Friday, May 09, 2008

We'll label this "delayed mama drama". To make this week even more of an annoyance I came to find out last night that mother had issues on her flight to Texas. Of course, the airlines are a pain in the ass about oxygen. She did start to have a hard time breathing on the flight to the extent that they had an ambulance waiting in DFW when they landed. Stubborn old bat wouldn't let them help her off the plane. Luckily the bag they lost of hers (after paying $25 for a second bag) wasn't the one with the oxygen she needed for at night.

We've (my sister and I) since learned that there are some portable devices that the airlines _will_ allow onboard. So we have a while until her trip back to get everything in order. Either way, I do NOT like to think mom doesn't tell us how bad she fells or how often she feels bad. It's time for a lecture.

I finished grades last night, albeit later than I had wanted to, so another semester is done. I can't tell you how happy I am that it is Friday. I need the weekend, or what is left of it after current demands on my time are met, to get caught back up.

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