Monday, June 30, 2008

Well, things are a-changin again at work (and stressing me out a bit). I came to terms quickly today with the fact that I need to get some extra time in in the near term so I am looking at working the holiday. Hopefully I'll get the blessing to float the 4th to another day later in the year, but better still, hopefully I'll get close to meeting the looming documentation deadlines that lie dead-ahead.

So when one stresses what helps? Laughter. I decided to go for the spontaneous tonight and chill with the Beff for a little while with an early flick over at Westwood Plaza. As always, my Miss Piggy sammie was DELISH, and the movie (Sex in the City) was a good hoot. Yes, I laughed like crazy, identified some of my friends (and myself) in the craziness and idiocy (for undeserving guys), and... cried *rolls eyes at myself*. I liked it!

One thing I did NOT like however was seeing the signs that the Laskey's are looking to sell the theatre off to someone else. Granted, it's nice to see that they are looking for the right owner that will continue in their tradition and devotion, but I don't like change. I have too many fond memories from the past years that involve first fridays, music, movies, and good friends. No, it's not closing, but the fear of change spurs those fearful emotions. Speaking of closing - I ALSO heard a rumor about 4 Corners closing. Um, yeah, didn't hear that from 4 Corners, so I need to get up there ASAP and ask what the dealio is. Hopefully it is lies, lies, lies.

I also dropped my cutie rose quartz ring off for repairs over lunch. The guy in at DC Goldsmith (no website... yo Laaaaw!!!) is so cool about tending to my jewelry. Oh, and the pink diamonds I was waiting for him to get? They're in. He's setting two on the sides of a blue diamond. What are the chances this won't be a huge price tag. Hmm. Didn't think so.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The weather was nice for my day of volunteering at Thunder in the Valley. The breezes came and went and kept the warmth to a reasonable level.

I wussed out from my last post. Maybe I take a few kindly words too highly. Maybe I am just retarded. Maybe a little of both.

I do have something else to whine about today - the thing in my thoughts is how often it feels like lying, conniving people seem to be the only ones to get their wishes and prayers granted. I think I'll be a little old lady throwing a tantrum to the "it's not fair" mantra. I try to remind myself that God doesn't bargain, but the devil _will_ gladly buy your soul.
Know what sucks worse than the average wedding? Sweating one's ass off... and having the people who sit down at your reception table with you (whom you don't know) saying "where's your date - did he bail on you?" Yea. I love you Baby Davey (I guess I can't call you that anymore now that you're married) and Becky - and you two looked great, but I just couldn't hang long. I was drained and out of there even earlier than I was at last week's wedding.

I came back and crashed for a while but now I am up having another one of "those" conversations. I don't want to do what others have done to me and do the dumping on messenger. But it is hard to avoid when you rarely see the person when you can actually talk. Can I call it dumping? No not really - we're not even dating. So what is it? Announcing the withdrawl of my affections?

Friday, June 27, 2008

So, I swung in to Iggle on the way home to get a few little things to get through the weekend... and I figured, why not actually cook a meal tonight? Fresh corn on the cob, marinaded cukes, and chops are starting to make the house smell wonderful as I type.

Anyhow, on the way into Iggle a guy was leaving wearing acid washed jeans. Wow. Only in Johnstown. I don't know if the jeans themselves were the more horrifying part, after all, it is only a matter of time before they're back in style.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Perhaps it was the comments about going back to Bermuda next summer made around lunch time that started to get my thoughts onto my upcoming Canada vaca. Ok, it isn't upon us or anything, but time flies, it will be here before I know it, so Slips and I need to start thinking more about excursions and must see attractions.

Sadly, the weather seems to have just finally gotten nice and here I am thinking about my AUTUMN vacation. If the Chiefs are already announcing signings I guess the fall/winter cannot be too far off, right? How can the entire summer come and go so quickly but yet I sit here and think "dude, it's only Wednesday. *sigh*" Time is about as fleeting as my thoughts as of late.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Let's talk about retails stores. So, about two weeks ago I was back in B. Moss and had them call around to try and locate the skirt I fell in love with at another store. Altoona didn't have it, but Indiana DID! So, they ordered it and it was to come to the house. Alas, last week it gets here and ... is the wrong skirt. 1). Der. Can you not match up an item number off of a tag? 2). BOO! I was so excited that the skirt was located. I was devastated. I returned the skirt (and got my shipping charge back) and just went about with my life assuming I'd never have the cute skirt I so adored.

Now, let's recap my weekend, I promise you, things will come full circle. Saturday morning I woke early and showered, then just lounged around for a while. When mom called I finally made my decision to head to Toona a bit early and to spend the night there. Mom was heading off to a second cousin of mine's wedding whereas I didn't have to leave for a few extra hours to attend Pao's wedding celebration. So, I made a VC run and swung through the book store. Pao's reception was nice, I was surprised to see so few people I knew there, but I was glad to be part of his day and to enjoy Pao-dad cranking some tunes on the accordion. The reception started at 3, but I was out of there well before 8 leaving my evening to sit at mum's with the girls after a quick and fruitless pass at Uncle Joe's Woodshed. Well, okay I cleaned up the havoc that D made on mom's basement too.

So this morning mom made some amazing grub for our big noon-time meal and I decided to go wander the mall, since THEY have an Old Navy (yes I am still bitter we never got ours), besides, I figured mom and the girls would be napping as is the tradition. First store in I figured eh... I'll go look. So into B. Moss I strolled. !!! They have it... and they have it in my size! I was clutching this skirt and wouldn't even let the girl take it to "start a fitting room" for me. It is a bit snug as I am quite the pork chop as of late, but it fits and it is now mine mine mine - even if I couldn't find a good matching shirt in the entire mall. I can only assume I neglected to mention the skirt saga earlier in order to get to tell such a riveting tale.

Vix has once again wounded herself (foot) *sigh* and Danika is pooped, since Sophie visited after we got back to town this evening and they ran about a little more (as if visiting grammy isn't enough to tucker her out).

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Happening was a wee bit disappointing. Did Al Gore help write this thing? Meh. I was going to go last night but opted for a bit of catching up on sleep instead. So, in real trooper fashion I headed out to a movie on a Friday night all by my sorry-ass self. No matter what night of the week, it wasn't a movie that most of my friends would ever stomach anywho.

Alas, now here comes the rain... let it rain. Let it pour! If _I_ don't get to the company picnic tomorrow, I hope it's muddy and gross. Yea, I am mean like that. Just kidding. I am bummed about not going, but I guess I'll live. That said, I suppose I best head upstairs and wrap some wedding presents. Whee.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some days I just feel so incredibly ugly - inside and out. Yes, I get very very angry when I feel like I've tried so very hard and people just look at me like I've sprouted a spare head. I hate dragging things out and beating dead horses, I hate that trying to consider everyone's opinion means you never get anything done much less done right, I hate how one or two comments can change my entire outlook on life and myself.

I am a strong woman. I am a take charge kind of person if I am told to run with something. So why is it so easy to make me crumble and bring me to tear covered rubble? Does it all come back to how easily I allow myself to become emotionally involved in things (in general)? Is that why the days where I just feel numb are so much easier? Is it possible to go through life being numb and get any satisfaction? I'm not trying to be negative here, just venting some and exploring my own thoughts. I don't know how long I can go on being strong on the outside and weak and cowardly deep down inside.

Where is my pillar of strength? Where is the person I am suppose to be able to lean on and turn to? Where is the one that gives me the reason to soldier on and put up with all of the bullshit because I am working on something better for "us"?

"Maybe if I act like that - that guy will call me back. -Pink"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hey FedEx... thanks for the 7am telephone call when my alarm doesn't go off until 7:10. Grr. Ok, but I do want what I think they have in hand and were unable to deliver due to a bum address, so I guess I shouldn't bitch too much.

So last night I came home fully prepared to buckle down and keep working. Whee. I had help avoiding work though as Dutch spontaneously showed up. What a surprise! So, I took advantage and convinced him to head for grub at the Bouly. I did get back home and get my butt back to work for a few hours anyhow. At least I felt like I had an evening in the midst of a few extra hours.

So today is the closing day. I'll be under a new mortgage this afternoon. Whee-ha!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

oooh... I forgot to comment on something from yesterday morning in my last post. So I am at the dealership, first one there even, and I head to the waiting room where I started doing some work-reading. Shortly thereafter two older women come in, clearly sisters, they both sit down and pull out word searches. About 10 minutes later this lady walks in and promptly pulls out her cell phone after sitting down. One call after another. I now know her son is a teenager and not the best driver in the world, that they're looking to buy him a new car - one that would do better in a front end collision, that there is a knocking noise in her car and she thinks it came from the gas at BP, and many many other things.

During a brief break from her phone an employee comes through and offers to turn on the TV for us. The first three of us just shook our heads - the other lady instead says "no thanks, it's so nice and quiet in here!" WHA!? Um, yeah, it was until your crazy ass showed up. Shortly there after she made two more calls. *shakes head*

I ran and did some hunting/gathering this evening at the Iggle, but only after getting something in my stomach at Park and Puke (one shouldn't shop hungry ya know). But while waiting for my dinner I listened to a little girl repeatedly saying "zip it pappy". Um, I think I would have smacked my child for talking to her grandfather like that. Little brat.

I then started letting my thoughts wander and I realized how male-free my life has always been. It started w/ the "pappy" thing and I noted that I never knew either of my grandfathers, that my dad has been gone for 20 years, that I rarely had a man in my life before or after my ex. Even my dogs are female. Sometimes I wonder if that doesn't alter how I interact with males in general and lessen my chances of finding the right one and making progress towards something meaningful. I know, I think too much... maybe you just read too much. :)
Happy Father's day to all. For someone who didn't get fully out of bed until after 2pm I am kicking some butt and taking names today. The small grill and bird bath are put together, the bird bath is out and filled (as is the bird feeder), the second load of laundry is already making that rhythmic clanking as it spins in the dryer, the dogs are brushed, I am showered, the bed is remade, and the downstairs is vacuumed.

Yesterday I was up bright and early to tend to Drake but then returned to bed for a little while before heading out to lunch w/ Slips and Beff. We did a little shopping after. I still managed to sweep up the basement yesterday afternoon, since the girls appear to be in yet another heavy shedding phase. I also spent a good chunk of my evening making additional scrap book pages for past vacations. Man - time flies when you're pulling together scrap book pages!

Nothing exciting to report really. I could use a few more hours on my weekend before diving back in... but all in all its been a recooperative one.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Let's label this one a cool little factoid: the Hyundai Tiburon was designed by the same guy who designed the Ferrari 456 GT (Tuscani) - and it shows! I guess the main difference is that the Tib is FWD. I'll just refer to Drake as my Ferrari from here-forth.

Went and helped the Rex pick out some greeting cards and grubbed down at Applebee's last night. I was pretty wiped out. I think I'm cycling up for another crash out session. Too bad the Tib... I mean Ferrari is heading in BRIGHT and early tomorrow morning for an inspection and oil change. Maybe I can nap at the dealership.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm pooped. Sadly, there is no reason for it, unless mental exhaustion is coming easier because I am fresh from a break and trying to catch up while trying to learn a whole new world. Either way, I'm going to give getting zonked out before 11:30 an honest try tonight.

After getting back from dinner with my new project team I found myself in the yard compelled to cut low hanging branches and pull out some of the weeds that start to cling to my fence (we all know how I hate things that cling - human or plant). Somehow I managed to give myself a rather sharp throb in my back within a half an hour of the effort. Truly, this is the largest sign of how out of shape I am right now. Enough said, time for some rest... maybe I can convince a puppy to cuddle for a little while before I zonk out.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just wanted to share a few photos from my Bahamas trip... yep, that means I'm dealing with some of my photos and figuring out which ones I need to order for photoalbums and scrapbooks.
I saw the prettiest American Goldfinch this morning as I was leaving for work. At least seeing some bright and beautiful birds (instead of the crows, which don't get me wrong my gothy side has an affection for crows) means my bird feeder is successful and keeps me motivated to keep it full.

I think I am caught back up with everything except work at this point. I am in the process of trying to schedule a closing on the refi for the mortgage for next week. Gotta love keeping the same length of time on the mortgage, dropping the payment by $60 a month and getting cash out to put in the porch and redo the siding (IF I can get that variance). I really need to get some time to put together a sketch and get that paperwork out. Whee.

Monday, June 09, 2008

One good thing about returning to work after a week off if that the days will go fast for a while. Between coming up to speed on another project with a deadline looming less than two months away and the slew of things that went a bit off course last week I'll be busy getting myself back in order.

Went to see the new Indy movie last night. I really thought for a few brief seconds they were fixing to jump the shark... but they pulled back from the path I thought they were going and succeeded in providing a good adventure. I've got to admit - Harrison Ford is actually pretty darn good looking for his age. I think he's getting added to my short list of hot old guys (which includes Sean Connery - although I think he looked better in the Rock w/ longer hair).

Anywho... back to the grind, even if it does make me wish I were a woman of leisure traveling the world nonstop.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

I'm back! Time for a recap of my vacation...

Sunday - June 1
I was up early with mom, but didn't head out until around 9:30-10am. Once the girls were dropped off at "camp" I was off towards Baltimore. If I am heading that way you better believe I am stopping at the outlets in Hagerstown. I didn't find much, but I did pick up a sweatshirt and some good grubby things from another store.

A little further down the road and I was checking into the Hyatt Place, which Priceline scored for me at an amazing rate. I was very impressed - a great hotel with superb staff at checkin and at 4am the next morning when I was up for my flight out.

Monday - June 2
As mentioned I was up early and had some starbucks and a muffin right onsite at the hotel. I was leaving too early to take advantage of the free breakfast, but the morning staff made fresh coffee and pulled out a muffin that was to be tossed out shortly when its timestamp came around. Off to the airport and out. The flights went smoothly and I made great time. From the Orlando airport it was a 45 minute ride on the shuttle to get to the port. This was my first cruise as a platinum level member of the crown and anchor society and was spoiled by those extra perks. I flew through checkin in the non-existant line set aside for platinum plus members and was onboard Sovereign quickly.

This was my last of the three ships in the Sovereign class and she was, of course, consistent and similar to the others. I have to say this much, I was a bit sad to find a horribly messy public bathroom and less than overly friendly staff - which is not the norm. I was glad to have a good stateroom attendant, which I haven't had the past couple of trips. My dining room staff was nice (Norbert and Charleen) but the little things were missing (the scraping of crumbs, offering the pepper grinder, tricks). On this trip I shared a small table with a honeymooning couple, Andrew and Tifanny, who were quite sweet people and easy to talk with.

Tuesday - June 3
Cococay - I was so happy we were able to stop, since on my last trip the seas were too choppy. This is one of RC's private islands and it was just lovely. I am quite glad I had the inside tip to head to the far sie of the island as this allowed me to avoid the stereotypical beach crowd. I wandered along the backside of the island along the water lined with shells and crabs to where I found a nice secluded spot and a beach chair partially in the shade. Well, at least it was for a while... unfortunately, it was so peaceful that I fell asleep, and I woke mostly in the sun and my legs and stomach burned to a bright red. doh. I keep swearing I won't do this to myself, but at least now I have some tan lines! After waking I wandered back up along the beach and partook of the BBQ grub and then found a nice spot on a shaded hammock where I lounged for a while longer.

I was back onboard long before we sailed back out and went up on deck to spend a little time giving color to the back of my legs as well. After this I decided to attend a scrapbooking seminar they had going on - what the heck, right? At least I picked up a few little tips and tricks that suit this beginner well. This was also my day to select the jewelry I tend to buy on every trip as a reminder of a time and a place. This time I picked up a pair of red heart-shaped swarovski crystal earrings and matching pendant.

Wednesday - June 4
Back to Nassau for my second visit, this time I booked a snorkel trip and was out headed for rainbow reef early in the morning. This time I slathered myself with three layers of my 50SPF sunscreen and a teeshirt to prevent further burns. I was back onboard for lunch and a little beyond to avoid the hottest hours of the day. I grubbed down at Johnny Rockets to avoid the buffet, which I loathe thanks to mankind's typical behavior.

I admit, I was sore with sunburn at this point, but I did head back into Nassau to wander some of the areas that we didn't cover on my last trip - nothing amazing found. Frankly, Pirates of Nassau stunk - don't bother. I had to head back to the straw market of course - gotta find another cutie Kate Spade, and I did... definitely me! This one is black with pink and silver circles and polka dots. I'm sure this one will get as many compliments as the one I bought last trip.

The other thing I noticed on this day that left me wondering was the kids onboard texting left and right. Seriously, if cellular at sea is pricey, wouldn't you think those kids were building up large text messaging bills?

Thursday - June 5
Thursday was at sea, a great chance to sleep in and relax a bit so I had the energy for traveling home, which is always a day-long adventure. I played a little bingo, losing miserably of course, and just did my own thing.

Friday - June 6
Up and out... and quickly! Another perk of being platinum - I was off that ship hella fast. I got to the airport and was treated to another pleasant surprise: being offered an earlier flight! Instead of getting into Baltimore at 7pm I was getting back into Johnstown at 8pm and had plenty of time to get my laundry started.

I had a good trip and am glad I went. Now I just need to get through all of this mail. Did I mention that my mailman decided to stop my mail earlier than I requested? So I have two weeks worth of schtuff built up. I headed out this morning to get the girls, so everyone is home from their vacation and trying to rest up this weekend.