Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I really need to just not look at weather.com. It's like a rollercoaster when you keep your eye on the 10 day forecast. At one point one of my would-be on the road days for Tgiving said 5-8" of snow. That disappeared and two other days popped up saying 1-3" of snow. Gah. How about we just keep this 50-60 degree stuff, please?

I guess if it does get extra crappy the bonus is I won't be blowing my diet, because I won't be going anywhere or eating anything major.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

I am so grateful for holidays making this upcoming week so short.  Sunday evening facing the week feels a lot less daunting.  I've been trying to get ahead on a few things for the season so my hair is recolored, my cards are ready to go, and 95% of my gifts are bought and wrapped.  Just the main gift for my favorite egg and something else small for Beff remain on the shopping list.  I should have spent a little more time focused on cleaning this weekend than I did, but I can get a couple of things accomplished each evening this week.

I did at least get a good workout in both days this weekend, a major necessity as I start month two of my Diet Bet with the holidays and all of their delightful foods.  I did succeed on month one, which took me back where I was before two months of slacking off.

For now I have a puppy that requires some cuddling and an episode of Walking Dead calling my name.  These are good things to be thankful for.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I did head to the burgh on Saturday for an abbreviated visit and had no other issues with Autumn. She was happy to bring me to work this morning as well, despite the extreme cold and another dusting of blah. If you don't like the cold... just wait, now they're calling for even up into the 50s on Monday.

I made sure to have a moment of stupid with the car on Monday then too. The passenger window had stopped functioning. YES I tried clicking on and off the window locks... or so I thought. At least that was another cheap (free) trip to the dealership. I'm going to go make myself a note to remember to breathe because apparently I'm pretty slow and may need the reminder.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Three posts in one day - do you think this was stressing me out?

So, Schmou did come to help.  We pop the hood and - uh - the terminal on the negative side is popped up off of the post.  For realz.  *sigh* so, snug it back on and charge that puppy up.  Since the battery is 5 years old I'm not taking chances, so I went and replaced it.  Of course, the saga doesn't end there.  The metal post on the side of the battery that attaches to a piece across the top to strap the battery down in place is rusted through.  Their initial recommendation:  a bungee cord.  Um no.  After some brainstorming they figured out how to get posts they had to work appropriately.

Battery tightly in place w/ new goo and felt pads.  I think Autumn is healthy once again and I, of course, was completely batshit crazy today for no reason.  Also, if I had just repopped the hood I would have sen that the terminal loosened up.  How I didn't notice it moving when I was jumping it I'll never know.

Sure Schmou gets to make fun of me for this from here until eternity but..
- since I jumped it and it ran for a couple of minutes I kind of have proof that it wasn't off the whole time
- it is still cheaper than replacing an alternator
When I saw through the windows that it looked like the roads had further cleared on their own around 10:30 I decided to get re-dressed and make a second attempt to at least get to work and get my time in.  I was there by 11 and didn't have trouble then.
Of course, there remains the apprehension of taking the Tib anywhere with conflicting stories and predictions with temps dancing close to the freezing point on weather.com.  Just a little while ago I decided that I need to just stay home this weekend, that is what is meant to be.  I'm really not happy and it was hard as hell to push send on an email saying that.
In the mean time, Schmou has been kind enough to offer help and equipment.  We'll be using his battery charger to filler'up and make an attempt to drive it to the shop tomorrow morning.  Since the thought of it dying midway there and leaving me w/o power brakes scares the crap out of me, when I say we, I mean he is going to drive it.
I'm reminded of another time friends were needed to help in a slightly less complex, but similar situation.  Back when I first taught at the community college a sensor went out on the Avenger and it didn't ding to tell me that I left my lights on.  At the end of class I came out to a dead battery.  I called the ex and expected to be rescued.  I was, but not by him... he called someone else to come tend to me while he stayed at his computer's side.  That should have been a warning sign.  (Love you Laws - and I'll never forget this.)
I really do appreciate my friends.  There is nothing I can do to repay the kindness they show me.  I so do not like asking for help.  Heck, I can barely accept help when it is offered to me.  I'm gonna go home from work now and be sad... hopefully that doesn't result in me eating too many of the pumpkin bars I made last night with the plans on Pittsburgh delivery.
I'm at a moody point, so I'll admit this ridiculousness actually has me on the verge of tears.  This morning I swear the world is against me.  The snow started yesterday and continued very lightly through the night.  We don't even have an inch... but it has completely crippled my household.

I was to take the girls to the kennel this morning, so I jumped the Durango and loaded them up.  Needing to jump it was not a huge surprise since it turned so cold, but still a pain in my ass.  As I was putting Vixen in I saw the one light flickering a little, it caught my eye, but I didn't think much of it until it died again,  It was nice enough to wait until I finished cleaning it off completely though, so thanks for that.  Great, alternator, right?  The electrical bullshit w/ the car infuriates me to no end.  This started when the automatic starter went in and didn't go away even after I had them take that module out, but the module removal did at least stop it from needing jumped if not run every other day.  I knew that was a gift I shouldn't have accepted, but I felt obligated.  Isn't that the story of my life - doing things to try and make other people happy and still failing to do so.

Ok.  Must march forward, right?  So, with apprehension because it is not made for winter weather, I load the dogs into the Tib (note this means that now there is fur all through that car too).  I made it as far as the Long John Silvers and turned around.  Yeah, that thing simply cannot go anywhere in even the smallest amount of snow and slop.  I was sliding and spinning trying to get onto Scalp.

Now I'm back at the house.  Carmens can look at the Durango on Monday, so in the mean time I guess I need to get it towed there.  The Tib has an appointment on Monday as well for the window that stopped working, but at the evil dealership.

I guess I'm not going to work.  I'm definitely not taking the dogs to the kennel or going about my planned weekend w/ my favorite Egg (that's the part that makes me the saddest). I've been fretting about the winter coming and worrying about safe travels, turns out I can't even try to travel.  I hate Johnstown.  I hate the winter.  I hate snow.  I am not ready for 4 months of not being able to plan to do anything.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's been attack of the killer sinuses week. That's okay, I'll take it if it means we keep the warm weather, but I know that will be changing today (again). For those that see me, no I am not contagious, it is not a cold, I keep telling you I REFUSE to get sick. The sore throat from my head draining and waking me the night before last to tend to a runny nose is the worst of this. Last night I planned on getting a good night's sleep one way or the other and pulled out all of the stops.

I popped in for my allergy shot a day early, may as well get all of the help I can. As bed time neared I had two mugs of hot tea w/ honey, used the neti pot to get myself breathing a little clearer, took a hot and steamy shower, and popped two Tylenol PMs. Success. After my coma all that was left this morning was a bit of a sore throat which a ricola remedied quickly. Don't worry, I still feel snotty, but I'm hoping we're on the other side at this point.

I took advantage of my day off yesterday to enjoy the sun as it was in the mid 60s. I drove around and did some shopping, but nothing else remarkable. I should have done some reading and brainstorming for work but yeah, that totally didn't happen.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

So, maybe a week or so ago I had a dream about being in my stateroom on a cruise and a wave came crashing in, listing the ship, and flooding our room.  Well today I see that last week Explorer (a gal I've traveled with 3 times), on her repositioning cruise away from Bayonne, was in fact hit by a rogue wave that knocked down two life boats (note that these are kept around floor #5/6) and broke out some glass.

Now I'm not saying my dreams are prophetic or anything...  I always have crazy dreams leading up to cruise vacations, usually they involve arriving and forgetting to pack and other craziness, but I do think it's CRAZY.

In the mean time Quantum is on her way here (to Bayonne) from Europe.  I can't wait to meet her.  Hopefully they get the little quirks worked out that were reported.  I'd have to think there are always some tech issues with a new, innovative ship.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

I was a good girl and worked out after I finally got out of bed today.  I was exhausted last night and ready for bed by 9 and I made the attempt to stay in bed for a solid 11 hours, despite repeatedly being woken by the beasts.

When I came home from a Big Lots and Ollie's run the sun was shining and the weather decent, so I got to work out front.  6 HUGE 55 gallon bags of leaves are at the curb and it still looks like I barely touched it.  *sigh*  But I'm tired again.  I was suppose to get wrapping on Christmas gifts today, so maybe I need to haul those goodies down here and make space on the coffee table to get a little accomplished on that task.  At least I have leftovers so I don't need to cook dinner.

Friday, November 07, 2014

When I headed to work today the rain was trying to turn to snow.  By lunch the snow had left a light coating on my car windows.  *sigh*  I know it is inevitable, but so is my complaining about it.  Fortunately I haven't even needed to scrape my windshield yet this year.  By the end of the lunch hour the snow was already melting back off... and it never laid on the road.  THIS I can deal with.  If it could only be that way all winter.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

I've been so productive today.  If only getting up at 5am and keeping moving until 9pm was a sustainable every day activity.  I was up to take my sister to the airport this morning, then to work by 6:30 while the dishwasher ran.  I got my time in which included actually cranking out a couple of difficult items that I've been working for a few days.  I was able to get home at an earlier hour, which afforded me the time to make a casserole and get 35 minutes of exercise in, all while moving around 3 loads of laundry.  Then to youth group before drying that last load of laundry.  That brings the day up to speed.  Like I said, if I could only do this every day without being exhausted I'd finally be on top of things.
So, the Filthadelphia area screws us again... PA went to Obama last election thanks to a huge push there and now this... Wolf over Corbett. Are you kidding me? You picked a gun controling, pro abortion, right hand of Obama. *shakes head* I'm disappointed in you Pennsylvania. I'll go pick out my hand basket for my ride to hell now.

Monday, November 03, 2014

Dear Daylight Savings Time,
I've been driven to write this strongly worded letter after years of silent compliance with your mayhem.  Thanks to you the dogs schedules all out of whack and they wake me long before my alarm.  Further it is dark and depressing when I leave work for the day, which leads me to ask where exactly you're saving Daylight.  How am I to maintain motivation to work out or get things done after the day is done?

Sunday, November 02, 2014

My favorite Egg came to visit this weekend.  I spend a good chunk of the evening before he arrived Friday making two batches of brownies and a double batch of pumpkin no bakes.  Unfortunately the no bakes didn't set up.  I blamed it on trying to make a double batch, but the single batch I made the next morning didn't solidify either, so I don't know what gives, it was the same recipe I made a few months back.

I still took some of both with us to the Halloween party on Saturday night.  My mouse outfit went over well, as did his choice to come dressed as 'the verminator' loaded down with bugs and a lot of mouse traps.  Had a great time as always and it was lovely to see Jackie, Allen, Donna, Bill, and Phil again.  I missed the party last year while I was away on vacation.

Prior to the party we spent a little time at Mom's, so Ben and my sister could meet.  We also went out to grab a quick bite to eat.  Mom made pies, two of which came back with us (and the one went back with him).  This weekend wasn't good for my diet by any means.  This week needs to include some serious effort to right things.

Today had us doing a little running and must dos before dinner.  Either way, the weekend went way too fast.  Re-commence the missing someone...