Monday, January 31, 2005

Having recently rewatched Clerks, I'll be taking to a Clerks-style presentation at the present time.

In North Carolina I battled so many different damned bugs. I have to point this out for those that are unaware - good GOD the bugs down there are huge, many, and terrifying. We dealt with everything from roaches (which disgusted me completely, but is pretty common down there - especially in a home that didn't get sprayed regularly while under previous ownership), to ants (which formed a happy little line as they marched through my kitchen), to freakishly huge spiders including black widow spiders (which kept me out of our basement - far from my stained glass materials), to these little freaking moths.

The bug guy came every three months spraying to eliminate these pesky things and was quite successful in every matter, except the cursed little brownish-white moths.

I moved back to PA well over a year and a half ago. Guess who moved with me besides Satin and Vixen? THE CURSED LITTLE MOTHS. Ok, so I've been killing them periodically, they tend to appear in waves. I've been on a mass killing spree the past few days... and get this, the little @#!&s are now mocking me. Today I find two sets of them having sex. How insulting is it that the most action going on in my house lately has involved the moths? And further how depressing is it to have them point it out to you?!

Ok, I'm done with my rant. I'll just chill now and denote something that makes me happy. I've finally found, after a long hunt, a signed and used Battaglia stick! Woohoo. I really need to check in with the insurance agent to see what I have to do to record all of my hockey goodies in case of fire etc.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

01/28/05 DEL Paul, Richard (D) placed on team suspended list

What gives? I see that Winston-Salem had some visa issues that bubbled back to team paperwork issues. Keep in mind Paulie was traded to Asheville from Winston-Salem. Poor guy. If he's stuck like the rest of the guys from Winston-Salem I assume he's headed back to Canada again.

I am only GUESSING this is the case, but who knows. You know there is a way around that. *laugh* Yes, I am most definitely kidding.
The Chiefs seem to be ready to turn things around and make a run to get back into contension this year. I'm always up for cheering for the underdogs. I can't bring myself to place my 'bet' on anyone we play against, it's good to see us winning if for no other reason than the fact that it helps my standings for the January prediction league on into the boards. As of last Sunday's count I was still placed pretty high despite our run of losses.

Mather started us out against AC and then James and Tallari tapped a second and third in within a minute of one another. Finally, Desrochers hit the ellusive open-net goal that seemed to irritate him so very much earlier this season, to put us over the Bullies 4-1. I did have to grumble that Notes is the one who scored on us.

I'm quite surprised no one fed Clair his teeth after:
1). what he did to Sully
2). all of the talk he was tossing about to Cavy, JT, and Ernie.

I wouldn't say that I'm a Sully fan, but I'd still gladly pop Clair for'm. Tremblay did get one fight in earlier in the game, and probably would have pounded Clair had Clair not (from the sound of things) opted to skate away.
After unavoidable delays a bud and I got up to the rink where I promptly chickened out from gearing up and giving a few shots a go. At least I got 10 minutes to skate and get my ice legs back once again. Since the trip was already made to Indiana we opted to stay and watch IUP's hockey team completely own Maryland *doh* Ok, so I didn't pick the place I'm working on my masters at for their hockey team - that is QUITE obvious.

It's hockey day again, unfortunately the game is in Atlantic City, so I guess I'll be turning in on the radio to cheer. It's been a very strange weekend not having a game to get to. I think I'm going to die from withdrawl this summer.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

The all-star game was a bit difficult to listen to last evening as I don't know all of the names as to which position they're in and which conference but the announcers kept my attention during the fast paced game. Many congrats to our all-star, Jean Desrochers, on his second period goal which tied the game up before the National conference (ours) went steamrolling forward for a 6-2 win.

After turning off the game I had to turn my attention to some work reading. I wiped out completely by the time I flipped off the lights. I think my sleep schedule is a bit off after getting up an hour later all week while on vacation.

Thanks to a friend we have a rather entertaining photo to take with us to the next Chiefs game. Muahahah. My 'wife' is dahmmmmn seeeehxy! *laugh*

Monday, January 24, 2005

Wow. Something I purchased actually "went up" in value. Well, not really... but it is funny to see that the other Desrochers jersey on Meigray now has a significantly higher price than it did when I purchased the black one. *grin*

Yes, I'm back in Pennsylvania. It was a long day travelling back and I'm tired, but it's back to work tomorrow, lucky me. Now I see I definitely need to get some oil and gas so I can kick up that new snow-blower.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Another tough night in Stingrays territory. I guess the rays were just meant to tie their record for consecutive wins, as the Chiefs lost to them (2-4) this evening. Goals were credited to Courchesne and Bowman this evening - quite the night for the d-men. Well, except for the fact that Bilodeau was ripped off... he should have gotten the assiste for the 3rd Stingrays' goal *grumble*

I guess it's well time to pack up and head back to the cold. And cold it shall be, especially with a near two weeks without hockey to be had. I guess I can listen to the all-star game and see how Desrochers does but aside from that it should be a quiet many days. I do miss my dogs too, and - heck I've even wondered about my fish! I'm sure mother-dear is ready to return to the peace and quiet of her home, even if it means not having a creature or two to overfeed.

Hey, did I mention I met Bates Battaglia?

Saturday, January 22, 2005

This morning after a lazy start we headed to grub at Sushi Thai before hitting the road once again. As we crossed the border into SC we came upon the lovely South of the Border which we had seen advertised for miles and miles previous. Clearly their advertising worked as we HAD to stop to laugh a little while. I felt like I had stepped into the movie "House of a 1000 Corpses" and was out looking at "some of the stupid sh*t you see while travelling across the country". Our delay was minor, but the laughs were well worth it. So the world knows - Pedro may have a reality ride, antiques, a metal gorilla in an orange shirt, and a variety of other mish-mashed things, but Pedro's pottys are not clean.

While SOME PEOPLE slept after arriving at the hotel I opted to spend some time relaxing in the whirlpool and pool before the game. I may as well do some other 'vacationy' type actions while away.

Great game here in Florence. I don't say that only because we won... even if we had lost the performance on the part of the Chiefs was outstanding. At one point we were even on the bad side of a two-man advantage and the boys worked their butts off to keep PeeDee down 4-2. As typical on a winning game, we stepped out first to score. Many congrats to Desrochers, James, Mather and Cavy on their goals.

I think the guys were just in good spirits this evening for whatever reason. Seeing them smiling and joking (Hildy even dropped Tremblay to the ice during warmups) was very refreshing. There was also quite a few more Chiefs fans in the house. Sometimes it's nice to be the only one there cheering for your team, but today it was great to see the Chiefs jerseys in tow.

By the way, since I'm sure you can guess Christine heard it a million times today I'll share the same repeating phase with the world too... I MET BAAAAAAAAAYTES!
It began innocently enough. A wonderful meal at Connolley’s with friends from both near and far, started off our evening in the RDU area. Binder, Amy, Erin, Joe, and Christine all joined me at my beloved establishment. If you didn’t read about how wonderful my friends are you need to refer back to the 10/2004 time-frame. Below you’ll find even more proof as to why my friends are absolutely wonderful.

I had way too much to eat, but the Boxstai and fish and chips were delightful. Usually the proceedings would lead me to expect nothing other than sickness as I consumed both cider and a delightful “chocolate cake” martini as well. From there we needed to take the already buzzed up “children” home *smile* and we headed to Raleigh. Where to start. I gave full reign to beloved Joe to decide which direction we headed. Quickly it was decided that the Glenwood south area was the place to head for the intended target… yes, there is always a target it’s just a matter of what the game is.

So we go into Havana and enjoy a delightful bottle of 10 year tawny port. Yum! Yea, this is even more mixing to my tender stomach… but it’s all good, even at this point. After sitting and talking and having a blast onto itself we decided it was time to shuffle down the street a little further to another bar which will remain nameless (again at Joe’s suggestion).

The music is bitchin, I’ve been itching to dance – it’s all good. I dance for a while and get lectured… did you work the room? No. And with this little prodding I go and take a peek around. Joe and I scoot about the room and I see from afar. Yes, there is my prey so to speak… my object of drooling for many years. I tried to tell myself it wasn’t really him but I couldn’t ignore the re-growing hair and the sideburns. I could die. But I, as always have not the nerve to say hello. Thank goodness for good friends who won’t let you chicken out.

Needless to say a few make their way across the room and say “are you Bates Battaglia?” “Yes, I am.” “I have a friend who is a really big fan, but she’s too shy to come say hello.” From there I’m told he excused himself from his cohorts to “say hello to a fan” and made his way across the jammed dance floor… to talk to me.

Yes. I finally, after all these years, met Jon “Bates” Battaglia in person. He lingered and talked to me for a while, called himself a ‘bad brother’ a few times and even asked me to repeat my name a few times to ensure he heard it, he sure to shake my hand a couple times and to touch my side. I could have licked him I was so close (believe me, the thought definitely crossed my mind). *grin* The rest of the conversation goes into my personal journal, but for those interested parties who referred to him as ‘pansy boy’… yes, he is every bit as gorgeous in person, kind, polite, and even seemingly intelligent for having a few beers in him. Again I repeat, who made out better in the deal which led me to my current position in life?

Anyhow. As a firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason and that there is a power far beyond us pulling the strings I can firmly say that there was a reason why I was to stay in Raleigh this evening. Sorry Paulie, I’ll get to watch you play again someday, I know that, but until then. This evening’s memory will do quite nicely.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Today we headed no'th to Raleigh/Cary. I can't believe how much everything has changed in the mere year and a half or so that I've been gone. We headed straight away to Abbey Road for lunch. Much to my delight, Mickey was working. I don't know how she does it since Black Russians are only kahlua and vodka but she makes the most amazing ones. I'll never understand, but I sure do miss "my bartender" when I'm up north. Hopefully I'll be conscious enough to blog later with more information on the rest of our evening.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Today it was time to migrate a little north, to Charlotte. On our way out of Charleston we stopped by the Magnolia Plantation to play tourist. While I’m sure the grounds would have been stunning during the right time of year, the visit was a little disappointing. At least the Slipster got to visit a plantation house. We once again blew our ‘no chain’ theory for dinner, but Fuddruckers offers yummy burgers, and is unavailable back up around us.

The boys played hard this evening with a few minor shifts in the defense pairings we typically see. The Chiefs held their ground, tying in regulation at 1, but loosing in overtime. Desrochers scored our lone goal (go pretty boy), and Cann did a great job in goal even holding off a few shots where the d left him high and dry. James didn’t seem to be on his game in terms of frustrating the opposing team, and there was little rough play, but we had been warned by local fans that their fighters were absentees.

Being that both of us are fending something off (I think my issues are all sinus and allergy related) an early evening seems appropriate. We’re staying near the arena so it was easy to stroll straight back without distraction (read: booze). Once again this evening, the local fans were very nice to us. Kudos to Charlotte. While I didn’t meet anyone who ‘knew’ me from the message boards here in Charlotte we did have quite a few people stop by to pronounce family or origination from the Johnstown area or to chat about our trip.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Here we are in Charleston, SC. Our trip yesterday went extremely well, and I can’t complain. The drive to the burgh was clear and traffic was smooth, our flights on time, and finding the hotel very easy. We stayed right down the road from the arena so after grabbing the last of ‘chain’ food we’ll be eating this week we headed up the road to the game.

While the Chiefs lost 4-3 against the Stingrays we had a good evening. Goals came from Hildy, Soucy and PL. Things started off slowly with some of the same stumbles and fumbles that we’ve been seeing lately, but the guys started to pick it up and fought to the end of the game bring us back to 3 goals and making a darn good play at tying things up before the buzzer. I do have to pass my kudos along to the fans here in Charleston. I’ve always been one to reply with a “there is a jerk fan in every city” to complaints from visiting fans or my experiences in other cities where someone has had something smart to say to visiting fans – but I’ll retract that for the Stingray fans. Everyone here was VERY friendly to the point of overly helpful and considerate. I’m looking forward to coming back here on Sunday.

Today we took to the city of Charleston: walking the streets, taking in the architecture, taking a horse drawn carriage ride, and consuming decent grub at TBonz. There are a few more things planned for later this evening, but that is a whole other blogging event. Until then, it’s time to rest my feet a little bit.

Sadly, it looks like Richard Paul was traded to Asheville now. *grr* So much for getting to see him play again. At least he IS playing again!

Monday, January 17, 2005

*smile* A very cool day to wrap up my one-day work week before flying out tomorrow. Henrich was recalled to Cleveland... leaving only Soucy behind. Tick tick tick... sorry, but after getting a taste of his personality he can go at any time w/o any sadness from this Chiefs fan.

Now, I see Richard Paul is going to be back in the states playing! Congrats to him for signing in Winston-Salem with the Polar Twins. I AM going to be in Raleigh that day, which isn't too far away... hmm.

It's too freaking cold here. I'm so glad I'm heading out tomorrow. haha! I'll try to blog from the road, but we'll see. For now, here are some links to pics of me w/ some of the guys from the skate with the Chiefs last weekend.

Jonathan Tremblay
Jean Desrochers
Joe Tallari

Sunday, January 16, 2005

I am SO glad I am not one of the guys on that bus this evening. After this weekend (and hearing Toby's language on the bench this evening - I sat behind the team bench) I can only imagine the lecture that is coming. I don't think anyone knows where to point the finger on the problem at the moment with the team, but from the people behind me in the stands it's clear fingers are pointing anyhow.

Sometimes I really hate fans. Yes, I get quiet when we're down by 4, but to start calling out how bad the whole team stinks? Hmm. No. I saw things that disappointed me, but sometimes those things happen because of the 'roll' that the team is on. I don't know what can break the funk, but I do hope to see the guys making a come back while on the road this week. Although with our luck, I think a 11 hour ride on a bus to SC will just yield the spreading of more of those flu germs.

Joe Tallari is back with us. Good to see him, sorry to see he didn't get to spend more time in the AHL.

Our weather has actually decided to demonstrate winter to us. Wheeee. I hate Johnstown's winters. Gratefully we leave on Tuesday. Just keep your fingers crossed for safe travel to the airport etc.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Joe-Joe (Tallari), probably our most under-rated player ...and incidently, probably the sweetest guy on the team, will be up in Cleveland on a professional try-out agreement! So, congrats to Joe - this is well deserved, even if it does mess with our lines a little more and lessen our chances for the next couple days a further.
A little sleepy today after riding along with the fan club to Wheeling yesterday. It was a nice trip, and we couldn't ask for nicer weather around here lately. I don't know what gives in the weather department, but I'm not knocking it. The temperatures did drop down into the 20s last night, but they also brought with them the most beautifully clear sky. I haven't seen the stars so bright and crisp in quite some time. That was at 1am last night when we got home.

While we did tumble to the Nailers 4-2 the guys were out there playing hard despite several cases of sickness/flu and aches and pains (as evidenced from the ice coming out of the locker room post game). Congrats to James and Tallari on their goals. Tonight we're here at home against Toledo and Wheeling (along w/ Dave's horn) comes to visit on Sunday.

Until I can even think hockey right now I need to get some cleaning done and some packing, so I'm ready for my vacation. I hear the washing machine buzzing, I guess that is a good sign to get on it! Mayhaps a little music to jam to while I get my butt in gear.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I am a bowling goddess. At least tonight I am. :) 143, 163, and 142. Can we say high series? I was so proud I went and shattered my diet with fudgy gooey treats at Park n Puke. Party on Wayne.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Take black haus, cement mixers, bsing with Davey and a few black russians... shake, repeat. What does that make? A happy Judy. Woohoo! I also realized how long it's been since I played PS2 drinking games. Anyone up for a weekend of debauchery? It's long overdue for a Judy house-party.
After another disappointment on Saturday night to a west coast team, we pulled off an important win against the Royals on Sunday. Hildy, Cavy, and Tallari all scored on Sunday as did Demo, shorthanded, putting us up 4-1. By the way, nice turtle there Greenough.

I joined a few friends at the Haven post game and ended up seeing many of the boys out. It was educational to say the least. My wife didn't fail to disappoint with his lovely disrespectful attitude and almost lost teeth to my one friend. Somehow the attempt to then buy us tequila - um, no thanks. Rico Suave you are not. Overall however it was nice to see them out relaxing and bonding with the new guys.

Time for a cup of coffee and my morning ritual reads before I can even think about getting this week underway.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Pain. God weeps, that is why it keeps raining in Johnstown. Blah. Not the best of games. By the end of the 1st we were down 3-0. Luckily Tallari and Hildy each scored one so we weren't completely spanked. But we did finish up 5-2. There were so many calls missed. Very disappointing. I guess for now we can blame it on the changes in the lines due to the player migration.

So, Jean Desrochers... aren't you glad I pointed out that little issue with your helmet and visor? Nice to still have that eye, eh? But... nice bruise. Very hot. *laugh* Isn't that terrble? Yes, black eyes on guys are attractive. *shrug*

Jonathan Tremblay - you're in trouble with me. You didn't even laugh at my comic strip? I thought it was precious, being a snoopy fan helps I guess, but I thought of you - see C, I was being nice and he didn't even laugh!

Now, for disturbing from this evening. I've always been very gracious and friendly with the rugrat that hinted at affection for me. It's a compliment... I mean, when I was in high school, high school boys didn't hit on me. To think they find me attractive now - while not what I'm at all interested in - is kind of sweet.

This evening, I'm talking with someone (actually, putting them up to getting me a photo). These kids, two boys, significantly younger than my nephew (he is 15) start shouting "hey" and attempting to get the attention of the person I'm talking to. Why? To then tell him "hey, she's hot". I had to ask this other person who they were talking about because I simply could not fathom, but yes... they meant me. Yes, I (normally) like my guys younger, but that is just obscene. I could be their mother. *shiver*

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Well, Dennis Packard is headed back to the AHL... and they've assigned Doug O’Brien at defense, and Adam Henrich and Jean-Francois Soucy as left wingers. The January changes they be a brewin.
Alas the second (and more important) half of the ECHL All-Star Rosters has been released! I was truly excited to see this list all day today looking forward to 4pm. Of course, the fact that it's only an hour from when I get to go home is also a good reason to look forward to 4pm.

I'm proud to say this year our Chiefs will be represented at this game by:
Jean Desrochers and Brent Kelly, Brent will be in the STARTING LINE UP!
Great work boys! You deserve this trip - sorry it's to Reading ;)

"The jury is coming. -Wayne Static"

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Complete this sentence. Happiness is:
a). a rainy day in Johnstown.
b). finding a hair in your cuppochino.
c). being so naughty santa doesn't even give you a lump of coal.
d). a brand new first half of the season Johnstown Chiefs hockey jersey.

Ok, hopefully the correct answer here is obvious. Ok, maybe not... being naughty can be fun. But I think you know which one is most likely my intended completion of the above. (For those not living with range of a Sheetz store - yes I mean cuppochino, not cappuchino.)

To further my pleasure of this event - the box was carefully placed inside my front door to prevent it from being soaked through (thank you UPS man). Now the last remaining question is, is this individual someone that gets that happy grin when they see someone w/ their jersey? I know some of the guys are thrilled to see their jerseys, and even get protective of the people who wear their jerseys (a little pissy if they catch you wearing someone elses). It's funny to see how different people react. Either way... get your pen out, cause you're signing toots.

Amusingly, yes the jersey is washed - God bless if they weren't. But I think there must be some lingering odor beyond my sense of smell. Satin flipped that nose up when I walked by with the jersey and looked at me like 'what the heck is that smell'?

"I smell sex and candy... here. -Marcy's Playground"

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

So I was a little freaked out. I'm opening mail and there is this envelope from NC that is semi-tattered and has some stick-like objects w/ ribbon around the edge hanging out. I'm thinking someone sent a hex or something, *laugh* but it turns out it was just the most amazingly beautiful wedding 'save the date' I've ever seen from my beloved Andrew and Sandra!

I also neglected to note that the jerseys from meigray are on their way. Just in time for the NC/SC trip! Now. Time to bowl. Woohoo I'm such the athlete.

Is this a bad sign? I get up, on time mind you, despite being in the midst of a good night's sleep and feeling like I could sleep for another month. I was also in the middle of a dream, but it was another weird one (an ex, a baby with a lot of facial hair, his mother, and lawn care... need I say more?) Anyhow, I get up and jump through a shower, even washing my hair. I finish getting ready and come back into the bathroom and open the one mirror door. Something falls - hitting the hairbrush, ricocheting it into the toilet. She shoots she scores. Ew. Recently flushed or not, tell me that's not foul. Needless to say bleach is my best friend.

Now, before I start my day, time to watch some of the Tremblay fight videos being posted on the message boards :) By the way, those folks hitting my site for pics of the Chiefs - I am part of the fan club, and I'd be glad to help you purchase photos from the club. Email me.
"He was brutally handsome, she was terminally pretty. -The Eagles"

Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Chiefs topple the Trenton Titans 5-2 with Bilodeau adding insult to injury 12 seconds before the end w/ an empty net goal. Good work by Courchesne, Tallari, Mather, and Kelly whom also all scored a goal. *woohoo*
As cool as it is when this type of thing happens, it also creeps me out. After my previous post I headed out to church. I haven't been at my church in the past month due to the holidays and family being in etc. So it's rather amusing that todays message dealt partially with direction! Yes, I believe God finds odd ways to get through to you. He'll give you little hints here and there... when the same topic comes up from five completely different directions, listen up. Anyhow. I just felt the need to share that little affirmation.

I also am thrilled because I finally got my stereo's AM working, so I'll be able to listen to the broadcast of this afternoon's game on the stereo and not on my junky internet connection. I never thought I'd say it, but I was successful due to the assistance of a quality employee at Circuit City. Yes, you heard me right. Those that know me know I consider the anti-christ to be alive and kicking in several entities... Walmart, Martha Stewart, and Circuit City (Shitty). The reason I hate the place is a story onto itself *grin*, we'll just leave this story with... this individual saved me lots of time and money by giving me an alternative solution that I was leary of trying earlier. Do you realize noone sells AM loops anymore? Oh well. Game on (in a few hours)!
Introspection - the curse of people who just can't seem to sleep well. I've never been the type of person who can't get a good night's sleep, so I don't know what gives with me as of late. Gratefully however in the past few years I've grown a little, and instead of a bout of introspection being all about tearing myself apart it was moreso listing off the things that make me kind of cool. Granted the final question still remains - if it's all true, what's the problem here?

First to address the one thing that many find to be a flaw of mine. I obsess. Do I? Ok, I'm a female computer scientist. Is that not a mix of two obsessive compulsive worlds? Yes, I obsess. I think in some ways I fixate on certain goals in order to put some of the things that are in my past behind me. If I don't have something to focus on for the future then I tend to look back, and what is the point there? If being fixated on my future goals and hopes is wrong I'd have to say it's better than the alternative. And even if I don't achieve all of the things I'm looking forward to, at least I can say I tried.

I've been blessed to have a pretty good job here in lovely Johnstown. I'm not stockpiling tons of money for my retirement or anything, but I am able to own my own home and my own new car. If a friend and I decide to whisk off to Toronto for a weekend, no problem, or a trip down south to enjoy some nice southern weather in January (and catch a few hockey games) - again, no problem. I'm that fortunate.

As far as who I really am, I'm someone with eclectic tastes (even if Christine and I can't agree on a movie or more than one CD) and a sense of humor. I think I'm a pretty caring person who is dedicated to doing whatever my friends may need of me - and for that reason I've been blessed beyond reason by having quite a few great people in my life as friends.

I'm an evolving and growing creature. I'm still in school pursuing a graduate degree, I take the time to learn a new skill every now and again, and I participate in different activities year round. Granted, some days I wonder how I'd make time/room for someone special if they suddenly appeared - but I think that's something I'll figure out when the time comes - gladly.

I'm not 120lbs by any stretch of the imagination, but I think I'm doing pretty well. I'm at a healthy weight and I know I can take more weight off if I set my mind to it - I've done it before. I've also learned in the past two years that I can toss a couple curls in my hair and spend 5 minutes on my make up and look in the mirror and smile. I look pretty darn good. Again - not a supermodel, but I like what I see more often than not (don't we all have our days when that isn't true).

As a final offer, I'd like to share one more thing with you, my dear reader. If you're reading this - regardless of who you are - know that I'm saying a prayer for you. I know it was a long road to get to the point where I like myself as much as I do. I hope that you will find some of the happiness and contentment that I've found in recent years, in whatever area of your life you're currently struggling. It breaks my heart to think about some of the things on the minds of people I care about. More difficult still is knowing some of the things that people have yet to share, things they've decided to bottle up inside.

I know there are areas where I too could still use a hand. Maybe you'd like to return a prayer in my name? I think we all need a little help from the guy up above to know what direction to turn. I'm just glad my instrospection ended with me saying "ok, that's all well and good... but where do I go from here" not a sadened "how did I get here".

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Lossing to Fresno was NOT on my list of things to do today. But... what can you do. Reid scored a short-hander, Cavy, BK, and Desrochers all scored but couldn't succeed due to a late in the game goal. It's too bad we didn't have Tremblay as it was clear this team was loaded w/ guys that needed their ass handed to them.

Now, maybe an early night will help shake the headache I accrued in the past 24 hours. I can't believe I only have one more day off before I have to go back to that 'work' thingie. *shiver* Sweet irony in that it's probably just another one of those things that helps guys shun me... maybe I need a new career.

"Promise you won't even have an attitude, I'll even let you sit right next to me. -Janet Jackson"
Three men step up to the plate and don't fail to disappoint in one week. Is that unprecedented? I refuse to let all the bs get me down. Needless to say, I do realize all the more I should expect from the males of our species, but I do still get a little troubled by their foolishness and fickleness. Remember me? Yeah, that was my ass you grabbed a few weeks ago.

Yes, dissed (quite severely) once again this evening. I give. Thought you were interested, but the fact that you couldn't do more than make a face after I said your name a third time to get your attention and give you photos (you asked me to take) more than tells me where I stand. Oh yeah, by the way, congrats on your game winning goal.

Anyhow, I had a blast this evening hanging out with friends. I did manage to shake any minor funk that was accrued by learning how to play flip-cup. The photos as proof are soon to come I'm sure. Further, congrats to the Chiefs (et al) at taking down Toledo, quite the big win given the recent 3-way tie for 4th place. With Reading also loosing this past evening... all is well in ECHL-ville.

At least it's a new year. I claimed 2004 as my year, and I think I succeeded at making it just that... so here goes. 2005, it's mine too. I think after all the time I wasted in the wrong place I deserve two in a row. If it's half as interesting as 2004 I'm sure I'll have plenty to blog about... and many more things that I omit and save only for my personal journal. Too bad you aren't an option to be part of it. *snoogins*

"If I only had one more chance, to change my life today... -Lasgo"