Saturday, January 07, 2012

I am so blessed that my uncle is willing to put up with me and save my butt. We spent a few hours yesterday afternoon to resolve the leak in the basement.  Long story short there was a little valve that tapped into the water line to feed water to an old furnace.  That connection is what was leaking, so we needed to remove that little 'access' which meant cutting out that piece of pipe and closing it back up.  Trying to drain the water out of the house so we could get a nice dry pipe to seal up was an interesting experience.  Ever blow into your faucets to get water out somewhere else?  Regardless that is fixed now at least.

I was so over the top stressed and ready to freak yesterday.  After that I met Beff for dinner and then caught up with Mithy and the man for some drinks at the bi.  As I've learned a good bit recently, going out on Friday night tends to make the weekend feel longer.  Of course the larger bar tabs from long islands are never welcome, but needed therapy.

I've been stuffed up all week.  Not really stuffed as my head seems empty (ha ha) but instead swollen passageways have me feeling plugged.  This morning was the first I've felt clear, relatively speaking, since last weekend, so what does stupid me have a driving need to do?  Go vacuum up the cobwebs, dust, and fur in the basement.  That's one way to get the sneezing going again!  Can I possibly get some of the upstairs cleared up again today too?  Fingers crossed.

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