Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It was in the 50s today.  Yes, I'm still in Johnstown.  I wanted to get out earlier than I did, but I did leave a few early, long enough to spend a few minutes outside before the sun went down.  Of course, that time was well invested in a less favored summertime type activity - scoopin poop.  Three full bags from the 'winter' to date.

Still waiting for flight prices to Europe to drop.  C'mon, please?  I guess I should be glad they didn't drop yet.  I can't exactly justify booking anything until I know I've got work past the first 60 hours in March.  Still waiting for my last piece of paperwork for taxes too.  This buys me some time to do research.  On the initial pass there is question that PA might want taxes on the IRA I rolled over.  ROLLED OVER.  I didn't withdraw anything.  WTH PA?  Bastages.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm refusing to let myself sleep most of the day as I did yesterday.  So far I managed to get enough motivation to vacuum, dust (a bit), fold/put away clothes, and take some photos - need more though.  At least stepping out into the sunshine for a few moments gave me a little burst.  It's still chilly out there, but not what it should be right now.  At the moment however, I'm a caught by the TV as I noticed Alton was on, but I might make another run out there in search of additional shots.

I'm already dreading getting up and going back to the salt mines tomorrow.  I did kind of sleep my weekend away... didn't go out, or do anything Friday or Saturday night, just sat here debating making a haul out to get the margarita, wings, and/or chinese cravings I've had dealt with but instead just kind of sat here using the chill outside as an excuse to stay cuddled in my comforter with a fuzzy puppy.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Still not motivated to clean, cook, or even get photos taken to stay on top of the photo a day challenge.  I suppose having a noon Saturday appt for a massage probably doesn't help much.  I did get another tax form today, but still have one I am waiting for.

On my way to the massage appointment I stopped and ate at Denny's.  I know this is not a high class establishment, but I do expect a bit more of our society.  The first thing I noticed was the numerous people with that rattly, I've got sh*t to yack up cough.  Why are you out trying to contaminate others?  Once I got past that I then heard one child about 8 or 9 burp and laugh.  The parents didn't say a word, no correction, no telling him to close his mouth, no telling him to say excuse me.  Seriously, wtf.  Then a while later another little kid (also a boy, but prb 4 years old) did the same and the mother with him said nothing as well.  Folks, you disgust me... you shouldn't get to raise children if you can't be troubled enough to even try to correct them and teach them manners.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Traveled - again.  Didn't get the things covered we needed to - again.  Prb means I'll need to travel - again.  Good thing is we got to leave earlier than expected, so I was able to get the girls from the kennel last night.  Bad thing is because it was PM I still paid the same amount and because I got home earlier we'll prb get less per diem, so most if not all of my per diem went to kenneling the dogs.  This time we had to go down the night before because the meeting was bright and shiney.
Came home wiped, as I always do from that stuff.  I'll never understand what is so taxing about being in a moving car.  So, I cuddled w/ my puppies and got a good long night's sleep.  Can't say I'm eager to get back at things this morning though either, as most of my night was really odd-ass dreams.  I mean REALLY odd.  Dredging up not only the one who continues to reappear, but the first guy I ever dated, a little kid I was trying to help, and a car that seemed to have a mind of its own that I got into first long enough for us to escape but then it was chasing us.  Maybe they came from the excedrin tensions I took as I climbed into bed.
I did get my taxes started earlier this week, which I neglected to report.  Waiting for a couple more forms (impatiently).  I know I shouldn't give them a no-interest loan, but it's nice to get that big return.  Either way I'm eager to get them done and get that money in my account so I have more comfort booking a vacation for this year.  I know, after my last post you'd think I'd say "so I can dump it into a Roth IRA", but I believe in investing in memories too.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another weekend coming to a close.  Noooo!  The grocery store run was made today, but I was otherwise pretty lazy.  I did head to the Depot to get a small item to repair a kitchen cabinet.  Noticed yesterday that the one shelf was off kilter, not sure what happened to the clip/pin that previously held it on level.  All better either way.

I've being trying to cross things off with regard to internet related searches today, can I count that at all as effort?  I didn't find anything better in terms of flights to Europe, or desirable options that aren't in Europe that could compare for the would-be vaca w/ the niecey-poo.

I did learn that I am abnormal in some way that surprises me.  I started looking at the average retirement savings someone in their 30s or 40s has and was SHOCKED to see how low the numbers are.  What's wrong with people?  The numbers have to be wrong.  And here I was thinking I was horribly behind.  Maybe I just expect too much out of myself, but I feel like I am not getting far enough ahead (in savings, in mortgage payment, you name it).  Again, I repeat the numbers have to be wrong! Ah well, since I am relationship and thus reproductively challenged maybe the niecey-poo will get several good vacations funded by me someday.

Time for the next search, one I've been doing for the past few days (again).  Not too many jobs I feel very qualified AND interested in out there.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I left work at noonish yesterday, since I had so many extra hours from Wednesday.  Took a nap and then laid around a bit through the evening, accomplishing very little.  As a result, I figured I needed to do something today.  So, up I've been for a few hours - the new snow (about 3 inches of heavier stuff) is cleaned from the front walk, the floors are vacuumed, the bathroom is clean(er), some dusting is done... but more importantly my tummy is full of nom-a-licious pork chops and garlicy-asparagus and a batch of brownies are made to share during an Underworld marathon.

I'm trying to swing myself out of another bit of a funk.  Again, just keep going through the motions, keep your head down, and shut up - right?  But that is so unfulfilling and I am not getting any younger.  I wish I had the nerve.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dear Ms. Mxxxx,
Thank you for your interest in the position of XYZ at ABC.  At this time, we have decided not to fill the position.

Yay.  At least it's a reply.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's been a really long week.  I traveled for work yesterday and ended up slating 14ish hours ... for a 2.5 hour meeting.  The information was somewhat worth it... and other shifts as a result of the meeting just overwhelming and frustrating.  I really really need to find a way to resolve my station in life.  I am a document jockey, it's never-ending, and rather unfulfilling.

The other side-result of such a long day was a bit of crazy in the dogs last night.  They did still sleep well, thank goodness, as I was whooped when I got home at 10:30.  I even curled back up for an extra hour this morning after showering.  I've got lots of time in for the week, but as a result of the meetings, still plenty to try and wrap my mind around and do in order to prepare for future long days (i.e. meetings).  I should just be grateful to have a charge number, right?  I'm too young to be this tired of the rat race.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Saturday night I kept moving, heading to hang out with the Schmous - coloring, playing with legos, snarfing down pizza - the fun stuff.  Today I got up and got moving long enough to try and find some Valentine's related gifts for friends and cards for upcoming birthdays that I'll need.  Had a hearty breakfast and headed to see The Devil Inside.  The movie was decent, worth watching, but not a to die for.

I did take a few photos today and did some dusting as a result (the little edges and details in the living room that are often missed).  This week is all about macro shots.  Needless to say, when you get in tight you realize how dusty things are - yipe!  I was more than ready for a nap tonight, which is how I spent most of my evening, instead of cleaning, so here I am awake again... but I suspect I'll be ready to sleep again rather soon.

I heated up some locally made frozen haluski I purchased at the grocery store and was left sorely disappointed.  By damn I miss Kim's goodies at the Fan Club events.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I should have been cleaning all day today, but instead I did a quick vacuuming, changed out the sheets, and threw the comforter in the wash just in time to head to Altoona.  Today was Mother's 80th birthday and my aunt had a celebration at her place with all but one of mum's sisters and brothers coming in for it.  So, that is where my afternoon went.  Admittedly I did head a bit early to swing into Kohl's, since I had a 30% off coupon, which meant I didn't find a thing.  Boo.

Last night was a bit busy as well, running first to a happy hour for Phil, who finally jumped ship - congrats, kudos, and much jealousy there.  Then on for some sushi with a few folks, but primarily to see Gail's new bling!  Congrats you two!

On the way out I ended up learning that my dear friend's cat, and my sweet Puss Puss left this world this morning.  He was ill briefly, so he was blessed to not suffer for a long time.  He also had a mom that loved him dearly.  I'm not huge on cats, but this guy was a favorite of mine, a cat I could have lived with and loved as my own even.  You'll be missed, Rocky.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I can't believe tomorrow is Friday already.  I've really been focused in at work all week so the days are going reasonably quick... but I wish I could claim more tangible progress as a result.  I think it will all come together quickly, or at least hopefully it will.

Despite the weather not being cold and snowy, I am still going into my mid-winter I want to hibernate mode and finding myself tired as all get out in the evenings.  Last night I was ready to crash after a Miche video conference and dinner and tonight I'm way too tired after a lia sophia meeting.  More busy-ness to come in the next few days.  There truly is, no rest for the wicked!

Monday, January 09, 2012

I had to head out early today to get to Altoona.  First up was another appt with a laser beam.  This time, not as painful as the previous.  Unfortunately, the doctor I saw the last time was not in, but I did get to discuss things with the nurse who did the treatment, so we'll see what happens.

From there I headed to pick mom up and take her out for an early birthday dinner.  Can you believe she'll be 80 at the end of the week?  I ate way too much and didn't even come close to finishing my dinner at Red Lobster.
Tip for people who might actually care and not want to piss off their coworkers:
If you show up later than others don't move their shit from the front of the fridge to the back.  You see, because you keep cranking the f-ing thing up and making it colder, the stuff at the back freezes!  You might be surprised to learn that a salad after frozen is basically mushy ass.  My meatloaf from Friday, also disgusting and inedible, so thanks for that.  No, worries though, I'll just pick the dried cranberries and pecans out of what was my salad, surely that's enough for a meal, right?  Do you need to carry something the size of a frickin diaper bag to bring your meal to work?  It's an insulated container, know what that means, you don't even need to refrigerate it!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

I am a mental case.  I can blame the guys who have treated me like shit in part, but ultimately it is my inability to give anything emotional.  I am a heartless bitch.  I don't want to need someone because they'll just screw me over.  I won't admit needing help unless I'm desperate.  So how does someone who is emotionally retarded get to complain and whine about wanting to find a nice guy, especially when they know damn well that if they met someone nice they'd be an ass?  I should just learn to accept a lonely world, it's the only thing comfortable.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

I am so blessed that my uncle is willing to put up with me and save my butt. We spent a few hours yesterday afternoon to resolve the leak in the basement.  Long story short there was a little valve that tapped into the water line to feed water to an old furnace.  That connection is what was leaking, so we needed to remove that little 'access' which meant cutting out that piece of pipe and closing it back up.  Trying to drain the water out of the house so we could get a nice dry pipe to seal up was an interesting experience.  Ever blow into your faucets to get water out somewhere else?  Regardless that is fixed now at least.

I was so over the top stressed and ready to freak yesterday.  After that I met Beff for dinner and then caught up with Mithy and the man for some drinks at the bi.  As I've learned a good bit recently, going out on Friday night tends to make the weekend feel longer.  Of course the larger bar tabs from long islands are never welcome, but needed therapy.

I've been stuffed up all week.  Not really stuffed as my head seems empty (ha ha) but instead swollen passageways have me feeling plugged.  This morning was the first I've felt clear, relatively speaking, since last weekend, so what does stupid me have a driving need to do?  Go vacuum up the cobwebs, dust, and fur in the basement.  That's one way to get the sneezing going again!  Can I possibly get some of the upstairs cleared up again today too?  Fingers crossed.

Friday, January 06, 2012

I do swear that nothing ever goes right for me.  I know bad/frustrating things happen to everyone, but it sure feels like everything goes wrong at my house.  I already bitched about the low voltage lighting being out, as it remains, since I didn't get back to that yet.  Now this morning I go to give Vix her breakfast and find water on the basement floor!  It's dripping from this little pipe that runs over top of a vent pipe for the furnace.  So it's dripping onto that pipe, rolling along the outside of it, and dripping to the floor.  Freaking fantastic.
Last night I got the gift to self of accessories for my camera and had two issues.  One they sent me a lens hood instead of macro filters that were suppose to be in the package - go figure as a week and a half from now are to be macro photos.  Two the telephoto lens just creates a huge groddy vignette when attached to my existing lens.  Note that it has to attach to the lens as it isn't an olympus lens, so now I need to try and figure out what I need to remedy this... no clue... and google wasn't helping either.

Monday, January 02, 2012

I mentioned joining some friends on the 365, photo a day, challenge.  As such, today I knew I needed to get snapping, so I took advantage of my last day off of work.  Tomorrow is my beloved Saffy's birthday (she'll be 4, 3 of those years here with us), so we did a bit of her celebration, that means:
- Making a trip to Petco where she picked a natural pigs ears for everyone, a bag of dried turkey, and a big bone just for her, which she nibbled on while we grabbed some Subway for our lunch.
- Off for a walk at UPJ as the snow was starting to fall (a bit overdue).
- Ice cream - yes, you heard me right - ice cream at the Meadow's.  Saffy likes to jump up and lean on the outdoor counter to place her order.
- A nap on the couch (through part of the winter classic).  I can thank the walk for inspiring her to nap.

So, I did get a short walk in, perhaps a good shift back into better behavior, and some photos taken - at least enough to cover a few days.  For those friended on FB, look there for my daily selections.

It's not been the most prosperous long weekend off.  I guess I neglected to report that I did get the bedroom rearranged (which means most everything was cleaned behind and under) on the 31st.  I did try to correct the issue with my low voltage lighting being out, but this time it doesn't appear to be the power supply - instead the plug.  Sigh, I'll debug it later.  Oh, and with a hand, the vacuum for the apartment is cleared out and running properly again - yay!  I guess Friday was pretty successful, too bad I've been a slacker the rest of the weekend!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012.  Here it is.  To hell with resolutions and the sort, but I do need to get back in gear with my diet, among many other things.  While I am not overly superstitious, the pork and kraut is in the slow cooker.

I did get to kick off my new year in a great way, with good friends.  Thanks to Schmou there was a nice loud count down to the new year with his crew and a few others, yummy food, fun tunes, and good banter.