Saturday, May 31, 2008

I don't need reminders on things I dislike about Pittsburgh. Sure, it's striking and awe inspiring to pull out of the Fort Pitt tunnel and BOOM see the skyline and suddenly be right in the midst, but when a few miles later all you see is brake lights? Blah. So it took us two hours to get from the airport to Monroeville. Tell me how pleased I was... not very. Truly I thought things were looking up with the pounding rain I drove through in Johnstown on the way to Pburgh let up. Either way we're back here and mom's trip was uneventful, thank goodness.

I remain incredibly tired since my last minute efforts last night ran me to midnight. With that it's time to crash and enjoy the smell of burning leaves and wood that is wafting in the back door - I have another long day of driving ahead of me tomorrow!

Friday, May 30, 2008

One of my little tasks... cleaning off the camera. As such, I will share with you the following. Can you pick out the cute from the naughty? (Click the image to see it larger.)

So for the past two days I have been the queen of meetings. Granted, it made the days go fast, but it's tiring too. I could sleep for an eternity tonight if left to my own devices, but I have to get up early to fetch mum at the Burgh-port. Have I complained recently about the severe lack of local air travel options?

While I am glad to have gotten to spend some time hanging w/ Beff, Juice, and Little Blue Man I know I'll regret it when I get to bed later than desired in an effort to get a few last minute things done before bringing mum here. I know I can't make it clean enough to keep her from finding something to pick at, but I have to at least spend some quality time getting the obvious things handled and dealing with the last few items tomorrow afternoon and evening after we get back... and perhaps after a nice Saturday afternoon nap!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'll start by making the note that I got a frost advisory warning tonight. Go figure.

Today I feel like I ran a marathon. Maybe the weekend is catching up with me a bit, but I was here and there all day today. I started off heading in to Richland Township, and I have to admit, what I need to do to try and get a variance seems pretty simple - providing of course none of my neighbors object. Fingers crossed everyone. At this point, providing I can get a drawing together and a copy of the deed I should be able to get in at the end of June to get a decision.

From there I worked until heading across town to renew a work-related photo ID and then back to the house to meet a guy who is appraising the house. Gotta love getting the house appraised when it's still in a major state of upheaval. I did get the bed back in the bedroom at least. Too bad the kitchen wall is still a bit of a mess. I really don't know what to expect in the appraisal. I mean, I see the other houses listed around me at prices that seem a bit too high, but it sure would be nice to come in with that level of an appraisal! I guess we'll see.

From there I worked a little longer from home and then headed for dinner and some window shopping with Beff. Tossed in another load of laundry and started organizing the pictures I have to select from for decorating in the bedroom. Yes, I am tired. I don't know why I feel the need to run myself ragged before vacationing.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Here's another one to classify under "Unneccessary stupid text on packaging": I have a box of Cheez-its. It reads "ENLARGED TO SHOW TEXTURE". You mean they're not really 2 3/4" squares? Really? *flutters eyes as they roll upward*

Monday, May 26, 2008

Time to account for my activities this weekend. Gratefully Saturday morning was beautiful - unlike most every other day this month. While the yard was still a bit muddy I did dig the holes for the items that needed planted (for those keeping track, scratch off items number 2 and 3 from my previous list). Danika tried her darndest to help despite my protests, thus I have a few pictures of a dog with a muddy muzzle and paws. Goofy girl.

I also did as much of the refi-paperwork as I could without having a photocopier and access to my pay statements at work. Cross of number 6! The laundry (item number 1) finished while I was still in and out of sleep and taking advantage of a chance to sleep in. As for folding it... damn the manual labor, but it also got done on Saturday (while I watched the Pens), but didn't put it away. Saturday was so productive I even swung in to get milk to get through the week and made a cooked meal for dinner!

Sunday I slept in once again and then took some time basking in the warm sun rays, sipping coffee, and starting Death of a Darklord (since I finished my book - cross off number 7 - late Saturday). Time to get in gear, so I started moving things as necessary in the bedroom. I realized there were a few more holes that I had missed filling a few weeks ago, so filling them and waiting for them to dry already put me behind schedule. As such, I figured what the hell and embraced a few other things that needed done, like fixing the damn bed.

I assessed the parts and was off to Home Depot with samples in hand. As everyone knows, a trip to Home Depot or Lowes is never a 1/2 hour experience. With some help I found the appropriate pieces and continued through the store. Brilliant me, I thought I'd pick up a small charcoal grill for the apartment and offer to grill something yummy for the tenant and I (since he wasn't able to head home and I was solo celebrating Memorial Day as well). Go figure, I get the stuff home and there wasn't grates in the package like there is suppose to be! I still cooked, but our burgers and dogs were off the stove instead. I set up quite the nice red-neck picnic featuring a buffet aranged on a flipped over box and folding chairs. I'm classy all the way baby.

That done I eventually got back in the house and started mucking with fixing the bed. The frame is now good to go, but I left the matress and box springs in the living room for the night to make things easier as I planned to move the pieces around to their final destinations on Monday after painting and cleaning. Yes, I slept on the matress and box springs laying in the living room, and yes, a full size bed does fit nicely in the living room. If that doesn't take red-neck up another notch to trailer trash I don't know what does.

Being that it is much easier to paint in full daylight I folded things up for the night and went to have a drink or two with Mithy. I deserve it! ... and no, I did not have Bud Light. I cannot belly that much red-neck in one weekend.

Here it is, Monday already, and my long weekend is nearing an end. I got moving a bit earlier today, but still got plenty of sleep. It took a good while to tape everything off, and even longer to do all of the cutting in - which I decided to do first, since the tape was not happy about sticking for very long. It felt like an eternity... but once that was all done the roller work went pretty fast. Cross off number 4 shortly before 4pm!

I guess that leaves number 5 and I have to tell you, it just isn't happening tonight, at least, not in entirity. I might get some things moved around once the paint is appropriately dry, but I know I won't have everything back in order tonight. That's okay, I still feel like I busted some major tail and accomplished alot. Right now I am just hungry. Maybe after a bit of grub I'll be re-energied.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I wanted to just take a nap tonight, but instead I got my butt in gear and got some of my standard weekend running out of the way. Some of what I picked up leads me to my next topic: my goals for this weekend. It's a long weekend, so I need to crank things out - especially since I'll be on the road WAY more than I'd like next weekend. Here's my plan, let's see how much I report complete by the end of the weekend:

1). Laundry... I already got a jump start on it as the first load is spinning in the dryer and the second is in the washer as I type. Of course, there is a third load to be done as well as the folding and putting away.
2). Plant the two climbing rose bushes and trellis I bought for out back.
3). Plant the three additional rose of sharon/althea and white azalea that I bought for along the back fence. Not sure how things will take to the moister side of the yard, but I have to give it a go.
4). Painting the dang bedroom already! Time to call this done.
5). Another task all in itself - getting things back into the bedroom and semi-organized.
6). Completing the refi-paperwork for the mortgage - so I can maybe get my butt to Richland twp after another appointment next week.
7). Finishing my current book.

That isn't too much to ask of myself, is it? I guess we'll see. If you're trying to catch me and I don't answer the phone I am either covered in dirt or paint. Feel free to stop by. I have spare shovels and paint brushes!
Sometimes it amazes even me how easily people can chap my ass with one email or a few words. The overabundance of self-importance overwhelms me. No, you don't need to be kept apprised of my every move. Perhaps, if when I required something of you, you had bothered to reply or acknowledge the request I might not be as chapped that you would peck out a few letters in a message to me. ...yes, I am happy it's Friday.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I wore a coat and was still cold today. I'm coughing like crazy. My heat is still on at the house.

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Airlines is now going to charge for the FIRST checked bag? Are you FRIGGIN KIDDING ME?! Like they don't have a big enough issue of people hauling huge as bags as "carry ons" and hogging up the overhead compartments as is?
I am darn well rested today after going home and crashing out shortly after tending to the fuzzy girls' needs. I was awake for roughly 2 hours later in the evening (gotta watch the Daily Show and Colbert Report), but was able to wipe back out and sleep through the night easily. Once again, my capacity to sleep like I could somehow make up for ongoing lack of sleep in recent weeks astounds me.

I am right on pace for finishing book 6 before heading off for vacation, the question then is, do I take the larger book containing books 7 and 8 or pack one of the smaller paperback type books that I have on my "to read" list? Such tough decisions, huh!

During my brief wake last night I completed one task I wanted off of my plate before vacation, so at least the fan club website has the additions I had intended. One addition was to a Current Catalog fundraiser. Current is a great place to stock up on cards, small gifts, neat kitchen gadgets, and lots of other stuff. Feel free to glance around - and if you decide to buy anything I ask that you select "Pennsylvania" as the state where the organization resides you want to support and then pick "Johnstown Chiefs Fan Club" from the list. I guess time will tell how much of the remainder of my pre-vacation to do list I cross off before embarking... fingers crossed for a burst of motivation across the upcoming holiday weekend.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

My sore throat has passed... but *whine* now my head hurts. The tylenol made me sleepy but didn't touch it, and while I do believe it's sinus-related I took an Axert just in case. I couldn't let the cleaning go longer... so I put the roomba to work while I cleaned up the sink and toilet as well as the kitchen counters and tended to the few dishes. At least it's a good bit tidier with just a quick pass. I don't suppose the laundry I did last night counts as housework, since it wasn't mine.

Today I got to spend a little time with Slips and had a quick grub as well as a visit to see Beff's new windows and doors. It did warm up a bit today, but the cooler temps reigned when the rain started to fall once again. I swear, if my heat is still on at the beginning of June... well, okay, I don't know what viable threat I can make aside from to whine even more.

I need to finish reading my current book so I can start afresh on my upcoming vaca and I need to make my "to pack/do" list, but with a headache I don't relish the idea of turning on the lights, much less staring at print. Solution? Packrat.

Friday, May 16, 2008

I've finally embraced one of the latest uber-girlie things to do - scrapbooking. Yeah, I know, creepy, eh? My inspiration was to give one page to each significant person in my world as a bit of a tribute. I guess it's my sentimental side after the past few weeks thinking... gosh, if I were gone tomorrow, wouldn't it 1). touch these people to see a page tributed to them in my scrap book and 2). it would be a nice thing to have for all to see as a view into my world and the people important to me.

I started off making one for my nephew, who is graduating high school this year and as such as provided me photos and other pieces that made it easy to pull together my first scrapbook page. It isn't the best page I've ever seen, but it's a nice start. I guess I'll be spending some quality time trying to find photos I like about others that are in my world.

The girls are shedding like crazy again. I brushed them out last night, chased them about the yard for a bit, pulled together that first scrapbook page, and watched the Pens game. Life is boring. I should be cleaning, but I've had a sore throat for two days and a bit of sludge trying to pack down into my lungs... good enough for an excuse to not push myself.

As to some girl named Jennifer that has chosen to give out my telephone number to creditors she doesn't pay... I will get them to give me your last name. Then I can call you at all hours.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Morning giggle: Exceedingly short guys with huge friggin vehicles. Seriously guys, is it necessary? I mean, yea, your little legs are adorable dangling from the side of the seat reaching to find steady ground, but it's in a comical way.

Update on the travels of Midge... United is NOT one of the airlines that allows outside oxygen period. Which would be fine IF they had oxygen on her flights. Why don't they? Because they're considered commuter flights. Yeah, she's going from PA to TX and it's commuter flights. WTF? So, the sister is looking into getting her switched over to another airline in some way. I am sure this will incur a fee. United Airlines - you are putting my mother's life at risk with your policies.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The capital C word doesn't stay out of my life for long at all... prayers requested for a friend with a reoccurence that was just diagnosed. I spent last evening so completely drained and emotionally detached. I was going to just nap on the couch but a knock on the door from the tenant stopped that short.

Needless to say I accomplished nothing last night. I didn't even cook the chicken I had intended to make - instead Rex and I picked up some za and chilled for a bit.

Small glee is that my tax stimulus money arrived in my account yesterday. As expected it is less than $600, but not significantly less, so I can't bitch too much. On another note I spotted what looked like quite the awesome job, not a super huge move, in the field I want to work in, and somewhere that I know some people. Unfortunately, after submitting my information they tell me I have to fill out their forms which leads me to a page that clearly lists the salary range for the position at hand. Of course, it's like half what I currently make and would want to continue making (at a minimum). Go figure. So, scrap that thought. At least I get tons of vacation here to enjoy cruises and the people are nice.

Monday, May 12, 2008

May 12 - snow... sleet... a bit of white crud gathering on some grass. Ugh. I guess I'd rather have the snow than the awful weather around the world as of late... typhons, tornados, and earthquakes? No thank you. What an incredible mess our world is.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's been a very draining weekend. I am so happy that I was able to be there and participate in going through photos and making the posters and got to hear more stories and memories of Fuz and I was more than happy to spend my Saturday afternoon there at the funeral home in honor of Fuz, but it is - simply put - draining, especially to see his sweet mother standing there crying over his coffin. So, that's where I've been the past few days.

I was thinking about posting how the girls have been doing substantially better just a few minutes ago - and true to form that's when Vix decides to grumble and growl at Dani. Granted, they're still getting along better, but I don't want to curse it by complimenting them on a public forum.

Yesterday I did manage to get a load of laundry through and folded before heading out, so that needs put away today. Perhaps that will get me moving so I will unload the dishwasher, do up some dishes by hand, and some other cleaning tasks before I spend some time on work (yeah - ick).

Friday, May 09, 2008

We'll label this "delayed mama drama". To make this week even more of an annoyance I came to find out last night that mother had issues on her flight to Texas. Of course, the airlines are a pain in the ass about oxygen. She did start to have a hard time breathing on the flight to the extent that they had an ambulance waiting in DFW when they landed. Stubborn old bat wouldn't let them help her off the plane. Luckily the bag they lost of hers (after paying $25 for a second bag) wasn't the one with the oxygen she needed for at night.

We've (my sister and I) since learned that there are some portable devices that the airlines _will_ allow onboard. So we have a while until her trip back to get everything in order. Either way, I do NOT like to think mom doesn't tell us how bad she fells or how often she feels bad. It's time for a lecture.

I finished grades last night, albeit later than I had wanted to, so another semester is done. I can't tell you how happy I am that it is Friday. I need the weekend, or what is left of it after current demands on my time are met, to get caught back up.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Why yes, I do think it is okay to just run away when things are too much. As such... I've proven I am spontaneous and adventurous. Bahamas - I am coming back and in just a few weeks.
There isn't words to express the numerous chunks of bad/sad news that came my way yesterday. First I'll ask for prayers on a health exam for a friend that resulted in uncertainty and more tests to ensure there isn't a reoccurence of something nasty. Next, I'll ask for your prayers for Fuz's family as he passed away last evening after battling cancer. All I can think to say is to reiterate how untimely and unfair his passing is... but I do believe that he's one of the good ones that will be ushered to the front of the line and welcomed home by the big guy himself.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My brain is so frazzled and fried today. I'll admit it was theraputic to help out down at Prime Design Solutions new location last night. It was also great to see one of my favorite families... even if chatting was done in passing or with a mouth crammed with mini-chocolate donuts (courtesy of Jake and I's run to Sheetz).

I just feel like there is 101 things on my plate and nothing is making progress. I know it's just my current mood, hormonal, and related to other ongoings in my sphere of existence as well, but it is annoying none the less. I feel like all I have been doing for the past day and a half is arguing my position on things and I am just drained. Contrary to what many may believe of me I am not a "fighter" - I'd rather live in harmony - and I can't stand constant squabbles be it with friends, family, coworkers, or in a relationship.

I'll just sit here for a minute and look at my pretty new morganite ring and enjoy the light pink glow until I can refocus. FYI - Jewelry is very expensive therapy.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I can't help but let the same thing go through my mind over and over again today... "it's just not fair". Knowing that someone I care about has resolved to losing their most loved one and had made funeral plans... knowing that person dealt with a ton of bullshit from people who treated her like crap until she found this perfect one for her and now he's being taken from her so early. It really... just... isn't... FAIR. Nor is it fair that this person has been suffering. They by far don't deserve a slow and painful death.

Monday, May 05, 2008

I neglected to post a little incident on Friday, so I wanted to blog anyhow, but at the same time I'll share a little moment of truth that occured to me as I lingered in the caverns of my deep thoughts this afternoon on the way home from work.

First, Friday - I headed out early to head to the dentist which turned out well *woohoo* remember when I got my very first bee sting? Once again a bee came in through my open car windows while I was driving! I felt it buzz by my leg which made me jump. When I looked down and realized it was a bee I once again damn-near wrecked. This time I got away lucky, but geez... those little bastards will do anything to look up your dress.

So, on to the moment of truth. With regard to where my interests have lied recently: I know I want to get married again (someday... providing I can trust someone that entirely again). First I will state that I am not sure how long it took for this person to decide they were in love and wanted to marry an individual they were with before me. But after an extended period of time, if they're still not sure that they want to date me... how can I expect them to _ever_ want to marry me? No no, I am not saying I am prepared to marry this person - but if it is something I do want someday, why would I waste my time with someone that is not capable of such commitment? Seems obvious, right? Well it was a bit of a lightbulb moment for me. Of course, I need quite a few lights to get the ol' batfry glowing. Expect me to continue to be retarded.
What gives? What gives! It's 20 til 8, I am already at work, I woke up before the alarm feeling well rested and fabulous. How RARE is that? Last night I managed to get the final assignment graded and got into bed by 11, perhaps that helped, even if I didn't shut my eyes until nearly midnight. Maybe it was the delightful orchard honey-garlic wings settling in my tummy, as I had headed out earlier in the evening to have a bite and chat with Mithy after the craving hit.

At least my Sunday was productive in some sense. I also made my routine shopping trip (warning - I'll probably be cooking later this week - fear that). Still nothing to report on the kitchen work on the painting I want to get cranked out in the bedroom. I guess I just need to suck it up, tape things off, and paint so it is done before my new wall decor arrives.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

I find myself a bit pensive today after two nights of odd dreams involving old ghosts. Sometimes I do wonder if people from your past are really trying to tell you something through dreams sometimes. I guess I am not surprised by the messages - I've been expecting these truths for years but never expected to hear.

I'm back home after heading straight to visit with mother Friday after work. It was a nice little break/breather and was good to see her before she heads off for her yearly vaca.

I reported about a friend that was in the hospital a while back - to those that expressed concern, know that they are out of the hospital and feeling better. Ok, I guess I need to try and focus - I have lots of grading to wrap up in the next few days and other household tasks calling my name.