Friday, December 31, 2010

It's funny how the end of the year has snuck up on me. (BTW, why isn't "snuck" in the dictionary on here?) I've caught up on my sleep since returning to PA, should have been at work on Thursday, but crossed wires had me at home since the to-be task master was out of the office. It's okay, I enjoyed the extra nap time. The governor keeps calling, this time through the 7th (big whoop).

In the mean time I need to get my rear in gear to get the class in order for the 10th start date, and start getting moving around the house again. So much always seems to be on the to do list. Any chance my New Years wishes (note, I said wishes - not resolutions) to get myself in gear will come true?

My day today wasn't spent in bed, thank goodness, but I can't call it productive either. At least it was fun! Beth, Slips, and I wandered the mall, Ross, and TJ Maxx. I tried to behave on my spending, but I needed to pick up some long overdue pieces that were at the jewelry store - that cost me a chunk... I did also find some plant stands that I'll need for out front. From there, Beth picked up her mum and we headed to Nyko's for a delish-dish. I'm home long before midnight, and it's just me and the girls - but we're all getting a celebratory treat. For them a rawhide roll, for me a lime tea and coconut rum. Happy New Years.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I remained quiet while away in Texas for a visit over the holidays, sorry for appearing AWOL to those not in the know. We had an excellent Christmas, Jackie was completely surprised and dumbfounded when she saw mom so major score there, and I had a very relaxing time there. I got to see my nephew's apartment and see how hellacious my niecey-poo is at backing up in the driveway, cuddled with Izzie in lieu of my fuzzy butts, and ate way too much. As always Santa was way too kind to me, but his best gift was the nice weather, which included a couple days in the upper 60's/lower 70's.

Because I'm a doof I made a happy little mistake when I booked our flight and had us come back into BWI just before 1am. We were blessed with easy travels and awesome weather for such, so the drive back went very smoothly. Stayed up for another hour and a half after getting home so I could fetch the girls and we are all tucked back in here after resting up today.

Now to get back on all the things I had cast aside. First up, calling to see if they'll come check the connection for the stove. Doh.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Frick. The stove won't light. I guess that tells you two things - one, no home cooked meal as planned and desired and two, I don't cook very often (this is the first time I tried to light it since they finished working on the kitchen a week ago). Sigh.
I've been fighting desires to nap and be lazy. I guess I'm ready for a vacation or a holiday, or some other distraction. I did get the storage containers back in the cabinet over the fridge, but haven't put the counters back in order (still). I'll get to it and take photos (eventually) I swear! For tonight though I'm just going to chill with my baby girls and enjoy some home cooked grub.

I did have some good news come my way yesterday - in an envelope. Looks like I am needed once again for teaching so major yay there. There is a new book for the same class I've taught in the past, so I'll have some prep work ahead of me, but it's doable and a welcomed resource for fundage.

Monday, December 13, 2010

It was a fairly impromptu holiday celebration, but it counts in my book. A couple of us decided a Nyko's/Sushi get together was necessary before we get to a point where we shouldn't be spending such money. In allowing it to grow I got to see Baby Davey, who I haven't seen in FOREVER, as with Casey, Vanessa, and Dylan. We also got the Shmou-fam, Phil, Jackson, and Adam out. It was a nice night. Thanks for sharing it with me everyone.

The weather is getting nasty once again. This is way too friggin early for 9 degrees and blowing heavy snow flakes. Meh. They sent the rugrats home early from school, which is obscene, but as to avoid the "when I was a kid" speech, I'll leave it at that. It's clear there won't be school tomorrow either since they haven't started to clear anything in Richland yet. They are such slackers. My tax dollars at work? I think that is all focused on putting as much snow in my driveway as possible.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I've got three big bags (over 100 pieces of clothes) in the Durango ready to go to Goodwill tomorrow. Hey look - there's room in that closet now! With that out of here, the gifts for my sister's family in a box and ready to go, the gifts for Beff and Slips cleared out (we did our christmas last night), and all of the contractor's crap out of here there seems to be some hope of the house getting in order again.

Slips, Beff, and I were to meet last night at Off the Rak. I had heard they had a fire, but had been told they opened back up just a few days later. Guess not. Instead we drove around looking for an option that wasn't pizza or fast food in Eburg and ended up at Amici's. I had eaten there once before, before it moved to the old Valley Dairy building, but I sure don't remember it being that remarkable. My grub was good and definitely a unique taste. Our Christmas was good and I think everyone was pleased with the exchange. Remarkably, no one bought junk food for anyone else. That HAS to be a milestone!

Notice: I'm trying to stay busy. This is one way to avoid the fret and irritation on my mind Distractions welcome.
As the inevitable seems to loom I think my biggest sadness is knowing that in the absence of health care the allergy shots will cease, the headaches will begin again, and my mood is going to be even gloomier.

How crappy of timing is it too that right when I'd have plenty of TIME to hit the gym my membership will be expiring? Well, at least I'll get plenty of sleep I suppose.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Ya know... I posted the other day and then got crapped on the very next day by yet someone else that I wouldn't have expected it from. I should have known what would happen, actually I know this person can't be alone it is against their very nature, but I sure did believe their comments that they'd not be rushing to date unless it was with me. I'm sorry I couldn't give my unconditional and undying love without having gotten to spend some time with you again, especially since I haven't seen you in years... but thanks for reiterating I am not worth even waiting for. Hell, in this case I wasn't even worth waiting to SEE before someone else was found. Not just found, but TO MOVE IN WITH? I'm also quite peeved that someone could be back in this state for less than a week and find someone. Perhaps warm body was the only standard.

I think you're an idiot, but not as big of an idiot as I clearly am.

Oh, and the opportunity that had come up also dried up. I believe I'm frelled.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I moved cubes today, so I can at least have my cell phone with me now during the day if anyone needs to reach me, but I've downsized and gotten lower walls. At least it's dark in that area. A small opportunity came forth, but it isn't enough to keep me completely occupied, which still spells disaster for me. I do really wonder some days what I did to deserve feeling so stuck.

The house work is almost complete. Things look much nicer, but I still sit and worry. Other friends don't appear to have a hard time eliminating the barriers that would hold them back here - they find jobs easily, they have leads on their house (before it's even on the market).

Don't take this topic wrong, I am not in the topical frame of mind by any means, but I was reflecting a bit and pondering just under 8 years ago (as I am probably going to do at this time of year no matter how old I may be). I remember popping all of the sleeping pills in the box out of their foil, the fleeting thought of taking them all while I put all but one into a plastic bag, but moreso I think I just wanted to see if he'd even notice (or care) that a whole empty sheet was in the trash. I don't know how he couldn't have seen it. It hurts to think that he probably wished I would have (if he had seen), it sure would have made his life easier, not that he appears to have had a hard time since... instead picture perfect.

I've tried to get answers from others why I'm not the one they want to be with and get nothing but silence. Someone, please, tell me why I am not the gal someone would want to love and be loved by? I truly feel like I've spent a lifetime pushed aside, even by the one who said he'd love me forever, never good enough. Too fat? Too ugly? I think I have a good personality. I know I'm not stupid. I try to be kind and a good person, supportive and encouraging, honest and not overly reactionary (like most females). What's left? I wish I could turn off the desire to find someone special. I wish I had never learned how good something like that could be.

Monday, December 06, 2010

I got the kitchen painting done, but they accomplished nothing here today, instead I believe they were off prepping the trim. Instead I sat home waiting for the HVAC guy to come... YAY! I woke up in the middle of the night hearing the furnace running, but not kicking on and blowing. Needless to say it was a rather chilly discovery. I got up and killed the heat as to avoid having anything burn out. For those not in the area, mind you we just finally got our first real snow storm with a reasonable amount of accumulation and some rather nippy temps.

When it was tinkered with in the morning still no luck... but when the guy got here it reset itself without complaint, go figure! $80. Thanks for that. At least he took the time to tell me some basics about the main furnace that might spare me the next time.

In the theme of welcoming a much slower pace for the next few weeks I took a nap after work. Sure there are still pressing needs on the to do list, like finishing Christmas cards and wrapping, but I figured I could slack for a night or two.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

The weather held out until after the Christmas party last night. I know it's pretentious to some, but I love the holiday party for work. The issues that had me worked up earlier in the week didn't take place, but I am left in a state of curiosity without answers.

I did get my butt moving easier on Saturday than I did this morning, so the kitchen is fully primed... call this post a nice delay of painting progress. I did sleep in today as I was whooped, then there was another purse party, likely my last for December, and now, here I am. I don't wanna, but I know it must be done to keep the contractors on task and moving forward. Watch, it'll just decide to snow all night to the point that they don't come after I bust tail to finish the painting. Wouldn't that just figure? Meh.

Friday, December 03, 2010

I know I'm weird, but why does the smell of a fresh shower curtain liner smell so good? I know, it's just plastic, but...?

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Last night I touched up the paint as necessary in the bathroom. Once the trim is done in there and I swap out the shower liner for a new one and get it rehung I can scrub up the dust and it'll be done! In the kitchen the fridge is now where it was meant to be and the drywall is mostly mudded. I suspect I'll be able to do some painting (in my copious free time) this weekend. I'm really looking forward to being able to put things back in order. Having odds and ends scattered through the living room and bedroom is making me twitch.

I swung in for my allergy shot this evening and had a gal who I knew was one of my people instantly say "is that a type o tattoo! they're like my favorite band." We then reminisced through shows past at the Crowbar, Metropol, and Palace Inn to name a few. Again Peter, your absence is so clear.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I of course forgot to mention the drain issue this morning, which I didn't think would be a majorly bad thing, until I got home and saw that I am to bathe again tonight! That is after I picked the Durango back up. $750. Yay. I knew the steering was tight, but I didn't realize how bad until I pulled out with a nice smooth and easy turn on the wheel. It's also quite a shame to have a new muffler etc and take it out in what will soon be wintery and littered with salt.

The epic fail that is my daily life is like wine... once it becomes vinegar there is no turning back.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday's party was on O'Connor Street - a road that was walked an innumerable number of times many many moons ago. There's the spot that Satin bit the head off that flower, there's the spot that Satin snagged that bird and killed it, there's the spot I remember Vixen as a puppy straining forward in my arms to catch up with Satin and dahdee. While I want to appreciate 'the memories', sometimes I could truly do with less reminders.

Today I was reminded how much I hate the holidays thanks to men. I do appreciate the warning I was given, but it doesn't make for a good Saturday regardless. I spent a good chunk of the day trying to focus on work while feeling like crap about myself. Normally when I feel like crap I am an eater but today I felt driven to haul this ol' fat ass to the gym for the first time in months. So to the gym I went and logged an hour on the treadmill. I admit, it did lift my spirits somewhat and removed the burning desire to write the "why did you destroy me?" email. It helped that while there the guy w/ the Paulie nose got on the treadmill next to me. Those are some memories I'll take an extra serving of, please.

While I do feel better I did want to kick myself a bit when I got home. I was to use the tub instead of the shower due to some fresh mud that we didn't want to get wet. Let me tell you how much easier it is to get a bath when the drain actually seals shut properly... yea, he'll need to fix that tomorrow. But I do think I got most of the ugly off regardless.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Yay for me, I remembered (at the last minute last night) to get my rear home to watch the Walking Dead, so I am once again caught up. After getting my first shower in the new tub (I've never been in a tub that no one else's nakedness touched before) I met Rex and Beff for some grub and then my first visit to the Crow's Nest where I had the realization and took off for "my show".

It's so nice to know I still have a full weekend of time away from "that place", even if I did wake up to a dusting of snow this morning. Meh. I keep telling myself we're overdue, and it could be worse, but I really hate the sight of snow simply because it's never just a dusting; instead it's messy roads, slop, and driveways and cars to clean.

Now for the true theme of the weekend - party party party! Wish me luck so I can nail down a bonus again this month. Gotta pay off the work that is going on.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

It took until Thanksgiving for us to get some slop... I'll take that every year, thank you (or at least those years that I'm living in a frozen tundra). I swept the slush off of the Tib and put him away for the winter. So it is.

While I wait for the brownies and apple strudel muffins to cool I thought I'd take a minute to say Happy Thanksgiving all. I'm so grateful for the people who lift me back up when I fall, and if I can't be thrilled with the 'now' I can try to be thankful for the memories. Someday I'll be thankful once again for that special someone who's hugs make me feel safe and know that everything will be okay.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Work is underway! Today I worked from home while the next evolution in ye' ol' homestead started. They knocked out the old tub and pulled the old surround, leveled out the floor and got the new tub in. They originally expected a one day turn around but that was extended once the recognition sunk in that some plaster had to go in order to accommodate for the thicker lining. The ex had put up the old surround after I mercilessly banished the old baby blue tile when we first bought the houses. I am quite proud to say that while there was a bit of a mis-measure that caused him much dismay at the time all was sealed nicely and the walls and wood underneath were undamaged from any type of water leaks.

It's not so much surprise, don't get me wrong. When the ex and I ventured on any home improvement task it always took 3x as long as we expected and was fraught with nerve wracking issues. That said, while the job may not have been perfect it was sturdy. How long does it take 2 software engineers to change a lightbulb? Wait, bad question - software engineers hate lights.

Monday, November 22, 2010

I had a moment the other day that made it clear how far I've come in the past eight years. I know I'll never be the same and I'll never be 100% over my past, but this moment made me feel a little more hopeful. You see, I was in a store and there were packs of 2 hanes pocket tee shirts. Seems pretty innocuous, no? Well, the pack at the front had a different but dark green color and a nice deep gray. There was a day when that would have dropped into my cart quickly as 'approved colors'. Instead of that thought saddening me and bringing tears - for the first time I smiled and silently sent my Merry Christmas wishes off into the distance.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I simply couldn't resist taking in the sun and temperate weather yesterday. I headed to the Miche meeting in Snow Shoe as I had planned but stopped off in Altoona despite mother having other plans and ran into a store or two. Then headed off two exits early when I returned to the Jingle and hit the mall for another store or two. I can claim myself successful in obtaining several more Christmas gifts that were lingering on the list. This also means I am done with the stores - the insanity that has already ensued in the shopping centers is enough for me, and it's not even black Friday yet.

Today, there are floors to be scrubbed and things from the kitchen to be cleared away and boxed for the work that is soon to resume. Of course my regular weekend cleaning is on the list once again. Time to get in gear so I can reward myself with a little time with people I haven't seen in a while for dinner, but boy is it tough to get motivated when you look across to the love seat and see a wiped out dog lounging her Sunday away.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Major joy last night! I found the third episode of the Walking Dead on Amazon last night, that and a free credit with VOD had me watching the show I foolishly missed on Sunday.

Between yesterday and today I managed to settle in on a deal to get some of the work done around the house that must be crossed off to prepare for the worst case scenario. So that will be well underway in the near term.

Tonight I could sit here and watch the cuteness that is Saffy intently observing (from a distance of 6 inches) Vixen gnaw on the squeaky she just ripped out of a toy... but maybe instead I'll go curl up in my warm bed and toss in a DVD that has been waiting to be watched for quite some time. Lots to do this weekend - gotta get the mind and body ready to rock.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Got some unexpected happy today... work went fast enough since I was busy, and while I had planned to just come home and chill with the girls I instead headed out to catch up with my Mithy and my buddy Addie. Truly had a smile on my face the whole time. Good job on the breeding Mithy, good job... but watch out, cause she has the same taste in men as I do. She concurred with me that the guy at the next table (without the ring and sitting by himself) was hawt. Course, I didn't have enough long islands in me to say a word (is there enough long islands in the world?)

Home long before 9pm... slowly lifts hand to forehead.


Eh, at least I didn't miss my show. Gotta watch southpark tonight, they've got an Alton on there!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Which TV atrocity offends me more...

- Soap operas are now doing product placements and yes, they're incredibly bad, even worse than the acting in the shows themselves normally is.
- Sarah Palin's Real Alaska. Seriously you make me want to leave the country and grow a penis as to ensure we have NOTHING in common. Between this and her daughter on dancing with the stars (no, I don't watch that crap either), you can't tell me this isn't a strategy to make us fall in love with them. If America is stupid enough to be lulled into voting for a 'tv star' I guess I should start packing now before we have Vice President Jessica Simpson. Stupid women unite!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

nom nom nom. Tonight was a sushi buffet at Nyko's. I think I have to admit I _enjoyed_ the eel (a la black dragon roll). Eel just looks nasty and slimy, but it's good. I've had it before, but the memories were from well over a year ago, tonight I tried several things I wouldn't normally order. The best part was, by far, just having a good bullshitting session w/ some coworkers. If I didn't have to get up and go to work tomorrow I'd say this evening was perfect.
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

When the alarm goes off tomorrow I might argue otherwise, but the night out w/ Johnny, Cathy, and Beff was a nice reprieve. Have I mentioned before how good the Backdoor Cafe's $5 drinks are? I so don't know why I don't make the haul across town more often.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day, and thank you to those who have given of themselves and their loved ones for the sake of us all.

I was up a little later than normal today, but early none the less. Spent my day off with mom as she is once again not feeling well, going on two weeks now for this 'spell'. She was having a heck of a time breathing after very little exertion despite being on her oxygen the whole time, but she still packed up the tanks and we headed to talk to the supply place. While it doesn't seem like she'll be doing the trip that inspired this latest push it DOES sound like there is a good chance of her getting a portable concentrator to replace the tanks. I'll just be happy to know she has a little more flexibility when we can get her the other contraption.

She agreed the amazingly warm day and fresh air was a good thing and she even suggested we then head next door to the Paperback Cafe where we had a quick bite to eat - a rather yummy chicken walnut salad sammie. A couple of loads of laundry, a grocery run, cooking up some wanna bey Rey's chicken fajitas, and a game of Scrabble later, and I'm back in Jingletown pooped. I'm thinking tonight might be another early night.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

I sought out distraction and headed to the movies. First up was Saw 3D. This is what, like the 5th or 6th in the series? Meh. It was all in the same vein, nothing groundbreaking. A decent distraction. Then I grabbed a quick bite while reading the Twilight book I'm in and went back for Paranormal Activity 2. I like how they made the story wrap around the first film and I think I liked it more than the first. Not that I got more than one little jump from the film... cursed desensitization, but it was good.

Now I'm home and waiting for 10pm and the second episode of The Walking Dead. If blood, demons, vampires, and zombies can't distract me from myself I'm doomed.
This is why I stay so busy it's obnoxious. I could do some light cleaning, but I won't. I could get stuff together for next weekend's purse event, but I won't. I am sitting here waffling in my head what to do. I'm lamenting missed opportunities and sad once again that as soon as I share a photo communications come to an immediate and abrupt close. Is it really time to be PMSy and sad already? It can't be.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

I came home tonight planning to be a big slacker - a real night off. Well, that just wasn't in the cards. After a couple of phone calls I was in the midst of quite a few Miche and lia tasks, but that's okay, at least I feel like I accomplished something tonight, even if I didn't get to sit and read as intended... and my "dinner" just beeped in the microwave.

Monday, November 01, 2010

My worst fears on the to do list are allayed. No need to take down the cabinets and no huge unexpected items added to the list... well, okay, maybe the painting of the basement, but that could go pretty fast.

Fresh gooey brownies, an open bottle of black and blue wine, a roaring fire - tonight was a good night.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ok, I didn't keep up the pace, but more IS off the list. I wrapped about half of the Christmas gifts that are sitting upstairs and moved some things around in that room to clean it up a little. I also got those bed sheets into the wash.

From there I had to shower and get ready to head to my uncle's for dinner, where the customary Tomlinson obscenely large Sunday meal slowed me down tremendously. It was good, that's part of the problem - I'm still full, and I've been home for an hour.

Hopefully with another 1/2 an hour of reckless abandon (translated: plopped on the couch watching TV with the computer in hand and a dog laying at my side) will give me the needed motivation to finish the tidying I want to accomplish in the dining room, kitchen, and bedroom before bed - then I can vacuum tomorrow after work, before "the visit". I wish I could just sit down and read all evening.
It's only a little after 11. Most weekends I wouldn't even recommend being out of bed yet, but here I am, up early for the second (weekend) day in a row. I've already cleared out the garage, so I am officially ready to put the car away. No matter how much I don't want it to happen, I'm sure winter and crappy weather is near. This meant I had to once again move the friggin sand bags. This time they are no more. All 20-some of them went to the back yard filling in spots where mud becomes a factor with the beasts. I also washed my bed sheets and took the wet/dry vac to the basement, which is necessary from time to time to get rid of the fur that hides from a broom. How's that for before noon? GO ME! I'm going to be so sore tomorrow.

While I'd love to get a shower and take a nap in those clean sheets, I gotta keep going. I'll report back later so you can all bust me if I didn't keep going.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My post last night was one of the few things I accomplished in the hour or so I was awake last night. I still woke up with that headache, but a huge dunkin donuts coffee and some tylenol severe sinus knocked it out - thank God. I couldn't afford to not make progress while waiting for those things to take effect however, so I was up at 8:30 to do some cleaning before heading to toona-town for another purse party. I need to get a little more accomplished tonight and lots more tomorrow, but at least something got scratched off today.

I've had the book "The Secret" on my wish list for a while, since it was recommended by my lia sophia manager. I snagged it off of ebay recently, which brings my current reads list to 5, but I digress. As much as it is difficult for a woman with "stay negative" tattooed on her, I am making every effort to follow some of the concepts in this book. I have to believe that I willed some of the good Miche fortune that has come my way in the past couple of days. I also was very pleased to find a check in my mail refunding some money from the bank that held the loan on the Tiburon. Apparently I overpaid. Either way, thanks for the extra cash, even if it is my own money in return - I had considered it gone and spent.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Another Friday afternoon brings the starts of another headache. What gives? Yesterday my mind fired and made me realize the sore spot below my left collarbone was probably a knot so I headed for a massage. Let me tell you, this is not a comfortable spot to need kneaded out. Today I feel like someone punched me repeatedly there. I was going to head out this evening with friends, but ended up crashed out after work. Needless to say, not enough progress on cleaning and organizing is occurring.

I was very proud of myself this morning. I walked in to get my flu shot without crushing apprehension. I even sat down for the shot in front of a table with boxes upon boxes of needles and didn't freak or turn pale white. I am quite impressed with the progress I've made thanks to weekly allergy shots.

The final update I have for this week is that I settled on a new cell phone and placed the order. I was going to get a Vivaz, but at the last minute changed my mind at the advisement of a friend and instead ordered an Xperia x10. That's right world, I'm going to something with a touch interface and will have... a data plan. Fear me.

Monday, October 25, 2010

This is officially the best Monday ever. Ok, I'm sure there have been better, maybe a war ended on a Monday or something else pretty cool, but this Monday is still pretty sweet. First, headed to Ross and TJ Maxx after work. Picked up a couple things that have been on my mind in preparation for the future, but that's not the cool part... the cool part is they removed many of those completely unnecessary and annoying as all hell stop signs that were every 20 feet on the way through there!

That by itself warranted a huge smile and rejoicing, but then - I went to Valley Dairy. They have new menus which have brought back the stuffed french toast. Oh heaven and bliss. I also brought home a half gallon of pumpkin ice cream for the fridge *grin*. Despite the rain today, it was a good day. Maybe I should go put together the furniture bought for the kitchen so I feel like I did something productive there today. Otherwise, I'm at a halt as I consider what to do with my uncle's advice.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Didn't do the things that need done around here, headed to mom's today. Of course, given the headache I'm fighting I probably wouldn't have done those things had I stayed home either. I guess one evening this week I can get the garage ready for the car.

Then there's the kitchen. Talking with my uncle today, he really thinks I should take out the cabinets, so I can remove the crappy paneling. It runs behind it as you may not realize. I was going to try and stop my repairs by the cabinets, but I see his wisdom... I just don't trust myself to be able to disassemble and reassemble the cabinets (don't forget there is a sink and plumbing there) without destroying them and without taking the next 5 years. I'd like to replace the countertops, which this would probably make a little more urgent... but...

Mom also made me feel guilty that the gutters behind the apartment didn't get cleaned back out yet. I just can't do that height. If you could only have seen me out front trembling at the top of the ladder you would know why the gutters at double the height are fat chance. I really hate the people who worked on this house and tossed the gutter covers that WERE up there. Bastages.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Head hurts. I really hate what the drop in hormones does to my head. There has to be a way to avoid this on a regular basis. Of course, after drinking a rather large caffeine laden starbucks pumpkin something now my stomach is swimming too. Meh.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I want ice cream. I want greasy food. I want to go to bed now. I did a little bit of running after work to try and find some items that are on my mind with minimal success. I did get the car washed and a quart of chocolate peanut butter frozen custard however! No, it isn't gone already - I haven't even opened it, I'm still trying to figure out what I want for dinner.

I'm so hungry this week. Couple that with tired this evening and you can forget the kitchen going anywhere. I have catalogs to update with discontinued products and a car to load tonight. Maybe if I accomplish that and carry some drywall up so it's staring at me that would help. I really need to make time this weekend to prepare the garage for the car. I had to scrape the windshield earlier this week. I know the time is nearly at hand.

As much as I have zero motivation (or skill) to crank out the things that need done in the kitchen, I've already started my list of other things to do to have this house in a situation that I'd call sellable. There isn't a lot of big stuff, just pain in the butt stuff.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I realized today that ratio of overall space to body size that my past pet rats and betta fish got in their containers was greater than that which we get in a cubicle all day. And to think I've felt bad for the critters all this time. Hrm.

I've decided to play hookie from the kitchen tonight. I'm making some pumpkin bread instead. nom nom nom
Feeling a bit schtupid ... I have been squeezing in getting some reading in of Breaking Dawn. I've commented to several people that needed to get reading since the movie comes out in November. Uh, duh - November of next year. Hrm. Well that's a let down. I guess I'm not so pressed to read. Hell, I'll forget the whole thing by the time the movie comes out.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

After a couple of days where my desires were focused on the kitchen I finally put some elbow grease into it. I spent a good chunk of time today scraping the lose plaster and paint and filling in holes on the main wall that needs redone in the kitchen and knocking the fake bricks off of the other wall. I thought the fake brick destruction was going well as I started on the far right, which was easy, but I was quickly made a fool of when I moved above the entry way. The brick was put directly on drywall there, instead of plaster, which made it quite a bit more of a challenge to chip away. It's not all down, I admit, as my arms just couldn't stay up in that position much longer.

While the room doesn't LOOK much different, much progress was made in my book. Now if I only had a solid angle on how I'm handling the transition into the cabinets on each end, I'd be set. As a result, my hands are about raped right now, pretty carved up and sore.

I ran to Ollie's as I realized the need for a few things during my efforts. Among a couple other purchases I snagged a Westinghouse ceiling fan that will fit nicely when the kitchen is complete. I am torn however if I should replace the light closer to the sink or near where the little table will be. If I go with the sink one as the fan, I could change the other to a funkier hanging light. I dunno, I'll have to see what my options are.
I think the folks over at xkcd must use the same internet supplier I do... what an incredibly timely comic.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How incredibly cool is this? - a drag and drop interface to teach programming - free, from CMU.

On another note I did my running today and officially changed it back. SSA, DMV, bank, and many calls made so far... but so many more to go.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I end a chapter in a way tomorrow. It is the ultimate anti-versary, and I am going back to just being me. What a pain in the ass. Time may steal the anger, but not all the hurt. Ctrl+Z!!
I am collecting lia sophia orders throughout the month of October (orders go in Nov 2). Get your holiday shopping kick started while helping to kick breast cancer!

I will donate 15% of total sales to the PA Breast Cancer Coalition. If sales cross the $1000 mark, I'll make that 20%!

If you're not interested - PLEASE PASS IT ON TO YOUR FRIENDS! My goal is to write a check for $250. That's a $1250 show. Can we make it happen?

Under the November special you can buy 2 at regular price and get a third item at half off. Then select up to 3 more necklaces at half off!

EVERYONE will receive $5 off their order as a thank you for supporting this cause.

Contact me at to place your order - or order through my website at: (cut and paste)

Enter my name (Judy Coposky) in the hostess look up form and select the show ending November 2nd.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Another thing I love about the fall is the wondrous delights at the grocery store. I didn't pick up apple cider, but it - along with some buttershots - is on my mind. I did pick up a pumpkin roll and two apple dumplings. Oh sweet and evil delight. If there is no chocolate involved and I am still down ... you know it's damn good. As a small celebration for closing out another kick butt party I'm going to slice some pumpkin roll right now. Yum!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The weather has been so incredibly nice this weekend! I know there isn't much pleasant to expect left, so I took advantage. Friday I had to tend to a craving for wings. At the last minute I was spared the pity of being out alone on a Friday night with thanks to Lori and C... Jack. Haven't seen them in a little while so it made the evening extra nice.

Had a purse party Saturday - and after I headed out front to pull some plants and get some bulbs in the ground. Did a pretty good job wearing myself out and ended up crashing early Saturday night. For whatever reason the power zapped out Friday night AND Saturday night at some point. Not sure what the deal is. Luckily both times I woke and noted the flashing clock so I could reset it and the alarm.

I didn't get much done around the house today as I probably should have, instead I enjoyed some time with the girls and readied myself for the Hootenanny at a leisurely pace. You can always pick out the person who doesn't get to go to a lot of shows... that would be the gal without earplugs. Yup, that's me. I'm ringing like crazy right now. Shame on me.

The Murderdolls were tolerable, not going to run out and buy their album by any stretch.

Cooper - it has been what, 22 years since I was first exposed to his music? At last I saw him live. He remains quite the showman. I know I haven't a show from 30 years ago to compare it to, but I think he was motoring around better than I expect to when I'm 62. I admit, I peeked online ahead of time to see what the set list may be, and I was excited to get to hear Cold Ethel live. The only way it could have been more satisfying is if Stephen was added to the list.

Zombie - a good show as expected, he is also a master of showmanship, but I wonder a little if he's jumping an odd shark. What's up with the robotic type elements? It seems odd and wrong to not have the chicks dancing to tell you the truth. I could have gone a lifetime without seeing the carpenter crack he was sporting at the end of the show. I'm just sayin. There was so much fire in the show I was sweating up a storm during his set. I hope there is still ice under those boards.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Here they are... gladly, the sun is back today. I couldn't bear another day of the misty cold rain so soon after a tropical getaway.

Monday, October 04, 2010

My vacation photos are slowly uploading... where to start? I headed out Friday morning to take the girls to camp and to get to the burgh where I met up with Slips and headed to the airport. There isn't much to say about transport other than it sure makes for a long day and is surprisingly tiring, but I guess I'm not telling the world anything they don't already know. We got into FLL late that evening and wiped out at the hotel.

Sept 25
Up bright and shiny on Saturday we readied ourselves and headed to the port. There she was, impossible to miss. Words don't express the size of Oasis of the Seas, she's more than an eyeful. There is the standard exploring of the ship, grubbing in the windjammer, muster, and checking out the room of course. These standards included wandering about a bit like a tourist in awe and finding surprise that I picked nicely on the room.

Our deck 11 Central Park balcony turned out to have an extra large balcony! No room on one side as a result, instead a storage area, which did incur some noise, but nothing unbearable or late. I think we heard more coming from up on deck 15 and from the crazy ass bag pipes down in the park... oh and the crazy asses that were having WAY too much fun at an obscene hour one night.

While we wandered about we took the time to ride the carousel. Our booked show for that evening was at the Aqua Theatre and was quite enjoyable combining acrobatics, gymnastics, and diving.

Sept 26 - Nassau
I've been there a couple times before and it was a short day in port so we didn't do much. We had tossed around the idea of heading to local gardens but nixed the idea and instead wandered the shops around the port. Nothing major to report here.

Before dinner we went to the ice skating show, which was different from the one on Explorer, thank goodness, and quite good. Best of it was the sand artist that was featured between acts. Just amazing.

Sept 27 - at sea
Today we hit Hairspray and the comedy show. While there isn't a huge nightly show onboard Oasis there are lots of smaller venues that make the ship seem more personal and cozy. The comedians were okay, but didn't knock my socks off. I did enjoy Hairspray and the roles were nicely filled.

Sept 28 - St. Thomas
We took a trip around the island with a stop at Sapphire beach, which was lovely and quiet. I walked the beach and then laid down on the included beach chair for some sun and snoozing. Got a little sun, but not as bad as I have in the past. Either way, I still had minimal tan lines from the April trip, so I have maintained a tan for most of a year.

There were pelicans and egrets flying around, but I didn't catch a photo of either, unfortunately. When we headed back to town and did some shopping... I found a beauty. I guess I should take a picture of the cognac/red and white diamond ring I couldn't resist, but I suspect a photo wouldn't do it much justice. Before dinner we took a whirl on the rising tide bar. After dinner Slips had a massage and I hit the headliner show. I hate to say it, the guy was entertaining, but it wasn't my thing.

Sept 29 - St. Maarten / St. Martin
This stop had us on a tour to the French side for a brief stop. Gladly it wasn't longer as the shopping there sucked. Back to the Dutch side and we had a good time wandering the main shopping area and along the port/beach. No major buys here, just a cute shirt from del sol and some freebies thanks to the port and shopping guides/coupons.

Sept 30 - at sea
Actually slept in pretty nicely today. We had a late evening show called Come Fly with Me which featured even more acrobatics and some nifty technologies to make the whole thing flow like a huge movie. Quite enjoyable.

Oct 1 - at sea
Today was the day to conquer. This included heading up to the pool deck for the Flowriders and hitting the zip line. I managed the zip line without the guy needing to push me out, so that's good but I still squealed. Heights still bite me in the butt. Now, the flowriders I really enjoyed. I think if we had explored this earlier I would have spent a lot more time up there. I did the boogie boarding one a couple times and even gave the stand up surfing one a (brief) (very very brief) try.

Oct 2 - headed home... yet another long ass day of travel.

Other comments:
  • Richard Spacey is by far the best cruise director I've seen thus far. The link here is to his "evolution of dance in 5 minutes" as performed when he was on Freedom. He was a complete freak... lots of in stateroom videos of his wackiness too. Good stuff.
  • The donut shop on the boardwalk sucked. Seriously seriously disappointed.
  • Red velvet cupcake from the cupcake shack... ok, red food coloring with vanilla cake doth not a red velvet make. Shame shame. At least the icing was spot on.
  • Still loving the mojitos and lemon drops onboard.

While I truly enjoyed my time away I have to admit, one of the best moments I have to report was the joy I got from my babies when I picked them up. Even Vixen was happy to see me for a brief shining moment before she started demanding to get home and get some breakfast. Saffy immediately jumped up and gave me a big hug. My girls!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The stress definitely built over the past so many weeks. As things started to clear the pain began... at this point it's too bad to sleep properly. Me, trouble sleeping! So, I'm up at 5am, showered, and freshly marinated in icy hot trying to loosen my neck and shoulder. Gladly I was smart enough yesterday to make an appointment for a massage. I'm going to be hurting tomorrow too, but at least it will be like a well tenderized steak instead of a twitching mass of muscles.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I indulged and went to see Devil on Friday night. I actually enjoyed the movie, which redeemed M. Night a little from my disappointment in The Village.

Saturday I had to get up at my weekday time and get on the road to Hollidaysburg for a lia sophia rally. I got some much needed motivation and came home that evening, after stopping to visit with mom briefly, to make some follow up telephone calls from last weekend at the mall. I'm hopeful to get some shows booked as a result. Something to help cover my rear if bad things happen. Of course, as I type that the thought just occurred to me that some of the potential projects at work would require a good chunk of travel - and I don't know how those things would overlap.

Today I have some actions I need to take as a result of the calls I made and I'm sure return calls will have my phone ringing, which makes me twitch, but it's worth it. Time to get my butt in gear.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How is it only Wednesday? The fireplace is completely in order (as of 10pm last night). We will be warm this winter - even in the living room. Now if I could just find a telecommuting job to enjoy said warmth while maintaining employment. Anyone know any telecommuter-friendly places?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday was a dud too. In addition to the TV being out, Sunday there were issues with DSL in my area, so I came home to no TV and no Internet. Uh. How does one function? I instead chucked in a movie and tried to remain calm. Watched Saw V and then watched Coraline the whole way through (I've seen it, but not in one session).

Gladly, while I was at work today they fixed my DSL. The DirecTV guy comes tomorrow morning, so hopefully that will be resolved again too. Of course, I was worried I wouldn't have the DSL and be stuck here to "work" from home in the morning without a connection.

I busted a little butt this evening vacuuming, doing some dishes and laundry - you know the things that didn't get touched this weekend. As I wrapped some of that up the work started to get the gas insert in on my fireplace (yay). So, at least I can stay warm while I'm sitting here eating milkbones all winter. Yes, things still look pretty bleak. I did discover that furlough allows you to remain on the healthcare for your normal premiums. However, furlough is maxed out at 12 weeks at which point in time you are terminated. Given the gap running til February, that's not good. I've tried hunting for some telecommuting jobs too with little success. Still gotta get the apt rented - at a minimum. Fingers cramping from being crossed for too long.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

There has to be some type of mental disorder where people are drawn and compelled to pile too much on themselves and run themselves ragged. Whatever it is, I have it. I'm whooped. Two days down at the mall, one more to go. I got some solid leads today for Miche shows and a couple orders, but Friday with lia was dead - but I'm not surprised. It would be nice to make enough on the sales at the event to cover the cost of the event... and call shows booked icing on the cake, but that's a bit overly optimistic. Of course, I'm such a cluttered mess in my own head I hid the two order forms from myself at some point this evening and either have them tucked away too well in what I brought home or I hid them in the stuff still at the mall. Blah.

Regardless, I think I had more sales than some of the places in that mall. Go figure it's about bare.

Last night I came home to no TV. Go figure, they started working on the front roof area that needed replaced - to hell w/ calling me first like I asked so I could contact DirecTV. Turns out it doesn't matter anyhow. I called DirecTV today and they want to charge me to come out and put it back up. Ok when they were here last time I was told about that area being a bit weak/rotten, and to call them if I replace it or want the dish moved. You'd think too since I signed up for the service calls this would be covered... but ooooh no. So that pissed in my wheaties for a little while today.

On the way to the mall today the bank did a pre-pissing in my wheaties by refusing to notarize something for me because it wasn't bank business. Seriously? I'm a customer of your bank. I just want to get the money owed to me from State Farm... which I'll deposit into your bank - does that count?

I guess I'll just go to bed, since I don't have TV. Hiss.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Feeling quite healthy the rest of my long weekend was pretty darn busy. Sunday was mostly about cleaning. The living room got the same treatment the dining room got a few weekends ago (curtains down and washed, windows washed, full dusting and cleaning). I scooped poop and brushed dogs... I did some maintenance cleaning in the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Then I even folded clothes! A shower and I was ready to catch up with Beff and Rex for some dinner.

For whatever stupid reason the dt Szechuan closed at 6, so I still didn't tend to my chinese cravings. Eventually we ended up at the Bouley where I learned of a new menu, sans butternut squash ravioli. Really? You're killing me people. Went with my second choice there which was also changed... and no longer worth the price tag. Major bummer. Gladly, the house was clean enough that I would allow Rex in and he got to play with the girls for a little while - that made their weekend.

Vixen's weekend was further made today as it was her turn to go visit Grammy. Mom, of course, overfed me and her, we napped, and then she convinced me to go shopping - I swear I wasn't actually planning to! I snagged a couple Christmas gifts, so yay, but I also caved on a couple things for myself that I fell for. Shame on me.

The next couple of weeks should be pretty busy for me. So expect erratic blasts of incoherent updates. Know that I'll be making more pasta sauce sometime this week. Thank you ma and pa Johnson! There is nothing like the smell of a freshly picked home grown tomato... or a whole BAG full!

Ok, back to I'm hooked.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Having a small temper tantrum today as everyone is busy and I was feeling needy. Instead I ended up having some grub at Valley Dairy by myself. I can't say that I was super hungry however, which is surprising considering I had only had an apple otherwise in the 24-hours past. Much like Thursday, I came home Friday night and crawled into bed - lulling in and out of sleep. I spent most of the day at work feeling like ass. We're talking headache (possibly induced by some tears), some body aches in my back and hips/upper legs, and a general feeling of being off. The heading straight to bed was my way of telling my body "NO" to getting sick. Can't do it - gotta visit w/ mom this weekend. When I finally got up around 3 today I was feeling significantly better, thank goodness.

Ok, those that care prb had their ears perk a little when I said about tears. You see, things still don't look fantastic at work and the few possibilities seem to be less and less likely in my eyes. I've brought 6 boxes of my junk home at this point and my cube is fairly naked. Those moments when you feel down are of course when others feel the need to be shitty with you: queue the blast from the past of "severe tire damage" on the emotional scale and the woman I don't know who chewed me out via email.

On a bright note, I got in touch with the unemployment office and discovered that rental income would not count against me for my unemployment if it comes to that... so, let's get me a tenant folks! No, that isn't pessimistic to look into it - it's realistic. I want to know what I'd have coming in and figure out what I've got to do to make ends meet in such a case. I'm getting tired of ppl telling me I'm being too negative. I guess I should sit around smiling like an idiot and assuming everything will fix itself. Sure, God will take care of me, this I know and believe, but I've also been taught that he helps those that help themselves!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Major fooey. I didn't mention the pleasant chunk of unexpected cash that came my way Friday as I saw it to be a small drop in the proverbial bucket, should things not go my way in the next month. Turns out yesterday someone opened the drainage valve on that bucket when I got confirmation that an expected task is in fact, not coming in. I still have some leads, but I'm feeling a bit glum today about the whole situation.

So, while I'm trying to keep my chin up - I sure wouldn't mind referrals to fill the empty apartment or to book lia sophia or Miche parties to help cover my rear. Anyone have any other ideas? Remember - pburgh is too far to drive in the winter, especially with the girls here.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stepped out of my comfort zone this weekend. It was huge for me to accept this invite since I'm a bit of a social retard, but this weekend I packed up to head to the burgh to camp out and a bonfire. Ok, that sounds pretty normal, but you've got to realize, I was invited through facebook by a high school friend that I haven't seen since back then. More bizarre is that the bonfire was hosted by someone I haven't seen since he moved away back in junior high. I mean, we rode the school van to elementary school together! It's so amusing how some mannerisms and voice patterns don't change even after all this time and through the aging process.

All said it was a calm and relaxing weekend. Not only was there smores and ginormous marshmallows to be had but there was a totally clear sky and perfect weather to sit by the campfire. It was a good time and I'm truly glad I went.

As for today, I headed back, cleaned up, and loaded two of the three to head to see mom for a few. Little did I know she'd have a whole herd there. Did get some good grub out of the trip, but I am exhausted from the weekend. At least the tylenol and excedrin I downed earlier today tamed the headache that was brewing from all of the sun. Do I really gotta go back to work already tomorrow?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The weather is so perfect for sleeping! I did break last night and shut the downstairs windows however, as it is becoming quite chilly and I am not ready to break out the winter comforter.

So here I am this afternoon cranking through one load of laundry with my hair freshly colored. I'm ready for a relaxing evening... while they may not go together I am so looking forward to diving into my bottle of lemoncello and scarfing some smores. Mmm.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Had lunch with the Lishbone today in a partial effort to give her the hookup with her first Miche bag! Good time and chattage. This was my first visit to the Tonic Grille and it wasn't bad. The prices were sweet, burger was good, and steak fries ruled.

This evening I contemplated slacking, but eventually headed over to the apartment to keep rocking. I washed all of the windows (mom will be so proud), and got the curtains back up (which I washed last night). This leaves me to needing to wash down the kitchen counters and floor. 9pm, and I'm pooped.
How many nights (after midnight) can Richland Fire have alarms go off in a week or two? Eesh. People... stop lighting things on fire, wrecking your vehicles, and doing stupid stuff so I can enjoy the nice cool nights with my windows open sans noise.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

When I am queen...
  • You'll be allowed to pull people over that piss you off and subjugate them for their sins. For me, this means I can stop every idiot who chucks a cigarette butt out their car window and make them eat it. Why do people not see that as "litter"?
  • You'll get one murder with no repercussions in your lifetime. You can decide who really needs some killin and make it so, however, once you've used your free pass that's it! Think about it - it would make people act differently. Ok, killing someone prb would never go over, so how's this - free ass kickings for those who do something to deserve it. Again, I will maintain full discretion as to what qualifies as needing a good ass whippin.
  • Breeding would be limited by my testing system. Everyone takes a test and qualifies for a certain number of children they're allowed to have. If you are with someone who qualified for 1 and you qualified for 2, sorry - you can only have the 1 w/ that person. If they already had their 1 with someone else, again, sorry.
  • This one prb requires god-like status as opposed to queen, but I think that if you know someone who makes your stomach jump into your throat and makes you swoon with desire it is only fair if that is a guarantee they feel the same way about you.
  • Workplaces will have nap areas that you are allowed to use (on the clock) for up to an hour every afternoon.
  • You will pay into your own unemployment and only your unemployment. There is no reason why I should pay for others to ride unemployment and be limited to a paltry amount of cash for a short period of time when I've put way more into it. Don't even get me started on welfare.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

While I don't have majorly good news to report from work, I do have some other good news such as:
Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper playing in Johnstown on October 10. Nice. Tickets acquired with my favorite Ozzy look-alike and his 'rents.

The two-hostess show on Sunday rocked and is all closed out.

Vixen's fat lip is going back down nicely. I guess that's good news that requires some backstory, no? This past weekend her cheek looked a little fattened up, but there's been some grumping going on so I figured it was just another one of those issues. Sunday night she was acting a little off so I lifted the lip and saw an abscess underneath (mmm, puss). By lunch on Monday when I swung home it was pretty darn fat and she was rubbing it. Most notably she didn't grump at anyone even once during my visit home over lunch. Needless to say I made an appointment immediately. By the time I got home after work (we had an appt that evening) she had rubbed the outside of her lip open and was oozing. Antibiotics it is... and thus already looking much better.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Today was hella steamy - but a good day. Most of it revolved around a Miche show, but with the good grub, nice new folks I met, and extra fundage coming in - it was a day well spent. I'm tired as can be, which proves my theory that the head just drags me down fast. I at least folded some clothes that got washed - so I will call that a win for the day.

Yesterday I didn't get as much accomplished as I did Friday night, but I did get some of the bedroom deep cleaned, thus the extra laundry. Clean curtains are up and it is half way dusted. I even cooked a pretty yummy dinner last night. Not too bad for having slept past noon and taking an evening nap for the second Saturday in a row. Three cheers for getting some slacking time built in!

The big Saturday afternoon excitement was taking Danika out for her 5th birthday (three years since she's come to live with me now). We headed to Petco and for some ice cream. I think she knew it was her day - as she attempted to wake me at 9am with a plea for attention. Goofy beasts. As is requisite a three pack of treats were picked to share (which of course made Saffy ill - mmm 5 patches of yack WHEE!) and a sheepy squeaky toy. Much to Saffy's chagrin I also found the most adorable bathing suit - red with white polka dogs and little ruffles at the butt. Now I need somewhere to take her swimming :D

Friday, August 13, 2010

No definitive word today as hoped/expected... next week now. Sigh. I spotted some items in a catalog that I know would be awesome Christmas gifts, but I know I need to put off buying and it's killing me!

I headed out a wee bit early today since I had plenty of time in, as to preserve a couple more hours for the end of the month. With that borrowed time I got cranking at the house, and I'm proud of myself for it too. In the dining room I took down curtains and replaced them with different curtains after washing the windows. Every surface has been dusted, the table is cleared off, the room is vacuumed, and a few more things I wanted to purge are boxed to go. On to the kitchen, where everything against the too do wall has been cleared away! Now to start patching. I even cleared everything out from under the sink and organized. All this while a load of laundry was kicking.

I'm definitely tired... gotta get more done tomorrow and spend some quality time with the kiddos. Happy 5th (3rd with me) birthday to my middle child, Danika! I think she's resting up to party like a rock star - she's wiped on the couch right now. Then again Saf is on the love seat. A tired dog is a well behaved dog... a well rested dog? Well, that's a different story.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why is it only Wednesday - and why I am I already so tired that I don't even remember the start of the Colbert Report last night? The heat is back, so perhaps that drained me a bit as I waited for the ac to cool the house last night, but I was ready to zonk yesterday morning at work too, so that can't be it. Here's hoping for a bit of energy to push me through the remainder of the week, I still have some extra hours I need to get in.

Earlier this week I hit the dentist. No issues and he reassures me that my pain where my gums are receding is nothing and I'm fine. He also is adamant that I am just brushing too hard. I try to be delicate, but what's the right balance? He gave me a couple extra soft bristle brushes from Nimbus, which I've never seen in stores. I'm pleasantly surprised that it's not super pricey to get them directly from Nimbus Dental either - I'm commenting because they feel so wonderful! However, it does feel TOO soft for the tops of my teeth/molars. I might become a psycho again about my tooth brushing and be using two brushes for two different purposes.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

It's remarkable how lonely (and how quickly so) you can feel when you cut out the little routines that get you out into the world. I've been a good girl this weekend - I did allow myself one meal out (a chinese buffet) but it reduced my desire to hit the grocery store, so I think the net savings was good. Friday night my lack of desire for any food in the house had me hit the bed early, by 8ish? Which turned into a long overdue sleep marathon.

Sure, I got up periodically to tend to the dogs, maybe have a bowl of cereal or get a drink, or to meander to the bathroom but I spent most of the time until 7pm Saturday in bed. Yep, I could still sleep that night, passed back out a little after midnight (the time in between spent on work) and slept til 1 today. Pretty impressive no?

I'd still rather lay back down than really dig in on the work I need to keep cranking on. I did some reading already today, but allowed myself to be distracted with the camera. I've got flower pictures, dog pictures, house pictures, and pictures of empty lia sophia boxes to post on ebay. 6 days until we learn more about my fate.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

As I drove home from water aerobics the storm clouds were stewing over Richland so much so that I was looking for twisting. By the time I got down Eisenhower and to the house the rain drops were huge and the lightning was flashing in different directions. I get to the curve on Metzler and see lightning so bright and close and it is reflecting off of the back windshield of the car across the street from my house. Um. Eep.

I'm not home five minutes when I get some news that makes it feel like lightning does strike twice sometimes. My worries about work are now doubled if not tripled. I think I could be very screwed.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Trying to sleep last night was a bit rough. My arms and upper back were aching to the point I got up midway through the night to take some meds to ease the pain enough to zonk out properly. I feel okay today, but definitely still feel the strain up there.

This evening I went to make the meatballs from meat I bought that was marked as buy by the 31st... ok, granted today should have been the last viable day, but it looked completely foul. Into the trash it went, putting me a couple hours behind in the meatball marathon. I just put them into the fridge to cool overnight. I'll scoop everything and freeze it tomorrow after work.

I did also swing back past home depot where I snagged a lovely light purple rose of sharon (hibiscus) for the back yard. I also picked up two more classical hibiscus plants, two pots of stunning calla lilies - almost a pale yellow with the dark purple at the center, and two creamy yellow lilies. More holes to dig tomorrow after water aerobics I guess. Fingers crossed things will take hold before the cold comes and I'll have all of these beautifying my yard next year.

Monday, August 02, 2010

I went to my first water aerobics session at UPJ today. I was pleasantly surprised how easily I kept going once I moved to the deeper end, ditched the noodle, and didn't have my hands up over my head (out of the water). I know I still got a heck of a workout and will be sore tomorrow though, so that's a good compliment to feeling better about being back in the water.

So I'm headed to the aquatics center and uh... what is this? They're adding another huge ass building in front of it. UPJ just keeps growing and growing. Every time I'm there I long for a time that is dead and buried. Time goes by way too fast.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Maintenance cleaning done this weekend, but not a deep clean like it's been needing. Shame on me, once again, but there are plenty of other distractions. I'll blame it on my compulsion Saturday to road trip which took me to Greensburg for some shopping. I'm proud to report I finally have a healthy start on my Christmas shopping. I know that seems obscene, but back in the day I had my shopping done by September as to avoid the drop in income when I returned to school. With my nerves being what they are I figured it didn't hurt to try and get to that spot this year.

I do have some promising leads and feedback, which settled my nerves somewhat, but until I see those charge numbers, I'm still preparing for the worst. As a result of those leads I'll be putting in some extra time in the next two weeks, so expect some tired and grumpy posts.

I think the summer really did go faster this year than normal. The katydids are already outside making a storm of noise. The fall shouldn't be so near just yet!

Friday, July 30, 2010

It's like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel... and realizing it's just a train. You know better than to turn around and run, but be damned... go figure, eh?

The subtext that led up to this emotion is heading out to enjoy some sushi with some of the gang, and yes tonight, rolling 12 deep we were a gang. Other than that, not much else to say, my mind is a bit muddled.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Did you know that a cow's gestation period is about the same as a human's? It's no secret!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The molding is back on the Durango, safe and sound. The paperwork is signed to ensure the funding for roof repairs/building. I've hunted like crazy for open adjunct faculty positions with little prospects, but at least my monster account is active and looking for me now.

Yesterday I found two good sized chunks of money owed me from the distant past and started the process to get said funds into my checking accounts. I marvel at how places can claim to not know how to reach you when they owe you money, despite you still being a customer or a fairly recent customer. Meh. Not too bad accomplishment wise for it only being Tuesday, huh?

I've also heard some things that had my jaw hit the table so far this week. I may be needing a drink before the week is up.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

In my attempts to not go out to eat as often this weekend I've instead found myself not wanting to make anything and hungry. At the moment I'm baking a batch of brownies and cooking the last of the frozen homemade spaghetti sauce, so I guess I need to buy tomatoes and ground beef next time I hit the grocery store.

Saturday night I made a stop at home depot looking for another bush to replace the one in the backyard that hasn't survived (I've got a gap that makes it apparent one is missing) and to get some more bulbs. Neither did they have there, so I ended up leaving with black eyed susans, some russian sage, and a couple other small flowering perennials. This morning I got up quite early to beat the heat and still was dripping wet by the time I finished outside. I also got the yearly raking behind the fence and clearing of what I thought was poison ivy but I now think is virginia creeper done.

They had some beautiful calla lilies there, but I wasn't about to pay $9 for a small batch of them. I'll wait til spring to get some bulbs (lesson learned, they get planted in the spring as opposed to tulip bulbs).

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm in a bit of a funk but trying to fight it. I've had quite a few shows and what not delay or cancel lately. It definitely takes the wind out of your sail. I guess it doesn't help that I'm, for the first time, truly worried about work... I'm not exactly confident I'll be gainfully employed from September through January right now and it has my stomach in knots.

On a bright note, the old basement windows have been replaced with glass block. As of yesterday, every single window in the house is newer. I'm looking at a home equity line of credit to try and get some other things done, such as the roof that decided to start leaking after I spent most of my slush fund on the retaining walls. At least the house would be easier to sell if it comes down to it.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So today I turned... 29. It's about time, I've been 28 for a while now. The day at work was exceedingly long and filled with fighting to stay awake. When I got home I took a quick nap and ran for some chinese food and to look for something at Ollies. From there I was going to go to the gym, but instead decided to come home and walk with the girls. After all, I make sure I spend time with them on their birthdays, it was nice to take a walk with Saffy and Dani. Time to get back on the workout band wagon - so I can record ample time for the work challenge.

Monday, July 19, 2010

It's Monday, I'm blissfully at home... yay! I took today off as part of a weekend odyssey with the fam. Friday night was a lia sophia meeting, so things didn't get rolling until Saturday when I headed down to Toona for the family reunion. This sounds to be the last one they'll be having, so it was important to be there and even better to have Jackie and the kids in.

We did talk about trying to hit Shakespeare in the Park later on Saturday night, but as warm as it was it just drained us, I say us, but mostly me. Instead the gals, that's my sister, niece, my nephew's gal, and I headed to Kohl's. A bit later than planned, I headed up the mountain with the three youngins in tow.

Sunday we decided to make the drive to Falling Water, which was a pleasant surprise - I wasn't expecting it to be as 'much' as it was. Gladly, being in amongst the trees and water it was a bit cooler than most everywhere else. From there we headed to Lauren Caverns, but were a bit too late to do the tour. Instead we just did some quick 'mining for gemstones' and got a laugh. Back on the road to Jingletown and it was time for a feast at the Orchard.

As for today, mom and Jackie are heading up the mountain. This saves me another drive down to return everyone in between two 'appointments' here at the house. Got one estimate on Friday for the roofing issue, another to come today. We'll see how things pan out. It might be wise to just invest in having A frames added above the living room in order to put a real roof up there. Thoughts?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why do I try? Just answer me that. So I spent some money trying to make the house look nicer and as I previously reported people told me they saw things being done wrong. The DirecTV dish wasn't lined up right anymore because the roof it's on (over the apartment entry) is rotting and needs torn down and completely replaced.

Earlier I came in as the rain was starting and watched it pouring out of the corner of the gutters out front, not coming down where it's suppose to. Now here I sit listening to the rain dripping in my living room. Yes, the very same living room I just finished redoing a couple of years ago. All that work - for shit. I'm sure I'll have a nice water mark, and who knows what else. So what - now I get to spend another grand putting more tar and shit on my roof, knowing it will leak again in another 2 or 3 years?

I just can't stand to have to deal with this stuff all by myself much longer. I can't do it. What am I still being punished for? What the hell did I do to deserve a life of solitary confinement?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Well, I finished the Short Second Life of Bree Tanner today. Glad I had started it and wrapped it up around the time I watched Eclipse. Definitely fills in some gaps from the Eclipse book. I'd be very interested in seeing a movie that has three or four books written around the story presented in the movie... backstories and sidestories that you miss within the movie but all circle around the timeline and view we're given there. Get on that writers.

Today the kiddo and I were up for church. Fun times. Napped while we waited for the DirecTV guy to show up. I'm still boggled by them having Sunday appointments, but thrilled by it, it truly is awesome that they're not locking people with 9-5 type jobs into "their" schedules. Regardless, the tv is all fixed now *yay* including the channels that have been missing for weeks now. Of course, some of my concerns about the roof were pretty much confirmed. I'm going to need to (at some point in the near future) figure out how to replace the roof over the entry to the apartment.

Anywho, after the repair we were on the road w/ Beff to Altoona, picking up my sister, and heading to the ballpark to make use of a set of tickets I won at the end of season banquet from the Chiefs. Got to stop in and say hello to the gals from Team Lamb who were there for the group picnic and had good seats to enjoy what was a pretty warm game until the sun went far enough behind the bleachers. Some fireworks and dropping off and Beff and I were headed back up the mountain. Back to work tomorrow I guess. Whee.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Only Saturday night - woohoo! I really should commit to always taking a nap when I come home from work on Friday night, it then helps it feel like a three day weekend somehow. Thursday I headed down the mountain after work to fetch the girl-child so we could hang for the weekend. Combo this with the nap and the dead directv and I'm sure it hasn't been the most fun time she's had.

Since she had previously on Friday sustained herself on poptarts and cereal, we headed out after my nap to get some late night dinner. Today I made myself proud by getting up a bit earlier than normal and getting a little bit of cleaning done while she slept on like a champ. The dishes are washed and need unloaded, the kitchen counters are cleaned, the bathroom sink, toilet, and mirror are clean, I even tossed old stuff from the fridge, and washed the bedding! The reward was some hang time, mostly at the theatre with Beff and girl-child. First we headed to see Toy Story 3 and then caught Twilight/Eclipse.

Toy Story was decent for a third, I do so love Hamm and Rex. I do appreciate how much has stayed consistent across the three films. I do hope they decided to allow this end at a trilogy, it would be redundant to go any further. Eclipse had a few shifts from the book. I liked how some of the scenery from the Bree Tanner book was incorporated. Insert some grubbing before, between, and after and there you have it.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

It was a piss in Judy's wheaties kind of evening. First there was the indecisive family in front of me at Ross, which I just swung into on the way home. They were so indecisive, 10 minutes later I could take no more and tossed my two clearance items on the closest rack and left. Now, I don't do that... if I pick something up and later change my mind, I return it to "where I found it" like a good girl. So you know I was at the end of my rope.

That should have set the tone, and I should have known better. Instead, I decided to call DirecTV since several of my channels have been hit or miss lately. I had a very pleasant customer service rep, but she had no clue either. I have no idea what a 'multiswitch' is, but I can promise you it's not on the back of my receiver, no matter how many times you tell me 'on the back of your receiver'. So I look it up and I am betting if I have one it's prb downstairs somewhere (I didn't wire it for goodness sake). Regardless I am not paying $45-50 to have them come fix it for me when things worked and then suddenly didn't and I didn't change a thing.

Here's where the stupidity on my part comes in... so I climbed on out on the roof (yeah, me - brave!) and tried tinkering with it. Of course, the AZ/EL specified is NOT what the guy had it set to - at least not exactly. And... of course, after I started mucking with things, the few channels I had (notice I said had) evolved into a happy little directv symbol (aka - no signal).

On a bright note, without distraction from the TV I got my new catalogs that arrived tonight all stamped and ready to rock. Now, if only it would cool off so I could straighten things out upstairs (again). The sister and niece (eventually) got in to SCE today... so hopefully I'll get to steal the kiddo to hang out sometime soon.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

It was definitely a raccoon, got a good look at it yesterday as it spent the whole day up in that tree. Didn't get much done so far this weekend thanks to one heck of a boomer headache that a variety of meds only took the edge off of. You know I hurt when I take two of anything and today I found some success with two excedrin severe tabs. Saffy is still not feeling well (loose) so during my grocery run (that's one thing off of the to do list) I snagged some instant rice for her.

Last night I got up in time to head to my tattoo appointment. Yes, I know, like I needed number 11 and 12, but they're on there now! Let me explain the first one... ok, the hockey theme was long time coming, no surprise there to anyone that I wanted something hockey, but if you haven't known me forever you don't know how much I loved Tom from Tom and Jerry when I was young. I had a stuffed one that talked, well he talked for part of his life, that I drug around to the point that my mother tried to bury him a few times. He was pretty ass kicked. Dad had sewn him back together numerous times, his ears were nibbled off, the back of his head was pushed in, he was well loved. The ass kicked Tom comes from an episode where Tom has a book of ideas on how to catch Jerry. At one point it says "a cornered mouse won't fight back". Needless to say he is behind the wall and gets his butt kicked, then turns the corner and speaks (which is uber-rare) saying "Doooon't you beeelieve it" in an incredibly eerie voice. Love it. That look was the inspiration for Tom's face, minus a few teeth of course.

The second was inspired by Mar, who recently got her maiden name put on her wrist, and it looks AWESOME btw. I instead put my maiden name on my back below my cross. I had to brighten the photo so it was clear to see, but the red is definitely all me. I'll tell you this, after seeing a name like Maucieri in 200+ fonts it starts to look like it's spelled wrong pretty fast. Either way, this is the first step in transitioning back. When I need to renew my passport I can kiss coposky goodbye.

Today, at least while I'm feeling a bit better, I am hoping to get a few little things done like updating the Miche catalogs w/ the minis. I ordered my fall/winter line of lia items yesterday and I can't wait for them to get here!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Let me tell you how wide awake (and how much more it can make your head hurt) you can be when you hear your baby girl chasing something in the back yard that is hissing and making an awful noise. Yes, it's 4am. I was quite lucky that only she got out the door to potty by the time I realized something was up or I would have had a nightmare on my hands. After a bit of searching online, since it was too dark for me to get a clear look it's apparent to me it was a raccoon, an animal that could easily have killed Saf. Little shits. Stay out of my yard and away from my babies!

At first I thought it was on the other side of the fence, that perhaps I was reliving the possum incident with Vixen, but as soon as I got into the yard with my robe half tied I quickly realized this thing was bouncing around inside the fence just dodging and weaving back and forth at Saffy. At least I provided enough distraction that it got around her and to the one tree, which it scampered up.

I guess now is as good of time as any to mention that earlier this evening I had the luxury of hanging with the Law's. It quickly grew later than I realized (sorry guys), but as always the good conversation and laughs made the evening go quickly.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

I'm back from Milwaukee. I know I didn't really mention it on here yet, but what idiot broadcasts to the world when they'll be away? Anyhow, I attended my first lia sophia conference. Left Friday evening, spending the night in the burgh after dinner with Slips, and then flew out Saturday. I had a good but tiring time. It was nice to get to know some of the other reps better but the best part was seeing the new fall/winter jewelry! I'm psyched – enough said about that. They gave us three pieces during the course of the couple days, so the trip pretty much paid for itself. Thank goodness for low cost flights!

I was pleasantly surprised with the city. It was pretty clean, brightly lit, easy to move around, and I felt safe. The down falls were exceedingly poor service in most ever restaurant and the long lines and periodic rudeness associated with a whole pile of crazy jewelry ladies running amok. I do return with lots of enthusiasm and ideas, now if I can just find the time to make them manifest!

I got a call about another uncle passing away while I was gone, so this evening was at a viewing in Altoona. Rest in peace uncle Jerry. He wasn't sick prior, but had had some issues for an extended period of time and seemed pretty down in the dumps due to his limited mobility the last I saw him.

I also came back to a huge ass bill from the ear nose and throat doctor that I went to for the whole allergy issue. *sigh* Remind me why we pay for insurance again? Suffice it to say I think my deductible for the year is now met, so I'll be looking for other ways to use my insurance as much as possible between now and December. See how that backfires on you, insurance companies?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Three cheers for Amazon standing up and saying "No, don't cut Saturday mailings" to the post office. Seriously, you guys are lazy enough already. Speaking of which... day 5 - no mail. WTH? I KNOW I should have mail. Sorry the little uhaul type thing the guys working on my retaining wall parked is in the middle of the drive way. I assure you - a mere 5 steps to the side and you can walk around it.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

That was a hell of a second wind... while the to do list wasn't the focus that kept me up this late I feel good about it. I now have three big bags of clothes ready to go to Goodwill. Purge, purge, purge!

Tonight was my second night in a row at Nyko's. Last night to celebrate Mar and tonight to show some love to the Beff. I also had to make her watch the Jerk as she had never seen it before. Earlier today I got the first allergy shot and have a nice itchy welt on the back of my arm to show for it. Nothing else exciting to say other than the nagging urge to semi-copy off of Mar and embrace my maiden name with a tattoo (but with different placement). This morning I turned off my alarm without remembering it going off. I don't think tomorrow morning will go very smoothly given the current time... Thursday night naptime?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Gawking at Amazon's gold box this evening all I have to say is this - a 1.5 TB HD for ~$75 wow. I'm old.

Today was my first full day wearing the third and fourth eyes. I felt a bit wonky when I walked with them on for a little while, but did forget I had them on eventually. Now when I took them off... I felt like I was crossing my eyes. Is that normal?

Now, I had a lovely evening hanging on the deck at the bouley and having a few drinks. Would have been nice to go with plan A (SSS for some fruity beers) but they're closed Mondays... bastages!

For those itching for more info on the would-be tattoo. You probably know I love Tom from Tom and Jerry. I have quite the ass kicked Tom doll from my youth. Well, check out my favorite episode. If you're impatient I'll give you the hint that you want to focus on "Chapter V" (and ignore the fact that the next chapter is VII). You'll also of course know I love hockey and wanted a way to get that into a tat somehow. Take ass-kicked Tom, add gear... and you've got most of the tat.

For some amusing side note - check out more information on the "Mouse Trouble" episode (and some details here) on Wikipedia. You've got censorship, you've got death, it's award winning, and not only is it one of the very few times Tom speaks, but it is war propaganda.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

If I hadn't started getting my act together a day ago I'd have been up a creek today. As we learned, the ink ran out. As is the norm for me - Staples didn't have it, the other local place didn't have it, so I payed more than I would have for an ink refill to print the last three copies of part of my 'catalog' at the local copying place.

Everything is stuffed and ready to go and look - not even 1 yet. *rolls eyes at self*

My day in general was mayhem. I did sleep in before my allergy testing appointment. Yep, got stuck w/ needles to learn I have allergies. Wait, I already knew that. More specifically - cats, various pollens, grass, molds. Still no surprises. At least I confirmed I am NOT allergic to dogs and learned a couple of other little things I didn't know or think of before. So, I'll be starting allergy shots. Yea, I know - me - shots - willingly. Hopefully some of the constant stuffiness will go away.

I no sooner got to work and got the call that the glasses were done and ready to be picked up, so I headed over there to snag them. It's a bit frustrating to have to ASK the people what all you need to know. Surely they can see that this is my first prescription, I've never had glasses before. Talk me through trying them on to make sure they're right and tell me how to clean them at least, please?

While I was out and about this evening with the catalog pdf on a thumb drive I also packed up the would-be images for my next ink and took them to Matthew's Party. Hopefully before next weekend I'll have a drawing prepped to give the thumbs up on. It's been a pretty darn eventful weekend already!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Time to find a place to order printer ink cheap. Thanks to the second night in a row with a nap after work I got more accomplished this evening. Tonight, I fired up the new printer tonight and didn't get a full 10 'catalogs' printed before it was complaining about being out of both black and colored ink. Boo! Now, hopefully the high yield cartridges will go further, but still unacceptable. It took a while to realize the front panel pivoted up which then stopped the repeated paper jams I was experiencing. The pace isn't lightning fast but for what I need it'll do. Anyone know of inexpensive ink supply places? It's a series 22 for a Dell P513W.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dear medical community,
I know that you went to school for a very long time and worked hard to earn your medical degree. As part of your education I would anticipate time management to have been critical to your success. As such, there truly is no reason for a 10:40 appointment to have me wait until 11:20 to move into a room and see the doctor at 11:30.

I too have to work. It is this job that provides me the health insurance (and income to supplement said insurance) which then makes payment to you. I wish we were allowed to bill you for every minute of our time that you waste in the waiting room. The least you'd better do when you come in is apologize for being behind schedule and have a sense of humor.

I also shouldn't, during the course of waiting in the lobby, see numerous people come in after me and get called before me. Especially folks who are clearly retired, or the mother toting 3 kids, or billy-bob, his ABF-haired blushing bride, and their brood.

Oh... and if you want me to maintain patience, please change the waiting room channel off of ellen. Or perhaps this is just all part of your master plan to torture?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Well, I didn't get a ton done today other than laundry... 2 loads at mom's and 2 here. But that's something, right? Headed to toona with the intention of buying mom some exceedingly late birthday lunch but she wasn't feeling so hot. So instead, I picked up some food and headed in.

It was pretty friggin hot today. Told you I'd be complaining about it. I turned on the AC to make the house reasonable for myself and the fuzzy ones. When I got home I worked up a sweat just trying to get some new bird paraphernalia up in the trees. Epic fail on the bird house as the hook that was built in promptly came out thus resulting in the bird house falling a good 20 feet. It survived the first drop, but the second one resulted in part of it breaking off. *sigh* Such is life eh?

I've got to cross some things off of the list tomorrow. It's going to be a long day.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Lightning bugs! I saw one! It's finally summer!
So, I guess the rugrats decided to have some fun last night (again). This is the second time I've gotten egg on my cars in so many years. Fortunately, it was one vehicle, not both this time. Since I didn't find out until mid-day, by the end of the work day it was pretty dry and gross. Ran Drake through the car wash without the dryer and then came home to scrub the remaining gunk.

I just noticed that blogger now has lots of funky templates that are right up my alley. So, do I make the leap and change to a much more elegant and artsy design that is not my own?

Monday, June 07, 2010

Today kinda sucked. Sucked worse than finding the first gray hair. No, not up there, down there - worse than that. It's official... when they come in, I'll have glasses. Granted, I only need them for in front of the computer at work, but I need them and that makes me feel older than the upcoming birthday ever could. So, I'm already behind on hours, I have a regular doctor appt on Wednesday, and now I have my re-up interview tomorrow, so I'll probably be down by 5-8 hours once it's all said and done. That means I either start putting in evening hours or I lose vacation time. Blah.

Well... the guy didn't show to work on my basement windows as I had anticipated this evening, so since I didn't get straight out to the gym I instead went to do some shopping and scored big time. I say this because I always have a hell of a time coming up with a gift for the Slips and I think I have most of her birthday present after this evening - if that isn't a score, I dunno what is. I also snapped and bought myself a foreman grill, we'll see how it goes... maybe I'll actually cook more often. I'm trying.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

I meant to post about this the other night when it aired, but forgot... another reason to love Stephen Colbert. Kick this vid to around 2:40 and get schooled. As it should be my man... and his explanation is DEAD ON as to why I say the Oxford comma belongs. I refer you to page f*ing two. Brilliant!

Friday, June 04, 2010

Vixen stinks. Dunno what she rolled in but ugh. So I made a couple calls today and no one could get me in until the 18th or 22nd. Um. No. The one lady did mention that Petco had the facilities that you can bathe them yourself and I thought AWESOME! Well, it would have been - had they not required me to have her rabies certificate - for ME to bathe her. WTF? So then I also managed to drop the bottle of soap on my big toe, which still hurts like hell. :(

So, I came home, pulled out the hose which had the requisite soaking of the basement because the damn valve is in the garage and always sprays around the top of the hose. Needless to say they fought me and then ran straight to the dirt! Boo. Talk about draining my will.
It is done. I have after this evening officially sworn off Walmart. Once again I needed one thing and couldn't find it anywhere there, so I lost over a half an hour and came out empty handed. I'm not going back in there. I'm done. They've pushed my blood pressure up for the last time.

I again did not get to the gym as planned due to the compelling need to get work work done. Time to turn up the don't give a sh*t factor. Yeah, take a look at the clock. This is a pattern that hasn't been around since I was working on my masters degree. To make myself feel like I accomplished something I sat out on the front porch at 12:15 putting flowers I bought a week ago into the hanging baskets. I'm sure if any of my neighbors were awake to notice they'd think I was insane.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I know it's 2am, but I have stuff to say and I don't want to forget! I took the Durango in today for it's inspection etc. I always get a ride to and from work, as Wagner's is just cool like that. Imagine my surprise when one of the owners is driving the car to pick me up after work. I almost felt like a girl being called to the principal's office. They really are good people. I know I've talked about it on here before, but if you need to find a trustworthy place for repairs - I cannot recommend them more highly.

Since I was already down that way I hit the Bouly for dinner while I put in my last hour of work for the day. Unfortunately, they were out of the butternut squash raviolis I was craving. From there I did hit the gym this evening before digging in on some other tasks that I've allowed to fall to the last minute.

Earlier today I decided to buy a color printer in an effort to get my Miche catalogs in order with a reduced cost. There I was fully expecting to lay out some bucks when the Dell representative pointed me to this puppy. Check it - color, good throughput, duplex, wireless... and under $100, and the replacement cartridges for ink aren't as pricey as some others. It almost seems too good to be true, but I guess we shall see. In the mean time I did fight w/ my old printer to try and get some postcards printed. I got most of what I needed before things behaved oddly, but that printer was never bought for the purposes of printing anything other than my tax returns.