Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I have left work every day this week dragging, just as tired as can be. The only desire I had was to come home, crawl into bed, and nap. Tonight instead of lounging a while I forced myself to go out and take advantage of the reasonable temperatures by doing some raking in the front yard. Despite having leaves cleaned up in the fall, the winter has left a nice pile of leaves deposited about and there is always that brownish blah that just needs raked away to give way to the green grass and blooming flowers.

I will be quite sore tomorrow, I can feel it already (good God I am out of shape, eh?) but I feel good. It woke me back up, it even cleared my head some (which was quite plugged). I wasn't expecting the later result as leaves and grass usually makes me plug up thanks to my wacky allergies. I hooked Vixen out front and she watched me work for a little while before I sat down on the stoop to chat with her. Quality time I guess a good parent would call it. Back in the house and I was just in time to watch a lovely sunset far out over the back deck and through the trees. It was all pink, purple, and blue. Just lovely - a true sign that spring is most definitely on the way. I bet one more dusting of snow, and we're done (slurps coke as is customary after the "and we're done" phrase).

Twisted how some good old hard manual labor can revive, invigorate, and uplift. Remind me I said that when my shoulders, lower back, and hands ache beyond compare in the morning. Nothing a nice steamy shower couldn't stave off until then. Now be nice and don't point out how much effort the back yard shall require.

Unfortunately the Chiefs weren't feeling as chipper this evening. They did sound like they played a good game, which is truly all that matters, but Trenton tied it 6 seconds before the end of the game, which has been spelling sorrow for us all season. Things went to the shoot out and in the end we lost 4-3.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'm due to rant on another news topic that fires me up, and this one allows me to use the Carlos Mencia term "frost back" - so it's a bonus. Why exactly are people having a fit about us trying to keep illegal aliens out of our country? Yes, yes, I know they do the crap work we don't want to do, but the problem is they're illegal and there is a huge security breach, which allows easy access to our country not only by Mexicans but by anyone who may have ill intent and the desire to cross the border. They act like it is their right to be an illegal alien. Simply put no. I'm not fond of Mexico either, so I don't blame you for wanting out of there, but get the hell out or come and do things the right way.

I've known too many people who moved to this country, loved this country and decided to make it their home, or to work here (legally) for an extended period of time. They followed the rules and regulations because "when in Rome do as the Romans do". That means paying taxes and the like. There are some rules no one is fond of, but we deal with them. (Here is where I get to use Carlos' term) You don't see Canadians (aka frost backs - *smile* - I say it with affection, and you know that) having a fit about this. Why? Because they're intelligent enough to follow the appropriate guidelines for their entry into the US.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

I'm back from spending part of the weekend with mother dear. There was sushi to be had, some shopping to do, and some of mother's chicken scampi for the next day. I picked up a pair of shoes that I had tried here but they didn't have the right size, so I was fairy excited about that purchase. Vixen went to the beauty salon that an old friend has now set up and came back looking amazing. It's so nice to have a good bit of the spring undercoat out already. I forgot how much white she has under the dirty fur.

Speaking of Vixen. She's okay, but acting differently. Small things. For example: today is day three with her rawhide bone. Day three! Usually they'd last 2 hours max and she's not even half way through it yet. I have to assume she doesn't feel the need to rush to see if there is any others she can steal, nor does she worry that someone might take hers. She seemed more relaxed around people she didn't know so well too. I have to wonder if all of her anxieties weren't just about protecting Satin or worrying about someone taking Satin from her.

The boys fell twice so far this weekend and the third game is to start in a few. I haven't headed to Wheeling yet this year and I was rather uninspired to consider it this weekend. I hear new things every day that depress me just a little more. I thought spring was suppose to rejuvenate and give new hope. Not so much. I did get my butt out to church on time this morning, but even that doesn't lend to much inspiration as of late. At least I can say I went. It's dreary out today too - another strike against the world. I just need some nice warm weather. Time to eyeball some more cruises that I can't go sign up for anyhow.

Friday, March 24, 2006

I slept (and slept and slept) and still I'm tired. I really wanted to shake off the cold or whatever it was that I caught after crying my sinuses to a complete stoppage since I'm headed to my mother's this evening. So, instead of taking advantage of an evening with nothing scheduled working on classwork I came home from work, fed and squirted Vixen and went to bed. No worries, I got up later in the evening - at least long enough to shower - and then right back into bed. I do feel a good bit better, but my head still feels off. I guess I shouldn't feel too bad. It is suppose to be spring break after all.

Ms. Vixen was a bit displeased when she saw me pulling things together this morning. I'm sure she thinks I'm leaving her behind. At least she'll be happy to go see grammy. Right until I take her to the hair dresser for a bath Saturday morning!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

4-0 Wheeling. It was a tough loss, I'll give it that. The Nailers came into our arena and played Dayton style hockey, which, for some reason has managed to keep us tripped up all season. I know the boys aren't happy, but it's no excuse for the behavior of one that I'll address without a name.

When leaving the ice we have a right to expect that chairs aren't kicked around in rage, PARTICULARLY out in the halls where there are young children and fans who are not there to curse you out, but rather still eager to get your autograph and to see you after the game. If I choose to say settle down and take that to the locker room I think that it is only fair to recognize it is said meaning to keep your cool, it's okay. When I follow it up with "that was mature" I may have said something I shouldn't have, yes, and I apologize - however, for another player who was far enough back to have probably not seen what his teammate just did to turn, glare at me and hiss "I should say it was - we are paid to win"? No.

Let me be clear. The only thing I have ever asked (and I think this is a common sentiment across those of us who actually have a clue and love the team regardless) is that you come, you work hard, and you play hard. Win or lose, we're still there cheering. We grieve with you when WE lose (I didn't say you, I said we). We worry about the health of a fallen teammate who is carted off of the ice with a concussion or a broken arm.

All I want is a group of guys who are dedicated and give it their all even when the going gets tough - that is what I pay for a season ticket for, work the 50/50 bag for (plastering on a smiling face even during the crappiest of all weeks to bring in as much as I can), work after photo sales for, work on a website for, and bust my ass trying to get people to go to the games for -- in addition to working 40 hours a week and working on a masters degree. I've never asked you for more. You may or may not even be willing to acknowledge me in public, you probably don't even know my name... but so you recognize me - I'm one of the ones with the LET'S GO [your name] signs in section 16.
I'm not sure if I'm getting sick or it is just the mess I've made of my sinuses due to frequent tears that is making me feel this way. My throat was raw enough that it woke me in the middle of the night prompting the start of mass consumption of orange juice. The headache isn't all that pleasant either, but I'm fairly use to headaches.

Vixen is doing okay. She seems a bit lost at times and has a noticeably changed sleeping pattern already. Last night when I woke for my orange juice I caught her laying over on the other side of the room, where Satin traditionally slept. When the alarm went off she was back to her normal sleeping area but did not jump up right away - I had to call her name to awaken her, which is quite unusual since she is the "morning puppy". She also is now standing by the far end of the yard looking out through the fence and isn't as quick to come to the door when called. Maybe I'm just imagining things or maybe she's waiting for her sister.

For me things seem a bit surreal. I only noticed Vixen sleeping where she was so quickly because it has become my habit to look over to Satin when I wake in the middle of the night - to check on her. I caught the smell of her in the living room last night too. Yes, my sense of smell is a bit obscene, but I swear to you it was like she had just walked into the room. I felt bad when I noticed a rawhide that Satin picked out during our last trip to PetCo that I had not given to her. It snowed a little this morning. But I could still smile by just imagining a happy girl making a snow puppy.

All in all, we're getting by and adjusting. Thanks to everyone who's offered a hug, a kind word, a card, and even flowers. Through every trial I've faced in recent years I've learned and reaffirmed who my friends really are.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Early this morning I woke up hearing Satin trying to move about. The opportune word being trying. When I flipped on the light at first I thought she was having a seizure. Her eyes were about the same as during a seizure, but her legs weren't paddling. She was trying to move herself but seemed to have limited control over her front legs and little to no control or strength in her hind legs. I laid with her I held her and talked to her and we waited until almost 8am to pull ourselves together to head to the vet. I helped try to get her comfortable by putting her on her pillow. Laying her one way she could/would lay flat, the other way her head turned to the side. All I can figure is that Satin suffered a severe seizure or a stroke. She was still in there though, I could see it. She even wagged her tail when Aunt Beff came in to help us get to the vet.

Without an ability for her to move on her own I was finally forced to decide. We went to the vet, and Satin fell into her final sleep around 9am today.

I've been working on this list since I found out that Satin was gravely ill. I have so many memories of our nine and 1/2 years together. At least the ones I come up with and can jot down here I'll never forget as I can always come back to them.

We celebrated Satin's birthday on August 9 every year, but we didn't get her until she was eight months old in April of 1997. I'm posting this set to the approximate time she passed.

- When we went to pick out our girl she stood there jumping at the fence as though to say "oooh oooh, pick me".
- The night in her laps of the house she sprung onto the couch, placing all four paws in the middle of my chest and springing back off.
- When we first brought her home... the first thing she did? Run upstairs and go to the bathroom in the bedroom. I guess she told us what she thought of us.
- The destroyed couch, shoes, door, you name it.
- Eating the Christmas tree the first year we had her, until she realized this thing bore presents... from then on she'd lay by the tree eagerly awaiting Christmas.
- Her ability to pick out the presents with her name on them.
- Watching her unwrap a gift.
- The proper way to destroy a stuffed toy is to rip its eye out and then pull the stuffing through the resulting hole.
- Climbing in your face with great fervor if she smells Irish Creme in your glass.
- The little girl pet the back of her throat not bothering her for a second.
- Lighting her tail on fire when she jumped up on her chair on Saylor Street.
- Stomping a baby Vixen with her back paw after she nipped her tummy from below.
- The potato incident.
- Playing with her buster cube and bouncing it off of every wall to get the one trapped piece of food out.
- Giving up on the big orange ball and bringing it to her people repeatedly demanding the use of their thumbs to extract the treat.
- The look on her face when soaked wet.
- Watching her play with a grape.
- Watching her leap through the snow.
- Watching her leap through the piles of leaves in NC (since we didn't get enough snow).
- Watching her leap through the piles of leaves and hit a spot deeper than she was tall as she came up like someone tried to drown her and a look of "I meant to do that".
- Her "sneezes" that tell you where to go.
- The way she smacks her lips in her sleep when she shifts her body.
- Teaching herself to roll over and spin around.
- Her favorite two spots in the yard: one under the flowering bush where she'd hide when playing with Vixen and one in the corner by the tree where she would nap or just sit and look out across her yard.
- How in addition to her tricks she'd work with Vixen to spice hers up, rolling over under Vixen while Vixen jumped over her.
- Catching her first bird... mid-flight.
- Catching her first rabbit and promptly bringing it into the house and dropping it in the living room.
- The way she would just settle in the truck resting her head on the arm piece between the two seats.
- The time she jumped up on the bed during a thunderstorm, which was the closest she ever came to admitting fear, despite the look on her face trying to imply that she was there to comfort me.
- How gently she would take a treat from your hand.
- How ladylike she was in eating off of a fork.
- When her crate meant as much to her as a teenager's room and she would go there to hide from Vixen.
- How excited she got to see her Kirkus.
- How she punched one of her Kirkus' girlfriends in the nose.
- How she wasn't overly lovey or kissy... but always knew when I needed some attention and would come to comfort me.
- When she neatly curls into a ball with her tail gently over her nose to nap, even if it is not cold.
- Her face looking slightly upward out the front window bringing a smile to my face the second I pulled up to the front of the house.
- Playing spikey ball on the stairs.
- "Blue-dog".
- Children chanting wolf at her.
- Hiding the Papa John's breadstick.
- Playing tug with a baby Ripley.
- Cheesing for the camera.
- Attacking the flowering bushes in front of the house when they were in full bloom.
- Getting my ass kicked and drug down an alley on my knees by a 40lb dog.
- Her completely obeying the obedience trainer after ignoring me for weeks.
- Her learning to weave her head from hand to hand combat techniques.
- Her ability to scale a 6 foot fence.
- How happy she was to go to camp, or to grams, anything involving the car.
- The puppy chow incident where after eating way too much of a foster dog's food she could only lay on the floor moaning, farting, and burping. The smell is definitely the most memorable.
- How she would just sit her head on your knee or the coffee table to beg.
- How much Percy, the cat in Sinfest, reminds me of your personality.
- Spilling all too much Saturday morning coffee in the pursuit of cartoon petting.
- Being the one that everyone asked if she was up for adoption at rescue outings.
- The Moo noise she makes when forced out of bed when she's comfy.
- Her soft woo that comes at the end of a stretch.
- Her back talk when she's displeased with what she's told to do.
- The way she sleeps rolled on her back and bent in half in the corner.
- How she sways her hips heavily when she's walking and starts to get tired.
- For being my pork chop, pumpkin, big'n, and any other name that came out of my mouth.
- The lollipop incident which had her laying on the ground moaning like a little kid who ate too much candy.
- Sitting neatly at the table eating my mashed potatos and pork chop while I was trapped on the phone with a telemarketer.
- That every vet tech read "Satan" instead of "Satin".
- That she managed to play houdini several times from her crate.
- Her prized 3-foot rawhide bone from one Christmas.
- Our theory that she called all the neighborhood dogs over while we were gone for work and would order a ton of Dominos with "pupparoni".
- Kicking the crap out of spiders, roaches, and any other bug that pissed her off.
- How angry she got at the squirrel that she never could catch that would sit chittering at her from the tree.
- Bobbing for ice cubes.
- How she helped clean up the spilled pumpkin wine by trying to lick the entire dining room floor clean.
- The cold spot on her side where she would lay on the air conditioning vent.
- How she'd scare the crap out of me by staring intently up the stairs when noone else was home.
- Even as recently as Thanksgiving how she would sneak her butt out for a neighborhood stroll.
- Her sweet face wearing her angel wings and halo.
- Running in loops around the yard and running circles around Vixen.
- For being every bit as stubborn and smart-ass as I am.
- Her smile. And if you don't believe dogs can smile, you didn't know Satin.

I pray there _is_ a rainbow bridge and that you'll be waiting on for me Satin. Until then momma and Vixen will miss you so. I'm so sorry I didn't make you a cake for your last birthday or home made dog treats at Christmas like I've done so many other years. I hope you were content with the life we gave you. I couldn't have asked for a more loving, gentle, and special girl.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Friday - went to the Aces, saw some bands. Actually it was nice to get out even if I still smell smoke despite washing my hair and throwing my clothes directly into the washer. Ribbon Grass was decent. A little too much hickish music, but the name kind of made me expect some of that. I've not seen my cous play in quite a few years so it was cool to check out his latest incarnation in Jimmy's Sweatpants. Finally we left shortly into Yum, but they weren't bad - lots of good old tunes.

While I was out and about the boys were on the road to Reading. Unfortunately they lost in over time 6-5, but not after one heck of a good first period where we ended up 4-1. They're on a roll, they could have taken that game, I know it. We even had a new guy in net, Gabe Winer.

Saturday and Sunday - both great games and big wins, particularly today over the Nailers. Saturday I got the cute card signed, and I think I irritated someone inadvertantly. Bonus I suppose.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Cey it isn't so. Ok, so now we have no goaltenders - that is unless Betzy is feeling better or we've signed Scally - who was also deleted as EBG yesterday. My ears are to the ground but lately I don't hear even a murmur.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

More stuff from yesterday... in stark contrast today, it was quite eventful.

There was much drama wondering if the beloved tiki bar (and only real reason to go to PAX on travel) had, in fact, burned down in a blaze on Solomon Island. This morning I am relieved to hear that it is still in tact. Toughen up your kidneys. We'll be back up in there and swingin.

The army jerseys also went up to the bay late yesterday, minus one I had expected to be available. I won't complain however since the reserve prices are obscene, imho.

Finally the paperwork I recently completed (with the anticipation of it being well received) did nothing but make me want to repeatedly smack my head off of something hard. I now officially believe that YES I know everything. This can be the only reason why I'm forced to help people with the obvious, or things they can read on their own, or ... show them how to do their job.

Today I've been in quite a daze. I was in a pretty deep part of sleep when the alarm went off and just haven't been able to shake that. Odd dreams too. But that's nothing out of the normal for me.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I am posting happy today I suppose. But this is definitely post worthy. Not only did I do way better on my mid-term than I thought ever possible but I was digging through info for next semester since I have to put through a request at work in advance to get reimbursed. So I realize the class I can take that is within my major is actually VERY relevant right now here at work, as such it will silence that which is called the gray. In addition to that it's taught by the one prof that I've had several times so I actually know what to expect. I'm actually EXCITED for my summer class now. I'll still complain when it starts, so don't think you get off that easy.
Another VERY poinant sinfest today.
Another evening accomplishing things on the list but not making a ton of class related progress. At least more posters are made and ready to roll. Somehow the elmers glue I have is completely dried out so many of the posters aren't done but rather ready to be assembled.

Today is massage at work day. I'm so looking forward to handing over my $2.00 for 10 minutes of relaxation. March isn't exactly a happy month (then again many months have their pensive points). To me it not only signals my current class being at the threshold of the downhill slide but it also reminds me of milestones from a few years ago. I remind you still good sir, be careful what you wish for as you may very well get it. When you asked what you got out of the deal you seemed quite peeved to know "her" was the only reward. Three more days until that peeve comes to a head (and I can't even drink on St. Pats to try and get through it in a drunken stupor).

It's hard to move on in any way shape or form when you often consider your current situation "moving back" or going in circles. Maybe Beff is right. Why bother with boys if there are still tramps out there who focus their efforts on the capture of "taken" men. If they will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals what chance does a decent girl have? To always want what you cannot have or cannot hold onto. If I'm not crying over the idiot then I'm crying over the pretty one. If I can't shake what never was I haven't a chance at shaking the other.

Maybe if I could just feel like I was accomplishing something at work I wouldn't be quite as mental.

"Tears stream down your face... -Coldplay"

Monday, March 13, 2006

Many props to the Sinfest comics for making me laugh. How true it is. Follow the link to check out the rest of their goods.

The boys beat Reading yesterday - I called us winning two in advance of this weekend. I'm a bit peeved w/ the behind the scenes operation right now. I feel like I do alot trying to help the team etc but when I ask for something small I feel crapped on. Just because I'm not a little kid doesn't mean that I should be blown off or lied to about how the broken sticks are handled or when the jerseys will make their way to ebay (you know, so I can help distribute the word about them to interested collectors who would raise the price on them). I guess I shouldn't be surprised, I mean the one person who told me they owed me repeatedly has never done even the slightest nice gesture for me or towards me. So now I just stay away.

I did turn in my midterm last night. I easily needed another week on it, so I'm pretty certain that will not be going well (just what I need since it not only alters my repay from work but my review and payraise this year since it's a goal - how nice is that?) Without even a day of peace now the next assignment is available. At least next week is "spring break" that means I can start on the two papers that are still due before the end of the semester. Please just shoot me. I don't know why I put myself through such torment. I really doubt this will gain me much of anything long run. I guess I'm just stubborn.

"You're no longer a part of, a part of someone else's dreams. -Candlebox"

Sunday, March 12, 2006

What a weekend. Friday the Chiefs pulled a needed win against the Trenton Titans. Luckily there was a great number of things I could cross off of my to do list Saturday morning before jumping back on the midterm assignment (laundry, vaccuuming, grocery store, run the car through the car wash). From there off to the game against Wheeling. What a game it was. Very exciting, I've never seen our fans so into it. The boys busted their butts but came up short in overtime. Should have won that one and I hope they know how phenominal they looked. Keep up that attitude today and we would make quick juice of Reading.

Ok, back to the assignment that needs at least a week to complete. I'm dying here. Make or break I'm too stubborn to not bust ass in this class, even if I am desperate to be done. 3 more classes to go.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

As the NHL trade deadline is reached: Mark Recchi, the Carolina Hurricane. This could be an exciting year for playoffs. Now to find a bar that will actually have all the games I want to see on the tube.
Last evening produced a bit of a scare as I came home to find Satin acting a bit drunk and having a hard time walking. It definitely was not a seizure as her eyes were clear and she seems quite distant while seizing or coming out of a seizure. By the time we got to the vet and finished putting in our waiting room time (can't complain, at least they're willing to squeeze us in) she seemed to be walking much better. After a nice long listen, Dr. S is now hearing an arrhythmia. Very disheartening, especially given how much happier and perkier Satin has seemed in the past week or so.

We headed home and she was moving about quite well again, she ate her dinner and even ate another can of food this morning. I have to wonder if she wasn't just a bit sore from laying around and that didn't help her out. Needless to say, today, I'll be heading home over lunch to check in on her.

I also managed to catch up a little with Mithy last night. It was good to get to smile and not wallow in any fear over Satin. I think I had the best wings I've had at the Orchard in a very long time, and I remained vigillent in my no alcohol stance.

Today starts my class midterm. So if I go into hiding for any reason you know why. Keep your fingers crossed that I can pull this one off with some level of grace and not want to hurt someone in the process. Three more classes after this one, that's all I can keep telling myself - one class/day at a time.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Have I mentioned how much I love Meigray lately? So in an effort to use my credit from there I was looking to find someone to partner with that wanted an NHL jersey. Low and behold I'm contacted by Barry and we were able to work things out that I got myself a goodie instead. My bouncing baby boy is blue and wears both the Marlies crest and the Battaglia name. Welcome to the stables! I still maintain, much like a pregnant woman, I get a nice healthy glow with a new jersey.

"Well I see you every night - you never miss a fight. I know it's me you're cheering for. -The Dinks"
Another post about the news media.
1). Today they focused in on a side of the Katrina victims I can appreciate. A woman who's pralines business is open again and has evolved to help feed the community since there isn't enough tourists to support her original business. To her and those like her I say thank you for not sitting on your butt waiting for someone to hand you something. You are what our country is suppose to be about.

2). Can you believe that in this day and age we still are finding new animals? (Albeit ugly ones.) I wonder: were they always there and we just found them - or - is this truly a new creature? I won't say evolve but mayhaps a cross breed or a mutation?

3). Here's yet another link. Is anyone shocked by the fact that people go a little wild at spring break? The graphic is my favorite. Who paid for drinks. 64% said guys they didn't know bought them drinks. 37% said they bought themselves or a bartender bought them drinks and 24% said that there was booze sponsored by a beer or alcohol company. Where are these people going that there is all this free booze. Sign me up! Ok, sign me up after lent.

Yes, I neglected to mention I gave up alcohol for lent. Rather brave undertaking, but I think there is only one or two days scheduled during which I'll be a bit pouty that I can't participate.

4). (Before I get way off topic) NFL owners meeting - no labor contract. One thing to say here. If they went without their precious foolsball there would be riots in the freaking streets. Aren't these the same people who mocked and ridiculed the NHL for their issues last season? Yes, many of them are. Sadly a long term delay for the NFL will never happen, but I'd love to see it.

Monday, March 06, 2006

I did in fact return safely from our hockey weekend, I've just been a little too busy to get to everything that piled up in my absence. Having Friday off was just lovely. We got on the road early and made it to WBS around noon, just in time to grab some lunch. As is the rule, no chains that we can easily get to at home, so we tried Bostons Gourmet Pizza. Wow. Good ZZA! We then spent a few hours keeping E from rest watching some TV. Out to grab some dinner grub at Logan's Roadhouse (again another great meal with yummy bread and a fantastic steak), then off to the game. Seats were good, with a crystal view of the Marlies' entrance and behind their bench a mere 3 rows up.

Both Beff and I snagged some great shots of Batesy and I'm pretty sure the bright red jersey w/ the 13 I was wearing caught his attention as he was kind enough to come to the bench during warmups to do a little posing for photos *grin* Even got a good shot or two of Maurice! Bates was also nice enough to score a goal and get an assist, making him the 2nd star in the game and helping the Marlies to beat the Baby Pens 3-0. Chiefs did a smack'm up job too that evening as they played and stomped Reading on the road.

A good nights rest and we were back on the road heading a good bit across the state and down into the burgh for Pens vs. Carolina. We were suppose to be right on the glass with "A" seats, but somehow the Mellon Arena finds it acceptable to place folding chairs in front of those seats just to cram a few more ppl in. While we have a fair number of photos of people's heads we still managed to get some good shots and a pretty good view of a great game. I did get some decent shots, including one where Brindy appears to be looking right at me as he leaves the ice. After I took the shot he lifted his gloved left hand in a pseudo wave - again, I think the bright red jersey helps attract some attention.

The Canes did not plan on loosing to the Pens twice and the came to play swinging up at one point with a 5-0 lead at the end of the first period. Sadly I had a pretty good view of Erik Cole's injury occurring too. I can't believe he skated himself off of the ice. Vertebra injuries aren't something to mess with. Be well soon Colesy. Final score: Canes 7, Pens 5.

Here's a small smattering of photos from the weekend.

Amusingly on the drive home we had a car full of youngins, and I mean YOUNGINs, pulling up beside us smiling and waiving. Isn't that cute? 30, er I mean 28 again is in ;)

Back to Jtown once again I spent my Sunday in normal fashion, church, trying to get caught up, and then to the Chiefs game. Unfortunately the Chiefs broke their streak, loosing to the Greenville Grrrowl, but fortunately for those speciality jerseys as I'm sure they'd eventually implode from the amount of wear. Now, when will they end up on ebay and at what starting price?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

This goes out to all those out there that a fellow colleague might refer to as "the gray".

Training? No. That is called wasting money to force me to learn things I am not interested in but that YOU have a vested interest in. If I offer up a class that I am interested in and is related to what I do, or look to do, that makes sense. If you have no clue who the organization is with whom the training I've mentioned is with, despite the fact that they're a leader in the topic, then shame on you.

100% business development is not my past, it is not my present, it will not be my future. Shove it down my throat, you might get me to swallow some of it, but I promise things will finish with your shoes quite a mess.