gave up and left, heading to the bar to get some quiet. Tonight my attempts were foiled by my wide awake mind instead of the phone. So off in another feeble attempt to find Christmas gifts. I found a few small things, but I didn't manage to shake off my thoughts.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Done! DONE!
After chilling last night and avoiding my paper while sitting around chatting half awake and half asleep on Friday night I buckled in today and cranked the rest of the paper out. I got it turned in just in time to get myself ready to head out to the first home game of the season - oh happy day!

The team didn't pull this one out, but it was nice to relax and know I had things wrapped up here. I was a bit tired and not at 110%, especially after learning we have pseudo-cheerleaders *hiss* so I didn't get as brave as I would have liked, but I at least made mild attempts. I'll never be one of those brave gals -it frustrates me, but I remain trapped by it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Things are finally coming together on several fronts that have drug on for quite a while:

1. The pink diamond: a new diamond, a bit smaller but way higher quality has replaced the one that had a bit of an issue. The good news is it will fit in the existing ring/setting that I already bought!

2. The porch: I had my meeting with Richland Twp this evening and was granted a variance to the front property line setback! As such, I will be able to get my exterior work underway in the near term and that beautiful new front door will see the light of day.

3. The paper: I have some assemblance of content at this point, but we all know my pattern - I take as long as I have and fret the whole time.

4. The approach: I didn't mention it from this past weekend, for fear I might jinx it, but I'm getting warm vibes from someone I pondered as an option the last time I saw them. I guess we'll see how things go this coming weekend.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The day started w/ a dog event: Vix's stomach clearly was troubled all night as she had me up at 3:30 and 5:30... so it is my fault that later in the morning she was wandering about while I continued to rest and she had some issues inside that I had to clean up.

In between there was hockey and a stop at the 'Bi where I had a drink and some deep fried delights that I was craving in the good company of Rex and Mithy. I got some reading done before the game and during intermissions, so I should be ready to get more classwork done tomorrow.

The day ended w/ a dog event: so I come back from the hockey game, I knew I should have moved the box back where it was at the bottom of the basement stairs. But since I didn't, Danika moved it... out into the middle of the floor where she proceeded to shred it and toss the beer bottles that were in it every which way. Gladly she didn't manage to cut paws on the broken glass, but there was plenty for me to clean up and a rich smell of beer wafting up the basement stairs.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I looked at the living room and said, let there be trim... and lo, hence came the god of Beer and goddess of Caulk and made it so. I can't tell you how complete the trim makes the living room look. Thank you to the god and goddess, their wee pie and cookie machine, and to the big God for granting me bitching friends that would give up 5 hours on a Friday night slaving past midnight to put trim in someone else's home. I most definitely owe them some sore muscles in the effort of taking down a garage or moving heavy crap.

Considering I was tired at 2pm yesterday, I slept like the dead last night. Today I woke and lounged for a little while longer before heading to start the clean up and reorganization of the living room. I definitely owe the world pictures now.

Tonight is the home preseason game... hockey is here at last, but I admit my heart isn't where it should be. Well, time to get back to my Saturday household cleaning (and putting things "back" from where my mother hid them away during her two day visit).

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dear Asshat,

I tried to extend the olive branch in such a small way and you outright rejected it. I will remind you that you are the one that f*cked _me_ over (a great f*cking btw, I can relive it in my mind at the drop of a dime). To this day you remain someone that crosses my mind at least once a day... love it or hate it, I know there is no way you can purge me either.

So where are you working now? Did you find someone special there so the other foot can drop? Tick tock tick tock... not much time left before history repeats itself.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

So I'm sitting here thinking... if moths like lights so damn much, why don't they come out during the day instead of at night? So I do what any normal person would do - I google it. The dumbed down answer: It turns out they like the moon and get confused. Um. Der. Better known as being positively phototactic.
There is nothing like the prospect of a visiting mother to get ones butt in gear. The spare bedroom is going to be inhabitable once again as soon as the sheets are out of the wash. Now if only I could find the motivation to deal w/ the other room in preparation for the "great bed upgrade 2008".

In the course of cleaning up the spare room I finally got to pulling out my winter clothes and sorting things to take another load to goodwill. Gotta make sure I get those write offs! Purging is so incredibly theraputic. I really wish I could just suck it up and take a ton more stuff and recognize that I will NEVER have the yard sale I know I should have - that would clear out the second upstairs room, no?

Ok, time to get a shower (yes, I worked up a sweat cleaning) and get back on top of my case study. Hey, at least it's started!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Today it finally feels like hockey season, unfortunately, it was because I had to scrape my windshield this morning. Boo.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Lad-dee-friggin-PA-da! So I had gotten my panties all in a twist with the thought of getting a hedgehog. They're so friggin cute and sweet little handfuls. Well, now after a small amount of research on them and their needs, I have come to find that they are illegal to have as pets here in PA. WTF is up w/ that?

Ok, back to reading, but instead of about hedgehogs, my class assignments - as it should be.
So my day/week starts w/ me forgetting my laptop. I'm a DBK. Chin up. Lots to do. *big smile*

Sunday, October 05, 2008

So, yea, I woke up at 7 yesterday and was back in bed by 2am... I then slept to 10am and got up and attempted to hit a practice that didn't happen. Talk about starting the day off with a grump. I managed to get a few things accomplished like the a posting for my class and another assessment, as well as my routine sunday shopping run during which I found replacements for the lumpy couch pillows. I also found a good gift for Christmas today, one of those single buys to cover someone entirely. From there I headed off to a surprise birthday party and enjoyed some quality chat.

You know, once again there is a guy who is just an oddity - seems perfect on paper, but also seems a bit wishy washy. Eh, I probably shouldn't even look in that direction, not only does he break several of the main molds I would form to create the perfect man, but he is not likely to be unlike many of the others I find myself attracted to.

Regardless, I did my best to cheer myself up today and was doing pretty darn good until mum drug me back down quickly in a telephone call. I don't know why we have to talk about stuff I cannot control and things that are said and done. All it does is upset me. Let's just let done be done.

I've also made myself proud by saying no multiple times. I am tired of being at beck and call for people that only see fit to meet their own desires for companionship. I guess it is easier to do after how angry and shunned I felt last week. The distance, physical and emotional, makes it all the more easy. Oh, and as to attempting to heal some old wounds, I've reached out - I've tried to be the friend but have had my extended olive branch met with silence.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Today I am the jerk who missed plans... instead I am well rested. I just rolled myself fully out of bed. Dreamland was just more entertaining than the things of my daily life. That's pretty wrong, huh.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Icky and cold... that pretty much sums it up. Of course from here out, for the next few weeks, I'll be cold - AND - lonely. My sidekick had her last funky-footed hurrah last night at 4 Corners and a last meal (with important ol' me) today at lunch. I guess it ensures me more time to read, which heaven knows I have plenty of to do.

A wee bit of funny came in the form of a few MP3s I downloaded today including "Cars with the Boom" and "Boom I got your girlfriend" they're so cheesy, but I love those songs - geez I feel old.

As for tonight, I went for my massage even though my shoulder has been feeling quite good as of late, formatted my case study and final paper templates, and started dinner. Yeah, it's a late meal, but it should fuel me through a chapter or two - I hope.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A few quick updates - the new front door is in and I like it alot! Granted, everything will look better when the day comes that the front entry is gone, but progress is good (and inspiring). They were here at 7am today, so I was up early and worked from home. The day went pretty fast and I made good progress on test procedures too. One thing on the semi-negative side, and only because of my distaste for change, is finding out that I have a new boss. I have no gripes with the new one so things should go smoothly but I do still wonder why some changes play out the way they do at a deeper level.

One good thing about being here is I was able to fire up the stove a few minutes before the end of the day so I am making good use of some left over ground beef for a yummy burger. Hopefully the day will continue down its successful path this evening all I have left this week of free evenings are tonight and tomorrow so it is time to dig in.

Monday, September 29, 2008

There is ALWAYS one that likes to piss in your wheaties. I knew I shouldn't have come in today. I am shaking angry right now. What exactly is it about me that makes people feel the need to try and dominate me? Honestly, I've tried talking face to face to come to terms with this person. I want to do my job right and I refuse to be paralyzed by _their_ opinions of how I should do my job? No. F no.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gladly, I was able to sleep a little later today than I did yesterday. A few more things are crossed off of my to do list including getting the entry clear in preparation for the new front door effort that is taking place on Tuesday. As part of this I sucked it up and moved the heavy-ass pieces that were bought for the would-be front porch down to the basement. Today I also scrubbed the kitchen, hall, and bathroom floor and ripped the rest of the 50/50 tickets I had grabbed. Oh... and I got my vaca pictures dealt with and ordered. But every time I try to get through all 250 removing checks from those I don't want to share invariably everything magically gets deselected (I don't like Shutterfly's new interface), so I have nothing to show you here at this time. Doesn't sound like much in hind sight, but I'm pooped.

I really wanted to get my winter wear tops out and sort through what is the drawers to make a pile for goodwill, but it just didn't happen. I also wish I had more hours to have crossed some reading and additional work off of my list but here we are instead facing the end of another weekend. They always go so friggin fast.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I cleared my day so I could get some cleaning and other things I've been putting off done, but here I am at 3pm pooped. At least the laundy is started, the vacuum is run, and the basement is swept up. I also did my shopping tasks which included a stop at Wolf's where I finally committed to a new bed frame and upgraded to a queen bed. I guess this means I really really need to get the upstairs organized so I can put the old bed up there. Maybe a little nap won't hurt and will give me a second wind.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Plenty to do, little motivation to do it - and it isn't because I just came back from vaca, it is because I am fighting off weepy moods. I guess the timing is about right, but I still don't like it. Between wanting to share something and not feeling like someone wants to be a part of it to sharing and not feeling appreciated I am just bummed.

Top it off - problems with the ring - with the diamond to be specific. Let's put it this way FRACTURE. Yeah, that sucks, but at least it happened while still there, so the jeweler is trying to get ahold of where it came from and things are not ruined but delayed and, clearly, I need to find another diamond. I did pick out a simple setting for the pear earrings and pendant.

My uncle stopped by earlier this evening to help clear out the rest of the gutters, so at least that is out of the way. Unfortunately, he doesn't think we can use the gutter covers I bought so I guess more ladders and fear of heights are in my future. I guess I should get my butt in gear and finish this module's posting tonight. I am just not feeling it.

Monday, September 22, 2008

At least my mommy is proud of me.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm back on dry land and trying to get more crossed off the post-vacation to do list before heading back to work. Time for some details on the vaca, I am going to date them to the appropriate day, so be sure to scroll down a little. As a bit of a high level overview I will say this: the cruise was mostly older people. We were told that the average age was 65 and that there was only a few hundred out of the 3000+ that were under the age of 40.

On a bright note there were very few children, but the old people acted like spoiled brats at times, so I guess it was an even trade. I tell you - seeing old people ready to throw down and verbally squabbling over being first into the dining room or letting people off the elevator was entertaining. I have never seen so many scooters, wheelchairs, and canes w/ a fold up chair in my entire life. Don't get me wrong there were still quite a few youthful folks and great people to chat with. We were well paired with three couples at our dinner table who were great conversation and lots of fun.

It is good to be back home and in my own bed, but I'd rather not have to return to daily life for another week or so. Needless to say I relaxed a good bit!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

On the road - just a small note about the drive back... we saw the straight talk express on the PA turnpike between the Somerset and Breezewood exits. Looking at the schedule it seems that McCain or Palin was headed to Scranton.

Friday, September 19, 2008

At sea

Slept in while slips headed off to ice skate again. The big event on this, our final day, was slips buying a beautiful floral picture at the art auction.

I was quite confused at the end of dinner as I was asked for my contact information, we'll see if I hear from the waiter again.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Halifax, Nova Scotia

We headed to the maritime museum, but were a bit disappointed. Don't get me wrong, it was nice as far as museums go, but we had expected more on Titanic. Halifax seems like quite the nice place. We walked the boardwalk, headed to the public gardens which were lovely, had a beavers tail (it's a little like funnel cake), and found yet another Cows ice cream location. We tried taking the FRED (free bus) which was convenient, but jammed and had tinted windows, so you couldn't even cheat and use it as a quick tour.

I found a cherry amber ring and pendant while in Halifax that I picked up and also snagged a local bottle of ice wine. That evening Slips and I acted as the two female team leaders for the Quest and our team took 2nd place. I think we were robbed - the cruise director didn't like our team for some reason. We also hit the dance club (the Chamber) on this evening for some 70s and 80s tunes. I really dug the Chamber, it is what it sounds like - very medival looking.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

At sea

One negative thing we did notice on this trip was how inaccurate things were. Sure this itinerary has not been done repeatedly by RC, but there were just so many errors in the cruise compass and confusion onboard where the staff didn't know what was and was not scheduled for when. It caused a little bit of irritation, but it was survivable.

Today I purchased a few loose gemstones onboard, including one for a gift. It was pretty windy on deck but we still went up top to mini putt.

As most cruises are there was food food food. This day was no exception and they even had a late night food fest on the prominade. Unfortunately, they didn't open things for photos only before they allowed everyone to dive in, so I couldn't quite get photos as I normally would have at a midnight buffet.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quebec City

The day started early, so for the first time ever I used room service to get breakfast and then we were out and off on our only shore excursion. We picked this because we both definitely wanted to see Montmorency Falls, which is 90 ft taller than Niagra. It was very pretty, but the water was quite dirty brown. From there our tour went to the basilica of Sainte Anne de Beaupre (Mary's mother). This church is so very ornate and beautiful. I bought a few items for mother as a small gift from my trip and had them blessed on site.

When we headed back from the tour we headed into Quebec City on foot taking in new and old Quebec. I found my Canada sweatshirt that I was eyeing and a lanyard and we headed for lunch at Le Creperie by taking the funicular. Good stuff! We split an asparagus and white sauce crepe and a ham and cheese crepe and then had a chocolate/banana crepe for desert. Of course, I had to have a liter of cider with my lunch. The funicular is like a little baby sized version of our inclined plane, but it did save us from taking the stairs up!

Everything in Quebec was very European and so comfy. I could have spent a great deal longer there and enjoyed myself. Our feet were a bit sore when we returned to the ship so this time we submerged our entire selves into the whirlpool.

Monday, September 15, 2008

At sea and heading up the Saguenay River

The morning was quite foggy so I got to hear a lot of the horn. It was windy and less than lovely earlier in the day, but we stayed busy. We hit Johnny Rockets which left me feeling like I had eaten a rock for the rest of the evening.

The Saguenay River was pretty, but alas we didn't see any Beluga whales. I also put in paperwork to take advantage of the new open booking program that RC has now, so at least if I select another trip (Europe REX!) I'll have onboard credit waiting.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Charlottestown, Prince Edward Island

Nicer area with more shopping and sights to see. We did not go on a tour here either, but managed to keep ourselves busy. The only thing we had planned was trying to find Cows ice cream, which we did and it was indeed excellent ice cream! I had Wowie Cowie and bought a Sydney Cowsby tee shirt.

One thing PEI is well known for is being where "Anne of Green Gables" was written, so of course there are red braids and hats everywhere. Folks that did tours said the countryside was gorgeous, but we kept busy enough in town.

We got back on board and soaked our feet in the hot tub for awhile and then headed straight to the spa for our appointment where we both got a mini massage, mini facial, foot massage, and scalp massage. While getting my massage the horn sounded to announce we were again on our way - God I love the horn.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sydney, Nova Scotia

We weren't in port until 1pm, so we ice skated in the morning. Gladly they had hockey skates available, so I avoided the certain fate that would have been the toe pick.

Sydney is very irish-inspired. We saw lots of churches and crafts, but there really wasn't much shaking in town. In hind sight this trip could do without Sydney and spend an overnight in Quebec to make it ideal.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Our first full day was at sea and was easily the busiest day activity-wise. I did sleep a little late,but then headed to the art auction, cruise critic meet and mingle, and scheduled next summer's cruise. We also went to the ice show, which was pretty nifty considering the small ice surface.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The typical first day onboard getting into the room and getting organized, meeting our wait staff, Vincent and Venis, and whatnot. Just after we pulled out and came back down from the deck we hung out on the balcony for a while. While out there a NYPD chopper came by waving, that was pretty cool, but I didn't have a camera readily available and missed the shot. You definitely get a nice view of Manhattan and the statue of Liberty while leaving the Bayonne cruise port, but she is at a bit of a distance.

Explorer is the first of the newer ships I have been on. The Prominade was quite nice, but was always packed and near impossible to find a seat unless you went at very odd times. When I did get down there it was nice to people watch. Later on the first evening we watched the first prominade parade from up a couple of floors with old people damn near climbing our backs.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Slips and I headed out for Bayonne NJ in the morning, dropping the girls off at camp, and getting on the road. Our hotel was nice, not as good of a score as the one I had in Baltimore, but still a great deal for the Priceline price. It was right across the street from NJ's largest outlet mall, so we went for a quick shop but didn't buy much. I also need to note diner at Ruby Tuesdays because of their cherry iced tea - OMG, I could have drank 2 gallons of that stuff.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

On my way to work I was thinking and I realized that my first instinct was not panic about the basement when the rain started last night! Of course the second I start to discount the evil that is large amounts of rain I get a quick reminder.

First at the light on Donald Lane, which is where I turned sideways on wet roads when I had the Stratus, some moron slams on their brakes because the light went yellow and I skidded to a stop behind them. I may have had two inches to spare. You know you get that really dizzy and queasy feeling when you narrowly avoid something bad? Yeah big time. Then, I get into the parking lot and see the muddy river. Hey, thanks Lockheed. Three cheers for engineers. These little tiny overflow pools? Seriously people, it's Johnstown, it RAINS here. If the hole isn't deep enough to hide 20 bodies and keep them hidden w/o being covered it isn't deep enough to handle a real rain storm. Ok, I'm exaggerating... 15 bodies.
I found myself wide awake pretty fast before 6am today - thanks to the major thunderboomer that blasted through Jingletown. The lightning was pouring in the room and seemed to be coming from right outside the window. Yes, I admit it, I made my attempts to convince the dogs to curl up with me and took what I could get (finding myself cuddled up with Vixen's butt). As much as I love to sit on a covered porch and watch the lightning and rain, I cower at its presence when I am trying to sleep.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

What on earth was Judy doing up at 8am on a Sunday? I was actually rejuvenated enough to get kicking that early! Saturday I was up early too, but just long enough to head to an appointment, come back and curl back up. Aside from a few small moments of awake I stayed in the zone and did the catching up I needed. So alas, here we were early on Sunday and I finally got up. Yes, do the math, I was out for an easy 20 hours and yes, I slept just fine on Friday night too.

At last I am energized. It's probably wrong that it takes that much sleep to feel this vibrant, but I am taking advantage either way. Here's what got crossed off the list today: finished my reading assignments for module 2, responded to my questions for module 2, and replied to others for module 1 (with those my to do for school work before going away is DONE), ran the dishwasher, then I made a run to Ollie's, emptied the dishwasher, ran a load of laundry and folded it and put it away, cleaned the toilet and bathroom sink, vacuumed, cleaned off the dresser, cleaned off the kitchen table, cleaned up dog poo out back, chased Danika about the back yard with a new ball she got from Ollie's, relaxed on the deck swing looking at the clouds and changing leaves, and spent an hour online for work. Then I ran to meet Mithy for a wee spot of ice cream and to pick up a candle order. Not too shabby - huh? and it's not even 10pm yet.

There are still a few things on my to do list, namely packing, but they're mostly easy and desirable things - I made great progress this weekend. I don't even MIND going to work tomorrow, but ask me what I think when the alarm goes off in 9 hours and I may tell you something different.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

I fought off the burning desire to nap and instead read all about the disgustingness of small pox and what the difference between the two types of plague are... time to head in and enjoy my cute little TV for a while before I drift off into wacky dreams (thanks to my reading materials). Not much longer. I can and WILL cross everything off of the urgent list before vaca.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The new TV is here! Whee...
My very messy house, the girls, and I entertained a guest last night. Gladly their standards weren't high and they crashed easily on the couch! Had some good grub at 4 Corners again - even if I am such a creature of complete and utter habit. I really need to get so much cleaned up around the house. For this summer and last I said I was going to organize the extra schtuff that was sitting around and have a yard sale, but I never did it. If I could clear out all of that stuff perhaps I could find it within reason to fully reorganize upstairs and get some assemblance of uncluttered going on.

I remain in a feeling of overwhelmed and am feeling a twinge on the left side of my neck, so I am sure thinking about the above doesn't help much. I need to just focus on crossing off the urgent stuff and putting the rest off until after vacation. It seems a lot further away than it is. Heck I haven't even pulled out my suitcase yet! It's just so hard to focus on the high priorities when everything _feels_ urgent. Time for me to kick into list-making mode to soothe my sanity away.

At least my inbox at work is now barely scrolling, progress!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Yesterday I slept like a champ, waking around 9 but deciding to just lay back down and finally rolling out of bed after 2. Woohoo! I didn't let my late start kill my day though. I made myself get the necessary walmart trip over with and finally returned an item there and then returned the muzzles to Petco since they were utter failures. I finally got the last couple loads of laundry folded and put away along with another that I did yesterday, so that is one less mess/dreaded task out of the way. I also spent a little time VPNed in to do some work that needed wrapped up.

Grubbed w/ Beff, her friend Sandy, and one of Sandy's friends and then hung out for a while before crashing. Today Slips is heading in, so I'll spend some short quality time with her at the mall and potentially planning to visit with mum. I dread it in a way because then I end up with a bad night's sleep and the two dogs stressing out at being there. Speaking of which the scabs came off of Vix yesterday (ew), but things are looking better than they did. I just hope she's all healed up before heading to camp.

Now for one of my minirants. Hurricane Gustav. If you're in New Orleans right now, and you decide to stay, you're an idiot. If you refuse to learn from the past and can't see something horrid bearing down on you... thank you for taking yourself out of the gene pool.

McCain picking a chic as a running mate - wow. I agree with some reporters, it seems like a feeble attempt to pull those that backed Hillary, but did people really pick Hillary simply because she was a she? I doubt it. Admittedly, these two candidates are giving me things to think about - both picked such complete opposites of themselves as running mates. I still think Obama is my man, don't get me wrong, but I don't know enough about his running mate right now. Frankly, with the idiots in our country who see nothing but color as black or white I truly fear we'll see that running mate in charge.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

So there I was, splayed naked over a table with his skilled fingers and hands taking away my stress and strain. I had a massage today you perverts. Sorry to have been so quiet all week, I am not quite sure where the week went. I did make some good progress with my reading and assignments that I want to get cranked out before heading out on vaca. I'm still hopeful that I can finish my current read beforehand and start a new one out on the balcony *cheer*.

I also crossed off a ton of the little things that stressed me out: the paperwork is in the township's hands for my would-be porch, the gas logs and would-be porch furniture have arrived, I mailed off a rebate form, and the basement floor was re-bleached to kill the final lingering skunk odor. I deserve a mojito... by my new TV. It should be here fairly soon!

Vixen is doing well and healing nicely, but it still sure looks ugly. I tried picking up some muzzles earlier this week but they were, as I feared, a waste and are getting returned.

Monday, August 25, 2008

TV ordered!
Do more things just pile on at certain times or does it just SEEM like more things are piled on? Is it all "in your head" or rather... "wrapped around your homones"? I'm trying to just check things off of my list one at a time right now, but I still really could use a few more hours in each day if anyone knows the secret there. Gladly the one issue resolved itself - that being, thanks to having a syllabus with the right information in it I finally got the formal approval for reimbursement in my class. I can't believe I'm a student again. That left me feeling a bit overwhelmed (not to mention stupid for putting myself right back in the same spot) again.

I think if I just resolve the TV issue all will be right with the world again. Does this little blip not demonstrate how regimented some aspects of my world are? Princess and the pea - once again!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

This weekend at times has seemed a bit overwhelming. Yesterday felt like Sunday, so at least there seemed to be a "bonus" day. After returning from the funeral in Hillsdale yesterday, Beff, Kirkus, and I went to Off the Rak. I havn't been there in probably a year, not sure why, the meals are always quite yummy and the martini samplers are bitchin.

Last night the crazy ass dogs had "words" again. This time, Vix misinterpretted a tap on the back as being from Danika and it set her off. Once again Danika "won" and left Vixen with what will surely be a few new scars. Poor girl. I don't know what to do, but things just can't go on like this. At some point I do fear that one of them will end up severely hurt. I don't want to banish either of them from the freedom to come and go as they wish, not even in a rotating situation.

So last night I crawl into bed and flick on the TV as I normally do and things are lined up a bit goofy on the TV display in the bedroom. I kick it off and back on and get a flash of light and then black. So much for the picture tube is all I can assume. The TV isn't even 10 years old. They really _don't_ make things like they use to, do they?

So do I spend how much to have them try to get and replace a picture tube or do I suck it up, try and understand the flatscreen speak (since you can't find a regular old flippin tv anymore), and try to find a new one? Of course without regular old TVs the prices are higher than I'd like to spend right now given the other funds that are in limbo for the front door, the porch and siding (I did get the drawing in the mail the other day btw), the term of school that still was not blessed for reimbursement, and other little things.

Today I could use just a relaxing afternoon at home, but instead I am heading off to the season ticket holder picnic. I am sure I'll have a nice time, but here's hoping that it won't be too warm, I so don't want to feel all sweaty and nasty.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Yep. Vix didn't seem to get sprayed, moreso that she tore the stinky part out of the dead critter, so I just put her to bed in the basement and gave her some water figuring I'd deal w/ more today. And boy... have I, already! I guess she ATE the nasty stinky part, because she yacked it up in the basement. I have NEVER almost vomited from cleaning up after one of the girls before but this churned my stomach, triggered a near wretch, and had me return to the pile three times to get everything cleaned up. My stomach is still turning and that was a half an hour ago. If you have enemies forget the bag of dog poop. May I recommend dog vomit comprised of skunk guts? There's a free bag in my garbage!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

So I'm sitting here. The A/C is on, so the windows are closed up tight... and is that skunk I smell? It is! Aw hell, Vix is still outside. Cursed dog.
Is it Thursday, already? This has been a rather busy week, but yet I have very little crossed off of my to do list to show for it. First, I ask for everyone's prayers and warm wishes for a beloved friend who unexpected lost her mother yesterday morning.

I did end up ordering the items that I was eyeing from Home Depot - DESPITE the price increase on the gas logs and despite yet another chapola setback, you can't use gift cards online, nor can you have them order the online only items in the store to use your gift cards to pay. Major boo.

Last night Danika made her trip to the vet for a quick shot so she's good for my vacation and her trip to camp. We noticed in the visit she has chipped off a tooth (much like Satin had many years ago). Not sure how it happened, but clearly we'll be keeping an eye on that now. On the way home I snagged KFC and they chapped me too... totally hosing my drive through order. Not cool when a gal is having a hankering for popcorn chicken and potato wedges to give her a chicken breast and a ranch something wrap.

I managed to find one of the gifts I've been shopping for last night at a great price in Ross, very unexpected and delightful. The drawing for my would-be porch is in the mail, so there is motion on that front, and I have the plumber coming tonight to take a look in preparation for putting in the gas logs once they arrive. Like I said, a lot going on, but it all seems like prep work with little to show for it.

Work is busy, in a good way, I am still liking what I am currently working my way through, so that's a highlight.

Monday, August 18, 2008

So I managed to chap my own ass... you see, I put off ordering the gas logs for my fireplace just a little too long. What's a little too long? Well, clearly any point in time after they jack up the price. At first I thought it was because winter is clearly on its way, but the set that I was eyeing is the only one that seems to have jumped up. The 18" logs of the same type are still at $149 so wtf-mate? The 24" logs were $169 now they're $209, call me cheap, but that's a hefty jump. The pissed part comes in because I had finally set my mind on placing the order tonight, right after I stopped and picked up a gift card (also built up my gas discount). I guess I'll focus my gift card purchases on summery items that I can't use until next year. *pout*

I spent part of the evening with the Laws sharing a few laughs and a glass of wine. I think for the first time ever my future boyfriend *wink* Jake didn't take long to get friendly with me, you know how shy those boys can be. By the time I left he was trying to fart on me. I'm pretty confident that in 8 year old speak means he likes me. I also gave him the first lesson of "a girl won't give you what you want unless you buy her a diamond". In this case the want list is a little different something about Batman.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A quick update on the highlights of my weekend. Saturday was lunch w/ Beff and Slips and since we were already at the mall I made a stop to check in on my ring. The mounting is in and Dave laid my diamond in it for me to check it out. I am quite pleased and eager to see this puppy all together. I bummed for an hour or two and then headed to Toona.

I slept for crap last night at mom's. It's so friggin noisy there with just traffic alone and then pour on top the people outside screaming at 2:45am. Then the normal mum getting up way early followed by her leaving for church and her phone ringing every five minutes for a half an hour. ARGH!

Swung out to VC this morning and found some great steals and then later headed to Kohls where I found a nifty burnt orange Vera Wang semi-formal dress and the matching friggin shoes on the clearance racks. We're talking 25$ for the dress and shoes once all discounts were said and done people. Needless to say, even though my pork chop ass precluded me from a full zipper I still bought it. I really really really need to start getting on the tread mill again.

Anyhow, I got back to mom's after the short jaunt and found that the girls had another spat *sigh* This time Vix has a wound on her neck and Dani on her leg. I am at wit's end sometimes. Once again it seemed to just spring out of nowhere. I do think however that it was partially due to Vixen being tired. I know being away from home stresses her out. They've both been sleeping like the dead since we got home. Perhaps I need to not have such long visits to reduce the stress factor.

In dream-land this weekend I was at someone's wedding reception, which is just unthinkable. Regardless, after the toast "mommy dearest" turns and calls out a friend from college for "what he did" and demands his apologies (think Yuengling bottle). Then she turned and demanded my apologies... at which point I went livid.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Last night I took in the latest Mummy movie. *spoiler warning* I didn't like the replacement wife, felt the fact that their kid was grown was a bit hard to believe since neither parent really aged, was incredibly distracted by the nasty grown on Fraser's nose, and found some of the CGI a bit crappy. The movie wasn't bad perse, it just wasn't as good as it could have been. The fact that the emperor was immortal for such a short period and was able to just tra-la-la walk into shangra-la despite the witch and her daughter being "on watch" made the movie seem abbreviated and cut short.

I spent last night having strange vivid dreams again. The night before it was a friend pissing me off by having people over at my place and making a mess and generally disrespecting my space last night it was a move and a lost job and just a complete state of confusion. So I slept, but it just wasn't restful - and it left me quite fuzzy today. I did wake up on time, heck got to work a half an hour early, but ended up leaving around lunch time and taking a little bit of vacation time to nap away the afternoon.

I clearly felt better, because this evening I did a little bit of yard work and feel a ton better. Gratefully I have the rest of the weekend to relax a little more, get some more things done, and to get more real sleep.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy 3rd birthday Danika! I can't believe she's been with me for just over a year already, but it's true. Last night Dani and I went to Petco for the ritual birthday gift shopping where she agreed that the lady bug squeak toy on a rope was a good selection. She also picked out a pair of flavor-filled bones one for her and one for Vix.

I really feel like I've fallen off of the rumor mill here at work. But at least info eventually gets to me. The one bane of my existence from earlier years working here has left... and, in the same week I also heard that the bane of my ex-husband's existence also is gone. Go figure eh? I still can't believe the ex made him cry. *laugh*

Ok... here is something I need ya'll to give a comment vote/feedback on. The question "Is my friend crazy?" The logic:
1). The friend is single. Yes, recently broken up from a relationship and still likes the person, but it's not happening because the other person is a DBK right now.
2). The friend came to the speed dating event with me... got hit on before the speed dating event by a SMOKIN HOT individual that was not participating in the event. The friend also left the speed dating event with 7... SEVEN... matches, and I had 1 (of course that person also marked them).
3). The pre-speed dating hottie hot hot hot called earlier this week.
4). Yesterday alone the friend got asked out three times by folks other than the hottie hot hot hot, two of which were ppl from the speed dating event, including the one that had marked me as well... so there goes my only match anyhow.
5). Me... would KILL to be in that situation. Friend... not jumping on the prospect of these dates because of the aforementioned DBK.

To further comment: I've often been told that if I were as talkative and open to speaking with strangers as this friend is my issues of not getting opportunities would probably be gone. Alas, clearly, not the case. This of course left me with the eternal question of "what am I doing wrong". I know - you're thinking "Not finding the right person" yada yada. It doesn't have to be Mr. Perfect... just a chance, another viable option.

I'm not bad looking. Sure I have a few extra pounds, but I can lose them if I just got my ass in gear. I am smart. I pay my own bills. I am caring and a giver. I don't want to smother the crap out of someone by being on the phone or with them all the time (you'd think that would be a perk). So wth?

Oh - and the one that I was talking to that I thought might pan out into a date, I haven't heard from him since we talked one Tuesday or Wednesday and ended the convo hinting that catching up that weekend for lunch or drinks would be a good thing. That was like three weeks ago.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One of the most disappointing things about rainbows (aside from the fact that they crawl up your leg and start biting the inside of your ass) is that it is near impossible to get a photo that captures the beauty that you see in person. Last night as I headed from Home Depot to Lowes (just checking to see what they had instock on something) I spotted one. As I crossed the street I realized you could see the full arch across the sky and all of the colors were vibrant and visible. I snapped a few shots with my cell phone, but nothing compares to the rainbow itself.

This was just another reminder of how attentive to my surroundings I think I am compared to others. Only one other woman in the parking lot noticed it and pointed it out to her child, everyone else bustled about in and out of the store without a pause or a conspicuous glance. Truly, just a shame.

I will also highlight that I've caught Home Depot in a store to website price descrepancy now too. The $5 price difference on the $64 lock set(instore higher) was explained by the cashier in that you have to pay shipping on the website and that makes up for it. *rolls eyes*

Monday, August 11, 2008

First, how desperate are spammers that their subjects have come to pleas and trying to convince us of their sincerity? My personal favorite came with the subject of "I honestly want to f*ck you". Honestly? Really? Well gee, that changes EVERYTHING.

Only Monday is over. I could have easily and gladly slept through the day, but I eventually got my butt in gear and got moving. I came home today to a dog with a fat lip, but I have no clue how the heck it could have happened as they haven't been left alone too much in the past 24 hours with immediate access to one another. Crazy asses.

So now that I decided to say screw it and jump on the front door project the calls on the siding etc have started back up. Rar! I do want to just get it done, but I fear that things will try and come together right when I am suppose to be on vacation. I guess I better haul myself back to Lowes or the Depot to pick out some locks so at least I am not trying to do that at the last minute.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Thought I had the right attitude about it all - thought it was a good idea - still thought it was fun... but honestly, it was just self-defeating and a corroboration of how I see things.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Woohoo! The upgrade fairy came visiting for my upcoming cruise! At first I was a little more bummed than excited, but the excitement is building. You see, I VERY particular about which room I pick based upon proximity to elevators and other frequently used elements as well as keeping from being right above or right under the casino or boleros. Further, this was going to be my first cruise on an Explorer class and thus I had selected a Prominade room. Instead this will be my first time in a superior oceanview cabin with a balcony. Hopefully Slips won't push me off :)

I guess while I am on here typing away I should rattle off the other ongoings. Last night was my last trip to 4 Corners w/ Rex. *sigh* My T Rex is leaving me! I ate more than I should have, but didn't eat as much as I usually would. I am just so bloaty and blah feeling the past couple of days, I don't know what gives.

Hopefully I won't miss the call from the contractor that is to come measure the door this afternoon - the whole "new front door" endeavor is moving along quickly. From there it's about time I tend to my roots and get a trim. Gotta look good for tomorrow night *yeah right - LAUGH*

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

How do banks survive? I ask this because of their seeming idiocy and inability to process basic requests. You're all well aware of my past trials with Wells Fargo (my previous mortgage holder) who continually and unexpectedly would stop withdrawing money from my bank account. Now, since I've been sold to JP Morgan/Chase Financial, I can't send them money no matter how hard I try. For whatever reason the payment keeps kicking back saying I have a wrong address or wrong account number. Don't worry, I double checked BOTH with JP Morgan/Chase and they're correct. My bank has no clue and simply gets a generic error code that reiterates a bad address or account number.

Really people. How hard is this. I want to make a payment. Please, take my money!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Because I am impatient woman and I want to see progress towards my household remodeling goals I went and picked out a front door and a sidelite. Now I wait for them to schedule an appointment to measure and make sure all is well. I look at it this way, sure, no one will see it until that awful entry way is removed, but it's progress - and when they pull off the entry way to put up my porch poof they can put the new siding right up to it beauti-mus!

I've been craving dead cow something fierce, so I picked up a huge ribeye that is cooking away as I type (and drool). Yes, that all by itself could be a meal, but I did snarf some raspberry-cranberry sauce, and will savor a bite or two of desert as well. You see, my Uncle dropped off some peanut butter fudge! What a great surprise to find hanging off of my front door when I got home. All is RIGHT with the world once again - Great timing!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

I'm very proud of me. I got everything on my to do today list crossed off with the exception of folding and putting away the laundry. I washed another load, made my standard sunday shopping run, vacuumed, scrubbed the tub, changed the shower curtain and liner, cleaned the bathroom sink, dusted the living room, cleared the dining room table, and even brushed the girls.

I was a little chapped to notice another need for repair today while out in the yard. There is a piece of siding lose up above - you know where I couldn't climb up to do the friggin gutters. *sigh*

Last but not least, today, I also made a trip to the evil Walmart. I decided to go after I realized their website is as evil as their store. Not a thing I was looking for was available in my store, nor was it available to ship to the store, go figure. Further, their prices don't match up. I went in thinking I could snag this bench for $35. At the store... the bench is $50. WTF. So, I didn't come home with two to store away for next summer... when I kick in on my next outside upgrade plan. So, as I continue to look around I spotted this chaise lounge. I have been planning to buy one for out on the deck, but the listed price of $148? BZZT... it was $120, and you'll note, if you enter 15904 that supposedly my store doesn't HAVE this chair. *rolls eyes* Whatev, I'll call it a deal, so I snagged one.

While at Walmart, I once again saw the local evil out and about, this time with her rugrat. My distaste for the act or the person I am not sure which is stronger. You see, this gal was mercilessly flirting with my ex for a while. When I put the claws out she backed off and went to the next cubicle. A true homewrecker (haven't we all met a few), she weaseled her way into his world, destroyed his marriage, and now has a kid with him. Not that she's alone there, he has how many kids floating around? I get a compelling urge to beat her ass in effigy, is that wrong? I suppose there too someday karma will kick in. The other foot will drop he'll cheat (again) ... or, maybe, just maybe the kid that never should have been will grow up to be an axe murderer and will chop them to bits. *crazy giggle*

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Another wedding today - luckily the last one I have on my plate this year. Hopefully it won't get warmer in the next couple of hours, as this is an outdoor one.

Earlier this week I did make an attempt to clean the gutters out back. I say attempt because I failed miserably. I really really tried to force myself up onto the roof to handle the full length, but I just couldn't let go of the ladder and chuck myself up there. I don't have the right ladder here right now, so I wasn't even able to get across the entire one along the deck. Booo.

Last night was Kirkus' going away shindig, but unbeknownst to me it was another celebration and the young professionals get together as well. I damn near had a panic attack at the number of people there and just wanted out. I didn't stick around long, but instead treated myself to a quick dinner at the Bouly. It's barely afternoon on Saturday and my weekend is already all about stress. What the hell is my dealio?

Friday, August 01, 2008

It's Friday... thank goodness. But it's also a Type O Negative type of day and the tunes are spinning. More throwback dreams that I could do without destroying my sleep last night. Do I really have to go to another wedding tomorrow? Blah. I'm feeling whiney and needy. Anyone besides a fuzzy puppy want to curl up and fall asleep?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I went back for a second blood draw on the way to work this morning. I think I neglected to mention it, but just hours after the first draw on Thursday I got a call saying that the last vial clotted up on them. Go figure. Of course, the last vial is when I was getting dizzy and nauseated, probably related. As a result I am learning a little bit about the different colored tubes they use and the addatives that are in them and what they do to your blood, so at least this has been educational.

Tonight was dinner with Rex and Mithy - a big event with upcoming moves and surgeries etc. The changes throw me back to a time when I was packing up to move away... it is so very long ago now. Time really does fly.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Worse still, the account was correct, but the website just couldn't process my information - I had to CALL them. Yeah. Anyhow, at least that's taken care of.

I neglected to mention that my envigorating experience with the Metho body wash inspired me to pick up some of the mentho shampoo and conditioner. I figure if I haven't been able to find the St. Ive's deep moisture conditioner that made my scalp all tingly and delightful I'd try elsewhere. Ahhh, good stuff. How sad am I that I sat at work thinking about, and eagerly anticipating washing my hair tonight? I know, I'm a retard, but at least my dogs love me.
Ok, so I tried to access my mortgage online again. I tried previously right after finding out my loan was sold and was not able to, but I wrote it off to the newness of the transfer. Now I am starting to think they just completely f-ed everything up, especially since they also gave me the wrong po box number for payments. DER! Let me guess, you'll not be able to process my on time payment as submitted and somehow it will be _my_ fault, right? Seriously, how hard is it to actually provide people with a correct address and their account number?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Whew, my feetsez are pooped. Saturday was the official tri-birthday celebration, and what do us gals do well? Shop. We headed to Ligonier shortly after noon and had lunch at the Ivy Cafe. The menu sounded very promising and the place was very cute, but I think we were all mildly disappointed with our food and ditzy service. It was a bit warm for me, but strolling the streets, quaint shops, and crafty booths was worth feeling a little sweaty. I didn't buy much in Ligonier, but I did warm up a bit as we moved on to Pier One, the Westmoreland mall, and Burlington before dinner at Olive Garden.

I was a reasonably good girl, I did buy a slice of chocolate tie mousse cake, but I brought it home - and it made for quite the energizing lunch this morning. On a bit of a sugar buzz I headed out for my routine stops with more of a desire/focus for Christmas ideas. Yes, I know it's early, but I find this the best way to Christmas shop - keep the eyes peeled until something jumps at you.

Value City, Big Lots, Ollies, and up to the mall. I'm tired. Gratefully, window shopping online doesn't require feet, so I think I'll do a little of that as I have a few other ideas for the holidays that I'd like to get on order and out of the way. With the ceiling fan on and a couple of the newer bedroom windows open I am basking in the perfect breeze while I type. Couple this with my thoughts of pleasure in my current station in life while leaving work the other day and all I can say is things are good. How often do I announce THAT on my blog?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Got to see Dark Knight last evening. Ledger did an amazing job as the joker. And, to follow in Jack Nicholson's footsteps? That takes balls. Admittedly he looked a bit laughable in the nurse's dress towards the end. Yes it was a long movie, but I did stay interested for the long haul, despite leaving the theatre at 12:30 and being whooped again this morning as a result. Thank goodness the weekend is just about here.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I did it... I did it... I did it...

Yes, I typed that three times on purpose as I have three things to announce as things I did that I am proud of myself for. We'll go in reverse chronological order here.

1). Thanks to Straight outta Johnstown I became aware of a planned speed dating event at the Inclined Plane... and signed up. This could be pretty fun - or awful - either way it will be something to talk and laugh about.

2). I sucked it up and finally went to get my blood draw done. I've been sitting on the lipid/cholesterol screening paperwork since January so it's about time. I am HORRID with needles. Go ahead, finish laughing (if you're not laughing think about how many tattoos I have). I was quite queasy and dizzy after the fact, but the phlebotomist was quite nice and handled me well.

3). I put money down on a pink diamond. It's not heart shaped... but it's cutie, over 3/4 of a carat, and the price was way better than what I've found elsewhere. I'll head back in after DC Goldmsiths gets a couple settings in to choose from but - woohoo!

Speaking of jewelry - last night I got my birthday gift from my sickly chum Beff and got the cutie heart necklace I was eyeing from Amazon!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

As an old elementary school mate that I just recently found again on Facebook would say... "Figgers, darn, crud." Last night I ordered another comforter as a birthday gift for myself. After all, I only hunted HOW FRIGGIN LONG to find a comforter in gray and pink a while back. Grr. Once again I pick colors, I hunt roughly for forever and finally find something approximating my desires, and the next season they mass produce my color scheme. Bastages.

I'm pretty tired today, but my attempts to nap after work were futile. Despite things slowing down with work my mind is still going 100 miles a minute and in two different directions. Good news - semi bad news for my overworked mind - I did get things straightened out with my class and I am, at last, registered for additional graduate studies through Michigan State U. Ha! If I can't get (worthwhile) dates at least I'll be too busy for them anyhow.

Monday, July 21, 2008

More twists for a wacky-ass weekend. I'm glad I caught a little bit of sanity visiting with mom today.

Yes, it's been a year. No, I didn't expect anyone to remember... but I sure didn't expect such news/commentary for a gift. Not sweating things though. Some people do piss poor at playing "the game".

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My weekend so far has been a series of bummers and small redemptions. Alas, there was no tickets to be had last night for Batman, not surprising, but the lead up to finding out the tickets were gone dragged back feelings of issues past (the preference for some of my friends over me time and time again). At least our plans for Sprinkles still went off without a hitch and Mithy, Rex, and I enjoyed their evil delights while Beff watched. Sister really needs to eat more than she has been lately. Regardless...

Earlier this week I had semi-discussed getting together for a drink or lunch today with a potential dating option, but haven't heard from them since. Given my mood over the past 24 hours I just chalked it up to being dissed. Not the case I am sure, but WAH, I wanna be grumpy about it - deal with it. Not like I was out of bed in time for it anyhow.

Just about everyone that was on the invite list (which was fairly long) for Shakespeare in the Park ended up off the list. While many never replied, some were off the list within an hour of departing for the show. For a few minutes I figured I was in a debate between attending solo or staying in. I did end up with company however, someone else who understands the curse of coupledom and what it does to their friends. Another individual noted that "that's what it means to have a girlfriend" (translate you're with them all the time). No, that isn't, or at least it shouldn't be... sorry you think that's the case and is probably why you rail against it, much to my despair, but having a boyfriend or girlfriend means you care about them - yes - but it doesn't mean you don't care about anyone or anything else.

Regardless, I digress. The Merchant of Venice was a nice little play. The weather was the feature act as for the first time I did not even need a blanket or sweatshirt!

As to tomorrow... mom invited me for a home cooked meal, I suppose I should go (instead of sitting around and feeling shitty about growing older). I guess we'll see - depending on what time my eyes peel open tomorrow. Old people need more sleep you know.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Now that I can think again it's time for a brain dump of 101 different subjects. Be prepared to hop around...

There seems to be a flurry of movies getting ready to come out that have draw to me. I've never been a Batman fan perse (well, okay I did love the old tv show *BAM* *POW*, but the movies didn't draw me), but I am eager to see Heath Ledger's role in this one. I am also looking forward to the next Mummy movie, even though it looks a bit more rediculous and unbelievable. But hey, they brought in Jet Li.

Yes, I am thinking about entertainment... why? Because the work demands from hell have officially subsided. Granted there is still plenty on my plate, but it feels like I am on a diet and loving it. I also did fill out the paperwork to sign up for the coursework I previously mentioned. Yes, I do enjoy torturing myself.

I had a heck of a time getting to sleep last night thanks to my friggin shoulder. I'd get into a position that seemed comfortable for a whole minute and then the dull ache would return. Gratefully, I got in this afternoon at a new (to me) joint in Windber, so I am hoping to be feeling better shortly.

Took some photos of the flowers I have blooming in the front and back yards. The cala lillies are just stunning. I need to get more bulbs. Who would have thought those things would be easier to grow than most anything else I've tried to plant? My one rose bush also had a lovely deep red bloom that I was clearly one day late to get a perfect photograph of. Alas, another rose bush is getting ready to flower as well, so hopefully I'll be more attentive. The althea I also planted back in May are blooming nicely as well.

Next is the activities planning. I'm trying to get a crew organized for Shakespeare in the park, but I am about ready to bang my head on something hard on that one. Then there is the excursion selection for the next cruise. Wow that is getting soon. Ok, time to work. Is it really Thursday already?