Tuesday, April 05, 2016

I went further off the rails last night. The dining room and bedroom walls remain unwashed as per my "schedule". I felt it was wise to get a couple of other things done:

1). I inventoried and packed up the car with things to donate. I'll drop those off today after work. This will clear out a little more space, allowing me to feel like I have room to work, especially upstairs.

2). The bins of tools and whatnot in the basement are reorganized/sorted/thinned out and the shelves on which they sit washed. One full garbage bag of widgets I have no clue what they're for, telephone jacks, and coax connectors (and other things, but I did find an inordinate number of items as such). This should make it easier to find any tools my Favorite Egg may request when he comes to assist on some fixes. I will tell you this - I am a girl of many many screwdrivers.

3). The curio is emptied and all of those delicate items are wrapped and packed into boxes. I really want to remove the curio, even if we cannot remove the secretary, from the dining room to declutter a bit.

4). The last of the bathroom fixtures is properly mounted. I can once again use the facilities without reaching the wrong direction for the toilet paper. Yay!

In the grand scheme, this is better. Yes, the walls need washed, but I don't think it would be as bad for that to not be done when my agent is able to visit as it would be to have piles of crap still sitting around. Once I get the crap out, it will be easier to wash the walls without moving things too, so there's that bonus.

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