Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I showered and washed my hair.  Since the drain is not running smoothly this left a good bit of water when I was done.  I decided to try and fish some of my hair out - which is one of the grossest things on the planet in my view, but I am tired of waiting for the contractor to come so they can get to that.  I got a bunch out, but now the tub isn't draining at all.  I'm so done.
I should be in a good mood... I've had some good news today, but I'm also frustrated.  Let's get those tidbits out of the way first.

Contractors - yes, I do want the work done, but I need to have a quote from you so I'm not surprised or trapped.  I mean, is that really too much to ask for?  Also, needing to ask you back and forth to clarify the oddities on a quote are tedious.  The carpets are dry... but I can also see there was some furniture not moved and cleaned under.  Yeah, that doesn't please me either.

There is also the continued feeling of hemorrhaging money.  I know it costs more to have other people do things for you... but sometimes it is ridiculous and you feel like you're being taken for a ride because they know you're on a timeline.  It wouldn't even be such a huge timeline if it didn't take a week or more to get the quote.  Oh - and then I had a telemarketer call that was unfortunate enough in that I answered the phone thinking it could have been someone I needed to talk to.

Now the good stuff... a question was raised the other day regarding the zoning of my house.  Believe me this was a very bad and stressful thing for the past couple of days.  Fact is, the apartment was an apartment (rented out even) when the house was purchased so many years ago.  To even think that it could have been zoned and marked as a single family residence?  Ugh.  I don't even want to think about what that could have meant if I hadn't gotten the good news that the updated maps show it properly.

The other good stuff is that I have gotten my answer at work, and it is the one I wanted.  This should leave me overjoyed and it should override all of the other annoyances today - but I can't even fully bask in it.  And bask in it I should!  I feel like this was an answered prayer - one that I finally put down and allowed God to pick it up by setting the date to put the house on the market.  I'm doubting so much about direction and it all boils down to having a safe place to lean.  I'm ready to not do this all on my own any more - but I still feel alone.  That speaks too loudly for me.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Yesterday we gathered to celebrate Beff at the Boulevard.  Her sister, SIL, Mom, nieces, and I planned her bridal "shower".  While the event wasn't a surprise, I think she was truly surprised by some of the details that were picked just for her.  I know she had a good time with everyone, and I'm happy to have given her a day all about her before the all about "them" day.  Having mutual friends, I too got to see quite a few folks that I was glad to spend time with.  Our weather was beautiful, the food was good, and the cake (which Mum made) was amazing... as are the leftovers which I'm gladly helping to work on.

I feel like I didn't do anything after the event, but I did... I'm afraid I am getting used to being overworked.  it might be a good thing if I can maintain a higher level of cleanliness and tidiness in the long run, but it does make me feel like a slacker to have a short list of things I accomplished in a day off.  I mowed the front lawn last night, watered all of my plants (which there are now more of to attend to), and moved some smaller items out of the bedroom and living room so I would be ready for the carpet cleaners.  I was exhausted by 6pm last night and in bed by 10, but my sleep was not quick coming, disrupted by dreams including one about snowy roads and a wreck w/ a snow plow, and re-awakening at 5am to use the bathroom and to feebly lay there trying to fall back asleep.

The carpet cleaners were there this morning, so that is done.  I am hoping that everything is brighter and freshly scented... oh, and dry, by the time I get home.  Also, I got my numbers from my real estate agent.  If the front landscaping could get done quickly we can get the pictures taken and I can move forward.  It has to happen regardless of answers here.  I know that.  It scares me.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Friday night I came home and got busy for a few hours before convincing Beff to join me for a drink to decompress.  The upstairs is DONE!  I also did a quick pass on some routine cleaning that needed done (bathroom sink/tub, wipe down kitchen counters, dusting)

I feel like I put in a 12 hour day today.  I was up just after 7 so I could load the car to take yet another load to my Favorite Egg's.  I needed to get moving so I could get to the car shop and get vehicles inspected.  On the way back up the hill I stopped at the nursery and picked up my third plant for the front pots and a tomato plant.  Inspection and oil done on the Kia, no issues, then run home to swap out vehicles.  The Tib was cranky and needed jumped.  I guess I haven't done enough long running (or frequency) since pulling it out of the garage.  Inspection and new tires (I knew it needed it), but fortunately nothing else.  With the long list of bills rolling in in the next few weeks the tires were plenty.

I got out of there close to noon, and needed to drive around a bit to charge up that battery a bit.  After about 20 minutes I headed into the mall with a desire to find a new wreath for the front door.  I know the mall isn't the first place you think of to buy something like this, but they had about the same amount of selection as the local crafty places anyhow.  Either way, I didn't find anything I liked.

Back to the house and time to bust some butt.  First I went out back, scooped poop, raked up three more dog food bags of nut shells, and then did the first mow on the back lawn.  Then I pulled out the leaf blower to clear the leaves from the patio area, just in case the handyman is ready to come in early this week - he'll be working in that area.  Time to scoot inside.  After many hours, the wet/dry vac has made its way around the garage and basement sucking up dust, dirt, and cobwebs.  Some of the shelves in the garage are wiped down as are the table and shelves by my washing machine and freezer.  Finally, I put those new plants in their pots.  It's "early" but I'm done for the day.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Epic fail would be the title of this post. My day leaves me regretting decisions made 13 years ago - and paying for them. Because (I'll say we, because that is how it was at that point) we didn't cough up to pay for a pressure test to detect what would be this epic fail of ground water infiltration, putting it squarely back on the previous owners to do additional work, I am now looking at what is likely to be a pretty big bill.

You see, what the previous owners had done only handled the line from the main stack (my side) of the house, not the apartment. The contractor found the view port and hooked everything up, but as soon as he started to pressurize water gurgled up from the drain in the garage - the drain I previously thought went to the sump pump also there in the garage. Wrong.

Did I mention that the apartment's stack is at the back left corner of the garage and it runs under the concrete the whole way up to the driveway? The contractor has some alternatives to running the new line to avoid digging up my entire garage, but I can still see dollar signs. I got to pay $140 for the pleasure of learning everything is f'd too. Of course, once the work to handle the other stack is done there is no guarantee that there isn't going to be a problem with the lines put in from the main stack. For that matter, it's quite likely there will be something wrong there as it's been so long. Hopefully that something isn't also under the garage floor.

Nevermind that most of Richland hasn't even been forced to deal w/ this bullsh*t yet. Just me. Always... just... me. Other people I know that will be listing a place in Richland soon are likely to just waltz out of it under the 15 years since pressure test pass caveat and not even need to take the $140 step I took today. Some days it seems so unfair. I hate people who sit and play the victim all the time too, so please pardon me for these moments of sadness on this one. I've worked hard to save money and while I can pay for it and I know I'm blessed in that fact beyond measure compared to others, I sure don't want to see that money - quite literally - going down the drain.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I really wanted to get the upstairs done tonight, but it didn't happen.  I did make good progress though.  I went up with the intention of finishing the office room, but in trying to box some things I went hunting for other things to combine into the box, so I cleaned out the little alcove/storage area and pulled some things from the spare bedroom.  I'll say the office is at 95% now, the spare bedroom at 90%, and the storage space at 100%.  Every wall that needs washed has been done!  Well, at least above ground level.  I could probably stand to do some more scrubbing in the basement.  Either way, good progress.

This is good because the carpets are scheduled for scrubbing early next week and the less stuff to move about the better.  Tomorrow I should be meeting the guy who is pressure testing the sewer work here at the house.  Please say a prayer for minimal alteration needs.  I should also be getting some numbers from my real estate agent, so prayers there too that I've made some leaps upward, please.  Heck... while we're at it, let's go for the trifecta - still nothing on the work inquiry.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Update:  I made pretty good progress in the office tonight (walls washed and vacuumed).  Another hour or so and I should have it fully in order.
I had to step out for a chunk of the afternoon to get to my ENT appointment today, but I left even earlier so I could have lunch with my Favorite Egg.  I have to admit, there was a conversation before he left that leaves me questioning my long term plans.  Maybe I'm being moody.  I just want to know that there is something more for us to move towards.  Unfortunately, I'm feeling old, so I feel this pressure to get somewhere faster than the rest of the world wants things to move.

I tried to work through my self tormenting brain out in the back yard.  There are about 8 dog food bags full of twigs, leaves, and walnut shells at the curb tonight.  The handyman did stop in too, so I'll be waiting for his estimates for fixes.  *fingers crossed*  I guess I should go upstairs and try to gather some more of the small items that need dealt with, so the carpet cleaning can happen.
I hit the grocery store last night to grab burger making supplies, then I swapped tanks for the grill, and I'm so glad I did. I made a batch of brownies and started potatoes in the oven with some onions while I waited for my Favorite Egg to arrive. He had an appointment in town this morning, so I got the rare weeknight with him.

I still had enough time to wash all of my windows and weed eat out front before he arrived. I may have mentioned that I pulled the weed eater out on Friday but quickly remembered it was out of line. Well I figured out how to refill it so I could finish up that work.

One dinner at my recently cleaned off deck table complete. Yay for being able to do that in the middle of April.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

I had a short weekend away - and not where you'd guess.  Lori and I headed to Chateau de Johnson, near Baltimore, where we crashed for the Alton Brown Eat Your Science tour show!  We got to town and demanded snacks.  Rex took us to Wegman's and I was overwhelmed.  We had some sushi for a snack and snagged some desserts for later.  I grabbed a chocolate cheesecake.

Before I knew it we were headed out to meet JSpice and his lovely wife for dinner at the Brewer's Art.  OMG the brussels sprouts appetizer.  I had chicken for dinner, which was also quite tasty, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have - had we not been rushed to eat.  They were a bit slow in the turn around after our orders were placed... so we ended up a few minutes late for Alton.  *sigh* but I don't think we missed too terribly much.

The show was good, but somehow, not quite what I expected.  Don't take that wrong... it was amazing to see Alton, but I'll say the show started off better than it ended.  We were so psyched for lasers (as per some FB posts) but ended up with what felt like a rehashed Good Eats popcorn episode.  Now, I need to find the GMO song... my Favorite Egg would approve.  Back to the house where I dove into that chocolate cheesecake.

Morning came, and after some caffeine intake it was time to make a supply run before heading north again.  I picked up some coffee at Baltimore Coffee and some Du Claw (Sweet Baby Jesus and Dirty Little Freak) beer.  Then it was time for lunch at Petit Louis Bistro before we hustled back and loaded up for the long ride home.  Our weather was beautiful and I feel like I had a long weekend away.  Good times.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Is my back feeling better you ask?  You didn't ask?  Jerk. Actually, I feel a great deal better today.  There is still some tension there, but I didn't have pain that made me wince today and I can move my arms and neck much more freely.  I'm well on my way.  I did still have a few minutes of pain trying to get through the night however, so I'm ready for bed early tonight (hopefully).

The warm sunny weather pulled me out back after work to brush the dogs.  That's where I heard the guy behind me and to the side running his mower, which made me think I should go ahead and do that out front and along the side to mulch up leaves again.  I didn't get to weed eat because my rechargable weed eater is out of cord, which I forgot, and I had already put the extension cord away, so I didn't want to pull out the corded one.

I pulled out the pots and put the dirt in them that I had, so they're ready for me to get some pretty posies to decorate the porch.  Then I went to the back porch where I uncovered the table (which didn't get uncovered even once last year - it was pretty gross) and the chairs.  I also washed down the lounger and metal garden seat.  I had patio furniture cleaner in hand, which said it was a skin irritant, but I ended up getting the bulk of the gross removed using Dawn dish soap in warm water - and it promises softer skin.  Take that!

I also cranked out a load of laundry and even made myself dinner.  Boom.  It was a good Friday night.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Last night I quickly returned another item that was wrong to Home Depot, swung through Big Lots, dropped some snacks at the church for the youth retreat that I am not attending this coming weekend, and got home so I could partake in dinner with Beff.  With us not working at the same place, never getting to do lunch anymore, and both being so busy with house-related tasks, the conversation when we do get together is a constant catch up dialog.  After I got home I did a little bit of gathering and whatnot upstairs, but I didn't make a ton of progress.

Today I came home and hustled to load up the car and then get to my massage appointment.  It didn't hurt as much as I expect it to.  I'm still feeling some tension back there, but I know he knocked some of it loose.  Of course, I left there and had to unload the vehicle, so ... yeah.

I wasn't going to try and accomplish anything else tonight, but I got sucked into other things.  First, I decided to go ahead and cover the one old drain in the basement that the dogs knocked open.  Then I was readying myself to wash my hair when I went to change the toilet paper roll.  Seriously, that new holder was already working loose from the wall.  *sigh*  I had to go find two anchors in my supplies to put behind the screws (fortunately I knew where they were thanks to sorting everything last week).  This made things a little crooked, so the two pieces don't sit quite right.  I'm not pleased.  I'll wait and see if it works loose again.  If so I guess I'm moving the whole shabang to a new spot on the wall and working to patch the old stuff over.  Fun times.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My real estate agent visit with Sue Lease went well.  I'm pleasantly surprised there wasn't a list of other things I "should do", but of course, she could still pick up a la puppy odor.  I've always taken that fact hard, harder still today after I've washed all of the walls downstairs and I doubt the upstairs walls will make a difference when I get to them.

I added another to do to the list when over with the tenant in the apartment.  It's an easy enough fix, but my list is too long.  Fact is, I need to get someone else on some of these tasks or it will take forever to get everything done.  I have names from Sue to try and find someone to do some of these tasks, someone to scrub the carpets (more likely to get any scent out than my carpet scrubber), and recommendations for who I should call to retest for groundwater infiltration.

I didn't do anything else physical tonight, but I did crank out my homework - a list of everything I've done to the house since buying it in 1999.  Let me just say it is an incredibly long list.  Are you telling me I have to start all over on another house?  Aw hell.

No movement on the discussions at work to help facilitate my desired change.  It has me a little tense, anxious, and uncertain.  The sore shoulder remains, but now I can feel the muscles around it all tightened up too.  So happy I moved up my massage appointment from next Thursday to this week.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Done for the night and pretty much ready for my appointment with my real estate agent tomorrow after work, at least as ready as I need to be for our preliminary get together.  If it were photo day I'd be pulling an all nighter.

Tonight I washed down the walls in the dining room and moved things around in there a bit.  I also gathered up odds and ends into a catch all box downstairs and re-cleared the kitchen counter.  I gathered more garbage and organized a little more upstairs. The upstairs will need more work, no doubt, but I'm starting to see an end in sight up there.

As I wiped down the kitchen counter, I admit a desire to have such an easy time wiping things up.  Wherever I land, I need to find a way to live with less clutter.  Time to futilely search the house listings and get myself ready for bed.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

I am again sitting.  I shouldn't be, but I am.  I may do a little more later, but for right now I am going to force myself to make some progress on notes for a future vacation that includes locations I've never been to before.

On Friday, I finished washing down everything in the bedroom.  Mr. Law returned and made short order of the cabinet doors.  They look fantastic.  Why why why didn't I do this for me a long time ago?  My Favorite Egg and I had a leftover meal that he brought from his meal out for his dear Mother's birthday - it was amazing Italian.  Then we relaxed watching Mockingjay part II.  Meh.  It wasn't bad, I just found the ending awkward and less eventful than the movies. 

Saturday we were up early to make a pre-work run to Home Depot.  Lunch, and then home to work on the to do list.  Some drywall went up in a basement area (which makes it look a lot nicer, even if it isn't taped), the loose spots on the front siding are corrected, the tub is recaulked where needed (he did a perfect job there - I'm horrible w/ caulk), the water filters are changed, the low voltage spot light bulbs were replaced (even though they're still not on), loose spots in the trim throughout the house has been fixed, and the gap just inside the front door has newly stained trim down (with some insulation behind it).  We then loaded up the vehicle to take another load to his old place, including some bigger items that I couldn't have moved on my own.

This morning we lounged a little before making breakfast.  I also made a batch of chicken noodle soup so there was something to send home with him and something to eat for a day or two later this week. We then moved some of my workout equipment upstairs (since there is no way they'd fit in my vehicle to remove them entirely) and carried yet more to the car for delivery to his old place.  After that stop we visited my local Aunt and Uncle for dinner, which was also incredibly good - I'm stuffed.  My neck into my right shoulder is quite sore today, but I truly believe it was from how I slept last night, not what I was carrying and moving.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

It's "early", but I'm sitting.  This is going to be quite the busy weekend and I have a headache, so it is what it is.  I did finish washing down the rest of the living room tonight.  Everything on the one side was wiped down and re-arranged last night.  While the house is probably cleaner as a whole than it has ever been at one point in time it seems cluttered right now thanks to the odds and ends sitting around waiting for the right box to be put away in.

I slept quite well last night, probably thanks to Saffy.  I had already fallen asleep when I felt two little feet land on the edge of the bed.  In my head, when this happens I almost can hear her saying "Mummy, can I sleep with you?  I had a bad dream." So I invited her up, we cuddled, I zonked, she zonked.

In other progress, my master craftsman friend Mr. Law stopped in as he is going to be my hero on the doors for the bathroom storage area.  I have complete and utter faith it is going to turn out awesome and I'm psyched. I also spoke to my real estate agent.  We're scheduled for Tuesday, so I have a few more days to get things presentable to her for initial measuring, etc.

This week has been an emotional one, thanks probably to hormones on top of the big changes in my world and apprehensions with regard to things at work.  That and the few tears I had roll today are probably why the headache.  I'll get through.  I do believe I'm following what I'm being led to do at this time in my life.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Last night there was a final pow-wow for Beff's shower, so I lost a little bit of work time.  But before I headed up there I put the bedroom blinds to soak and moved the cd/dvd shelves to the dining room and the big speakers to the kitchen.  This clears a little space in the living room which will help when it comes time to wash walls in here and move furniture around.

After our get together I started working in the bedroom, pulling out the bed and washing down half of the room so far.  I would have gotten the whole way around, but I realized I needed to pull more clothes from the closets in order to facilitate putting some other items in there to clear space in the room itself.  My bedroom is pretty large compared to many older houses, but it looks even bigger now.

As for tonight it's youth night - we're seeing God's Not Dead 2.  I've already filled the vehicle up again, so I can take that over for storage when I head to an appointment tomorrow.  After I get back tonight I'm going to try to make more progress in the living room or bedroom.  I'll then work on whatever I'm motivated to do.  Last night I had to pop a Benadryl before bed, I was quite the sneezy mess.  I might need the small break.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

I went further off the rails last night. The dining room and bedroom walls remain unwashed as per my "schedule". I felt it was wise to get a couple of other things done:

1). I inventoried and packed up the car with things to donate. I'll drop those off today after work. This will clear out a little more space, allowing me to feel like I have room to work, especially upstairs.

2). The bins of tools and whatnot in the basement are reorganized/sorted/thinned out and the shelves on which they sit washed. One full garbage bag of widgets I have no clue what they're for, telephone jacks, and coax connectors (and other things, but I did find an inordinate number of items as such). This should make it easier to find any tools my Favorite Egg may request when he comes to assist on some fixes. I will tell you this - I am a girl of many many screwdrivers.

3). The curio is emptied and all of those delicate items are wrapped and packed into boxes. I really want to remove the curio, even if we cannot remove the secretary, from the dining room to declutter a bit.

4). The last of the bathroom fixtures is properly mounted. I can once again use the facilities without reaching the wrong direction for the toilet paper. Yay!

In the grand scheme, this is better. Yes, the walls need washed, but I don't think it would be as bad for that to not be done when my agent is able to visit as it would be to have piles of crap still sitting around. Once I get the crap out, it will be easier to wash the walls without moving things too, so there's that bonus.

Sunday, April 03, 2016

I sat last night and worked on a game plan for each day this week... but I'm already behind on that.  I headed out to grab breakfast and to run to Home Depot before church.  For some dumb reason I decided to buy new towel and toilet paper holders for the bathroom.  Let's just say that no one uses the same attachment mechanisms so that meant I had to re-drill holes.  Where there is drilling there is filling.  I just sanded the spots I had to cover and I'm hoping to give them a little paint during the commercials (Walking Dead season finale you know).

I also picked up some ready-mix (concrete) that I'll be needing out back, but I need to get it in somewhere dry but out of the way until I make use.  I made it as far as the front porch and into garbage bags).  They're 80 lbs each, cut me a break.  Ok, I brought them in during a commercial too.  I also picked up a few other small items, but I couldn't get the bulbs I need for the low voltage lights since I can't get the old bulbs out to see what wattage I need.  It was an expensive trip for not finding half of what I went for.

The sun was out, but it was cold today.  I still packed up another car load in my efforts to put off other tasks and hauled it to my Favorite Egg's old place (that wasn't on my to do list).  So much stuff cleared out, but not the furniture that needs evacuated.  That's a whole other story.

I did start to put the bathroom back in order.  The new shower curtain is up on the new rod.  The shelves are back in and those items away.  I did scrub the floor, but since I am doing more drilling tomorrow that will need redone.  I can't believe I have a 100% neutral bathroom.

The stairs are scrubbed, as are the walls and ceiling going up them and the walls at the top of the stairs.  The kitchen walls and ceiling are also scrubbed, even behind and under the fridge - oh and the top of the fridge.

That sounds like a lot now that I typed it, but I don't feel like I got enough done today.  I did make those stuffed shells too - dinner was delightful.  Maybe the meals are extra good because I'm extra hungry from working my tail off all day.  I'm just impressed I'm not super sore yet... other than the bruises all over my arms.

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Met the contractor at my Favorite Egg's old place this morning after sleeping in a bit, and carried in another car load of my stuff.  Back home and it was time to get busy.  The pantry is now repainted.  The shelving space behind the tub in the bathroom is now repainted.  The bathroom is now repainted, including the back of the door (which some idiot painted white before I moved here).  The small spots I patched in the living room are painted.

During all of this I had a pork roast cooking away w/ some of Baby Davey's kraut.  It was amazing for the record.  The smell of fresh paint mixed with kraut however is not.  I'm aiming to make stuffed shells tomorrow.  Between the two meals I should have plenty of food to speed up some of my evenings next week.

I then ran out to return the Valspar paint I _had_ bought for this job thinking "I'll buy good paint, instead of the Ollie's generic brand".  Yeah.  I stirred the heck out of it and while it looked mixed it was still watery.  Fortunately, I still had enough of the Ollie's paint in white here to get all of the work done.  As I left the store... not just snow, but thundersnow.  Yay Johnstown.  Tonight we've got high wind advisories too.  I was hoping to clean the deck furniture tomorrow, but I guess that's going to get put off thanks to the rapidly dropping temps (when I painted the bathroom door outside it was sunny and pleasant).

Friday, April 01, 2016

It's 8:30, but I'm so done for the night.  Things are ready to get hauled to my Favorite Egg's place tomorrow and I found the right breaker and managed to convince the base of that light bulb to come out.  Then I went out front since the sun was out and the temperature perfect.  The banisters the whole way around the porch are scrubbed, as are the wraps around the door and windows and all of the furniture.  Then I went balls to the wall and pulled out the electric mower and gave my front lawn the first mow of the year.

For that reason, as soon as I'm done posting this it's time for a shower and a hair wash.  Then I'm going to sit here and just enjoy the rest of my evening.  My Favorite Egg bought me the Surgeon Simulator game on Steam that gave me such laughs when a favorite blogger was fumbling about playing it.  This should be entertaining.
For every item I cross off of the list, I swear I add two more.  I was clearing the shelf across the top of my large bedroom closet last night when I realized I neglected to wash the light covers in there.  No problem.  I washed them and continued with the rest of my work.  I decided to put a brighter bulb in for the one which only had a 40 watt in there, and noted the other one was a 50 watt, so I didn't bother changing that one out.  Yeah, 50 watt, weird, right?

When the covers were dry (right before bed and after I ran out for a small break to meet Beff and J for a drink) I went to put the covers back on.  While doing so the 50 watter dropped down - the bulb was hanging away from the base and still lit.  I quickly turned off the switch, but now that's waiting for me when I get home tonight to kill the power and take a pair of needle noses to it.  Because this was right before bed I also got to sit and fret and want to tackle that job in what would have been the complete and utter dark minus a small flashlight just to give myself some peace at midnight.  Oh, and I also realized that the one closet door is off of the track, so I fought with it for a while to try and get it moving smoothly again.

Today I ran out to meet a contractor at my Favorite Egg's old place.  I now have one vehicle load of boxes safely stored there.  The guy never showed, thanks to some crossed wires, but that's only relevant because it means I get to go back tomorrow.  This is good in that I can then take another vehicle load of boxes, but it also means I can't get up and get my butt in gear painting in the bathroom because I'm not sure when he'll call and want to meet me there.

While I was there I noted additional things "going wrong" there that have my mind all stirred up and my anxiety notched up a couple of clicks.  I'd feel so much better if I just got a little more rest, but the curse is that you cannot sleep easily when you're dialed up.  It's a never ending cycle.  Enough adulting.